Top Ways Accountability Can Supercharge Weight Loss

There’s one giant secret in the transformation industry that’s worth its weight in gold. It doesn’t come in the form of a pill, a gadget, or a wrap. Instead, it’s something readily available, and you might not even realize it. That secret? Accountability.

When we’re accountable for our actions, we’re stepping out and stepping up into the spotlight to say, hey…I’m responsible for what happens in my life. Being accountable means understanding that our actions hold weight—that we can either stay stagnant by our lack of action or we can propel ourselves forward by doing the work day in and day out.

People who are accountable for their actions are 50% more likely to achieve their goals. That’s why community is so important to me. Because sometimes it’s hard to take an objective step back and look at ourselves in a way that will help us see the bigger picture.

3 Ways Accountability Can Supercharge Weight Loss

It’s easy to get caught up in how we feel—our excuses and our fears, and it’s easy to want to protect ourselves and not see exactly how we should or need to change or do something differently. But having a team of supportive accountability buddies can make a world of difference.

Why? It’s simple; they’re in it with us. They’re in the thick of transformation just like we are, only they can look at our situation and be objective. And they can say, “HEY. Get up. Get it done. You’re worth it.” Sometimes a lot easier than we can tell those things to ourselves. Here are three ways accountability will supercharge your transformation goals.

Accountability Creates Consistency

Being accountable creates consistency, and when you’re trying to get from point A to point B, consistency is key. Doing anything for fleeting moments of time will not get you to your goal. But being able to find a routine—a rhythm—and stay consistent throughout the journey will pay off in the long run.

It’s easy to confuse accountability and consistency with perfection, but try not to. Perfection doesn’t exist. Even if you have days where you feel 100% on point with your nutrition and exercise, you still won’t be perfect every day. Being able to stay consistent even through imperfections in your plan will help ensure that you continue to progress. And that’s a huge win.

Accountability Increases Motivation

No one is motivated all of the time. Not even me! Motivation will come and go, just like with anything else in life. There will be days when you’re ready to jump out of bed before that alarm even goes off. And then there will be days where you just want to pull the covers back over your head and hit snooze three more times and skip your workout all together.

But when you have someone else waiting on you, whether it’s a trainer at the gym, a friend you’re working out with, or a community ready to see your daily check-in, it gives you that extra push to make it happen.

Here are two pretty dang interesting stats when it comes to accountability:

  • Stanford University conducted a study on this very thing, and you know what they found? Participants who simply received a check-in phone call from someone else every two weeks actually increased how often they exercised by 78%, and those receiving the check-in calls were still exercising at those higher levels 18 months into the study.
  • Indiana University found that people who worked out independently were 43% more likely to quit as opposed to those who worked out in pairs, with only a 6.3% dropout rate.

The takeaway? Get yourself an accountability buddy or buddies. It works. Remember, it doesn’t have to be someone you physically work out with. It can be a text, call, video chat, Facebook group, whatever you need to make sure you have another person cheering you on. Who doesn’t deserve their own cheer squad anyway?

Accountability Boosts Confidence

When we can stay consistent and have fun along the way, we’ll start to see results. And when we start to see results, and we’re having fun with those encouraging us, we start to feel more confident. And as we grow in our confidence, we’re more likely to continue staying consistent and doing the things that are making us feel so dang good. It’s the hamster wheel you want to be on.

Plus, it feels amazing to be able to share our progress with others and reap those positive affirmations. And you know what else feels good? Doing the same for others.

I love the idea of community. Being able to be a shining light for others, while giving and receiving motivation is HUGE, not just in your weight loss journey, but in all aspects of your life.

It’s what I preach every single day in my 60-Day Challenge Group, and there’s nothing that fills my heart and bucket more than seeing people hold one another accountable and cheering each other on every step of the way.

So this year, whatever your goals may be, take a moment to reflect on how you plan to hold yourself accountable to those goals. What’s one thing you’re going to commit to doing? Add it in a comment below to help hold yourself accountable to it!


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2 Responses

  1. Great article. I think accountability is key as well in everything we do in life especially keeping fit. My biggest problem is going on vacation with my family. It’s so easy to slack off and eat terrible because my schedule gets out of whack. If I had someone to hold me accountable during these times it would definitely help. I have this internal mindset that if I workout I will tend eat good but if my workout is skipped then I tend to eat bad…ugh.

    1. Yes, exactly! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Gosh, I know what you mean. Vacations are amazing but can make it tough to stay on track. Don’t be too hard on yourself… these are memories that you will have forever! I do have a couple tips that may help
      ➡️ As soon as you ARRIVE at your destination… GET TO THE GROCERY STORE! You can pack and travel with your non-perishables but as soon as you arrive at your destination, hit the grocery store for all your staples while on vacation.
      ➡️ ENJOY THE FOOD!! Make it a conscious decision, review restaurants and menus ahead of time and find foods and dishes that are local to where you are traveling to or food that is not available back home.

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