Meet the Powell Pack – Episode 6 – Season Wrap Up


  1. Arla Kennedy - September 6, 2014

    I just came across your webisodes and I absolutely LOVE all six! You guys are such a wonderful inspiring family. I have (to date) lost 142 lbs and am loving life like never before! I always tune in (or dvr) EWL so that I do not miss a minute of that precious priceless inspiration and encouragement. I always end up crying EVERY EPISODE…tears of joy and tears of pain as I have been down “that struggling road” so many times before in my life and to see how you guys transform your “peeps” minds and bodies in incredible! I hope someday just to get a glimpse of that wonderful Institute in Colorado. Keep up all the fabulous work you both are doing….and much love and blessings to your beautiful family!

  2. Nicole Tanner - November 7, 2013

    November 19, 2013 3:07am. You guys are amazing!! Keep inspiring and motivating!!!

  3. Estelle Cabana - November 5, 2013

    Why can’t we watch Meet the Powell Pack from Canada? That is sooo unfair :(

    Thanks for giving me motivation day after day :) You are such an inspiration!

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