Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide for Any Dad + A Giveaway!!

This guy. What can I say about the man who is loved and adored and inspired by so many already?! While Chris and I are very open about our personal struggles, our (at times) roller coaster of a marriage, and the highs and lows of co-parenting and a blended family, at the end of the day, there’s one thing about Chris I’ve never second-guessed: his abilities as a father. Everything this guy does in life he does 250%, and that goes doubly for his role as “dad”!

I know I always say this, but I’m no Pinterest mom or wife. If you’re anything like me, last minute gifts are sometimes the name of the game at our house. Regardless, I DO specialize in overdoing holidays?even if they may arrive a day late. ? Father’s Day this year is no exception! Here are the top last minute Father’s Day gifts for that special guy in your life.

BONUS: I’m giving away over $2,300 in gifts featured below for YOU to give to your man/dad/brother/grandpa! These giveaway items are sure to help the dad in your life have the best Father’s Day ever! Giveaway items + entry info listed at the bottom of the blog below the gift guides.?


Now let’s start shopping my Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide.

First up: Gifts for the Outdoorsy Dad.?For the guy who appreciates the outdoors, these items are sure to elevate his camping and outdoor activities, so scroll down and get shopping! Plus, three of these items are included in this giveaway!

  • CoalatreeπŸ˜• **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth up to $79** No one wants to go on a camping trip with tons of things. That’s why this is perfect for the outdoorsy dad. It’s a blanket, travel pillow, light sleeping bag, or even an emergency poncho. It’s perfectly adaptive for all adventures.
  • Radiate CampfireπŸ˜• **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth up to $25** If you’re a Sharktank junky, you’ve probably seen these amazing portable campfires. If not, let me introduce you to a game-changing item for any camping trip. Radiate Portable Campfires are made with sustainable, 100% recycled materials, so whether you?re looking to roast marshmallows in the backyard or go backpacking in the mountains, you?ll have an easy way to enjoy a campfire.
  • Klymit Camping Pillow: As frequent travelers, Chris and I love these for both outdoors and hotels. You know that feeling when your pillow is too soft and too squishy and you get a terrible night’s sleep? These pillows are the cure, and they are super tiny for packing. We use them by blowing them up all the way, slipping them under the hotel pillows, and then slowly letting the air out until the pillow is at maximum comfort. Plus, if you order them today, last minute mamas, you can get them by Father’s Day thanks to Amazon Prime.
  • Wolfgang Man and Beast Loki Leather Collar: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth up to $49** What’s a camping trip or hike without man’s best friend? With a leathery twist, these collars and leashes have powder-coated steel hardware and a hexagon-enamel charm. You guys, they are such a stylish accessory for the pup, and they’re durable too, making them hassle-free for dog and dad.

Gifts for the Stylish Dad.?For the guy who appreciates some of the finer things in life, these sleek, sophisticated, and environmentally safe gifts are sure to please. Two of these bad boys (for the stylish boy, of course) are an item in our giveaway!

  • Ray-Ban Wayfarers Folding Sunglasses: For the OG Cool Dads who are movie stars in their own right, these folding sunglasses give an even more updated feel to the classic Wayfarer style. Just fold them up and pack them away for easy storage?perfect for the dad on the go, and he?ll even look cool by the pool! Bonus, these ship in one day from Amazon Prime, and if you’re on a budget, these folding sunglasses are just as cool for under $70.
  • NOMATIC Backpack: **GIVEAWAY ITEM?worth up to $200** On the outside, these bags look like the sleekest backpack dad has ever seen, but they are the ultimate in travel. Chris loves this bag because it features a removable panel for Chris’ love, I mean laptop, plus a shoe and compartment divider. It’s organization and packing to the extreme, in the best way.
  • Apple Watch: Dad can finally stay connected without being connected to his phone! It’s probably no surprise that not a day has passed since Chris got his Apple Watch that he hasn?t worn it. He will even occasionally LEAVE his phone behind to run errands with the family! Dream come true for the kiddos AND dad.
  • Beautycounter “Counterman” Collection: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $209** Chris loves these products because Beautycounter is all about clean beauty! Yes, the dad in your life deserves his own beauty regimen, and this stuff delivers! Give him safer products this year with this collection that was made specifically to care for your man’s skin and facial hair.

Gifts for the Manly Man.?Does this topic really need an explanation? I mean, c’mon…what dad ISN’T spending his time, energy, and LIFE attempting to stake a claim on his manliness in any way possible?? Or maybe it’s just Chris? Ha!! But really…Chris has ALL FOUR of these gifts below and legit loves them!?And if you watch our Instagram stories or have followed us for long enough, you’ve seen at least TWO of these items.?One of them is included in the giveaway!

