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Every now and then, God brings someone into your life for a reason, and that was exactly the first thought I had the moment I heard Jes’ story! This woman has inspired both me and Chris in so many ways as well as our entire TRANSFORM Nation community.

If you’re not familiar with what TRANSFORM Nation is, it’s another name we use to describe those who use The Transform App and who are members of our private Facebook group: Transform with Chris and Heidi Powell App Users. It’s a safe space where people can share their struggles, triumphs, advice, and basically be there to support one another. Members can also submit an entry into our “Come Hang Out, Chris and Heidi” contest by sharing their own transformation photos and story. We are so lucky that we get to see so many incredible transformations on this page, and we love knowing that our community feels confident to share their reasons WHY!

Once a month, Chris and I choose one individual (okay, sometimes we choose two!) who we feel really demonstrates what it means to truly transform themselves. We’re not looking at just the physical component, but also those who have undergone or are working on a complete transformation inside and outside. Then, without informing this individual, we pack our bags and head out for the ultimate surprise in their hometown: 24 hours with Chris and Heidi!

You might have guessed it, but Jes was one of those individuals we surprised. Her tenacity, resilience, and love for her daughter touched our hearts in so many ways. Get your tissues ready and prepare to be inspired because this is one story that will touch your heart and motivate you to get up, get out, and get moving!

From a young age, Jes struggled with finding a healthy relationship with food. It became more than just eating; it became a means of numbing whatever pain she was experiencing. Her food became her emotions: When she was happy, she ate. When she was sad, she ate. Angry, nervous, stressed?all those feelings had her turning to food for comfort.

She remembers being picked on by other kids her age, a fear she has for her daughter. It wasn’t until Jes reached her heaviest weight at 526 pounds that she realized something had to change. As a candidate for gastric bypass, Jes had the surgery and lost a lot of her weight. But without ongoing education, she wasn’t able to sustain lifelong weightless. She found herself turning back to old habits and back up to 476 pounds.

It wasn’t until another eye-opening experience a few years later that she decided enough was enough. She found The Transform App and made friends within the community. Her daily posts showing her working out with her daughter by her side inspired the entire community to take notice of this incredible woman and to cheer her on in the process.

Jes has been unstoppable, finding her rhythm with a new workout routine and eating, yes EATING her way to weight loss. What started out as 3 minutes of exercise each day has quickly turned into 60 minutes, and it won’t stop there. Jes has drive to make anything happen, and we can’t wait to continue cheering her on in this process! We love you, Jes!

If you’re not a member of our TRANSFORM community, don’t wait! Come join an amazing group of supportive people just like you who are waiting to be your friend, cheerleader, and confidant. Our community is entirely and absolutely FREE! All you have to do is click “Join.”

Who knows. Maybe we’ll be surprising you with a visit sometime soon!


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5 Responses

  1. Please help my daughter Jessica. She is 26 years old. A beautiful person inside and out but she is obese.
    When she was young I could not say no to her on anything.
    She eats bad food all the time. She will spend her whole paycheck on fast food.
    She hides all her garbage in her room and not a day goes by that there isn?t garbage on fast food in her room.
    I feel her weight stops her from doing a lot of things she is capable of doing.
    She really wants to be an actress and I feel the weight is getting in the way.
    She gets tired all the time and she?s lazy.
    We watched your show with all your transformations and we are very impressed. Maybe you can help her.
    I feel this would be the miracle she needs
    Thank you
    She?s too young and I know she wants to wear pretty clothes and feel good about herself.

  2. Hello,
    I am hoping for some help from Heidi & Chris as I have had one of the worst summers ever. I?m a 47 year old mother of two girls ages 12 & 18 and a wife to my husband Brian who is a high school English teacher. I have been a registered nurse for 17 years. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. This July, I had my 4th breast cancer reconstruction and my father suffered a massive ischemic stroke the week before my surgery. I also injured my back lifting a 400 pound patient and I am just trying so hard to deal with all of these stressors, that I have let myself go.
    Since my wedding last June, I have gained 30 pounds and 15 of those were from June after my father?s stroke. I?m at a loss, I?m scared, and I absolutely would be so grateful for some guidance. As a mother, wife, daughter, and nurse I seem to always take care of everyone else, but have not done a very good job taking care of me.
    I do hope to hear from you soon as I am ready to transform my life.

    1. Hi Lori: You definitely have been dealing with a lot! You can get our best transformation tips and tools in this post: I’d begin with that first small, simple promise (talked about in the post), and since you’ve also been dealing with some health issues, please discuss any nutrition and exercise program with your healthcare team first and then follow any modifications they might recommend. We want to keep you safe as you work to achieve your goals! You got this! 🙂

  3. Hi, I can’t tell you my favourite band because I’m a complete Resistance Band virgin,, but I would absolutely love to replace my saggy butt with a toned work of art but that requires your magic band,

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