Beach Bum: Increase your calorie burn and build your body at the beach!

While life can get pretty hectic for the Powell Pack, it’s never too busy for our favorite family tradition?beach week! Every summer we skip town and head to California for some sun, surf, and sand with our littles. It’s easily everyone’s favorite part of the year and the time when we get to make the most memories as a family. Although getting in a workout while on a beach vacation can be tricky, it’s not impossible! Because we’re not willing to sacrifice much family time to burn a few calories, Chris and I have done our research and found ways to feel the burn while beachin’ it.

Here are a few family friendly ways we’ve found to build your workout into your vacay:

  • Wave jumping: In just one hour of wave jumping with your littles, you will burn at least 300 calories. To increase your calorie burn, jump bigger waves and add in a few jumps between waves. A higher intensity wave jumping session can help you incinerate nearly 500 calories in those 60 minutes. All-in-all, this is a killer way to work those lower body muscles with less impact on those joints (thank you, water, for softening the landing!).
  • Sandcastle building: Who knew sandcastle building with your babies could be considered a workout? Well, it can. Just sitting and building a sandy sculpture will burn 100 calories per hour. To increase the calorie burn, try holding a deep squat position as opposed to sitting. Not only will you increase the burn, but you will increase your mobility and open up those hips too! Take this activity one step further (pun intended), and make trips across the beach (walking or running) to gather new sand and water. Those extra steps will add exponentially to your calorie burn depending on your pace (upwards of 350 calories per hour). As you are sculpting castles, you might as well sculpt muscles too. How? By using the heavy buckets as weights and by doing sets of bicep curls and upright rows as you walk across the beach to gather supplies (sand and water), you?ll be burning an extra 16 calories every 5 minutes.
  • Frisbee throwing: Throwing a Frisbee is an incredible way to combine leisure time activity with burning calories. Just throwing a Frisbee, alone, will burn just under 200 calories an hour. Make a game out of Frisbee by adding a burpee penalty for anyone who doesn?t catch the Frisbee. One minute of burpees will burn 10 calories if done properly.

Want a bit more of a challenge? We’ve got ideas for that too!

  • Swimming: Get off of the beach and into the water! Swimming at a light to moderate pace will burn around 450 calories per hour, and this is one the most efficient low-impact forms of cardio you can do!
  • Beach volleyball: Not into swimming? Stick to the sand and let the sand stick to you?with a game of beach volleyball. This sport will burn over 500 calories per hour!
  • Beach tag: An hour of beach tag (like??Tag, you’re it!?) will burn a whopping 600-700 calories! And you?ll get in miles of running without even realizing it.
  • Boogie boarding: What?s a beach day without a little boogie boarding after all? This cardio burner (yes?it is cardio) can burn up to 400 calories per hour if you keep your body moving with kicks between waves.

What are your favorite fam-friendly activities to do at the beach? Please share in the comments below and have a fun and active time on your next beach vacay!



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