KT Tape: 10+ ways to use and love it for relief, recovery, and support + KT Tape Giveaway!

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Many moms, and especially those who may be just getting into fitness, have a false assumption that KT Tape is only for professional athletes, but the truth is, it’s for ANYONE who moves. That means me and you! So, listen up ladies with moving bodies. When your body is overused or injured (aka what happens when you’re on the go all the dang time), your lymphatic fluids build up.

Ever noticed how sometimes you feel inflammation, swelling, or uncomfortable pressure on your muscles? That’s the fluid, you guys! The truth is, you don’t need to be a professional athlete to have that uncomfortable feeling, and you don’t need to be a professional athlete to get relief from it. Here’s where KT Tape comes in. And if you’re already asking yourself, “Heidi, do I need this?” The answer is yes!

Here are some basic ways I’m using it (and scroll down for specifics):

  • Alleviate knee pain. This is a biggie. Because KT Tape is targeted towards soft tissue (muscles, tendons, and ligaments), it actually creates a cradle for your knee cap by taking pressure off your surrounding tendons.
  • Alleviate back pain. It’s especially great for pregnant women, moms lifting their kiddos, and anyone with back pain.
  • Desk bound? Support those painful carpal tunnel wrists.
  • On your feet a lot? Get relief from that dang painful foot pain (plantar fasciatiis)
  • Poor posture? Yup, it works for that too!

The list could go on because KT Tape is magical. The high-quality adhesive works by lifting the skin and decompressing the layers of fascia (a thin casing of connective tissues that surrounds and holds your muscles) so that the lymphatic fluid can move more easily instead of building up. When you think about it, it’s pretty genius, and it’s easy to use.

Plus, if you mess it up, you won’t hurt yourself. It’s just a piece of tape. You can customize and target your pain points by placing or removing it depending on where your pain is. The best part is that it’s so lightweight that it moves easily and doesn’t restrict your movement at all. It’s so comfortable you won’t even notice it’s there.

Bonus: If you have sensitive skin, you can still use it, just don’t pull it as taught when you’re placing it on your skin. It’s latex-free, and there’s a gentle tape version that’s 100% cotton, so it releases from the skin more easily.

Some of my favorite KT products featured here:

KT Recovery+ Ice/Heat Massage Ball, KT Tape Pro Extreme (water resistant), KT Original Cotton (great for sensitive skin), KT Recovery Pain Relief Gel Roll-On, and KT Blister Prevention Pads.

And before we get into the good stuff, here’s the really good stuff: scroll down to the bottom for details on how to win some KT Tape goodies for you and your family!

Top Everyday Ways Anyone Can Use KT Tape

Before we dig into the different ways I’m using it, I have some true-and-tried top taping tips (say that three times fast) that you’ll want to know before you even get started in order for your taping to be most effective. First, remember to trim your tape so it has rounded edges. The sharp edges will catch on clothing. After you cut your strip to the desired length, don’t peel it from the edges. You want to rip the backing paper in the middle of the strip so you don’t have to touch the adhesive. By ripping it in the middle, then folding and creasing the edges, you’ll have edges to grab on to. And most importantly: Clean your skin of any lotions, oils, etc., with a skin prep wipe or rubbing alcohol first! This will help the tape stay on your skin for up to 7 days. Some KT Tape is even waterproof. Perfect for summertime when the kids are jumping in and out of pools, sprinklers, and wherever the heck else they can cool off in AZ.

With all of these amazing ways to use KT Tape, it’s important to also think about how tight you should tape. If you’re thinking, the tighter the tape, the more support you’ll have, that’s not necessarily the case. The looser the tape, the longer it will last on your skin. You also want to consider the area you’re taping:

  • If you’re taping a joint, it should be a light stretch.
  • If you’re taping a muscle, it can be a more moderate stretch.

Now, on to the fun stuff. Here are the top everyday ways you can use KT Tape to alleviate pain and prevent injury.

Add support to weak zones: Tape your knees

Knee pain is THE most common issue that I was asked about when I first started using KT Tape. It’s no secret that I’ve been through my fair share of knee injuries, so taping is now a key part of my routine. Taping your knee is targeted towards the soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments), and it can also:

  • Create blood flow
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Decrease pain

When done properly, the tape creates a cradle for the kneecap, taking pressure off the patella tendon/ACL/MCL/PCL (hello, and yes, please!). It creates the same support as a brace, but it’s even more effective since it is attached to your skin.

