4 Signs It’s Time to Buy New Running Shoes

Buy New Running Shoes

If you?re like me, you don?t EVER want to part with your favorite running shoes, especially if you?ve found a pair that you love and that love you right back! But once you wear them out, that love can turn into all kinds of pain. After two major knee surgeries, guys, I?m REALLY particular about my running shoes! Fit is definitely important, and so is knowing when it?s time to retire your favorite kicks.

Buy New Running Shoes

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Sometimes, though, giving up your favorite shoes is easier said than done. I practically live in athletic shoes. Really, how many pictures have you seen with me in anything but? I wear them just as much for fashion as I do for form and function, and I can get attached! But did you know that running shoes actually have mileage caps?!?! No, really guys, they expire!

4 Signs You Need New Running Shoes:

  • Your weight:? The more you weigh, the quicker you?ll wear out your running shoes.
  • Your technique: If you come down hard on your heels with each stride, you?ll need to replace your shoes more often.
  • Where you’re running: Running on a treadmill versus the road will lengthen the life of your shoes.
  • How many miles you’ve logged: Experts recommend replacing your runners every 300 to 500 miles, and if running is your fave form of cardio, those miles can add up quickly! And don?t forget?if you?re using The Transform App (which I really hope you are! 😉 ), you can totally include running in your list of Accelerators?our fancy name for cardio because these babies really ACCELERATE your progress!

When should I Buy New Running Shoes

Now, I know exactly what you?re thinking. What if I?m a wannabe runner and don?t really hit the road regularly? How do I know when I?ve run 300 miles in my shoes? I TOTALLY get it. It?s accomplishment enough just to get out there for a run, let alone log it, right? So here are a few more realistic tips (in my book, at least) that will help you figure out if it?s time to invest in a new pair.


If running suddenly becomes painful as heck, then it?s likely your shoes are the culprit. Discomfort in your feet, knees, hips, or back could definitely be a sign that it?s time to retire them. Blisters and hot spots where there once were none mean your shoes are wearing out, too, so be sure to listen to your body!


The midsole is a layer of foam or rubber that sits between the upper (fashion) part of the shoe and the rubber part that hits the ground. Once it goes, your shoes need to go with it! To check on its resiliency, press your thumb into the center of the shoe where the midsole is. If it feels cushy and has some give, then you?re in the clear. If it?s tough and doesn?t really yield, it?s time for some new shoes.


Hold your shoe at the ends (by the toe and the heel), and then give it a twist. Your shoe should feel firm and not really twist much in the center. If it does twist, that means it has lost its support, and it?s time for a change.


Sometimes you just need to take a pair for a test drive. Try on a new set of shoes right after wearing your current pair, and you?ll know right away if your current ones aren?t as comfortable and supportive as they should be. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself and know what you like. While some runners love the sock style snug, flex-fit of Nike Flyknits and similar styles, if you’re someone who prefers more ankle support, the Nike Free RN is a much better option. It’s all about personal preference, running style, and where you run. Go for what feels right to you!

I know it can be hard parting with the runners we love, and I?ve been there! But here?s the good news: There?s a whole slew of super cute new running shoes to choose from! Here are a few that I?m loving right now. What running shoes are on your wish list?



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  1. I start getting an ache in my right hip( I have arthritis in that hip) after runs when my shoes have too much mileage on them. As soon as I notice it, they get retired for running and I use them strictly for walking. Once I notice that they don’t even have enough support for walking very far, I’ll put insoles in and they get demoted to casual shoes. I rotate through two pair of running shoes at a time. It gives them a chance to completely dry out and for the inner cushion to expand back to normal between runs. Both pair seem to last longer that way. Your Reeboks are cute af, but I’m an Altra gal all the way.

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