3 Time-Saving, Pre-Packed Smoothie Recipes

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You know the drill. 7am: Wake up the kiddos and get them showered, fed, dressed in something at least semi-suitable for public, pack the lunches, and rush out the door without a second to spare. Then it’s everyone in the car and off you go, only to realize you’ve done nothing to prep your #1 for the day. I’m talking about you! Before you know it, that stomach will be singin’ louder than the radio if you don’t fill it!

Mornings can be tough. K, #momlife or #worklife or just #life can be tough. We’re all busy, and we are all trying to find ways to make our hectic lives just a bit easier. During my never-ending search to cut down on time-consuming tasks and increase my supply of quick meal recipes, I’ve found the best little hack: pre-packed smoothies! You guys, you?ve heard me say this before: If you fail to prepare, you better prepare to fail! Meal prep will either make or break your transformation, and while it can seem like a pain in the butt to set aside time on the regular for this, it’s true that this little bit of time will equate to a LOT of reward! And the beauty of this is that just a “little bit” of time for prep will really make all?the difference in a healthy morning routine.


Of all the meal prep tools I swear by, my Vitamix just might be one my favorites. You all know I?m all about a great protein smoothie, and how I survived smoothie making pre-Vitamix is beyond me! I recently found and use the Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series because it?s an absolute powerhouse! It has five different program settings that allow me to whip up smoothies, hot soups, dips, spreads, and frozen desserts, and it saves me a TON of cooking and prep time without compromising my healthy meal requirements. As a busy mama, TIME IS RARE AND INCREDIBLY VALUABLE, so this Vitamix is my newest lifesaver!

You should know me by now, and when I LOVE something, I want YOU to have and love it too! Well, my friends, I’m excited to share with you that I’ve partnered up with Vitamix on this post, and they are so generously giving away a Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series to one?lucky reader!?Yes, that’s right…a $649.99 value is?being given away in the post below.?Scroll to the bottom for the details, but first, you’ll wanna’ nab all three of these amazing time-saving, pre-packed smoothie recipes!

But before we give away the farm (I mean, “the Vitamix” ;)), there are a few other tips + really cool features I’m kind of obsessed with that you should know about. First, this machine instinctively knows which Vitamix blender bowl I?m using. FOR REAL. So when I switch out the larger 64-ounce container for an 8-ounce bowl, it automatically adjusts its blend settings for the smaller size. Mind. Blown. The smaller Vitamix bowls (like the ones in this starter kit) allow you to blend and immediately store or transport. And new moms, this is an awesome feature for making your own baby food! I’m wishing I had this bad boy when my babes were actually babes.

I know, I know…calm down, Heidi! But my heart gets VERY HAPPY about meal prep tools that are GENIUS!

My other favorite feature is the countdown timer. I don’t know about you, but I’m always going in 20 directions at once?if not physically, then at least mentally. The simple fact that it times my blend to the second helps remove one more thing I have to think and worry about. I hit blend, and BAM. I can walk away, knowing that the Vitamix will automatically shut off after the proper blend time. I’ve made about 100 smoothies since getting our Vitamix, and it has yet to give me anything but the perfect blend.


So how do I avoid forgetting about Mom on busy mornings? I’ve learned the magic of pre-prepping and freezing my smoothie ingredients for the week on my regularly scheduled meal prep days (Wednesday and Sunday), so all I have to do come morning time is toss everything (minus the jar) in the Vitamix, add liquid (and sometimes a few other non-freezable ingredients), and blend. Then with the A3500, I set the handy dandy timer and turn my attention back to the kids while it does the rest of the job for me. If that sounds amazing, you?re right. It is!

Once all my ingredients are cut, I like to pack my pre-prepped recipes in mason jars before freezing. While ziplock baggies will do the trick too, there?s something oddly satisfying to this OCD mama about opening the freezer and seeing these perfectly packed and adorable little jars of goodness just waiting to be whipped up. Bonus: Mason jars are also an environmentally-friendly storage solution (as opposed to the trusty plastic zip bag). But hey, we live in the real world…If the zip bag is your go-to, that works just as well!


Next up, three of my favorite smoothie recipes to pre-prep: Green Goddess, Jamaican Me Crazy, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Not only are they delicious enough to be a stand-alone treat, but they also fit my macro and calorie budget and are perfect on nearly any plan! I add our Chris + Heidi Low Carb Meal Replacement Shake Powder to these (and not just because my name’s on the package ?). I prefer this supplement because we painstakingly created it to keep your body nourished, feeling fuller, and more satisfied for a longer amount of time. You can definitely add any protein powder you prefer, but please, PLEASE make sure that it’s one that’s performing well for you.




  1. Cut pineapple, mango, banana, and avocado.
  2. Layer ingredients in mason jars, excluding water, spinach and protein powder. Seal, then freeze.
  3. To use: Empty ingredients from frozen mason jar into Vitamix, adding fresh water, spinach, and protein powder. Blend, and enjoy! Makes 1 serving.

Fun Fact: Avocados give this shake a punch of healthy fat and creaminess!

Nutrition Information: 311 calories, 10g fat, 35g carbs, 23g protein.




  1. Cut pineapple and banana.
  2. Layer with other ingredients in mason jars, excluding water, ice, and protein powder. Seal, then freeze.
  3. To use: Empty ingredients from frozen mason jar into Vitamix, adding fresh water, ice, and protein powder. Blend, and enjoy! Makes 1 serving.

Tip: You will need to thaw the jars or plastic bags just a tad before adding to Vitamix. If you don’t have time to thaw, simply pre-pack with ONLY solid ingredients, leaving all wet ingredients to be added fresh…cutting down on total prep thaw time.
Fun Fact: Coconut contains lauric acid, which researchers believe support the immune system. Lauric acid has been shown to help inhibit growth of staph and strep infections!

Nutrition information: 299 calories, 8g fat, 24g carbs, 21g protein




  1. Layer protein powder, powdered peanut butter, and cacao nibs in mason jars. Seal, then freeze.
  2. To use: Empty ingredients from frozen mason jar into Vitamix, adding fresh almond milk and ice. Blend, and enjoy! Makes 1 serving.

Tip: For a prettier shake (because who doesn’t love pretty??), exclude the cacao nibs from the Vitamix, then top finished and blended shake with nibs for garnish!
Fun Fact: Cacao nibs are not only full of chocolatey deliciousness, but they are also high in iron, antioxidants, and magnesium.

Nutrition Information: 313 calories, 15g fat, 20g carbs, 28g protein


Ahhh…the time has finally come. You’ve made it though all my tips and tricks (hopefully they helped), and you’ve gotten three of my favorite pre-packed smoothie recipes that can and should be prepped in BULK in advance for convenience! And now….YOU CAN WIN the Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series here along with my favorite Blending Bowl Starter Kit!!! Yes, this is BIG NEWS, my friends. And here’s some more great news! Vitamix is having a huge sale now through May 19th, and you can get $50-$100 off all new models! I am so honored and grateful Vitamix has offered to partner with me on my quest to make convenient eating (or “breakfasting”) a part of YOUR life too!!

To Enter To Win: {Giveaway is closed}

1. Comment below sharing YOUR favorite time-saving tips OR the recipe you’re looking forward to trying the most!
2. Go find my last post on either Instagram or Facebook and tag a friend that could use a Vitamix too! The more friends tagged + comments made here, the more entries! **This giveaway is open to US residents only.**

That’s it! For extra credit, you can share your favorite smoothie?recipe with me below!?You have until midnight Saturday, May 18, to enter. Winner will be chosen and announced Sunday, May 19, 2019.

Good luck and happy pre-packing!!



**Thank you, Vitamix, for sponsoring this post! The opinions shared and?discussed in this post are my own.**

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799 Responses

  1. My favorite smoothie recipe I have drank for years now:
    4 oz caramel nut dandelion tea
    1-2 oz chameleon mocha cold brew
    4 oz almond milk
    1 T raw cacao
    1-2 scoops Vital Proteins collagen
    1 T almond butter
    60 g frozen cauliflower
    30 g frozen bananas
    1 scoop mushroom adaptogens and ashwagandha each
    6 ice cubes

    I top it with a sprinkle of purely elizabeth chocolate see salt granola!!! It still hasn?t gotten old. I look forward to it like you look forward to your dream bar!!!!!

  2. All of your smoothie and other recipes are great but I?m looking for the recipe that was posted in July 2018 for a smoothie I made often. I saved the link but never printed the recipe. The post was titled Avocado Dreaming with this Breakfast Smoothie Recipe. The link doesn?t work. It sounds very similar to the Green Goddess Smoothie but not sure it?s exactly the same.

  3. And thank you for sharing the almond extract idea Heidi! Takes an already amazing shake to another level! ??

  4. Try this one! Transform PB Chocolate Shake….Reece?s shake in my opinion because it tastes like your cheating ?with a splash of almond extract then add a scoop or two (depending on macros) of chocolate almond Halo Top Ice-cream! Delish!

