6 Secrets to Success: How to Reach Your Goals This Year + FREE Dietbet Entry

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**Update: Here are the winners of our 4 DietBet entries: Alejandra Martinez, Britney B., Siobhan Mckenna, and Shelby Lindsay. We replied to your comments with the info on how to claim your free entry, so go check them right now! You have 24 hours to reply. Congratulations!

Out with the old, in with the NEW! It is officially a New Year…which in my book means a New Rear, a new chapter in this book called Life, and a New YOU. While the possibilities are always bright and endless, there is something about the thought of a fresh start that will give us the kick in the pants we need to get moving on our dreams and goals AND to help our little family members reach their dreams and goals as well.

Since “weight loss”? is the number one New Year’s Resolution each year, I felt it was only appropriate to pair Goal Setting and Resolution Q&A with a chance to win a FREE entry to our DietBet so you can give yourself the kick start you need to reach those goals once and for all!?So just for you?all of my thoughts, crazy ideas, and New Year’s rituals in one post. And if you’re here JUST for the FREE DietBet entry, you can do one of two things: 1. Scroll immediately to the bottom and enter, or 2. Read my New Year, New You Rituals below that just may indeed inspire you to actually?stick to your Resolutions this year!

Questions I’m asked go something like this…

Q: RITUALS: Do you have anything you do at the?end of one year and the beginning?of the next?

A: Yes! Because I try NOT to just rely on New Year?s Resolutions to get my buns in gear, I focus my efforts throughout the year on keeping the resolutions/goals made the previous year. And when I fall (because we all do), I get back up and start again. Fall down 7 times, get up 8?and you win.

BUT, that being said, at the end of each year?on New Year?s Eve, actually?our family and friends gather at our home to discuss how the last year went, and we talk about what we?d like to change for the upcoming year. We then write our thoughts and resolutions (as many or as little as we would like) on lanterns that we light and send up into the sky at midnight. By doing this, we are, in essence, sending our intentions out to the universe. We are making commitments to something so much bigger than ourselves because we all know that silent commitments are broken promises waiting to happen. Not only do we rely on our friends and family around us to hold us accountable, but we know the universe (and God) is watching and cheering us on too.

One of the coolest parts of this ritual is helping the kids participate. They seem so young (ours are 11 all the way down to 3), but they are never too little to start making small promises to themselves. And what better time than the New Year!

Along with the end of each year comes Christmas break. I will not let Christmas break happen without a DEEP clean of my home. Like, I mean purge 90% of our belongings and the kids? toys!!! Not only is this making space for what?s to come, but it?s also necessary that we declutter our lives. A messy home filled with too many possessions equates to a messy mind filled with too much chaos.. I?ve never been a ?keeping up with the Jones’ type,? so I?m trying to teach my kids the same. Less is MORE!!! And by forcing ourselves to focus on the basics?on our human needs, really?we are able to keep our paths and spaces clear into the New Year for all of the wonderful opportunities and things to come. It?s hard for ?new? to find its way into your life when you have SO MUCH ?old? taking up space.

This doesn?t only go for material possessions?this goes for intangible things as well: goals, feelings, emotions, etc.

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Q: How do you approach the New Year??

A: Chris and I take time to reflect on the past year and dream about the new year to come. We do this individually, as a couple, as a family, and with friends and those we coach. We KNOW the value of having goals and setting a plan to implement those goals. Just as an organization requires weekly, monthly, and annual meetings to ensure goals are being reached and everyone is on task, we need them personally, as a couple, and as a family as well. If we don?t know where we want to go (and evaluate it often), we?ll spend our days and years spinning our wheels and becoming aimlessly busy. What a waste!!!

In all of these settings, we reflect on these questions:

  • What did we do well in the past year?
  • What could we have done better?
  • Did we reach the goals for the year?
  • Are we on track to reach our goals that spanned beyond the year?
  • If so, what do we need to do next year to stay on track?
  • If not, why? Where did we go wrong?
  • What lessons did we learn from our failures this last year?
  • What lessons did we learn from our successes?
  • How are we behaving in our lives, both personally and as family members? What needs to change?
  • Is our family unit and marriage in a healthy place?
  • Are we living up to our potential? Or could we do better?
  • Are we living in a way that we can be proud of ourselves when we are on our deathbeds?
  • What NEW goals do we have for the upcoming year?
  • What is it going to take to reach them?
  • How can we help those around us reach their goals as well?

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Q: How do you figure out what’s working and what needs to go in your crazy busy life?

A:?By asking myself (and each other) the questions above, we can get a pretty good idea of what needs work in our lives. But also, as?a busy working mother of 4, I can usually tell on a daily basis what needs to change just by acknowledging where my biggest stresses are coming from. If I feel a pit in my stomach constantly for a couple of days, I know it?s time to identify where it is stemming from and figure out how (or if) I can change it.

