Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide for Any Dad + $800 Value Giveaway!!

As many of you know, Father’s Day is SUPER special in our house because we celebrate not only one, BUT 2 very special dads. While having a blended family may have its challenges (doesn’t EVERY family?!), the perks far outweigh the downside…like we get twice the amount of support, love, life lessons, and…birthday gifts (wink, wink) for all the kiddos. πŸ˜‰ Also, both dads, Derek and Chris, have such diverse interests, tastes, talents, and life perspectives?yet the same goal for happy, productive, and successful kiddos?so our kiddos get to soak it all up, molding them into 4 incredible little beings.

I may be no Martha Stewart (says I for the 5 millionth time on this site), but I DO happen to specialize in overdoing holidays around here and buying WAY too much for those I love (Legit. It’s a problem). Father’s Day this year is no exception! BY FAR… the best Father’s Day Gift Guide I have ever done. These are 25 items you’ll want to hop on and buy before they run out…or at least bookmark and remember for Christmas. They’re that good, trust me.

BONUS: I’m giving away over $800 in gifts featured below for YOU to give to your man/dad/brother/grandpa! Yes…our favorite 8 of 25 gifts are up for grabs and sure to help the dad in your life have the best Father’s Day ever! Giveaway items + entry info listed at the bottom of the blog below the gift guides. 


Now let’s start shopping my Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide. First up…Gifts for the BBQ + Foodie Obsessed Dad. Surprisingly, Mr. Chris Powell, himself, definitely qualifies for this. I think any dad who closes their eyes and sways to music that isn’t even playing as they eat delicious food qualifies as a BBQ Obsessed + Foodie Dad.

  • Butcher Box: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $175** And even if I wasn’t giving this one away, I’d say it’s a MUST TRY, or at least a must learn if you don’t already know much about it. All Dad’s favorite meats delivered directly to his doorstep, ready to either cook or freeze! Talk about making nutrition fast, easy, fun, healthy, and delicious…ButcherBox does this for you. This “fresh meat direct to your doorstep” approach is a home run, period. If you are following Chris on social media, you know the passion this man has for all things grill-related?and really all things FOOD (eh hem…closed eyes, swaying to the silence when food hits his lips)!! This is 100% on our Father?s Day list again this year (and already ordered for Chris) because it was such a hit last year! The perfect gift for the grill master in your life. Butcher Box’s mission is to bring grass-fed beef to the world, focusing on the animal, planet, and environment, not to mention people’s health. You can choose from their curated mixes of high quality beef, chicken, or pork?or customize your own?and they ship right to your door. Packed and ready to grill up a storm! BONUS…it comes with bacon. πŸ˜‰

  • Big Daddy’s Cookin’ set by Knack: **GIVEAWAY ITEM** ?He?s the King of his castle and Master of his grill,? couldn?t describe the big daddy around our house any better! Their collection of culinary goodness starring the Big Daddy’s Kitchen tea towel by That Black Dot, two intensely flavorful spice rubs for steak and salmon by Seattle chef Tom Douglas, and a three-pack of Theo Chocolate’s Big Daddy Marshmallows (a hunky confection of handmade graham crackers, slick vanilla caramel, and marshmallow smothered in dark chocolate and alderwood smoked milk chocolate). If you’ve ordered the Butcher Box (and I’m serious, you really should), this is the perfect add-on gift for the grill master in your life. 
  • Pizza Float: Even with a BBQ that’s about to commence, you can still enjoy some pizza! For the same cost of a large pepperoni pizza, you can buy dad an even BIGGER pizza (because bigger is better, right?!) with LESS calories. Because summer?s coming and #washboardabs. Plus, the kids love playing on this kind of stuff with dad.
  • Chambray Grilling Apron by Williams Sonoma: The only thing sexier than a man in an apron grilling burgers is a man in an apron…grilling burgers, doing dishes, changing laundry, scrubbing toilets, and smiling every step of the way! #InMyDreams. But really…further solidifying his role as King of the Grill (and maybe even the kitchen), this personalized neutral grey apron will at least keep him cooking and looking like Rico Suave while doing so! BONUS: It’s on sale for $16 right now.
  • Romford Non-Stick BBQ Topper with Cast Aluminum Handle: Because every grill master needs something for those “hard to grill foods” that normally fall through the grates on the BBQ. Chris loves this for grilling tons of different veggies, seafood, and bananas (yes…they’re amazing!). Your man needs one…and this one’s really well-priced.


