Looks like Christmas came early…for me, at least. Seriously, could anything be better than letting your kids loose to get candid on camera? I think Santa’s going to need to bring me some Botox in my stocking for all the laugh lines the kiddos gave me with this video (kidding…kind of ;)).

Although we’ve done videos like these in holidays past, this is Ruby’s big debut, and let me just say, she did NOT disappoint. It seems impossible that so much personality could be packed into such a tiny body, but that, my friends, is life with Rubes. To hear the entire Powell Pack’s thoughts on Christmas, their adorable attempts to recall each reindeer’s name, and their very technical explanation for how Santa makes it through those pesky chimneys, check out the latest edition of “Kids Say the Darndest Things: Christmas Edition.”

Guys, this is hands-down one of my new favorite holiday traditions! It is so fun and so priceless to hear your kids—uncut, uncensored, and completely candid. Try asking your littles some of our holiday questions and share what hilarious responses you get in the comments below or over on my Instagram and Facebook!

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