Okay guys, we’re nearly a month into those New Year’s Resolutions, and you’re still (I hope!) going strong! Sadly, it’s about at this time of year that that fire for change starts dying down and that new-found passion for trading TV time for workouts is dwindling. Time to change it up! As a part of my “Fitness is Fun” campaign, I’ve already shared my experiences doing Aerial Silks and Barre Ballet, and today I’m dancing into a whole new level of crazy, fun, fitness. Buckle your seat belts, ladies and gents, it’s pole fitness time!

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what to expect with this one. I mean, pole dancing doesn’t exactly bring to mind images of ripped muscles and heavy workouts, but I’ll try (almost) anything once! This was SO much different than I could’ve imagined. Although Chris claims he hardly glanced at our instructor as she took on the pole, neither of us could take our eyes off of her—it requires so much strength, it’s impossible not to be amazed. And I’m not going to lie, oddly, this pole fun made me feel so graceful, I may have even dubbed myself a “pole princess”! Maybe I missed my true calling in life… I kid, I kid!

To see our entire pole fitness experience, check out the video below.

My Workout Shorts || My Sports Bra || My Tank Top 

Pole fitness is growing in popularity and for good reason! There are so many hidden benefits to pole fitness that I never would’ve guessed including core and back strengthening, increased flexibility, increased coordination and balance (yes, please!), and my favorite—increased body confidence. Although it may not have been the most intense workout I’ve ever completed, I definitely felt my core and upper body burning. Honestly, I loved it, and I’m giving this workout a 10 out of 10! Two thumbs way up! 5 gold stars! Seriously, I loved it and would totally do it again. Chris, on the other hand, only gave it a 5 or 6 (cue the eye roll)—apparently it’s more fun to watch than it is to do?! Should I be worried, Chris??


Our Workout Gear:

All in all, I highly recommend finding a pole fitness class in your area! The time flew by, we were having so much fun, and it truly is a great workout. Grab a gal pal or two and head out for a ladies’ night at the pole. If you’re in Arizona, check out one of Lindsay’s classes at Prowess Pole Fitness. I promise you, your bod won’t regret it!



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