Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for Any Dad + $800 Value Giveaway!!

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As many of you know, Father’s Day is SUPER special in our house because we celebrate not only one, BUT 2 very special dads. While having a blended family may have its challenges (doesn’t EVERY family?!), the perks far outweigh the downside…like we get twice the amount of support, love, life lessons, and…birthday gifts (wink, wink) for all the kiddos. πŸ˜‰ Also, both dads, Derek and Chris, have such diverse interests, tastes, talents, and life perspectives?yet the same goal for happy, productive, and successful kiddos?so our kiddos get to soak it all up, molding them into 4 incredible little beings.

I may be no Martha Stewart (says I for the 5 millionth time on this site), but I DO happen to specialize in overdoing holidays around here and buying WAY too much for those I love (Legit. It’s a problem). Father’s Day this year is no exception! BY FAR… the best Father’s Day Gift Guide I have ever done. These are 25 items you’ll want to hop on and buy before they run out…or at least bookmark and remember for Christmas. They’re that good, trust me.

BONUS: I’m giving away over $800 in gifts featured below for YOU to give to your man/dad/brother/grandpa! Yes…our favorite 8 of 25 gifts are up for grabs and sure to help the dad in your life have the best Father’s Day ever! Giveaway items + entry info listed at the bottom of the blog below the gift guides. 


Now let’s start shopping my Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide. First up…Gifts for the BBQ + Foodie Obsessed Dad. Surprisingly, Mr. Chris Powell, himself, definitely qualifies for this. I think any dad who closes their eyes and sways to music that isn’t even playing as they eat delicious food qualifies as a BBQ Obsessed + Foodie Dad.

  • Butcher Box: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $175** And even if I wasn’t giving this one away, I’d say it’s a MUST TRY, or at least a must learn if you don’t already know much about it. All Dad’s favorite meats delivered directly to his doorstep, ready to either cook or freeze! Talk about making nutrition fast, easy, fun, healthy, and delicious…ButcherBox does this for you. This “fresh meat direct to your doorstep” approach is a home run, period. If you are following Chris on social media, you know the passion this man has for all things grill-related?and really all things FOOD (eh hem…closed eyes, swaying to the silence when food hits his lips)!! This is 100% on our Father?s Day list again this year (and already ordered for Chris) because it was such a hit last year! The perfect gift for the grill master in your life. Butcher Box’s mission is to bring grass-fed beef to the world, focusing on the animal, planet, and environment, not to mention people’s health. You can choose from their curated mixes of high quality beef, chicken, or pork?or customize your own?and they ship right to your door. Packed and ready to grill up a storm! BONUS…it comes with bacon. πŸ˜‰

  • Big Daddy’s Cookin’ set by Knack: **GIVEAWAY ITEM** ?He?s the King of his castle and Master of his grill,? couldn?t describe the big daddy around our house any better! Their collection of culinary goodness starring the Big Daddy’s Kitchen tea towel by That Black Dot, two intensely flavorful spice rubs for steak and salmon by Seattle chef Tom Douglas, and a three-pack of Theo Chocolate’s Big Daddy Marshmallows (a hunky confection of handmade graham crackers, slick vanilla caramel, and marshmallow smothered in dark chocolate and alderwood smoked milk chocolate). If you’ve ordered the Butcher Box (and I’m serious, you really should), this is the perfect add-on gift for the grill master in your life. 
  • Pizza Float: Even with a BBQ that’s about to commence, you can still enjoy some pizza! For the same cost of a large pepperoni pizza, you can buy dad an even BIGGER pizza (because bigger is better, right?!) with LESS calories. Because summer?s coming and #washboardabs. Plus, the kids love playing on this kind of stuff with dad.
  • Chambray Grilling Apron by Williams Sonoma: The only thing sexier than a man in an apron grilling burgers is a man in an apron…grilling burgers, doing dishes, changing laundry, scrubbing toilets, and smiling every step of the way! #InMyDreams. But really…further solidifying his role as King of the Grill (and maybe even the kitchen), this personalized neutral grey apron will at least keep him cooking and looking like Rico Suave while doing so! BONUS: It’s on sale for $16 right now.
  • Romford Non-Stick BBQ Topper with Cast Aluminum Handle: Because every grill master needs something for those “hard to grill foods” that normally fall through the grates on the BBQ. Chris loves this for grilling tons of different veggies, seafood, and bananas (yes…they’re amazing!). Your man needs one…and this one’s really well-priced.


Gifts for the Manly Man. Does this topic really need an explanation? I mean, c’mon…what dad ISN’T spending his time, energy, and LIFE attempting to stake claim on his manliness in any way possible?? Or maybe it’s just Chris? Ha!! But really…Chris has ALL FOUR of these gifts below and legit loves them! And if you watch our Instagram stories or have followed us for long enough, you’ve seen at least TWO of these items. One of them is included in the giveaway!

  • Man Crates: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth up to $100** From grilling crates, to beef jerky and ammo crates, to knife making crates, to whiskey and bourbon crates?Man Crates has a crate to suit ANY dad?s personality! Chris’ favorite? The Outdoor Survival Ammo Can complete with beef jerky, survival knife, and, of course, the ammo can…along with much more! If, for some crazy reason, you aren?t able to find a crate to match your man’s style, they?ll even customize a crate for him. The creativity was taken to another level on this?you?ll want to give these a look. 
  • 6 Shooter Fidget Spinner: Chris CANNOT get enough of this childish/manly fidget spinner, and I can?t recommend it enough for other dads! Not only does it give him a little rough and tough to carry around, but it helps relieve his daily anxiety and stress too.
  • Swiss Army KnifeBecause Chris is ALWAYS losing his, Father?s Day is the perfect time to restore his misplaced Swiss Army Knife AND restore his manhood!
  • John Wayne BoardshortsChris Powell circa 2008?and he still rocks these proudly! Pair these with the pizza float, lean meats from the Butcher Box, and his Club Monaco Shave kit, and pops will be looking mighty fine at the pool this year!


Gifts for the Stylish Dad. For the guy who appreciates some of the finer things in life, these sleek, sophisticated, and super sexy gifts (ie. the undies ;)) are sure to please. One of these bad boys (for the stylish boy, of course) is an item in our giveaway. Scroll down and get shopping. 

  • Custom Leather Catchall Valet Tray by Northwind Supply: **GIVEAWAY ITEM** For all of dad?s junk?because we know his pockets are full! And a place for all of his coins to collect so the wifey can sneak quarters for her coffee every now and then. Chris has no idea, but he’s getting one of these babies for Father’s Day this year…complete and personalized with his name!
  • Emoji Snacks Boxer Briefs: No words. Just…perfection. Ruby is dying over these and is certain dad needs them. Ha!
  • Ray Ban Wayfarers Folding Sunglasses: For the OG Cool Dads who are movie stars in their own right, these folding sunglasses give an even more updated feel to the classic Wayfarer style. Just fold them up and pack them away for easy storage?perfect for the dad on the go, and he’ll even look cool by the pool! 
  • Club Monaco Shave Kit:For the hubby, for the dad, for the pubescent teen?who is (hopefully) not a daddy yet, but deserves some TLC on a day that celebrates his future role! Why do I love this gift so much? 1. Because it?s cute, stylish, and super manly (let?s stroke that ego this month, ladies), and 2. Because it?s a start to finish kit for the ultimate shave?you know, the kind where your man?s face feels like a baby?s bottom?! The only thing missing is the razors. And, because I, Heidi Powell, am the one who gets crap when there are no fresh razors in the house to groom his ever flourishing bushy body, I LOVE the Dollar Shave Club. It?s affordable, keeps the drawer stocked and also sends some yummy smelling man-product each month too! I swear?as I LOSE hair on my head, he GROWS it in abundance on his body (err?ears, nose, and other places it never existed before). Needless to say, having fresh razors keeps him happy and you out of trouble.
  • Apple Watch: Dad can finally stay connected without being connected to his phone! A day has yet to pass since Chris got his Apple Watch that he hasn?t worn it?he will even occasionally LEAVE his phone behind to run errands with the family! Dream come true for the kiddos AND dad, feeling like a weight has been lifted off his super strong and amazing chest. πŸ˜‰ If the dad in your life is anything like most dads, upgrade his usually dead or almost dead iPhone/Apple watch with a travel charger. They come in at about $60 and make a world of difference for both you and dad! BONUS: You can buy bands both at Apple AND on Amazon (for a fraction of the price!). Chris may be getting one or two of these this Father?s Day?here are the ones I?m choosing between.


Gifts for the Fitness Loving Dad. Our most stacked category for the giveaway is this one right here. Well, of course…because we eat, sleep, and breathe fitness! Three of these five items are being given away (value totaling almost $400!), and FOUR out of the five are things Chris owns, loves, and SWEARS keeps him moving. Give dad the gift of fitness this year and shop below.

  • Yeti One Gallon Rambler:  **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $130**Help dad stay hydrated this summer by equipping him with one of Chris’ staples. Legit, he never leaves home without this water-filled kettlebell?I mean, water jug. Keeps drinks cool throughout the entire day, and it is seriously so heavy with water added, he?ll get an added workout in just by carrying it! BONUS: Add a silicone straw to drink the water faster for those of us who struggle with drinking a lot of water!
  • Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 FlexWeave shoes: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $130** When Nanos meet FlexWeave, magic happens. Reeboks’ newest styles are sure to make any man happy this Father?s Day. These, in particular, are the most versatile shoe we’ve found and will make you feel like you?re walking on clouds?just what dad needs for long days spent on his feet.
  • Bose SoundSport In-Ear HeadphonesIf the dad in your life is anything like Chris, he appreciates the fact that music moves you, but also prefers a more simple and classic look during his workouts. You can never go wrong with a great set of headphones for Father’s Day. 
  • Bombas SocksBecause dad?s socks always seem to have holes, and Bombas donates a pair to the homeless for every pair that?s purchased, these are the perfect functional and feel good gift! Doesn?t get much better than that. So many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from?go check ?em out.
  • The TRANSFORM App: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $120** Give the gift of fitness and a totally customized transformation this year with The TRANSFORM App! He’ll get a plan specially made for him, complete with nutrition planning, recipes, and a workout program that adjusts as dad progress towards his goals. Chris and I will be guiding him through every step of the way!


Gifts for Every Dad (and Their Family). I?ll be honest here: I love giving gifts (as I mentioned above) and truly don’t expect anything in return. But it IS a total bonus when the gift pays itself forward and gives back to the others in your life you love so much!  These gifts are not only thoughtful, but your family will bond over and reap the benefits of these gifts long after Father?s Day is over!

  • Sunday Morning Pancakes set by Knack**GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $70** And for the Queen of his castle (and his LIFE!), the gift that keeps giving?a gourmet pancake set for Father?s Day breakfast. Truth be told, Chris isn?t much of a pancake person, but his kiddos and his wife (me!) are. So I guess technically I?ll be buying this gift to gift to myself and the kids?because happy wife, happy life, right? Savor the sleepy Sunday morning ritual of pancakes and coffee with a little help from Knack. To complete the theme, they’ve added a cute Flapjacks towel made of absorbent 100% cotton flour sack?perfect for sticky hands.
  • Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot MassagerSpeaking of dad?s poor tired feet (above with the socks and shoes)?Father?s Day isn?t complete without a foot rub, and he?ll make sure to tell you so! Save your hand muscles by splurging on this Electric Foot Massager. This Father?s Day gift a couple years back was the BEST investment we?ve ever made in Chris! And our hands?wink, wink! It?s a good thing Chris has one of these cuz #IDontDoFeet. With selectable heat, rollers, and air compression, the is sure to please Dad…just like it does Chris!
  • Wooden Chess Set: The kids? and Chris? latest obsession?gaming. And for once, I don?t mean online! Have your kiddos buy dad a chessboard this year to build bonds and learn strategy. A few other favorite games for some quality time with dad are Pie Face, Elefun, and Mousetrap (brings back so many good childhood memories, right!?).
  • Kinetic Sand: Sandboxes aren’t just for kids anymore. Nope…they’re also for highly successful CEOs and business owners, often found right on top of their desks and used as a stress and anxiety relief tool. Chris and I both have an adult sandbox in our office, but when the kiddos visit, you better believe it’s just as much for them as it is for us! A must for dad.
  • Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker: Currently, Chris and the kids are building a legit lemonade and snow cone stand for a little daddy/child bonding time project. The only problem is that we don’t have a snow cone maker! This is at the top of the list for Father’s Day this year, according to our kids!

