Heidi’s Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway 2020

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You guys, the magical, but also exhausting holiday season is here, and Mrs. Claus has a lot of stuff on her to-do list…like, more than normal. The pitter-patter you hear isn’t that of reindeer. Oh no, that sound is the ever-present tiny feet now that our homes have transformed to school and everything in between. Ahhh, the “new” norm. With so much on the brain and so many changes, this holiday is certainly looking a bit different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of what we’ve got!

After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year, you guys! While it is the tradition at my house to give into that tryptophan-induced coma, slip on my comfiest clothes, grab a MDB, and hit the couch for holiday shopping, I imagine this is pretty much your go-to this year. To kick off the holiday season, I’m sharing my annual holiday gift guide AND GIVEAWAY! Scroll to the bottom for details!

Heidi’s Holiday Decor:

Pottery Barn Embroidered Stockings, Red and Gold Ribbon (love this candy stripe ribbon set), Green and Black Plaid Ribbon, Wrapping Paper (also love this winter scene and this rustic holiday set), faux snowy pine greenery for wrapping, and gift tags (love this unicorn one for Ruby).

But hey, not waiting in long lines is a bonus, right? To help you narrow down what your kiddos, fashion lovers, fitness enthusiasts, and hey, even yourself might like this year (we know that Santa gets all the credit, but Mrs. Claus is the true hero, am I right?), I’m sharing some of my favorites. Now through Monday, I’ll add more and more goodies to this blog, so keep checking back for new items and giveaways!

**Giveaway closed** We may be working on new traditions this year, but some must remain, like Heidi’s Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway (say that three times fast!). Check back over the next five days because I’ll be adding a selection of new favorites AND a major giveaway bundle. Scroll to the bottom for details!

Top Gifts for the beauty lovers

Shop Heidi’s must-have beauty gifts:

Vanity Planet Facial Steamer (55% off) and Exfora Device (60% off), Athia Kisser Kit (50% off sitewide), Kristin Ess Temporary Hair Tint (under $15), Facewash/Makeup Headband (also love this leopard print one), and Jade Roller

Beauty products are quite literally my new baby, but they’re also a family affair. From my mama to Mars, the love of beauty products is definitely generational. The best thing about the gifts on my beauty list? They are the perfect escape from hearing “mom” around every corner. If the “new norm” has taught us anything it’s how to turn our bathrooms into spas, and so with that in mind, I’m giving you the perfect items to relax, escape, and enjoy some beauty time, especially when beauty rest isn’t always available.

From my favorite Vanity Planet Facial Steamer to the Athia Kisser Kit, you’ll have glowing, hydrated skin without leaving the house. Plus, I’m also loving these Facewash/Makeup Headbands…gotta’ keep that newly tinted hair out of the way. 😉

Click here to shop Athia’s line for him: VLR (50% off sitewide)

Bonus: For the man—or man child, in my case—in your life, Athia’s new line of male products is the perfect gift. Hey, real men need moisturizer too. How do you think Santa stays so dang jolly? I’ll let you in on a secret: It’s not the cookies. It’s the moisturizer! Ok, maybe it’s the cookies too.

Top Gifts for the kiddos

Shop Heidi’s must-have list:

Tangle Pets Brush (on-sale under $15), COMFY, Coil Pack Hair Ties (also this variety pack under $10), Nail Polish Gift Set, Longboard by Original Skateboards (use code LOVEHEIDI for 20% off), and Baby Weight Set (Fischer Price Baby Biceps)

Even as the kiddos are getting older, the best part about Christmas is the look on their faces as they open each gift. For the whole family, COMFY is the name of the game. If you haven’t heard of a COMFY, it’s a blanket you can wear, which is pretty much the mood of 2020.

My real life unicorn, Miss Ruby Lane, gets a magical unicorn brush to match her personality (plus some Kristin Ess Hair Tint for Mars, Ruby, and mama because, why not?!). Marley is all about nail polish and beauty products this year. You’ll find post-Christmas happiness as Cash and Matix hit the streets with the rest of the neighborhood on their longboards! Gosh, the joys and simplicity of being a kid. It makes it all worth it. Maybe you’ll even catch Mrs. Clause out for a joy ride or two. 😉

Top Gifts for the fitness fanatic

Shop Heidi’s must-have list:

Lululemon Align Pant II (so nice, I had to put them twice), Total Transform Bundle (normally $479.80 NOW $189.99), Everday by Transform Low Carb Meal Replacement Flavor Sampler (normally now 40% OFF), Resistance Band (also love this set on Etsy)

Gift guides and fitness gear go together like Santa and cookies, right? Ok, ok, maybe just in Powell land, but you know I can’t leave the fitness lovers off my list. This year, we’re doing a great sale on Transform products from the app to meal replacement shakes with up to 60% OFF.

And when it’s time to hit the gym (or do that killer at-home workout), you know what they say: A great outfit is sure to get you motivated. With these booty hugging Lululemon leggings and 4Kor Resistance Bands, the fitness lover in your life (ok, it’s me, you guys!) is sure to look great, work hard, and feel like a million bucks.

Top Gifts for the stylish

Shop Heidi’s must-have Fashion Finds:

Cents of Style Thermal (use code fabfriday on sale $8), Cents of Style Socks (under $15), Lululemon Align Pant II , Aviator Sunglasses, Carolina Trimmed Hat (now 30% off), H&M Joggers, Ring Variety Pack

Up next: gifts for her, the stylish lady in your life (and hey, maybe it’s yourself). If you’re anything like me, my daily wardrobe looks a bit different in 2020. If 2020’s wardrobe has an adjective, it would be: COZY!  Here’s a handful of gifts for the fashionista in your life (and if you’re shopping for yourself, this Mrs. Claus won’t spill the beans) that are sure to get the party started even if it means you’re getting fashionable just for a night in.

With cozy at the heart of it all, some of my favorite gifts this year are a classic thermal and some warm holiday socks. It’s perfect for “get up and go,” but also the best to snuggle up on the couch. For the fitness and stylish ones, I love Lululemon Align Leggings. They’re basically your second skin…if your skin perfectly lifted you in all the right places. To add some flair, I love gifting accessories, so you’ll always find those under my tree. Click the items above to shop some of my stylish faves.

Heidi’s Holiday Giveaway

Photos by Erica and Jon

**giveaway closed** To help you busy mamas get into the holiday spirit, I’m giving away four bundles of gifts. Each day, I’ll add a new item to this giveaway list for a total of 4 days of giveaways! Total value for all items for all giveaways: $1,133.71!  You will have 24 hours after the daily giveaway is posted to enter to win. Once the next giveaway is open, the previous giveaway will be closed (i.e. giveaway 1 is closed once giveaway 2 is posted), so remember to check back daily!

Enter to win by doing both of the following:

  • Like my most recent Instagram or Facebook giveaway post and tag a friend!
  • Comment below with who you want to gift these special items to and why (heck, maybe it’s yourself because you deserve it!). I will pick a winner daily, and all the winners will be announced once all the giveaways are finished.

Now slip on your comfiest pants and get in the holiday spirit because this giveaway might just be better than the Hallmark Christmas movie that’s probably on repeat right about now! Happy and healthy holidays!


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1,126 Responses

  1. I would love to share this with my aunt and best friend. My aunt is so passionate about well being and the health of her children. Most of all, she loves feeling beautiful. She does this by taking care of her kids to nourish her soul and taking care of herself whenever she has time even though it can be hard. My best friend is the most beautiful person on this planet. She has been having a rough time lately, and I would love to pamper her! ???

  2. I?ll be honest – if love these gifts for myself. This year between being a mama, wife, and teacher I?ve aged SO MUCH.

    Not a unique story, I know. ? But sometimes we?ve gotta remember it?s ok to ask for things for ourselves too.

  3. My husband would LOVE the Athia for Men line and the boost shot. He works in a warehouse and is constantly on the move!

  4. Bonus giveaway – I would give the stocking stuffers to my teenage daughters. Filling their stockings and watching them brings me back to my childhood and what my Mom did for my stocking. Favorite part ?

    1. I would love the stocking stuffers for my mom! She?s always giving to everyone else & is the most selfless person I know!

  5. The stocking stuffers would be great to win for me, my husband, or family members. I?m not getting any younger and could all the help I can get!

  6. My mommy, Carrie! She is the most self-less woman I know and would love to spoil and pamper her with this ?spa day?!!!

  7. I?m not sure if I?m late to enter (that?s usually how I roll?), but I?d love to nominate my BFF, Mel Wilson. She?s an incredible mama and inspiration! We used to run 5ks together and then #life, so the fitness bundle would be perfect as we both get back in gear this month to hit our fitness goals!!!

    Love you so much Heidi! I?m a fellow cheerleader of life and I?m so thankful for you and your inspiration!!!



  8. I would love to share this with my mama. We need some quality beauty time. She’s been taking care of my babies during this trying time and never ever complains!

  9. My daughter Erica Perez deserves this magical wand because we all love a facial and a spa day…. and tell me anyone who doesn?t deserve it this year!

  10. I would love to gift my sister in law Danielle or my sister in law Kaitlyn the microdermabrasion wand. They are both hard working mamas and deserve the best.

    1. I would give these to my 3 kids for Christmas. We haven’t had a very exciting year with Covid, school closing etc. This is awesome, thanks for the chance!

    1. Let’s meet lovely me and my lady wants to see how sweet your ??? taste we’re in Billings at the motel 6 call us ASAP if you’re interested 5593733240

  11. I?d love to gift my aunt with any of the amazing gifts offered. She is so selfless and is always doing for others. Thank you so much for the consideration and Happy holidays!

  12. Both my mom and myself could use these as a big relaxation and destresser and make ourselves feel good again. Would love to win these my mom doesn’t do anything for herself so she could definitely use a spruce up to make her feel good

  13. I would love the skin care gift and to share it with my teenage daughter and sister in law. My 16 year old is struggling with acne right now and it?s heartbreaking to watch her struggle with it.

  14. I would love to gift my workout buddy Michelle with the Transform bundle. She inspires me and I use and believe in the products!

  15. So many friends worthy, it?s hard to pick one. I would have to choose my girlfriend who is struggling with the craziness of 2020.

  16. I would love to give this to my cute friend Autumn because she is beautiful inside and out and teaches 2nd graders during Covid! She deserves to be spoiled

  17. I would love to give to my sister in California. She has been by my side as I went through a year of transformation. She has been there for me when i was at my lowest and there for me at my highest all while going through a transformation herself

  18. I would love to win and gift to my amazing daughter-in-love. Kaylinn. She works full-time and is an amazing mom to a 2 1/2 year old.

  19. I would love to win so many of these to gift to my very best friend, my roadtrip warrior buddy, my maid of honor, my person. She is currently separated from her husband and has a little baby, and I’d LOVE to be able to shower her this year and make her feel as amazing as she is. She has the absolute biggest heart, is literally the best gift giver I’ve ever met, and I’d love to return even a fraction of a favor for her – this year of all years!

  20. The gift I would give would be for my mom, she has put my family and I up for 6 months. My husband lost his job and we sold our house. We are on our feet but building a new house and have had to stay with her longer that we anticipated.

    1. I truly admire everything about you!!

      I would like to win this for myself to be honest. Something for me to focus on and take pride in myself!
      Get where I WANNA BE!

