Find Your WHY + Why We Created The Transform App

People often ask Chris and me why we created The TRANSFORM App. It’s actually one of my favorite questions to answer, and if you hadn’t noticed, it’s also one of Chris’ favorite topics to talk about. The short answer: We are not only passionate about helping others live their best lives possible, but we?ve also devoted our lives and our family?s lives to the mission.

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We?ve spent years training and helping people reach their weight loss goals, many of these most influential years spent on our show, Extreme Weight Loss. If you?ve even seen the show, you know the beginning starts out a little something like this?

?I am 500 lbs, broken, depressed, and not sure where to turn…so I wrote a letter to Chris and Heidi, and my whole life changed.?

Naturally, millions of letters and help-me pleas flooded in from around the world. This was a beautiful thing, but it was also terrifying because we didn?t have the bandwidth to help any more than we were already helping.

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Every letter received chipped away at our hearts. Chris and I made the promise that when the show ended and our lives allowed, we would devote the next chapter of our lives toward building the tools that EVERYONE needs to transform their lives…NO MATTER THEIR SITUATION!

How do you accomplish your goals? Find your WHY.

Simon Sinek said, ?If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” And in this, he’s talking about finding your WHY as the driving force. Your WHY is contagious. It’ll help you dream big and learn big, and it’ll inspire others to dream the seemingly impossible too.? If you’re struggling to understand what your WHY is, sit down and answer the questions below:

  • What makes you feel like your best self?
  • What are your greatest values and strengths?
  • How do you harness these things?

For me, I truly love to help people. It’s when I feel I am my best self, and it just so happens that Chris and I have the ability to do this through health and fitness. The app allows us to harness these things. Now jot down some answers for yourself and see where your WHY can take you.

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But how does this apply to transformation for others? Both Chris and I throw around the word ?transformation? a lot. Transforming and transformation are at the center of our universe! Unfortunately, I think sometimes people mistakenly think of transformation as being all about nutrition and exercise. But that couldn?t possibly be further from the truth!

True, lasting, transformation is just as much about mental, spiritual, and emotional health as it is physical, so if weight loss or ?transformation? is your goal, there is some internal work that needs to be done too! It is so important to address complete body & mind wellness. This is where your WHY becomes key.

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A lot of people get stuck at the point of digging deep and finding that “WHY.” They don?t know how to go from visualizing what?s really important to them to choosing and carefully planning but also staying motivated when the hurdles are all too real. Just remember: Every stumbling block is a brick in the journey of your transformation. Don?t let it go, but don?t let it stop you. Sink into your WHY because being your best self is worth every fall, stumble, and hiccup.

Chris and I have had many sleepless nights, grumpy days, and major alligator tears as we poured our hearts and souls into creating this app. The TRANSFORM App truly is our 5th baby, and we did it because deep down, it’s our WHY?that fire and passion that drives us to keep going!

It was important that we create THE ULTIMATE tool that could help you unlock your fitness potential. That meant workouts, nutrition, motivation, and continuous coaching to guide you from beginning to middle to forever because when done right, the journey of transformation is never-ending. But before we could even start the app, we harnessed the power of WHY!

We are incredibly proud of The TRANSFORM App, and we get super emotional and excited when we see hundreds of thousands of people all over the world finding success and happiness with it!

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