Also, ANY TIME our family unit has a disconnected feeling, and/or one of the kiddos seems to be struggling in life or at school, I KNOW it?s time for me to take a step back and re-prioritize. It?s too dang easy for us to get caught up in the minutia of life and to keep our heads down working so hard for our family?s future. Because of this, I will often miss out on what is happening right in front of me. As much as I hate to admit it, it can take a struggle or a challenge to remind me to get my head up where it needs to be. Accomplishing dreams is important, but nothing is more important than giving the kids the love they need to accomplish their dreams and live a happy life.

Q: What are some of the tools and tips you use to?set your goals each year?

A: I make SMART goals each year. To be a SMART goal, each goal must have these five components:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

As long as the goal fits into this framework, and it?s not ambiguous, it?s fair game in my book. In an effort to help the kids reach their own goals, I try to encourage them down the same goal setting path.

The ONE thing I would add to this is that the goals we choose MUST be something we are passionate about. If passion doesn?t exist, the goal will not be reached. End of story.

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Q: How do you advise your clients (ME)?in this regard?

A: I actually give them?or you?the same goal setting guidelines! It?s important that we set goals, but we must set goals that are smart AND that can be accomplished. Now this doesn?t mean we shouldn?t set scary goals. We DEFINITELY should!!!!! Setting goals that pull you out of your comfort zone will nudge you to begin living the life you deserve, not the life you feel stuck with. I also encourage people to track their progress on a regular basis. Ask yourself every week if you are doing what you need to do to reach your goal. If you are not, make adjustments and keep moving. Put one foot in front of the other, never give up, and you WILL reach your goal!

Q: What is Dietbet? And how can I win a FREE entry?? **Giveaway is closed**

A: Ahhh, I knew you would ask! ;)?If you?re not familiar with how DietBet works, it?s simple: Bet $30 on THE MOST important person (you, of course!), lose 4% of your body weight in 30 days, and split the pot (which is continually growing, BTW) with all of the other winners. Awesome, right? It?s like getting paid to lose weight! Get all the deets here. And here?s how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below and tell me about one of your New Year?s Resolutions. And to make it really real, tell me one promise you?re going to make to yourself to help you achieve this goal!
  2. Make sure you?re following me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and then like this post on any of my channels. You can even share it if you feel so inclined. πŸ˜‰
  3. You have until midnight, Wednesday, January 4th, to enter, and winners will be announced and notified?on Thursday, January 5th. Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of time to play AND win!!

Some of my favorite fitness finds for the New Year:


Happy New Year!



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100 Responses

  1. Heidi
    I need help
    I have extreme social anxiety and need to find a way to loose weight and excercise at home. Can you give me suggestions.? I need to be a good example for my 4 year old grandson who is already battling with weight

  2. Hello

    My goal this year is to feel happy.

    At the age of 14 I was 14 stone. When I was at college I managed to loose the weight but I am 25 now and still am not happy with myself. I have been fighting bulimia too but have hopefully got past this. I have over a stone to loose which seems to be the hardest and for at least 3 years now I have told myself I will loose it but haven’t!

    I love watching your programmes and how you help people.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jess: Here’s a link to Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program, and be sure and follow all the links within the post too (especially the one about Promises): https://heidipowell.net/9060. I hope you can find some tools in this post that will help you achieve your transformation goals! And it’s always best to discuss any nutrition and exercise program with your healthcare team first and then follow any recommendations they may have. You can do this! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Heidi,
    I am wanting to start getting in shape, toned and fit and you are the only person I can think about that I see what you have done and know you know what to do. I don’t know where to start. Do you have a book or videos that can help me? I am recently divorced and feeling a bit lost and down and knowing this is where I need to put my efforts. On myself.



  4. My name is Sonya Bogan please Help me Step back and think before i give into a craving to gain control over my eating I promise myself is to lose weight and gain confidence in myself im at 304 295 weight goal

  5. I know I’m a day late and dollar short for contest but I really feel like if I put my PROMISE in writing maybe THIS year I will stick to it!! I plan on loosing this weight properly. The right way. I plan on trying to make ME MYSELF & I happy about it. Even if the scale decides NOT to make me happy. I will see results and feel HAPPIER AND MORE CONFIDENT. This is my goal. its HUGE to me.

  6. I left a comment last night but forgot to follow you on twitter! Just wanted to let you know I am following you on Facebook, IG, and twitter now! I’d like to win a free entry!

    1. I would really like to be a contest for this. I’m 35 and I have 15 year old daughter we both weigh over 250 lbs. I was watching the show were you transformed the mother and son and I was wondering if the same can be done for us. Please please consider is I don’t want to my daughter to suffer being over weight anymore.

  7. I decided to actually write my goals this year! The one that has motivated it all is to compete in my first ever Spartan Race! I’ve signed up for it and will be competing on June 24, 2017 in Boise. One step that I’m taking to prepare myself for this race is to train myself using the workout plan you and Chris created for America’s Fittest Couple Challenge for 8 weeks. I just want to hit that goal of finishing it all the way through-do it for myself- and then hit the next tier I’ve structured to prep for my race! Thank you for your inspiration!