    2. I would gift these items to my sister. She is always trying to please everyone else and never does anything for herself. She is the most caring person I know and deserves the world

    3. I?d love to shower my mom with love and these gifts…she?s wonderful and deserves this and so much more!!

    4. I?d love to shower my mom with love and these gifts…she?s wonderful and deserves this and so much more!! This year she lost her mother and sister…hell of a year

  21. I would love the spa gifts fo myself and my daughter. These items look amazing and would be a great addition to my routine!

    1. I would gift it to myself. My face could use a real hood treatment after 9 months of wearing a face mask and face shield and not getting the attention it needs.

  22. All of these products look/sound amazing! I need a spa day ??? Like most mamas, I work full-time, am finishing up graduate school, have a very busy four-year-old, and am the first one my family goes to for physical/emotional help. I love this holiday season but am exhausted ?
    Sending lots of love to all of you hardworking mamas???

    1. I would give to my mom who is my rock and my best friend! She is the one who helps me through my toughest days when I have Lupus flare up. She is a great grandmother to my daughter. The other person would be my sister who his a new mom. To boost her confidence and to celebrate the wonderful amazing journey she has begun!

  23. I am not usually one to say myself because I can always think of people that need or deserve things more than I do. But, boy could I use anything to help my face. I?m a single mom of a teenager and preteen, and I teach third grade to 42 kids (online) this year. I have started to breakout again like I?m a teen and I cannot seem to figure out how to stop it. I?m pretty sure the stress, lack of sleep, and mask wearing aren?t helping the situation. Thanks for considering me!

  24. I would love to win this because I always wanted to have a good facial cleaning regiment, but I always tend to put my needs last. These products would be a great way to get me started with a much needed routine. I would also gifted to my sister who does a lot for me, it would be a nice way to say thank you for always helping me out!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!

  25. Giveaway #4 for my self care !!

    Hola Heidi , ok I?m here after seeing your post lol and well, my clients always tells me, ?Nat it?s time for you to do nice things for your self !! Yikes !! So let?s play this awesome game ans see what happens !!???????

    I?m NatKoopmans (IG)

    Wig Solutions By Nathalie

    *My little website is under construction

  26. Giveaway #4 for my self care !!

    Hola Heidi , ok I?m here after seeing your post lol and well, my clients always tells me, ?Nat it?s time for you to do nice things for your self !! Yikes !! So let?s play this awesome game ans see what happens !!???????

    I?m Nat Koopmans (IG)

    Wig Solutions By Nathalie

    *My little website is under construction

  27. Hey hi this is dileep from india ?? I would love to give my sister cause she is going to experience the new if I received this giveaway…

    Thankyou n lots of luv from INDIA ?? DKP

    1. Would love to have skin care products , I am going to be 52 this month I never use any products on my face starting getting wrinkles on my forehead need help. Also would like ask you about the lamp you use my son is starting to loss his hair can you tell me what it is where to get it thank you so very much.

  28. I need to start a good beauty regimen. I always thought I looked way younger than my age, but now pushing 40, I?m noticing the wrinkles more and more.
    I?d also gift these beauty items to my friend that just had a baby. I know how hard it is during the newborn phase and would love to pamper her a bit.

  29. I would love to give these gifts to my mother. She is incredible and is always there for me when I need her. She definitely deserves to be pampered this holiday season ?

  30. I would hope to give this to my mama she has raised me by herself as a teen mom then had to raise my sister by herself before and after a nasty cheating divorce with my step dad. She just deserves the world and I?d love for her win and feel special ???

  31. I would love to gift my sister with these items. We?ve both been working jobs as healthcare workers during this time and have been dealing with lots of stress. She definitely deserves to be pampered – she has such a big heart for serving others.

  32. I would share this with my sister in law who is currently working in the COVID ICU in Ohio. She deserves some relaxation!!

  33. I would love to win these products. They would be used so much on me and my three teenage girls to help with our skin especially since the Utah weather it?s going to get brutal in or skin.

    1. I would gift this to myself because I have struggled with acne almost my whole life. Plus I have never won anything so it would be great to win for the first time.

  34. I would be so excited to win this! I would share with my good friend at work. We are so burnt out dealing with covid. It would be nice to treat ourselves to some tlc.

  35. Hi Heidi! I’m new to all this and I just adore you!

    The person I would like to gift these amazing items to would be my son. I’d like him to learn to care for his skin and keep it healthy. Just the way you teach your son to do. It would really benefit all three of my boys since they are teens and especially myself. I think I deserve a little pampering myself. Don’t you?
    Thank you! Love you guys?

  36. Ok I would be so excited to win this. I would share the microdermabrasion with my hubs and teenagers. And I?ve been wanting to try the face stuff for awhile. Such amazing giveaways. Fingers crossed I get picked

  37. The beauty gift looks amazing! My skin needs some tlc for sure! I get overwhelmed with so many products out there! I would love to try yours! Merry Christmas

  38. Hi, my name is Kathy shaffer. Thank you so much for the giveaways. If I won I would give my gift or gifts to many people I love. My daughter, my bff, my gf and myself. It has been a rough year for my family. We loss two special people in our family. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless.

  39. I would love to gift this to my sister in law & bestie Kirsti!! She is always looking for the best spa products

  40. I would gift this to my very handsome 15 year old son who is struggling with some acne. I can see him acting like your son did in your video when I use this on his face! haha

  41. I bought this Athia bundle for myself yesterday but I would love I to share it with my sister. I don?t think she would ever spend that much on herself. She?s always taking care of her daughter , husband and father in law before herself.

  42. I want to give the spa day items to meeeee! I don?t ever spend money on skin care/spa type stuff because money is tight and I don?t ?need need? it… but now I?m 35 and I?m looking it! I would love to have some fancy new stuff for my skin and pamper myself ?

  43. Thanks for the giveaway Heidi!
    I would gift the Beauty Bundle to myself because I recently got out of the pill and I’m currently struggling with adult acne. I thought my teenage skin problems were over, but hey, I guess it had to happen, it’s 2020 after all!

  44. I would gift it to my wonderful sister who has done so much for me. My 13 month old is currently going through chemo and my sister has been my rock.

  45. Giveaway #4 – I would give this package to myself and my teenage daughters fir some at home spa treatment and quality time

  46. I am a huge fan of you Heidi! You?ve been an inspiration to be my healthiest and fittest. I?m doing my first bikini competition on my 40th birthday in May. Seeing how you transformed your body has inspired me to do the same. I would love to win one of your giveaways!

    1. I would like to gift to myself. I beat cancer this year. It was hard. But I’m blessed to be here.

  47. I would gift this to me and my two daughters. We moved and then quarantined for the past 9 months have left us with no time to take care of our skin. This would be a great gift to share and bond with my girlies. ???

  48. I would love to use some of these amazing gifts and products on myself and share with my girlfriends/family. Life can be stressful and we all deserve some self care. Thank you for being so inspiring to all of us women out there, your posts have made my days many times! 🙂

  49. My son, who is SO much like Matix, totally needs that microdermabrasion wand for his face!! We have been trying sk many things to help his skin.

  50. Would love to give it to my mom. She does so much for everyone and I would love to see her take time for herself.

  51. I would give most of this to my mom-she deserves it. If it works on my sons face, I would use it for him though too-nothing else seems to help his breakouts so this would be perfect!

  52. Holy cow a lot of people posted!! Lol i would love myself to win ad a mom we do everything for others and no one does for us which is ok because i love taking care if my family!!

  53. So many deserving momma?s out there. Looking through these comments and seeing how many would be blessed by winning this. I?m not sure I can come up with an answer. I would love this. I am sitting here red and blotchy faced from crying after dealing with my 9 year old son. He had a complete meltdown, I had to sit on him and hold him tight for nearly two hours as he bit me and scratched me. I have no idea why or what snapped in his mind. But I?m tired, he?s tired, my heart hurts. I have 4 other kids and I have never had any issues with them. My son has always been the one to challenge me and fight. I?ve never met a more stubborn child. I?m exhausted. Mom life is HARD.

  54. I don?t receive many gifts that are just for me so I would love to experience all of these gifts for myself! What an amazing giveaway!

  55. Hello I?m Angela, I want to gift this to myself. After successfully fighting for my daughters life alone (addiction) and raising my grandson from birth (now 8) it?s time for me to do something for myself. ???(@keyislove8) Instagram

  56. Hello I?m Angela, I want to gift this to myself. After successfully fighting for my daughters life alone (addiction) and raising my grandson from birth (now 8) it?s time for me to do something for myself. ???(@keyislove8) Instagram

  57. I would love to gift beauty to my mom. She?s always loved skin care and has been pretty bummed being in quarantine for so long now.
    I would also love to microdermabrasion my sons face! That video was too satisfying. ?

  58. Honestly I would love to win the skincare gift. Does that sound selfish? I am all about giving and if you ask those who know me they would agree, but I would share with my friend when they come over. I have been trying to figure out what would work best with my skin and this would be a great start with these gifts. Thank you again Heidi for being so giving.

  59. I would share this with my mama! She is the most giving, compassionate woman. She has raised 9 children and is still going strong at 70 years old. Covid has gone the rounds through our family and she is currently fighting that off. I honestly don?t know anyone more deserving.

  60. I?d gift this to my 13-year-old daughter who struggles with acne! She would love this pampering gift that would keep on giving!

  61. I would love to say that I’d gift it to my mom or sister because I love them both immensely and they both deserve it but I really, really want the wand! 🙂 so maybe I’d gift everything except that! lol

  62. I would love to gift the long board to my daughter. Living in Cali, my kids are still at home and not able to go to school. This would be a wonderful thing for her to help motivate her to get outside??

  63. I would love to gift these beauty essentials to my mother in law. Two weeks ago she lost her husband of 45 years to COPD and emphysema. She is a strong and faithful woman, but this is obviously very hard for her. She is always thinking of others, and so I?d love to be able to do something for her for once! This giveaway is amazing and I know it would truly bless her during this time! Thanks for the opportunity, Heidi!!

  64. I would loooooove to receive these gifts for myself. I am immunocompromised so this year has been a serious trial trying to stay safe and healthy.
    I would also share with my daughter, she is a teacher and works so very hard for her students ??.

  65. I know the odds are astronomical, but I’m sending out into the universe, that there is no one more deserving than my friend Nina Bailey. On top of the normal rough 2020 stuff, she’s had to deal with some heavy trials this year and yet has always found a way to be there for everyone else. She is loyal and kind and fierce and determined. I’d give her the moon if I could, so hopefully winning this will be a great start.

  66. Oh! I?d love to have some of these gifts as a ?treat yo self?! But also, there?s some great gifts to share with my sister or my kids! Oh! And I?ve been wanting to try y?alls shakes too!

  67. I would love to gift my bestie Kim, she?s such an amazing friend and is always there for me, she is my Thelma to my Louise. ??

  68. It would be amazing if my daughter in law could win these! She had twin boys 4 weeks ago, has a 2 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. She had a really difficult pregnancy and now that the boys are here and healthy, sleep has been pretty much been non existent, yet she manages to keep a beautiful smile on her face and is thankful for her beautiful babies every day. She deserves something special.

  69. Not gonna lie- I could really use that beauty bundle! At the end of October I learned I have a lentigo melanoma on my face, right on my cheek under my eye. I?m in the process of using a cream every other day to try and Shrink the size that may have to be excised, and in the meantime doing everything possible to make sure the rest of my skin is in the best shape. I?m hoping to not be permanent scar face, but you never know.

  70. Myself and my sister. We both work our butts off and try to experience our journey of living well together.

  71. I would love to gift a few of these to myself but also share some of them with one of my good friends that has a new baby and needs to knows he still matters ??

