Chris’ Christmas Gift + #BabyPowell GIVEAWAY: Shhh…

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Congratulations to our Winner, Amanda Hoffman

Check back for more gifts coming soon from #BabyPowell in our 12 week Giveaway!

Cherish those precious memories for a lifetime with these handcrafted keychains from MetaMorphis. Enter to win at #BabyPowell

To say I?m excited about Cash?s Christmas gift to Chris is a total understatement. It?s so hard to find things to give the man that doesn?t ask for or require much?and especially something cute and sentimental that he will actually find use in.

This year, I?ve found it. The perfect gift from MetalMorphis. They have lots of great stuff to choose from on their site, but I loved the rectangular key chain for Chris, with Cash?s footprints on one side and his name (written by him, with a little assistance, of course) on the other side. In case you are wondering, I don?t think this blog post will spoil his surprise?he?s being kept pretty busy this week recording an audiobook version to his two books, Choose to Lose, and Choose More, Lose More (yay!)?so I doubt (and hope) he doesn?t have time to read my blog!?Today, I?m giving one away on my blog to one of my amazing readers?customized for you, of course, compliments of MetalMorphis ?.

Here?s how you can win one of these adorable gifts for your special someone (or for yourself, if you want!):

1. Comment on this blog post, telling me how you would create your own MetalMorphis gift. (A necklace? A keychain? Artwork? Footprints? So many cute options!) You can be discrete on who you would give the gift to, so not to spoil the surprise πŸ˜‰

2. Follow me and Like, share, rePin, and/or repost this giveaway post on my social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, or share an?image from the Etsy shop and tag me in it.?Be sure to use #BabyPowell so we can find you.

3. Follow MetalMorphis on Facebook, Twitter,?Pinterest?and favorite them on Etsy?(the more you follow and favorite, the more chances to win).

A random winner was chosen on Wednesday, November 6, 2013. Thanks for participating!

Heidi πŸ™‚

165 Responses

  1. So adorable! I think I would make a gift from my 2 yr old
    Son to his new baby brother or sister he will have in March. What an awesome company!

  2. I don’t think it could have gone to a better person! Well done Amanda …. god bless, and stay safe over the Holiday season ….. from a grown up Army Brat! Michelle

  3. Ohhhh Heidi, I would sooo love to do this for my husband!!!! We have 3 year old twins and a double sided gift would be AMAZING!!!!!

  4. This too precious! I would like to make one that says YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARE LOVED! on one side and on the other put LOVE GOD! and give it to a random person as my pay it forward because I am so Blessed!

  5. I would create a footprint necklace for grandma. Put both of my daughters baby footprints on there and their names and give it to my mom-she doesn’t live close to us, so this would give her something of them close to her heart when we aren’t around.

  6. I love this. I would personalize one with my grandma to give to my grandpa being that he is an over the road truck driver. It would be perfect for him

  7. Hi there!! I would give my husband a keychain with my name and our anniversary on one side and our daughter’s name and birthday on the other. He would love that, and he’s so hard to shop for so this would be perfect! πŸ™‚

  8. I would put both mine and my sisters name on it, on one side. On the other side a copy of our footprints from when we were babies for my Mom. She loves things like this and is very hard to shop for. Hope this doesn’t show on my Facebook …she’s sneaky and will see it!


  9. I would give the little star necklace daughter who has struggled with bipolar disorder and is now successfully attending college. She’s seen her cousins all graduate and go on with their lives and now she is finally succeeding in her life goals. Due to the meds she has gained a lot of weight and has been working hard at the gym. I’d like to give her something to remind her that she is a star.

  10. I would write why I love my man so much πŸ™‚ or maybe I would make something similar to you and chris and write: Best friend πŸ™‚

  11. This is awesome! I’m going to ask for one for Christmas, I want to get my Grandma’s handwriting on a necklace, she passed away 3 years ago and I still miss her and think of her every day

  12. I would use the key chain as a reminder of the dates my kids accepted Jesus. Every time I use the keys I would know how blessed I am!! Then I would buy another for husband as a gift so he’s reminded of the blessing he is in my life as we lead our family.