Gifts for the Manly Man. Does this topic really need an explanation? I mean, c’mon…what dad ISN’T spending his time, energy, and LIFE attempting to stake claim on his manliness in any way possible?? Or maybe it’s just Chris? Ha!! But really…Chris has ALL FOUR of these gifts below and legit loves them! And if you watch our Instagram stories or have followed us for long enough, you’ve seen at least TWO of these items. One of them is included in the giveaway!

  • Man Crates: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth up to $100** From grilling crates, to beef jerky and ammo crates, to knife making crates, to whiskey and bourbon crates?Man Crates has a crate to suit ANY dad?s personality! Chris’ favorite? The Outdoor Survival Ammo Can complete with beef jerky, survival knife, and, of course, the ammo can…along with much more! If, for some crazy reason, you aren?t able to find a crate to match your man’s style, they?ll even customize a crate for him. The creativity was taken to another level on this?you?ll want to give these a look. 
  • 6 Shooter Fidget Spinner: Chris CANNOT get enough of this childish/manly fidget spinner, and I can?t recommend it enough for other dads! Not only does it give him a little rough and tough to carry around, but it helps relieve his daily anxiety and stress too.
  • Swiss Army KnifeBecause Chris is ALWAYS losing his, Father?s Day is the perfect time to restore his misplaced Swiss Army Knife AND restore his manhood!
  • John Wayne BoardshortsChris Powell circa 2008?and he still rocks these proudly! Pair these with the pizza float, lean meats from the Butcher Box, and his Club Monaco Shave kit, and pops will be looking mighty fine at the pool this year!


Gifts for the Stylish Dad. For the guy who appreciates some of the finer things in life, these sleek, sophisticated, and super sexy gifts (ie. the undies ;)) are sure to please. One of these bad boys (for the stylish boy, of course) is an item in our giveaway. Scroll down and get shopping. 

  • Custom Leather Catchall Valet Tray by Northwind Supply: **GIVEAWAY ITEM** For all of dad?s junk?because we know his pockets are full! And a place for all of his coins to collect so the wifey can sneak quarters for her coffee every now and then. Chris has no idea, but he’s getting one of these babies for Father’s Day this year…complete and personalized with his name!
  • Emoji Snacks Boxer Briefs: No words. Just…perfection. Ruby is dying over these and is certain dad needs them. Ha!
  • Ray Ban Wayfarers Folding Sunglasses: For the OG Cool Dads who are movie stars in their own right, these folding sunglasses give an even more updated feel to the classic Wayfarer style. Just fold them up and pack them away for easy storage?perfect for the dad on the go, and he’ll even look cool by the pool! 
  • Club Monaco Shave Kit:For the hubby, for the dad, for the pubescent teen?who is (hopefully) not a daddy yet, but deserves some TLC on a day that celebrates his future role! Why do I love this gift so much? 1. Because it?s cute, stylish, and super manly (let?s stroke that ego this month, ladies), and 2. Because it?s a start to finish kit for the ultimate shave?you know, the kind where your man?s face feels like a baby?s bottom?! The only thing missing is the razors. And, because I, Heidi Powell, am the one who gets crap when there are no fresh razors in the house to groom his ever flourishing bushy body, I LOVE the Dollar Shave Club. It?s affordable, keeps the drawer stocked and also sends some yummy smelling man-product each month too! I swear?as I LOSE hair on my head, he GROWS it in abundance on his body (err?ears, nose, and other places it never existed before). Needless to say, having fresh razors keeps him happy and you out of trouble.
  • Apple Watch: Dad can finally stay connected without being connected to his phone! A day has yet to pass since Chris got his Apple Watch that he hasn?t worn it?he will even occasionally LEAVE his phone behind to run errands with the family! Dream come true for the kiddos AND dad, feeling like a weight has been lifted off his super strong and amazing chest. πŸ˜‰ If the dad in your life is anything like most dads, upgrade his usually dead or almost dead iPhone/Apple watch with a travel charger. They come in at about $60 and make a world of difference for both you and dad! BONUS: You can buy bands both at Apple AND on Amazon (for a fraction of the price!). Chris may be getting one or two of these this Father?s Day?here are the ones I?m choosing between.