  8. My goal is to be kind…this may not seem like much however I feel that inorder to express true gratitude is to be kind to others. I plan on achieving this goal by praying every night before bed asking for strength and focus, being kind to myself first by leading a healthy life, watching what I say and how I say it to others and finally getting my actions to align with my thoughts and words. If I can wake up everyday and feel great and go to bed feeling satisfied I know I am achieving this goal.

  9. This year I promise to cook good food. I want to cut out soda and fast food and to help my teenage daughter to do the same so we can be healthy together. I am scared for her because at 16 she is already overweight and I don’t want her to struggle with her weight into adulthood like me. I feel responsible for it in part because of my lack of planning and my example. You inspire me to live a better life!

  10. One of my New Years resolutions is to workout every Monday, I tend to always skip my Monday workouts! A promise I am keeping to myself this year is to not beat myself up over not working out every single day. I am trying to hone in on my healthy eating so I only need to exercise 4-5 times per week and not feel like I have to workout every single day.

  11. One of my resolutions is to be able to do a pull-up; I’m getting closer, but I’m not there yet! I know a pull-up is one of the basic fitness thresholds, and I want to pass it. My promise to myself is to never use food (whether bingeing or restricting) as a replacement for self-injury. I stopped cutting a couple years ago, but the temptation still comes up, and I don’t want to use food to fill it.

    By the way, thanks for being a role model for this 20 year old. I’m so thankful for you!

  12. One of my resolutions – a huge one – is to work my way back to health… to get healthy and stay healthy, for me and my family and to better appreciate and experience all that life has to offer. One thing I promise to do is move for at least 30 minutes (preferably through deliberate exercise) every single day without fail — despite a painful knee, a busy schedule, a full to-do list, etc.

  13. I tried last year with the diet bet and failed. I promise to really work on the food part much better this year.

  14. Last year I lost 35 lbs and since then I kept the same regimen, but started gaining wait and couldn’t figure out why. I am 24 years old and only 5’2, and the doctors were considering me overweight. After countless doctor visits, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and lupus. I was in complete shock, because none of this runs in my family. I am a very stubborn strong individual and workout everyday. Except, my workouts are mostly running AND conditioning with my gymnasts I coach every day! But I’m tired all the time and want it to end. My main goal is to make more time for me, make time for me to work around my work schedule and meal prep and do things that are going to help my diseases that I was diagnosed with and not let them bring me down! I would love the opportunity to work with you and learn more! Thank you for being such and inspiration to all! Happy new year to you and your family!

  15. My goal this year is to loose 28 lbs by June 1st I am three pounds in and my promise to myself it to make myself a priority until I feel like I kick ass. My other goal is to do some kind of race 10k level, with other obstacles, I’ve always wanted to try one.

  16. My goal for this first half of the year is to *at least* lose the remaining baby weight from my firstborn by his 8th birthday in June- that is 18 lbs. My 2nd goal for the year is to continue to lose weight but also focus on my overall health- mental, spiritual, and physical. I know I am at a point in my life where taking care of myself is vital if I want to be around for the long haul, which I absolutely do, and if I don’t take real steps to improve my overall health I am definitely jeopardizing my chance to see my children grow up.

  17. I’ve already lost 65 lbs last year and I’m continuing on my journey to lost more (a lot more) I’m taking on a whole new fitness regiment. I’m increasing my weights for all machines and hand weights as well as taking on new exercise I’ve never been able to do.
    It’s been so exciting that I’m down 3 pant sizes and I want to do so much more!
    This would really kick me into high gear. I’m so ready to take on the challenge!

  18. My goal is to get healthy and reclaim my life. I have lost weight in the past and I have regained. I need to rethink how I am approaching this. I need to think about making my body stronger and healthier and not focus just on the weight. I am going to move my body for at least 30 minutes a day and log into my fitness pal every day.

  19. My new years resolution is to remember to take my vitamins and thyroid medication EVERY DAY. I am so terrible at forgetting to take them and am notorious for going weeks sometimes without taking them. I know I will feel better if I do take them, I am just forgetful. To help keep this promise to myself, I have a calendar that I am marking off every time I take them. I also have set a reminder in my phone and have also gotten a pill sorter to help me with this. Am I bound to forget a day or two? Sure. But the goal is to be better than I was last year and try my hardest to make it happen every day.

  20. My New Years resolution is to Choose To Be Happy! To much time has been spent focusing on the negative things that happen. Happiness is a choice, no matter the circumstance! I

  21. Since March 2016 I decided to get serious about my new years resolution I made for January 2016. It did take me a few months to get on board and go with my new years resolution to get healthier and lose weight. When I was wavering on starting I had went to the doctor and had to get on the scale that number was humiliating 363 and 23. I graduated from college where I played softball and my physical a year ago I was not that heavy. I new something need to change. I went home bought your guys book “choose more lose more” and the next day went to the gym. I weight fell off so fast in the first 2.5 months I dropped 40 lbs. Now since then I am at a stalling plateau because I am stuggling to just break under 300. That leads me to my goal for this year is to get under 300 forever by losing 13 more lbs. I will do this by revaluating my diet and doing more cardio than my 45 mins I due a day already.