  13. I love this idea! How precious! We lost a baby about halfway through pregnancy about 18 months ago. We were able to get his tiny footprints on a card, but I would love to have his footprints forever on a keychain, or a necklace for my husband.

  14. I would love one of these for my husband. We have 4 kids and he is always doing this for us but never himself. It would be so amazing to give back to him something so personal. The square shape you picked out is manly enough that I know he would love it, and having all of our kids write their names on one side and a love note from me on another side and would could be with him always. I have liked and followed all the required above pages. I think it is so great that you are so giving even if I don’t win.

  15. i love the key chain idea but maybe a picture frame with both our boys names written and their prints for him to place on his desk at work with a photo of the boys together.

  16. I would love a key chain for my husband for Christmas. We just had our first child and it will be an extra special first family holiday for us. He is a wonderful husband and amazing “first time” dad! I would put my son’s hand print on it for sure! So sweet πŸ™‚

  17. If I win I will make one for my husband from our 2 year old daughter. He is deploying to Afghanistan in January for the second time since she was born. This would be a special keepsake small enough for him to keep on him at all times and possible wear on his dog tags.
    I would also purchase one (selfishly) for myself. I lost my mom as a teenager and have contemplated getting a tattoo of “Love, Mom” in her handwriting from a card. I love the idea of doing this on a keychain until I have the nerve to get the tattoo πŸ˜‰

  18. I would do a keychain for my husband from my kids! Just like you he doesn’t ask for much and it would be great for him!

  19. I d love to do one in memory of my 1st baby. I never got to hold em in my arms but have never forgot em in my prayers.

  20. Heidi, I’m part of a crowd we call the ‘overseas orphans’ – all here in the US on our own from the UK – and my girlfriend is going to have a baby boy in the New Year, and her mum died recently, so she feels alone, misses her mum, and I think it’d be the PERFECT little goodie to give her, I hope to be with her when/just after she has the baby … And I KNOW she’ll treasure it FOREVER πŸ™‚ best of luck with YOUR baby πŸ™‚ Michelle

  21. Love, love,love this idea!!! My husband would feel so happy to have his sons prints with him all the time πŸ˜‰ please pick me #babypowell

  22. I would use it
    Somehow to show my husband our gratitude and how thankful we are for all that he does for us and our family. My husband is a hard working man and sacrifices a lot for our family. It’s the little things but would probably make him melt.

  23. My dad is so important to me. I would make him a pet paw print of a key chain. I can image that he will be glad to get this gift:)

  24. I’d love one for my awesome husband! He’s been working so hard for his family and is battling pneumonia, too. We are slowly nursing him back to health and our 20 month old son has been hugging him like crazy (almost like he knows his daddy is sick). We’d love to give him a signature necklace so we are close to his heart

  25. I love the dog tag necklace. I would have to include something cute about our new little addition joining our family in December.

  26. Not sure if we need to let you know what we did but just in case we do I have shred on facebook, twitter and pintrest. I have also liked Metalmorphis on facebook

  27. I would make a necklace for my 9 year old daughter, she’s the oldest of my 4 kiddos. She’s at an age now where she needs to be reassured often of her place in the family and how important she is, and she also needs lots of time with me and reminders of my love. This would be perfect! I’d probably have her draw a picture of us without letting her know what it was for and then write something myself for the other side.

  28. O there are numerous people I would love to give this to! I have several nephews and a new niece! This would be a wonderful present!

  29. Hi Heidi,
    I would get the necklace for my best friend of 19 years. She has a 7 month old baby and she would love her name and footprints. Good luck on the upcoming new addition to your beautiful family.

  30. Id love to do one for my sister. she is always doing stuff for everyone else.
    Id want a Finger from her two kids one on each side. SHe is so loving. She deserves
    something beautiful and sentimental things are a family favourite.
    thank you Jennifer

  31. My husband is a police officer. I would love to make a key chain with our boys’ hand prints on it so they could always be with him. We wave bye to Daddy every night as he leaves, and it would be so cool for Daddy to take the boys with him each night!

  32. I was going to get one for my niece, Logan, who is expecting her 1st baby in February. She has had a few bumps with this pregnancy and it would be a nice gift. And, I will do it.