Gifts for the Fitness Loving Dad. Our most stacked category for the giveaway is this one right here. Well, of course…because we eat, sleep, and breathe fitness! Three of these five items are being given away (value totaling almost $400!), and FOUR out of the five are things Chris owns, loves, and SWEARS keeps him moving. Give dad the gift of fitness this year and shop below.

  • Yeti One Gallon Rambler:  **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $130**Help dad stay hydrated this summer by equipping him with one of Chris’ staples. Legit, he never leaves home without this water-filled kettlebell?I mean, water jug. Keeps drinks cool throughout the entire day, and it is seriously so heavy with water added, he?ll get an added workout in just by carrying it! BONUS: Add a silicone straw to drink the water faster for those of us who struggle with drinking a lot of water!
  • Reebok CrossFit Nano 8.0 FlexWeave shoes: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $130** When Nanos meet FlexWeave, magic happens. Reeboks’ newest styles are sure to make any man happy this Father?s Day. These, in particular, are the most versatile shoe we’ve found and will make you feel like you?re walking on clouds?just what dad needs for long days spent on his feet.
  • Bose SoundSport In-Ear HeadphonesIf the dad in your life is anything like Chris, he appreciates the fact that music moves you, but also prefers a more simple and classic look during his workouts. You can never go wrong with a great set of headphones for Father’s Day. 
  • Bombas SocksBecause dad?s socks always seem to have holes, and Bombas donates a pair to the homeless for every pair that?s purchased, these are the perfect functional and feel good gift! Doesn?t get much better than that. So many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from?go check ?em out.
  • The TRANSFORM App: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $120** Give the gift of fitness and a totally customized transformation this year with The TRANSFORM App! He’ll get a plan specially made for him, complete with nutrition planning, recipes, and a workout program that adjusts as dad progress towards his goals. Chris and I will be guiding him through every step of the way!


Gifts for Every Dad (and Their Family). I?ll be honest here: I love giving gifts (as I mentioned above) and truly don’t expect anything in return. But it IS a total bonus when the gift pays itself forward and gives back to the others in your life you love so much!  These gifts are not only thoughtful, but your family will bond over and reap the benefits of these gifts long after Father?s Day is over!

  • Sunday Morning Pancakes set by Knack**GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $70** And for the Queen of his castle (and his LIFE!), the gift that keeps giving?a gourmet pancake set for Father?s Day breakfast. Truth be told, Chris isn?t much of a pancake person, but his kiddos and his wife (me!) are. So I guess technically I?ll be buying this gift to gift to myself and the kids?because happy wife, happy life, right? Savor the sleepy Sunday morning ritual of pancakes and coffee with a little help from Knack. To complete the theme, they’ve added a cute Flapjacks towel made of absorbent 100% cotton flour sack?perfect for sticky hands.
  • Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot MassagerSpeaking of dad?s poor tired feet (above with the socks and shoes)?Father?s Day isn?t complete without a foot rub, and he?ll make sure to tell you so! Save your hand muscles by splurging on this Electric Foot Massager. This Father?s Day gift a couple years back was the BEST investment we?ve ever made in Chris! And our hands?wink, wink! It?s a good thing Chris has one of these cuz #IDontDoFeet. With selectable heat, rollers, and air compression, the is sure to please Dad…just like it does Chris!
  • Wooden Chess Set: The kids? and Chris? latest obsession?gaming. And for once, I don?t mean online! Have your kiddos buy dad a chessboard this year to build bonds and learn strategy. A few other favorite games for some quality time with dad are Pie Face, Elefun, and Mousetrap (brings back so many good childhood memories, right!?).
  • Kinetic Sand: Sandboxes aren’t just for kids anymore. Nope…they’re also for highly successful CEOs and business owners, often found right on top of their desks and used as a stress and anxiety relief tool. Chris and I both have an adult sandbox in our office, but when the kiddos visit, you better believe it’s just as much for them as it is for us! A must for dad.
  • Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker: Currently, Chris and the kids are building a legit lemonade and snow cone stand for a little daddy/child bonding time project. The only problem is that we don’t have a snow cone maker! This is at the top of the list for Father’s Day this year, according to our kids!