  5. Oh my gosh I?m going to try a new smoothie I just thought of

    My new kick is mango dragon fruit refresher from Starbucks. Well I bought a powdered dragon fruit, I was thinking Coconut water, or water 2tbl of the dragon fruit powder, fresh or frozen mango maybe spinach for some greens a little squeeze of lemon & lime. ????? Think I?ll try this

  6. Here?s a really good breakfast smoothie

    1 Cup unsweetened almond milk
    1/2 C. Ice
    3 handfuls of spinach
    1 C. Frozen wild blueberries
    1 banana
    1/4 C. Oats
    1 scoop TVP Shake ( Transform vanilla protein)
    2tbl. Flax
    Blend the first three ingredients until smooth then add remaining

  7. Quick question do you pick 1 winner from each social media platform? Or is it 1 winner total??

  8. So a few more hours to enter in this amazing give away. Thank
    You for the opportunity to try and win

  9. My favorite smoothie recipe is a base of half almond milk half coconut water, frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, frozen pineapple, frozen blueberries, with some collagen powder for extra protein, and some grain free granola mixed in.

  10. Favorite time saving (and money saving tip) ~ is to stock up on fresh produce when it is on sale and chop up, freeze on a sheet pan, then put in a freezer bag. This works well with so many fruits – I probably do this most with bananas – I love to throw them into smoothies or blend up some frozen banana ‘ice cream’

  11. Your smoothies all sound great and I can’t wait to try them!! My favorite mix is what I call chunky monkey – scoop meal replacement, almond milk, PB2, frozen banana, and a touch of honey. My current blender has trouble with the frozen banana at times ~ would love a Vitamix powerhouse!!

  12. My fave smoothie right now uses:
    2 scoops of Orgain matcha protein powder
    1/3 frozen banana
    1/2 C frozen pineapple
    1 C almond milk
    1 C fresh baby spinach
    1 T ground flaxseed
    2-3 ice cubes
    Water, as needed to meet my preferred consistency

    Blend until smooth and enjoy!

  13. I pre-pack my smoothie ingredients in reusable bags at the beginning of the week, so I can grab and go in the mornings before work!

  14. I need help getting out of the house in the morning. To use this and make a big batch for the whole family. The chocolate peanut butter is one I will have to try.

  15. you have to try your chocolate transform protein powder with coffee power or even a Starbucks iced coffee, it?s so fricken good, I have one every morning. ?

  16. ????? Me again
    Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie
    1 orange peeled
    Almond milk or coconut milk
    Zest from your orange
    I use raw honey but you can use a banana, little kale, spinach scoop of Transform Vanilla shake if you need to get some protein in ?


  17. So here?s another one

    Spinach, fresh or frozen fresh pineapple, coconut flakes, coconut water or coconut milk , little raw honey. So good great for poolside Pick-Me-Up everyone.

  18. Hi it?s me again!!

    So my time Saving tip
    Is to prepack all my veggies, fruit in ziplock baggies lay flat in freezer so I can just grab and go.

  19. I love making low carb breakfast burritos with lots of protein in bulk! Then I can just heat them up and grab and go!

  20. This would be beyond amazing! As a mom of three, our newest being 9 months old I am still in the struggle of getting fit and feeling like ?me? again! Thank you for the recipes and tips you shared!! I love following you and learning, laughing, and feeling the light you guys share on social media! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Love this post! Such great tips, and that peanut butter chocolate shake sounds AMAZING!

  21. I love these ideas!!! Never thought about prepping shakes. Definitely going to try them.
    Thank you Heidi

  22. I am an oatmeal junkie but now that it’s beginning to get warmer I can’t wait to try the pineapple mango smoothie!

  23. Looking forward to the chocolate peanut butter shake!! My favorite combination! Might add some banana too! Also the Green goddess ?

    1. My all time favorite combo chocolate and peanut butter ??

      Also a tip is to buy a rotisserie chicken to cut down on meal prep and let?s be honest headache ?

  24. Thank you for the yummy recipes!! I can?t wait to try them out!! I just love how real you are Heidi!!

  25. We are a family of five with three tiny humans in school under 4th grade. Needless to say, our house is busy all the time, especially in the morning. My wife, whose name is Heidee as well, works really hard to feed everyone, take everyone to school, and keep up with daily life. The vita max and the smoothies would help her on this daily adventure.

  26. OMG! All three shakes look yummy! I like to buy fruit already frozen, but that is the extent of my time saving tips. I think I would probably try the Jamaican Me Crazy shake first! Anything tropical and coconutty!

  27. Game changer for my smoothies: frozen spinach nuggets … they make my smoothies so creamy. They are cheap and convenient because I always have them. Love these recipes! Going to try the pb choc chip one for sure!

  28. OMG…. Jamakin me crazy looks CRAZY yummy!!! Thank you so much for the smoothie recipes! Also thank you so much for the opportunity to win a vita mix! It would be my dream come true to have one of these amazing machines to make incredible smoothies and so much more for my family of 5! I love you Heidi and Chris! You are my favorites on insta!!!

    1. This is officially my first blog read AND first comment! These smoothies sounds fab! I’m most excited about the green goddess. Although, I hope to try all of these. Thanks for your continued inspiring posts and encouragement towards making a healthy lifestyle work in the real world! ???

  29. Jamaican Me Crazy Shake looks like a winner to me–craving some coastal time so that may just have to do for now to hold me over! These all look so yummy, though, so I’m excited to try them all out!!! <3

  30. My favorite go to smoothie is a knock off to smoothie Kong?s Nutty super grain.
    Peanut butter, banana, fresh apple juice, almond milk, protein powder and I add avocado or spinach sometimes.

  31. The green goddess smoothie sounds amazing! Also I love that the blender has a countdown timer and can shut off automatically – so convenient!

  32. I?m really looking forward to trying the green goddess smoothie!! Especially in my new vitamix ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I currently do not have a mixer and I have 5 blueberry bushes! Vitamix is a dream mixer! I would love to try all your smoothies. Especially the green goddess.

  33. I like to prep smoothie baggies and store in the freezer for a quick meal/snack
    Handful of fresh spinach
    1/4-1/2 cup berries
    1/2 banana
    1/4 avacado or 1 tb coconut oil
    8 oz water or unsweetened almond milk
    1tb superseeds

  34. These smoothie recipes look yummy! Would love getting the Vitamix and whipping them up! ??

    1. I like to make a papaya and almond milk shake with cinnamon for better digestion, this vitamix are perfect to do this mix.

  35. I would love this vita mix My newest creation in it frozen Pitaya with protein powder and almond milk blended till like ice cream. Topped with Banana, strawberry and granola. Thought I would share.

    1. Looking forward to restarting my life. Life after 55 has been hard, but I?m picking myself up!
      Love watching you, Chris and your family.

  36. I love to make smoothie and always want it to buy a vitamix to make them taste so much better. Can?t wait to try your recipes with my new vitamix thanks to you. ?

  37. First off, I absolutely adore you and your family!!?
    Second, I LOVE anything mango and anything chocolate so I’m looking forward to trying both of those. I started prepping my morning shakes and it made a huge difference!!

  38. I want to try the Jamaican me crazy! Oh course the chocolate peanut butter too!
    I definitely will need a Vitamix to make them!

  39. I can?t wait to try all these smoothies and I especially love the idea of using mason jars to food prep them. Makes everything so clean and friendly for the environment.

    1. I look forward to trying the chocolate peanut butter smoothie. I love homemade organic peanut butter cups and I bet anything this recipe tastes like heaven!!!

    1. So excited to see so many recipes. Can’t wait to try! My son Jake & I are on a journey to a better lifestyle. Fingers crossed for this mixer, we could never afford to buy it on our own.

  40. I have always wanted one of these! My kids love smoothies. One of my more treat favorites:
    Frozen bananas
    Peanut butter
    Chocolate protein powder

  41. I would absolutely love to win this! I?ve had a vitamix since May 5, 2001 when my mom gifted me one for our wedding. It?s on its last leg after 18 years!!! What blender lasts that long?! Yep Vitamix! ????

    1. This machine looks amazing! Would be awesome to have to jumpstart my fitness journey. Definitely going to try your smoothie recipes. Thanks Heidi!

  42. I just started the Keto Diet after watching @fit2fat2fit so I?m excited to try the chocolate peanut butter shake, I have to stay away from the fruit ? . I love my vitamin but would definitely love a new UPGRADE!!! Thanks @vitamix.

  43. Green Goddess sounds amazing. I like to put fresh ginger, apple, spinach, and almond milk in a smoothie!

  44. This is amazing!! Stoked for these time saving tips, preparing smoothies is so smart! And you can get so creative, I?m all about chocolate and peanut butter and banana ?

