Tip of the Day: Write it Out!

One of my less talked about tips for transformation success doesn’t have a thing to do with barbells or meal plans: Keep a journal (similar monthly planner/journal as the one above available here)! Writing just one line a day in a favorite journal is an easy way to create a little log of inspiration for future use. I like to jot down at least ONE daily win (or “small victory”)?whether it’s big or small?to serve as a reminder for more difficult times about how far I’ve come.

Some of my favorite journals and tools to keep you motivated:

True transformation is a lifelong journey with plenty of bumps along the road, so having a record of the highs and wins along the way is so motivating. Of course, not every day is sunshine and roses, so I log my hard times too. I’ve found that being able to look back at the hard and seeing how far I’ve come is extremely motivating. Try it for 30 days and see how you feel! All it takes is a line a day.



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  1. Frustrated and feel like giving up on my journey that started over a year ago. Down 70 pounds but haven?t seen any results in over 2 months. I think journaling might be a great tool to incorporate into my routine. It will remind me of how I started ( barely able to walk and feeling hopeless) to where I am now. It might point out some areas I am struggling with and help me to correct them so I can start seeing results again. Transformation is a journey just got to keep on moving forward. I am worth it!

  2. Great tip! I have been randomly journaling but I think I?ll take your advice and do it daily for 30days. Making life long changes is hard when you can?t look back at where you were. So easy to forget how you once thought or acted etc.

  3. Journaling is something I’ve wanted to start for a while. I think I’ll follow your suggestion and try it for 30 days! My husband passed tragically at the age of 34, almost 6 months ago. I think journaling can be another outlet to help the grief process. Thank you for always being honest with your followers.

  4. This is such a great tip!! I?m going to get myself a journal this weekend. It will be a nice reminder to go easier on myself and celebrate the small things!!

  5. Hi. I’m starting the 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution and I’m wondering if it would work to keep up my strength training/HIIT/cardio routine up (approx 50-60 min a day) instead of doing to shredders and shapers routine that Chris designed in his book. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kayla: Yes! You can totally do your own workout program as long as you’re including both cardio and strength training.

  6. This is such a great tip! I find that writing things down (as opposed to typing them out) helps me to remember them. I still use an old school paper planner for that reason! I’ll start adding some affirmations to it as a good reminder of how hard I’m working.

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