  72. I love your posts and inspiration!!! I would be gifting to my daughters. They are amazing young women and help me daily through my cancer struggles. Thank you for the chance to win

  73. I would love to gift to my mom. She does so much for all those around her and continues to show up with a smile and as the strong women she is, regardless of what she is facing. She pushes everyone to be better, learn and grow and I?m just so thankful for her!!

    1. I tagged myself for all of these giveaways because I have six kids and am turning 40 in Feb. I really could use any of these giveaways…if it be for my kids that?s great! If it?s for me, even better lol ?

  74. For the day 4 gift, I would nominate this amazing mama of three! Melissa Lundeen is not only an amazing mama to three awesome girls, she is my outstanding building secretary. She is creative, funny, tech savvy, helpful, generous, kind, and always there for the students.
    It has been a long year for many of us, but Melissa has been though it all and deserves a little me time!
    I am hopeful that 2021 will be an amazing year for her!

  75. I?d love to gift it to either myself or my mom. This year has been a rough year and after a major surgery I myself struggle with some bad skin problems, so this set would be really nice to help me get it in order. My mom also loves when I do spa like things to her face and it helps her feel more comfortable in her own skin. Thank you for the opportunity!

  76. Between myself, my husband, my two teenage daughters and my 8yr old son any gift will be beyond appreciated <3 I love your transform products they have seriously changed my life so thank YOU!

  77. I would love to gift the beauty stuff to my mom. She caught Covid and ended up in the hospital for a week. Thankfully she started to get better and was able to go home, but because of her health she?s suppose to quarantine away from everyone for close to a month because her body won?t be able to handle any kind of sickness for a while. If you?ve got to quarantine that long what better way to do it then to pamper yourself at home!!

  78. I would gift these to my mom (and myself), this has been a challenging year for sure. My moms health has been getting worse the last 12-18 months. I share a house with my parents to help take care of them, cook, run errands etc. My mom (& dad actually) would love a spa day, this would be a fun family spa day! Neither of them have ever had a facial and I think they would really enjoy this!

    1. Definitely for my mom. She is my bestfriend and helps me whenever she can. My medical history through my life has been up and down. Kidney issues, cancer and I had covid this year. She was always right there making sure my needs were met. I try to do the same for her but she rocks it!

  79. Hi, I would share with my niece as she has become very interested in dermatology during the pandemic and has been helping me with clearing up a major breakout on my face due to hormones.

  80. I would gift the beauty items to my mom. She has never really done anything to take care of her skin because of affordability and lack of education. As she reaches her mid to late 50?s it would be great to get her the tools she needs to keep looking
    Young ? plus, she?s gone through a lot this year, along with everyone else and always puts everyone else?s needs before her own.

  81. Hi,Heidi! I would gift these to my sis in law who is such a great mommy to her little guy. This is perfect for a SAHM?

  82. I would love to share this with my mom. She is always willing to put herself on the back burner for everyone else and could use some spoiling

  83. I would love this as a gift for my family. And probably anybody who walks through my door. I had 3 kids in 3.5 years and they are all teenagers now. All at one time….why couldn?t I see this when I had them?..so I have blackheads just staring at me ALL DAY LONG! I?m such a bad person sometimes that?s all I stare at when they talk to me.????? I think my kids are at the perfect age to start encouraging proper skin care and a good routine. This would help kick start that. Plus I was super lucky and developed hormonal acne as an adult;) so I?m sure I could use some extra help as well.

  84. The thing you used on Magic- id love to have. I?ve been investigating these so hard. I have a scar on my chest that I?ve heard these help rejuvenate them so they don?t look at horrible! And of course, who doesn?t like a facial!!!

  85. Not gonna lie!…I want this for myself LOL!! I have SIX SONS!! And I?m a kindergarten teacher. I would LOVE to win this ??

  86. I would love to give the self care items to my front line worker friends. They?ve been through so much in the last few months, I?d love to take care of them while they?ve been taking care of us.

  87. I would love this beauty giveaway to give to my mom because she?s always putting herself aside to care for others!

  88. I would love to gift this to my mom Wanda! She has had a very trying year, like us all times 100. My stepfather had a double lung transplant at the end of July. They had to uproot and move an hour away for 3 months to be close to the hospital. With it being COVID times she was the only one allowed in and was his main cheerleader and support!! We visited her often but I know she was lonely. When he was released she was like nurse Wanda taking care of him and organizing his monstrous amount of medicines and procedures. Now they have moved back home as it is still trying. She has pain issues of her own with fibromyalgia so she has been a warrior through it all! She deserves some pampering and to feel special! Always puts other before herself ??

  89. I would love to share this giveaway with my mom. A spa day would be great for her. Not only does she help me with my little one while I?m at work. She is a teacher, teaching kindergartners virtually (I can?t even imagine how that works). Yes it has been a struggle but she had persevered! She deserves some TLC and this would be a great way to do it!

  90. Heidi!!!! You are killing it with these prizes!!!oK..now to get to The Who….my dearest friend Teri McCollum is the most generous person I know. There have been times in my life when we didn?t have food and she feed us. She pushed me to become a teacher. I could not of done it without her support. She?s my Georgia peach friend from the south. She is the iconic southern woman, strong, tough, heart for Jesus, loving, kind and generous. She deserves the skin care stuff. She works as an advocate for special needs children and their families. She is beyond worthy of a special gift. Oh and she and her husband paid for my husband and myself to go to Cambria for vacation. She knew we couldn?t afford to travel. Especially since my husband is sick with Parkinson?s and we have lost his income. She truly is a great person and friend. I?m blessed to know her.?

  91. I would (selfishly) gift these products to myself! I graduated nursing school in June and now work as an RN in a critical care unit. I work with covid patients. Our entire floor is working overtime because we are short staff and have sicker patients than the hospital is used to (rural city). I wear full PPE every night. My pores are getting clogged and the bags under my eyes (night shift) are really making me self conscious. As I?m sure most people, 2020 aged me a lot…my husband still getS carded but i no longer do ?.
    Thank you for this opportunity Heidi, it is so kind of you and your family. Merry Christmas!

  92. The gift for the stylish is what I would love to win. I?m a yoga teacher and Align pants are my jam! ? With Covid-19 it?s been hard to justify the price as I can only teach one student at a time. Hard to make ends meet. Love you Heidi! Merry Christmas ?

  93. I would absolutely love the day 4 package to share with my sister. She is a single mom who works tirelessly to make ends meet. She never gets treat herself and could use a good dose of pampering. To top things off she has the biggest heart. She recently took in our youngest niece. She works from home while keeping my 2 year old niece busy and supporting her 7 year old daughter with virtual school.

  94. Would love to gift my daughter! She got robbed of her senior year of HS and now dealing with her freshman year of college distance learning ?
    She?s a great kid and deserves some pampering and knowing how an amazing child she is, she will share with her mama ??

  95. I would give this gift to my sister who is a nurse! She works with covid patients in a hospital and is required to wear masks at all times. She has sensitive skin and due to breathing in the same air causing moisture to build up on her skin she has been breaking out. She has also been faced with many challenges throughout this past year and being able to give her the facial device would be such a great surprise for her! She has recently gotten into skin care and gifting her a facial would make her so happy and thankful, happy tears would definitely be present from both of us and my heart would flutter knowing how much this would mean to her. Thank you Heidi for doing these giveaways, you will truly be leaving a positive impact on other peoples lives and for that I am grateful.

  96. I would love to win!!!! I am a nurse!! I don?t usually make myself a priority. This year has been especially difficult especially with covid. Our family has suffered. I also just lost my sweet best friend (family pet) to a car accident which I witnessed. As a result of the accident I also had to have surgery myself trying to help her. Thanks for doing the give away. So generous!!!!!

    1. I would absolutely love to gift this to my best friend Darcy Bates! She is an incredible woman, wife, mother and friend. Darcy is an assistant to the director of a school in the valley that services special needs children ages K-12 and somehow never speaks a complaint about her days, even though we all know that they are filled to the brim with stress. As well as being incredible in her career life, Darcy is the most amazing mother- she sacrifices herself on a daily basis to make sure that her daughters know that they are loved and adored, whether it be from her involvement in the PTO to being her daughters softball team?s mom. She spends countless hours going to every practice, every event, and every game. Thank you Heidi for thinking of all of us hardworking women who forget to just take a moment to breathe let alone pamper ourselves!

  97. I would gift this beauty bundle to my great friend Angela. She is a busy mama who slays, day in and day out! Works full time, goes to school, raising 3 children, a wife and just an awesome and kind human being. She deserves to pamper herself and take some much needed time for herself. This girl is amazing and has the best of the all the qualities you could ever ask for.??

  98. I would totally gift this to my amazing Mama! She works so hard every year and deserves to be extra pampered this year 🙂
    I was supposed to get married this past summer and with the whole pandemic situation, we have now postponed two times and I’m not sure how I would have gone through this process without my amazing Mom supporting me (emotionally…and financially) the whole way! She deserves to be spoiled a little extra this year 🙂

  99. My daughter needs pampering in all ways. She?s one of the ?poor 2020 HS seniors? who missed out on so much. Now? She?s a college freshman online?she was supposed to move to Loyola in Chicago but it?s virtual because of Covid so she?s still home. Online school is hard. She?s depressed. She?s beautiful inside and out but doesn?t see that right now. She?s who I would shower with gifts. ??

  100. I don?t usually spend much on me when it comes to skincare so I would probably gift this stuff to myself ?. So many fun things to try!

  101. I would gift the beauty bundle to myself, raising two pubescent boys with autism . When I saw that wand and what it did for Maddox it would be the perfect tool to help me get their skin back check.

  102. Day 4. My dear sweet friend who like me 8 years ago, will be going through a divorce soon with kids involved. Not much else shakes your core, questions your worth and gives you guilt like no other. I hope a spa package would remind her of HER. : )

  103. I?d love to be able to gift these to my momma! She?s had a tough year and I know any of these would mean the world to her! I might want to try out the microdermabrasion tool first though!!!

  104. I would give the prize for my mother… She has been through a LOT this past years, dealing with a family problem, but she never gives up… And also COVID and quarantine… She deserves it sooo much!

  105. I would love to gift some to myself and my mom! I?m a mother of 3 on whom is special needs and I don?t have a lot of time to pamper myself! (Sometimes I?m lucky to take a shower without someone needing something!!)
    My mom also is the best mom ever and she?s so selfless she does more for others then she does for herself! Love to give her a little pampering!!

  106. I would go with one of my inner circle friends. It hard to name just one , so I think we would make it a group event. 🙂 clearly once COVID is settled. But to together being pampered and relaxing???? AMAZING.

  107. I would share with my sisters and my Mom! My Mom and sisters are the best cheerleaders and girl can have! We would all love the beauty products and trying them out! Thanks for doing the giveaways Heidi!

  108. I would share this set with my mom. She is my best friend and like many has had a rough year. I would love to spoil her with these goodies.

  109. I would love to win this package and gift to my friends that could use them. Life has been crazy this year and I would want to put a smile on lots of friends faces and their kids. (Of course I’d tell them you sent it.) But I feel this world could use a lot more love and kindness

  110. I would love these items to combat the stress I?ve faced with 2 kids being hospitalized for mental health reasons multiple times in the last couple of years.

  111. I would love this loving lady to win! She is always taking care of others and deserves something special!!

  112. I would like to gift the beauty bundle to my mom. She is a hardworking nurse working through the pandemic. She is educating and orienting new nurses. She deserves the best of the best.

