Heidi’s Favorite Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

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You guys, let’s talk about stocking stuffers, the most underrated part of Christmas gifting. You know what they say…good things come in small packages, and that’s reason enough for me to fill these things to the dang brim! Think about allllll the goodies—from gift cards to accessories—you can fit inside them. Stocking stuffers are basically the cherry on top, and who doesn’t love a great cherry to polish off an ice cream sundae? Plus, the easiest way to get last minute gifts seems to be finding a ton of stocking stuffers. You guys, I’m totally guilty, so here are my favorite last minute stocking stuffers!

Heidi?s Holiday Decor:

Pottery Barn Embroidered Stockings, Green and Black Plaid Ribbon, Wrapping Paper (also love this winter scene and this rustic holiday set), and faux snowy pine greenery for wrapping, Heidi’s Outfits: Cents of Style Thermal, Cents of Style Socks (similar and very cute here)

Top favorite gifts to stuff that stocking

It’s easy to fall into gift wrapping exhaustion, especially if you save it all for Christmas Eve. But you guys, don’t skimp on the stockings! They are so much fun, and here’s the real treat: Stocking stuffers require less wrapping and less cleanup. How’s that for a holiday treat that only Mrs. Claus will truly appreciate? So, stuff those babies to the brim because I’m sharing my favorite gifts to stuff your stockings!

Favorite cozy stocking stuffers (Comfy Socks, DAVIDsTEA Dessert Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set, Fleece Lined Leggings)

The gift of comfort and joy takes on a whole new meaning in 2020. There’s nothing better than snuggling up at the end of the day, and honestly, who doesn’t love a nice comfy pair of socks to make it that much better? Bonus points if they’re fuzzy on the inside. If cozy socks aren’t at the top of your gift list, then snuggle up with this perfect Tea Set (they even have a night time tea named, “Mother’s Little Helper.” Clearly, they get us busy moms). While we’re working on turning our houses into mini spas, I also love gifting mini candles and these amazing fleece lined leggings.

Stocking Stuffers for Beauty Lovers (Kristin Ess Temporary Hair Tint (under $15) Jade Roller, and Whish Lip Balm)

If mommy was caught kissing Santa Claus, it’s probably because she had really soft lips, right? During the winter months, or if you live in a dry climate, the Whish Lip Balm is an absolute dream come true. It’s the lip balm dot com as they say…ok they don’t say that, but still. It’s awesome! While you’re at it, the Whish Body Butter is pretty amazing too. Give the gift of soft skin, comfort, and joy!  Plus, can you ever really have too many beauty products? No way. No how.

And while you’re taking a couple of minutes of beauty time, this Jade Roller is perfect. It has a cool touch that’s really relaxing. It also helps brighten your complexion, reduces puffiness, and promotes blood flow. Bonus points if you get one that has a mini gua sha sculpting tool (like this one). This whole stocking is a one-two punch when it comes to a) giving someone the gift of some alone time for their beauty regime and b) making them look and feel amazing. If you have a beauty lover on your list, or maybe someone who just needs five seconds away from everything, this stocking will surely hit the nail on the head. And just because it’s fun and so many people have asked about it, stuffing your stockings with hair products like Kristin Ess Temporary Hair Tint or Coil Pack Hair Ties is another great stocking stuffer.

Stocking Stuffer Fitness Favorites: Resistance Bands (also love this set on Etsy), Motivational Water Bottle, KT Tape, and Reebok Lux Leggings 

The best part about stocking stuffers? Sooo many fitness gifts and gadgets are small: resistance bands, KT Tape , and even water bottles. During the holiday season it’s always a good reminder that amidst the chaos we just have to move! If you have a resistance band lover, like me, give the gift of an even cuter set. Pair that with some booty hugging leggings, and you’re sure to win Christmas (hey, you, I’m talking to Mr. Claus over there)! Plus, we’ve got motivational water bottles to wet the whistle of any fitness lover!

