Q&A w/ The Powells: The Low-Down on Skin Removal Surgery

During each season of?Extreme Weight Loss,?we get a ton of questions regarding the skin removal surgery that many of our contestants undergo at the end of their journeys. In many ways, it is a symbolic act of taking that final step of their transformations?removing the last reminder of their old selves. ?So this often begs the question: Why not do their final weigh ins shirtless to show off their new hot bods? ?For the behind-the-scenes answers, check out my latest video!

Have a question? Not to fear, help is here. This is far from the last time we will share ?Q&A with the Powells? videos, and would love to answer YOUR questions! Tell us what you want to know in the comments below.



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  1. I know u don’t have time to answer everyones questions. I have lost weight with weight loss surgery and need to loose a little more to get my skin removal surgery. Would love some advice or input. ? thanks. Kimmy

  2. Hi! I just had a couple of questions. I’ve been following the Turbo plan in your first two books. I lost 27 lbs. since Oct. 1st. After looking thru the 3rd book, it looks like “Slingshot” is now optional every 4th week… is it still mandatory?, it sounds like a necessity. If I remain on Turbo, should I adopt the “Reset” day? I am cutting out carbs on the last meals of the day, & I am thoroughly reading the book. I like the lessons & workouts though I need to kick those up a few notches!), & new recipes.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Connie: Yes, the Slingshot week is optional, but you can incorporate it if you’d like to every 4th week. The Reset Day is your Reward Day like in the Turbo Cycle. Good luck! ?

  3. Hey Heidi,

    I’m interested in the self improvement seminar yall spoke of, I am wondering if maybe this is something I need for myself. Which one did yall go to? Or which would yall recommend?
    Thanks 🙂

    P.s yall are awesome! <3

    1. I know yall didn’t talk about that in this video, it’s from the video of how yall met. Accidentally clicked the wrong video to comment on! Oh well! Hopefully you still get these comments! Lol

    2. Hi Victoria: I’m so sorry, but I don’t have the information on which seminar Chris and Heidi met at. 🙁

  4. Hi! I’m writing to you because I have a homeschooled daughter in trouble! She is 14 and over 250! I have tried to help her to the point that she almost hates me ! I have lost over 100 and I have tried everything to help her ! I am scared for her health? I am lost ?please help her! ?

    1. Hi Suzanne: It’s so tough for teens these days, and it’s also tough to be a mom of a teen who is struggling with weight and body image. Check out this post where Heidi shares some insights and tips for teens and those with teens in their lives: https://heidipowell.net/7201/teens-and-healthy-body-image-its-not-just-about-the-pounds/. I hope you can find some things that can help your daughter develop healthy habits that will benefit her throughout her life. We wish you both the best!

    1. My Fitness Pal has almost all of the Extreme Transformation recipes already loaded into it so that’s a way to track, as well as track your water and exercise.

  5. My name is Lori and I am trying to find out information on Extreme Weight Loss casting. I am a Morbidly Obese Identical Twin and my sister and I are both interested in participating in Chris and Heidi’s weight loss program. We both were over 450 pounds 2 years ago and had bariatric surgery. We are both around 300 pounds, give or take 20 pounds and need this program to achieve our goals and ultimately have excess skin removal. I can provide video or pictures upon request.

    Can you please provide season 5 or 6 casting information as my searches on the Internet have come up empty.

    Thanking you in advance for your prompt response.

  6. I’m curious about workout restrictions post-surgery. How long until someone can work out again?
    It’s so tough to get into a good routine, then to have to stop and start again from scratch must be so tough.

    1. Hi Kerri: Great question! That’s considered on an individual basis by the healthcare team, but they do have to take quite a while off from exercising.

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