Heidi + Maury: How to improve your race time!

Each year, over 50,000 runners from around the globe travel to The Big Apple for the biggest marathon in the world?the New York City Marathon. Watching so many incredible athletes cross the finish line yesterday, proudly post their finish times, and soak up every minute of well-deserved satisfaction after meeting their goal had me totally and utterly inspired. Among the finishers of the NYC Marathon was my dear friend + running inspiration, Maury Harris. Not only did she complete the NYC marathon yesterday, but she had run 22 full marathons and 20 1/2 marathons to date!! Simply incredible.

Now, while I have run a few half marathons in my adult years, running the full 26.2 miles (and at a decent pace!) has me a little intimated!! Sweet Maury (My Heart Races Blog) allowed me to pick her brain with some of our biggest running questions: How can we stay motivated? How can we shave down our race times? How do we train for any race?from 5k to full marathon? Check out our video for the full scoop and to get your dose of running inspo!

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  1. Great video and tips today!! I needed to hear the encouragement at the end. Can’t wait to follow the tips and hopefully also finish my next half in 1:45!

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