You guys, I’ll let you in on a little secret: If all else fails, and you find yourself in a pinch, you know the days when even Amazon prime ship is slower than Rudolph on a foggy night and the kids are actively anticipating the pitter-patter of reindeer on the roof, gift cards will be your best friend. You can print them or get digital versions and hand write a card. The top digital gift cards in my house are for Game Stop, Google Play, and Amazon. Oh, and this Mrs. Claus is fueled by Starbucks, so you know that’s on my gift list.

Bonus: During this time, many of your local shops can use our support. Lots of local stores will make up gift cards for you if you ask them. It’s a great way to make future plans to visit your local spots.



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Photo credits: Erica and Jon Photography

156 Responses

  1. I would honestly use the items myself I work hard and need to remind myself to give some self love every now and then.

  2. I would for sure gift these stocking staffers to my incredibly hard working mom who gets up at 4 am and has an hour commute each way and runs circles around everyone she works with. She puts herself on the back burner mostly because she is always tired. This would be a great pick me up for her and make her feel good! My Mama deserves to feel good!

  3. I would give this to my middle daughter, she has a 10 month old baby girl ? and is a health care provider. She works very hard and I think this would be a great gift!!! and well deserved ? thank you!

  4. Hello, my mom has been battling with depression, but most recently has made a turn for the better. She decorated for the holidays something she has not done in the last five years. I hope with this win that I would share with her would continue to help her in her journey??? mental health matters

  5. I would gift this awesome package to my 23 year old daughter. Her world has been turned upside down this year. I know 2020 has been challenging for almost everyone but when you see your child struggling it is different. She is doing better and I am so incredibly proud of how she is tackling life and moving forward. Our babies are our babies no matter how old they are?

  6. I would share this with my Mom. She does so much to help me after my husband abandoned my son and I three years ago. My son has debilitating anxiety and won?t leave the house. My mom helps me so much so that I can stay home with him. This would be such a nice gift to share with her. Thank you for being you, Heidi.

  7. I would split this with my sister! We have started our fitness journey together and we are finally focusing on doing it right?we are healing both physically and emotionally/mentally!

  8. I would split the goodies with my girlfriends at our Christmas exchange. I may sneak the socks out because who doesn’t love cozy socks!

  9. I would give this to my beautiful Mama! She is a wonderful Mama and provider! My dad was diagnosed with Scleroderma and he has Multiple Myeloma Cancer that is waiting to come out! It has been very hard for my Family and my Mama has been the rock through this all! Please and thank you! My mom is not on insta! Heidi, thank you so much! ????

  10. I would give this to my sister who has been in an abusive marriage for over 20years. She has been knocked down with verbal abuse that it has sucked every bit of confidence out of her. It has made her have the lowest self esteem. She need every bit of confidence she can get.

  11. I would give this to my sister who has been in an abusive marriage for over 20years. She has been knocked down with verbal abuse that it has sucked every bit of confidence out of her. It has made her have the lowest self esteem. She need every bit of confidence she can get.

    1. I would love to share this with my beautiful daughter who works hard at school so we hardly see each other. Would live to share a spa retreat for us so would catch up and relax. I work hard each day to provide for my disabled partially husband and clean the house and make dinner. This is a great giveaway and thank you for giving us a chance to have some relaxation. Especially after Matix experience. Laughter is great therapy.

  12. Oh my I have 4 people I would split it with my daughter in law how is hard working special needs teacher – sister in law who is abreast cancer survivor – my sister is a hard working single mom of 4 who has fibro – my adopted daughter who is a single mom going to school to be a physician assistant they all need some pampering well me too!!! I can?t tag them I don?t know how lol!!

  13. I?d love to give this to my sons?s girlfriend, Brielle. Tough young cookie working hard in healthcare through it all!

