Scale Funk: Why You Can’t Trust the Scale!

I can’t even tell you how often I hear from those on their transformation journey who are SO incredibly frustrated by the numbers they read on the scale that they want to give up! It’s what I call “Scale Mind Funk,” and literally, it FUNKS with your mind (maybe the other F word too). If you fall victim to scale mind funk too, you should know FIRST that you are not alone. It’s such a common problem! It?s funny (or not so funny, really) how that number on the scale can dictate how we feel about our goals, our willpower, and really our value and worthiness…IF we allow it to. It can COMPLETELY dictate our mindsets?either putting us on a path to feeling amazing, confident, and unstoppable in our pursuits, or it can send us on that downward spiral toward self-loathing, depression, anxiety, and a STRONG desire to quit. Truth. All of this happens because of a dang number on a dang scale. Especially if we?ve been sticking to our transformation plan like glue.

I am here to tell you that it?should not be this way!?Nope. Not at all. While the scale is an incredible?tool that can help us track metrics toward our goals, we MUST look at is as the tool it is. Not ALL tools are needed ALL of the time. Am I right? A handyman only uses a wrench occasionally to do his job. So why do we insist on using ONLY the scale as our main tool to do OUR job of losing weight?

Check out this video to see?why you should never let the?number on the scale?dictate your level of success on your?transformation?journey!

There you have it…now you see that the dang number on the scale is completely dependent on so many variables!!!?NONE of which have anything to do with your actual weight loss or gain OR your ability to maintain integrity and keep promises you’ve made to yourself (more on promises HERE).

Six scales. Six totally different weigh ins. Some with as much as an EIGHT POUND DIFFERENCE! Add to it my outfit choices, water retention, food intake, and time of day! Scales cannot always be trusted!!! Consistency is key to any weigh in IF you want to keep your mind on your goal and NOT on things you can’t control (caused by inconsistency). To help eliminate these variable numbers, and to actually get an accurate reading on your weight loss success, follow the tips in vid (also below)…

Tip #1: Weigh in on the SAME SCALE.

If you weigh in on a scale at home, then weigh in at the gym, then weigh in somewhere else, odds are that you won?t get the same number, and that can be beyond frustrating! So remember: Same scale every time you weigh in. All scales are NOT created equally…evidenced by my?six different?numbers on?six different scales,?varying by as much as 8 lbs!?

Here are few of my favorite scales. Pick ONE and ONLY ONE! No more. No cheating on scales or the number will cheat on you. πŸ˜‰

Tip #2: Weigh in with the SAME CLOTHES.

And I mean the EXACT same clothing. Same jewelry, same shoes (or no shoes), same everything. I promise you would be SHOCKED at what a seemingly tiny change in outfit or accessories can do to the number on the scale. In this video, alone, my “light weight” add-on added on two pounds on the scale. Rule of thumb: weigh in each time in a sports bra and shorts?the same ones?each week! It might be a little uncomfortable to have so little clothes on, but trust me, this will make a difference in consistency.

Tip #3: Weigh in at the SAME TIME (of day).

Again…consistency is key here! It’s all crucial to think about is the time of day you weigh in, evidenced by the video. When I weighed in on the video, it was first thing in the morning before I?d eaten a lot or moved much for the day. As the day goes on, a lot happens with our bodies. We eat (3-5 meals a day), we drink water (hopefully, ? our body weight), we?re stressed, we retain water, we sweat, we work out…there?s a lot of fluid in and lot of fluid out. By simply drinking a protein shake (a Chris + Heidi Low Carb Meal Replacement Shake, of course ;)), the scale went up over a pound for me! And remember, that water you need to drink every day weighs a lot too! One gallon of water weighs 8 lbs, so if you?ve been drinking your water during the day (which I hope you have!), and working out also (which I hope you do!), your skin and muscles are going to retain some of that water. Keep in mind that your body can hold up to 20 lbs. of water! FOR REAL! It’s shocking how fast that number can go up or down throughout one measly 24 hour period. Take away: weigh in FIRST thing in the morning on every single weigh in day.

Tip #4, the final tip: Weigh in on the SAME DAY (of the week).

Did ya’ hear that?! I’ll say it again for the people in the back: WEIGH IN THE SAME DAY EVERY WEEK! Remember how we just talked about how much the scale number goes up and down in a day?! Think about how much it changes on a DAILY BASIS, especially if you are carb cycling! Keep in mind that sugar and salt?are like magnets to water in our bodies! If we have a high carb or high sodium meal (or Reward meal) on a Friday night, chances are that our bodies will retain massive amounts of water come Saturday morning. Like I said previously, upwards of 10-20 lbs if you have a lot of excess skin. We mistake this for “fat gain” and often start restricting, which leads to bad eating habits once again!

On our Transform App carb cycling programs, we have set high carb, low carb, and reward/reset days each week, and depending on when these fall, your weigh ins WILL vary! Choose ONE day of the week, and stick with it for consistency. I recommend choosing your Reset or Reward Day and weighing in FIRST thing in the morning before you eat or drink. Every. Single. Week.

Bonus Tip: Focus on the NSVs

“N-S-whats???” You are asking? NSVs. Short for Non Scale Victories. You know, the things that really matter. Like I said at the beginning, the scale is a great TOOL, but not the solution or the end goal.

Having more energy to play with your kids, shortening your belt by one loop, not having to use a seat belt extender on the airplane, feeling energized instead of tired and winded, finally being able to fit into the size you were when you were married…to name a few.

THESE are the most important part of transformation. By focusing on what IS going well, and celebrating you for the progress you are making, you will be far less bound by the scale like a slave, and you will experience more joy, freedom, and victory around what really matters. These are the things that make “transformation” a different game than “weight loss.” These are what matter.

Cheers to Scale Mind Funk no more! Bye, Felicia…



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10 Responses

  1. I have the scale that is right in front of your feet in the pictures. You’ve endorsed it a couple of times on your IG. My bone mass comes back the same everytime so that’s awesome. But the percentages. …my fat, muscle and water don’t add up to 100%. I’m guessing because the muscle and fat is hydrated so there is overlap there. But if I calculate the lbs of fat, muscle and add the bone…it doens’t total my weight. What is the the remaining lbs? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Kim: You could be right…hydration and workouts can definitely affect the information shown on this scale. As for why the numbers don’t add up to 100%, I’m not really sure. I’d contact the manufacturer and see if they have any insights. πŸ™‚

  2. Fantastic video!! It?s so easy to get hung up on the scale figure. I weighed in to day, scale up 0.75lbs, but waist down 1/2 inch, and down a dress size and 1.5 inches in 3 weeks of the program despite not really shifting any weight and more than doubling my calorie intake!
    Going to show this to my hubby, he?s on week 1 with a 2lb gain, but -2 inches on his waist ?

    1. Hi Ja: Taking measurements and photos regularly, plus how you feel and how your clothes fit, are also tools you can use to track your progress. πŸ™‚

    2. Hi, about the vanity planet scale, how precise the data about muscle mass, fat mass, water and bones are? Thank you!!

    3. Hi Jenny: Those types of scales can be accurate/inaccurate depending on when you weigh, if you’ve worked out, how much water you’ve drunk, and other factors. But they can be one tool in your transformation tool belt as long as you understand their limitations. πŸ™‚

  3. I used to get discouraged going to the doctor after weighing myself at home. It was always heavier and always will be. Now I focus on the fact that I didn’t gain since the last visit and may have gone down a little. Hey scale….you don’t own me!

    1. Hi Kate: Our amazing videographer did the video for Heidi, so unfortunately, I don’t know what font he used. πŸ™

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