  45. Love the prepackaged Mason jars! With 3 teeenaged daughters going in 8 different directions this is brilliant! Can’t wait to try the Jamaican me crazy!

  46. I love love love your protein powders and make smoothies everyday! My magic bullet is on its last leg and I have been eying the vitamix!!!!!!!

  47. Really wan to win can you tell????

    My granddaughter Everly is 17 months old loves the spinach, pineapple, mango smoothie.
    Trying to get her hooked on the goodness

  48. Hi Me again!!

    My favorite morning smoothie is transform chocolate protein with 1 bottle of super coffee some ice blend just like a mocha Frappuccino ?

  49. What an awesome deal!!! Your smoothies are AMAZING but they would be even more AMAZING in the VITAMIX

  50. I love smoothies! I can?t wait to try all three of your recipes, especially the Jamaican Me Crazy shake.
    I was recently diagnosed with asthma and found that going on a smoothie diet helped to relieve my coughing and decrease my use of inhalers. Losing 39 pounds in the process was a bonus. I am a firm believer in the health benefits of smoothies. Thank you so much Heidi for sharing these recipes and for all that you do to help others.

  51. I love to meal prep! Makes weeknight meals a breeze. I can?t wait to try that chocolate peanut butter smoothie. What?s not to love when it comes to peanut butter and chocolate! I love your idea on using the little mason jars. Anyway to help save the planet!
    I would love to win this awesome prize!!

  52. Smoothies are my jam and my blender just broke! I love mixing up frozen berries, spinach, and protein!!!

  53. A smoothie I love is:
    1 cup kale
    1 cup frozen cherries
    2 dates
    1 cup almond milk
    1 scoop vanilla protein powder- for this recipe vegapro is best because it isn’t too sweet. A sweeter vanilla protein might not taste as good with the other ingredients.

  54. I think they all look good, but I want to try green goddess because I haven’t had anything like it before.

  55. Looking forward to trying the Jamaican me Crazy!! This is an awesome giveaway and whoever wins will be lucky indeed!

  56. I am looking forward to trying the chocolate peanut butter shake ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the idea of packing pre-portions in a jar so it’s ready to go!

  57. Love the idea of pre cutting everything for a quicker smoothie when I?m in a rush!!! Gonna year these yummy looking recipes on the kids later??????????

  58. The Jamaica me crazy sounds sooo good!!! Would love to win as that amazing machine would be great for the addition of twins to my life in October! ??????

  59. You are the epitome of the multi-tasking busy mom! All these tips are amazing! I hope I can start using them as soon as I win a Vitamix ?

  60. I love this idea! I’ve been seeing these prepackaged smoothie companies but they are way beyond my budget, never thought to make them myself. Great idea! That green goddess smoothies looks delicious!

  61. I love love love your smoothies!! You and Chris give me so much inspiration ? I have several of y’alls books and just love everything yall stand for!! God Bless You Sweetheart & your beautiful family ?

  62. Oh this would be AMAZING to win! Lots of smoothie making in that beautiful vitamix, that?s for sure!

  63. Thank you for the opportunity to win a Vitamix! I have been dreaming of owning one for years!

    Smoothies are my favorite beverage!!! I have them for breakfast, or dessert all the time!
    I would have to say the smoothie that I am most excited to try is a definite tie between the Green Goddess and the Jamaican! They both sounds amazing!!!

    My favorite smoothie that I make all the time is below.

    1 & 1/2 Frozen Bananas

    1/4 Cup Frozen Green Peas

    1/4 Cup Frozen Blueberries

    2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter Powder

    2 Tablespoons of Hemp Seeds (Hemp Hearts)

    1 Cup of Non-Dairy Milk or Filtered Water

    Thank you for the inspiration and the opportunity! <3

    1. Jamaican me crazy is another one I would love to try. I love meal replacement shakes because they are easy and convenient.

  64. Definitely that chocolate peanut butter smoothie. I have a sweet tooth and this would be a perfect replacement!!! ????

  65. Even if I don’t win the blender, I’m trying the Jamacian Me Crazy smoothie tonight!

  66. I would love to win! I have been trying to figure out the best way to sneak veggies in kids diet – I think the green goddess would be kid approved and get us all out of the door on time

  67. I really like the sound of peanut butter chocolate!! I?m wondering if you can just use regular peanut butter (no sugar added) instead of powdered? Sounds amazing!!

  68. Extra entry with my fave smoothie recipe ?
    1/2 pouch frozen dragonfruit
    1.5 dates
    1/2 banana
    2 Tbsp hemp seed
    1/2 fresh pineapple chunks
    Coconut milk

    Literally so addictive!

    1. I would love this blender!!! I?m trying to be healthier but having a hard time! This could really help me!

  69. PB chocolate for sure!! ? But would also love to use this gadget to help me make some baby food, for pur?eing soups, and more. To save me time, I try to shop for groceries online instead of dragging my 8 month old into the store whenever I can. That way I also don?t pick up a bunch of items along the isles that I don?t need… I would love to win this vitamix!! I?ve always wanted to have one and smoothies are definitely my go to in the summertime!

  70. Great ideas for meal prep and smoothie recipes; thanks Heidi! My whole family loves smoothies. I also use my blender for simple and delicious butternut squash soup with raw pumpkin seeds on top. I don?t have one if these blenders, but have heard wonderful things about them.

    1. I need to try all three! Having a Vitamix can help save so much time. I would love to win! Thank you!

  71. I need this blender omg!!!!!! Pregnant for the second time in a year ? losing my mind over here. Just bought your core guide!

  72. We love smoothies at our house. My kids love chocolate and banana. I am excited to try the Green goddess! Thanks

    1. Toss up between Jamaican Me Crazy shake and Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake. Yummy.


    1 T. sesame seeds
    1/2 lime (peel optional)
    1/2 c. green kale (or other green)
    1 mango, pitted
    1 c. unsweetened rice/almond/soy milk
    Small handful of crushed ice

    Blend sesame seeds till finely ground. Add lime, kale, & mango; blend. Add milk and ice; blend till smooth.

  74. I?m a single momma to 6
    kiddos. ANY time saver in my life is a must! I look forward to trying ALL of these smoothies and I hope with a new Vitamix!! ??

  75. I tend toward green juices and smoothies, so the Green Goddess catches my eye! Thank you, Heidi and VitaMix!

  76. My kids love any smoothie with peanut butter but I?ve never added cocoa nibs!! Going to have to try that.

    1. I love the idea of pre-packing the smoothie ingredients! Any time saver in the crazy morning routine is a life saver!

  77. Just wanted to say thank you for all you and Chris do to inspire many of us to live a healthier lifestyle and exercise, too… My husband and I make our own smoothie drink almost every morning with a mixture of fruit, veggies, chocolate shake, almond silk milk, chia seeds, etc… Always looking for more recipes!

  78. GOLLY!!!! I?ve always wanted a Vitamix but not able to afford one and now that I?m a stay at home mom, budget is tight. I think it?d be great to have to save me time in the kitchen. The PB chocolate shake looks so yummy! ?

  79. I absolutely think you and your family are truly inspiring! I love your blog and would love to try out your portioned smoothie recipes! Do you Have any smoothie recipes for kids? My girls are super picky and I would love to get them on the smoothie train ๐Ÿ˜‰

  80. I can?t wait to try these smoothie recipes. The little mason jars are such a great idea. I?m going to go buy some and start prepping away. Thank you so much for sharing! ?

    1. Im super?and excited to get all these great recipes and especially time saving what and how to do it tips. Would love to win a vitamin!

  81. I’m in love with chocolate and peanut butter but never found a great combo recipe to make so will definitely try yours. I never knew to buy cacao nibs before for it (now I know)! Rude awakening here! My daughter and I really need to overhaul our lives and transform our health by starting back at the YMCA to swim, work out, rock wall climb and take our puppy out for lots of runs in the park. This meal planning of shakes prep I’ve never tried before but sounds ideal solution for us and our busy lives. Thanks for helping us lead healthier lives! Love the blog (I’m a newbie here) so far!!!
    Xo, Tess and Nichole

  82. I would give just about anything for help to get my physical, mental and emotional life back on track. I got fired from my job last October (first time that has EVER happened to me in my 24 years of working) and it has completely thrown me into a tailspin that I can?t seem to stop. I?ve gained more weight than I ever did with my 3 pregnancies, I can?t seem to get hired anywhere, and I just want to be better for both me and my family. I know it?s all up to me making a decision but something between my brain and my decision making/executing is blocked. I try every day to stay positive and smile and not have a dark cloud around me, and for the most part I believe i?m Successful. I have 2 main obstacles, 1- I have super messed up feet that eventually will require reconstructive surgery which limits what activities I can do, and 2- i?m Married to law enforcement so with that being the only income for a family of 5, including 3 teenagers, there is not enough money for our basic needs, let alone anything extra! We live at the base of a beautiful mountain range in Northern Utah but hiking is excruciating. I?m only writing all this because i?m Quite confident that someone as busy as you and with as many followers and comments as you have, this will likely never get read. I have been so impressed by you and Chris and your kindness to everyone you meet. You both are just so lovely and refreshing. Thank you both for being that in this world. ??

