Skin Care = Self-Care When Done Right

Self-care is the new self-love, and I am 100% here for it. Making sure that we’re making the time to take care of ourselves is a luxury that, all too often, we push to the bottom of our to-do list? myself included. But if I’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s that making time for ourselves is vital to our well being. Not just our physical health, but our spiritual and emotional health, as well.

And guys, I get it. I’m tired too. I have four amazing kids who are beautiful and keep me on my toes. Pair that with navigating the world of co-parenting, running my businesses, and trying to make our new home FEEL like a home leaves this mom wanting to crawl under the covers and sleep for days. BUT…I know that I have to make time for myself, and a little self-love and pampering can go a long way in helping me wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next busy day.

Why Is Skin Care So Important?

Did you know that our skin is actually the largest organ in our body? It protects us from infection, and it acts as a barrier for our bones, muscles, veins, and organs from the outside world. Kinda crazy, right? When our skin becomes dry or irritated, often as a result from lack of proper skin care or by using harsh products that irritate our skin, cracks can occur. Not only are cracks painful and hard to get rid of, but they actually open up the possibility of exposing ourselves to bacteria and infections. It really is important to take care of our skin, not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but for our health, as well!

Our skin is constantly changing. Ladies, you know exactly what I’m talking about! If you’re still seeing the plump, soft skin of a 20 year old staring at you in the mirror, then I applaud you! Spill that skin-secret tea, please! But the reality for all of us is that as we age, our skin will go through cycles. It will shed old layers of skin and adorn new ones. In knowing this, we want to make sure we’re implementing a good skin care regimen and sticking with it so that we can be constantly moisturizing and nourishing our skin and decreasing the fine lines and wrinkles that often accompany these aging cycles. Beyond helping your largest organ, skincare can really shift your daily habits and mindset.

Here are some more reasons why I’m so passionate about skin care and why, when done right, it becomes self-care.

Proper skin care requires you time

Ok, I know I just said the word requires above, and it can feel a little daunting, but the truth is, we all require time to unwind in order to be our best selves. Even though it’s easy to feel like the sacrifices we make for others are important, and they are, time to unwind is essential too. The best reason to step away and unwind? Skin care. It’s a two-for-one. You’re giving yourself some me-time AND you’re improving your skin. Here are some of my favorite products to unwind with:

  • Athia Champagne Mask: It literally requires you to sit back and relax for 5-10 minutes while the mask works its magic
  • Athia Daily Defense Matte Moisturizer (with SPF): My mom taught me that sunscreen is everything when it comes to skin care. Just massage one pump into your skin (that’s right, a daily facial massage) for coverage that will protect and moisturize your skin.
  • Athia Lip Balm: I’m not one to skip the lip when it comes to my skin care routine. This lip balm is the newest in our lip line, and it’s just so dang good. Why? It gives you all the best ingredients, leaves the junk you don’t need behind, and it smells amazing too!

If those products aren’t enough for you to start some self-care, consider the fact that research shows that self-care can reduce stress just by putting yourself as a priority for even a small window during the day. As time goes on, and your stress reduces, it can shift your own sense of self, plus your skin will look good too.

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Skin care can help you get into a routine

Skin care is one of those magical things. When it’s working, you don’t even notice it, and when you neglect it, you certainly notice those chapped lips, dry skin, the list goes on. Great skin care oftentimes means you have a routine. Whether you take ten minutes in the morning to moisturize and meditate (yes, moisturizing can be meditative) or unwind after a long day with a mask (maybe it’s me, but I do both), if you’re doing it daily, it’s part of a routine. Ok, what’s the big deal with routines? I know I talk about routines a lot, but when you lack routines, here’s what happens:

  • Poor sleep habits and patterns
  • Ineffective use of time
  • Decrease in physical activity
  • Increase in poor eating habits

By taking ten minutes for yourself, you’re getting into a skin care routine, but you’re also stepping out of bad habits (like the ones above) and improving your overall quality of life.

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Feel empowered by good ingredients

It’s no secret that Athia is the fifth baby in my home, and I’m one proud mom who has put her heart, love, time, and attention into making sure the products in this brand live up to the hype. My mom always taught me from an early age that it’s important to protect and take care of our skin. It’s the only one we’ve got, right? Which is why the ingredients in these products were selected carefully to give you the healthiest skin experience to make you glow from the inside out and to radiate your natural beauty and highlight your confidence in a way you can feel good about.

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So, this year, I’m learning to love the skin I’m in. But, I’m also going to take it a step further and take care of the skin I’m in, because skin care is a means of self-love, and one way we can show our skin a little TLC is by making sure we’re using only the best products that are good for us and saying goodbye to products that are leaving us feeling like less than the queens that we are.


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