Here are three ways to tape your knees:

Alleviate lower back pain

Back pain is oh, so common. It can happen from occupational posture, obesity, and even depression. Think about how often in you’re life you’ve had anything from acute to chronic back pain. It’s actually one of the leading causes for activity limitation and work absence. What I love about KT Tape is it can help alleviate lower back pain, but it can also help prevent injury when you’re lifting heavy in the gym.

Click here to see how to tape your lower back

Here are two ways I’ve experienced back pain:

  • Pregnancy: As your body changes from pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts. The shift in posture can cause lower back pain. Not to mention any nursing mom knows that back pain can be a real issue. This is partly due to posture, but it’s also due to the way you’re utilizing your body as a lever, putting pressure on the lower back. By taping your back during pregnancy and while nursing, you’re adding some additional support and alleviating the inflammation that may exist. Of course, you should always consult with your doctor throughout your pregnancy before making any changes to your routine.
  • Heavy lifting (provides extra support): Here’s the thing: KT Tape isn’t going to turn you into the hulk, but it will provide you with extra support when you’re lifting heavy in the gym or lifting heavy things at home…like your kids! KT Tape relieves pressure and pain, but it can also provide proprioceptive support.

Relieve carpal tunnel + wrist pain

As more people work from home, they may not be focused on the ergonomic designs of their work space. Instead, you’re probably drawn more to the shape, shade, and overlook of that cute thing you saw while browsing the internet. Your desk might be cute, but I bet your wrists hurt. A neutral wrist is best, so anything that causes your wrist to constantly flex and extend can cause carpal tunnel. Think typing on a small laptop or sitting at a desk/chair combo that is not set at the appropriate height.

Click here for the full KT Carpal Tunnel Taping Video

With carpal tunnel, the tunnel space narrows, which restricts the overused nerve, a result from the constant wrist movement. This can cause pain, numbness, and tingling in the wrist and forearm. When taped properly, KT Tape can reduce inflammation and swelling, and it can help support the wrist too. To tape for carpel tunnel and wrist pain, you want to put one full strip along the forearm, and then one 1/2 strip crossing where you need extra support.

Help + prevent foot pain/plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis (PF) is inflammation of the tissue that connects the heel to your toes, and if you’ve ever had it, you know it can be pretty dang painful. It is very prominent in the running community, but it can also happen over time if you have flat feet, a super high arch, or an abnormal walking pattern that doesn’t allow you to distribute your weight when you’re standing. Even if you don’t have PF but you’re on your feet all day (nurse, mom, etc.), you can use this taping technique for extra support to help prevent this overuse injury.

Click here for full directions and photos on how to tape for foot pain

KT helps by offering support to the irritated tissue and allowing it to rest. I would recommend taping the night BEFORE a run, because it actually takes care of business even while sleeping, stimulates blood flow, and gives the tape time to adhere properly to your skin. And by alleviating some of the pain, you’ll sleep better too. Sleep is king for this queen, so that’s a win-win in my book!

Help with shoulder/posture issues

Let’s talk more about proprioceptive support. The proprioceptive system is complex, but the simplest way to describe it is it’s what gives us a sense of body awareness. I like to call it “cueing my brain,” and I actually lift with a weight belt to cue my brain to engage my core.

Click here for shoulder taping tips

KT Tape does the same thing in terms of cueing, and taping in and of itself will cue your mind and help keep it aware of your posture. Plus, it can help stabilize your shoulders. For all of us who feel slumped over from time to time, KT Tape has got your back and your shoulders. πŸ˜‰

Speed up healing and recovery time

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the pain you feel about 1-2 days after a workout. You know what I’m talking about! It’s the necessary evil as we challenge our bodies, but there are ways to speed this up. A new study found that taping speeds up muscle recovery from soreness. If that’s not enough reason to tape, I don’t know what is! Less days being sore? Yes, please!

Speaking of recovery and muscle soreness, you know I love foam rolling, and I have blogged about it for years. Adding taping to your routine is the cherry on top. You can stretch, roll, and tape all at the same time (in conjunction). Ok, maybe not at the exact same time, but you get it, you multi-tasking moms. πŸ˜‰

What’s my absolute favorite way to use tape after all these years of injury and using my body? To help support my body during my workouts. So, to get the most benefits, I tape before I go to sleep so the tape has time to adhere before my morning workout. Think about it like sunscreen: You apply sunscreen before you go swimming so it has time to absorb, and it’s the same with KT Tape. Apply it before you’ll need it to work its magic.

KT Tape Giveaway!

Since I truly believe every person needs KT Tape in their life, and since I really wish I had been using it sooner, I’m doing a KT Tape giveaway! FOUR lucky winners will get a KT bundle:

Enter to win by doing both of the following:

  • Like my most recent Instagram or Facebook giveaway post and tag a friend!
  • Comment below with what you’re most excited about when it comes to trying KT Tape. I mean, the possibilities are endless, you guys!