  14. I would share them with my daughter and mom. After a crazy year we could all use some self care and relaxation.

  15. Heidi! Our kids are the same ages! They are all hard workers! My oldest is club and high school soccer and loves to lift weights with us daily! He?s also a straight A student in all honors classes- my oldest daughter is the same- except she?s a swimmer… my middle girl is sooo me.. stubborn but a huge heart. My youngest is a fighter and has to work 20x harder than anyone in our family! We found out 2 years ago- she had a super rare genetic disorder- it?s the cause of her delayed development. But she?s the happiest kid on the planet that teaches us to enjoy every moment of everyday! I would love to gift them these goodies- just for being the best kids we as parents could ask for!

  16. I would give this to my mama again. She deserves all the pampering in the world after the crap she has been through in her life. Add on to that losing my dad to cancer last year and it?s been such a tough time.

    1. I would gift these to my daughter. I’m a single mom and do everything I can to make all her holidays perfect. She would love this for Christmas morning. She is a beautiful daughter inside and out and so deserving of this. Thank you for all you do, your such an inspiration.

    1. I would give it to my sister who started her fitness journey a year ago and has lost 80 pounds ?

  17. Neighbor gifts! There is something for everyone in here and it would make great gift baskets…with cookies of course.

  18. I know it seem selfish but I?d gift them to me. I would share of course but this year has seemed like I?m swimming against the current. I lost my job, cashed out my 401k and am almost out of money. I got Covid and missed Thanksgiving. It?s not life-altering stuff but it does feel crappy. Thank you for doing this.

  19. I would pamper my mom, she is really having a hard time being away from her kids / grandchildren for the last 10 months. She deserves to be soiled this year.

    Thank you Heidi for all you teach us.

  20. I would love to win from you and take care of myself a little more body wise to make me feel a little better about myself I need to love my body more and just work on it. Im pretty sure anyone would love this

  21. I would love for my brother and sister in-law to win this. My brother retired from a law enforcement careeer and took a environmental position to supplement his income and was severely injured on his 50th birthday and needed major knee surgery last week

  22. Uhhh… is it bad to admit that I?d want to keep them for myself?!? Maybe I?d share with my sister… ?

  23. I would love to win, and I would keep everything for myself! I have always wanted to try the face rollers!

  24. I would gift it to my GF Dana. We became friends through circumstances and have been friends for over 20 years.

  25. Stocking stuffers are the best! I would gift each item to one of my girls, we could all use some fun this year!

  26. I would gift this to my mom and sister because they help me so much with my husband deployed. I just appreciate them tons.

  27. So many great gifts for the entire family. It?s always hard to find gifts for my teenage daughter so many of these would be perfect Cour her stocking! Thanks Ms. Claus. Happy Holidays!

    1. I would love to gift to any of these ladies who are my biggest supporters and accountability buddies: Jenna Smith, Lindsay Bourgeois, Ami Trevino Dennis.

  28. I would love to win these and give them to my kiddos, Katherine, Victoria, and Joseph. There is something for each of them.

    1. My BFF is awesome and takes care of two boys plus works full time and has another part time job. She?s the absolutely most caring person I know and has always lifted my spirits when I?m blue. I?d love for her to know how much she means to me and everyone that knows her??

    2. Hi! Ide like to win some thing! Can’t seem to get the hang of how you enter these promotions? Thanks any ways! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Heidi! I would
      Love to share this with my daughters-one is in Sports Med and tells me how cool that tape stuff is, the other loves her some jade rollers! And overall I just appreciate how motivating you are to keep my body moving-I?ve been sitting way too long!

  29. I would love to win this for myself! Why? Because I’m finally realizing I need to take care of myself. I am a single mom to 4 beautiful boys. I also had a daughter, Chloe, who passed away 3.5 years ago.

    Since losing my daughter, I have struggled…A LOT! This would definitely help me with my goal of taking care of me! ?

  30. To my daughter Camie, who is my best friend, and to my sisters Carol and Connie, who make life so much more fun.

  31. I would love to win this package. As a mom and fitness freak like yourself, I often forget to pamper myself. I need a little self-care, especially as I train for the biggest, and hardest thing on my 40th birthday!