  22. One of my goals for this year is to run a 5k (or something similar) every three months. To help me with my goal I found a buddy that is going to do it with me. I want to make lifestyle changes not just diet changes.

  23. Of course one of my goals is to get fit this year. I will be 27 in May and it’s been years since I’ve been comfortable in my own body. BUT my personal goal this year is to read more. I feel that when I read (as opposed to sitting on the couch watching TV) I am way more productive in my everyday life. It calms me down, de-steesses me and with every book I read it’s another accomplishment that pushes me to do more.

  24. This year I don’t want to lose the weight AGAIN repeatedly. Lose it, get comfortable or distracted/derailed by everyday life stress, gain it back and repeat has been my pattern for the last 6 years it seems. This year while I’m currently unemployed I will use the time to make my health a priority instead of saying I don’t have time and follow through with half marathon training plan so I feel prepared to run with my nephew as promised.

  25. I will start eating better, started last year with that, but now I will do it even more better. Have ordered your last book… Transformation in 21 Days, and I can not wait to start. Will give my body healhty food and nourishing it better, especially protein… I have been not so good at that. I want to loose weight but it is not the primary focus… I want to eat good to have energy to train and to feel good in my mind, body and soul.
    Going to eat dinner with my family on every evening to just hang out, talk, update our lives.
    Less watching TV on weekdays and more movement or familytime.
    Going to operate my back to get rid of pain and then start rehab for coming back to be able to train, work and move again.
    My friend and I are going to see each other once every week, to take a walk and catch up with what happens in our lives…

  26. I am going to try a new healthy recipe for the family at least once a week! I know this is a simple goal, but why just try to make myself healthy. I know as a family, we can create long lasting healthy habits for generations to come! Love you guys! Thanks for your wonderful examples!

  27. I promise to no longer choose fast food restaurants to eat at when I dont have time. I am going to plan ahead and meal prep. This is my biggest problem in losing weight.

  28. My resolution is to step back and think before I give into a craving. Inevitability i would throw in the towel and give into temptation. This year I’m going to gain control over my eating. It a great feeling when my out of control moment has passed and I was in the driver seat the whole time. Each time I’m able to get through makes me feel that much stronger for the next time.

  29. my new year resolution is to apply the same disapline i have to exercise to other parts of my life like making my daughter eat healthy and exercising.planing and prepping all meals in advance eating clean 80% of the time and building my strength up all over. love you and Chris follow up on all x

  30. My resolution for 2017 is to work on consistency. I’m hoping by working on being more consistent I will be able to lose some weight and be more organised in all aspects of my life. To start I promise to write in my sentence a day book and my health journal everyday.

  31. I fall into the group that chooses “weight loss” as my Resolution! I just had my 4th baby back in August and just celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary. (today, actually!) In the 9 years I’ve been married and after my 4 children, I’ve gained over 60 lbs. My goal this year is to lose those 60 lbs – and maybe then some! I love exercise and being active, but I’ve needed to get my nutrition in check! That age-old rule of losing weight being 20% exercise, and 80% diet is so true! I want to become my best self, but until I can control my food addiction instead of letting it control me, that can’t happen. I know I’m worth it. A friend once told me that there is either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. I don’t want to feel the pain of regret anymore!

    So I’ve committed to really dial in on my macros and start fueling my body with clean, whole foods, and exercising at LEAST 30 min a day, 6 days a week. I’ve promised myself that I will make the time to workout whether it’s early in the morning, or after my kids have gone to bed.

    I know this Dietbet would be a great way to kick off my fitness and nutrition goals! It’s the perfect short-term goal for my big picture! I want to be a lean, clean-eating, weight-lifting machine in 2017!

  32. My goal is to recover fully from thee major car accident me and my children were in on May 2016. I am 41 and my summer was spent in the ICU, nursing home, and rehab. I was non-weight bearing and in a wheelchair until mid August. I broke my lower back, pelvis,sacrum, 4 ribs, sternum and left humerus. I had lacerations on my kidney, liver and spleen and my lungs were messed up. I am now walking unassisted and have participated iin two spin classes and loved them. My goal is to get back into shape again. My goal is not to be a victim of this horrible accident. My goal is to praise God that my family is safe and happy. My goal is to be a nurse again and help others who have been through what I have been through. My goal is to forgive the kid who hit us. I have a lot of goals lol

  33. So after moving across the country from Virginia to Arizona with my family for a new job. I didn’t do well with change. My gym routine went out the window. My gym friends were not with me. I put on 15 lbs. in 6 months. I finally joined a gym but I have to say it’s not as friendly as Virginia. Scottsdale is a tough crowd. I’m finally getting adjusted and I read somewhere if you only have one hour use it to food prep instead of working out. So your book has sat unopened to which I began to read. No more restaurant food, vacation is over. Time to get back at it. My promise is to get back to me, taking care of me.

