Fitness is Fun: Barre Ballet


Without a doubt, one of the biggest struggles I hear for why people stop exercising is, ?It?s so boring. I have a hard time doing the same thing over and over.? Many people see?it as a boring, monotonous movement, like running on a treadmill for hours while staring at the wall. That is?boring! But exercise doesn?t have to be. Exercise CAN and SHOULD be fun. Inspired by this,?Chris and I are on a mission to show you how exercise can be fun.

Over the next several weeks, we?re going to play “The Dating Game” with exercise by experimenting with them ourselves! From Barre to Pilates and Aerial Silks to Pole, we?ll provide you with lots of info to (hopefully) light that fire and show you how much fun fitness really CAN be!?On that note?time to kick off my fave video series to date, Fitness is Fun?starting with a Barre workout, where I brought a few friends (you know, for moral support) to try it with me! Enjoy, and scroll down for?detailed info on barre?benefits and thoughts on the workout itself.

“Feel the burn” was brought to a whole new level at Barre3. Most barre-based classes use a combination of postures inspired by Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates.

Workout Gear:

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The barre is used to stabilize yourself while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. While most of the class is done using your own body weight, light handheld weights area also incorporated to intensify the reps and mats are brought in to help with core work.

Pure Barre Benefits:

  • Improved posture
  • Increased strength and muscle stamina
  • Added muscle toning and definition over time
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Reduced stress?don?t all of us mamas need this??

Since each class is a one-hour series of low impact exercises, it is perfect for all fitness levels, especially those who may suffer from joint pain or need to increase mobility. It’s also an EXCELLENT option for those wanting to develop overall core strength, including pre- and postpartum mamas looking to regain their strength and balance!

One of the other major benefits of this type of exercise is the sense of community, camaraderie, and accountability that comes with a group/class environment. If I know someone is waiting for me at a class, or I could use?some much needed girl time, I am in!

So while I didn?t give it the highest rating, it had nothing to do with the efficacy of the workout. It was intense and amazing and everything in between. My personal passion for fitness comes from a little faster-paced and/or silly types of workouts (think?anything that makes me look like a fool OR anything that makes me look like a Pro. No in between. lol). And since this particular workout was neither, I give it a 7 out of 10?ha!

On the flip side, I feel like most people would (and DO) love barre class for good reason! And while it wasn?t my favorite to date, my rule is to try everything once. So get out there and go try it, and let me know your personal rating for barre in the comments below!



A huge thanks again to Karie Johnson, owner of Barre3 in N. Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, AZ, for showing us how it’s done!!

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17 Responses

  1. I’m with you on the barre classes- I prefer heavy weights, too. I also prefer not feeling like everything is cramping up at all times. Haha! But this class is no joke; my sister lost 30 pounds adding barre to a healthy lifestyle where food is concerned!

  2. Loved watching the videos of your workout adventures! This one was my favorite I would love to try barre and look for a studio that does it in my home town! I used to do ballet growing up and this would be like that and maybe help me get my dream abs!

  3. Come try out TruHIT fitness in north phoenix with me! If you like throwing around heavy weights, this is the place for you! Arm day Monday, legs Tuesday, total body conditioning Wednesday’s.

  4. HELP!! Started the plan today and I have injured shoulder. First set of exercises for day one cannot do…what are my options until my shoulder heals?

    1. Hi Rachael: I’d check with your doc about any upper body exercises while you’re healing and then follow their recommendations. Do the lower body/cardio exercises you can do, follow your meal plan (nutrition is 80% of weight loss!), and you should be good to go. I hope your shoulder heals quickly!

  5. Hi there my name is Carlos I’m a 32 yr old man who currently weighs 255 pounds. And I have said to myself that 2017 I take back my weight. I was watching the show the other day and I want that for me so that I can see my son grow into a man. Please help me with information on workout plan, food regiment. I want to transform my life!!!!

  6. Hi I’m soon to be 49. I had the gastric sleeve last July. So far I’ve lost 110lbs. I’m still 60lbs shy of my goal. I was diagnosed with Charcot (a disease that diabetics often get). Because of this I’m unable to do a lot of exercises because I can not walk without special boots. I have extra skin on my arms and inner thighs and arms. What do you suggest I do to help tone these areas up? Thanks so much!

  7. Need your help!!!! My son is 500+ pounds. He is 6’3 tall. He hates worrying about not fitting in chairs or breaking them and all the other things that make being over weight difficult. He tries to loose weight and get healthy but gets discouraged and then eats to feel happy again. He has another obstacle also to deal with. He has been legally blind since high school and is slowly going completely blind. He has an eye disease “RP”. He is 40 now and uses a cane to be able to get around because his eye sight is so limited now. Is your new book Extreme Transformation on CD so he can listen to it. He needs a weight loss support system. Can you help or know someone who would take the time to help my son? Thank you, from a very concerned Mother who loves her son! debbiehess56@yahoo

    1. Hi Debbie: Yes, “Extreme Transformation” does come in an audio version, so that would be a great place for him to start. This book contains all he needs to achieve his transformation goal including a complete meal plan and workout program plus 21 life lessons that can help with the mental side of transformation. He can do this!

  8. I am a breast cancer survivor of this year. I put on weight this year with treatments the doctors have said it is fine now to loss weight. They said to up my protein to repair from chemo and radiation. Any diet tips or exercises Will be helpful. I love your show and hope it comes back in 2017. Can I do the 2017 weight loss challenge?

    1. Hi Jennifer: So grateful you’re doing better! Yes, you can totally enter the DietBet game, and you can get info on this here: And here’s a link to Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program: Be sure and follow all the links within the post too. As with any nutrition and exercise program, please discuss this program with your healthcare team first and then follow any modifications they might recommend. We wish you the best – you can do this! 🙂

  9. Bonjour, j’ai besoin de plusieurs entra?nement intense . Car je perd mais je reprend tr?s vite du poids . J’aimerais trouver une solution qui fera que je prends plus de poids .
    J’ai besoin d’aide

  10. So excited to start my weightloss and healthy lifestyle goals. I love new workout ideas, thanks for always keeping is up with fresh workout ideas. Question, I am starting you Carb Cycling and am curious which book to purchase. I am nowhere near the extreme version, more like the Turbo, but would rally like new and up to date information, healthy eating and exercise tips, and recipes. Should I buy Choose More Loose more for life, or the Extreme Transformation.

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