    1. My best friend since I was 5, Caitlin Zych. Life has moved us apart physically but never far from the heart. I’ve watched her blossom into a badass single mother and she deserves to be pampered

    1. I would love to have a stocking haven’t had one I would say 35 years just for the kids ,it would be great surprise it would make me feel like kid agian I remember I was kid it would be orange ,grapes ,cookies lifesavers in a book it was amazing.

    1. I would treat my soon to be divorced self with all these goodies! I deserve it after all the stress I?ve been under lately. Thanks for sharing yourself with us-you help in so many ways! ??

  32. Honestly this year has been a year of realizing I am beautiful, deserving and precious in the eyes of many and that includes myself. I’ve spent my life beating myself up for not looking perfect, being the best or not fixing things beyond my control and realizing how unhealthy that has always been. So this year,…I deserve to love me – and that’s what I”m gonna do by nominating myself,..no shame, no fear, no self loathing,… Merry Christmas Heidi – mucho mucho love to you <3 <3

  33. Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family!

    I would love to win the stocking stuffer giveaway. My husband recently started a new job where he is on his feet for about 15 hours a day in a cold distribution center. The muscle tape and massage roller would be a huge help. I would share the Athia Kisser Kit with my husband and son. My husband?s lips are beginning to see the effects of refrigerator all day and has some pretty chapped lips himself. I would gift the Jade Roller to myself because I?ve always wanted one but have been afraid to splurge on myself. I just turned 34 last week and don?t have any kind of a skincare routine. I have dark spots as well as Melasma and would love to try your Athia products with the roller. Thank you so much for the opportunity and all that you do!

  34. I’d gift this to my brother and SIL who are about to have a baby. Anyone having a baby in 2020 deserves lot’s of gifts

  35. I would honestly fill my stocking with these goodies. Is been a rough year. Between losing two of my uncles and my husbands grandmother, distance learning with 3 kids, husband losing his job, and all the rest of the crap 2020 has brought a little self pampering would be just what this momma needs.

  36. My amazing daughter Joanna Hartman. She is such a hard worker and loving mother of 3 boys. Her husband lost his job when Covid hit so she stepped up and is working a full time job. Juggling home, work and supporting her husband as youth pastor of their church.

  37. Ok, ok, you don?t have to twist my arm. I?m gifting this to myself! Simply because I deserve it and for the first time in my life as a mom (18years) do I actually believe that I deserve things for myself. #pickmeprettylpleasewithacherryontop

  38. I would gift to my sister!! She loves beauty products and she is moving soon and we will be workout buddies to!!!

  39. Well I would like to give this to myself!!! I deserve to be pampered and look beautiful….I work hard mentally and physically everyday for everyone else and it is now my time to work hard for me.

  40. Hi Heidi, first of all kudos to that amazing body and positive attitude.

    Coming to the gifts, I want these for me and my husband. We married in Feb. though it was a beautiful start to 2020, immediately we lost our jobs in March. We have been using all our savings on food and shelter. And I couldn?t get anything for his birthday too so I am hoping I could give him something useful for this Christmas/Newyear.
    I currently got my husband to work out with me to keep his stress in control and this would be a perfect gift for us to bond.

  41. I would gift these to myself, I am an avid runner and an athlete, if I?m not playing sports, I?m in the gym, or I?m taking care of my big blended family! Not to mention I work and go to school!! It?s a big job and this momma gets tired and in need of some TLC.