  34. I love your blogs, and following you on social media! I’m going to be healthier this year. I have a goal weight I would like to reach but it’s more than that. I want to be healthy, have energy and just feel good so I can be a better wife and momma to my three littles. I am currently doing a three day refresh, but I will be following a low carb diet after. I promise to workout three times a week, because it helps fight depression for me and makes me feel good. I will drink at least 100oz of water each day, and if I happen to fall off I promise I will pick myself up and get right back on track. I would love to join your health bet to help me push myself to reach that goal! Love a little competition ?

  35. Hey! My goal/ promise to myself is to lose weight and gain confidence in myself. I have a goal weight by the time my husband gets back from deployment this summer! 6ish months and I know I can do it… just have to do it.

  36. I loved reading your post! My goal is to complete the whole 30! This will kick off my weight loss and get me back in to healthy eating. I can no longer work out like I used to before back surgery but I haven’t stopped eating like I did before it. I hope to get back down to a healthy weight which will also result in less pain for me! Every day I promise I will drink half of my weight in water.

  37. This year I will gain confidence and be comfortable in my own skin. I will do this by continuing to workout, try new things (like crossfit) and learn about portion control. I want to learn to swim and complete a sprint triathlon!

  38. Hey Heidi!
    My New Year’s resolution is to have less than 10% body fat by May 1st! One of the ways I want to achieve this goal is by taking a weight lifting class (which I am already enrolled in). My current body fat percentage I believe is in the 20s, so it’ll be a challenge, but I am totally up for it!

  39. My New Years resolution is to lose 40 pounds. My first promise was to join your dietbet- done December 30th. My second promise is to eat 4-5 meals/day with a serving of protein with every meal

  40. My goal is to lose all my weight from brain surgery and back surgery. I gained so much from steroids. I am determined. I cannot exercise like I used to but I will eat healthy and lose the weight!

  41. Thank you so much for your live event yesterday. I watched it and was more inspired than I have been in a while. I have lost my drive to continue focusing on my weight/being healthy. I loved the tip you showed about how after you get out of a shower you suck your breath in and twist to work on your neglected ab muscles. I am going to incorporate this into my daily effort. I am currently in my last semester to be a Respiratory therapist and after losing 20 lbs last yr put them back on this past semester. I loved the affirmation Chris gave about just getting the water into your system, even if you have flavor it some. Focusing on so many details of clean, organic, what to eat and what not to eat can be so overwhelming at times. Reading this post made it click for me today. I plan out my budget and bills, I write goals down to pay off bills. Why was I not doing that with my weight loss too? Somethings tangible to see and work towards every day. It was right in front of me, but just hearing it from you both has really just rekindled that drive in me. This is going to be the one thing I do for my New years resolution. I am going to put what I want in front of me every day, so I can have a constant reminder. I cant run from it like the mirror. I can plan while in school or driving about how to make one small thing better. Thank you for that. – Sindi

  42. So on you live post the other day you guys mentioned Hernia surgery you had, Well I had mine Dec 5 do have two more weeks til release but mine was huge 13 inch scar, any ideas how to lose between now then and even after? easy ideas easy workouts etc

    1. Hi Eric: Until you’re cleared to start working out, nutrition is huge, in fact, it’s 80% of weight loss. So stick to an awesome nutrition program (check out Chris and Heidi’s here: https://heidipowell.net/2713), then begin working out as directed by your doctor and take it slowly!

  43. To compete in my first fitness competition in September, 2017. I will be in the Figure over 40 class. I may of have the courage to get on that stage but I’m going to train like I will. I have hired Ric Fugate as my trainer so I know he will push me to get there. Thanks for inspiring me beyond my anorexia to be the best ME I can be.

  44. I want to learn to take care of myself. Learn that my health is important. As a mother of 4, 2 being girls, I notice they mimick me. I want my daughters to be healthy and strong and to know it’s ok to take care of themselves. I spend so much time taking care of my family that I’ve recently noticed my own health and appearance have gone onto the back burner. I want my children to be inspired by my actions. This Year I want to feel strong and healthy!

  45. My resolution for the year is to make healthy life style choices. I fail year after year because I don’t find something attainable and reasonable. This year I will find that thing that works for me. Once I get off course, I tend to go WAY off course and say “oh well”, and go back to old bad habits. My promise, is that I will stick to my resolution of a healthy lifestyle no matter how many times I may get off course.

  46. I promise to stop being so hard on myself. I want to lose 40 lbs and keep it off. I also promise to get my body fat in the low teens. I just want to feel good in my own skin. My wedding is this spring so it is crunch time.