And finally, the giveaway. To recap, we are giving away over $800 in Father’s Day gifts (one gift to each winner, for EIGHT total winners) including:


To Enter to Win simply:

  1. Follow @realheidipowell and @butcher_box  on Instagram, and tag a friend who would also want to see this giveaway! Then… 
  2. Comment below telling me the item you want to win and HOW the dad in your life is so special to you and WHY he deserves this gift.

**I will choose ONE winner for EACH gift, totaling EIGHT (8) Father’s Day gift winners. You can enter to win for EACH gift by doing separate comments/entries. Entries are unlimited.

**Winner will be chosen Wednesday, June 13, at midnight and announced the next day.

Good luck…and happy shopping!



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215 Responses

  1. Winning the man crate for my hubby would be amazing! As I?m not sure if your reading every story individually or not I thought I would share ours again. We are currently adoption our niece and nephew out of a rough situation. It will be finalized on July 7th after a long, expensive two year fight! Extra spending is at an all time low with our family for the past few years. My husband at times has worked three jobs to pay attorneys and make sure that we are taken care of and because of this I am blessed to stay home with our gorgeous children. We recently got a grill for free off a local yardsale sight and it died after using it one time. My sweet husband has tried to hard to mask his disappointment. We decided to pull out our camp grill and are currently using that. My dear husband loves to create food for the family and friends that we are blessed with. Not to mention I?m getting ready to have a major surgery and would love to be able to do something big for him.

  2. Winning the cooking set for my hubby would be amazing! We are currently adoption our niece and nephew out of a rough situation. It will be finalized on July 7th after a long, expensive two year fight! Extra spending is at an all time low with our family for the past few years. My husband at times has worked three jobs to pay attorneys and make sure that we are taken care of and because of this I am blessed to stay home with our gorgeous children. We recently got a grill for free off a local yardsale sight and it died after using it one time. My sweet husband has tried to hard to mask his disappointment. We decided to pull out our camp grill and are currently using that. My dear husband loves to create food for the family and friends that we are blessed with.

  3. I would love to win the yeti for my father in law. Him and my mother in law are getting ready to serve a mission in Mexico and I feel this would be a great gift he wouldn?t think to get himself. Gotta keep that water cool on those warm desert days!

  4. I would love to win the butcher box for my dad. He stepped in my life when I was six and for that I am greatful. Him and my mom have recently started changing their lifestyle for the better and I feel this could help drastically with their meal prep and aid them in becoming success at getting healthy.

  5. I would love to win the Reebok Nano for my father. Through the last few years (after much therapy) I have realized the wool has been pulled over my eyes as far as my father goes. I have never given him the chance to be the living dad that he is. Our relationship has grown exponentially and for that I am truly great full. My dad has recently lost over a hundred pounds and inspires me to do better myself. I would love to give such an amazing man this gift.

  6. I would love to win the transformation app. My husband and I are trying so desperately to get healthier for eahother and our family. We are currently adopting two precious angels and my husband sacrifices so much for this to happen. After I attempted suicide a few years ago my husband has stepped up and became my rock more than ever. I wish I could give him the world.

  7. I would love to win the year membership to the transform app for my dad. He has been such a support to me in everything I’ve done and sacrificed so much for my sister and I growing up. All my life I watched him work long hours at a job he hated just to provide for our family. A year ago he was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer and has since had his thyroid removed. By the grace of God the doctors have declared him cancer free but have also told him he has to lose 100lbs in the next year or he drastically increases his chances of the cancer returning. The doctors have pushed him heavily toward weight loss surgery (claiming success rates as low as 3% to keep the weight off by using natural means of weight loss). My dad has bravely chosen to lose the weight ny making healthy lifestyle changes, but I know he is still scared given all of the info and stats thrown at him by the doctors. He has given so much his entire life for the ones he loves and I would love to help him regain his health and vitality.

  8. My husband and father of our two babies would love to wine the man crate! He has been there through IVF for both of our children, their Beth?s, their first steps and first words. I can?t imagine a better partner to go through life with and experience all these firsts! He reads them books at night, pumps up their bike tires, gives them a snack and spends quality time with them. He is one in a million and the best dad our kids could have!

  9. My dad was mom and dad, he was there for me from day one to now ! We talk or text everyday, he?s always supportive of my life choices and pushes me to take on challenges! Dad means the world to me and I know I wouldn?t be 34 and a mom of two without his guidance. From my first steps to dropping me off at college and walking me down the aisle….from China to the USA seperatingbus for four years he is my rock, my friend, my dad. He deserves to win all the dad f the year contests! He would love the butcher box!

  10. My husband would love the pancake set! We had our first date at Salish log what feels like a lifetime ago and he would be so happy to have a memory of that! We have little kids and our marriage is under constant strain from his job and it would be good for both of us to be reminded of that first date so many years ago!

  11. What awesome gifts- your hubby is one lucky man! I’d love to win the Butcher Box for my husband. He’s not just a rockstar dad but a rockstar person. I’m so proud to call him mine- and so grateful to have him as the father to my children. He gives all he is to everyone. He loves on our kids endlessly and is always one to bring a smile onto everyone’s face. And let me tell you this man LOVES his meat. I’d love to win this for him just to give him a small token of thanks for all he does for us. Nothing like a good meal for your man to let him know you appreciate him. And this Daddy deserves it!

  12. I would like the Yeti One Gallon Rambler. My dad loves to work outside in his garden so this would be great to keep him hydrated. He is special to me because he is great with his grandchildren and is always there for me.

  13. Well I just want to say That I love what you guys do. Everyday fitness has now been a daily part of my life. An I would love to thank my dad who has raised a son who not only looks up to him but tries to model himself after him. So I think my dad would love to get the butcher block so we can definitely have a great healthy cook out an finally reconnect because although i work for him. We never really see each other outside of work. An i believe this would be the perfect oppurtunity to catch up. Thank you for this chance to enter thia Contest. You guys rock.
    EN2(EXW) Thomas A. Opdenaker, USNR

  14. I would love to win the manly box for my husband Julian! Julian is an amazing father to our only child/daughter Nohemi. They love each other so much, I sometimes just stand back and admire their interactions. He embarrasses her with all his puns and Dad jokes but will be the first to console her and give her the encouragement she needs after any defeat. He always jumps at the opportunity to turn a bad situation or mistake into a life lesson and shows her what she learned from it. They laugh, they play, they work hard together but what I think makes my husband so deserving is that he consistently and continuously gives our daughter his time and ear. Even when it’s a 15 minute conversation about a youtube video that only 11 year old girls find funny or interesting, he listens, smiles and engages. If it’s important to her, it’s important to him. She knows she can always talk to Dad and he will always make time for her. He’s a great father and I’d love to give him this manly box as a small token of my appreciation!

  15. I would LOVE to win the Butcher Box for my Dad David. He loves to grill almost as much as he loves to spend time with his family. I feel my Dad is so deserving of this gift because of his dedication to his family. When my Dad met my mom, she was recently divorced, young single mother of 2 young children (my brother was 6 and I was 5). From the moment he came into our lives, he was “Dad”. He embraced that role that came naturally as a provider, a protector and role model. When they had my baby brother Ryan 6 years later, there was NO difference in treatment from him to my older brother and I. He had 3 kids that he loved equally. Now, 33 years later, he’s the SAME loving, funny, giving person. Even though he’s officially retired, he’s busier now than ever. He’s always doing home improvement projects and willing to help his kids households with theirs. Plus, helps care for my elderly grandparents (his in-laws). He does it all with no complaint, from the kindness of his heart and I’m truly truly blessed to call this man my Dad. I honestly couldn’t have picked a better man to raise me. I won the Dad lottery with him! And although I know he knows how much I love and appreciate him, this would be an amazing gift I’d love to give him as a token of that appreciation. Thank you for your consideration! Good luck to all the other registrants and amazing fathers out there!

  16. Butcher box would be great, but I?m sure he would like any of them ?. He is a hard working man who still finds time hangout with the kids and teach them life lessons. He?s also a great cook. Also due to hard times, he put his fitness aside. I?m hoping this might motivate him to take time for himself and get back into bodybuilding, which he enjoyed so much.

  17. The butcher box looked amazing on your story yesterday. My hubby would love that. Then he could BBQ a meal for the family. He needs some good protein to rebuild after surgery. He?s been nothing but the best step dad to my children. His love is endless.

    You guys are the best. With all the awesome give aways.

    Thanks for all your positivity

  18. Man crate would be an awesome gift for my husband, after everything he does all day long he is awful about letting us spoil him so to have a box that could be for him with something special specially if it was about healthy living eating healthy getting fit that would be right up his alley right now he?s working so hard to become the best him.

  19. The pancake surprise would be so much fun. My kids get up every weekend and their daddy makes them pancakes so to have the special little box surprise for Father?s Day would be hilarious and so sweet !

  20. For a husband that?s always on the go and he works outside in this ridiculous heat the yeti would be an awesome surprise for Father?s Day!!

  21. My husband is the hardest working man I know, he gives of himself all the time. It would be awesome to get a surprise him with an amazing Father?s Day gift. The butcher box would be awesome! He has lost 60 pounds since we got married, and now he?s going to the gym with me 3 to 4 times a week you?re trying to help me get the baby weight off and get himself more tone.

  22. I would love to win the butcher box or yeti for my dad as he?s a principal and doesn?t have a lot of time to go grocery shopping for meals or time to drink his morning cup of coffee in the morning so either of these gifts would be extremely helpful and he?d be eternally grateful. He?s always provided for our entire family and I just want to give something special back in return to show how much we appreciate his love and support

  23. My husband is a dad that is always on the go. We have 13 month old twin boys and they are always running in opposite directions. He works full time doing physical labor and then comes home to be with them while I head out to my job. It would be awesome to win the sneakers for him because, as you can imagine, there is hardly any tread left on the ones he has now.

  24. The butcher box for my husband. He’s such an amazing dad to our 5 year old and 7 month old. He works his off at his job. He loves steak but hates that we spend so much money on food already that half the time he wont even buy it or let me get it ( every once in a while I have to sneak it into the cart. )

    Good luck everyone.

  25. My husband Misael the most supportive and selfless man I have ever meet. He will never buy himself anything and always insists on buying something for myself, the kids, or extended family. He would love the Nano Reebok shoes??

  26. My husband would love a Man Crate! He is an amazing father to our two little kids and gives them so much love every day. He patiently and kindly loves our crazy three year old girl even when she is being, well, three… and she just adores her daddy. Our 7 month old son also loves his daddy and thinks he is hilarious. They make funny faces at each other and just keep laughing!