  42. The roller to my co worker/partner in crime for our fitness journey- she works HARD!
    The lip kit and jade roller to my sister- she works A LOT and doesn?t often pamper herself 🙂

  43. Wow! A few of your favorite things! I would love to gift these items to my husband! My husband is working two jobs to provide for our family. He makes daily sacrifices to make sure our two children and myself are provided for and get the things we need. I would love to be able to spoil him for a change. My husband is coming up on his 9th anniversary of his life saving kidney transplant. Nine years ago he received the gift of life from an amazing woman. Christmas time is always such an emotional time because not only do we get to create memories with my children, who never would have been here if the transplant was not successful, but more importantly I have my “rock”, my husband still here with me and in great health. Every year is truly a blessing. I would love to be able to show him some love this Christmas and surprise him!

  44. I would split these gifts up for different people. I would give my mom the face roller, because as she gets older she worries about the lines on her face and signs of aging- not realizing how beautiful she is and that they reflect a life well lived. I would gift my husband the cold massage roller because he loves to lift heavy. I could use it on him after workouts for sweet husband and wife bonding. The lip kit I would keep for me. It?s been a rough year and a special treat of self care would be so nice.

  45. I would definitely give this to my twin sister! We always used to workout together and now she is kicking ass doing it all on her own and is inspiring me to get back into it!

  46. My mom for sure ! She is the absolute best person and the most amazing grandma to my little boys! She?s the only one they have and she makes sure they will never know anything less than amazing! There is no one who drops everything for me and the kids like her ! She also has an autoimmune disease making her high risk for covid, but she masks and gloves up when we are in a bind and just helps without questioning anything! Pick her, she?s an Angel ??

  47. I would give these wonderful gifts to my mom and my sister. My mom is a great mom and is always willing to help her kids out. My siblings and I really fail to tell our mom how much she is loved and appreciated. I would like her to know that we really think she is special. My sister deserves this as she is a single mom taking care of her daughter. She just had knee surgery and could really use some extra pampering.

  48. I would gift this to my mom because she works so hard and I do not give her enough credit for everything she does. She is truly a superhero like all moms are, and deserves to be pampered this holiday season. Mothers are miracle workers and surprising her with this gift would mean the world!!

  49. I would ????LOVE this for myself for a change??? Before this Pandemic I worried about my older twin daughter in the Navy . She has been in going on 1 year this January. And still NOT been tested for Covid!! She is on a different command as of December 28 not knowing where she is going ? And for how long? Andddd mostly hoping ?she will get tested and EVERYONE going on that ship. I am beyond stressed out anxiety sky high!!

  50. I would love to gift this to my dear friend Carrie Hanks, she lost her dad to Covid in Nov. and is devastated. She is a hard working mama of 2 boys who has now lost her daddy and is NOT looking forward to the holidays because of the pain. My heart breaks for her and i know this would brighten her Xmas!

  51. The stocking bundle would be a great mom and bonus daughter gift. I could split with her. Christmas facials ?? My muscles always need the extra love. LOL

  52. I would gift it to my mom- she as always is the most giving and unselfish person. This year has been no different!! When my Dad for sick, she didn?t hesitate to take care of EVERYTHING and Covid made it hard for others to assist her! But she did it all with Grace, love and extreme patience:)

    1. Yep. Myself. Because making Christmas magic for 4 kids.. is hard! And Mamas deserve to be spoiled too. : )

    1. My sister would want the massager kit since she works out all the time and would need it. But I would love it on my back since I have a horrible back.

  53. I would give this to my twin sister. Her little boy is going through chemo and she is in the hospital with him a lot! She would love it!

    1. Dfinately my mom, she is always giving and doing for everyone else and doesn’t have much time to relax, I think this would help her relax just a little:)

  54. December 3rd already. Wow, where did the time go. I would definitely share any ” good things, come in small packages”. I have no babies in my life. Share with someone in need. Wishing the Powell family a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year! Thank you

    1. Who wouldn?t love all these pampering stocking stuffers!! I would have a spa night with my daughter

  55. Heidi!!!! I finally made it to your blog. I want to gift this to my boyfriend?s 17 (alllmost 18?!) year old daughter. She has been struggling with split parent life and skin issues. She is sweet and loves that duck face pout so she would enjoy finding these in her ?Queen? stocking this year. Thank you love ya!

