#ThrowbackThursday: Missing my peeps!

I don’t always celebrate #throwbackthursday, but when I do, it’s because I’m feeling a little misty-eyed and nostalgic about the good ol’ Extreme Weight Loss days! Gosh, those were some long, hard, busy-to-the-brim days, weeks, months, and years, but they were also some of the BEST, most rewarding moments of my life. How is it possible it’s already been 3 years since the last season wrapped up?! 

Looking back on those incredible, difficult, amazing years spent guiding dozens of peeps on their transformation journeys, I wonder how we did it! In the beginning, Chris was gone constantly, and I was so busy running things in the background, training our peeps, and helping wherever possible, I hardly knew which end was up. Fast forward to when I joined as Chris’ co-host, we added our sweet (and sassy!) Ruby Lane to the mix, and it almost seems like 2012-2015 was just one big, happy, crazy blur! 

Despite all of the hard times and the trials we encountered while being a part of EWL, I wouldn’t trade a single moment of time spent with our peeps for ANYTHING! I’ve said it a thousand times? and I will likely say it a thousand more?but I easily gained twice as much from each of our peeps as they gained from us. So much inspiration gleaned from this group? it was nothing short of incredible. 

The best part of it all?! Although Extreme Weight Loss is long gone, the friendships we made during that time have lasted through the years, and I am certain they will be life-long. Every single day I am so grateful for the amazing opportunities and friendships Extreme Weight Loss brought to our entire family!



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4 Responses

  1. Beautiful sentiments about a great show! I will never forget how I looked forward to EWL and how it kept me motivated. Thank you Chris and Heidi Powell for introducing me to a great experience with your show. i will never forget how you both taught what transformation truly means.


  2. Heidi I love the reading your blog. I am so inspired by seeing all the things you have done for others and their transformations.

  3. Hello Mrs Powell;

    Yes ; I can imagine you are only available for people in America…are you?

    I am living in Berlin/ Germany- but my biggest deeam is to finally drop 60 pounds that I could not lose yet because I suspect a lipodystrophy- how to find out? What training and food will be best to finally see a change?
    With 38 years- never married- no children; I am still wanting to prove myself that giving up is no option. Pls let me know if there are hints; trucks or advices what to do about it ….

    LG Cordula.

    1. Hi Cordula: You can begin your transformation journey today with the tools in this post: https://heidipowell.net/9060. And have you heard about Chris and Heidi’s new app? You can learn about it here: http://thetransformapp.com, and it offers you a totally customized nutrition and workout program to help you achieve your goals! And if you believe you have any health issues, please consult with your healthcare team about any nutrition and exercise programs first and then follow any modifications they may recommend. You can totally do this! 🙂

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