Build-A-Booty Workout Video with The Glute Goddess

After my last booty building workout vid with Deborah Goodman (aka, The Glute Goddess), the requests for more apple-bottom tips came ROLLING in. So naturally, in an effort to help a sista out (because we ALL want those buns!), your wish is my command. You?re welcome.

Deborah?s perfect set of glutes (oh?and Deborah herself, of course) joined me to share her 5 fave workout moves to do with just ONE piece of equipment?an exercise step! Yup. Grab a step with as many risers as your budding peach buns can handle, find a room (even a dark corner of an aerobics room at the gym, if you please), and LET?S BUILD THAT BOOTAYYYYYY!!!!!

If you can?t view the video but would like to get in on the booty-burning action, OR if you just want the step-by-step, here are the simple moves Deborah included in this amazing workout:

  1. Side Squat Jumps: You?ll need an aerobic step for this one. Stand in the middle of the step (facing one end), and keeping one foot solidly on the step, step down to the floor with the other foot and squat to just below parallel, then come back up (tighten those glutes!), side jump to the other side of the step, squat to just below parallel, and repeat, going from side to side, always keeping one foot solidly on the step while squatting. If you can?t quite get to parallel, no worries?just do your best! And try and get some height in those jumps for an even better booty burn. If the step is too much to handle, simply use flat ground.
  2. Princess Lunges + Front Squats: You?ll need a step and 1 or 2 risers for this one. Facing the step and keeping your left foot solidly on the step, step your right foot back and behind your left side at an angle, lunging backwards. Come back up (squeeze those glutes!) and do a squat with both feet on the step. Be sure to use the width of the step for a wide squat and squeeze those glutes as you come back up from your squat. Repeat, alternating between left and right sides. As I mention above, this can be done without the step if too challenging.
  3. Pop Squats: Use the step and 2 risers. Begin by standing in the middle of the step, facing the end of the step. Hop so that you have one foot on each side of the step (in a straddle), then squat down until your booty touches the step. Hop back up onto the step (making sure to squeeze those glutes as you come out of your squat), and repeat. If your booty can?t quite touch the step, just do your best?the flexibility will come with practice! If you want even more of a challenge, use a medicine ball.
  4. Reverse Lunges: Use the step and 2 risers?or as mentioned before, fewer risers or none if too challenging. Keeping one foot solidly on the step while facing the step, reverse lunge backwards (similar to the princess lunge, but lunge STRAIGHT backward instead of to the side), then drive your knee up (squeezing those glutes) until parallel, and repeat until reps are completed. Then do reps on the other side to complete the set.
  5. Step Ups: You?ll need a plyo box or a step with 8, 10, or 12 risers (or whatever works best for you) for this one. Put one foot solidly on the box, and drive the opposite knee up, squeezing those glutes, keeping your upper body as straight as possible, until the knee is parallel to the box (and you?re basically standing on the box), then slowly lower yourself back down, and repeat. Stay on the same side?don?t alternate sides?until your reps are complete, then repeat on the other side to complete the set.

Scale, scale, SCALE if you need to. Any of these moves can be simplified by lowering or removing the risers?then over time aim to raise them up to increase the challenge. If this workout is too easy as is, add weight to increase intensity.

How many sets? Aim for 3 sets of 15-20 (per side). If this is too much, lower the number of reps and set to your comfort, then increase overtime as you repeat the workout. If you are adding weight, I?d recommend doing 12-15 reps per set.

Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.

Do this workout once a week to begin with, working up to 3 times a week. Be sure you skip a day in between workouts to give your booty time to rest, recover, and build.

Now let?s go burn that booty!!!



Connect with Deborah Goodman?IFBB Bikini Pro, coach at Pro Physiques, AND mother of 6?on Instagram: @deborahgoodman80


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  1. These seem really easy to do. Its very motivating to see that it could bb these simple steps and you can acomplish those results. This is a must do. I will start these today working them into my normal exercise routine

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