Giveaway ends 3/29/2021 midnight PST, and the winners will be announced on 3/30/2021.

Now, happy taping! And yes, it’s ok to become a KT mummy. It’s all in the name of recovery, right? πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the tape and how much it will help each and every person out there! We all need a little more self-love and care! Thank you, again, KT Tape, for these amazing products that are helping so many people, and for sponsoring this post!


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    1. I am needing this for my entire family! ? I have 3 daughters in youth sports, I do Insanity and we had just started Orangetheory in February.

      However, I slipped 4 weeks ago and broke my ankle & foot. I feel like once I?m ready to work out I?m going to need to wrap my entire ankle/foot in this tape!

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    Thanks Heidi for sharing such a cool brand/ products!

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  31. As an old man(almost 43) with knee issues, I may be crazy for deciding to try to run a marathon. Taping may provide support needed to get me over that finish line.

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  32. Oh my gosh. I have had knee pain on the inside of my knee and couldn?t figure out what the issue was. You mentioned bursitis pain in the same place I have it and a little in my upper inner calf. I am getting KT tape today. I have been trying to get back into running (I am turning 50 in September) so I?m praying this helps. I miss not being able to go out and enjoy some me time. Thanks for the information and you look great!

  33. When I was in high school I began the journey of physical therapy for iliotibial band syndrome and tendonitis in both legs and knees – typically an athlete injury, yet I just so happen to be the least athletic person ? I do PT on my own now but I would get KT tape during my PT sessions and it would be my favorite part. I?d love to use it more on my own!

  34. Interesting read. I have rheumatoid arthritis, had two quadricep tendon tears with four additional knee surgeries and PF in my right foot. So many ways that the tape could be used but I would probably start with figuring out how I could use it for the RA joint pain in my hands.

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  63. Training for my FIRST half marathon! Momma of 3 and have dealt with so much knee and sciatic pain…never an excuse though?? Bound and determined to show my girls we don?t give up ??

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    1. I’m really curious about this because I have plantar fasciitis and am trying to improve posture, so this seems really interesting!

  65. I am so excited to try this on my outter calf muscles!! They are the biggest and tightest muscles on my body. Haha I don’t know how to stretch the outter part and end up having to pause a workout, or even just a brisk 30 minute walk because of the pain.

  66. I definitely need this for my middle back! Sitting all day at a computer OYE. Thank you so much for these tips!

  67. I so need to learn how to use these! In radiology school and with all the work I do on patient?s knees when my own are so painful. ?

    1. My cheerleader needs to use this for wrist support and my football qb needs to try this on his shoulder from all the throwing

  68. This is so intriguing to me. I didn?t know it helps with fascia as well. I?ve been studying a bit on fascia.

  69. Oh goodness I can?t pick just ONE thing I?m excited to try this on. I have lipedema and lymphedema that causes a lot of swelling and inflammation. I would love to try for my knees, ankle, and lower back!

  70. ?Aloha?
    I would love to see how this tape could help my Mamma Knees! Having always been athletic I?ve done some serious abuse to my body, and now at 45 I?m feeling the damage. To just be able to get back into running my 9 minute mile without knee pain would be wonderful! Looking forward to all the tips you have for us! Love how inspirational and motivational you are for us Busy Mammas too! ?Mahalo?

  71. I neeeed this- I have sprained my ankle a few times in the last 5 years and I think this would help! I also get plantar fasciitis flaring up from time to time.

  72. KT tape is amazing! Used it when I ran for shin splints and IT band issues. Just recently sprained my ankle and it helped immensely! Come to think of it, I?m running low on it.

  73. I?m getting ready to train for a Spartan race with my husband. I love running and being active with him, but I?ve felt limited in recent years with food pain, ankle issues, knee pain, etc. I?m excited for KT tape to be a more sustainable tool to help me get back to these things I enjoy. I don?t want to have to sit out of life or take pain medication all the time.

  74. Hi I recently had MCL surgery but now have discomfort from arthritis. I would just like to be able to squat again, I know it may sound silly but it is very depressing not being able to squat due to pain. Which then causes pain in my lower back due to not being able to squat.
    Would love to try the tape to see if will help.

  75. This was a great reminder that I need to pack my KT Tape for an Olympic weightlifting meet this week. I?ve used it a few times for a nagging shoulder issue and it made such a huge difference to keep me moving.