  27. Heidi & Chris,
    My husband Kevin is like no other man I?ve ever met! When we met I was 21 and he was 19. I had a 1 year old daughter, from a previous abbusive marriage. To make a very long story short my abbusive ex husband who was also on drugs… only agreed to quit taking my daughter to meth houses on his weekend visitations (the court ordered, I had no control over) if I let him sign over his rights to her and quit paying child support. Where we live you are only allowed to sign over rights, if there is another adult that is willing to adopt the said child and take over your responsibilities. I was devastated, worrying myself sick over her next visit when my then boyfriend called. I was crying and explaining the situation. This 19 year old boy took his lunch break from work, came and picked me up, drove me to the court house where he married me and filed to adopt my 1 year old daughter! This man is now 34, we?ve been together 14 years now and OUR daughter is 15. Her younger brother is 12 and her younger sister is 10.
    When my husband was around 24 years old we discovered he has a rare blood clotting disease called Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome. He developed many many blood clots. When he was 27 he was sent home from a local hospital on hospice to die from the massive amount of clots in his lungs and heart. The kids and I were crushed! Then after a miricle, Vanderbilt hospital called us with ONE of the only surgeons in the U.S. that could possible perform a extremely risky surgery called a Pulmonary Thombone Endoarterctomy to possibly save my husbands life.
    Months later the surgery was done, successfully, however… afterwards my husbands lungs shut down and the medical staff once again told me there was only a 5% chance my husband would survive the night! When he made it through to the next morning, they told me they had put him on an Ecmo machine to oxygenate his blood for him; if he wasn?t off the machine in 5 days we would have to pull the plug he could not survive.
    My husband walked out of that hospital 15 days later! It has taken a LOT of prayer and a lot of love to pull him through but I truly believe that man has survived it all because he cannot imagine leaving his kids here without a daddy! He couldn?t imagine missing any of their basketball games or award ceremonies!
    I would absolutely love nothing more than to gift him the meat package from the butcher box because not only is my husband a BIG foodie but because he is on blood thinners he is no longer allowed to eat the leafy green foods he use to love, so I?d like to give him some fresh, great cuts of meat, to grill and smoke (which is just another amazing thing about this man! His favorite thing to do besides watching our kids play ball, is to cook for kid family!)
    I am beyond blessed by my husband daily and our three kids are the luckiest kids on earth to have him as a daddy! I ask that you please consider (Kevin Broadrick) as one of your winners on Wednesday night because the kids and I want to make this year?s Father?s Day, one of the most memorable and special yet for him!!
    Sorry for the lengthy post but thank you so much for reading!?
    – Allison Broadrick

  28. My husband Mike is one of the most deserving people there is. He?s such a sacrificial provider for our family, choosing the graveyard shift at the expense of his sleep/health just so he can spend the evenings with us. We lost two of our three babies, both times in my second trimester, and he was my rock and support, even though he was grieving too. He works hard at his relationship with our 15-ye-old daughter, investing in her every chance he has. He was in a car accident 2 1/2 years ago that has caused him constant back pain that no one seems to able to fix. He had to give up running, his hobby that he was most passionate about, because of the pain it caused him. He?s been able to ease back into it this year, and he?s working to get back to his ultra-runner training, and I?m SO excited to see him able to pursue it! As much as he?d love the fitness stuff, his true love is meat ? I would do love to win the butcher?s box for him! Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  29. My husband Mike is seriously the best dad I have ever met. I feel so lucky yo jave him in out son’s lives. I am active duty Navy and have to leave our home for work a lot. I never have to worry if my boys are being taken care of or loved enough. I can focus on our mission. He always puts them first and I couldn’t be more greatful. He would live the nano gift. He rows thousands of meters daily on the concept rower and thinks that the nanos are the most comfortable shoes ever! Thanks for the chance to win Heidi!

  30. My dad Steve is the best. He has always set an example for me to be the best that u can and never give up! He would love the butcher’s box. Man loves his steak!

  31. Hi Heidi!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity! I?d love to get the butcher box for my husband! Not only is he military, but he is also oilfield here in Texas and is constantly away from his family with both careers to support his family of 5! He serves this country profoundly and no matter what has always sacrificed to make sure we had what we needed and kept a roof over our head, even when that means he?s gone for deployments, or weeks at a time with his other job. As a PROUD military wife and mama to 3 beautiful children, we?d love to gift him the butcher box because he deserves good meals at home with quality meat (something he does NOT get on deployments and definitely not in the field) and as I?m sure you know, he is a man who loves meat and all things manly lol.
    I know it would mean the world to him if he won because it means him getting something he enjoys from someone selflessly, without it meaning he has to sacrifice his time away from his family or taking a pay cut!! Thanks again for this!????

  32. I?d love to nominate my wonderful husband. We have four beautiful children together. He?s the hardest worker I know. He goes to work before the kids are up and usually doesn?t get home till after dinner or after the kids have all gone to bed. He?s always making sure the kids have what they need and want. Always puts them first. I?d love for him to win the yeti one gallon rambler. Being gone for 10-12 hours a day working he could really use something to keep himself hydrated throughout the day.

  33. I would like to nominate my boyfriend. He hasn’t had an easy life but has never given up. Recently, he decided to make a change to better his life and that of his two girls; he decided to go to nursing school. It’s his first semester and is knocking it out of the park. I think he deserves a great pair of kicks so I would love for him to be able to receive the Nanos.

  34. This is for my husband, who is my world!!! He has been by my side while battling eating disorder, has been with me every step of the way to help me get healthy and encouraging me to keep going when I was at my lowest point. He is truly my angel on earth and deserves to be spoiled ? He is a huge fan of stake, and it would be so awesome to get a Butcher Box!
    Thank you

  35. So I?ll start by saying I’m sorry for the copy and paste. You said we can enter for any or all of them by writing different comments, but my answer is the same for who should get it so for this one I’d say the yeti (hed love this when he goes on his walks!)

    As for how my dad is special and why he deserves this? I?m not sure there is room for all the reasons. My dad is the most caring and understanding man I?ve ever met. He served in the navy for a long time until my sisters and I were born. It caused us to move around a lot and my dad always did his very best to make sure we were happy and situated each time. Then he actually left the military so he could move us to a more stable place. He gave up so much for us. And then my parents got divorced and my mom was given custody. He spent my childhood (and adulthood) making sure we knew we were loved, and spending as much time with us as he could. Sometimes that meant taking us to work with him. But he always tried to do his best. He?s the best dad I could ever ask for and I think he deserves something wonderful for father?s day. He?s one of a kind.

  36. So I’ll start by saying which one my Dad would love and that’s the butcher box (or the yet. He’s big on food, who isn’t? Lol)

    As for how my dad is special and why he deserves this… I’m not sure there is room for all the reasons. My dad is the most caring and understanding man I’ve ever met. He served in the navy for a long time until my sisters and I were born. It caused us to move around a lot and my dad always did his very best to make sure we were happy and situated each time. Then he actually left the military so he could move us to a more stable place. He gave up so much for us. And then my parents got divorced and my mom was given custody. He spent my childhood (and adulthood) making sure we knew we were loved, and spending as much time with us as he could. Sometimes that meant taking us to work with him. But he always tried to do his best. He’s the best dad I could ever ask for and I think he deserves something wonderful for father’s day. He’s one of a kind.

  37. Would love to win any of theses items for my hard working husband who is a wonderful father to our children! The bombas socks would be wonderful as he is on his feet all day working. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  38. I am writing for my husband who is a one of a kind, best Dad to our two boys. Since having our kids, he has truly shown what an amazing man he is. He is super hardworking, and puts his whole focus in life on his children. Life certainly has been a struggle for us, as he is our sole family provider. We have been living on one income since my oldest was born. He is 4, non verbal autistic and an absolute joy. But anyone that has a special needs child will understand what it is like day in and out. No matter how challenging life can be most days, my husband always has a smile on his face and strives to be the best Dad he can be. He is not only the best Dad, but a teacher and nurturer as well. He has recently mentioned that he wanted to start living a healthier lifestyle for our kids- and the first thing he mentioned was drinking more water. I think the yeti would be the perfect gift.

  39. I?d love for my husband to win the butcher box. He absolutely loves to grill. He is such a great dad and husband. He?s been by side as we struggled to get pregnant and stay pregnant with our precious rainbow girl, and we are getter no our second rainbow baby this Novmember! He?s the best daddy and loves to grill for us.

  40. Hi Heidi!!
    I would LOVE to win the butcher box – because my hubby is a grilling fool (setting up our new smoker grill as we speak!).
    We are newly married ? – and this man has been helping me raise my 5 year old daughter for the last 3 years. And I couldn’t tell you enough about how amazing a father he is to her. It’s never mattered that there’s no blood relation between them, not for a second. And they have a bond stronger than I could’ve hoped for. ?
    Last month we got news that my little girl’s biological father had suddenly passed away, and in that moment my husband’s only concern was for her to know she was loved and would always have a dad in him. And even though it’s a tough situation, my husband sought out the information and started the adoption process to make sure that our little girl is always taken care of. And I can’t think of anything more incredible + fatherly than that.

  41. I would love for my husband and baby daddy to win the Reebok shoes….he is on his feet all day and is always looking for another pair of good shoes. He deserves this because he is a wonderful father to our 3 kids and does anything and everything for our family.

  42. My husband Benjamin is one of those dads that is honestly another big kid. He?s constantly playing and exploring our kids imagination with them and it?s never forced or disengenuine. He?s a 10 year Army veteran who spent the first years of his oldest children?s lives away overseas but you?d never know it by seeing them together. They love their dada more than anything. We have two children together and he has two daughters from a previous marriage so I am blessed to be their stepmom or bonus mom as we say. Even though he spends more time with our sons his relationship with the girls surpasses everything. They are his princesses and he goes to bat for them every second especially now as he fights for more custody. He works his tush off doing 24 hour shifts as a firefighter and going to school to become a physician assistant one day. We started watching Heidi and Chris years back and I remember him telling me, ? you have to watch this show and see this trainer Chris Powell, he?s the most positive man I?ve ever watched and his wife works with him and she?s pregnant. If they can do that we can do anything.? Well we have followed your guys journey ever since. He loves fitness and takes pride in his positive attitude and his love for self growth. As you can tell I?m totally in love and could sing his praise all day. We fight hard and love hard and he deserves every recognition out there.

    1. Sorry I forgot to say I?d love him to win anything but specifically the fitness loving dad or the stylish dad ones!

  43. My husband is a great fathe, not only to his kids but to mine and ours. He is a very hard worker and never asks for anything. I would love for him to win one of these great prizes.. especially the butcher box or the pancake breakfast.. who doesn’t love meat and pancakes!!!

  44. I?d love to win the Butcher Box for my father-in-law. Not only is he incredibly selfless, he is very kind. If I could give something small back to him, I would be so grateful.

  45. Would love the Yeti. My hard working railroading husband puts in over 120 hours a week at work and is gone away from his family at least three nights a week. Railroading is a lifestyle that takes a toll on him and his family but we love and support him and spend the time we have together doing fun things together. He could use that yeti to keep his drinks cold for the over 12 hour train rides(locomotives have no fridge) thank you for this amazing giveaway and happy Father?s Day to all the dads

  46. This is great!!!! I love all of the ideas. A giveaway is an added bonus! Do I really have to pick just one? If I?d choose one for my husband and father of 3, I?d say the reebok CrossFit nano 8.0 shoes! My husband is a youth pastor, a father to his 3 kids (5,3 and 2), and works so hard to provide for his family, spend time with his kids, get projects done and overall he continues to show his love for his family. Unfortunately when times gets tough, working out can be difficult to get in because he feels like he needs to come home to help out. However in the last few months he?s been trying to hard to work out, do his job and be home. I know a solid pair of shoes would not only help his bad back but also give him a boost to keep going!!! I would love to get them for him myself but not in our budget on his limited salary. Although we have been so blessed and continue to see God provide. I?d love love love to give him these shoes not just as a thank you for being an incredible dad and father but a ?I?m proud of you? for all the hard work he?s put into every area of his life!!! ???

  47. Love the idea of this giveaway! Thanks Heidi!

    All the items are great, but the butcher box ?
    I’d give it to my husband. He’s in and out of town often due to the military. When he is home though, we do our best to always stay active with our twin 4yr old boys. Playing catch in the front yard, riding bikes, or even having them workout in the garage with us. There’s no doubt that these boys love their daddy and try to do everything to be just like him.

  48. Hello from Canada ??
    I would love to win my husband any one of these amazing giveaways. But the butcher box is the number one choice . My husband is a city police officer who everyday risks his life for others . We are also a blended family so I feel I can relate when I follow your Instagram stories . We are together a family of 6. He does everything he can do to provide for all of us, and winning a giveaway would give me a chance to show how much we appreciate it . Thanks for being inspiration in our fitness journey as well !!

