Ohhh Santa, when will you learn that I am just not someone you should mess with?! Round deux of our (not so) classic Christmas competition proved to be better than the last. I mean, who knew Santa keeps a “chugging apparatus” with him at all times, or that Tasmania is even a country? #GeographyWasNotMyThing 😉 I learn something new every Christmas, I tell ya’. Find out whose college boozing skills helped them dominate the Eggnog Challenge, whose geography skills could use some brushing up on, and which one of us is a bit more bendy than the other—all in this year’s Santa vs. Heidi Showdown!!!! PS: We have the cutest Elfkin this year…some serious calorie-free sweetness!

christmas mugs
ruby elf

Some of my favorite holiday challenge items (and I’ve added my super comfy PJs in here too):



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