  • G2G Bars:?**GIVEAWAY ITEM?worth up to $160** Honestly, what’s more manly than getting 18g of protein in a bar you can eat while you’re putting out fires, changing a stinky diaper, having the “when a boy becomes a man” talk or strapping the tents and sleeping bags to the top of the van? Dads don’t have time to stop and it’s important they keep their energy levels high. G2G bars are the perfect thing to have around the house.
  • 6 Shooter Fidget Spinner: Chris CANNOT get enough of this childish/manly fidget spinner, and I can?t recommend it enough for other dads too! Not only does it give him a little rough and tough to carry around, but it helps relieve his daily anxiety and stress too.
  • Swiss Army KnifeπŸ˜•Because Chris is ALWAYS losing his knife, Father?s Day is the perfect time to restore his misplaced Swiss Army Knife AND restore his manhood!
  • John Wayne BoardshortsπŸ˜•Chris Powell circa 2008?and he still rocks these proudly! Pair these with some Counterman face lotion and a pair of sunglasses, and pops will be looking mighty fine at the pool this year!

Gifts for the Fitness Loving Dad.?Our most stacked category for the giveaway is this one right here. Well, of course…because we eat, sleep, and breathe fitness!? These are all things Chris owns, loves, and SWEARS keep him moving. Give dad the gift of fitness this year and shop below.

  • Yeti One Gallon Rambler:??Help dad stay hydrated this summer by equipping him with one of Chris’ staples. Legit, he never leaves home without this water-filled kettlebell?I mean, water jug. It keeps drinks cool throughout the entire day, and it is seriously so heavy with water added that he?ll get an added workout in just by carrying it! BONUS: Add a silicone straw to drink the water faster for those dads who struggle with drinking a lot of water! Order on Amazon Prime for super quick shipping!
  • Reebok items: **GIVEAWAY ITEMS?worth $195** Chris loves these Reebok Nano CrossFit shoes, sweat-wicking shorts, and comfy tee so much that I’m giving them to him for Father’s Day. What fitness loving dad wouldn’t appreciate these?!
  • Bombas SocksπŸ˜•Because dad?s socks always seem to have holes, and Bombas donates a pair to the homeless for every pair that?s purchased, these are the perfect functional and feel good gift! Doesn?t get much better than that. So many styles, colors, and patterns to choose from?go check ?em out.
  • The TRANSFORM App:?**GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $120**?Give the gift of fitness and a totally customized transformation this year with The TRANSFORM App! Dad’ll get a plan specially made for him complete with nutrition planning, recipes, and a workout program that adjusts as dad progress towards his goals. Chris and I will be guiding him through every step of the way!
  • Chris + Heidi Boost Shot: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $335** For the dad who needs a boost of energy and focus while staying on his fitness journey, these are the perfect gift.? Boost Shot is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks that tastes delicious, aids fat loss, and gives dad a boost of energy and focus. Giveaway is for a 1 year supply.
  • Chris + Heidi Low Carb Meal Replacement Shake Powder: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $500**?If dad loves fitness as much as we do, these shakes are perfect, especially for the busy dad on the go. Our meal replacement shakes are designed to give dad the full nutrition of a healthy meal?vitamins, fiber, protein, and fats?all in a low calorie shake, providing the nutrition his body needs for weight loss while limiting his daily calories. Giveaway is for a 1 year supply.

Gifts for Every Dad (And Their Family). I?ll be honest here: I love giving gifts (as I mentioned above) and truly don’t expect anything in return. But it IS a total bonus when the gift pays itself forward and gives back to the others in your life you love so much! ?These gifts are not only thoughtful, but your family will bond over and reap the benefits of these gifts long after Father?s Day is over!

  • Night Lights Event: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $330** If you haven’t heard of Night Lights, this is a family experience that dad and the kiddos will be talking about for years to come. Night Lights is a sky lantern festival. This giveaway includes 4 tickets, a campfire, and $40 in credit to any of the upcoming events.
  • Brookstone F4 Shiatsu Foot Massager: I know I had this last year, but dad’s feet are probably still tired, and Father?s Day isn?t complete without a foot rub, and he?ll make sure to tell you so! Save your hand muscles by splurging on this Electric Foot Massager. This Father?s Day gift a couple of years back was the BEST investment we?ve ever made in Chris! And our hands. Wink, wink! It?s a good thing Chris has one of these cuz #IDontDoFeet. With selectable heat, rollers, and air compression, this sure to please Dad, just like it pleases Chris!
  • Wooden Chess Set:?The kids? and Chris? latest obsession?gaming. And for once, I don?t mean online! Have your kiddos buy dad a chessboard this year to build bonds and learn strategy.?A few other favorite games for some quality time with dad are Elefun and Mousetrap (brings back so many good childhood memories, right?!).
  • Kinetic Sand: Sandboxes aren’t just for kids anymore. Nope. They’re also for highly successful CEOs and business owners, often found right on top of their desks and used as a stress and anxiety relief tool. Chris and I both have an adult sandbox in our office, but when the kiddos visit, you better believe it’s just as much for them as it is for us! A must for dad.
  • Cubcoats: **GIVEAWAY ITEM worth $50** Ok, it’s true. These are for kids, but Chris is a big Star Wars fans, and any time we can travel with the kiddos with fewer bags, the better. These 2-in-1 stuffed animals transform into a soft hoodie. What dad doesn’t want to turn his kid into Chewbacca? 1 winner will get to pick one of the three Star Wars options on their site!