  49. You are so kind for doing this giveaway! I feel like a lot of dads go unappreciated for all their hard work! The dad in my life that deserves one of these gifts is my husband. He is the father to our 4 kids and works so hard and so many hours he isn?t home much all to provide for our family. He just started cutting out caffeine, alcohol, quit smoking almost 2 years ago and is getting back into working out! I would love to be able to gift him the CrossFit Nano 8.0?s! Happy Father?s Day to Chris!

  50. My husband would LOVE the butcher box or any of the grilling items! His favorite past time is cookin up food on his traeger! He is an amazing husband and father and works so hard for my little family!??

  51. Hi I went to the store to get my dad a card on Sunday I got so emotional about it i was in tears ,I can’t see my Dad on that special day . I live to far I am proud to call him my Dad. he is now 76 years old .he always their for us, we had no money but we had love , would not change that for anything.my Dad would coach hockey he gave his time to other kids .Happly Fathers day

  52. I?m entering my husband in the knack Sunday morning pancake set.
    Honestly I hope he wins this for my personal gain?
    Although he does like pancakes from time to time which I think is very odd because pancakes are life !
    He says the less fancy the better tasting but me of course I?m the complete opposite. Give me 5 star food all day every day but then I look at our grocery budget and I come back to reality in a second?.
    If he wins I hope he realize higher quality food is the way to go (mostly again for my personal gain).

  53. I?m entering my husband in for the nano flexweve shoes. I am on my fitness journey and my husband supports me all the way. Except when I try to bring my prepped food in a restaurant ? he gets embarrassed ?. I would like to have him join in from time to time in my workouts then after take me for some Starbucks ( 1 petite vanilla bean scone please ?????). These shoes would be great for him. Although my husband dad bod totally works for me ?. Him working out with me would make my workouts 10x more enjoyable with him by my side .

  54. My husband and I have been huge followers of you and Chris for years.
    We own a personal training studio in Colorado and my husband works his TAIL off to provide for us and our 1 year old son.
    He is obsessed with Reebok Nanos, and desperately needs a new pair for work/workouts, but because money has been tight, he can?t justify getting a new pair for himself. His current pair actually has HOLES!
    He would be SO happy to receive a new pair for Fathers Day and I would love to be able to gift him something that he so greatly deserves.
    Thank you so much for all you do for the fitness industry. We love you guys! πŸ™‚

  55. I?m entering in my husband for the catch all tray. It?s funny I just found coins on our bed from his pockets ?????.
    My husband is a father of 3. 2 of which are from my previous relationship. He has really taken on his role as an amazing step father. Both my my boys are Deaf and at the young age of 18 he hopped right into our family and started learning sign language for my boys. If it were up to me I?d give him the world but that would be kind of expensive and we?re on a one income household ?. I look up to my husband because he is the most self less person I know. About a year ago our dogs chewed up his wallet and for the life of me he will not let me buy him a new one. Not even a cheap $12 one from Walmart. Our kids and my needs always come before his own.

  56. My husband would love that gallon yeti, we didn?t even know they made one. Also the butcher box looks amazing, we will absolutely have to check that one out. My husband is our rock and is so amazing for both my daughter and myself.

  57. My husband would secretly love an Apple Watch!! He never buys anything nice for himself yet he always gets me the latest and greatest of everything!! He works so hard all the time to spoil me and our cute little family and really never EVER spoils himself!! He recently gave up on the ultimate thing he didn?t want. My daughter has begged and begged for a puppy and he just really didn?t want one at all!! He not only gave in to her finally but bought her the exact dog she wanted from an expensive breeder!! And now he is patiently putting up with all the little puppy accidents all over!! He is always helping everyone around him without ever complaining. Last weekend he took our 10 year old on a birthday camping/fishing trip! I could tell that he was really stressed with lots of work but he had promised him so they went and he made it so much fun!! I wish you could see the pictures of my delighted son with fish after fish!! He really is the BEST!!

  58. The guy in my life who is a dad to fur babies is my husband. He loves to BBQ and would enjoy the BBQ box. He deserves it because although my relationship with my father has become none existent (it?s not safe?he was abusive)….Mike has shown me that not all men are bad or like that. He has been patient and kind….showing me that good men do exist.

  59. My husband would LOVE to win the Gallon Yeti. He carries a $15 plastic one off amazon every day because I can?t afford to buy him the yeti. We are a single income family. 5 kids 1 big dog and my husband works his butt off. He gets up at 2:30am every day so he can workout before he goes to work. That way he won?t loose any time after work that he can spend with our kids or helping me around the house. He works 6 days a week, 11 hours a day (5:00am-4:30pm). He truly is a one of a kind man. He gives 200% to our family and I couldn?t do it without him

  60. My dad works so hard for this family, he would do anything for us. I love him so much, and I think he would like the manly crate?

  61. My husband deserves to win because despite his struggles post war (US Army vet) he is an amazing father to our 4 children. He is hard working and determined, not lazy. He loves his children unconditionally and demonstrates his love on a daily basis. They feel safe with him, and they know that their dad is one of their biggest supporters. He deserves this because too many times with the busyness of life the act of showing appreciation gets lost, but this would be such a blessing. Plus he doesn’t expect this and he would be truly surprised.

  62. The fitness box for my husband Zeb. He is the father to our 4 children and not only has a fulltime job but he’s a fulltime father. He spends the majority of his time taking care of our kids but still finds time to do his daily workouts and encourages me to do mine with him! He deserves the world.

  63. The every dad and (family) box!

    For my dad! My dad has been my number one fan for as long as I can remember. I remember growing up, him working long days.. but he?d come home to spend time with my sister and I outside shooting basketball, catching softball or riding bikes. My dad worked hard, but played harder. He never missed a ball game and was always the loudest fan inthe stands. He is now helping to raise my 6 year old nephew. And after all these years, some things never change.. you can still find him running through the yard, playing ball or swimming! My kids love their pap-pap and I am so thankful for what kind of man he showed me that I deserve in this life. My dad always put my mom number one and my expectations of a man have always been very high. He helps cook. Clean. And do laundry. There has never been separate roles when he?s been around. I?d love to win this box just to say thank you!

  64. The manly dad box!

    My husband, is an amazing father! He unfortunately grew up in a situation where he wasn?t given the love and affection of a father. When I met him, 7 years ago at the age of just 18.. that was his number one goal in life, to be an father. He has went absolve and beyond my expectations of him. We have been together for 7 years, but had a short split. During this time, he did what men often do, he had a one night stand. Fast forward a few months, we are back together, all is great and he was given a call, she?s 8 months pregnant and he is the father. He took the situation very hard, because like I said, his number one goal was to be a father. Now, he was having a child with a woman he didn?t love and a child was going to be born into split families the way he grew up. His worst nightmare. BUT against all odds, he fought through it. From the baby not having his last name, to custody battles and more child support.. my husband is an AMAZING FATHER! He fought for his daughter with all of his might. And I, I stayed. I am now a step-mother to his 3 year old daughter. We now have 2 children of our own. A 2 yr old little girl and a 4 month old baby boy. My husband works hard all week for our family. He?s building my dream home on the weekends and still manages to find the time to give our kids all the love and affection they need! They sure do love their daddy. And as a mother, I couldn?t ask for more!

  65. The stylish dad box!

    My husband, is an amazing father! He unfortunately grew up in a situation where he wasn?t given the love and affection of a father. When I met him, 7 years ago at the age of just 18.. that was his number one goal in life, to be an father. He has went absolve and beyond my expectations of him. We have been together for 7 years, but had a short split. During this time, he did what men often do, he had a one night stand. Fast forward a few months, we are back together, all is great and he was given a call, she?s 8 months pregnant and he is the father. He took the situation very hard, because like I said, his number one goal was to be a father. Now, he was having a child with a woman he didn?t love and a child was going to be born into split families the way he grew up. His worst nightmare. BUT against all odds, he fought through it. From the baby not having his last name, to custody battles and more child support.. my husband is an AMAZING FATHER! He fought for his daughter with all of his might. And I, I stayed. I am now a step-mother to his 3 year old daughter. We now have 2 children of our own. A 2 yr old little girl and a 4 month old baby boy. My husband works hard all week for our family. He?s building my dream home on the weekends and still manages to find the time to give our kids all the love and affection they need! They sure do love their daddy. And as a mother, I couldn?t ask for more!

  66. My husband, is an amazing father! He unfortunately grew up in a situation where he wasn?t given the love and affection of a father. When I met him, 7 years ago at the age of just 18.. that was his number one goal in life, to be an father. He has went absolve and beyond my expectations of him. We have been together for 7 years, but had a short split. During this time, he did what men often do, he had a one night stand. Fast forward a few months, we are back together, all is great and he was given a call, she?s 8 months pregnant and he is the father. He took the situation very hard, because like I said, his number one goal was to be a father. Now, he was having a child with a woman he didn?t love and a child was going to be born into split families the way he grew up. His worst nightmare. BUT against all odds, he fought through it. From the baby not having his last name, to custody battles and more child support.. my husband is an AMAZING FATHER! He fought for his daughter with all of his might. And I, I stayed. I am now a step-mother to his 3 year old daughter. We now have 2 children of our own. A 2 yr old little girl and a 4 month old baby boy. My husband works hard all week for our family. He?s building my dream home on the weekends and still manages to find the time to give our kids all the love and affection they need! They sure do love their daddy. And as a mother, I couldn?t ask for more!

    My husband enjoys working out at the gym and I believe he would love the fitness dad package!

  67. My husband Billy deserves some good quality meat for Fathers Day! Butcher Box is something he has always wanted to try. This would be a great Fathers Day gift for him. He is an amazing dad, and husband. He works hard for us and never brings his work home. He is always happy. We love him.

  68. My dad did everything for me as a kid. I was such a daddy’s girl. When my mom and dad split up he didnt take the easy road and leave us. He actually raised me and my brother, he tried his best being a single dad. Now hes getting tested for MS and is having a really hard time physically and health wise. My dad would love the butcher box!

    There’s also my husband. Hes struggling right now with the pressure of supporting his family. We have a 3 year old son together and I have a bonus son who is 6. Although I wish, but our situation is not as good as yours with the ex. We are constantly in and out of court. My husband stressed out too much about that, supporting our family with just his income and not having his family’s support. Hes done everything he can to make sure we are happy. It would be awesome to get him the man crate box.
    It would be amazing to get anything for either of these men in my life!

  69. My dad and I unfortunately, have never had that close of a relationship. He has Bi-polar and that really affected his interactions with myself and my sisters growing up. So, I wasn’t able to have the most ideal Father/daughter relationship in my own life. However, I know it exists and I have been able to see evidence of it all around me. He is still my dad though and in my heart I know he deserves to be appreciated.

    My boyfriend (who I HOPE will one day be my future husband!!) has shown me what that father/daughter relationship with his 3 girls looks like. It has been so good for my heart to see and I am so happy for them that they have a great dad. That they have the kind of relationship as a little girl I wished I’d had, but as an adult I’m just glad that I survived and can be happy for others πŸ™‚

  70. My husband is the epitome of the perfect father. Our family is a modern family – blessed with a 7 year daughter from his prior relationship and a recent addition of twins girls. When we initially found out we were having twin girls, everyone under the sun approached him and said, “oh you must be so disappointed, no son!”. And my husband’s response? “I’ve been blessed with three daughters. Three daughters to love for the rest of my life”. And every single day, he shows our girls how much he loves them. Whether it’s teaching our 7 year old more about history or science (her favorite subjects) or getting on the floor and having tickle time with the twins. I couldn’t ask for a better father for our girls. Even with working a full time job, being part of the Army Reserves and working on our home, he always makes sure to have time with our girls.

  71. I would love to win the Man Crate for the Father in my life he is always there when we need him and loves us unconditionally. Even all his fur babies would be lost without him and I just want to show him how much I appreciate him and all that he does and I love him too.