    But, I hope you consider Amanda Hoffman’s request. I don’t know her, but to have to be deployed and away from her son, has got to be extremely hard. Good luck, Amanda, I will be praying for your safe return!

    And, Heidi and Chris, good luck with the baby!

  33. I would do something with my daughter. My husband took her in as his own and she sees him as her daddy!!

  34. So incredibly unique!! I would be cliche and get a key chain for my husband for our two daughters. Also one for the grandparents… Yeah, Christmas shopping here!

  35. My 9 year old niece is struggling with her weight. I have been coaching her on how to choose healthier foods. I also pick her up after work 2 times a week and we run at the lake. I would make her a bracelet with charms (i.e. apple, banana, etc.) that had reminders to stay healthy. I would also put a message on there to remember to take care of her mind, body, and soul because we love her.

  36. I’d like to give my wife artwork of our 5 month old Eli’s footprints … She hates leaving him to go to work each day… She is a teacher and she leaves him each day to go be a blessing to other people’s kids… All the while thinking about her own…It would be a nice addition to her desk.

  37. Heidi, I would normally say that I would give this gift to my sons father. We are a dual military family and I am getting ready to deploy and be away from my son for the first time so I would keep the gift for myself with ether his hand print or foot print with his name. I would either get a key chain or necklace. good luck with the new baby!

  38. I would get my sister a present because she’s going to be a new mom in December! She already has one adorable daughter who’s 2 years old and very excited to be a big sister. I would get either a keychain or necklace for her. πŸ™‚

  39. My youngest sister is blind. Growing up with her fueled my passion to become a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the blind. I work to coordinate the rehab services , medical included, for people who are blind to become gainfully employed in the community. Braille has become an important and special thing between me and my sister. If I won I would give her a necklace with Braille on it, it would say “never never never give up”. She is such a strong person and it would mean so much to her. I owe all of my career success to her. She’s amazing.

  40. I would create a keychain with my son’s footprints and my dog’s footprints for my husband. Our dog (who we call our first son) passed away suddenly when I was pregnant. I can’t think of a better way to honor both of our sons then putting their footprints together.

  41. Just checked out this site. These are super cool. I’d keep it for me and order the signature name necklace. My kids are 4 and 6 and the way they write their names is super cute…can’t think of a better way to mark this time in our life.

  42. My son is a Police Officer and is having his first child in April 2014. I would make him a nekcklace that said ” God please protect and guard my Daddy” and with the babies footprints on the back! πŸ™‚

  43. It is a hard decision but I would probably do the key chain for my husband with my son’s name and footprints since we just became New time parents in July and he is our everything!

  44. Love this! Your family is so sweet! There are so many things! I would probably get a drawing by all three kids and their names on the other side of a key chain for my husband who has been an amazing Dad!

  45. Hi Heidi! So excited for you and Chris and all that you guys have going on! What a brilliant gift idea! I would have never thought of this had you not posted on your blog!! If I were to create something it too would be a keychain! My husband and my twin boys (now 7) love to go fishing together! ALL THE TIME!! So my keychain would consist of stick figures fishing (2 little guys and 1 adult) on one side and something along the lines of “Fishing buddies” on the other side! Could be cute!

  46. My it would be difficult to choose they have a lot of cool items on their webpage. What a great idea for those that are hard to buy for. I would do some sort of a keychain for my husband and have the kids both right theirs names (they are 5 and 3). Thanks for the idea!

  47. I would so get key chains for the Grampie’s/Grammies with the twins footprints and ‘original art on it! Love it!

  48. My dad passed away suddenly and was very close to my boys. I would make something special in memory of their grandpa.

  49. I love the keychain idea! I would totally save this for when our first nugget is born next year and get his or her handprint or footprint for a grandparent.

  50. Hedi, I would customize it with the number 380. That was my orginal weight, before I lost 130 lbs on my own and it would serve as a remind of how far I have come and how keep me going

  51. I have a brother from another mother – although, we really could be siblings. He stepped in to walk me down the aisle as my dad passed away a few years back and my brothers weren’t able to make the trip to our wedding. He is an awesome individual with the biggest of hearts. My nephew (his son) and him are best friends! They have the best father son relationship you have ever seen. I would love to give my brother a key chain with one of my nephew’s drawings on it.

