At-Home Shoulder Workout—Happy Hour Style

Someone pass the champagne, because mama needs to work out! 😉 Now that I’ve got your attention, stick around because I’m proving there’s no excuse to NOT get a good workout in, no matter what day it is, no matter where you are, and no matter what your plans may be! I did this quick set at the beach with NO equipment, and I was still able to sculpt my shoulders and feel the burn.

The moves:

  • Cuban Presses (Upright Row into Shoulder Press): Stand up straight, keeping your core tight and back flat. Hold a jug in each hand, upright row the jugs until you get to your shoulders, then flip the jugs around into a press move, and press them up straight in the air above your head. Slowly lower back down in the same way you went up.
  • Chair Pike Presses (Modified Handstand Push Ups): Anchor your knees onto a chair or bench, with your hands placed firmly on the ground. Slowly lower your head toward the ground, then push through your palms to extend your arms back up. Think of it like a regular pushup, just almost-upside-down!
  • Chair Dips: Begin by holding a seated position a few inches off a chair of bench, with your hands directly underneath your shoulders and elbows extended. Knees can be straight out and locked for a more difficult position, or bent at a 90 degree angle to make it easier. Lower your body downward, bending the elbows to a 90 degree angle. Press upward through your plans until your elbows are fully extended again.
  • Lateral Delt Raises: Holding a weight (or jug, or soup can) in each hand, raise both arms up to the side and make a pouring motion with your hands (this rotates your arms slightly).

Equipment hacks: Use what you’ve got! If you’re in a spot where you don’t have dumbbells or equipment, grab water jugs! (Note: Bottles of champagne and tea also work just fine!). Don’t let a minor inconvenience like no equipment stand in the way of your goals. 😉

Quick and effective workouts are key. We’re all busy people with places to go and to-do lists that need attention. Just don’t forget to put yourself high up on that list because you deserve time and attention too!

Check in once you’ve completed this quick burn and let me know WHERE you got it done!


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