  72. I love this giveaway Heidi!! I?m keeping my fingers crossed for that butcher box for my dad!!

  73. Hello Mrs.Powell, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to win a wonderful gift for my father. He is a retired Navy Veteran who served in Vietnam and then came back home to become a police officer in the very busy city of Springfield MA. All the while being the most kind, gentle, and open hearted man I could have ever asked for. Even when money was tight when my mother left him. He always found a way to make us feel like we (6) children could achieve any dream we desired. He is humble to a fault and as generous as they come. The reason I am asking to win the Man Crate for him is because I am currently in a medical program and funds are tight. I never would have had the confidence to be the woman I am today or chase the lofty goal of a doctorate degree if it wasn?t for my father. Thank you again, and God Bless all of the amazing dads out there!

  74. I love this give away! Fantastic for those dads out there. I love the butcher bx and would love to win it for my stepfather who really stepped up in place of my absent father and became a father to me and a wonderful grandfather to my daughter. He always thinks of us and is willing to do anything for us and stepping up which is amazing especially since my Kruger passed a few years ago and I thought he would become nonexistent. He remains in my life and I couldn?t be happier.

  75. Your list for fathers day gift ideas is the best I’ve seen. I love following you because you are so honest about everything. My husband would love to win a man crate. Luckily for me he loves cool things like that. He came into this relationship gaining 2 wonderful kiddos and has done an amazing job stepping in as Dad. He teaches them how to do all the fun things that terrify me. He shows up to all their supporting events and is their 2nd biggest cheerleader. We are truly blessed to have him in our lives. Thanks to your amazing list, we will make sure we spoil him rotten. Thank you!

  76. I would be greatful to win any of the prizes for Dan. He is an amazing guy! I have custody of my 6 year old niece and have for about four years. After many men turning their head in the dating world due to my complicated situation with my niece I found Dan. He has turned into a fantastic father to a little girl who has no has a father figure since she was two. He helps me out in so many ways. I was a single aunt with a high stress career and he helps me with everything from hair to field trips now! I am so great for everything he does!

  77. I’d love to get the butcher box for my husband. He’s a fully disabled vet with PTSD and can no longer work because of his condition. However, he’s embraced his situation and being a stay at home dad has become the therapy that keeps him in a good and happy place mentally. He cleans and cooks and cares for all 3 of our little ones, and in our 10 years of marriage the happiest I’ve ever seen him is when he’s dedicated every minute to being a dad and husband. To me, he’s the ultimate father on father’s day.

  78. My husband would also love the Yeti Rambler. Working in the hot humid Wisconsin summer (being outside 90% of most days), he needs to stay hydrated (worried nurse wife here). This would help him get through his long workdays and still have energy to spend with his family when he gets home!

  79. Hi Heidi!!! I have followed you and your husband for years, when extreme weight loss first aired, I was hooked! I love this giveaway you are ping for Father?s Day! I would like to tell you about the great father in my life that is also my husband, we met in the Navy, and I knew from the first time our eyes met there was something incredibly amazing about him, and I was right! We have been through some rough times in our relationship, and he has even had to work 3 jobs at one time sleeping in his car just after we had our son to put food on the table! He is always there for anyone and would give you the shirt off his back! He amazes me! He can make anything, fix anything and helps everyone. Any time we see someone stopped on the side of the road, he is the one that stops to make sure they don?t need help, and if they do, even in this crazy Arizona heat, he will help push trucks that are stuck in the middle of the road to safety! He is an awesome bbq?er so i think he would love the butch box! I hope your dads in your life have an amazing Father?s Day!!

  80. My husband would LOVE the Butcher Box! He works long hours all summer long, only to come home and offer to cook dinner?usually something grilled because he is a fabulous grill master! He is selfless, sweet, and puts others before himself. This would be well deserved. You guys rock!!

  81. The butcher box!

    I want to tell you about my husband! He is a father of two beautiful girls, a soldier in our US Army and a wonderful husband. His first daughter who is 11 years old is from his previous marriage and this man has gone out of his way to make sure she doesn?t feel like she comes from a ?separated family.? From bringing her along on military trips and us staying in hotels just so he has a few hours with her at night to shoveling snow at his ex-wive?s house to make sure he can pick her up on his weekend with her in the winter. He teaches them how to swim, ride their bikes, hunting, fishing and MOST importantly, he prepares them for later in life. He shows them that NOTHING can get in their way of being strong leaders and kind humble people. I think he is the GREATEST.

  82. I would love to get the butcher box for my husband. He deserves this because he cooks 95% of the meals for our family. He is an awesome cook and definitely a wonderful grill master!

  83. First of all, OMG you guys have outdone yourself with the items on this giveaway. There are so many amazing items and it?s so incredibly thoughtful of you guys to do this. I don?t even know where to start on why MY dad or my husband would deserve or love any of these items. But if I had to pick one thing (quickly) to say why I would love to win the ButcherBox package or Pancake and Grilling Pack for my dad is… he is exactly what God planned for him to be for me and what I needed as a daughter. It may sound simple, but it entails everything all in one that I?m thankful for about him. I would also love to share the Reebok nano shoes for my husband for being my better half and the best friend I could ask for. Thanks for the chance!

  84. I would love for my hubby to win the transform app. He is a first time dad to our sweet 8 month old daughter. He is the hardest working man that is so loving and patient with us. I chose the transform app because fitness has always been a big part of his lifestyle. Not just for looking a certain way but for being the best version of himself. He is the one that got me started on my fitness journey and it?s become a fun thing we do as a couple. He has mentioned how much he would love to have this app but we can?t really afford it right now with a baby. He deserves this more than anyone and I would love to give him a Father?s Day gift that he loves πŸ™‚

  85. I would love to win the Reebok shoes. My hubby and wonderful father to our two young children desperately needs a new pair of shoes. He always goes without when the kids are in need. Hence he has shoes with holes in the bottom so whenever it rains he is always getting his feet wet. Anyways there daddy is always doing whatever he can to provide for his children. They enjoy play time and wrestling together or plotting to chase mommy around the house. Even Yesterday my 3 year old asked her daddy if he would marry her as they were cuddling on the couch! We don’t always get to really celebrate these little special days with gifts because we can’t always afford to but we have each other and thats what matters most!

  86. Hi there, I would love to win the butcher box for my amazing and wonderful father! He is a hard working man who is always busy doing something for the family. He has finally decided to retire and this is his first Father?s Day as a retired father. I would like to treat him to an amazing steak dinner as he has always worked hard for everything we have eaten as a family.
    Fingers crossed we win!!!!! Thanks for doing this

  87. My dad gives so much of himself to others. You could call him the father to many. The father to the fatherless. He definitely has a heart after Jesus and has been entrusted with many who are hurting and need a dad. I remember one time I was in line behind a guy in Chipotle and he was talking about a man who changed his life and how amazing this man has been has been in his life…it hit me…?Hey…that?s MY dad!? I am so proud of my dad. He has recently (last couple of years) started to lose weight and was recently able to shop in the regular men?s department (GO DAD!!!) I am beyond proud to be my fathers daughter and that my kids get to call him grandpa. The legacy he is creating and leaving behind is one for the history books. I truly think he would enjoy the Butcher Box because he is a complete foodie and we call ourself the try me family (always trying new food). Thank you for honoring the men who have impacted our lives and whom are often overlooked. Mothers and daughters would sometimes not be where or who we are today without the men in our lives. I grieve with those who have had the stories of men who have left or never there. Thank you, again! And a huge thank you to my dad for being the best dad to me, to my sisters and the countless others! ??

  88. My husband is the dad that will come home and drop whatever he is doing to spend time with our kids. Even if he has had a bad day he is able to put that aside and be silly with them, listen to them, play with them, take care of them and all along side help me with whatever I may need or may be doing. He is selfless and the best dad I could ask for!

    1. Oh, and I would probably get him the shoes or the butcher case. He is ALWAYS in the need of a good pair of shoes and NEVER buys them for himself. He will always spend that money on someone else. ??

  89. I am mostly doing this for my kiddos to give their dad. Bobby has been away many times this year clearing trees after storms in the New England area. The kiddos miss him so much but without his hard work and dedication I wouldnt get to stay home with them. He provides for them and loves them more than they know. Right now his CDL depends on getting his blood pressure lowered. So we have decided to do Keto and the butcher box would be an amazing way for him to continue that and keep his CDL. Thanks for all your amazing work!

  90. I would love to win the butcher box for my amazingly supportive husband who never stops working hard! He is barely home most nights we are asleep when he comes in but everyday he wakes up with purpose to take care of our family! He is a caring, patient, supportive friend, family man and sexy muscular husband! He is our world!

  91. My Dad would love that pancake set, granted he would love any gift that we give him. He’s the absolute best father and would do anything in the world for my daughter and I. It wasn’t a role he thought he’d have, a father to daughters and then a grandpa to only granddaughters but he loves it.

  92. I would like to win the butcher box for my dad. He is such a great man. I can never remember him yelling at us but he always made his point. He has recently lost over 100 lbs and has inspired many others in my family to take their health seriously! He also was a butcher before he retired! He would love this gift!

  93. My husband, father of three and provider of our family. Most significantly he is the most kind and loving human I have ever known. aside from his family, his spare time is spent working with foster children in our community working to provide them with safe and loving homes after being abused, neglected or both. We struggle at times and he always does everything he can to do right by us and the world he lives in. He NEVER puts himself first and I would love to make him feel special on Father?s Day ( and everyday). Any of these gifts would warm his heart, and mine.

    He Is working hard to overcome his family?s weight problems including high cholesterol and diabetes. He has lost close to 30 pounds by being dedicated and eating clean!! I?m so proud of him. You and Chris are definitely and inspiration. Thank you for all you do

  94. I would love to win the Transform App for my husband. He is the sole provider for our home. Money is always tight and yet he puts our needs and wants first. I joined the app and he has watched me transform. He makes sure we have $ for me to do so . I would love for him to work on him for once and be able to give this to him as a gift!!! We could finally get back to this fitness journey together. He is our rock and my biggest cheerleader!

  95. My husband needs the workout shoes. He has over 150 pounds to still lose and he?s getting back into working out daily. But he won?t buy shoes for himself. He?s wearing some cheap, worn out shoes. This would be a huge blessing to him!

  96. Thank you for such an incredible giveaway!!! I would love to win this for my husband. He is the sole provider for our three kids and I. He works away from home monday- Saturday night every week. The distance definitely gets hard especially raising our ten month old, 3 & 7 year old alone but we have his support and we give him our support. He is an incredible man and I never thought I would get so lucky ? Thank you again!!!!!

  97. My husband has worked 6 or 7 day weeks for years supporting our family so I could follow my dreams of opening a gym. He has unwaveringly supported us to keep this dream alive. During this process he has given up on so many of his dreams and passions. I would love to show him how important he is. He would love to receive the butcher box to grill out on Sunday nights.

  98. My dad, who is the biggest inspiration for me! He is currently training for his first triathlon and can?t properly track his route. That is why, I believe, apple watch would be the greatest gift for him.
    He would be finally able to see his achivements and prepare himself better for the competition.
    I would buy them to him myself, but being a student, it is hard for me to do so.

  99. I would love for my husband to win the butcher box. I know hes not my dad but hes a wonderful father to my two sons. We’ve known each other for 22 years and dated on and off throughout. Even though hes not my two boys biological father, hes been the only father in their lives that has ever done anything for them. Even when we weren’t together. Hes the most amazing sweet caring devoted father I’ve ever met. He truly cares but is also the biggest comedian you’ll ever meet. He deserves something truly special this year for fathers day. It would be wonderful if he could win this.

  100. The Butcher Box. My Dad is special because he is a good man who has been so caring and a great supporter in my life. He is a wonderful father & grandfather who loves his family??

  101. I?d love to win the butcher box meats because I?ve never tried them and would love to surprise my husband with an amazing treat!

    My husband is the best father to our three little ones. He is a teacher, so he works all day loving on other people?s children and comes home and happily spends quality time with our tribe. He is waaaay more patient than I am and lovingly and kindly listens to my kids as they ask a billion questions. He has taught me so much about how to be a generous parent-and I don?t mean it in a financial way (although he does LOVE to buy the kids toys!). But generous with his time, his patience, his wisdom and his joy. He is an amazing daddy!!

