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Fit in Five Minutes: 3 Move AMRAP + A Giveaway

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Raise your hand if you’re a busy mama, and you feel like there’s never enough time to check all your to-dos off. ? I’m here to tell you that life should never be the reason you don’t get a solid sweat session in. If you have a couple of minutes?5, to be exact? and a resistance band, I have a workout that makes it possible no matter where you are and what you’re schedule looks like. Check “work out” off on that to-do list!

Bonus: I’m giving away this outfit (value of $109.91) to two lucky winners! Scroll down for directions on how to enter!

Outfit Details:

Reebok FlashFilm Sneakers, Reebok Leggings (also love these under $25), Reebok Sports Bra (similar here also love this one under $20), Resistance Band (this is a great set too and it’s under $10)?

Fit in Five Minutes: 3 Move AMRAP

If you have just five minutes, this is a workout sure to fit into your busy life. An AMRAP workout stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible.” Perform all the reps for each movement in the circuit to equal one round. Complete as many rounds as you can in 5 minutes. This workout is sure to give you a full body workout!

10 Banded Air Squats

Step 1:?Place a resistance band just above your knees. Begin in a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointed slightly out from parallel.

Step 2:?Keeping your weight in your heels, bend your knees and lower your buttocks down and back, as if being pulled from behind from a belt.

Step 3:?Using your arms as a counterbalance, reach upward as the crease of your hips drops slightly below your kneecaps, pushing your knees outwards as you squat, using the band for resistance.

Step 4:?Return to the starting position.

10 Dive Bombers ??????

Step 1: Begin in a plank position, ensuring tight and drawn in core.

Step 2: Pike body and lift hips into the air, dropping head down through shoulders.

Step 3: Bending your arms, slowly dive down toward the floor, swooping body down close to the ground, to upward dog position.

Step 4: Return to piked position and repeat.

10 Bench Crunches

Step 1: Begin by lying on a bench, upper body and legs slightly raised off the bench. Remember to keep your core tight throughout the movement.

Step 2: At the same time, bring your knees to a 90 degree angle while lifting your upper body off the bench until the fronts of your thighs hit your chest.

Step 3: Return to the starting position and repeat.

Three moves, five minutes…seems easy enough, right? I promise you, you’ll be burning calories without burning away minutes, but you’ll absolutely feel the burn. ?

We have tons of workouts in The Transform App no matter how much time you have or what your fitness ability is that will keep you on the path of transformation success! No excuses, busy mamas. You got this!

Giveaway Alert!

It’s true what they say, right? Great workout gear helps you get a great sweat session in. And you guys, I’m obsessed with this workout outfit! So I’m giving away outfits to two lucky winners. Winners will get these gray leggings and this bra in a color of their choice (excluding gray because it’s sold out!!!).

Giveaway ends on Monday at midnight PST.?

To enter to win:

  • Tag a fellow busy mama on my most recent Instagram or Facebook post.
  • Leave a comment below ??telling me your favorite quick workout tips.

In the meantime, add this workout to your own routine for a quick sweat session in just 5 minutes!


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144 Responses

  1. I?m an X-ray tech and if/when there?s a few min of down time I will take out our 10#(each) sand bags and do a variety of squats. There?s a few different things I?ll do in the xray rooms for a quick exercise routine to get the heart pumping… and each time someone catches me it?s usually in an awkward position. ????

    1. Being a busy mom and my husbands about to deploy I find I’m constantly on the go. I find my quick workouts after school when I’m a cheer coach. I take 15 mins to condition with my cheerleaders. Not only is it helping me, it’s also helping them to prevent injuries which is key.

  2. workout hard for 30 minutes! I used to float around the gym for 2 hours now I?m busier and shorter harder workouts keep me fit!

  3. 30 minutes of weights in the AM and then another 1 – 2 hours later after dinner (weights and cardio) in the evening. Down 20lbs in 4 mos. I love getting to reward myself with workout wear…better then a cookie any day! ;o)

    1. Lol don’t be surprised BUT I don’t have Facebook or Instagram…not sure how those work…sigh!

  4. If you are starting out with exercise, start walking it is free and you can walk on your lunch at work or after work. It is a great destresser. You can search YouTube for walking videos like Leslie Sansone. I always have my bag packed for my barre workouts. Always put yourself first.