  47. To get heathy. I promise that when I fail I will keep getting back at it… end result can only be success!

  48. My promise is to stop trying to change everything at once. It’s not all or nothing! Small, achievable changes working one or two at a time, then adding the next will allow me to focus on my health and fitness goals and hopefully set habits to build on as I check one off and move to the next!

  49. My main resolution for 2017 is to have more confidence and faith in my own abilities. I always doubt myself. As a 36 year old undergraduate geophysics student I often doubt my ability to be successful in my studies. Also, as a 240 pound klutz I always doubt my ability to lose weight. I have a gift certificate to a local crossfit gym, but my lack of confidence has kept me from using it. So I want to spend this year believing in myself for once…the way my loved ones believe in me.

  50. Start to see myself as a priority. I am in school and working 2 jobs and I always find an excuse to put myself on the back burner. I love doing for others, but have come to realize I can’t help others if I don’t take care of myself first! I’m promising the 2017 is about prioritizing my goals and keeping my promises to myself!

  51. My New Years resolution is to pay off a debt I owe by the end of the year! The promise I made to myself is to save an allotted amount each month that is attainable within my budget. It will feel so good to have that debt paid by the end of the year!

  52. My goal is to live a healthier lifestyle. I promise to exercise at least 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I can add on later.

  53. I’m 21 and just had a baby in October. Mom life is the best life! It’s exhausting but SO rewarding. My goal this year is to not give up on my passions and dreams just because I had a baby. So I’m going to get back into shape and start taking dance classes again. I want to be healthy for my baby and husband.

  54. Hi Heidi! You and Chris have been a HUGE inspiration for me! My resolution is to finally reach my weight loss destination of 100 pounds of weight loss. I am 2 1/2 years into my journey and I’d love to be at my goal weight by my wedding anniversary in June. I’ve lost 65 pounds so far and I know that 35 pounds in 6 months is obtainable.

    I promise that I will make myself a priority. Last July, my 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, having complex tics, and several other disorders. I have really lost myself amung the doctor appointments and therapy sessions. I have stopped exercising and I’ve noticed a large increase in my anxiety. Getting my daughter everything she needs is very important but I know that if I don’t take care of myself too, I won’t be as great of a mom as I could be.

  55. My most important New Years Resolution is to be HAPPY! Sounds simple but as most of us know it’s not always that easy! I’ve always struggled with my weight and about 3 years ago lost 90 lbs on my own with good ole lifestyle changes and exercise! I’ve gradually gained almost all of it back but mostly within the last year. I want nothing more than to feel how I felt when I was HEALTHY! Not even so much how I felt skinnier but healthier! I was happy and so much more present in my life and enjoyed doing things! I’m back into my old habits and routines and I’ve lost that feeling! My promise to myself is to make the changes that I know I can make and do them because I’ve done them before and stick to them so I can get back to my happier self! Thank you for all you and Chris do! It really is motivating and inspiring!

    Amanda M.

  56. Hi Heidi! My birthday is in November and I just turned 48. I always buy myself a gift, but this year I am giving get myself the gift of health and fitness. I have ever never been much higher of one to exercise and I am overweight. Feeling myself becoming weaker and less stable, I have ever decided it is time to truly transform myself. New eating habits, new fitness habits! My biggest obstacle will be overcoming deeply rooted bad habits, the worst being always putting myself as the lowest priority. I have followed you and Chris for years and it’s finally time to take the leap and make the changes. When I turn 49, I will be a healthy weight and will exercise 6 days a week. I will love myself enough to take care of my health and make eating healthy one of my highest priorities. It’s time and 2017 is my year!

  57. One of my goals is to lose some weight and tone up!! I have promised myself that I will make my health a priority!

  58. I am resolving to grow my muscle which will result in getting my body lean. A promise I make to myself is to allow myself grace and always get up. Never give up.

  59. To make myself a priority! I always do everything for everyone but I’m important too! So I have made a promise to myself a priority with more activity (exercise) and to cut soda out of my life!! Xoxo

  60. One of my New Years resolutions is to get out of the 300s and into the 200s and to hit the 100 pounds lost mark. I’ve always come close and then ended up gaining the weight back. This year I am determined. I have a son who is one and a half and he needs his mom around to be able to keep up with him.

    A promise that I am making to myself is to do my first half marathon. Ever since I saw Meredith Run the Niagara Falls Half, it’s been my dream. This year I am actually registered for it and following my dream to do that race.

  61. Heidi!
    I am currently a college student studying elementary education and mental performance. I want to bring health and energy and power into the classroom. I want to teach kids of the power they have inside them because many won’t ever learn this at home. I know I have to practice what I preach. My resolution is help others feel empowered this year but I know I need to do that by finding the power inside me first. (I have a smart goal written out on my vision board) but I won’t write the whole thing here. I want to be at my goal weight by May 23rd. I have been saying this for a while so this is my promise this year: I promise to take the leap and find the power I have inside myself to do this! Love following you! I hope to made a difference like you and your hubs.