  113. 20/20, the year of vision and reflection! As I?ve made huge changes in my life emotionally, mentally, & physically, I?ve realized that self love is a must! Looking forward to taking more self love into 2021 so that I have more opportunity to give to others!

  114. As one of children, I have seen the sacrifices parents make. My parents did really good with us all. We are all healthy (Praise Jesus), love to stay active and most of all love each other. I would love to give them something special this year. With a few children still at home, this year has been hard. It would bring them joy to be pampered this year.

  115. I want to share the skin care with my sister, Larissa.. She has three kids, and never gives herself time to actually care for herself, so this would be awesome!

  116. I would gift the beauty set to any of my sisters because they work so hard in all that they do. But I?m also a new mom with crazy skin who needs some tlc so I wouldn?t mind it for myself either! This momma needs some love!

  117. Hi! I would love to split the gifts between my mom and I this year. Usually, I can afford to give gifts to my family members but this year I lost my job due to COVID, then graduated college and haven?t been able to find a job in my field. It?s been especially tough when also trying to plan a wedding..This would be a great way to show my mom thanks for all of her support the past few months.

  118. This beauty bundle is amazing! I have four kids, just turned 40 and would love to give my skin some attention. Between working part time, kids home with remote learning and everything else on the to do list some pampering would be dreamy! I?d also share with my teenage daughter and son! Merry Christmas Heidi!

  119. I would split this up to share. My sister who went through a divorce this year, my very best friend who just got out of bad relationship. My sister in law bc she runs their home like a champ and deserves to be pampered. Last but most importantly my mom for being the glue that holds us all together and is the most amazing person. All of these women form my circle and deserve self love this season!

  120. I?d love to share the beauty gifts with my mom! She?s been caring for Covid patients for most of the year …. she retires at the end of January (shes 65!) and I can?t finally wait to be able to hang out with her again! I could pamper her with an at home skincare/spa day. Thank you.

  121. I would give gifts to my best friend Sylvia also…she is the most giving person I know and it?s always great to give back to her.

  122. These would be amazing for my mom Jen Wagner!!! She truly is an inspiring and super mom to me and my twin sister. We may not have had everything growing up but she made sure we were always happy. A few years ago she had a survey that changed her life and our family?s lives all together ( for the better) she is super happy now with how much weight she has lost and I am super happy for her to. I would like these gifts for her so she can feel special , we have grown closer since her weight loss surgery and she loves asking me fitness tips because I?m a fitness major. These would be amazing this year because I myself can?t gift them to her because I?m a senior in college. I really just want to make her smile and happy.

  123. I will be honest! I would 100% gift them to myself and my bestie so we can have our own personal spa day together.

  124. All of these products sound & look amazing !! Love all things health & anti-aging!! I would be beyond grateful to share these products with family & friends for the holidays!

    1. The skin care giveaway is absolutely amazing! Im in much need of an at home spa day! I would share with my sister who is also in need.

  125. My husband is my hero! He has lost 55 lbs and has heart failure! Nothing stops him though from his goal to be healthier and get his heart stronger! God bless! ??

  126. All these giveaways are amazing. My daughters and I have grown closer since my weight loss and I would be thrilled to share these gifts with my twin girls. I have regained a new life as they are beginning there’s about to enter grad school next year!!! Love all of these and Heidi too!!!!

  127. I would gift this giveaway to my cousin. She has been thru a cancer diagnosis; mastectomy; reconstruction and then infection where she became almost septic. She has such a big heart and cares for everyone. I just want to pay it forward to her because she gave me her medication history which resulted in my early detection. She gave me a fighting chance and because of it I also had a double preventative mastectomy and reconstruction this year. While my journey was hard, hers was more difficult as she now has no breast on one side. This would bring a smile to her face in a year that hasn?t seen a lot of positive.

  128. #4 would go to my sweet 11-year-old who needs to start her skincare routine yesterday! She’s breaking out like crazy and needs all of the products pronto!

  129. I would gift the spa package to my daughter, she is just getting into spa and beauty things and l want her to start a good habit of washing and cleansing her face. I remind her daily don?t forget sunscreen AZ sun is brutal

    1. I would love to win this giveaway set as I?ve just lost my job right before the holiday and only a week after I got married. The stress has flared up my acne so I could really use a ?me? day.

    1. I love seeing everyone’s comments. It definitely is comforting knowing you ain’t the only one on the struggle bus. This is a gift I would keep…. 2 out of my 3 are teenagers & I am adamant about teaching them good skin care. Not youtube skin care. This would be very beneficial!!!!

  130. #4 spa give away. I would gift this to my friend and neighbor Emily. She just lost her father right before thanksgiving. Shear devastation. She is such a great mom and wife supporting her hubs who was sent home to work due to the pandemic, homeschooling her 2 young kids and just being mom of the house. She could use a break and a spa day.

  131. My daughter would love this set. She is a makeup artist and knows the importance of taking care of your skin. She works so hard and recently was exposed to COVID-19. She?s home in quarantine for the next two weeks. This would be a great way for her to pass the time!!

    Thank you, Heidi for being a steady light during these dark times. Your grace and willingness to overlook personal differences so your blended family remains intact is truly admirable and an inspiration.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  132. I have 2 great ladies I would love to give this to. One is my sister Nancy who taught me about skin care and how to help me feel good about me. Also my best friend Angela. She is Wonder Woman. She takes care of her 4 fantastic kids by herself. Her husband works in another state. This lady deserves a little pampering!

  133. For the fourth giveaway I would love to gift it to my mom. I think she would really enjoy the products and what they have to offer.

  134. Ohh I forgot to say I would love this for so many women in my life!
    My mom Geri
    My friends April Tirsa Jeni Jenny Zan MaryBeth ????

  135. I found how to leave a comment thanks to my daughters help!! We would love to win and enjoy the spa products they are 14 &15. We like to do home facials and take a cute selfie for memories!

  136. For the beauty giveaway, I?d definitely gift my daughter! Just hitting her teens and she unfortunately inherited her mama?s troublesome skin….

  137. Giveaway is for me. I turn 50 in Jan and our state is high alert fir Covid-19 so don?t get to celebrate my 50:(.

  138. This is so wonderful Heidi!! I have loved watching and following along with your starry for years! You are such an amazing inspiration to all of us moms! ??????

  139. I don?t want to sound selfish, however, I would love these gifts for myself. More importantly the transform bundle. I bought your book and had the app for a while but couldn?t afford the renewal. I would love to try the transform and really dedicate myself to it. You are my biggest idol. I also would love to take better care of my skin. We all know being a single parent is hard to financially take these on. Happy Holidays to you and your family. I love you the mostest always.

    1. I would definitely gift this to my sister! She has the sweetest and kindest soul out there! She would do ANYTHING for anyone. She would give you the shirt off her back if it was the only one she had. She lost her son 2 years ago and her world just hasn’t been the same. She is always doing for everyone but herself and could use an awesome surprise!

  140. My friend Vanessa could use a spa day. This year has crazy year for all of us. She deserve this giveaway because she has been by my side through everything. She is the type of person you want by your side . She is my sister, my friend and I am not sure what I would do without her.

  141. I would gift these to my SIL. She just took the leap and left her job to start her own business and learned my nephew has diabetes right when this all happened. It?s been really stressful for her but they are all handling it like true champs.

  142. I would love to share these with my daughter. Facial mommy daughter days are a great way to spend time together ?!

  143. My friend Sarah and I need this. I scroll through new skin care routines everyday and just can?t decide. Problem solved!

  144. I would definitely gift these items to my sister, Erica! She goes to the spa once a month for self care but these items would come in handy so she could stay at home and receive the same treatment.

  145. I would love to win this and I would share them with my best friend who lives in Illinois sent her a little goodie box. She lost her dad about three weeks ago to Covid so I know that this will cheer her up and who doesn?t like to pamper themselves .. as mom of 4 I look forward to just taking a 5 min shower with not hearing mom?every 2 mins lol.

  146. My best friend and I would love to win. We are working on self care and all this falls in line with being better about taking a moment to take care of us and then the family.

  147. I would love to gift the skincare products to my daughter. I?d love to try the collagen that you included for myself since I?ve been losing a lot of hair in my part area & am planning on calling the doctor about it today. I?d love to try anything that might help with that issue.

    1. I honestly would love to win this.. for ME! I do and do and do for my husband and kids and it feels so under appreciated. I had Covid in March and it was awful- I suffer from MS so it was really hard on my body. Fatigue wise, I?m STILL recovering. Then, we lost my grandfather to Covid October 4. My children and I are grieving that loss in am I imaginable way. It was sudden and so hard. During that time, my grandfather was diagnosed, so we had to quarantine and push his funeral back 2 weeks and delay our grieving process. It was an absolute nightmare. I don?t wish it upon anyone. But, then to just hope and pray that we didn?t lose our grandmother too was devastating. Then, my husband walked out on my kids and I on Thanksgiving day! My kids are 15, almost 13(his bday is 12/7) and 7. They will never be the same. This year has been more than traumatizing on me(and them) I have followed you Heidi for SO many years. You have commented back- we have had conversations and corresponded. You are such a huge inspiration in my life. I know it probably sounds selfish but I would love to have something to help me feel better about ME. Because after this year, damn it.. I NEED it. And I know a lot of people do. I know a lot of people have it worse than I do. But, thank you for considering me.

  148. I would love to gift these to my amazing friend Leslie who has reached her goals this past year and loves to workout now as part of her daily routine. She?s amazing!

    1. I would love to gift this to my bestie and former work wife! She is a well deserving healthcare worker and mama who is compassionate, selfless, and just a good human.
      She is dealing with a recent loss of a dear loved one and she desperately needs some R&R. Because of stupid COVID, I can’t visit her or treat her to a spa day so she can recharge. But this is something that I can try to do for her.

  149. I would love to gift this to my daughter. She has really been struggling with acne and losing faith anything is going to allow it to heal. Thank you for the giveaway! Kind of you to do this. 🙂

  150. I have 2 people that deserve this gift. My sister-in-law and my friend Molly. Both have been my rock during this pandemic.

  151. Such a great blog!
    I would gift my items to my mom who has worked extra hard for me and my kids during the pandemic to help them with remote learning while I am working and taking classes.

    1. I would love to see my sweet friend win!! She is in her 30s, has 2 children went through a bad divorce. After several failed diets and workout plans, slipped into depression and lost herself for a while. Finally, after counseling and other medical appointments; she is on the mend.
      She recently started a side business making custom tumblers and cups.
      @PeachyDesigns by Brandye

      She deserves so much-needed pampering!

  152. So many great people deserve this giveaway. Good luck on choosing one. Lol. If I were to win I would share this with my momma! She for one has gone through chemo for leukemia during this whole quarantine alone. As you can imagine chemo kills everything.
    I wouldn’t say I deserve this completely, but being a high school teacher this year has proven to be a real challenge. I could use something to help me feel relaxed and pretty Abdullah under my mask.
    2020 has been a real shitshow, thanks for keeping it bright for us followers!

  153. It feels so selfish to say, but I would
    very much love this for myself! Self care has gone out the window these days, and between homeschooling, busy season for my business, renovations, and taking care of my 86 year old father in law…I just have so little time for ME. Maybe this would help! Also…thanks for all the gift ideas! ?

  154. The beauty bundle sounds like a literal dream! I?d love to finally be able to try all those amazing products. My husband is nominating me to receive this gift!

