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If there is anything I can spread awareness about, it’s that healthy living should be a lifestyle, not a quick fix. And if you’re anything like me, you need life to be FUN! Spoiler alert: Healthy living and working out can and should be fun!! To prove that there are so many fun and interesting ways to get fit, Chris and I are on a mission to try as many forms of fitness as we can. A couple of weeks ago, I took a Barre Ballet class and LOVED it; this week Chris and I try Aerial Silks. #pointyourtoes

If you don’t know what Ariel Silks are, think Cirque du Soleil and gravity-defying gymnastics had a love child. Turn that into a full on WORKOUT and count me in for this circus act! These silks are no longer just for the talented acrobats of Las Vegas, but surprisingly are showing up everywhere in gyms and dance studios, offering a new and SUPER fun alternative to burning cals. So come and check out how we got our silky sweat on and get ready for a laugh! See, fitness can be fun…and funny!

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Ariel Silks are currently trending in fitness for a few good reasons. This low impact workout is great for most fitness levels and anyone who wants a challenge. It focuses primarily on core strength, stability, and upper body strength.

When you walk into the studio, you will see long ribbons of fabric (usually made of super durable polyester) attached to a carabiner from a high ceiling. Beginner aerialists will start by performing tricks just a few inches off of the ground, while the advanced will be able to fly high above while hanging, twirling, wrapping, spinning, and doing all the pretty things they do. Even the most simple tricks are so amazing to watch!

While everything you will do in a class will be using your own body weight, being above the ground brings a bigger element of challenge. You can no longer rely on your strongest muscles to keep you balanced on the ground?you are forced to use your weakest areas to maintain your hanging pose. After your first few classes, you will notice a difference in your posture, flexibility, and overall coordination.

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When I first mentioned to Chris that I wanted to take him to a class at Vertical Fix, he was a salty skeptic. He doesn’t like things that may diminish his manly-ness, and I don’t blame him. However, our instructors, Monique and Karen, stated with confidence that “this is going to be one of the hardest things you do.” Chris was intrigued… And now even MORE nervous (and I love to see him sweat in more ways than one!).

On the other hand, this was MY wheelhouse and totally my kind of place. Growing up as a gymnast, this is the ultimate experience! When we first walked into Vertical Fix, the first thing out of my mouth was “I wanna grab on to something!!” I was like a kid in a candy shop, excited to see what I could do on these things! We both definitely felt like true beginners, but I could see myself getting hooked on these silks (literally).

SO, if you feel like you want to go out on a limb (or a silk) and try something a little out of the ordinary, this is for YOU! If you feel like you may have missed your calling in the circus, this is for YOU! If you want a challenging workout using more muscles than you knew you had, this is for YOU!

For an overall workout, Chris gives this a 7+ out of 10 (which is GREAT for someone going into it so skeptical). I actually give it an 8 out of 10 for a workout and a 12 for fun factor and experience!

Check out Vertical Fix in Mesa, AZ, or google “Aerial Silk Gym” or “Aerial Silk Training” in your area to find a location near you. Be sure to tag us whenever you are having FUN with your FITNESS so we can see you!!



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