And finally, the giveaway. To recap, we are giving away over $800 in Father’s Day gifts (one gift to each winner, for EIGHT total winners) including:


To Enter to Win simply:

  1. Follow @realheidipowell and @butcher_box  on Instagram, and tag a friend who would also want to see this giveaway! Then… 
  2. Comment below telling me the item you want to win and HOW the dad in your life is so special to you and WHY he deserves this gift.

**I will choose ONE winner for EACH gift, totaling EIGHT (8) Father’s Day gift winners. You can enter to win for EACH gift by doing separate comments/entries. Entries are unlimited.

**Winner will be chosen Wednesday, June 13, at midnight and announced the next day.

Good luck…and happy shopping!



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216 Responses

  1. I would love to be able to give my dad the butcher box!! He is so self less and I can?t ever repay him for how awesome he has raised us kiddos! He?s someone who would drop anything to help someone else. Through a tragic family loss of my brother, he?s persevered and shown the family how to be strong and pray. My soon to be husband reminds me a lot of my dad in the sense that he?s hardworking, handy, and just an overall genuine person who anyone is lucky to be around. Thanks for your consideration!

  2. This was some awesome list! The Dad in my life deserves one of these gifts because he gives everything he has to our two girls! From coaching sports to playing dolls Nestor does it all!! He?s truly a super dad, and deserves the world!!!

  3. My dad is the ultimate superstar and greatest man on Earth!?? He has supported me through every journey, venture, and crazy decision along the way. He inspires me to live a healthy, joyful, well-balanced life and gives me the tools to do so. I would love to surprise him with the butcher box because he loves to grill for everyone and it would be a great family day!

  4. Wow! All of those prizes look amazing. I would actually love to win any of these bit those Reebok Nano shoes are sweet for my husband. He is an amazing dad to our 4 little kids and we have 1 in the way! He works hard everyday for us and always makes time for all of us when he is home. He loves to workout but sometimes puts it on hold just to spend more time with us so the app and those shoes would be great for him!

  5. My husband is the ultimate dad! He has 4 gorgeous daughters who adore him. Working selfishly and doing anything and everything to make us happy and proud of him. He is giving of his time helping others and is an incredible cook. Without him cooking we would starve! He just started working out again after a heart attack several years ago and he has low self esteem I would love for him to win the caddy to get the Apple Watch to get him going on his fitness routine again.

    1. Hi Jenn! You’re the winner of the Custom Leather Catchall Valet Tray by Northwind Supply! I emailed you at the email address connected to your blog comment, but I haven’t heard back from you yet. Please send me your complete shipping information including complete name, address, and telephone number, and we’ll get your prize shipped to you ASAP! πŸ™‚ Congratulations!!! [email protected]

  6. Definitely the ButcherBox gift!!! And my husband, father to our three precious kiddos and my high school sweetheart (married 15years!!!) is one of the best husbands and dads out there. Amazing man in all aspects of his life, career and relationships!!! This would be the best gift ever!!!! And we live in Fountain Hills AZ, so HELLO neighbors!!! ?

  7. I would love to win the butcher box for my husband. This is his 1st Father?s Day. He is in the Marine Corps and my daughter and I have already moved home. We are going to see him for Father?s Day and would love this gift. Even from thousands of miles away he is so great to our daughter. Her face lights up when he FaceTimes us. He works so hard for us and for or cou try I would love to give him something he can really enjoy. Thank you so much. I love watching all your instagram stories

  8. The butcher box! My dad is special to me because he taught me how to work hard. He deserves some yummy meat to cook up after his long days at work!

  9. My dad just lost his step dad. He lost his bio dad when he was a little kid. He is the strongest man I know and I could only hope that I can follow in his footsteps of being a great parent! I love my dad so much!

  10. My stepfather Steve is a great dad ! He came into the situation at a young age and immediately took a father role. He taught me everything I know today and made the guy I am. He is now a Grandfather !! ?

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