  62. One of my resolutions is to love myself even though my body is far from what I want. I don’t mean that I won’t work on it, but I need to learn to love my body at every stage so I can appreciate the changes I am making to it. I hate looking in the mirror but it’s about time to understand my beauty and that I am just improving my health while the great stuff naturally follows.

    Game plan: Every time I look in the mirror I am going to remind myself of this resolution and have it written on the mirror. There is a lot of thoughts that will help, just taking the time to think of my body and remember it’s beauty even with its perfections.

  63. I love that you’re doing this! One resolution I have for this year (besides weight loss πŸ˜‰ ) is to make the time I have with my kids more meaningful. It’s SO hard being a mom and feeling like you’re “winning” or succeeding at being a parent. Always trying to keep up and make them feel loved… sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the “things” instead of what they really need, which is quality time and memories! I promise to put down my phone, stop the computer, forget for a minute about how messy the house is or what I need to get done, and pay attention when they need it most… when they need to show me a picture, ask me the same question for the millionth time, play cars and trucks, color a picture, or tell me about a boy! I promise to pay attention to the small things more often because let’s be honest, they’re actually the biggest!
    Thanks for all your great motivation Heidi!
    IG: @pearlsofcolor

  64. One of my new years resolution is to dedicate more time to myself. As a mother, wife, working a ft and pt job it is difficult to take care of me. I will achieve this by dedicating 30 minutes of my day to doing something i enjoy. My husband who is my best support is on board to help me in keeping my promises. Just yesterday he sent me away. Lol. He said “go do you” and i went to Starbucks, had a tea and read a book for 45 minutes. It’s the little things that feel good. I am following you on all accounts and shared too. If i win i would like to pass on my entry to my sister.

    1. Hi Alejandra: You’re one of our winners! Please send the email address used for DietBet for you (or your sister if you’d like her to have the entry) to: [email protected] Congratulations!

  65. My goal is to get better at my diet. More protein and veggies less cookies. I plan on doing meal prep to keep me on track! I would also love to learn more on macros from you πŸ˜‰

  66. For 2017 I resolve to be healthier. I promise myself that I will get 30 minutes of exercise per day!

  67. My new year resolution is learning to be healthier physically and mentally. I am going to locate a personal trainer to help me become physically fit.

  68. My resolution is to focus on monthly goals that aren’t based around weight loss, but rather improving my health, fitness, nutrition, financial & mental well being. My thought is everything will fall into place if I focus on working out 5 days a week, eat a veggie with every meal, look for bargains before spending, etc. January’s goals are to attend team training 5 days a week, track my food, stretch on my off days, and read at least 3 nights a week. I hope the results of that will be a 4% weight loss so I can get my money back plus some from my diet bet entry I did yesterday! Thank you for your inspiration, Heidi!

  69. I love reading all your amazing tips. I’ve been following you and Chris for awhile now. Both are great motivators. The one promise I’m making this year is to really focus on myself by working out every week and eating healthy. I always put myself last and my kids and husband ahead of me. This year is about me and working on me.

  70. My resolution is to be a better me then I was last year. I just had baby # 4 in October and obviously have a ton of weight to lose. I have however made to many resolutions to lose weight and/or get healthy and failed. I have decided its no longer about just losing the weight its to be a better me. I think most people with weight issues would agree theres a mental aspect to it and I realize now that if I don’t work on every aspect of me I will not succeed. I just want to wake up in the mornings and do better then I did the day before. I need to get back in sync with my body or I will again fail. Happy New Year !!!!

  71. Hi Heidi! I am inspired by you and Chris and follow you on instagram to keep me going. My reason for this year is to focus on how I feel and building strength versus what number I see on my scale. Last year i lost just under 50 lbs and I his year I am going to love myself as I lose my fear of living by the scale. So my promise to myself is to only weigh in 4 times this year, and focus on monthly measurements to keep track of progress instead.

  72. After I ran my first 5K (which I never thought I could), I decided I wanted to do one of the Disney half-marathons. So I’m going to start by training for the 10K. I’m going to register and complete it by September. My promise is to start by getting new running shoes by the end of this month. Thanks so much for the hints, workouts, and inspiration.

  73. I love you Heidi! You are always so inspiring and real. I’m a mom of four also . My promise this year to myself is to schedule “me” time each day. Time to workout, time to reflect, time to prepare healthy meals for myself and my family. I will do this each Sunday and just plan for one week at a time so it’s not overwhelming?. It’s time to make healthy living a priority! Thank you for your example !! Happy New Year!!

  74. My number one resolution is to lose the baby weight (after 3 kids!) once and for all! My promise I’m making to myself is to get moving at least 30 minutes a day. I truly feel this is MY year, 50lbs to goal. And I all I can think is I want to CRUSH that goal!