    1. Even if I don’t win the blender, I am trying the Jamacian Me Crazy smoothie!!! Yummy!

  83. The first recipe looks really good except the spinach!! That is a dirty word to me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was talking to someone the other day and we discussed smoothies. I don’t have a blender so this would be perfect. The first one I made would probably have strawberries, bananas, pineapple and some kind of sugar free juice and a protein mix.

    1. My time saving tip is to cut produce before needed! Depending when I need it I do it earlier that day or night before! Frozen is not always the same!

  84. LOVE the idea of packing it into mason jars beforehand! I am most excited to try the Jamaican Me Crazy shake! Yum yum yum!! ?

  85. I can?t wait to try the green Goddess and Peanut butter chocolate. This is such a great to meal prep nutritious meals.

  86. I am wanting to try them all but especially the green one. I never have found a gree smoothie I have liked but this one looks like my taste buds will approve.

    My daily go to is:
    Oolong tea
    Almond butter
    Lemon juice
    Baobab powder
    Aloe juice
    Almond milk
    Half a banana

    Mix n enjoy ?

  87. Heidi you have done it again!! You make the most amazing shake recipes like egg nog which is my favorite! Would love a vitamix but can?t wait afford one! My favorite recipe is

    1 cup Almond Milk
    1/4 Cup Non fat Greek yogurt
    1 tbsp almond butter
    130 grams frozen cherries
    1/4 tsp almond extract
    24 grams protein powder I prefer chocolate
    8 ice cubes

    1. I have seen some super yummy soup recipes you can make with this blender! I want to try that!!

  88. My favorite smoothie recipe is about 1-2 cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 3/4 scoop vanilla protein powder, a handful of blueberries, a banana, about 1/2 a cup of oats, and a dash of cinnamon! (I don?t know exact amounts because I never measure ?) but it tastes like a blueberry muffin!

  89. I LOVE this idea of ore packing in mason jars, so easy and convenient. Your chocolate PB recipe looks amazing and will be trying it soon as well as all the others.

  90. I would love this vitamix so I can try this crazy Jamaica goodness ???? ???? Praying for it ??

  91. I would love to try any of these! It?s getting hot here and a smoothie would be perfect after a workout in my garage!!

  92. I was just telling my hubby this is going on the Christmas wish list next year! So need this!

  93. Oh and BTW, Now I want Mason Jars! ???
    We were using little ziplock bags for our fruit so we could freeze before it went bad, but it don?t hold up well this way! Mason Jars to the rescue!

    1. Can?t wait to try the Green Goddess smoothie & hoping to win that Vitamix!

  94. I would love this blender for me and my 15 yr old daughter she loves making smoothie’s green/etc im not a big smoothie person but she’s trying to get to be.ive been overweight since i was 14 im 45 now she’s beautiful and at a good weight but she dont think so! working on that.

  95. Green Goddess! Need to try this ASAP! I?m not a veggie kind of gal and I?ve been researching smoothie recipes lately in hopes to find out how to mix my veggies in a smoothie so that I never taste them! ?
    You the real MVP Heidi. Thank you so much for sharing!

  96. My go-to shake is 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 serving size scoop of chocolate meal replacement shake, a scoop of greens powder, 1 tsp maca powder, 2 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1/2 cup cold Crio Bru, and 1 cup frozen cherries. Of course the powders and chia seeds are optional but I really love using the greens powder bc I can always have it on hand and ready to go.

  97. My favorite Smoothie is:
    1 cup Cashew Milk (unsweetened)
    1/2 Banana
    1/2 cup either strawberries or blueberries
    1 splash of Almond extract or Coconut extract

    Sometimes I add Chia seed to it as well.

  98. I can?t really share a healthy recipe, that?s why I have you and Transform Heidi ?, however my coach Toni just said to try Halo Protein Ice cream with the Transform Protein for a refreshing smoothie. May try this on a reset day and see what I can come up with! ??

  99. Jamaican Me Crazy! I love the name and I love how delicious it sounds. This is definitely one I can?t wait to try. I have wanted a Vitamix FOREVER!!! My husband had me get a Ninja bc it was cheaper and his friends had told him good things. Those friends must have a super ninja or something cause it never blends anything I make smoothly! My husband has since promised to get me a Vitamix when we move into our new house but that?s four months away! I would love to have one sooner than that.

  100. Chocolate peanut butter is my jam! I definitely want to try that one. This would make my new mom life a lot easier :).

  101. I?m looking forward to trying that Jamaican Me Crazy smoothie!!!! Who wouldn?t want to get healthy while feeling like they?re in paradise? YES please!!!! ?? ? ?
    #vitamix #gettingfit #healthysmoothies

    1. The pre packed smoothie with pineapple, mango And banana sounds AMAZING!!!
      My current favorite smoothie is chocolate protein, cashew milk, peanut butter and banana. I also throw in some spinach. ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. We love smoothies up in our house! I do a green smoothie of celery juice frozen pineapple fresh spinach & vanilla protein!
    Our time saver tip for meal prep is we ALWAYS have grilled chicken in our fridge… and usually ground turkey/chicken taco meat!

  103. Love this Mom hack! I think this would also encourage my son to make smoothies on his own. Looking forward to trying mango and avocado recipe.

  104. I can’t wait to try the chocolate peanut butter shake!! Once I win a vitamix! ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. Omg I?ve been wanting this kind of mixer forever but the cost has always held me back. I?ve lost 90 lbs and have gotten to the point where my weight has hit a plateau. Ur smoothies would give me a much needed edge. I?d love to try them ?

    1. I?m looking forward to trying that Jamaican Me Crazy smoothie!!!! Who wouldn?t want to get healthy while feeling like they?re in paradise? YES please!!!! ?? ? ?

      #vitamix #gettingfit #healthysmoothies

  106. Berry detox smoothie!! It is one of my favorite smoothies. I am trying to help my daughter loose weight and develop healthy habits!! A vitamix would be so beneficial for us. This is a wishlist item in my kitchen for sure!!

  107. Yay for meal prepping and smoothies!
    I love it when I get to try a new fruit and make a smoothie out of it. I also like to throw in life greens to get my veggies in if I know I have to work late that day!
    Even if I don?t win the giveaway I?m thankful that I came across your page! You have such a bubbly personality and I?m excited to follow along!

  108. A Vitamix has been on my kitchen wish list since starting culinary school. The awesome recipes you can make with it both savory and sweet. Hot and cold. The healthy fun food is limitless!!

    1. I’m excited to try making the green goddess smoothie. I always have a hard time getting in enough greens. Especially the last several months. Tend to make sure my baby is taken care of first and put myself on the back burner. A vitamix would definitely help with making getting in essential nutrition quicker and easier. This mommy is working on getting in better shape before trying to conceive again. I’ve already suffered one miscarriage and I don’t want my weight to be the cause of another one. Thank you Heidi and Vitamix for doing this!

  109. I would love to try all the recipes. My kids love smoothies. There is an Liz recipes that I could create with the vita mix blender !

    1. Thanks for sharing, I bought the chocolate protein mix and love it, guess I’ll need vanilla too when I win the mixer! Lol wishful thinking but seriously need vanilla to make these delicious recipes!!

  110. That chocolate peanut butter looks delicious! Thanks for sharing! That blender looks great!

  111. I love saving time by making a bitch batch of quinoa at the beginning of the week and then transforming it into different meals as needed!

  112. I love making a shake post workout from the Transform app- it?s part of my daily routine and to have a Vitamix to save time and not fight with my current 8 year old blender would be awesome! ?

  113. I really want to try the Chocolate Peanut butter smoothie. Sounds delicious. Thank you for sharing this and for this giveaway. That?s super nice of you. ?

  114. I buy the big container of spinach at sams and put them in individual bags so they are ready for smoothies. Then when I see the perfect ripe bananas I buy a bunch and slice them up and freeze them so they are al ready to go.

  115. Im a new young momma and i just bought your ab book and i LOVE IT!! My favorite smoothie to make is :
    Almound milk unsweetened

    It is seriously so tasty ! Hoping i can win to aid me in my healthy eating to help me lose some of my pregnancy weight! I recently just lost 33lbs on my own but still have 20lbs to go!

  116. Heidi you are a genius!!! I would have never thought to pre package ingredients for a smoothie!! I?m going to do this tonight!! Thanks for your helpful tips!! Can?t wait to try all these shakes too!!

  117. I have wanted a Vita-mix for years! I make a simple smoothie every morning: 1 Banana, 3/4 cup frozen blueberries, 1 cup or enough to blend unsweetened organic soy milk, sometimes a little plain organic yogurt.
    Going to try the Green Goddess smoothie while I?m visiting my sister this week!