  5. Hi, my name is Christina. I am new to the Transform App and have recently found Chris and Heidi and was interested in the program. I loved how genuine and down to Earth you two seem! I have loved the app so far and would have to say my favorite workouts are the giant super sets. Feel so accomplished! But I also love mighty minutes! I was inspired to run a half marathon recently and my love for running continues! I also love the challenge that the workouts give! Thank you Chris and Heidi!

  6. @YonahDude For me, I have to make sure I pack my bag at night then I know I will actually make it to Th e gym! And buying myself cute workout outfits makes me feel confident and willing to actually go. So not necessarily workouts per se but tips for being motivated to be successful!

  7. switching up your workout routine keeps things interesting. Take a class, try a new excercise, go with people. It makes all the difference!

  8. My typical workout is 30 mins on the stair stepper twice a week and weights three times a week. I try to do more of a full body workout rather than focus on one area ????? I?ve done your workout programs before and loved learning how to properly do weights! Thank you!!

  9. My favorite workout to clear my mind is a quick run after morning coffee, helps me start my day off right and sets the tone of healthy living right away.

  10. My quick workout tip is to park at the farrrr end of the parking lot then speed walk or jog to and from the store entrance

    1. I love a full body work out, because that is when I feel the best, but as a full time mama of 3 who goes to school and kids in sports, a husband and just life lol. My go to on a busy day is at least 2 miles on the treadmill for 20 min, and resistance bands for the booty. ?

    2. My workout tip/tips is to never give up
      2. Weights burn more calories than cardio
      3. Any workout is a good workout

    1. I always try to get atleast 10,000 steps a day during the weekdays. If I don’t manage to do it at work, then when I get home I will go on a walk/run to reach my goal.

    2. I need all the tips I can get these days! Seems like it’s hard to get as much exercise in as I would like with a newborn and a 2 year old! I enjoy walking and jogging when I can, especially now the weather getting nicer!

  11. My quick workout tips are to add extra movement throughout my day… brushing my teeth or washing my hands I do squats or some kind of leg kick. When I take my break at work I try to spend a couple of minutes doing some HIIT exercises.

  12. 3 mornings a week I do a quick 15 min ab workout. It?s a circuit, that I repeat 3 times, and usually do it on a rest day. My tip is to turn your tv on to something you like, spread your mat out, and before you know it 2 rounds will be done, then do the third and you can jump in the shower and go!
    ( 3x PEPSI – planks, eccentric, pump ups, spin bicycle abs, toe touches)
    3x LACROIX ( leg raises, around the world, crunches, reverse crunches, oblique twists, incline bicycles, leg crosses)
    3x MTN ( 50 mt climbers, v ups, 50 Mt climbers, 20 sit ups, 50 Mt climbers, weighted Russian twist)

  13. I really don?t have a workout tip, I just joined a gym at 58. So I guess, just keep moving or start would be my tip.

  14. Quick workout tip. Push ups! that always gets me sweating pretty quickly also a quick hiit workout on YouTube is always a great way to get my heart rate up quickly!

  15. My greatest workout tip is to just start your workout… no matter how unmotivated are, everytime, 10 minutes in you?ll be feeling it and then after you?ll never wish you had skipped it!

  16. Some quick workout tips I have are:
    -instead of getting ready for the gym do a workout video at home!
    -while cooking meals incorporate some squats while you cut and stir
    -while the kids are at practice instead of waiting in the car or in the stands go for a jog or a walk!
    -do some lunges as you sweep and vacuum
    -use a resistance band for some side squats as you wipe down counters/tables
    -while doing dishes use resistance bands to kick back for a quick booty workout

  17. I love the transform app workouts with you Heidi. It gives me a routine and gives me purpose. I do my cardio outside while our weather is still nice.

  18. Always , always, always warm up, a good yoga warmup always gets me feeling ready and even if I don?t time for a workout I do a 30minute yoga session to feel like I moved today.

  19. My biggest piece of advice is less is more! I used to spend HOURS in the gym because I thought that by totally destroying my muscles I was getting the work out I needed, with results that would happen quicker. Over time I realized that by lessening the amount of exercises I did and improving the quality of my lift (controlling the weight, lower reps higher weight, etc) my work outs improved! I paid more attention to form. My recovery also improved which is an added bonus.