  102. My dad passed away 18 years ago next month. But he would have loved the yeti one gallon tumbler. He worked in a chemical plant and was in the heat all day long. He sacrificed so much for us. He always worked overtime & never took vacation in order to provide. I miss him more & more each day & I know he would love his 4 grandbabies.

  103. my husband and son are such super dads because they do so much for there families. They are always giving up for themselves to buy or do for there kids and spouses. No matter how busy they are they still have time to do what we need done.

  104. I would love to win the man crate for my husband. He has been working hard and finishing school, while still being supportive of me and our two boys. My boys look up to their dad so much and it would be so awesome to win this for him.

  105. I?d like to enter my husband. If he won the butchers box he would be on cloud 9! He works so hard and has overcome so many obstacles that have helped shape him into the amazing daddy that he is to our little girl. All the options are great but hands down the butchers box and the shoes would be the second choice.

  106. I would like to explain why my husband is so amazing. He has been my support through what can only be described as eight horrible years. We both have lost our Mothers tragically and both of our fathers have exited our lives. We both are only children with little to no family. He is all I have and I am all he has. He works so hard for me and my two girls. I have struggled with ongoing health issues which have resulted in multiple surgeries and procedures and he has never made me feel bad about it. He picks up the slack when I don?t feel good (which is quite often) and never complains. He truly is a selfless, devoted husband and father. That being said I would love for him to win the shoes. He has a hard time finding good quality shoes that fit him because he wears a size 13. Also, he wants to exercise more and I hope the shoes will motivate him to take time for himself which he rarely does. Thank you!

  107. I would love to win the nanos! My husband is a great father to our two boys and to win anything would be a blessing!

  108. I would love to enter for my awesome husband who is such an incredible dad. He picks up my slack when my patience runs thin. He loves our babies whole heartedly. He also is the grill master and he would love the butcher box!

  109. I would love to win the Reebok?s for my hubby. He doesn?t like spending money on himself and he needs a new pair of shoes for working out! He?s the greatest guy, and such a good dad! He would love any of the prizes! ??

  110. My guy is truly amazing. I would love for him to win the Yeti! We are a blended family with five kiddos, he takes care of and loves each of them as his own. He works outside in the Arizona heat and hydration is so important. It would be awesome for him to win the Yeti so he has a cool gallon of water to last in the heat.

  111. I would love the Butcher Box! My husband is the best dad. He puts his family first for everything! He is the first to volunteer to take the kids to practices and activities to give me time to myself. He is also a total boss with doing dishes!

    He cares a lot about the quality of food we feed our family and would really love the meat! All of the prizes sound awesome.

    Thanks Powells!!!

  112. My dad is very quiet but he has always been there for me. Quietly in the background supporting me and encouraging me. He has helped my family through some of the most scary and dark times by showing up and cheerfully giving of his time, money, and energy. He?s helped get new doors on our house even though we couldn?t afford it and has paid for all of our car insurance for all our married life! There is no way to tell him how grateful and lucky we feel. It would be great too get him the meat basket just because I know he loves it and to let him know that we think of him and what he?s done. ??

  113. My dad is a true gift. God blessed me with an amazing role model and Father. I honestly would be so lost without him. His unconditional love, and strive to be a man of his word is so admirable. He deserves to be completely spoiled on Father?s Day. I have gone through several rough patches and he never gave up on me and stood by my side. I love my Old Man.

  114. I would love to get my husband the pair of shoes! I?ll tell you why…he quit his job on faith about a year and a half ago in the belief that God would provide him with a new direction. Since then, he has worked his butt off completing a Personal Trainers certification in two weeks, then growing his clientele and obtaining countless other jobs to provide for his four children and me. We do not have any room in our budget for clothes for him and I and he has wide feet that rubs the sides out of his shoes. He never complains about how hard he works. We?ve never had our immediate needs not met. He?s…the best ?? And hot dog, if he ain?t just a big hot stud muffin…

  115. I?d love to win the Reebok?s for my husband!! He works his butt off to provide for our family. He works from sun up to sun down 6/7 days a week on our family farm! Even with working such long hours he still finds time to go to the gym and is always needing new shoes!!

  116. I would love my husband to win the transform app. I am a subscriber and love it. He is in the Marine Corps and every 6 months he has to do a PFT and weigh in. He is always trying to lose those pounds (unhealthily sometimes) to be under his 203 weight limit. I want him to follow a program that can get him there while eating good food and lifting weights! This would be so awesome for him to follow and remind him daily for the next year that we love him!!

  117. My husband! He?s such a good daddy and sacrifices everything for us. I?m chronically ill and can?t work. He works his butt off. We don?t have much money since i cannot work. I would love to gift him with these! I was just thinking about how i was going to get him something for Father?s Day!! Thank you for doing this!!

  118. I would definitely choose the Yeti gallon jug for my hard-working husband. He started his fitness journey 6 years ago by lifting weights and then over the last three months has been working with a trainer to get his eating under control. He started tracking his macros and drinking a gallon of water a day and the difference has been incredible! He?s lost 30 pounds in 3 months and he?s determined to keep it off. He looks phenomenal, feels great, and I?m so inspired by his diligence. He really could use a replacement water bottle, as his cheap grocery store gallon jug just doesn?t cut it anymore.

  119. My dad is always there for me and my two boys! My husband is in the military and gone a lot, but my dad is always there to help me with whatever I need. Last time my husband was gone, my dad came over to mow my lawn, just so I wouldn?t have to figure out how to do it with my 2 and 3 year old. I would love to be able to give him the yeti gallon rambler!

  120. My hubby is an amazing hard working dad. As a fire fighter who is gone for days and weeks at a time he does a fantastic job of being a great father and role model to my kids when he is home. My husband is a huge motivation to me as he is constantly working to keep up with his fitness despite the long hours and crazy schedules he deals with. You will never see Nick without a water bottle near him and the Yeti would be a perfect gift for him! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  121. I would like to win the yeti water jug, for my husband. I know not my dad, but he is an amazing father,works 4/5 12 hour shifts under ground to provide and to be able to spend more days with our family at the same time. He has helped me teach our children to be good,honest,hard working ppl. And prep them for the real world. This is from a man who didn’t have a father figure. He’s done and is still doing a great job!
    And he drinks ALLOT of water too,so the hero would be ideal for him!

  122. For my husband….. I did not have my dad in my life growing up, so I?ve never really celebrated Father?s Day. However once my hubby became a Dad, I love to make sure he is celebrated!! We just had baby # 4 a week ago! He is a hard working amazing man who does everything for his family! I think the butcher box would be amazing for him, he loves a good steak/ meat and due to a large family and budgets we don?t buy many steaks. It would be awesome for him.

  123. I would choose the Butcher Box for my Dad. I know Dad loves to cook & make his family happy. We have 8 kids in our family and he makes each one us feel special.

    Thank you!

  124. I would love to have my husband win the year subscription to the app. He works so hard running his own business and taking care of our family. Our 6 children and myself. I struggle with so many chronic illnesses and he is the best supporter and is always cheering me on. He is always there for me with all my challenges. He never makes me feel like a burden, he just loves me ever more for what I deal with on a daily basis. He puts me and my children first. I am a current app user in the coaching program but would love to have him doing it with me and following his own program. He does love the meals and joins me in my workouts at times. I just wish he could follow a program that better suits his goals and needs. He can?t justify the extra money on himself. Yet, he doesn?t even bat an eye when it comes to me or the children. He deserves it more than ever!! Best husband and father to my kids I could have ever asked for!!

  125. Hello! My husband would love the butcher box! We purchased the Transformation app for Life and Love it! ?? We are losing and doing great, and we eat a lot of meat! (as you know ?) My husband works full time and runs a business and still makes time for his family. We have two little kiddos who adore their dada! He also makes dinner for us whenever he is able! He is amazing, so I’d love to give him some meat to cook up for our meal planning on Sunday’s!!

  126. My Dad has always been there for me, never judging and always putting others before himself. He has always been a super hard worker and has shown me how to work hard to get where I?m going in life. He would LOVE the Apple Watch!! ? ??

  127. Hello again! I?d love to win the transform app for my hubby! He?s such a wonderful husband & daddy! Besides that, this is his first official father?s day & a gift like this would be a fun thing to surprise him with; especially seeing how we are trying to live our lives as healthy as we can, together! Not just for ourselves, but most importantly for our little family! ????

  128. My husband is a soon-to-be first time dad!?? We are due June 18th with our first babe!! He has been such a huge supporter during my entire pregnancy and taken on so much so that I am comfortable no matter what!! Fitness is huge in our life and knowing the life changes that will come with our new baby, we have been building a garage gym. He would love the surprise of the Reebok shoes!! I would love to surprise him with this to support his fitness goals/regimen and definitely get that good looking dad bod?

  129. For my own father, I’d like to enter for the valet tray. It’s something I know he would use, not that he wouldn’t use anything else, but this would be a daily thing he would use and see. I don’t mean to assume, but he may be one of the most wonderful men alive. He’s a disabled vet who hasn’t been dealt the best hand, but that has never made him anything but tired… And that has never stopped him from doing anything and everything for everyone, no matter what they have done to him, no matter how much it hurt him, no matter what. It makes me so frustrated. I just want to cry and scream and… And all I can do is give him as much help as I can, while crying everytime someone hurts his gentle heart. I really want to make father’s day special this year because it’s been harder than usual this year. His most beloved sister, the only member of the family he still communicates with in his family, passed away last month. My dad has spent the last three years spending weekends and a lot of week days caring for her as bone cancer slowly took away everything she loved. They did everything together my whole life. Ham radios, gold prospecting, complaining about my husband… Everything. He still catches himself trying to call her when he’s just woke up, or after a long day. But I digress, one of my aunt’s hobbies when she was well was leather working. I would love to give my dad something he could see every single day that would remind him of a happier time, when my aunt was well. Thank you.

  130. Hello! I?d love to win the butcher box for my hubby! He?s such a wonderful husband & daddy! This is his first official Father?s Day! Oh, and he?s also a major foodie!!! ????

  131. I?d love the Man Crate for my husband. He?s such a great dad to our two boys and never asks for much. He?d love the man crate!

  132. My incredible, hardworking, supportive husband would love the Butcher Box. He is definitely a carnivore and only requests from me is a nice grilled steak with a side of steak. Haha! I choose him to win this because he is an incredible father to our children (6 and 11). He works 12 hour shift In law enforcement about 4?5 days a week. I am a busy mom with college full time and work full time. In between work, I can always rely on him to help me with the kids and household. He has always been supportive and nevers complain. His hobby is carpentry and he loves building the kids toys (recently a play house made out of pallets!) and he also restored a go kart for our son. He continues to amaze me with all the love he has for us and how hard he works to give us a good life!

  133. I am beyond grateful for my dad, my best friend, and my biggest supporter. He goes above and beyond to provide for his family. Not only does he provide for his children, but his extended family looks to him as a family leader. He cares for his nieces and nephews, his brothers and sisters, and his mother. I know his dad would be proud! My dad loves to serve other by BBQing, which makes Butcher Box the perfect gift for him!

  134. I would love to be considered for the butchers box for my husband. We have 3 amazing kids, two of them are (high functioning) special needs so it can be a down right madhouse here. Recently I have been out of work due to externship, followed by surgery, followed by… Lol it’s been crazy… Constantly in and out of the hospital, on top of school for himself too. He has been wonderful. Our only income at the moment is his disability income, so I definitely would love the chance to show him not only how much he means to me, but also that he his efforts have been noticed by others as well. He loves to grill, so there are several things on this list he would love, but good meat is a hard one to come by for our family size (his parents and niece love with us too, since she had breast cancer and needed help… I could write this whole paragraph alone on how much he did to help when she was living across the state and he moved to help her). He is amazing… Even if he loves pizza and donuts.

  135. I would love The Butcher Box for my dad. I’m always encouraging him to eat healthier and the quality of meat is outstanding without sacrificing the taste! !