  118. I think the green goddess shake sounds interesting…but my regular blender won?t do it…..and is almost about to die. My favorite shake still is the

    Dark Chocolate Cherry Shake?on the Transform App.

  119. This new vitamix that also has the individual portion containers would be so helpful in the mornings!! The chocolate peanut butter shake would be so good!

  120. Green Goddess Sounds Amazing…I am always looking for ways to get in those healthy fats, not being a fan of avocado expect when its in a smoothie is fantastic! I also going to try to prep the smoothies to make our mornings effortless – what a great idea!

  121. Looking forward to trying the Chocolate Peanut Butter smoothie! I love anything with PB in it for the morning. I often make smoothie bowls or oatmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal is my super quick go-to in the morning and gives me fuel for my workouts ?? A?a? bowls are for more indulgent morning or rest days ? Would LOVE to win the Vitamix to make my smoothies bowls in a jiff ??

  122. I would love to try the chocolate and peanut butter! Once of my favorite combinations! BUT….. I also love to get my veggies in early, so one thing I do is take whole zucchini’s, dice them up and put them each in to a zip lock bag and throw them in the freezer. Then, when I’m ready to make my smoothie, I grab a baggie of zucchini, 1/2 a frozen banana and toss them in the blender along with a handful of ice, some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, protein powder of choice (I typically use a chocolate, vanilla or mocha flavored but a caramel is good too) and lastly, I add a tablespoon of instant coffee. Blend, blend blend and ta da!!! A thick and creamy Frappuchino that has a full serving of fruit and veggies!

    PS-I guarantee you cannot taste the zucchini at all!

  123. Healthy smoothie that would work in this blender!

    1 1/2 cups water
    1 head organic romaine rinsed and chopped
    3-4 stalks organic celery
    1/2-3/4 bunch of spinach
    1 organic apple cored and chopped
    1 organic pear cored and chopped
    1 organic banana
    Juice of half a fresh organic lemon
    Optional: 1/3 bunch organic cilantro stems ok, 1/3 bunch organic parsley stems ok

    Add water and romaine and spinach to blender and blend at low speed until smooth
    Add pear apple celery and blend at high speed
    Add cilantro and parsley, them add lemon and banana -Blend til smooth!

    1. Seriously was just thinking yesterday while making me a smoothie I needed a new device!
      Favorite smoothie recipe

      8ozs water 8ozs almond milk
      1/2 banana
      3 frozen strawberries
      A handful of Kale
      5 ice cubes
      And a scoop of my favorite protein powder, I?ll usually add a scoop of fiber or mixed greens to my morning smoothies.

  124. Me again!
    Here?s another great smoothie

    Strawberries, papaya and cilantro with coconut water and about 5-6 ice cubes so good for your thyroid
    You can even add a little pineapple to help more with inflammation but I just do the three.

    1. This is the new vitamix that also has the individual portion containers! I NEED! Our vitamix is the best appliance we own!

  125. YES, YESS, YESSSSSS!!! Heidi, I NEED this mixer! I?ve only heard the best review about the Vitamix and I?ve GOT TO HAVE ONE!! My FaMiLY of 8 could use a morning break, getting everyone ready and out the door is no easy task… but having a quick, go-to smoothie would be life changing!! Also, you?re recipes look Ah-MaZiNG and I?ll need to try them ALL!!! Love you, love what you do! #pickME ???

  126. This is such an awesome giveaway. Would make having smoothies so much easier, and a fun ?meal prep? to do with the kiddos??

  127. My daughter and I are starting our journey to health, would love to be able to start our day right too! She loves peanut butter in her smoothies and I like greens! Thanks for being an inspiration and sharing your journey!

    1. A Vitamix would mean so much to my family! ?? We make smoothies everyday and our blender is on its way out!

  128. I think I’ll finally try a chocolate peanut butter smoothie! That timer on the vitamix sounds awesome!

  129. Shakes are my favorite go to meal. With a 3 year old and a 2 month old life doesn?t leave much time to sit down and cook. Looking forward to trying your recipes!

  130. I love a good green smoothie!! I would def try that first! But using it for baby food as well is brilliant.

  131. The chocolate peanut butter shake looks amazing!!! A treat that?s good for you…even better!!!

  132. Hey!!! I?ve been following you and Chris since the Vemma days! I couldn?t be more grateful because it entered into our lives at the most perfect time (right after our oldest daughter was born). It is what opened our eyes to a healthy lifestyle and we thank you so much ? ????

    1. I love to cut my fruit up ahead of time and freeze in freezer bags. Fruit stays good in the freezer. So easy. Thanks for continuing to educated us with healthy tips.

  133. These sound amazing! I can?t wait to try them! They will be a good grab and go this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  134. One of my favorites from the past is the Popeye shake! A great and tasty way to get the greens in! ?

  135. Just started a four week challenge. These recipes are going to help lose these inches. Thanks so much for the encouragement and the knowledge.

  136. I love the idea of having the ingredients prepped and ready to go! That Vitamix would help us to make these delicious smoothies!!!

    1. Green goodness smoothie would be the one I would love to try. Looks amazing!!

  137. I love the peanut butter & chocolate shake! I know my wife would love the green goddess smoothie!

  138. I think you are amazing and fun I know you have helped so many people. Thanks for being a great health and fitness advocate .

  139. I have screenshot them all! I?m always looking for new shake recipes.

    I also bought your abs after baby book and I am starting next week. My stomach has always been an issue for me and I would love to get abs once in my life haha!

  140. All your recipes look so good ?

    As for prepacking, i?m always cutting my fruits and putting them in the freezer all packed and ready for mixing, so that i don?t need to put icecubes with it ๐Ÿ™‚

  141. I will make the Jamaican Me Crazy for sure! My hubby & I married in Jamaica 25 years ago so it holds a special place in our hearts ? A great anniversary gift would be winning this Vitamix!!

    One thing I recently tried adding to smoothies for creaminess is frozen squash or carrot slices. Try it; it works & adds extra veggie goodness!

    1. I cannot wait to try the chocolate one! I have such a sweet tooth and I?m always looking for healthier options to curve that sweet tooth!

  142. I would love to try the Green Goddess in addition to making my smoothie is with -Almond Breeze -, Almond Coconut blend , unsweetened Vanilla ..I posted my smoothie ingredients..????

  143. You?re recipes look amazing. As a mom of two kids, I think a vitamix blender and delicious smoothies would be a great addition to our morning breakfast routine.

  144. Yes please on the green goddess smoothie and on the vitamix???????
    I LOVE avocado in my smoothies because it makes them sooo creamy!

    One smoothie I have been loving is..
    I container chocolate muscle milk
    Two tablespoons powdered peanut butter and a quarter of an avocado blended with ice, it is so good!

  145. I thought I would want to try the peanut butter chocolate first, but the green goddess is really intriguing and not my normal go to. Think I?ll be trying something new today!

  146. What a great idea…pre-packing my morning smoothies!!! With 7 kids I’m always looking for ways to save time. I am really looking forward to trying the Jamaican Me Crazy recipe.

  147. Right now for lunch I am loving my afternoon latte smoothie. I use vanilla protein powder, coconut milk, and instant coffee and a small amount of ice. It?s so delicious and gives me a little extra pep in the afternoon

  148. Ahhh! My little girls LOVE smoothies! Can?t wait to try your recipes!! & a vitamix would be a huge step up from our junky Walmart blender ?

    1. My fav smoothie combo right now is plain kefir, spinach, blueberries, banana, and avocado! And I can?t wait to try your chocolate peanut butter shake recipe ?

  149. I always try to meal prep my breakfast and the kids? lunches the night before. Also, having outfits picked out helps eliminate morning ?discussions? ? Most importantly the coffee is ready to go for the morning!!!

  150. I’m dying to try that chocolate peanut butter smoothie – maybe with sun butter instead!

  151. My coworkers and I were just talking about doing prepacked smoothies at work and getting a blender. This would be perfect!

  152. Okay I?ll head over to face book now. I?m sure I might be annoying some with all of my comments ?

    I?ll Be Back

  153. I have a big mixer I make my smoothies in this would be so much better.

    My favorite is spinach, pineapple, papaya and mango with coconut water scoop of collagen ???

    1. Every morning I have a smoothie , spinach, frozen bananas, mint leaves, blueberries, kale..added to that flax ,pumpkin seeds,hemp,sunflower seeds,quinoa, barley grass, tumeric .l would ??LOVE ?? a Vitamix blender???TO YOUR HEALTH ??

  154. Can?t wait to try Jamaican me crazy. I love pineapple and mangos. I also love the idea of bell jars instead of using plastic bags.

  155. Mmmm your eggnog shake looks so delicious! I love the idea of healthy egg nog all year round !

    I meal prep a good amount of oatmeal to make weekly breakfast smoothies, they tie me over until my morning snack!