  20. I hate doing cardio on machines so i switch my program to Shaun T Insanity max 30 and go do my 45 minutes workout at the gym !!! Heidi you?re the best role model this girl can have xox

  21. My workout tip is to get it done first thing in the morning so you start the day feeling great and have the whole day ahead of you!

  22. My FAV workouts are modified since being blessed, yes blessed, with 6 major autoimmune diseases and a fractured vertebrae that will never heal. So I love doing CORE STRENGTHENING workouts with cardio in order to prevent surgery. So modified lifting free weights, treadmill, and floor abs and stretches. Staying healthy is so important and the medical issues will not stop me from staying positive and staying disciplined/consistent with my workouts!!!!

  23. Most of the time my workout is walking around or riding my bike that way im getting some kind of exercise in. 30 min a day is possible you just have to make use of your time when you have the ability and dont forget water.

  24. Workout tip: even if I don?t feel like working out/going to the gym, I?ll go on a 30/45 min walk just to move my body! It helps me feel like I did a little something, even if it wasn?t a full on workout!

  25. If I?m short on time for a workout, I try to do a 30 minute or less full body HIIT workout. Gets you moving, sweating and burning!

  26. I get in mini workouts at work by running up the stairs, lunging every two stairs, walks around the building on Breaks, mini ab exercises while walking or moving in my chair, lifting our supplies, moving patients all day is a good work out ??. ??Love the outfit!!!

  27. Quick workout….using my bands and trx or doing some cardio! But once I get into it, unless I am short on time. I usually feel the pump and keep going

  28. My workout tip is to just get moving. Little by little do something, change one habit and keep building and before you know it, the ?bad habits? are gone and filled with new healthier ones! Oh, and always do something fun!

  29. My favorite quick workout tip is adding battle ropes and/or jump rope between each set to increase my heart rate and keep my body moving.

  30. My quick workout tip is to get my workout done as soon as I can so I can?t make any excuses as to why it can?t be done. The sooner the better. It also sets me up for the day and puts me in a good mood.

  31. my favorite quick workout is to do some boxing!! it?s a great way to get my heart rate up quick and some awesome cardio! i always do a minute on a minute off and just repeat over with however much time i have!! it?s so much fun!!

  32. It?s all about a ROUTINE. Once your body and mind get into a routine, everything else will be much easier and fall into place! NEVER GIVE UP. Patience grasshopper!! You will NOT see results in a day.

  33. My favorite tip or trick is isolating muscle groups and focusing on the mind muscle connections. I like to go slow or count to four seconds on the decline to put them under tension, time under tension allows me to focus on the exact muscle I?m working. Also love HITT 30 seconds as hard and fast With As many reps as possible and 15 second break repeated for 20 minutes!

  34. Yes love this workout! My best tips are get it done first thing in the morning and give it all ya got for those short ones, no slacking! I like to sneak in lunges and squats while making dinner, or bust a few out on my breaks at work!

  35. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. Especially when you have little humans. But don’t use them as an excuse, have them exercise with you and shower them with hugs and kisses along the way. Let them know they are your reason for living and you want them to be healthy and happy too. ???

  36. Jumping jacks are under rated! Do some of those and I guarantee your heart will be pumping! Or jump rope I like to bring one with me when I travel, can do it anywhere

  37. My best tip, do your workout as early as you can in your day! It truly sets the tone for the rest of your day and will make your mind + body operate at its highest potential. Second, going into your workout, set an intention. Whether it?s to get stronger in your legs, or to keep going when you feel like giving up, or to get one step closer towards a competition or race, setting an intention really helps you to stay focused during your workout and to perform to your best ability!

  38. Rise and grind ! Always ! Own the day ! Take selfies and be proud of all your gains ! Self love will always get you to get up and go!

  39. I love to throw on my tabata timer and get a good sweat going with simple moves like squats and pushups. As I’m getting my kids ready for the day and doing housework I’ll throw another seer in every fifteen minutes to be sure I’m burning some good calories and getting a good start to the day!

  40. My tip is just get it done. Once the workout complete you feel so much better. If I only have 20 min I will do a HIIT workout with weights. I love your hotel body band workout. Ive done that workout several times while on vacation and business travels.

