Let Freedom Ring. And Let Us Never Forget. 9.11.

16 years ago, our lives changed forever. I vividly remember all of the feelings of shock, fear, and earth-shattering sadness that came as the Twin Towers fell. Chris and I are lucky enough to travel to NYC often for work, and every time we go, we are reminded of what makes that city and our country so amazing. Despite such an unthinkable tragedy, the people of New York came together in such beautiful ways. Lifting each other up, helping where they could, donating time and resources, and loving complete strangers in such a dire time. I am constantly amazed that out of such a horrific event, so much faith in humanity was restored that day.

Remembering all of the thousands of lives lost during the 9/11 attacks and praying for peace and comfort to the families of the many, many victims. May we never forget the feelings of love and service that were born 16 years ago during the darkest time in our nation’s history. 



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