  52. What a great gift! I’d give my husband a necklace. He’s a truck driver and often far from home. It would be great to give him something that reminded him of our son!

  53. Since my daughter has scoliosis I would have a key chain made with a picture of her spine and the date she is scheduled for surgery to correct it.

  54. I would chose the key chain. My hubs is so hard for that I think my kiddos making him something and it being on something practical would be amazing

  55. I would love to give my husband a keychain of our son’s footprints! My son’s birthday is on Dec. 23rd, two days before Xmas, we got to bring him home on Christmas morning last year so we weren’t able to have a ‘typical’ Christmas but we were blessed with our little boy who we had tried to conceive for well over 2 years. This year, we hope to go all out! First year with our lil wee man – Grey. Great idea Heidi, thank you! πŸ˜€

  56. My boyfriend and I have been off and on for almost 7 years. Our breakups have always been situational; location, job and family turns, etc. but we are finally in our good place. I’d like to make him a keychain to put my house key on as one of did Christmas gifts. Thinking about putting 6-23-07 (the day we met) – forever. We are clearly soulmates and I can’t wait to spend forever with him. πŸ™‚

  57. I would also get a keychain made with my grandfather-in-law’s name on it on one side (he passed away a couple of weeks ago) and my grandmother-in-law’s name on the other (also passed away this year). It would be the perfect Christmas gift for my father-in-law since he is so hard to buy for!

  58. These are all so cute! Since my kids are older I would chose the names in a bracelet or artwork in a keychain because the are great artists!

  59. I would like the pendant necklace and give it to my aunt who recently lost her first child a few days before she was due.

  60. hmm…so many exciting things to choose! A keychain would be ideal for the hubby. Wonder if I could get 4, and if that would be too many to carry?

  61. My fiance and I just had our first baby on the 24th.
    I think he would really like the keychain with footprints.
    Its very unique. He too is a man who doesnt ask for or require

  62. This is such a great idea, hard to find things for grandparents. Definitely a key chain for daddy and maybe one for the grandparents.

  63. Hi Heidi,
    I just love following you and Chris…you both inspire me daily!

    I would love to (win) have one of these items from Metalmorphis…I wold pick the necklace and have my 2 boys lip marks (kisses), one on each side, knowing it would hang close to my heart every day that I wore it!

  64. I do not have children yet, but I am planning on doing something small for my husband on our 6 month wedding anniversary it will be december 14th. I would put our instals on this with our wedding date, I would make this a key chain since my husband do not wear jewelry. I this is a great ideal, thank you for sharing!!!

  65. i would like to get 2 key chains and have my sons right footprint on one and left footprint on the other to give to his godparents.

  66. I would love a key chain with my grandsons name and footprint. He waited for his grandma to make the 10 hour drive before he entered this world, he holds a special place and totally melts my heart(and soul)

  67. Honest this gift would be for me. I’m having such a horrible year. And I’m truely just fighting to get up. I’m about to file divorce papers and I’m a stay at home mom. Filing divorce will mean I won’t have very much to live on and no Christmas for me. I just want to do something to honor my two kids Gabriel and Christian because I will be fighting hard for them struggling living one day at a time to get through one day at a time. My oldest has autism so it’s a battle every day.

  68. A little doodle by each of our daughters on either side would make a wonderful key chain for my husband and a little something to keep with him when he’s out to sea.

  69. I love the idea! I think that I would like to do the footprints keychain for my brother who is expecting his first baby, I know he’d love it πŸ™‚

  70. I like the keychain idea for my husband too. I have a necklace with all of our children’s names on it. A keychain is a great idea for a daddy. We have a 5 year old princess and twin boys. Maybe fingerprint of each child would be cute too. 2 prints together could make a heart….ohhhh the possibilities!! πŸ™‚

  71. I would live to customize a necklace and put our daughters name on it. I would give it to my mother, who has retired only to babysits & take care of her granddaughter daily as I and my husband work and go to school. Couldn’t have asked for better parents & ever better grandparents.

