Ask Heidi Anything: Can My Kids Carb Cycle With Me?

So many of you want to know, ?Can my kids Carb Cycle with me?”

While Carb “Cycling” between high and low carb days is not something I would recommend for growing children (as their bodies need more healthy fats and carbs than ours), you can rest assured that by keeping carb cycle-friendly foods in the house, you are setting a good example. Our Carb Cycle plan recommends real, whole, natural foods…all things that kids need! By eating these foods, eating in moderation, and eating every 3 hours, we are helping to set a healthy foundation for our families through our own example.

If you?re concerned about your child?s weight, be sure to talk to their healthcare team. They can help you devise a plan specific to them.

Want some of my favorite healthy kids snack ideas? Check these out: Heidi’s Healthy Kids Snacks

Not sure what Carb Cycling is? Find out more here: Carb Cycling 101

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  1. I’m a 47 yo male and 262lbs. I work as an EMT/Paramedic and usual only eat once a day. My wife had bariatric surgery so in support am dieting with her. I’m finding it so hard to eat 5 times a day. I always feel full but I am determined to lose 62lbs. Do you have any suggestions on how to eat where I don’t feel so full?

    1. Great question! On high carb days, the veggies with every meal are optional, so that might help. I’d also make sure you’re getting your portion sizes right, and since you’re used to only eating once a day, it will take some time for your body to adjust to this new way of eating, especially four more meals a day. Just do your best, be patient, and you should be good to go!

  2. I have read the new book and find it hard to follow. What are some quick, easy and portable snacks? I can’t seem to come up with anything convenient. I want to start the carb cycling program, but am having trouble figuring out the food/snack/fruit situation. When do we eat fruit? There’s not hardly any mention of fruit and yet they are in the food list. It’s pretty confusing to me. But I want to get started losing 50 lbs! Any help?

  3. Hello Heidi,

    I am writing today to gain some insight and wisdom from the pro’s (you and Chris), to help me with information I am looking for to use in sustaining my new found lifestyle.
    I am presently 264lbs. I am attractive and healthy but I decided I cannot life as a “large” person when the real me is more sleek and very active! I embarked on a trek that lead me to your door, so to speak and hope that you can help.
    I went to see a bariatric Dr., that told me the best solution is to cut 80% of my stomach out and then I could control my appetite better! This, apparently is all the rage….I have undergone psyche interviews to see if I am fit mentally, and passed, off to the heart Dr., the nutritionist and more. What I have derived from all of this is a lack of willpower and willingness to cut myself up just to take back control! Seriously? I don’t lack willpower at all!
    I am not going to have the surgery thanks to you and your books..which I read cover to cover and discovered I CAN DO IT.
    I am on day two, and actually love the food and cravings a easing off.
    Please, let me know where I can find daily menus, recipes and help to go through this as I have literally combed the web with few results.
    I work in my own biz, raise 2 teens and trying so hard to “do it all”, so a little help not figuring out a weekly plan is huge!
    Thank you in advance and I will keep you both apprised of my success. YES, I am amazing and I CAN DO IT.

  4. On a low Carb day, looking at a protein and a fat for a snack, how many almonds should I have for the fat? A serving of almonds (17) or a thumb size of almonds?

  5. I am thrilled you posted this… I was actually having my 11 year old carb cycle since Oct. 1. He’s quite heavy for his age and he did lose 9 lbs but it took a toll on him mentally. He was so happy to hear he didn’t have to have any more low carb days and quickly pulled out the rice cooker to adjust his dinner last night. He has learned so much by following your (and Chris’) diet the last 4 weeks. I know he’s learned a life long lesson. He will continue to eat with the family with carb adjustments on our low carb days and is well on his way to solving his weight problems.

  6. I have tried diets & diet pills nothing works I’ve even gone to Weight Watchers I am at the point where I truly need help want to live I have a wonderful husband I two amazing young nephew too I want to see grow up

    1. You can live the life you want. Instead of dieting try for a lifestyle change. It’s not a diet. 🙂 You can do this!

  7. Chris & hedI Powell I am a 36 year old female I currently weigh about 250 3 pounds which I know is not helping I have asthma & acid reflux I was wondering if I can see some pictures of me and my weight could you help me please I’ve tried diet and diet pills over the years

  8. I’ve read all the books and find it all very difficult to follow. I think for the average person, it’s hard to put it all together. I use to be very athletic and very healthy. Fast forward 2 kids, hypothyroidism, relocation away from all family and friends and a contentious divorce that broke the bank and you get 50+ pounds over weight. I think most people overweight do have good intentions on “wanting” to get healthy, but like with anything, it takes motivation and understanding. Everyone is different (even my twin sister and I) and need different things. That is why I feel many people fail with “getting healthy” because of the true lack of understanding about what they as an individual need, rather than the average overweight person. I watch lots of fitness shows to get inspired and have TONS of fitness books, videos, cookbooks, etc, but again I feel like for many folks, the ability to “just do it” is more of a mind game than anything else. Love you and Chris, just wanted to give my 2 cents. Best-

  9. Thanks for the info, Heidi. Just out of curiosity, did you carb cycle through all or part of your pregnancy? It seems like such a healthy way to eat and with a prenatal, wouldn’t it provide all the necessary nutrients for a mother as well as a baby? We are trying for our second and I want to be much healthier and not gain as much weight for this next pregnancy. You look amazing, btw!

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