  136. My husband, my girls step dad. Is a very special person he stepped right up to the father roll. And has been the best roll model for them and always supporting them. He?s loving kind and always giving. Now it?s our turn to give back and make his day special. With a special gift. He will have surgery Tuesday (hip replacement) and this would be great for a gift and bring his spirits up.
    Thanks for all you guys do.

  137. For my husband.. who works in La Quinta,CA summer heat year after year to provide for our family. Comes home beyond exausted but still has enough patience and love to swim with kids, read books and say prayers with them. Sure love him! The Yeti to keep him hydrated.. or butcher box because he?ll even suffer the heat just for a good tack of ribs. ?.

  138. I would love to win the butcher box for my husband! He loves to BBQ! Our summer would be set!!

    Also he would of totally put together a Fieldcraft Survival kit for this giveaway!

  139. Hi! I would love my husband Dennis to have the gallon yeti! He is an amazing father to our 5 beautiful children!!! 4 boys and our 1 princess!!! James-8 Jacob-7 johnny-6 Jones-4 and Jocelyn 3!!! He is a hard worker who is always trying to find time to squeeze everything into the day, including chugging his water hahahaha he works as a territory manager and is in his car all the time so this yeti would be perfect for him! He is an amazing father and husband and deserves the best! I hope he wins! Thanks so much for everything you guys do .


  140. My husband. He is the sweetest man who would do anything to make me and our son happy. He works so hard as a plumber so I can stay home and raise our son. I am so blessed and grateful for him he makes my heart so full. I want to win him the yeti jug because it would be perfect at his job to keep him hydrated. Especially when he is digging pipes outside in summer. We have gone through so many water bottle jugs that just can’t hold up on the job site. Would love to win!

  141. My dad is always there for me and my two boys! My husband is in the military and gone a lot, but my dad is always there to help me with whatever I need. Last time my husband was gone, my dad came over to mow my lawn, just so I wouldn?t have to figure out how to do it with my 2 and 3 year old. I would love to be able to give him the butcher box! He loves to grill!

  142. I would absolutely love to gift my husband The Saturday Morning Pancake Set…it’s been a ‘thing’ we do every Saturday we get…inspired by Jack Johnson’s ‘Banana Pancakes’ song. Our kids love lazy Saturdays with a warm breakfast made by dad.
    For my dad, I would love to gift him the Grilling pack as he has become quite the master chef in these past few years. Always creating in the kitchen.

  143. My husband is full time in the military. He spends a lot of time away from us. We have 2 boys, ages 2 and 3. He is the best daddy to them and always such a good example. He will be away this Father?s Day for training, but I would love to be able to surprise him with the pancake set when he gets home!

  144. My husband is full time in the military. He spends a lot of time away from us. We have 2 boys, ages 2 and 3. He is the best daddy to them and always such a good example. He will be away this Father?s Day for training, but I would love to be able to surprise him with the Mancrate when he gets home!

  145. My husband is full time in the military. He spends a lot of time away from us. We have 2 boys, ages 2 and 3. He is the best daddy to them and always such a good example. He will be away this Father?s Day for training, but I would love to be able to surprise him with the Leather catchall when he gets home!

  146. I’d say the rayban package… because my step dad always loses his sunglasses and actual prescription glasses. I’d say my dad is special because when he asked my mom out for a date on a dating site , I told her to reject him, she did, he then asked again, they went out for a date and now have been married 8 years, but to this day I tell him I told her to reject him based off his photo just because it’s funny and him and I constantly egg eachother on over crazy stuff… he puts up with my craziness along with my 2 siblings and his 2 grandkids but he has been the Best thing that’s happen to our mother and our family! He counts us as his. And we count him as our awesome dad!

  147. I love Father?s Day because we get to celebrate and recognize the guys who work hard to provide and protect their families. In our house daddy is the pancake king (that?s literally what my kids call him) every Saturday or Sunday depending on sports and weekend plans we sit down and enjoy daddy?s pancakes. So I would want to win the pancacke package. My husband works hard during the week, and on the weekends when he isn?t coaching or cheering at a sporting event he is working hard in our yard or fixing up the house. We are blessed to call him ours and looking forward to a fun weekend celebrating his birthday Saturday and his daddy day Sunday πŸ™‚ lots of deserving dads out there but thought I would take my chances. Thanks for thinking of the dads with these giveaways!!!! Fun idea!!

  148. My husband is full time in the military. He spends a lot of time away from us. We have 2 boys, ages 2 and 3. He is the best daddy to them and always such a good example. He will be away this Father?s Day for training, but I would love to be able to surprise him with the yeti gallon rambler when he gets home!

  149. There is not a way to put into words exactly how amazing my husband is and why he is a super dad. In November (2017) I gave birth to twins at 23 weeks, way too early. After two days we lost our son. Our daughter, born at 1lb 2oz, has been fighting ever since. She has has 6 brain surgeries, eye surgery and countless procedures. Through all of this, my husband Colin has been my rock and the most amazing father to our daughter Colbie. He stayed long nights at the hospital, put in early mornings and when she was transported to a hospital 2 hrs away from home, he made the drive without EVER complaining. Now our baby girl is home! And doing amazingly well! We could not have come this far without him and he continues to be an incredible dad. This man is truly amazing and the best dad anyone could ask for!

    During the 153 days in the nicu, working out was hard. We were both D1 collegiate athletes and priorities completely shifted. Now that we?re home, we are getting back into the swing of things and I think he would love the Reebok shoes to workout in! This would be a great surprise for him!

  150. My husband is full time in the military. He spends a lot of time away from us, we have 2 boys, ages 2 and 3. He is the best daddy to them and always such a good example. He will be away this Father?s Day for training, but I would love to be able to surprise him with the Reebok shoes when he gets home!

  151. I would LOVE to make my husbands very FIRST fathers dat amazing by giving him any one of these gifts

    1. Hey Jordan! You’re the winner of the Big Daddy Cookin’ Set by Knack. I emailed you at the email address connected to your blog comment, but I haven’t heard back from you yet. Please send me your shipping info including complete name, address, and phone number. We’d love to get your prize shipped to you ASAP! πŸ™‚ Congratulations!!! [email protected]

  152. Either the butcher box or the shoes. My dad always goes out of his way to make my life hassle free and worry free. He?s my protector.

  153. I?d love to gift my husband with the butcher box! He is the cook in the family and since I started staying home with our son he doesn?t get his top choice of meats all the time. He never complains and some how makes due with what we have (he can seriously turn the barest cabinets in to a gourmet meal)! I absolute adore watching him with our son and I think it?s safe to say our little guy adores him too! We?d love to show him how much he means with this box!

  154. My husband goes above and beyond for our kids and me and would love the man crate because.. well.. it?s manly!!

  155. My husband is the best daddy and hubby!! He is the most selfless person I know! If anyone, in my life, deserves something special, it?s definitely him! Happy Father?s Day to all the amazing dads out there!! ?

  156. My dad is my hero but passed 7 years ago. My husband is who I?d want to win this for because he?s the most amazing Dad!! The Butcher Box would be amazing because we?ve said how cool it seems before and it?d be awesome to try the meats out on the Traeger!

  157. But her box!! Recently bought a Traeger grill and my husband loves to cook anything on it. He lost his dad when he was seven and Father?s Day is always been a hard day for him. To give him something amazing like this might just park them up a little.

  158. The YETI water jug for my awesome hubs who’s had to step into my role as well for the last 12 weeks because my broke my left leg requiring surgery, hurt my right knee, and right shoulder all in the same ski accident. We have been married 26 years & have 1 awesome daughter.

  159. I would love to give my boyfriend, which is the best daddy to his 4 year old, the transformation app. He?s been wanting to get back in shape to follow his dreams of being a police officer and I feel this custom app would have him in tip top shape to be able to take the test!! (Even though I?d be super jealous that he was getting the app!)

  160. My 70 year old Dad is now a retired teacher who spends his time as a personal trainer to young athletes in my home town of Visalia, CA! He is a cancer survivor who puts his family and two young granddaughters above all else…except Jesus! He?d love the Reebok shoes for training!

  161. My dad is the definition of sacrifice. There isn?t a thing he wouldn?t do for his kids and my mom. He has always shown unconditional love and support for me and my 4 brothers. I would love to win the butchers box for him.

    Then there is my sweet amazing husband. Ups and downs we come out stronger. He works so hard for our family. And not only supports me in everything I do but our 4 kids also. He for sure deserves to be spoiled rotten. I would love for him to have the transformation app.

  162. My almost 70 year old Dad is my fitness idol and inspiration! I grew up with a body building Dad that resembled the one and only Sylvester Stallone?s! He?d love the Reebok shoes!

  163. Uh it?s so hard to say why my dad is so special! Way too many reasons. Not only is he my best friend but my partner in crime. He is the best adventure buddy a daughter could ask for. I?m beyond thankful for him! He?s been my rock through sports, my education and now into an amazing career. Without him I wouldn?t be walking across the stage in a week receiving my degree. He deserves the world and so much more! Being the king of all dads the butcher box is right up his BBQ alley!

  164. I lost my father at the age of 13. So I don?t have him here anymore but I do have several others who are like a father figure to me. I?d love to win the meat package and grill out for some of them!

  165. So thankful for my dad and his presence in our family. He is now 72 and worked for 30 years to provide for me and my 4 siblings. He is one of the most genuine people I know and has carried his loving fatherhood traits into grandfather-hood. I?m so grateful that my sons now have him as a part of their lives. My 2 year old talks about ?papaw? every day and I?m sure my 7 month old is right behind. It really makes me proud to be his daughter. I am also incredibly thankful for my loving husband who is the best dad to our babies. I smile every time I see him with them and could feel any happier with our little family!

  166. My dad is a superstar because he is always there to praise me and make me feel good. I recently lost 54lbs and counting and he has been there for me making sure I feel proud of myself every step of the way!

  167. I would love to give my husband the transformation app for a year. We each purchased the app and are 7 weeks in to our 3 month membership, doing this together has been great and made us both more successful. My husband spends countless hours on our kids and their activities and I want him to be healthy so my kids will have their father a lot longer then I had mine. My dad has been gone for 16 years so Fathers Day is all about my husband, the amazing father he is.

  168. My dad is in heaven so I am nominating my husband for this giveaway. Joshua is my h.s. sweet heart and our first date was my prom. He already had a little girl when we started dating and in the 10 years we have been married we had three more girls (our youngest was still born mothers day last year) along with six miscarriages. Also on oir 8 year anniversary he was involved in an fatal accident. He has dealt with more emotional turmoil than most men don’t know how to handle. He has worked very hard as we live paycheck to paycheck barely making ends meet. Never putting himself before our girls or myself. He is a big hearted, giving self sacrificing, God fearing man. As much as we drive each bother crazy I am grateful to have him in our lives.

  169. My dad came into my life when I was 13. He married my mom even though she had eight children. By then I was just beginning my fall into anorexia. I covered it up with big shirts and “eating” in my room. When I was 16, he and my mom called me down from my room to confront me about how thin I had become. I will never forget how he cried and told me how worried he was for me. That was a turning point in our relationship. We have become incredibly close and I consider him my best friend. Even though I am now 51, he still takes care of me. He always says that we are put on this Earth to help one another and he feels that fate brought us together. We couldn’t be closer if we were flesh and blood. I can’t imagine my life without him. He even walked my daughter down the aisle at her wedding when her own dad decided not to go. My dad got me through a horrible divorce even when I was so depressed I could barely function. He would call me every Monday and every Thursday to make sure I was ok. That was ten years ago and he continues those biweekly calls. It helps us both! I hope you consider giving my dad a special gift. He deserves all of it and so much more.
    Thank you!

  170. I’d like to recognize my dad who overcame a HUGE obstacle last year. He developed non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and his liver was failing. Over the course of 5 years his symptoms progressed until ultimately, he needed a liver transplant or else… Since the liver is a regenerative organ, a living donor could also be used. Low and behold, his sister volunteered and was a match! So, August 20, 2017 they went under the knife. After a full day of surgery, the transplant was successful. Now here we are 10 months later and you would never know the horrible times he went thru over the course of those years. My husband and I were his after transplant care providers and got to spend 2.5 months with him in our home. He’s the most caring, giving and generous person I know. He never asks for anything and you’ll never find a harder worker than him. We are lucky to still have him.