  156. I?ve been wanting to incorporate smoothies into my morning routine. As a teacher my mornings are crunch time and smoothies are a fast and healthy way to get your nutrients in!

    1. Avocado smoothie! Yes please!! I?ve been trying to get a smoothie in every morning before bringing my son to school, to help shed the extra baby weight (I also have an 8 month old).
      My time saving tip is to have everything ready and portioned our inneither ziplock bags or little containers, ready to go in the freezer. I add a bit of almond milk or Greek yogurt, come collagen powder, and voila!

  157. One time saver…my kids love pasta and I feel so much better giving them my homemade marinara loaded with hidden veggies, than jar sauce. The jars are so convenient during busy seasons…so When I do make my sauce I make a giant batch and will freeze small batches for family dinners or single meals. Then we just have to heat it up for those nights we need quick dinners due to sports and it?s still healthy!

  158. I like to package my Smoothie?s individually so I can just plop them in the blender in the morning. My favorite recipe is raspberry?s with chocolate protein powder and a little vanilla almond milk. It taste like ice cream!

  159. I love chocolate and peanut butter too w a frozen banana of course! Some cocoa powder if I?m doing vanilla powder.

  160. I can?t wait to try the chocolate peanut butter shake sounds amazing. I?d sounds perfect for someone like me that has to have sweets!!!

  161. My favorite time saver is baked oatmeal that I can make on the weekend and have all week.

  162. I love keeping my smoothies super simple with fruit, almond milk and spinach. They taste great and are so nutritious. I would love a new Vitamix to step up my smoothie game!!

  163. Wow! I?ve always wanted to have a Vitamix! Right now I keep it super simple with protein powder, ice, water and spinach blended up in the NutriBullet, but that first recipe you have with the pineapple, mango, banana and avocado sounds amazing!

  164. I recently lost everything in a house fire , my family and I ( husband and 3 children) were all in the house. My love is fitness and nutrition , I was in the kitchen making vegetable lasagna at the time using my vitamix for the sauce. I?m grateful for all my blessings and keep up the great work helping others! Our health is so important !

  165. I love prepping smoothies in bags ahead of time. My faves are a strawberries, water, lemon, and greens. Kids love it too! Low in sugar great way to ninja in the veggies for the kids!

  166. Oh my gosh winning tbis would be a game changer! What a great idea to prepare smoothies like that! Thanks for all the incredible tips all the time!!

  167. Looking forward to trying out these recipes. Would absolutely LOVE to win this Vitamix!! Heard great things about it!!

  168. This is a great post, with some great smoothie recipes? will def try for sure! You are so inspiring and fun – love watching your stories!

    1. I always try to meal prep on Sunday for the week. I work full time and am in school.

      all the recipes look delicious but I think the I will try the Green Goddess first.

      I have several friends who have the Vitamix and love it so I have always wanted to get a Vitamix but they are just to expensive.

      thank you for all you and Chris do to help others.???

  169. I love shakes for breakfast. Quick, filling and power packed. Do you ever add spices like tumeric or cinnamon?

  170. Chocolate PB is da bomb! Can I say that!? Haha what ever. Listen fruit Greek yogurt protein power boom!!! Amazing

  171. My everyday go to breakfast:


    Frozen berries
    Frozen banana slices
    Hemp hearts
    Pea protein
    Almond milk


    I would love to make it in a Vitamix!!!

    1. I would love this for smoothies, but I also really want to start beet shots in the morning and a blender just ain’t cutting it. See what I did there ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Mine too! Blender is my favorite equipment in the kitchen and our mixer got broken yesterday!??

  172. I could really use this vitamix to help kick start my new healthy lifestyle.

    Enjoy your instagram stories, you are hilarious.


  173. Oh sweet Heidi that looks so delicious and most importantly healthy! You?ve been a great inspiration throughout my journey of self-love and recovery and taught my the importance of staying FOCUSED! I already loved you when I was a child watching your show, but now that I?ve got to know the behind the scenes, seeing your insecurities about the hair (that I share with you and I?m struggling with every day ?) gave me the inspiration to hold on and try to work things out even more. Hopefully these recipes for shakes will give my hair a jump start along with all the workouts and with some much needed vitamins! But if not… I will keep rocking because there?s nothing wrong with being perfectly imperfect and loving ourselves just the way we are!! ???

    Can?t wait to try it out!!!
    Hugs and kisses from italy ??

    Ps. When I visited the USA I went straight to Target ? thinking about you and got my mind (and credit card) completely blown away!!! Love that place !!! Shop and squat till you drop!!!!! ???

  174. Hello,
    I just saw your post on smoothies and prep meals and I feel truly inspired, never mind the great great giveaway!!! Always wanted one of those but never could afford it.
    Also, seen your post form Slovakia ?? ??????. I couldn?t believe when I saw you and Chris in my home country!
    Anyway, wishing you and your family all the very best.

  175. Ooooh I want to try all of these! My oldest is starting public school next year so I have to be a real grown up and get us out the door early in the morning… I need to feed him breakfast and fast! I?d love this blender so much!!

  176. Time saving tip – shakes as meal replacements. I would love a vitamix and can?t wait to try some of the smoothie recipes

    1. One of my time savings is this I took a blender to work so that I can make my shake since I get up so early for work. I have looked at this blender in Costco for many years but just didn?t have the money. But would absolutely love it.

  177. Mmmmmm the Chocolate Peanut Butter smoothie speaks right to my sweet tooth! ? This would be great to win to prep for crazy busy days w the littles!

  178. Ingredients
    1/2 cup yogurt plain or Greek
    2 cups kale chopped
    1 banana
    1 cup pineapple chopped
    1 tablespoon flax seeds
    1 cup milk
    honey To taste if desired
    Add yogurt, kale, banana, pineapple, flax seeds and milk to blender.
    Blend until smooth.
    Add honey to taste if desired. Serve immediately.
    Recipe Notes
    For a sweeter smoothie, add honey or use a vanilla flavored yogurt.
    For a thicker smoothie, freeze banana and pineapple before blending.
    NUTRITION INFORMATION Calories: 240, Fat: 6g, Saturated Fat: 2g, Cholesterol: 13mg, Sodium: 108mg, Potassium: 942mg, Carbohydrates: 40g, Fiber: 4g, Sugar: 24g, Protein: 10g, Vitamin A: 141.4%, Vitamin C: 151.5%, Calcium: 34.6%, Iron: 9.2%

  179. Definitely gonna try the chocolate peanut butter shake. Can u use real peanut butter and if so how much

  180. The green goddess smoothie sounds like a real good one! Adding spinach is a favorite of mine! My go to is usually almond milk, berries, spinach & the occasional banana!

    1. I’m new to avocado but will try some of these smoothie ideas…i never used water in them before either ..i take the fruit juice is 2 high maybe in calories or sugar? Thanks as always Heidi x

  181. I?m actually looking forward to trying all the recipes you posted! I love avocado but yet have never added one to my smoothie so that is for sure on my top smoothie making list AND I have never even bought a cacao anything so that?s number 2!! My kids and I love making smoothies so a vitamix would definitely make that easier for us!!

  182. Yum! These look so pretty in the jars! I can?t wait to try the Jamaican Me Crazy! Such an appropriate name for getting kids out the door in the morning.

    1. This is genius!!!!!! Trying to balance 17 hr shifts, hectic school mornings rushin around like a crazy woman lol AND making sure my guys eat healthy every morning is always a huge challenge…but this lifechanging bad boy would take care of it all whohooo!!! My boys are little smoothie addicts…I feel so guilty never having enough time to make them because we don’t have the right tools & run out of time….my fav smoothie recipe will ALWAYS be anything with coconut & peanut butter…can we add coffee too??? Can’t wait to try them with your protein powder! You rock supermama??! Such a fun giveaway!!

  183. The Jamaican Me Crazy Shake looks amazing!! I love making smoothies and shakes. My parents have a Vitamix, and I absolutely love it so it would be wonderful to have my own!

  184. The Jamaican me crazy smoothie sounds sooo good and is full of wonderful ingredients! Can?t wait to try it!

  185. All the recipes look super yummy! I am most excited to make the.. Jamaican me crazy shake. Love Those those names by the way! So smart to prepackage it in jars too!

  186. My favorite smoothie ingredient is frozen bananas ?my fav recipe:
    1/2 cup berries of choice
    1cup spinach
    1 cup kale
    1cup cashew milk or almond milk
    1scoop protein powder
    1tsp psyllium husks
    1/2 frozen banana
    4-6 ice cubes

    1. My favorite smoothie recipe is
      -1 cup cashew milk
      -handful of spinach
      -1 cup frozen berries
      -1 frozen banana
      -2 tablespoons cashew butter
      -drizzle of honey

  187. I pre-pack all the smoothing ingredients and keep in baggies in the freezer. Strawberries, blueberries, almonds, oatmeal. I grab a bag throw it in the blender and add spinach and a smidge of banana…bam!