  56. I would gift this to my friend Zee. She?s been on a huge, transformational fitness journey herself, and is unrecognizable to her old self. Yet, she is the most humble and kind human I know. And she?s always putting everyone else first. I think she deserves this not only for her physical journey, but her emotional journey. She?s been working on her own emotional blocks and self growth, and I am just so proud to be her friend.

  57. I would like to give this to my daughter Layla, she graduated with her masters degree 2 weeks ago, she?s works hard in life, work and studies. She?s a true alpha and nothing stops her from getting her goals met. I?m January she starts her career and also will continue studies for her job. Where there?s a will she finds a way. She works out, in all this. I?m so proud of the woman she has become and I look forward to where she?s going. She deserves this because she has had 3 ACL surgeries and needs pampering. She was a gymnast and did damage while cheering in high school and at Pittsburg State University. She?s the woman we all want to be, Driven ??

  58. I would like to give this to my oldest daughter Layla, she graduated with her masters degree 2 weeks ago, she?s works hard in life, work and studies. She?s a true alpha and nothing stops her from getting her goals met. I?m January she starts her career and also will continue studies for her job. Where there?s a will she finds a way. She works out, in all this. I?m so proud of the woman she has become and I look forward to where she?s going. She deserves this because she has had 3 ACL surgeries and needs pampering. She was a gymnast and did damage while cheering in high school and at Pittsburg State University. She?s the woman we all want to be, Driven ??

  59. I would gift this giveaway to my Mama as she deserves everything and more! She is the best support system and works so dang hard every day to make sure everyone is happy & healthy so I would love to be able to spoil her a little extra this year. She always makes sure our stockings are stuffed to the brim so I would love to be able to do the same this year 🙂

  60. I would give this to my beautiful sister. Her youngest child was developing normally and then the beginning of this year Her 2 year was diagnosed with a very rare degenerative disorder that attacks her nervous system. Literally one in a million odds. She has already lost her ability to walk, crawl, eat by herself, and no longer can sit up by herself. Her life expectancy is 5-10 years. My sister and her husband have turned a heart breaking prognosis into being grateful for each day they have with their sweet Charlotte. My sister never gets time to herself. She is a homeschool mom of three plus caring for Charlotte which is full time. My sister has the most beautiful heart. I love her.

  61. I would love these for myself and also my friend Jenny. We are busy moms with teenagers and we train for marathons together. Not much time for pampering or beauty treatments!

  62. I would love to share this with my mom! She has done so much for me. Watched my kids during all the LTL days. She helps me endlessly and is so giving to everyone.

    1. Myself because thinking about my needs and wants are always last as I make sure everyone else is taken care of first! Something for myself would be a nice change in this stressful world right now!

  63. I would give it to My Mom is 70 years old she would love it for Christmas I can’t be with her for Christmas
    I know she would love always would do hair nails makeup for it would make her so happy she dose not have email or Facebook so I can’t tag her

  64. Loved watching you do the facial on your teenager! What a great idea! I think I would keep them for me and my teen as well! I?ve never actually had a facial before and I?m pushing 40 pretty soon here. Maybe this could also be an early 40th bday gift to myself! Time to start getting more serious about my skin care!

  65. I would love to win this to share with my 2 teenage daughters! We are always doing spa days together. They are also the best workout partners. We do a lot of DIY stuff to save cost so this would be an amazing indulgence to share.

    1. I would give it to My Mom is 70 years old she would love it for Christmas I can’t be with her for Christmas
      I know she would love always would do hair nails makeup for it would make her so happy she dose not have email or Facebook so I can’t tag her

  66. I would LOVE to gift one of my best friends a mama spa day because as a mom I know how hard it is to be full time, 24/7 with kiddos. Every mom deserves some ?me time?. Heidi – you always have great products & posts! Love ya girl!