  75. Hi Heidi! I’ve been following you and Chris for a few years now and when I’m on the treadmill I watch your show to help motivate me! I keep up with your social media and your writing always motivates me and hoping to take some of these tips with me to help my journey. I’ve been struggling with my weight for years, I always fluctuate. I’m currently a social work student currently in studies and completing a placement and I work with adults living with disabilities so I find it hard to find the time to take care of myself and work on myself. This new year I made the promise to myself to put my self first and finally work on losing those extra pounds that I’ve been struggling with. I have had a hot yoga membership and a gym membership that have been going to waste because I have not been finding the time for myself, as I’m too busy taking care of other people. I’m extremely insecure because of my weight and it has impacted my social life in the past few years. I promise you and more importantly myself, that I will focus on myself and make sure that everyday I am working on my goals as it’s time for me to put myself first. I will be following a healthy eating lifestyle and documenting my journey (as I find this helps). I have your book and will be cooking up recipes from your book and completing your exercises.

    Ps I’m from Canada ??

  76. I want to continue to work towards my weight loss and fitness goals. This past year I lost 30lbs and want to lose 15 more. I promise to set aside 30 mins of me time to exercise 4 times a week. I want to be a positive role model for my kids and practice a healthy lifestyle and not just fad diets. πŸ™‚

  77. I don’t do twitter so I might be disqualified but I want to try anyway. I just had my last child and the weight isn’t coming off as it normally does. I usually hold on to 10 lbs for a year while I’m nursing but my energy level and confidence has decreased since having my four children. My goal is to make a healthy lifestyle change for my family as well as boost my energy and my confidence. Nothing fits and trying clothes on is no fun and discouraging. Time to focus a little bit on myself so I can be the best mom and wife I can be.

  78. Hi Heidi, I really need to lose quote a bit of weight before I go on my holiday in July. I have been trying for a couple of years now, but always seem to hit that point that I can’t get past. I am really going to try this this year though, and get there. I am going to go to the gym a lot more than I have been, and also eat healthier

  79. Hi Heidi, my New Years resolution is to get healthy for my family of 6. I want to be a good example for them. BUT like you and Chris said, on your live fb video on the 1st, I can’t tackle everything at once because it becomes too overwhelming and I’ll end up quitting…So for this 1st month, my 1st goal is to get rid of the diet coke and to drink a gallon of water everyday. ?
    2nd, once I get back into routine with kids going back to school, I will include going to the gym (which I love and miss).
    3rd, when I’m doing great with those two, then I want to get more strick with my diet. More proteins and vegetables.
    Last, but not least, because we don’t live far from each other, my last goal of course would be to become best friends with you guys….or maybe I should make that my 1st goal ? then maybe all of the rest of this would be a lot easier just hanging out with you guys…don’t you think. ?

  80. I go up & down & up & down in my weight loss. I can gain weight & lose weight extremely quick! I do Jenny Craig food & run but I also have trouble with strength training. I just don’t do it! So this year I would like to work on that. I want to be a stronger me! After cancer then right into shoulder surgery & the other shoulder surgery in my future I just want to be stronger! My core is just a bunch of hanging skin & mush after 4 very large boys! Help me!

  81. You and Chris are awesome. I love how y’all stay motivated and motivate one another. Plus you look amazing!! I think y’all are so positive and great fitness people to look up too. For 2017 I would love to get back into shape and feel better about myself. I want to be able to look in the mirror and love myself instead of constantly nit-picking my body. I want to have a better attitude and more positive outlook on everything. I started today on my fitness journey and I promised myself I would push myself, love myself and be proud of the small steps/milestones I take/pass.

  82. I’m reading your book and following all the recipes for each day. My goals is to be 100% committed to this for 21 days! I’m promising to make time for myself everyday and stop putting the kids, husband, pets first.

  83. Hello Heidi! You have truly been my inspiration this year. I’ve really struggled sticking to working out and tend to give up. I watch your videos and read everything you post on Instagram. I feel so motivated and have been finding things I truly enjoy doing which has brought me to week 2 of working out. I made it 4 days last week (I was pretty sore by Friday) and decided I should take a break and started again yesterday and am feeling great. Having two knee surgeries on my right knee was definitely a set back for me and I’ve struggled ever since (2012). Thank you for your writing. It truly gives me something to look forward to and I can’t thank you enough! Here is to 2017 and getting AND staying in shape! πŸ™‚

  84. Very Powerful words! I always love reading others fitness tips on how they stay motivated or tips to success! I have finally found my happy medium with my body after many years. Having balance is key for me. . I’m a CPT and my hardest challenge these days is getting my husband on the bandwagon of a healthy lifestyle. He is a know it all so we all know how that goes So I’m not entering myself but in hopes that my hubby will win and do this and continue doing this. The hardest part is staring so hoping that a challenge will set him up then I can help him continue the lifestyle of balance I say.
    Laura Horger
    Joe Wenzel

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