  41. I?ve been working out first thing in morning. That way I don?t have to think about it anymore. But even on a stressful day JUST DO SOMETHING. do a few rounds of pushups, a few air squats, some tricep dips, and some sit-ups. I guess the AMRAP is def my fav go to type because u sure do feel it but it?s quick.

  42. One thing that I do is wake up, put on my gym/ workout clothes and shoes before even getting coffee. Once I am in my workout clothes I am more apt to go to the gym than not!

    1. Working first thing out of morning before everybody gets up or if I dont find time take the kids in the evening for a bike/jog workout. Or go to the gym while waiting for my daughter dance lesson is finisnh

  43. I?m an only parent so I have very little time for exercise. I keep a step, resistance bands and hand held weights in my bedroom. Whenever I have a few minutes I will do a quick few toning exercises right there in front of my full length mirror.

  44. If you only have 20 minutes to workout don?t use that as an excuse not to go. You can do a lot in just 20 minutes!

  45. I put on a weighted vest while I am doing housework! Gives me a little extra oomph, especially if I have no time to get a workout in!

  46. i try to work af least 4 times a week. i use the treadmill, a yoga ball, a 10 pound weight and a 15 pound weight. I have nothing specific that I do. I just work out different body parts each day. and each night I throw in a 10 minute plank.

  47. I work at a desk and have a hr commute each way totaling my work week to 12 hrs each day before I get home. My biggest tip, take a walk at ever break! Do calf raises/desk yoga…at your desk, and at the very least the vacuum twist have been a game changer with some stretching before bed

  48. Some days my quick workout is a fast paced walk to the park because my daughter insists on going. And trying to keep up with her on the playground is a workout in itself! Mom life πŸ™‚

    1. Get to the gym once you get there things will fall into place, even if you dragging drive to the gym put on your music and go.

  49. Hi Heidi,

    My morning workout starts at 4:30 am 15 minute old school( jumping jacks, high kicks, squats). Upper body or lower depending on my day. Finish with crunches. Now that?s with breaks on entertaining my boxer Zeus who likes to workout too??. Ps. Love the pink shoes!!! Happy a Thursday # Women Strong

  50. Going to a fun class! I get my best workout in, in a group setting sweating and having fun together! Put yourself out there, it?s worth it!

    1. Do something you enjoy! I remember thinking cardio was the only way to get results but I hated it. Walking on the “dreadmill” was so boring. So i got into weight lifting and it is so much more fun! Instead of having to talk myself into going to the gym, I actually look forward to it now!

  51. Even just a minute of jumping jacks to get the heart rate up and then walking outdoors for a few minutes helps me to feel more energized and ready to exercise.

  52. Keep it simple! I?m just beginning to work out regularly and I?ve found that the key to my consistency is keeping things simple and fun!

  53. If I find I need a quick workout in then I will pick a main movement (bench press, deadlift, and squat) with a couple accessory movements. To be fair though, a short work out is 30 min for me. Haha

  54. Whenever I travel I carry my bands with me. The bands can provide a great lower body workout – hip thrusts, clams, squats, kickbacks, abductors, etc. A few weights in the hotel gym for upper body and you?ve got a good workout on the road.

  55. My tip is JUST DO IT! Whatever it is, just get up and go. Seriously though, my daughter and I do yoga together and play Just Dance together. There?s are so many resources now to find awesome workouts. Find one, and just do it!?

  56. More times then I can count I find myself with no time to workout. On the days that I?m just too busy I sneak in some moves. Squatting up the stairs, Dance parties with my four year old, playing tag in the backyard. Anything to burn some extra calories and feel good about it.

  57. Music is my motivator when I need to fit in a quick workout but am too tired or busy to make it happen. So I put on my favorite song, crank it up, and let it pump me up. It works like a charm!!

  58. My to go workout are squats whenever whenever and of course a quick walk around the building getting my steps in.

  59. My quick home workout is warming up on the bike or elliptical, then doing a few sets of squats and lunges, then always some vacuums!!

    1. My quick workout routine at home is 10 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 3 sets of each; squats with shoulder raises, banded kick backs and hip thrusts then finally pushups with dumbbell rows.

    2. My workout tip is listen to your body! We push so hard and life is so busy. If you listen to what your body is telling you, your workout will be better. I ????????

  60. Hey Heidi, my favourite are squats and 20min of eliptical machine. I have lost 35kg and now I am trying to get fit and its quite hard but I will keep going till I achieve my goal, I am full of confidence that is why I am still try in…?