  72. I would make either a necklace or bracelet for myself or a keychain like that for my hubby. What a great idea! So cute!

  73. I’m having a hard time deciding between the hand print and the feet key chain. My husband loves my little guy like no other, and I will be getting him one of these for the holidays once we’ve paid off some bills. It would have our little guy’s name on it….Wyatt and his VERY special birthday….one week to the day before daddy’s.

  74. My husband & I have a 15 month old daughter. Conceiving her was a surprise to our entire family & we met a great deal of adversity thru it. I am the youngest & “wasn’t supposed to get pregnant first”, although we has been married 3 years. So our pregnancy was a very stressful one with little to no help from my family, and much criticism. In spite of it all, we have an amazing daughter who is so loved by myself & her daddy. We never want her to go a day without feeling unending unconditional love. I would make the keychain with her footprints on one side & a special message on the other for Daddy. I love this gift!!

  75. I would love to give my husband a foot print keychain. We are expecting our first child this Thanksgiving. This would be a great Xmas gift.

  76. i would do a keychain for my husband who is doing his medical residency in Ny while me and our 1 yr old daughter are in texas. We lost our first son so she is super special to us:)

  77. I would have my grandson (he is 2) to draw something and his footprint on the other side of a key chain for my daughter, his mom. She tried for 18 years to have a child and two years ago her prayers were answered. This would be an amazing gift!

  78. I would have my 4 year old daughter draw for her Daddy and give it to him on a keychain so he could have something with him while he was working hard to provide for are family…Love it!!!

  79. The key chain would be a perfect gift for my husband who is coming home 3 weeks before our baby boy is born. He told me I could pick the name so handing him his car keys after being gone so long (he really misses driving when he is deployed) would be a great way to surprise hime with our baby’s name.

  80. This is awesome and I would love to have either a necklace made fr myself of a keychain for my husband! Such an amazing gift! Thanks for sharing it Heidi!

  81. I have 2 boys with autism & i would love to capture their signatures on a necklace! It would be something I could treasure forever!!

  82. Totally a keychain for my husband, maybe a dinosaur picture and my sons name on the other side. They both love playing dinosaurs in the evening.

  83. I would make a keychain with my kids’ signatures (like you did) – they are growing up so fast. Their names as they write them when they are young is such a fun way to freeze a tiny moment in time. (my kids are 10 and almost 12) Such a fun idea for a husband who never has a “want” list. πŸ™‚

  84. I would get my three kids’names on a keychain, along with a quote about family and give it to my husband for exactly the same reasons you’re giving one to Chris… :o)

  85. I would love to get a keychain for my hubby from our three kids. We haven’t been able to do gifts for each other in awhile, so this would mean a lot. Thank you.

  86. I would put my three-year-old’s hand prints on one side and my very senior dog’s (almost 16!) paw prints on the other to remember this time they shared together. It would make a great gift!

  87. Would love to make a keychain with my dad’s signature on it for my mom for Christmas (since he unexpectedly passed away 2 years ago) this would be the perfect gift!! Love that they do this!

  88. My husband isn’t really a social media guru…so I can give it away…hahaha!! I would do a keychain with our daughters name (Kylie Hope) on it and probably do a quote from her. She’s been saying it a lot lately…”I love my dada.” She tells me it every day. I may choose something else. But for right now…that’s the sweetest thing I know to do. My husband truly deserves something special. He works hard and loves us with everything he has. He is my best friend, my true love, and the best father. Warms my heart.

  89. I would get little footprints for all the pregnancy I lost. And on the back would probablysag something like angels or something

  90. This would be a perfect gift for my husband I can never seem to find one. I have two children and one print each would be just so cute and he would love it to take with him everywhere he goes. I am sharing, I hope we win. πŸ™‚

  91. I would love this gift for my husband! He never asks for anything, and would love something from our children! I would use one of both my child’s handprints and their names. How cute!!