  67. My best friend has had an incredibly difficult year. She lost her chp husband to suicide in 2018 and with covid this year the isolation and depression has been brutal. She has three kids so self care is not a priority. She is incredible human and could really use a pick me up to end the year. Thank you for doing this. You are amazing!!!

  68. I would use these products myself. As a mother of 2, I never spend money on myself or do anything to promote self care. So, winning would allow me to finally work on myself.

  69. I would gift these items to several people in my life. This has been one crazy year and we all can use a little something to brighten our day!

  70. I would love to win this package. I could use some pampering and so could my mom. I?m a health care worker and my parents are in their 80?s. My dad had a stroke 6 months ago and can not walk well. He has been in the hospital and nurse homes until 3 weeks ago for rehab, but he also has dementia and my mom is unable to care for him by herself. We really could use treat.

  71. Hi Heidi,
    I would love to win this for my friend Carrie! She is the most thoughtful loving woman who is always giving to others! She donates to charity all the time! She so deserves this so much! Thank you so much! ??

  72. I would share these amazing products with my daughters. They are 21 and we share everything when they are home. They are my world and knowing we can still have mom and daughter time, still makes me very happy! Love this time of year, this mom will always put her two first so momma can be happy and loved with their smiles.

    1. I would you share these pampering items with my sister. She always puts others ahead of herself. She is going through a very rough time. She has blood cancer. She’s so special. I just want to surprise her & treat her.

  73. I would love to win so many of these to gift to my very best friend, my roadtrip warrior buddy, my maid of honor, my person. She is currently separated from her husband and has a little baby, and I’d LOVE to be able to shower her this year and make her feel as amazing as she is. She has the absolute biggest heart, is literally the best gift giver I’ve ever met, and I’d love to return even a fraction of a favor for her – this year of all years!

  74. I would gift the items to my wife and 2 girls. My youngest would love the longboard as she loves to skateboard.

  75. I would gift myself with these items. I always take care of everyone else and never take time to do anything for myself. I also love cozy fuzzy socks.. ( you can never have to many pair of cozy socks). Also I need serious lip love. I live in the mountains of WV where it is VERY dry, cold and windy so my lips stay chapped throughout these harsh winter months.

  76. Every single item is amazing!!! My mom would be so deserving of these stocking stuffers. And of course she would love to share them with her daughter and granddaughter ??

  77. Would love to gift this too my mom. She has dine so much for me and my kids!!!! Has always sacrificed to make sure we had everything we needed as kids because my dad passed away when I was 13 and continues to sacrifice now to help me and my kids thru this tough year

  78. I think I would probably give this to my older sister. I don?t think she ever puts her self first and this would be an awesome gift for her! And her birthday is the day after Christmas!?

    1. Me , I’ve been working from home and succeeding AND have been regularly going to the gym (safely)

    1. I think that this is something that I could really use right now. Or maybe my daughter-in-law.

    1. I would gift this to my daughter. She?s in college right now and has a ton of homework. She could use a little self care in her crazy life

  79. I would love it for myself as I have never really made time or budget to do self care things such as this!

  80. I would totally wanna gift this bundle to my self!!! I absolutely want that Athia Kisser bundle my lips need some serious love and so does my daughters. They get so chapped during this winter months I?d love to be able to use it on her!

  81. We all need a little self care right now. I would love these products to share with my family who has been working throughout the pandemic!

    1. My daughter Camie cause she is amazing, my best friend. She bustling hours in as an essential worker being a chiropractor, mother of one and expecting her second. She needs a little pick me up and pampering. Also my granddaughter Ashley she is amazing and works at a day care after school. Two amazing women in my life.

  82. I would live to give these to my daughter. She is mom to a 2 yr old and health care worker she deserves to be pampered

    1. Just saw your microdermabrasion vid on Matix and so great! I would give all the gifts to my sister who is dealing with a medical issue that has her on dialysis indefinitely 🙁 She deserves the world and I want to give her all the self-care love items I can while we cannot see each other during these pandemic times.

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