  61. My workout consists in: minimum 20 minutes cardio, 10 kg weight lifts with dumbell bell over row extercises, standing rear deltoid rotation, side dumbell raises, crunch, plank, squats, elastics and another 30 minutes of cardio ??
    Then for 3 times a week I go to the swimming pool to have lessons of hidro bike, walking trekking and acqua gym ?

  62. I work a desk job and that means a lot of sitting. I have an alarm set to remind me to get up and move every hour for five minutes. I will pace a bit or do some squats or lunges and sometimes push ups or jumping jacks. Just a few minutes every hour but it helps!

    1. Also a mom of four and sometimes I include my kiddos just to get a little quick workout in, they love it and so do I!

    2. I love resistance bands , squats & several other workouts with them.
      I use kettlebell weights , weights ,
      Vacuum twists ,Pilates , spinning class , treadmill, bootcamp class, strength class. Meditation ???? ( very important) as an entertainer ( Cher Impersonator) I3 years. I keep going to do anything to stay in shape, play basketball with my 15 year old 6?3 son and do soccer with daughter twin . I use anything to work out , outside a park bench , stairs . In my home triceps with a chair , couch . I create my workouts ?????

  63. Keep it fresh! Add variety to how the workout gets done by switching it up and taking it outside on a beautiful day or going to a class with a friend.

    1. I always, always write down my workout for the week, I take my workout journal to the gym and mark it off as I complete each set or cardio session – this way it holds me accountable .

    1. Hey Heidi I think I comment again but I dont see my comment anywhere so… I love squats and the eleptical machine, I have lost 35kg and I am trying to get in shape, I ll try until I achieve my goal…I am confident that is why I am keep going

  64. While I haven?t been on my fitness journey long, I love trying to make exercise fun, and less like a rigid task that I?m dreading. Dance parties, random planks while watching TV. Squats and lunges at the park with my kids. Make it fun and spontaneous.

  65. My workout tip is to stay consistent and make it a lifestyle! Eventually daily workouts become fun and not a chore. Start slow after getting sick and work up to what you once were, don?t be hard on yourself – it?s a journey πŸ™‚

  66. I have had a gym membership for years. This year I have found the best, most positive, funniest , workout partner/ friend I just feel so lucky to have her. I use to drag my butt full of anxiety because I had no plan once I walked through the doors: Now I look forward to our scheduled days and times and we are going on a year of being consistent. So consistent the employees know us. My tip is find that person and make a schedule. I now can go in to a gym even on days I?m not meeting with her and go in with confidence. I hope she knows, how much she has truly helped me.

  67. My tip for when I am just not feeling like working out I love to just turn on some music and dance. Music can change how you feel.

  68. The days I can?t get to the gym , I?ll pick my daughter up ( she?s nine months 20 lbs) and do my squats and lunges to get that little burn in! I also will do calf raises while I wash the dishes, it breaks up the monotony ?

  69. Quick workout for me includes squat jumps, lunges, curls and tricep curls. And if there is time some sort of abs. It is quick try to get in 3 sets. Even tho it?s short and quick still is better then not moving at all.

    1. Every morning before I hop in the shower I do vacuum twists and push ups and sometimes squats!

  70. I teach Physical Education in Los Angeles. Middle school students to be exact. I love working out with my students especially because sometimes I dont get time to workout at home. It’s so awesome to see their smiles when I join them ??

  71. I always park farthest from the doors where ever I am going. Also getting outside and playing with the kids! πŸ™‚

  72. Drinking water is a huge part of my day! It helps give me energy all day and helps me feel so refreshed! I love going to the gym! I used to feel like it was a chore but now it?s my one thing I really do for me. As a busy mom of three sometimes you forget to think what momma needs to recharge!

    1. I have no time for gym,so I workout at home every day.When I have no time left even for that? I prefer tabata style for about 15-20 min.

  73. Working out has become such an amazing part of my every day routine. But some of my favorite tips are first and foremost, hydration. I want to sweat everything I drank out of me. I also whole heartedly believe in the power of stretching and rehabilitation within your muscles. It is so important that you give your body time to recover!