  188. Super duper excited about this offer! Over 15 years ago I was introduced to the Vitamix. Since it was a substantial sum, I waited and did a lot of research in the interim. Once I decided to go for it, I got both the wet and dry blenders. It was hands down THE best kitchen investment. I can honestly say I use mine daily and don?t think I can live without one. If blender talk arises , I brag about Vitamix to friends/family/strangers about its supreme versatility and everything one can do. It?s a total workhorse. I hope if I win to gift this to someone I love!

  189. Ok DEFINITELY will be trying the Jamaica & the Choc/PB smoothies! My kids prefer smoothies over shakes so these are a great addition!! I love all of your recipes & tips. I still make your Sweet potato recipe for thanksgiving every year & your Powell Pack protein PB bars for snacks for my kids! Thanks Heidi!

  190. Would love to win a Vitamix to try out all your recipes esp the pineapple/mango one. Needing more fresh foods in mine and my kiddos lives! Love following you and your stories!

  191. The many different mental directions is for real! A quick smoothie in the messiest place in the house would be such an ease to clean up! Get in, chop, mix, pour & done.

  192. I forgot to mention which one I was excited most to try! Definitely the chocolate peanut butter. My husband has turned me into an addict! Lol

    One of my favorites is vanilla protein, granny smith apples, cinnamon, spinach, and a dash of vanilla.

  193. Smoothies are so amazing. I love that I can add my vitamins and greens and protein and they taste so yummy.

  194. I have heard so many good things about avocado in smoothies! I can?t wait to take my smoothie/ protein shake game to the next level! I am pretty excited to try ALL of these recipes!!!!

  195. Oh my heck! I just had my 3rd baby and I?m trying to get back on the eating healthy train! I just told my husband this morning we need a new blender that works for smoothies! These recipes all look amazing! I can?t wait to try some ? hopefully in this awesome new blender!! P.s. I love watching all your Instagram stories, especially RUBY I have a little girl with that much sass and I don?t even know what we are going to do with her! ?

    1. I look forward to trying your Jamaican Me Crazy smoothie! If I won……. Jamaican me go crazy! ???

  196. Definitely chocolate and peanut butter!!! And I do the same thing, cut and prepack: a time saver!!!

  197. I want to try all 3 recipes as they all sound delish! My favorite time saving trick is steamables veggies and rice. Also I do sheet pan meals to meal prep a lot at one time.

  198. Yummy,yummy, yummy! You had me at SMOOTHIE! I should really get a decent blender that will actually, ..you know, BLEND….
    The one I occasionally use, should be called a ?glorified spoon? or ?stirring machine? …at best. Haha

  199. I would definitely try the green goddess shake. My go to time savers is prepping the night before for any meal weather it’s breakfast or lunch. Smoothies have been my go to for the mornings. Quick and easy for in a hurry mornings.

    1. Wow! The Jamaican Me Crazy shake sounds amazing! Pineapple and banana sounds sooooo good!

  200. So glad I found your page! My little girl will be 8 mo tomorrow and my body is totally broken from carrying her. Some days my body hurts so much I can’t even breath, my core is so weak it can’t even hold my body together anymore. I’m excited for your new ebook you just published to hopefully help me. I make my own baby food for my girl so she is eating healthy food, this blender sounds amazing to help with that daily process. All your smoothie recommendations sound delish but I’d say the Chocolate Peanutbutter one sounds the yummiest. Thanks again for following your passion and talents in helping people achieve their health goals.

  201. I shake my protein powder in with cold brew coffee in the morning to save time. I get the caramel flavor and pretend it?s a caramel macchiato ?!!

    My favorite smoothie would include ice, coconut water, pineapple, ginger, celery, cucumber, spinach/kale, lime, and basil. So refreshing! Especially in these AZ summers!!! ?? ?

  202. The chocolate and peanut butter one looks sooo yummy!! I?m a student and in halls we?re not allowed to cook so it?s so hard to make stuff that?s healthy to go! This would be perfectttt especially because I love my protein shakes to take to class!

    1. Omg!!! I am SO glad you posted about this! I have been researching healthy, yet yummy smoothie recipes for weeks now! Your the real MVP! ????

  203. Would love to try the chocolate peanut butter and the Jamaican Me Crazy! Time saving tip is to repackage snacks into single servings so it?s easy to grab n go and To not eat aimlessly out of the big bag!

  204. I?d love to try the Jamaican Me Crazy smoothie in my own personal Vitamix ??????
    *pick me pick me ?

  205. That chocolate peanut butter smoothie looks delicious and I can definitely use a new blender ??

  206. All those look like such an amazing way to start the day for me and my kids!! They love smoothies for breakfast!! The first two I?m wanting to try are Green Goddess and Jamaican me crazy!!

  207. I?m looking forward to trying the peanut butter chocolate shake. My fingers are crossed ?? vitamin is amazing!

  208. I?m so happy you shared the recipes! Is your meal replacement shake flavored? I love fruit smoothies but don?t like adding vanilla protein powder because I feel like it overtakes the taste of the fruit.

    One of my favorite smoothies is

    Frozen mango
    Frozen peaches
    Lemon juice
    A touch of honey
    Collagen protein

    Blended together it is so refreshing and yummy!

    1. I can’t wait to try the chocolate peanut butter smoothie! Yum! One of my go to smoothies is 1 frozen banana, 1/2 an avocado, 2 handfuls of raw spinach, and 1/2 cup of almond milk ???

  209. Will def be trying the Peanut Butter shake! Because Peanut Butter is Life! I Love PB with the Vanilla protein from Heidi and Chris? Love the jar idea! I save/reuse my old wide mouth Jars. Olive and pickle jars are the best, so wide at the top! I hope Heidi and VitaMix pick me????????????????????

  210. Love pre-packed smoothie bags, pre-cut grab & go veggie bags and my Instant pot for shredded chicken , steel cut oats and hard boiled eggs!! But my blender sucks so I always have frozen chunks in my smoothies!! Would love to win this!

  211. Would make life so much easier! I make a green monster for my girls

  212. I would love love love a Vitamix! My sister has one and it is so much more powerful than my Blendtec. Plus it can do more stuff! But ultimately it?s all about the smoothies.

  213. I try to make a smoothie for my kids every day after school; 1 to get some real good nutrition in and 2 because they?re STARTING ?

  214. This would be a dream come true! I just had foot surgery and non-weight bearing for 8 weeks. This would be perfect for my husband to easily make meals in while I am recovering!

  215. Thank you so much for this post! And the jar tip is great! Probably less likely to get freezer burn in glass too??? But I definitely would want to try the chocolate peanut butter smoothie as I am a chocolate girl at heart ??
    My favorite time saving tip for food prep in general not just smoothies is making double the amount of dinner so I have lunch for the next day!??

    1. I love watching your posts, your entire family is so funny and adorable, I would love to win this juicer, you inspire me and I would love to try your protein.

    2. Yum!!! I can?t wait to try the mango pineapple one!! All tropical everything!
      I would kill for a vita mix. My magic bullet is just about dead to the world and it?s the constant struggle of stopping and shaking the cup ?????

  216. Love the mason jar recommendation! I have replaced a lot of my kitchen items with mason jars! Storing leftover food, using for drinking glasses, storing my hemp seeds, flaxseed, chia seeds in the fridge. There are endless options for mason jars! I?ve used the freezer safe option for pre packaged smoothies for time saver needs. Just make sure you get the wide mouth jar for freezing, as getting frozen contents out of the regular sized mouth jar can be a bit tricky with the groove. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  217. Powdered peanut butter is my favorite for adding in the protein, but keeping out the unnecessary fat that I may not be wanting! And cocoa nibs for the real deal chocolate biz is so great to suggest! Keeping out the processed sugars that regular chocolate has in it!

    1. I?m a stay at home mom to three busy kiddos and this would make my mornings so much easier! My favorite shake is a chocolate banana and Pb!

  218. Definitely want to try all of the recipes…I?m pretty plain Jane usually just doing chocolate protein powder, greens powder and almond milk. I need to get more creative.

  219. Time saver tip for weekly meal prepping…
    Get freezer safe bags and for each smoothie you plan to make that week add the ingredients in the ziplock bag and freeze. When you?re ready to make your smoothie for the day grab the zip lock bag you?re wanting to use, dump the contents into the blender, add liquid of choice and blend. It saves you from having to prep each smoothie for the day. Just grab the pre made ziplock bag, blend and go.

  220. I love the chocolate peanut butter shake!! We have been living the Transform Protein powder & the Transform App. My tips are to freeze those bananas, avocados and any sensitive ingredients. Costco sells avocado chunks already frozen,

  221. A summer tropical smoothie I?ve made often that is a winner with my 3yo is…
    Juice of an orange
    So refreshing and tropical
    Tip for time saver: throw smoothie mixture into popsicle molds for a sweet treat on hot days for your whole family.