  155. Thank you, Heidi!!!! I want to gift this to both of my sisters. They are my unpaid therapists and I love them very much!
    Love to you on this wintery December day!
    Laura XO

  156. I would love to win giveaway #4 to treat myself to an at home spa moment. I currenme while having three kids at home – two doing e-learning and a 4 year old. This mama could use a moment!

  157. I?d love the beauty giveaway for myself! Working from home, while homeschooling and watching a toddler is hard work! I could use a little pampering 🙂

  158. I want to gift to my friend Lourdes because she?s had a really rough year. Her father is dealing with Cancer, she recently lost her mother, and she?s a microbiologist working hard to keep her family and others safe.

  159. I would love to gift the beauty kit to my dear friend who is an art teacher and momma to four beautiful boys and has taken care of her family and mother through the sickness and death of her father from Covid. She brings so much joy and beauty to her friends and students!

  160. I would like to share the beauty of gifting half with my BFF and myself. Like most 2020 has been difficult. I lost my sister to a brain tumour in July, she would?ve been 40 in November. I?d like to be able to take care of myself with a gift like this and be able to share it with my best friend. A little self pampering is always nice. It?s also amazing that someone of your stature is able to provide gifts for others.

  161. I would be honored to win any of these gifts. Thank you for being so thoughtful! Love your whole family! Your a great inspiration to us all!

    1. I would gift to my daughter Paige, because this has been a horrible Senior year for her. With Covid restrictions & school closures. she?s experienced none of the final high school memories from her senior year.

  162. I want to give this to my mama, who I haven?t seen in almost a year due to Covid. She deserves some pampering and something special!

  163. I would love any of these gifts and would definitely share them with my daughters. We all appreciate any and all things beauty. As with everyone this has been a trying year so a little pampering would go a long way.

  164. Hello I?m Marisela from California.
    I would love to win any of your gifts. Been out of a job since August and possibly give them to my children and parents for Christmas. Thank you for the opportunity??
    Thank you for motivating me!!

  165. Day 4…I would keep most of these for myself and then share the others with my fellow nurses. Between the stress and facemasks on the unit, we could use some pampering!

    1. This ultimate beauty bundle would be amazing . From all the stress of working at the hospital during the pandemic and wearing a mask non stop I have come down with dreaded maskne ?. I have not had bad breakouts since my pregnancies and before that puberty. It is so hard to feel like you get a good clean when you just plop a mask on for more than 8 hours a day. This as well as all the other giveaways would be amazing !

  166. I would gift this to my momma. My dad passed away 1.5 years ago and we don?t live in the same city. It?s been hard for her since she still lives in the same house they shared and is surrounded by so many memories. I would love to brighten her holidays with this!

  167. Definitely my big sister she needs it she has just had a baby and is still adjusting to the mum body so I?d have to say my big sister plus she take me to all my hospital appointments and I?ve never been able to thank her

  168. I would love to gift my mom. It has been a tough couple of years and she recently had back surgery. She is so deserving of so many things.

  169. I would love to try the skin products myself! I always have a hard time spending money on stuff like that with a family and all!

  170. I guess I should have been paying attention because I love all the giveaways and I just realized I should give it a shot and try and enter I tagged my sister in this last giveaway but also myself! My sister she is my rock as I am hers and we?ve been going through a lot these last two years just before COVID we lost brother and she couldn?t even go see him on his last days because she had a infection that was a risk for her health and her doctor advised against it?s been a roller coaster for our lives but we are blessed to have eachother she lives in another state and since I?m a stay at home mom of four she?s my go my escape my only friend we FaceTime almost every day she lives in a different state than me and I would love her or me to win just so one of us can have a little reminder that we deserve too we don?t always have to put ourselves last in life and also just a little something to know good things in life happened too !!

  171. Day 4: I would spread the love with this beauty giveaway! I would gift the microdermabrasion wand to my beautiful 16yr old daughter who has been through a lot in 2020. I would gift the other products amongst my hard working teaching friends!! Providing education and therapy services to special needs students via Zoom is no joke! Especially when also trying to keep your own children on track. We all deserve a little pampering!

    1. I feel like I would spread the love among my 2 sisters and mother. There is a lot to share about each of them individually and how they have been working hard this year. Most of all, aside from their daily work and schooling they have been able to work together for the sake of my neices. We all put in effort to keep my neices up with schooling, healthy, and safe. Most importantly we take care of each other during this time.

  172. Oh my gosh! You?re incredible. I cannot believe you?re doing all of this! Seriously, the best IG Page/FB Page/ INFLUENCER around. Thank you for being so awesome and for always being 100% real and raw. I just love you.

    If I won this facial bundle, I would gift it to either my teenage daughter or my best friend. Both are amazing and both deserve some major pampering. I realize my chances are few and far between, but still…

    Seriously though, thanks for being such an amazing person. You are truly an inspiration to me. The good, the bad, the ugly and the REAL RAW MOMENTS!

  173. I would love to win the giveaway. Since the pandemic I?ve really been trying to do more self-care. This would help.

  174. My mom would love the beauty product bundle! She’s always showing me new makeup and beauty products everytime she comes to visit!

  175. I?d gift it to either myself ?????? or my friend Monique. It?s been rough on all of us this year and we can all use something to make us feel good about ourselves.

  176. I would give it to myself because my children are driving me to gray hair and wrinkles lol; I sooo need something to help stop it ? ? ? *side note: anyone who knows me knows that I love my kids, put them first all of the time, and never do anything for myself so receiving something as awesome as this would surely make me take the much needed time to myself

  177. Awesome giveaways!! I would love to divide up the giveaway and have a spa day with my family. Microderm and steam away 2020 as much as possible ?.

  178. I would LoVe to share it with my sweet mother. She?s been cooped up alone, like so many others, and has neglected her self care. Would make me so happy to see her get excited about her skin again!

  179. I would gift this away to myself, because I have put myself on the back burner for too long. Running a business, building a house, living with my in-laws, raising 5 kids, and being a mama to a special needs boy that suffers with life threatening disease who is homebound is a bit MUCH. I love my life though, I am learning to set boundaries for myself and show up for my goals and follow through. I would love to win so it can pay for the needed gifts in my life, however i mostly want the app for free. I need to learn portion control, eating for my body to build muscle and what to eat…

  180. I would gift this to my sister. She is best mom I know. She?s got 5 girls from 7-13 years and they are doing full time distance learning. All 5 of them are in different activities (dance, gymnastics, rock band etc) Her husband owns his own construction business so he works very long hours, sometimes 7 days a week. And somehow she still manages to look like she?s got all of her shit together! I?ve got one toddler at home and I?m struggling!

  181. I would gift this giveaway to myself. I am a sophomore in college and this semester particularly has been the toughest for me workload wise. I am an athletic training major and I have to get a particular grade in all my classes. I had some set backs last semester so I had to retake a couple courses. I really put a lot of effort into getting my grades up this semester because my major is something I?m very passionate about. But I?m happy to say the hard work paid off! The semester really toke a lot out of me and I really didn?t put as much effort into my skincare as much as I should have, especially wearing a mask everyday with covid. I have seen my acne particularly become an issue with wearing masks. So for those reasons that?s why I would gift it to myself. But growing up with 3 sisters I would be more than happy to share with them and have a little spa night. Thank you for all you do Heidi. I follow you on various social media platforms and enjoy seeing all your posts, the instagram stories are the best!! Happy holidays to you and your family!!

  182. Hello Heidi!

    Thanks so much for sharing these amazing products and doing this giveaway. I would love to gift my teen son with the beauty bundle, he is struggling with acne and I would love to be able to help clear up his skin. I loved your video tutorial you did with your son. I would love to do the same with my son. Thanks again for being a kind loving human?

    1. I would give the facial product to my daughter. She is a nurse and works 12 hours shifts and deserves this so much. Heidi I love your post and how you post them so we know where to buy them from. Thank you once again

  183. GiveWay 4 and have spa day with the bestie & her daughters.
    I live with my husband and we have 5 boys. MUST have girl time!!!

  184. I would love to give this to my closest friend, constant cheerleader, Alexandra. She?s a hardworking momma to a beautiful girl, maintains her household, continually encourages those around her, and seldom asks for anything in return. She does so much for so many people, and often doesn?t get time for herself. I?d love to be able to gift her something that could make her time at home more relaxing, and to be able to indulge herself a bit. She is the most genuine person and best friend I?ve been blessed to have, and I cannot imagine doing this thing called life without her.

  185. While I am ?nominating? my sister Christie (who is awesome) the real person who deserves this is ME! I am working on putting myself first and just placed my first Athia order last night so that I can work on my skin while I am working on the rest of my health. This would be so cool!!

  186. First and foremost I love your positivity and vulnerability so much! Thank you for putting yourself out into the world!
    I am commenting regarding the Day 4 beauty bundle. I want so badly to give it to all of my sisters. There are five girls in my family and we?re all hard working mommas! I know they would each get so much out of these products. But honestly I really want to gift them to myself! My husband is a fire captain in our county and works 24 hour shifts often for multiple days in a row. That means I?m on solo parent duty with our 3 1/2 year old daughter and 1 year old son many days (and nights). I?m also a paralegal, working 40+ hours a week so the self care is rather nonexistent, but I am trying! The biggest thing I?ve been noticing is how my skin had changed dramatically after having my son, it?s craving the microdermabrasion wand! 🙂 Thank you for considering me! Happy holidays!

  187. I love this gift guide! I just had a baby 5 weeks ago and have several friends who have had theirs within the last month too. I?d love to share these awesome gifts with them because new mom life is hard!

    1. Can’t make it to the spa…..bring the spa to me! Paramedics in need of a spa shout out! *Pick me! Pick me* ??

  188. I would gift the beauty bundle to myself and my almost teenage daughter. I never took care of my skin in my younger years and want to teach her to do so. You?re the best Heidi!

  189. ???? With all the craziness going on in the world, we forget to take a little time to ourselves. As a single mom, single not being my dating status. Single as the only one that shows up and gives my boy everything she can give! I could use a spa day for ME! #selflove #selfcare ?? ??

  190. The facial gift would be amazing for me or my sister. We could both try it! I?m 35 and she is 40 and we workout a lot but try to keep healthy and young! Also, I think she could use something nice for herself! Winning something just makes hard times bearable! Thanks for doing the giveaways!

  191. Hi Heidi, and thank you for all that you do! I loved the beauty giveaway video and it inspired me to tag my sister. She’s my best friend for life and she is going to be having a baby soon. We’ve all been through a stressful time with COVID. She works in the house cleaning business and (as I’m sure you can imagine) her job/livelihood has been suffering significantly. This gift would be a great way to remind her that she is beautiful and taking care of herself first and foremost is important. Thanks and happy holidays!

  192. I would love to split the beauty bundle between my 6th grade daughter and 10th grade son. Both are dealing with acne and I know they would both be thrilled. My son would definitely act silly like Matix?, I know he?d be stoked to give it a whirl. Teen acne is never fun, but who said clearing it up couldn?t be?

  193. I would gift to my sister who is one of the most selfless people you would meet. She gives of herself, her time, her creativity & her means without expecting anything in return. She has struggled with weight and self-love. She doesn?t ee how truly amazing and gifted she is. Presently, her grandson, Logan 4 just had his 3rd heart surgery. Denice has been taking care of Logan & her other 2 grand babies while their parents work full-time & caring for Logan as he heals. She is currently homeschooling a 4 and 6 year old & caring for a 15 mo old. She never complains. I would love her to be pampered or transformed… she is truly a wonderful person? Also, Heidi, you inspire me!

