Once I Try, I?ll Realize I CAN!

Well, I am about a month into my New Year?s Resolutions, FINALLY 2 months post partum, and feeling like myself again. You know what that means?.time to have some fun!!

I am making a belated New Years Resolution this year. I can thank the thrill of the New Zealand SkyJump, and the accomplishment I felt from the runDisney half marathon for this one. My belated resolution is this: to try stepping outside of my comfort zone as much as possible this year by attempting things I would have never attempted before.

Disney 1-2 marathon medals

Chris and I spend our lives challenging others to step outside of their comfort zones to achieve a level of living that they?ve never experienced. I think it?s time I take my own advice and do the same.

New Zealand skytower handstand

People so often think that because we help others accomplish great things, Chris and I have no fear in doing these things ourselves. I am here to correct those individual?s way of thinking. We DO get scared! We DO need people to push us to jump outside of our comfort zones too.

New Zealand skytower
Me! I?m the dot way up there, falling from the SkyTower!

Who does this for us? None other than our show participants ?. I?m spending time in New Zealand with one person in particular that reminds me how important it is to live my own life the way that I am teaching her to live.

Melissa, because of you, I am spending this year being UNcomfortable ?. Like you have made it your mantra, I am making mine the same:

I?m replacing ?I can?t? with ?I?ll try?. Once I try, I?ll realize I CAN!!

First on my list? A Spartan Race!

Thrilling, a little scary (because I?m such a competitor), exciting and incredibly fulfilling. The biggest reminder I?m giving myself as I prepare for this race is it?s not about competing, it?s about completing. ANYONE can do a Spartan Race!!!

Time to complete yet another amazing bucket list item!

Who?s going to join me in February?? Check out the info below, and use the code ?” c6h75sf2 ” ?for a discounted registration fee of 15% off applicable upcoming races in Arizona and Las Vegas:

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  1. I love this!!!i did my first 1/2 marathon @40 yrs old and full marathon @ 45.. Just turned 50… Think I want to do this!! Haven’t been running much but tons of yoga…hmmm think you’ve INSPIRED ME! 🙂 THANKS HEIDI!!!!

  2. You got this no problem, Heidi! With your Crossfit experience an running under your belt and the love of dirt, it’s all just a race to the finish while having a great time challenging yourself. 😉 I am taking on the sort an again this year in March in GA and NC. Hopefully I won’t have to do 180 burpees gain. More upper body strengthening for me! Have fun! Looking forward to your experience recap. Come visit the south sometime! 🙂

  3. I love this post because it’s exactly what my New Year resolution is! To GET OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE! I even started a blog on January 1st to stay on track! Good luck with yours and please keep sharing pictures and info with us– i love them all!

  4. I got chills reading this, as you mentioned my dear friend Melissa. This whole journey of hers has done so much for so many people. I’m so glad to have become a part if it! Just for the record, Melissa and I will be Mudders and MFers together this year!! 2014….. Bring it on!!!!

  5. I had let people destroy all the work I had done to become a healthy weight. I decided this year NO more. I am working on losing the weight and working on a challenge a month. I lost my job 2 years ago and no one wants to hire an older person. I have a 5 year plan for my husband and myself and we will do it. Changes are happening

  6. Thank you for your encouragement. I love your motto, “Once I try, I’ll know that I can.” I signed up for my first half marathon and I’m so nervous and feeling the doubt. Your motto is helping me.

  7. I think your positive attitude is contageous!!! You and Chris both inspire me to do more and be more!! No more “I can’t” is more like “I will and I can” Keep going!!! Xoxoxox

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