  92. I too have a great hubby that it’s hard to find that special gift. Our daughter would love to personalize something for him. Please pick us

  93. I would LOVE to win this as a Christmas present for my hubby! Perfect gift for the man who never asks for anything πŸ™‚

  94. Oh I would give my husband the key chain for his birthday of our son that passed away and was born on his birthday. See my other post. I put what I wanted, but to gift I would do the key chain for him. Sorry.

  95. Hello Heidi, & thank You for all of your wonderful giveaways πŸ˜‰ I would make mine into a Necklace, to be close to my heart. 5 years ago my husband & I were faced with a very difficult desicion of taking our 3 week old daughter Lilyanah off of life support in her memory I would get her hand prints on one side & on the other side would be a water lily with a monarc butterfly! These 2 symbols mean th world to me.

  96. I would create a keychain that would represent all 5 of my kids. Three angel babies, one earthly blessing and one on the way in my tummy!I would give it to my hubby, thanking him for blessing me with our 5 sweeties!

  97. I would get a necklace with feet print on it. My baby died of SIDS when he was 6 months old. On November 16 (the same day as his Dads bday) he would be turning 8 years old. I’ve always wanted to use his feet print to make something in memory of him. This would be perfect. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  98. I was struggling to think of something to get for my husband for Christmas, and this would be perfect! I would love to get pictures from my sons made into a keychain.

  99. I love the Personalized Children’s Signature Necklace. I would totally get this for my Mama with signatures of all of her grandchildren. πŸ™‚

  100. Great idea! Men are so hard to buy for but this is something meaningful and practical at the same time! I would either choose a keychain with our daughter’s footprints or possibly a dog tag style necklace for my husband. I like that you can add to some of the necklaces for multiple children. We also have a little girl on the way for the holidays. πŸ™‚

  101. I could love to win this gift!! The keychain would be a perfect gift for my husband for with soon-to-be son’s name on it. This is our first child and I’ve been stumbling trying to find something to get him, as he doesn’t ask for much either πŸ™‚

  102. I love the keychain idea. I would put my little guys handprint & his handwritten name for my husband. We r also a blended family & my lil guy was 14 mons. when my husband entered our life. My husband became a wonderful father for my guy when he didn’t have that. I see such awesome things they do together like after being out of town this last week & getting in at 2am, my husband woke up at 7 to walk in the cub scouts parade to honour vets this weekend. These are things that my lil one will always remember. And this personalized gift is something my husband can always remember when “his” lil boy was little.

  103. I’d have a necklace made for my mom with all three grand kids handprints & names. My parents do so much for us kids & the grand kids are their number one joy! I think I might do a keychain for my dad as well. They would love these! Their joy in life are the grand kids! I’m glad you have mentioned this in your blog!

  104. What a lovely keepsake, I would be torn between the key chain and necklace but agree with you, the key chain would be a perfect gift for daddy !! I LOVE how Cash wrote his own name !!

  105. This is the cutest idea ever! My husband is a local police officer and our kids tell him every night to be careful and remember they love him. I would probably make something for him so that he will always have them with him while on duty and it will keep him safe!

  106. I would give it to my daughter w/Mariah foodpronts on it as a keychain for her 1st born. My husband picked out Mariah name & we lost him w/terminal cancer when Mariah was 6 months old she will be 3 in 13 days. RIP Randy aka Rebecca’s daddy

  107. I would give this to my husband as we don’t have any kids we have been married for 21 yrs and I think on one side I would put a heart as he has my whole heart and always will and on the other I would put our names with the infinity symbol on it think he would love it

  108. I would have a keychain made for my husband, one side would be my daughter’s first smiley face drawing and other side the first kitty my son ever drew. This is such a cute gift idea!! I am definitely going to check out the site for ideas for the grandparents. They have everything and love anything from the kids!

  109. I would put my little girls thumb print for her daddy . She had kwaskies and he would run his fingers around her face. She does the same to him.

  110. This is just adorable!!! I would give this to my sister, and have my nephew sign it and put his footprints, and give it to her for Christmas. πŸ™‚

  111. If I won this I would want to use my Uncle’s handwritten “Daddy” in a card (who passed away) to give to his young daughter, so that she would be reminded that her Daddy loved her and will always be with her even though he is now in Heaven!

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