  222. Can?t wait to try the ?Green Goddess Smoothie!? In my house we have 3 young kiddos too so we call any shake with spinach ?The Ninja Turtle Shake!? Gets them excited and they think the green color is fun! Would love to have a Vitamix to help with the morning school craziness! Trying to get 3 kids out the door and myself (I teach Kindergarten at their school) is a chaotic juggling act! A Vitamix might be just what we need to give me an extra set of hands in the am!

  223. Recipes look delicious! Time saving tip is freeze freeze freeze! Make smoothies in advance and freeze in ice tray molds, when ready to use throw the ice cubes in a blender with some liquid of choice and blend! So simple and avoids you having to dig out a bunch of ingredients everyday. ๐Ÿ˜‰ hopeful to be chosen! ??

  224. I?m usually all about anything green but that chocolate peanut butter smoothie looks really good!!!

  225. I love my morning shakes and making cool and refreshing smoothies through the summer for my family!!!

  226. Yes queen!!! Always killing it with the best recipes! Thanks for your inspiration you fabulous femme fatale! ???

    1. My best time saving tip is to cook a bunch of chicken breasts the beginning of the week so that you don’t have to deal with the raw meat clean up plus cooking dishes. You can add them to salads, wraps, etc… So versatile!

  227. Thanks for the recipes Heidi! I can’t wait to try the Green Goddess Smoothie. I’ve always wanted a Vitamix! I hope I win!!

  228. I would use a vitamix to make the popeye shake! It?s so good!
    Need to try and he pineapple mango recipe.

  229. Such good ideas!! Pineapple and bananas are my favorite, so I think I know what breakfast tomorrow will be!

  230. Pineapple mango smoothies are my fav!! I love the idea of measuring out the fruit to have it handy in the freezer. The easier it is to make healthy snacks or breakfast the better!!

    1. I?m definitely going to try and make the Jamaican me crazy smoothie! I love anything with pineapple and banana!

  231. My favorite smoothie is 1/2 banana, 3-4 chunks of pineapple, 1/2 cup coconut milk, handful of mixed greens, 1 scoop vanilla meal replacement, ice and water, currently using y old Vitamix and would absolutely love one of the new ones, thanks Heidi and Chris love your blog and all the things you share, YOU ROCK.

    1. 2 cups spinach,
      1 banana,
      1 cup pineapple,
      1 cucumber,
      1 lemon pil it ,
      2 stocks celery,
      1cup water,
      1 cup ice ,

  232. The green goddess looks amazing but I?m a sucker for chocolate! A chocolate PB shake would be my first choice!

  233. I would love to try the Chocolate peanut butter, but they all seriously look delicious!!! I can?t wait to get me some mason jars and do this! It would seriously be a lifesaver this summer when we are too busy having fun ??

  234. My blender handle snapped so I can’t use it anymore. This would be amazing to have! I like to freeze bananas so I can make banana ice cream. I use bananas, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and sometimes a little protein powder for that extra umph!

  235. Omg my fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes are crossed hahhaa. My saving time is i meal prep all in one day. Smoothies, meals . Everything.

  236. I love making a mint chocolate avocado pie. Just takes raw coco powder, coconut oil, avocado, a dash of mint extract and a little maple syrup. Blend, Let cool until set and a delicious guilt free pie.

    1. My meal prep time saving tip is to microwave egg whites and microwave whole eggplants that have been pierced a few times.

    2. I usually always go for a green smoothie but that p.b. Chocolate looks so good!

    3. I am really looking forward to trying the chocolate peanut butter shake! I love all things chocolate so maybe this will help with my cravings!

    1. Almond joy shake- almond milk, chocolate protein, 2TB almond butter, 2TB coconut, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 scoop of collagen powder, 1/2 scoop fiber, (2) cocoa covered almonds (i get the optimum nutrition protein cocoa almond packs), & ice as necessary and blend

      **Can?t wait to try green goddess though! ?

  237. That chocolate peanut butter smoothie looks amazing! My biggest time saver is peeping fruit and freezing it so it?s ready to go in the morning.

    1. My go to shake:

      1 scoop vanilla protein
      1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk or water
      1 c. Frozen black cherries
      1 TBS graham crackers crushed
      1/4 c. Rolled or steel cut Oatmeal
      1/2 c ice

  238. Mmmmm…. the chocolate peanut butter recipe sounds amazing! ?

    My favorite thing to do with smoothies is to add spinach, because you cannot taste it at all! Even my picky picky kiddos drink it with the spinach in them because they simply can?t taste it!

    I have always wanted a Vitamix!! Thanks for the chance at an awesome give away! ??

  239. I LOVE these recipes!! Food is HEALING! I have been wanting a vita mix for so long! I would love to win this and share your plethora of love, passion, and knowledge for food and health!!! A time saving tip I love is meal prepping and logging my meals the night before so the next day everything is already right there for me to hit my goals seamlessly! Thank you Heidi for being such a huge role model in my life for the last 10 years! My boyfriend and I look up to you and Chris so much!! The world needs more humans like you two!

    1. THIS IS THE MOST GENEROUS THING EVER!! ?Get a vitamix? is on my vision board for this year so I couldn?t NOT comment on this!

  240. What would you substitute mango for if you have a mango allergy? ?
    I never thought of the mason jars but I love this idea! Thank you for a quick breakfast fix!
    These are helpful for recent newlyweds making our meal-prep game strong!

  241. One of my favorite smoothies:

    Peach Vanilla Smoothie

    1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
    1 Scoop Collagen powder
    1/2 Cup Frozen Peaches
    1/2 Cup Frozen Banana
    2 Tsp Chia Seeds
    1/2 Cup of Ice
    1/2 Tsp Cinnamon
    1 Cup vanilla unsweetened Almond Milk

    Coconut shavings for topping!
    Blend all ingredients until smooth. Enjoy!

  242. Booo!!! Was so pumped to enter this until I read ?only US?. Love all the recipes and looking forward to getting somewhat organized in the morning with these time-saving quick tips for smoothies!!!! Love all you content! Only wish I could enter!! ?

  243. Another trick I use for smoothie prep is I half all my ripe banana, peel them then store them in plastic wrap in the freezer to grab for smoothie! It?s easy, creates a rich creamy smoothie, and I never waste by throwing out ripe bananas! ๐Ÿ™‚

  244. I?ve been wanting a vitamix for a long time but just can?t afford one. I?d love to win one to start making smoothies for my daughter and I for breakfast. It?s hard to get her to eat breakfast(teenagers ?) but she loves smoothies. And it will help with my weight loss I?m trying to get jumpstarted too.

    1. Oh and I forgot to add I want to try the chocolate PB recipes. I think it would helps curb my peanut butter cup love/hate relationship lol

  245. I cannot wait to try the ?Jamaican me crazy? smoothie!!! One of my fav smoothie go to recipes is:
    1c spinach and 1c kale, 1tbs almond butter, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 banana, 1Tbs chia seeds, 1Tbs flaxseed, 1/2c almond milk! It?s yummy filling and full of health fats and low in sugar!

  246. My biggest Time saver is to chop all my bananas for the week for smoothies and to freeze Vanilla Unsweetened almond milk in ice cube trays! Haha. Then I can throw in with Protein powder and more almond milk with cinnamon, my collagen powder for a quick frozen smoothie!

  247. I am going to try the Chocolate peanut butter shake! Yum!!! Who am I kidding?!?! I?m going to try all of your shakes!! They sound amazing! Can?t wait to make them! Would love to win this mixer! ?

  248. I would love to get my hands on this giveaway, I hear you can make soup and serve it straight from the vitamix like whhhhaaatt!!! I am obsessed with the way it blends smoothies and seeing the self clean mode in action gives me the feels.

  249. The green goddess smoothie sounds delicious. I?m always looking for new smoothie recipes for myself but also my kids to try.
    My kids love this recipe:

    1 frozen sliced very ripe banana, previously peeled & sliced
    1/4 cup almond milk
    1 and 1/4 cups chopped pineapple
    1 cup of frozen peach
    1/2 cup Greek yogurt (or regular yogurt – plain or flavor of your choice)
    1 – 2 cups fresh spinach

    And if I make this for myself I add collagen to it as well.

  250. I have been wanting to try these shakes. I have over 100lbs I would love to lose. This blender would help me make shakes and that?s just what I need.

  251. I love to pre cut my fruit and veggies the pop them in the freezer pre portioned out for easy blending!

  252. I?d love a vitamix. We live by smoothies. Almost everyday we have it. It is quick, easy, healthy and filling!
    Would loooove one of these great machines!!!!

    1. Ahhhhhh, this is amazing! I love doing smoothies but not very creative with what to include to get the best nutritional value (and still taste yummy)

  253. My biggest time saver to go along with meal planning is grocery pickup. No more spending an hour plus at the grocery store.