  171. My dad has always been amazing! He has been there by my side for everything and always made sure he could do his very best for his little girl. Even at 34 years old….he is by my side! I am so lucky to be his little girl. He is one tough man and sure made me the woman I am today!

  172. Our dad, is certainly something special. He?s our rock – undoubtedly the backbone of our family. After losing our mom almost four years ago, we’ve gone through massive changes. Regardless of the weight of the storm we?ve experienced, dad has never left our sides. He?s taught us the meaning of unconditional love, respect and hard work. He?s the most generous human I?ve ever met, he deserves more than we could ever give him:)

  173. My dad is definitely a rockstar! He goes above and beyond to help me whenever I need it. He would drive any amount of miles for me and is just genuinely a kind guy. He would give up everything to help me! Words cannot even describe how wonderful my dad is! He would go crazy for the Butcher box!!!

  174. My husband would love to win the butcher box for Father?s Day. He is always working hard on the grill and smoker.

  175. This would actually be for my husband. He is such an incredible father. He works 50+ hours a week while going to school full time. We have two (Almost three ??) kids and he takes what little free time he has and showers us all with love and attention. If anyone is deserving it?s my husband.

  176. My husband is a great dad bc he works nonstop but still plays like a kid when he is with our kiddos!

  177. The father in my life that I would love to win this is my amazing husband. He is a firefighter emt and has been dealing with kidney stones since he was about 13. Recently, just before mother?s day, he began battling another stone. He had a long battle with the stone and a kidney infection before being able to get the surgery needed to break up the stone so he could pass it. Fast forward one week and he had the same procedure on his other kidney to break up another one that was too big to be passed and was on the brink of causing pain. Fast forward another four days and he was rushed to the hospital by his coworkers due to such intense pain he was vomiting and not able to move. I can?t wait for this to be over for him. He is dealing with so much and still trying to work and provide for his family. I am pregnant with our third and he is being sweet and supportive through his own discomfort. He is an amazing husband and father. Our kids love him and can not wait to spend time with him when he is off work. He deserves something good in his life after all this junk the last month!

  178. I would love to be able to give my husband, from my kids either the Reebok Nano?s or the Teansform App. My hubby just found out that he has some health conditions and since I have been on a transformation journey for 6 months now, I would love for him to join me and get his body back to healthy. He has been supporting me in everything I am doing to live a healthy life and now it?s my turn to support him.

  179. I just left a comment about how great my dad is ? now I?m leaving a comment to how great my husband is! I?ve been truly blessed to have these 2 men in my life! My husband just became a Dad on November 15 and let me tell you! He is such an amazing Father and husband. He too has such a big heart and works so hard to make sure our little family is taken care of! Even though I know he?s tired after work he always makes time for our Littke one! We have been through a lot this past year and he has been nothing but supportive and hands on with our sweet baby boy! Being a father came naturally to him and I am just so thankful to God for sending him to me!

  180. I?d ?? to win a butcher?s box for my husband. He works so hard to support our 3 growing boys and I everyday. He is super busy and overwhelmed with clients, but seems to carve out time to show he love for all of us. He is the most serving man, still opening my door for me and waits for me to be ready to eat before he touches his food. We?ve met at 15 and 18 years of age and this would be so special coming from you guys since we would watch 1 year transformation as a family. Thanks you for putting this special out and always being a postitive influence in so many lives. ?

  181. I would love for my dad to win the Butcher Box subscription, but I?m sure he would be happy with any of these gifts! Words can?t even describe how much he means to me. My real dad passed away when I was seven and my mom got re-married when I was ten. My step-dad has two kids of his own but raised me as I was his own daughter. He always puts his children first no matter how busy he is and he is a very busy guy! I have such a close bond with him and I feel so fortunate to call him dad! ??

  182. Butcher box or the Redbox!…. honestly my husband would love any of the above!

    My husband has blown me away by how amazing and easy he stepped into fatherhood. We have a new born (2months old) and we both run on no sleep… of course! He helps middle of the night feedings, makes sure I have ?me? time and sends me out of the house for girls night a few times a month, works full time plus some, and still puts a smile on my face at the end of everyday. In the mists of the crazy survival mode with a newborn, he is also currently building a brand new physical therapy business from the ground up! He makes it all look so easy even though I know he is stressed and tired. I?ve never heard him complain once through all the craziness our life is throwing at us this year!

  183. Heidi,
    I would love to win any of these items for my son. He is a single father who gives his all to his daughter. He works in road construction and puts himself in danger of getting hit by cars every day. he actually has been hit once already. He spends every spare moment with my granddaughter who will be 5 this month. He has taken on the role of mother and father with pride. He has overcome many past obstacles like drug use and getting into trouble. Once he had his daughter, he became a new man. He works long hours to give her everything he can. She is his princess and he would lay down his life for her. I am so very proud of the man and father he has become. So many men could not handle being a single father, especially to a girl. He has done it beaming with pride and joy. He is the man all should aim to be.

  184. This Wednesday, June 13th, will be the day my husband becomes a Father with our first child. I would love to not only share the gift of our Son, but also give him the Nanos for his first Father?s Day! Please consider us for this sweepstakes and help us celebrate this beautiful day of a wonderful US Army Captain becoming a Father:)

  185. My dad is indescribably important to me. He deserves the world. But if I can’t give him that, I would love to give him that butcher box!

  186. Hello Heidi! I would love for my Amazing husband Beau to win a fabulous Fathers Day Gift. He works 60 hours a week welding and he is a part time mechanic in the side. We both care for two children. Our oldest is disabled with Angelman Syndrome and 17 years old. The older our son gets my availability to work becomes less. Beau works so hard to take care of us and never gets to rest or take a break. He deserves some extra specials loves this year. My Dad Norm is the best Dad ever. He has always been there for me when I need him. Still to this day at 38 years old he still helps his daughter. He worked hard for years providing for our family growing up and he?s getting so much older and I would love to surprise him this year as financially it?s hard to do anything extra. Thankyou ?

  187. I would love to win the nano 8.0s for my dad! I am a military wife and my dad gets up and helps me move across the country every time I have to. This last trip he flew to Alaska and moved me down to Arizona. The new shoes could help him do this in style for our next move. ?? He always flies to me, helps me pack up, and navigates the whole way. He is such a trooper and definitely deserves them.

  188. My Dad is such an amazing man! He has taught me to always put God first, respect others, work hard, laugh always, to love unconditionally and to always love our family. He is one of the most selfless men that I know! He has such a giving heart! He would give everything he has to those in need if he could. He has worked hard his whole life to provide for our family. My dad is such a positive light in our family with such joy and happiness! If you ever meet him you would see it the moment he says hello to you! I?m so lucky and blessed to have him as my father!

  189. Gosh, how surprising it is to type out how special my husband (to our 10 month old daughter) is and how incredibly deserving he is with eyes welling up. First of all, Douglas has such a selfless heart. When asked what I love about him, that is what I will tell our daughter. In that alone is a special trait that I want, that I wish for her to learn from him. To be selfless in a world where it?s so easy to be selfish. This is why my husband is deserving, in my eyes. He takes care of all before himself. My heart is full and content in the offerings he has to the world and our daughter has that heart, that example streaming through her.

    I wouldn?t ask for anything more.

    All of that to say a rainy or sunny Sunday morning with (banana) pancakes would be a wonderful memory for our family for his FIRST Father?s Day.

  190. Butcher Box!

    My husband is one of the sweetest, selfless, most patient man out there. He works 15 hr days without a complaint, and when he comes home, he puts all his effort into our four kids. He goes above and beyond for his family. Any of the gifts would be great. He is a big red meat lover, a runner, and he loves yetti which would be perfect for when he?s working outside this summer!

  191. Heidi-

    I would love to win the Reebok Nano?s for my hardworking selfless husband. We entered a new season in our life and it has been a trial for our marriage and our job as new parents. We had a new baby, 2 weeks later he started a new job and we moved. Without going into details my husband decided this year to take care of his health both physically and mentally. I could not be more proud of him because it has not been easy! He has been doing this for himself all while still providing and working for our new little family. No matter what he still shows up as a father and a husband. For that he is the best father on the planet in my eyes.


  192. I would love for my husband to have the YETI RAMBLER. Both of my fathers (bio/step dad) have passed in last 3 years. Otherwise I would have entered for them. My husband is an active duty submariner who sacrifices daily for our 3 kids and myself. We had the pleasure of running ?near? Chris at the Honolulu marathon when he was running w Sara. We have always been big fans. Your marriage and lifestyle is inspiring. We are about to be apart mid July for almost 6 months due to his work. It?s the least I can do for him working so hard to make ours life?s as comfortable as possible. Thank you for reading πŸ™‚ -Angie (proudest Navy wife ever) Go Bid Red USS Nebraska Gold

  193. I would love to be able to give my dad the butcher box!! He is so self less and I can?t ever repay him for how awesome he has raised us kiddos! He?s someone who would drop anything to help someone else. Through a tragic family loss of my brother, he?s persevered and shown the family how to be strong and pray. My soon to be husband reminds me a lot of my dad in the sense that he?s hardworking, handy, and just an overall genuine person who anyone is lucky to be around. Thanks for your consideration!

  194. This was some awesome list! The Dad in my life deserves one of these gifts because he gives everything he has to our two girls! From coaching sports to playing dolls Nestor does it all!! He?s truly a super dad, and deserves the world!!!

  195. My dad is the ultimate superstar and greatest man on Earth!?? He has supported me through every journey, venture, and crazy decision along the way. He inspires me to live a healthy, joyful, well-balanced life and gives me the tools to do so. I would love to surprise him with the butcher box because he loves to grill for everyone and it would be a great family day!

  196. Wow! All of those prizes look amazing. I would actually love to win any of these bit those Reebok Nano shoes are sweet for my husband. He is an amazing dad to our 4 little kids and we have 1 in the way! He works hard everyday for us and always makes time for all of us when he is home. He loves to workout but sometimes puts it on hold just to spend more time with us so the app and those shoes would be great for him!

  197. My husband is the ultimate dad! He has 4 gorgeous daughters who adore him. Working selfishly and doing anything and everything to make us happy and proud of him. He is giving of his time helping others and is an incredible cook. Without him cooking we would starve! He just started working out again after a heart attack several years ago and he has low self esteem I would love for him to win the caddy to get the Apple Watch to get him going on his fitness routine again.

    1. Hi Jenn! You’re the winner of the Custom Leather Catchall Valet Tray by Northwind Supply! I emailed you at the email address connected to your blog comment, but I haven’t heard back from you yet. Please send me your complete shipping information including complete name, address, and telephone number, and we’ll get your prize shipped to you ASAP! πŸ™‚ Congratulations!!! [email protected]

  198. Definitely the ButcherBox gift!!! And my husband, father to our three precious kiddos and my high school sweetheart (married 15years!!!) is one of the best husbands and dads out there. Amazing man in all aspects of his life, career and relationships!!! This would be the best gift ever!!!! And we live in Fountain Hills AZ, so HELLO neighbors!!! ?

  199. I would love to win the butcher box for my husband. This is his 1st Father?s Day. He is in the Marine Corps and my daughter and I have already moved home. We are going to see him for Father?s Day and would love this gift. Even from thousands of miles away he is so great to our daughter. Her face lights up when he FaceTimes us. He works so hard for us and for or cou try I would love to give him something he can really enjoy. Thank you so much. I love watching all your instagram stories

  200. The butcher box! My dad is special to me because he taught me how to work hard. He deserves some yummy meat to cook up after his long days at work!

  201. My dad just lost his step dad. He lost his bio dad when he was a little kid. He is the strongest man I know and I could only hope that I can follow in his footsteps of being a great parent! I love my dad so much!

  202. My stepfather Steve is a great dad ! He came into the situation at a young age and immediately took a father role. He taught me everything I know today and made the guy I am. He is now a Grandfather !! ?

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