sarah nicole
sarah nicole

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Perfectly Imperfect post…with the TRANSFORM app launch so close, juggling 4 kiddos, and business as usual, time just hasn’t permitted all of the posts I would love to share! But when I started getting to know this absolutely STUNNING friend of mine and learned all about her jaw-dropping transformation and personal struggles in accepting her imperfection, I knew I HAD to share her brightness with you all. Guys and gals…I’m telling you, she’s so naturally gorgeous before AND after, and she has kindness and authenticity that literally shines through in her pics and in her writing. Get ready…

As you may know, this Perfectly Imperfect movement is so near and dear to my heart. As I prepped for this post, I read through past comments and emails and was once again inspired and truly touched by all of your journeys. When I kicked off this series, I never expected such an overwhelming response!!!! I am honored to continue this series with Sarah’s journey… embracing her flaws and sharing what Perfectly Imperfect means.  I’m sure you will be as touched as I am by her story and Perfectly Imperfect life.

by Sarah Nicole
When it comes to perfection, I’m the ultimate struggler. It’s taken me a long time to let go of hiding my imperfections and to not just embrace them, but to celebrate them.

My body has been through a lot. Overweight from teen years into adulthood, then 3 pregnancies and 3 babies born, all by the time I was 25. Before I knew it, I was sitting at a size 18 and 225lbs. Blargh. The numbers don’t matter, although they help paint the picture of this story. They just don’t define the biggest part—that I was not in love with myselfIn fact, I might even have loathed myself.

sarah nicole
sarah nicole

During all of that self-loathing and after deciding that I needed to change, I began believing that if I did enough, and reached a size or image, THEN I would find happiness and satisfaction. I would be perfect, and that would reflect from the inside out. 

Fast forward a couple of years and 100lbs gone, and I was straight giddy about those facts. But I would still stand in the mirror, seeing and feeling the same feelings of self-loathing and frustration. Why? I hate this, I hate that, why doesn’t my body look like hers? Why does my sister not have stomach stretch marks, and mine go up to my ribs? Maybe if I work out more, maybe this, maybe that…

About a year and a half ago, my picturesque “perfect” life was falling apart at the seams. I had to let go of the image and what I projected outwardly and choose JOY inwardly in a time of personal (massive) life change. I couldn’t keep the perfect act up, and I had to admit to myself and the world that I, too, was broken.

So, I chose to love myself.

Yes, I chose it. It didn’t happen by chance or feeling. It was a conscious choice.

With this, everything changed.


I was no longer chasing an image or a size, a feeling or a goal. I was choosing to be true to myself, my love for my body, my children, and my lifestyle, and treat it all as such. With love. I stopped the war between me and my body and began to appreciate all of the amazing things my body was accomplishing.

My body truly has done incredible things. Things that brought humans into the world and left me with scars to remind me of their time growing in my body. I have lost 100lbs, and I’m now healthy, reversing many health issues I had in the past. No amount of jiggly or loose skin or deflated boobs could ruin that for me.

Life is a journey. If it were perfect, it’d be boring. The words “Perfectly Imperfect” define me at the core. I’m not perfect, and I love what my scars and imperfections say about me, and ultimately, the stories they tell.

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