  194. I would love the 4th day giveaway to share with my 15yr old daughter and have some mommy-daughter beauty time! Like Matix, she?s also in that teen acne phase and I would love to pamper her skin with the microdermabrasion wand and all the other skin products! Merry Christmas!

  195. I would gift this to my friend who went back to school this year. With 4 kids, a husband in the military, a dog and a home remodel….in 2020. She is a yoga instructor and has a mind that can remember the
    most intricate Sanskrit words! She has a lot of trouble with her skin and it gets her down. But she?s skinny so there?s that…lol (I?m the opposite). Thanks for letting us into your life and for your inspiration, especially lately. The struggle is real…but so is gratitude. You exemplify this. (Hugs)

  196. Hello!

    I would love to gift the longboard to my nephew, Jack. He has had a rough couple months with school being closed and having to stay home. His mom got him a puppy to help lift his spirits which has a terminal illness and won?t make it. He?s a good kid who could use a hobby. What teen couldn?t? Thank u

    1. Microdermabrasion tool because this mama needs to take better care of her skin!! ????

      Or the spa package for some mama me time! Or i would give it to my mom as a surprise I know she would love it!

      I?d be so thrilled to win any of your gifts they?re all such great ideas!!!

  197. As much as I would love to try the beauty products, I would give them to my beautiful mom. We lost my dad last year (they are/were both still young), and she is still trying to find herself without him. She is an amazing, generous, beautiful inside and out person who deserves to be pampered right now.

    1. I would gift these to my friend who is going through a really rough time ! She could really use the pick me up !

  198. I would LOOOOOOVE to have a facial steamer…I have been wanting one so bad lately! I?m struggling so much with finding something that works for my skin, so I would love to give the skin care a try as well. ?

  199. I?d gift this to my 2 friends Anne and stacy. The 3 of us are widows, we all lost our husbands in our mid 30s and are now raising all of our (total of 9 kids under age 10) young children as solo parents. I can?t imagine doing this without them and so I?d love for them to feel pampered bc we rarely if at all get the chance!

  200. I would actually give the spa giveaway to MYSELF! ?? 3 kids, homeschooling two kindergarteners, home chores, and being a massage therapist that rarely ever gets self care work done herself. I?d definitely treat myself!

  201. On the 4th day I would gift this gift to my momma, Dee Dee Hjelmstad. She works hard every single day with little to no rest or relaxation. She deserves this and won?t treat herself to it because she would rather give to everyone else??

  202. Day 4 I would honestly gift to me. With my husband deployed due to covid a lot of self care has gone. Kids, house, pets, job is about it for me. This would all be perfect to take time for myself once in awhile.

    1. Wishing this gift to my little girl (not so little anymore) who may not be a Mama because life is not always fair, but because she?s a beautiful soul who juggles being essential worker, a CrossFit Coach, and a loving fur Mama to 4 dogs . The microdermabrasion is something she could use in her busy life .

  203. Hi Ms. Heidi!

    I would like any of these for myself because gifts are always fun to get! Especially bc all my jobs are not back up and running yet. I could also name tons of friends and family to give any of this to because I like to give as well!!

  204. I would share this with my Sis , she help me through so much when I was in a scary space this passed year & 1/2 !!

    1. I would love to win. As a busy mom of 3 kids I dont have the extra expenses to pamper myself and care for my skin the way I would like tooo. Winning this would be soooo amazing. ???Thanks so much for the opportunity to win fingers crossed ?? good luck everybody!!! Happy Holidays ?????

  205. I would gift the longboard to my daughter, it?s been a tough year for her….we recently reacted to japan due to being in the military…..the one thing she asked for for Christmas was a skate board ??

    1. I would love to share these with my mom who never buys herself anything. Always takes care of others.?

    1. I would love to win the beauty bundle! Working retail through the holidays is always brutal and I can always use a beauty pick me up! I just got the vanity planet dermabrasion wand and was eyeballing the steamer. I am being selfish and gifting this one to myself….I would surely share with my daughters 🙂

  206. I would love to gift giveaway #4 to myself! I never pamper myself and this mama needs it? Maybe I’ll even share some with my mom because she needs some pampering too!

  207. If I won this, I would probably keep this one for myself. I have always wanted a facial steamer and love facial products.

  208. I would gift the awesome board to my 13 yr old who is my little thrill seeker and would love this! The girly things to my favorite friend who has gone through so much with her daughters cancer, and the constant PTSD battle she faces as they move into the healthy and healing stage of this next chapter.

  209. I would definitely gift the longboard to my 13 year old son Gavin. He?s the sweetest easiest teenager and he?s the biggest help with his younger sisters. I totally agree with what you said about the teenage years being so amazing. I love watching him grow into a helpful, loving, sometimes kinda spacey man child.

  210. I would love to gift to one of these giveaways to my sister who recently moved away from family and has been struggling with health issues. She?s in need of some extra TLC this year! Thank you for doing all these giveaways ?

  211. I would love to give the board to my daughter and any of the other gifts to so many of my beautiful friends that so deserve to be pampered during this time ??

  212. I would gift this to my sister – she has kids who are older (mine are little ones), and doesn’t have the funds to ever be able to afford something like this for them. Her boys would love it! And she deserves it!!!

  213. I would give anything to win the beauty bundle 4. I would love to be able to order today but planning and paying for wedding doesn?t open a lot for extra funds. Good luck to all the people!

  214. I would gift the longboard to my nephew cobra Kai he loves skating as much as your son. He?s a gentle soul and deserves this board but knowing him he will gift the board to a child in need of presents.

  215. I would gift the longboard to my nephew cobra Kai he loves skating as much as your son. He?s a gentle soul and deserves this board but knowing him he will gift the board to a child in need of presents.

  216. I would love to gift my sister in Law Ashley the Athia products, I splurged and bought my self some on the cyber sale and cannot wait to try it! I know she will love it too!

  217. I would love to gift my daughter Ruby?s pic! Her and a Ruby are like kindred spirits all sparkles and glitter I?m sure she would love it!

  218. Ohh!! I would love to gift today?s giveaway to my bestie who is always my partner in crime with all things beauty!! You name it, we try it!

  219. I would gift the longboard to my almost 13 year old son! He has the biggest heart & is always thinking of others, & reaching out to those in need. He recently gave a nice pair of his shoes to a boy at school who’s shoes were falling apart. He had saved his own money to buy these shoes & was just as proud to give them away as he was to buy them on his own. I’d love to surprise him with this board ?

  220. I would gift the long board to my 13 year old daughter!! She is so bold, sassy, resilient, and asks for so little. She told me the other day she wanted a long board because all her friends have one and she feels left out but she is a girl even though most her best friends are boys. I had to correct her and tell her no matter what the item is, any boy or girl can use anything they want! So this gift would be for her, to show her, that no matter what gender, she can have and do anything she wants!!!

  221. Great giveaways! I would gift the king board to my 13 year old daughter. She recently has gotten into roller skating and wants a longboard. I would gift the beauty items to my mom. She lives alone and has some health issues. I think it would brighten her day!

    1. How awesome is this! I would love to gift the long board to my trainer David who is the most adventurous, brave, and kind person I know. He has taught me to be fearless and has literally transformed my life! I’m so grateful for him and I am always looking for ways to bless him the way that he has blessed me.

  222. Long board I would gift to my niece who is 13 and has been asking for one. I used to ride andd it would be so fun to share that with her.

  223. Hello greetings from Tucson Arizona I would gift this to my husband I know he would love this bundle he is more disciplined than I am and after being full time student and having a full time job he really deserves it, thank you Heidi by the way the haircut is everything I?ve been wanting to cut my long hair and you just inspired me to do it(I still have to find the right hairstylist but I will cut it)YOU LOOK AMAZING ?

    1. I love everything about this beauty lover basket. It?s the only thing grounding me during these uncertain times and I would most def share all these things with my mom and sisters for a little relax and unwind spa night!

  224. I would gift the board to my son!! He has been wanting something like this!! The beauty gift, would go to me!! As a mom, I never get to pamper myself very often and this year even less so having something at home would be perfect!!

    1. Hello from NortheastOhio! I’m so thankful for your kindness Heidi especially in the terrible pandemic. We all need a little pick-me-up & to pay it forward. I know I do. So much terminal sicknesses in my family. I would love the ultimate beauty bundle. I need it. I’m 56 so you know every little bit helps right! Lol. I hope you your family stay safe & healthy.

  225. I would like to gift myself with the Transform package & my daughter, Courtney who is 23 plus my 9 year old son Mordekai whose bicycle was recently stolen from beneath our carport. I know that it sounds selfish to ask for myself but I FINALLY am trying to learn to love myself without all the hurtful harsh words I’ve called out to myself in the past and I unfortunately was placed on disability last September which has been very difficult to learn to live within the amount that I receive. I want so badly to be able to work and I’ve continually told myself that this IS ONLY temporary but it’s not ever going to be different if I don’t do some serious shifting in my thinking, my behaviors and mostly the way in which I treat myself. The terrible awful things that I say to myself aloud and silently I wouldn’t say to someone who wronged me in the worst ways possible but yet I let the hurtful words spit out of my mouth freely all day and night about over my own life. I KNOW NOW that I DO HAVE TO LOVE MYSELF before I will be of any real value to anybody else from years of loving everybody but myself which left me emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally and financially not only bankrupt but in the deficit. I want to learn to see myself as a woman who is valuable regardless of my past present or future and I want to overcome this hurtful harmful way of seeing myself so that once I have I can mentor young woman about the importance of self love and self worth. I can’t afford to sign up for this myself because I have my disability check gone the day it comes in all spent on bills. There aren’t any bills that I could set aside in order to buy this for myself. I would also like to include my daughter because she holds me accountable on things. I want her to have a much easier life than I have and I don’t EVER want her to feel about herself in the way that I feel about who I am. I feel so bad for my 9 year old because he is stuck with me and my health issues that have confined me to our apartment. I’ve become a recluse for many many reasons from immobility having a broken foot for 1 1/2 years before getting a second opinion finally found it, to gaining 150 pounds in that time as well as muscle atrophy from the immobility and a condition that makes my hands, feet and face feel like they are truly on fire if I’m in temperature higher than 65 degrees or if I’m moving around at all. He had his bicycle stolen and I’ve not been able to buy him another one, so a skate board would be great for him to get outside on to do. I need this and want this so badly for myself but won’t be able to buy it and my parent’s in there 70’s just spent $14,000 on dental work for me so I can’t ask them for anything more.

  226. Ohmygosh. My boys want skateboards/longboards! They are so rough and hard on the beginning boards we have. I need that board! ?

    1. I would like to offer this gift to my bestie Lily @limoneth because she had a very rough year. She can’t work because she is a server in a restaurant that is currently closed due to government restrictions (covid) and she is taking care of her sick dad. She can’t afford this right now and she needs it.
      Thank you !

  227. All makeup and face items….I would gift to me! The kids stuff I would spread through my crew of 4. It has been a tough 2020 but I am so happy we went through this together. They are my purpose for everything ?

  228. I would love to gift myself because all my focus is always on my family and I’m hardly able to spend any money on myself! This would be a great gift!

  229. I think mom would love the beauty bundle and it?s a toss up between man child and man for the dude beauty. ?? What a great bundle! Loving Heidi?s new do btw!

  230. This would be perfect for my 21 year old daughter. Love having her home with me this past year, just one good thing during this crazy pandemic.
    PS: I love Heidi’s new hair!

