Because February is the month of love, I thought it would be fun to feature an at-home transformation journey focused on using the power of love as a tool for finding weight loss success. Jared and Rochelle are the picture perfect example of what can be accomplished when you combine a couple in love, some motivation, and a lot of hard work. They are such an amazing couple, and I am so thrilled to be sharing their story with you!


January 2013

When Jared and Rochelle met during the summer of 2010, they both were overweight and had tried pretty much every weight loss plan and product out there, with no lasting results. Sound familiar to anyone? 😉 Their lives revolved around TV and food, and the most exciting part of their day was dinnertime. That was until January 2014, when together they realized their health was declining quickly, and Rochelle began to worry if her sweet husband would even live to see his 50th birthday. It was then that they knew it was time to make some permanent changes?and they did (and still are, because true transformations never end?they become part of our lives). I asked the two of them what some of the most important and influential changes they made were, and this is what they had to say:

  • Jared and Rochelle turned to Social Media as a tool for motivation, inspiration, and education. When they got discouraged, looking at other people?s transformation stories and pictures got them right back on track.
  • Rochelle threw away any unhealthy foods in their house including ice cream, chips, and soda, and there?s a new rule in the Vaine home: No unhealthy foods in this house!
  • If they wanted a ?cheat,? they would eat it away from home, and it was not welcome in their home.
  • They tracked everything that went into their mouths using MyFitnessPal, which showed them eating patterns and problems they weren?t aware of.
  • They prepped pre-cooked, protein packed meals to ward off any last-minute mealtime temptations, and they keep loads of pre-cooked chicken in the fridge.
  • They cut out things from their budget, like cable TV, so they could use this money for healthier foods and clothes for their changing bodies. This was a major sacrifice and cause of frustration at first, but they knew their health was way more important than things.
  • Like I said, they love to watch TV, so they bought a treadmill and walked (and later jogged) on the treadmill while watching their favorite shows. See? Transformation is not about deprivation! A permanent transformation includes things that are important to you?you just find better (and healthier) ways to incorporate them into your new life.
  • For extra inspiration, they started watching Extreme Weight Loss (awesome choice, guys!), and decided if the people on the show could do it, so could they?it was possible! (Side note: If you?re interested in applying for the show, now?s the time to do it!).
  • While they began their transformation journeys separately, once they teamed up and started tackling their extra pounds together, their weight loss numbers grew exponentially. I?ve said this before, but accountability and a support system are a huge key to achieving any transformation. And if someone will join you on your journey, that?s even better. ?
  • They started walking every morning, this led to 5K trail walks and jogs, and they challenged each other to push harder every day no matter what they were doing. Neither one wanted to be the first to quit! 😉
  • They learned how to face any challenges in their transformation journey?together. Jared is an Iraq War veteran and has PTSD, so they worked their gym workouts and outdoor exercise schedule around places and times where crowds were few.

January 2014


Jared and Rochelle?s journey wasn?t strewn with roses all along the way, but they stuck together, pushed each other, and helped each other every step of the way. Now their marriage has grown even stronger, and this journey has truly welded them together as a couple. They are a prime example of knowing what they needed to do and simply just doing it instead of seeking out some new-fangled tip or trick?they ate healthy foods and got their bodies moving. While many of you have probably heard most, if not all, of the tips they shared, Jared and Rochelle?s success just goes to show that they do work. So far, Jared has lost 153 pounds, and Rochelle has lost 82! Such an incredible transformation. Rochelle summed up their journey perfectly when she said, ?The biggest thing we learned about this transformation was that it really wasn?t about losing weight at all, it was about getting our lives back!? So beautiful, and so true.

Thank you so much, Jared and Rochelle, for sharing your story with me and for inspiring so many to get their lives back! Best wishes, and congrats on your weight loss success!



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I know you can do it?I believe in you!



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Jared and Rochelle believe very strongly in paying it forward, so follow their journey, and let them inspire and motivate you!