  76. I?m excited to try to help with lower back and hip pain! Hoping it will help prevent pain in future workouts!

  77. This makes me so happy! You have a great way of teaching how to do thing that makes so much more sense to me. Definitely getting some and gonna try it for my problem areas. I?m desk bound all day and I got pains I don?t think a 36 yr old active woman should have! Thank you Heidi, you da best!

    1. I NEED this tape in my life. I just started a new workout regime and I’m on the struggle bus. This would be a life saver.

  78. I would love to see if this would help with my husband?s arthritis in his knee! He?s had knee injections done recently.

  79. I am excited to try the tape in my back. I heard wonders and after resting this can?t wait to try it!
    Thank you for all the info πŸ™‚

  80. This would be a LIFESAVER for me!! I have Rhuemotoid Arthritis and struggle with bilateral DRUJ instabilities.. along with hip/SI joint instabilities as well. Having been recently taped in PT after bilateral CMC joint replacements, I felt the benefits of tape! It allowed me to function at a level in daily living, where I have not been able to for a long time! I am on a quest to strengthen muscles to support my broken body.. this would be the perfect gift to win to add to that!

  81. My husband just bought me some of this! I have not used it yet, but after reading this….I am going to put it on right now! I have 3 bulging disks and Rheumatoid arthritis which causes some major issues at wrists and knees. My 15 year old is in the gym now, and also has Osgood Schlatter. I think KT tape is gonna be added to the monthly budget! Thanks for this post! Seriously….appreciate the feedback and tips more than you know! From a Chronic Pain Warrior!

  82. I?ve got some serious back pain that is stopping me from walking lately! I really hope this stuff can get me back out and back on track for my goals!

  83. This would be such a life changer for me as I begin to workout again. This would definitely help me with my joint inflammation that I get from my lupus. It would also be helpful to use under my ribs for when I do the vacuum twists. I also started to jog babysteps of course but I can use them on my knees ankles feet and calves. A total lifesaver.

  84. I haven’t been able to run in over a year because of inflamed Achilles. Finally funding answers and itching to hit the roads!

  85. Would love to not have achey feet, lower back pain and pain in my knees after my run! Sounds like KT Tape could be a HUGE help!!

  86. I would love to be able to eliminate knee and lower back pain while working out and just day to day!!

  87. Ahh I love these products! I have back aches and issues from lifting and this will help so much! Def excited for the tape ???

  88. I am really excited to try for Lower back pain. I have always had it, seen doctors but don’t want to take medication. This would be amazing!

    1. Very interested in trying KT tape to alleviate knee pain I’ve had for years, ever since my collegiate athlete days!

  89. This stuff works!! I used on a super sore shoulder hike running a half marathon and I felt so much relief during that run. Being able to continue to use these stuff would be so great for those little things that come up or if the blue!!!

  90. I?m looking forward to trying KT tape and to alleviate my lower back pain. I don?t like taking over the counter meds for pain so I just deal with it, but having the KT tape will be a great thing for me.

    1. I use KT often as well. Usually with every run. I have ITband issues and osteoarthritis in both knees. Have done Viscol (rooster supplemental) injections in both knees but KT tape helps with the over use feeling after I have completed a run. Best stuff ever!!

  91. I’m excited to learn how to apply this tape. My physical therapist has suggested it too to help with my spondylolisthesis but I’m never sure how to correctly apply it. So happy to read this article and looking forward to the live presentation!

    1. I would love to use it on my body, I?ve struggled with runners knee, pulled shoulders and plantar fasciitis! Looks like it would help a ton! Happy birthday!! ?

  92. My son is a firm believer in KT Tape! He is a collegiate baseball catcher and uses it for his back, knees, wrist and shoulder.

    1. Most excited to use for knees, any exercises that involve jumping are getting hard and even running. Also feet for the same reason!

  93. I just had my fourth baby and that comes with lots of achy joints. I?m excited to get back to training and I think this could help in a big way.

  94. I am so excited for medicine free pain relief. I sometimes have foot pain, always shoulder to neck pain etc.. would love to have relief it would be awesome

    1. You’re saying it could help with inflammation from an auto accident? Floored. Must try this!

  95. I am so excited for medicine free pain relief. I hate taking med so this such a great thing for me. I push my body way to hard all the time so some relief would be amazing.

    1. I’m a bone cancer survivor with some artificial hardware in my left knee and leg. As a result of said hardware I have a torn meniscus in my “good” knee, and my back is starting to show signs of wear after 20+ years of poor alignment. I need all the help I can get!

    2. The KT tape would really help me with my fitness journey aches and pains that flare up…plantar fascia, lower back and knees! I have heard of this tape and have been wanting to try it but never got around to ordering, so winning this would be fantastic!!!
      Happy Birthday to you! ??

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