  74. I love parking as far as I can at grocery stores. That way by the time I have loaded the baby inside the store (arm workout!) and then we shop (cardio haha) and walk back it?s about 20 minutes (or an hour at target!) of movement. Picking up my son from school I parked in the last spot so we always had about a quarter mile and a 1/2 mile for me since I had to walk down and back up twice a day.

  75. Go to moves when I’m short on time is usually an amrap of burpees, jumping lunges, and sit ups or russian twists. Gets the heart rate up and hits lots of muscles. Also during work hours, do squats any time you take a bathroom break, go for a walk during your lunch break, take the stairs instead of elevator.

  76. On days when I I can?t get to the gym for a longer workout, I workout in my living room or outside with my kids. They are typically hanging on me (extra weights=increased workout right? ?) and joining in. I get some movement in for the day and it is showing them how important it is to take care of our bodies! ?????? My kids are one of the main reasons that I love to workout and make health a priority!

  77. Sometimes I?ll go back and repeat a section of a previous workout from the AWESOME TRANSFORM APP?? that I felt gave me a good ?burn? in a short amount of time! Lifetime app user here!???? Thank you Heidi for always lifting us up!??

  78. On the weekends, when I?m binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, I enjoy getting my blood pumping a little.
    There is about a 30 sec-1:30 minute opening where I get off the couch and change the episode. During that transition, I do 10-25 squats, push-up or burpees. That way I don?t feel guilty binge watching on a Saturday! You?d be surprise how many you do.

  79. If I have a call for work or personal, I try to walk outside during the call. I also meet with other employees on a walk around the office to go over projects!

  80. My son is 14 months old so chasing him around all day is a full body workout! Lol. I squat with him, push press, and jog with him in our running stroller! He keeps me very busy.

  81. We love the transform app. When we have cardio day we like to do zumba or any cardio. Tabata is my favorite. The idea is to be motivated with my friend Gloria to workout everyday and have the commitment and goal to continue. Thanks for everything Heidi!!

  82. I usually work out my abs by holding my 18month daughter when I’m rocking her to sleep by doing crunches and also doing squats while holding her.

  83. I have a desk job so every hour my watch goes off and I?ll do 3 minutes of something to get my heart rate up. Even if it?s a brisk walk up and down the stairs.

    1. I always listen to something that makes me smile; whatever your grove thang is: be free and JAM to it while you?re getting it in the gym. ???? Life is too short so just do YOU ?

  84. When I?m in a hurry but need to get a workout in, I?ll get off the bus a few stops early and do intervals of running and walking to wherever I?m going.

    1. While i am blow drying my hair i have ankle weights i do different legs raises its multi tasking. I have done this for years.

  85. My quick 5 minute workout tip: I do a combination of squats, lunches and high knees whilst watching Extreme Makeover Body Edition reruns.

  86. I’ve done a quick HIIT workout doing kettlebell swings, air squats, burpees, thrusters, step ups and using the TRX. As well as jump rope. I may just have to do this workout tomorrow after your Iron Gym Phase 4 week 4 leg delaod workout ??

    1. Tabatas are my favorite for a quick workout. I can get it in while the little ones eat or are occupied with activities for a few minutes.

  87. I workout in my kitchen while I prep lunches for the day, or am baking. I march in place and then do higher intensity intervals of various moves.

  88. I do push ups and squats while my daughter is resting out of her wheelchair midday. At night I do more if I am not babysitting my grandson

  89. I put in quick workouts slot through the day,one walk away from my work area to walk to bathroom.,take the long way. Even while drying my hair I do different butt workouts.i find quick 5 minute workouts on YouTube. would love to win that outfit. I admire you,your absolutely beautiful.

    1. I like a quick morning workout cause makes me feel awake and alert for the day. I do squats, lunges, squat jumps, skaters, deadlifts and some ab workout. ??

    2. I have a dance/ clean up party with my 4 yr old and 2 yr old, also squats and lunges while I cook. I also do pound every chance I get!!

  90. I try and get my workout in first thing in the morning so I don?t have to think about it the rest of the day and I know I accomplished something.

  91. I look for opportunities to squeeze a workout in throughout the day. For example: while cooking dinner do jumping jacks. Do lunges while vacuuming. Do squats while you clean the glass. Walk around the yard when you get a phone call. By the end of the day those exercises have added up.

    1. My go to workout is actually 5 minutes on the eliptical machine for a warm up before I do a mixture of cardio and resistance training together.

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