  231. I would gift the beauty bundle to my mom! She?s such a hard working individual and she deserves a stay at home spa day. She has also recently gotten into skincare and we are always sharing new products with each other!

  232. All gifts are great! Love my exfora .. just ordered my 14 year old daughter 1 for her acne… would love to have and share with my friends.. Des, lacey & jess

  233. I would gift this to my sister. She does so much for her son and hardly does anything for herself. This would be the self care help that she really needs and deserves.

    1. Day 3.. my daughter. Who asked this year her 3 brothers teach her how to ride a skateboard! Haha..

  234. I would gift the amazing kids giveaway to my son, Jesse. Jesse is in 7th grade and is growing into such a wonderful young man. He is polite, kind, athletic, smart, passionate, and extremely empathetic.
    He works so hard at everything he does. He is currently starting to take on service learning projects, jut like his older sister. He is working with a school club, Northwood Gives Back to make the holidays a little brighter for many local families. He is working to create a mitten tree with over 100 families that are in need this holiday season. He is attending all of the zoom club meetings, decorating mittens, cutting mittens, stringing them together, and making fleece blankets for the families as well.
    He always has had a soft spot for giving back, but now he is taking action.
    Besides that, he is a year round baseball player, but enjoys long boarding, skate boarding and scootering. He would flip over this board!

  235. I would like to get these amazing gift giving to my self so I can share with my family. This year hasn?t been easy for anyone. I had to quit my job so I can stay home with my 8 year old who has a complex immune system, as well as developmental delays, so virtual learning can be challenging at times for both myself ans my little one as I have to be by her side all day so she doesn?t miss anything. We haven?t been able to see friends or family as we do not know what would happen to her if ever she got sick.

    Also in the beginning of this pandemic my 21 year old son went out with our us knowing and was hit by a cube van. Luckily he had his guardian angels by his side as he walked away with a mild concussion and a few bruises, scratches and broken front teeth. This mom is so grateful that he survived this horrific trauma.

    During this time my little one had to go to the children?s hospital for a bone morrow as well as endoscopy. Only one parent could accompany her (myself) and it wasn?t always easy but we got through it.

    Seeing that I am not working I am not getting much from the government so Christmas will be a bit different this year.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I love watching you and your children grow stronger each and every day. You truly are a strong woman. I love the mother, woman and leader that you are ?

    Much love to you and your beautiful family

    1. I would share the final giveaway with my mom. She means so much to me and does so much for everyone. It would be nice to do something for/with her ??

  236. I would love to give the skateboard to my daughter. Every time she sees a board, whether at the store or on tv, she begs for one. It would make all her Christmas wishes come true! For now she plays with the little tech deck she got from the prize bin at school.

  237. I would gift the skateboard to my son. It would be his dream come true and something he deserves for putting up with a mama that has had surgery complications… baby gifts for my dearest friend who?s a new mama. Also thinking of my grand baby…

  238. I would love to gift the longboard to my 10yo daughter who loves skating! She?s currently living the back and forth lifestyle between me in MI and her dad in AL it?s been a huge transition for her and would be a fantastic Christmas surprise!

  239. I would love the skateboard for my husband who still rides his cracked and beat up longboard and is in desperate need of an upgrade!

    1. I just want a Christmas card from Heidi the kids and the family. I been sick almost a Month with the caronavirus me and my daughter’s and their boyfriends had it because they work in the medical field and the other daughter is a manager works with the public. I caught it from them I’m battling lupus disease, the Coronavirus and extreme weakness right now. but, happy holidays to you all and Heidi it is me Jackie what’s the Unicorn toilet paper for Ruby. Hopefully you all are safe happy holidays to you all much love from me and my children. I will take anything to give to my daughters they are ages 19 and 29 years old. Thanks for being who you are and what you do for the people in the world! Take care now and be safe. – Jackie Banks ???

  240. I would LOVE to win a skateboard for my son. Since the beginning of him learning to ride he has begged me for a long board. Now, I have no clue what the difference is but he tells me it’s way cooler & he NEEDS one ????? so seeing this giveaway made my heart flutter & my mind race!

  241. I would give the skateboard to one of my 3 boys! They all love to skateboard! Hmmm which one to give it to…we will have to see who helps around the house the most during the holidays!!! JK they will have to share!

  242. I?d love to get this for my son! Our neighbor has one and he is always out there watching them ride. Would be perfect for him 🙂

  243. I would gift the longboard to my three kids and they?d share it. I want the Lulu leggings of course and the transformation bundle. Heck, there are so many items that would be perfect for my family and friends!

  244. It?s funny how many people are saying they?d love to get the longboard for their son or daughter. I would love to gift it to my husband for Christmas ? In all seriousness, quarantine hit us both hard and challenged our mental health. He loved to longboard in his teens and early 20?s and has talked about starting again, and I would love that for him.

  245. I would love to give the longboard to my son. He is an awesome young man. He gave up 2 years to serve the people in Cusco Peru and is now in college. He is a great older brother and is always helping others. He would LOVE a longboard!!

  246. I would gift the longboard to my lovely niece who lost her daddy in a tragic accident this year. They like doing outdoor sports and this might bring her some comfort and good memories.

    1. I would love to win any of these! The long board would go to my son. Then, he would stop using the one I bought his sister…. LOL

  247. I would love to gift some of these to my children. It?s been a rough year and they?ve been so wonderful through it all. I would also love to help out a family who may have lost their jobs this year.

  248. My son Tristen would love that long board! He worked all summer to get one he could afford and a Jew one like this would be a dream! He?s such a good older brother to his little sisters he?s the only boy (middle) out of 5 . He is the Best

  249. I would love the long board for my daughter. With home school, it would be nice to gift her an item that will get her out and active. If the tangle pets are apart of this they would be perfect for my 4 year old.

  250. Heidi! I love your family (the whole shabang! Bruce and Alexa too!). This is a cool giveaway. I would love to win the longboard for my daughter. I love that Matix won?t let it touch the ground, please tell me he actually rides it, lol! Wishing you a very merry holiday season, Powell/Solomon pack.

  251. Hi, Heidi! Single, 38 year old, full time college student, mom of 2 teenage boys ?. I just went back to college for radiology. Me and the boys had to move home with my parents after a horrendous breakup. I would just like to win the skateboard so I can give it to my 12 year old son for Christmas. This is amazing you?re doing this. God Bless You!! I have followed you ever since you and Chris got married. I?m going through a breakup just like you. It?s so hard but we will get through it.

  252. Heck I?ll tag myself. Haha. I have 4 crazy boys and I know my oldest at 10 years old would love the longboard! He?s always trying to stay up on the latest, cool stuff and generally just growing up too fast. My youngest is 2 years old so everything would get used!

  253. I would give this to my grandson Harrison. I haven?t gotten to see him in almost a year because they live in Alaska and the airfare is so expensive.

  254. I would give this long board to my son. He has been begging me for a skateboard or something like it, I would love to be able to see the smile on his face and the pure joy and excitement

    1. I would love to gift this longboard to my daughter Zoey. She has been asking for one for quite a while now and is now asking Santa for one for Christmas!

  255. The longboard is awesome! I had a longboard when living in SoCal and my daughter just fell in love with it too. She?s been wanting one for SO LONG! I?d love to be able to give her a great one like this!

  256. I would totally gift this to my son. He has struggled the most out of my kids with Covid so this would totally brightened his year.

  257. I have three kids (7, 13, 14) who have all talked about these longboards! I can?t imagine spending that much money for something I?m concerned they might not actually play with, but if they won it, they could enjoy and share!

  258. I would give this to my boys who are doing school online because both of their colleges are remote. Very challenging right now for them.

  259. I would love to win so I can share with my lil sis. She?s simply the best sister anyone could have. She?s always smiling and is the sweetest ever, no lie. Me, she always turns my frown upside down. She has two adorable boys and I have one gorgeous girl. We would have a blast with these giveaways! Thanks Heidi!!! xoxoxo

  260. I?d gift it to my step-son who is struggling through his senior year of school, away from friends. He signed up for the Army and will leave in July and he just found a group of soldiers that skate. He?s looking forward to it.

  261. Would love to give the longboard to my 16-year old. With COVID he?s been cooped up since March and he loves to skateboard. He?s never tried a longboard so it might be a fun change from his old board. ?

  262. I would love the opportunity to win the skateboard for my 9year old Dean. Since school has gone completely virtual he is really struggling to find his place socially. He loves to be outside and has recently tried skateboarding and loved it. He doesn’t have a board yet but this would be amazing for him and it would give him an outlet for all of his energy and anxiety. Thank you! Happy Holidays!!

    1. I would share the day 4 giveaway with my Sisters so we could do a sister day of self care and pampereing!

  263. What fun giveaways with all amazing stuff! If I won the long board I would give it to my 11 year old daughter who had been looking at them for awhile. If I win anything else I would give them to my sister.

  264. Hi Heidi,
    I?d give the longboard to my son. Quite simply, he is a great kid and deserves to be spoiled for Christmas. Wishing you and your beautiful family a safe, happy & healthy holiday season!

  265. My husband. He is a teacher and all teachers should get all gifts always but even more so right now with all this adapting of online and whatnot. He also is my everything 😀

  266. I would gift this to my sweet & selfless husband. We were very poor and struggling. I saved money for a year to buy him a long board for Xmas. He?d ride it to work down 5th ave in NYC. One day the board slipped and a ups driver drove over it…

  267. My 16yo daughter would love this long board skateboard. She is currently getting straight A?s and works So hard to be a great big sister.

  268. Give away #3! I would gift this to my 13 year old son. He is always so active running around outside with his friends or working on his karate. He has always wanted a long board but the money has not always been in the budget for it. It may need to be a combo gift as I know his younger sister would love it also!

  269. My son would love the Longboard, he loves to skateboarding we spend lots time at the skate park , I can cozy up with hot mocha shake.

    1. My name is Sarah and I am would give the long board to my middle daughter Ren, she would absolutely loose her mind. She loves to skate and has been begging for a long board for years. 2020 has just been so awful it is really kind of you to do a giveaway like this! Thank you Heidi

    2. Hi Heidi!!! We would love to gift this skateboard to our 10 year old son! Over the last few months he has been using our neighbors 20 year old longboard to learn!! He LOVES it and we are thankful to our gracious neighbor! He would cherish his very own! ?

  270. Hi Heidi! I would love to give this to my 14 year son Justin.
    He mentioned he would like to start boarding again but needs a new board. (Last one he had was when he was about 5-6 years old.
    He?s been and is a great well rounded living son. He doesn?t ask for much. Thank you for the opportunity.

  271. Hola Heidi ! I would love to gift this to my Daughther she has been working so hard this year .. in between moving (military kids) 5 times in the past 5 years she is now doing online school .. adjusting to change has not been easy for her .. so I would love her to enjoy a nice ride on that. Awesome longboard .

    1. I love to gift this to husband. My husband just had 2 heart surgery 1 week ago. He would this. Great gift.

  272. I would love to give the long board to my 11 year old daughter. She has been through a lot the last couple of years she is so brave and strong. I would love to see her face light up.

  273. I would gift the long board to my son! He loves skateboards and longboards and has been asking for one for Christmas!

  274. Hi Heidi! I would pick the long board and proudly give it to my daughter Madelynn. She just graduated from GCU in 3 years and she is very passionate about skateboarding. You?ll find her at all the local parks doing her thing. Her dream is to open her own skate park in a different country to teach young kids how to skate.

