Ask Heidi: Do Waist Trainers Actually Work?

As women, it is so common to want to have a tiny, feminine waist, and sometimes that desire for perfection causes us to go to great lengths to achieve what we believe is “perfection.” All it takes is a quick scroll through Instagram or a few minutes of TV surfing to find celebrities popping fad diet pills or cinching their waists with waist trainers as a quick fix to thinning out…but does any of this actually work? After recently posting some pics and videos of myself on social media in what may be confused as one of these popular waist trainers, I received several questions as to whether or not these devices actually work. So today I’m setting the record straight as to what I actually wear around my waist in the gym and whether or not waist trainers are the key to a tinier waist.

One of my favorite, must-have tools in the gym is a weight belt. While both men and women can wear a weight belt to support their spines and core during heavier lifting (which I totally recommend), I wear my weight belt for ALL of my lifting, and I actually cinch mine a bit tighter. This serves as a constant reminder to 1) keep my core nice and tight while I?m lifting, and 2) to pull my belly button back toward my spine, which is one of the best ways to train, stabilize, and protect your back and core muscles, especially if you have any post-baby ab separation issues.

While waist trainers might be a temporary way to get a tinier waist, unless they?re worn religiously?even daily?the results are not permanent. The only way to get that tinier waist is to eat properly and work out regularly. Cardio will help burn that layer of fat that?s hiding your dream waist, and strength training will help build those muscles, which will make your whole body look fit and trim?including your waist!

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35 Responses

  1. Hi Hiedi,
    I have a very hard time remembering to engage my core while exercising. I do not do lifting, just workout with weights. I am tired of buying things and not using them or buying things that don’t work. Before I purchase this, do you think would this help remind me with my non lifting workouts to keep my core engaged as well?

    1. Hi Barb: I don’t think we’d recommend wearing a weight belt for non-lifting workouts (cardio). You could wear one while doing your weight work though.

  2. i temporarily used a waist trainer after pregnancy to help my tummy go back down to shape. when it reached the shape that i desired, i stopped using it – about 3 months postpartum. however, i didn’t JUST use the waist trainer. i was also exercising and eating healthy to promote postpartum weight loss. i also agree that keeping your waist cinched or sucked in helps in developing (or redeveloping) the muscles and promoting a smaller waist. i think the waist trainer helped get my body back a little faster and allowed my hips to go back down (i got a binder that also put pressure on the hip area)

    i don’t use a waist trainer when i’m slimming down for non-pregnancy related weight gain though. the weight is placed on the body much slower in comparison to the relatively rapid weight gain and weight loss associated with pregnancy.

  3. I do a cardio strength class at the gym that does a lot of isometric work and uses bands, body wt, etc. anyway, I have about at 3in diastasis and I’m 6 mo PP. do to think wearing something (weight belt or something else) around my waist during the class would help.

    1. Hi Jackie: With diastis recti, it’s best to discuss this with your healthcare team first and then follow their recommendations. You need to be careful so that the condition doesn’t get worse. We wish you the best!

  4. Would you ever have a show for people who are not “overweight” but need help loosing baby weight and are inspired to work hard to look like you do after children!! ?

    1. Hi Jahdiel: Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program can work no matter how many pounds you’d like to lose or if you’d simply like to develop some healthy habits. You can learn about the basics of their program here: You can do this!

  5. I am currently overweight and working to loose it. How do i decide how much wgt loss is enough?? I am a 35 year old mother of two boys

    1. Hi Mathangi: Your ideal weight range depends on several factors, including bone structure and muscle mass. It might be a good idea to discuss this with your healthcare team, and then follow their recommendations. We wish you the best!

  6. I was wondering what carb cycling plan Heidi and Chris follow, if any. I know Heidi posted one day of eating, but I was curious about some of her other go to snacks.

    1. Hi Grace: Heidi is following a modified carb cycling program that her coaches have helped her put together.

  7. How can I get rid of flabby thighs? My mother had them my aunt does and no matter how slim I am my upper thighs stay flabby?

  8. I hear all the time ‘ to pull my button back toward spine” but I never really understand what that means. does it mean sucking in your stomach???

    1. It means to contract those abs, which is basically sucking in your stomach, but concentrate on those abs. ?

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