And finally, the giveaway. To recap, we are giving away over $2,300 in Father’s Day gifts (one gift to each winner, for TWELVE total winners) including:

  • CoalatreeπŸ˜• It’s a blanket, travel pillow, light sleeping bag, or even an emergency poncho. It’s perfectly adaptive for all adventures. $79 value.? Winner: Rachel Gastrow (@rachelgastrow)
  • RadiateπŸ˜• 4 Portable Campfires made with sustainable, 100% recycled materials, so whether you?re looking to roast marshmallows in the backyard or go backpacking in the mountains, you?ll have an easy way to enjoy a campfire. $100 value . Winner: Emily Fetter (@e_brake)
  • Wolfgang Man and Beast LokiLeather Dog CollarπŸ˜• Dog collar and leash with powder-coated steel hardware and a hexagon-enamel charm. Value up to $49 . Winner: @wendyakleiber
  • Reebok items: CrossFit shoes, sweat-wicking shorts, and comfy tee! $195 Value.? Winner: Rosa Catalan (@rosa_cc)
  • The TRANSFORM AppπŸ˜•One year with us on The TRANSFORM App will be the gift that truly keeps giving. When Dad is happy, everyone will be happy. $120 value . Winner: @jessroussel
  • Chris + Heidi Boost ShotπŸ˜• 1 year of Boost Shot, a healthy alternative to sugary drinks that tastes delicious, aids fat loss, and gives you a boost of energy and focus. $335 value . Winner: Inna Bodkin (@innabodkin)
  • Chris + Heidi Low Carb Meal Replacement Shake Powder: 1 year of our meal replacement shakes that are designed to give dad the full nutrition of a healthy meal?including vitamins, fiber, protein, and fats?all in a low-calorie shake. $500 value? Winner: @djgonzo23
  • G2G Bars: 8 variety pack boxes (8 bars to a box) $160 value Winner: Beth Tupper (@batupp)
  • Night Lights Event: Night Lights is a sky lantern festival. This giveaway includes 4 tickets, a campfire, and $40 in credit to any of the upcoming events. $330 value Winner: @kdizzlec_01
  • Cubcoats: ?2-in-1 stuffed animals transform into a soft hoodie. Pick one of the three Star Wars options on their site! $50 value Winner: Dana Clemmons (@whozanne)
  • Beautycounter “Counterman” Collection: $209 value . Winner: @elizabethanderson
  • NOMATIC Backpack: Chris’ favorite travel backpack. $200 value . Winner: Dane Jensen (@grizzliedane)

There will be 12 winners total and each winner will win ones of the items. To Enter to Win simply:

  1. Follow me and like the most recent Instagram post on my account @realheidipowell
  2. (On that same post)… Tag a deserving dad and comment with your favorite item!

Want extra entries?

  • Follow all the accounts listed below (10 entries) and comment ????? on my latest Instagram post.
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(To share the post to your stories, tap the paper airplane icon, and click “Add Post to Your Story.”)

*** Make sure you tag @realheidipowell in your stories and use the hashtag #realheidipowell so we can find your post. If your account is private, screenshot your story and DM @realheidipowell so my team can see that you shared it.

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Winners will be chosen Monday, June 17th and announced the next day.

Good luck…and happy last minute shopping!



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  1. Btw Fyi thank you for being so kind giving these gifts away and as usual wanting to do for the people around the world but, again thats just you guys being the powell pack family

    Thank you for existing in the world ????????????????????????

    1. Myself because, @realheidipowell I’m a single mom and dad to my kids and I am trying to lose 200 pounds so I can stick around for @arimarie524 and @elisa.m.ramirez I want to get myself the apple watch or better yet the transformation app to keep track of everything and lose the wait before it’s too late to live my life! And, hopefully I don’t sound greedy or needy asking for something for myself because, I am a great fantastic single mom but, I need help with my weight bad now Happy Father’s Day to you @realchrispowell you guys are such fun, loving and perfect family…….

  2. So great! Everything is awesome! But would love the BeatyCounter, CoutnerMan set for my hubby, for sure!

  3. Awesome ideas! My hubby would love some Reebok gear. Because all he mostly has are work clothes! He needs WORKOUT clothes.

    1. Love all the great ideas! I always head to your posts to see what you recommend for all holidays? My husband would love any of the things you?ve posted! Haven?t tried your protein powder yet but looks amazing! Thank you for all you do you and your family are amazing ?

    2. This is amazing!! ? he would love the Beautycounter “counterman” Collection

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    1. Heidi/Chris. I love yr program. At 62 I followed it using yr book for 5 months and lost 45 pounds. I have gained some back and have started the program again. However I’m now 70 and live at high altitude so wondering if you have recommendation for seniors. Shredders are no problem, but have trouble with shapers. I dont do social media. Thanks for all you do!!!!!

    2. Hi Betty: With shapers, especially since you live at high altitude, I’d modify them so you can do them safely. You might also want to discuss shapers (or any similar exercises) with your healthcare team and then follow any modifications they might recommend. You’re doing awesome! πŸ™‚

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