7 Tips to Growing Your Butt

Summer 2020 has never been a better time to grow a booty. 😉 While you might not be spending your days soaking up the sunshine at the beach and seeing booties rocking everywhere, you can still focus and dedicate your time to achieving the booty of your dreams. All it takes is seven simple secrets to growing a firmer, higher, and tighter behind. 😉 Here are my top tips for growing that booty!

Tip 1: Eat, Eat, + Eat Some More

You can’t build a glute, or any muscle, for that matter, if you don’t eat enough. If you’ve been looking for permission to eat MORE, here it is. I know we worry that if we eat too much, we’ll gain fat. But I’m telling you that you have to trust the process. Because everyone’s macronutrient needs will differ, it’s important that you find a plan tailored specifically to you and your goals. So find a plan, stick to it, and GROW THOSE GLUTES, baby. One bite and one good workout plan at a time. 😉 Looking for a customized macronutrient plan that will help you nail YOUR goal? Check out The Transform App!

Tip 2: The Thrust Is a Must

There are so many variations of a thrust, but it’s important to know which variation you’re doing and maintain proper form throughout so you can get the most bang for your butt…I mean buck. 😉 To work more inner thigh, point your toes out.

The most important thing is remembering to squeeze your booty at the top of each thrust and hold it for a count of 2. Then, control the motion as you lower back to the ground, and thrust and squeeze back up at the top. If you don’t have a bench, you can even do these lying flat on the ground. You can increase the difficulty by adding a weight or barbell over your pelvis or even by adding a booty band around your legs above your knees. Aim for 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps weighted or 25-50 reps bodyweight.

Tip 3: Be Like a Frog

I learned this move—the Froggy Pump—from the Booty Master: Lie on the ground with your legs in a butterfly position and use your arms to stabilize, then push up and squeeze your butt at the top. You can also add a band above your knees for some added resistance. You have the option of doing slow and controlled movements or pumping fast.

I know you’ll feel like you look silly, but I’m telling you: This move is a game-changer! The benefit of going faster is you’ll get more of a lactic acid build up as you increase speed and intensity. I like to do these at the end of a workout to give myself that lactic acid buildup and pump that I want in my butt.

Tip 4: Get Yourself a Band

Here’s what I love about booty bands: You can add one of these to almost ANY movement, and by doing so, you’ll activate the medial glutes (the outside of your booty). These help make your butt have that nice round shape we’re all trying to achieve! Click here to read more about why you should add resistance bands to your workouts →

Tip 5: Learn How to Do a Proper Squat

The squat is a move that will build the butt of your dreams, but only if you’re doing it properly! Form is EVERYTHING. To set yourself up for a good booty building squat, you’ll want to set your feet shoulder-width apart, with toes slightly pointed out at the side. Keep your weight in your heels, chest high, and slowly stick your butt back as you squat below parallel, then push up through the heels to a standing position. You should feel the move mainly in your hamstrings and glutes to build that butt (and a little bit in your quads). Mind-muscle connection is huge, guys. It’s a real thing. I will often close my eyes and think about the muscles I’m trying to activate, and then I’ll flex and squeeze those muscles as I’m doing the move. It makes ALL the difference, I promise.

Tip 6: Don’t Forget to Stretch and Roll

Click here to read some of my favorite massage ball + foam roller moves, plus links to some of my favorites →

How many of you are guilty of going straight into a workout without stretching first? Be honest! It’s a common mistake, I’m telling you. When you go right into a workout without warming up or stretching the muscles you’ll be working, you’re allowing certain muscles that are tight and limited in that moment to not work correctly, and instead, the surrounding muscles are the ones firing instead of the muscles you’re trying to target. I love using a massage ball to help me warm up and stretch. I simply put it on the floor and spend a couple minutes on each side where I feel knotted or tight. You don’t need a great deal of time—5 minutes, tops! Doing so will help give you a better workout, plus it helps to alleviate lower back pain, hip pain, and knee pain.

Tip 7: Don’t Overdo Cardio

Here’s another thing I see all too often: too much cardio. I think we naturally assume that if we run more, if we get on the elliptical more, and if we do ALL the cardio, we’re going to get the butt we want. But I’m telling you that in doing those things, all you’re doing is running your butt OFF. Yep, bye, bye booty. If you’re truly serious about growing those glutes, you need to limit cardio or choose cardio that is going to be focused more on resistance, like biking.

What’s your favorite booty-centered move?! Drop it in a comment below!


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  1. Hi! Thank you for this great information! I?m truly struggling with my health having some pain and autoimmune issues that have not been identified yet… my body hurts constantly. I need to loose about 65 pounds too on top of everything else! Send up prayer for me.

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