  275. I would love the longboard for my stepson. He just moved to live with us in January, spent about 2.5 months at school trying to make new friends and then the covid situation started! He has spent the year in the house, away from his usual friends and not being able to make new friends in her new school. I feel he deserve a very nice treat this Christmas! He is such a nice bou with a huge heart!

    1. Heidi!!! What you?re doing is absolutely amazing! I would LOVE to win the longboard! I would give it to my son for Christmas. He?s been skateboarding since he was 4 years old. He?s now grown.. but still my ?baby?. He?s still skating every free moment he has. This would mean so much to me to be able to give him a gift this nice. I haven?t been able to buy anything really nice for my two sons over the last 3 years due to being abandoned by my husband (he literally ?went to the store? one Saturday morning three years ago and never came home.) Things have been difficult, to say the least. Thank your for the opportunity to win this unbelievable gift. You have such a kind heart.

  276. Would love to be considered for the longboard for my brother! Would be such an incredible gift to give him during these hard times.

    1. Totally need the transformation for a year. But great that a trainer is posting things that help . More should do that. Thanks

  277. Would love for my daughter Haley to get the skateboard for one reason. It?s Nostalgic. Haley loved skateboarding growing up. She maybe is a young adult now but that wont stop her from riding this baby. How fun it is for me to see her on one.

  278. I would definitely give the longboard to my kids, particularly the two oldest for now. They would absolutely love it, and my sons skateboard got ruined at his grandma?s house.

    1. I want to gift with my daughter. My grandkids would live the longboard and my grandson is such a gamer we have to really get him moving to do some stuff outdoors. This would be amazing for him . Thank you

  279. I would gift this to myself because self-care! I need to pick up new hobbies during my long winter break from college and this would be a great one to keep me busy learning new tricks!

    1. I would love to win the longboard for my 11y daughter. Biologically she is not my daughter, in June of 2020 we became legal guardian for her and her brother after 2 long years of noncompliant DCS case against their mother for severe abuse and neglect. One of my older sons was friends with their older brother. Recently having lost their dad to suicide, being friend of the family and seeing their struggles through multiple traumas I offered my home to my son’s friend and his two siblings if they ever needed someplace to go. In September of 2018 a knock on my door i was asked if they could stay for a couple days. Knowing it would probably be longer, we still did not hesitate and welcomed them in to our already crazy family of 5 kids and 2 adults. 2 years later we’re now permanent legal guardian. Having been through multiple traumas, years of abuse and neglect from birth till 9y one of the happiest times my daughter has is when she learned how to skateboard with her new dad/legal guardian and hanging out skating with mine and all the neighbor kids in front of our house. Currently we have a couple old skateboards from my older boys that she uses. I know she would love to have a new longboard to practice on.

  280. I would love to give a longboard to my 15 year old son Collin. This year has been crazy, and stressful, especially for teenagers. Collin has been full of grace as we have asked him over the last few months to wear a mask, and limit his interactions with friends in order to keep his grandparents safe. He has kept a positive attitude as his soccer season got cut short in the spring, and now his high school season is delayed at best. At and age where it is easy to be frustrated with your parents he has really stepped up and made the most out of an incredibly hard year. Don?t get me wrong he is still a teenage boy, and can drive me totally nuts with his crazy antics, but he has really shown me a softer compassionate side through this whole ordeal. He is the oldest in our family and has really taken on a protector role for his 13 year old sister and 10, and 6 year old brothers. Since COVID he has really gotten into skateboarding, it is something no one can take away and it has brought him so much joy. He is currently in quarantine from being exposed at school and he now is doing tricks and jumps in my living room 24/7. His board has a permanent spot in our living room and no one is allowed to touch it or move it. He has asked for a new board for Christmas and I would love to make his dreams come true. I can?t give him his normal teenage life back just yet, or a normal soccer season…but with your help I could give him this and end his year on a bright note!

  281. Day 3? I would gift the longboard to my nephew/godson. He learned to ride at a family camp out this past summer and loves it! I have been wracking my brain trying to think of a perfect gift for this special kiddo. Thanks Heidi!

    1. Giveaway #3 the Longboard ?
      I would love to give to my husband, he used to skateboard all the time when he was younger and he still does today but now he has an old board… so to give him a new one would be pretty awesome. Thanks Heidi!!

  282. Hi
    I am from British Columbia Canada. I would gift to myself. I have had a rough couple of years. I could use some joy.
    The last 4yrs and 10mths has been very difficult for me due to fainting while i was 4 weeks into training for a triathlon. I suffered a concussion ( traumatic brain injury). It’s been a life changing.
    2020 has made it so I am more housebound due to being immunocompromised. I haven’t felt like the old me. Feeling that sense of isolation. Unable to be as mobile as I once was.
    I look forward to your posts and video’s as it encourages me. Heidi you have been such an inspiration to me. Have a fantastic Christmas and all the best in 2021 to you and your whole family.
    Stay Strong!
    Thank you ?

  283. Giveaway 3- I would give to my oldest niece. I think this would be a great experience and way to get out and exercise and not even know it.

  284. I’d love to be considered ?
    I’d gift to my son, who suffered bullying this year. Nights in tears, it’s been tough.
    I’m in Australia, so not sure if eligible. But bless you for giving to anyone fortunate enough to receive. Keep putting the good out and it’ll come back to you. ?

  285. I would love to gift the longboard to my husband. He has sacrificed so much for our family this past year (joining the navy) and I?d love to show him that I appreciate him and see his sacrifices.

  286. My daughter would Love this longboard! Recently she became so interested in skateboarding! Recently I found out some devastating news about her. As a mother I feel I was not there to protect her. I have been close in prayer about this. She is my first born and is a true joy! She has a heart of Gold! Just today she text me from church saying there was a girl there who is 16 and was jumped. She said that she was kicked out of her house and she was not enrolled in school. She wanted nothing more than to help her. She gave her my phone number and we hope to hear from her. Prayers and blessings.

    1. My 8 year old would love the longboard! He just showed an interest and this would be an amazing gift

  287. I would absolutely love to win & gift to myself. I went through so many things this last , crawled out of a very narcissistic abusive relationship, I literally lost myself & I?m ready to do something amazing for me & grow my confidence again, feel healthy, look healthy & heal !!

    God bless !

  288. My 19 yr old man child, Marx, would love this! He?s given a few of his skateboards away to younger boys who look up to him. He?s a great ?kid?! He loves long boarding, too! ??? Thank you for doing all the giveaways! It?s super generous and brings so much Christmas spirit! ?? ?

    1. I would love to gift this to my 17 year old brother! He works hard every day after school and football practice at a restaurant. Currently saving all his money for college and doesnt spend any of his money on himself. I would love to be able to surprise with this because he deserves it!

    1. I would like to gift the Spa Package to my daughter Ursila! She is an awesome momma and is always working hard to make sure her family has the best memories! She works outside the home and runs a Surrogacy Agency to help couples have children through surrogacy and create loving families!
      She spends long hours at the hospital at times when the babies are born to support the Surrogate and take care of the new borns if the parents can’t make it to the hospital in time.
      Because of Covid-19, some parents couldn’t come into the country right away so she makes sure the babies are taken well care of until they are united with their parents.
      Its a HUGE job and can be incredibly stressful at times.
      She gives 100% to all she comes in contact with leaving little rimw for herself and completely deserves a Spa Package like this!!!???
      Plus during the lock down she made sure her Dad and I were taken care of as well!
      She is an amazing human and I am proud to be her momma!???

  289. I would love to give this gift to my dad! He has gone through SO MUCH in the past few years. From countless injuries, surgeries, addiction…he has recently lost 120 lbs and overcome a lot of his setbacks. I couldn?t be any more proud of my dad. I think that this would help him further reach his goals??

    1. I really could use the year membership to your app. I need all the help I can get. I would share with my husband.

  290. I would gift this to my mom. She has always been my biggest cheerleader, my best friend, and given me so much. It?s now my turn to give back to her.

  291. I would share with my daughter who will turn 21 next week! Craziness. We have spent so much time together during this crazy season. It just makes sense to share the goods with the soon to be over ager. 🙂

  292. I would gift this one to my husband because he is a kid at heart and has been wanting a skateboard for years ?

  293. I would share with my 2 step-daughters: they help us so much with the 2 small ones so we can grow our business for our family future ??

  294. I would gift this to my daughter; she is the oldest of 6 and is my biggest support. She helps me more then I am willing to admit, oh hell, never mind, I admit she helps me more then anyone else in this house!!

  295. Heidi, I would like to nominate myself. I live in Canada and winning a year on the Transform app could make it so much more affordable than paying the exchange rate right now. I have been using your app for 2 months and I am so impressed. Not only have I been able to eat copious amounts of food compared to other programs I?ve tried, but I feel so spoiled on my reset days. I love the workouts and often have you cheering me on in my ear as I tell myself ?come on you can do this! Do one more push-up etc?. Thank you for pushing me to succeed in my goals. Regardless if you choose me or not I?m thrilled to be doing this journey with the Transform app and community.

    1. I would gift it to a friend of my daughter. They have both recently picked up a board and are doing pretty well on the dang things.

  296. I would love to gift this to my husband. He is the rock that holds our little family together and I just want to show him how much he means to me, especially during such a difficult year for us.

  297. This is so kind of you. I?ve always believed that you can never truly understand the meaning Christmas until you?ve had the opportunity to share your love and generosity with a total stranger. I?ve done this with my children since they were babies and we will continue to do so each year. I?ve honestly never asked to be apart of a gift giving experience, usually I?m the one doing the gift giving but I couldn?t resist when I saw the longboard pop up on my Facebook page. My son loves to skate and has been asking for one for Christmas . The board he has is pretty old and he?s outgrown it but it doesn?t stop him from getting out there and making the best of it. I know this board totally make his holiday and it will get more use than you could ever imagine. Thank you for considering us and Merry Christmas to you and your family ??

  298. I would love to gift this to my husband Jeff who has gone through so much the last 10 years with injuries, surgeries, depression etc. He has recently lost 120 lbs and is gaining his life back and I couldn’t be happier for him. This would help him reach his goals!

  299. I would love to gift giveaway 2 to my friend Kristi. I know she would love and appreciate the Transform app workouts and meal plans. I know it would be a great tool for her in her journey to lifelong health and happiness.

    1. Day 3 ( gifts for kiddos)I would give to my friend who is a front line worker. She works so hard every day for her family and everyone affected with Covid 19.
      Gifts for fashion I would give to my other frontline worker friend for the same reason. Thankful to be healthy and happy. Love you Heidi. Hope to someday be as fit as you are. Merry Christmas.

  300. Day 3- the baby weight set might be my favorite thing of all times. ??? My sister needs them for her new baby and I need them for my 5 month old!!

    1. I would gift my mom for all the amazing things she does to help me out. And my sister to help her relax with her energy filled kids.

  301. Longboard giveaway would be gifting to one of my previous foster daughters who has lived with me twice before she is 13 and I see her once a month. She is asking for one but I know she won?t get one.

  302. I would give the long board to my niece – she?s hard to buy for, but THIS she would love! I would keep the Transform bundle for a gift to myself.

  303. 2021 is MY year, and I?m not waiting for it to start. I?m officially done having babies and giving up my excuses. Time to give myself a chance and regain my health.

    1. I Would Give To My Granddaughter Tovah Helena She Is Such A Special Lil Girl &For Only 6 Yrs Old She Is SoLoving & Giving ? She Also Just Became A Great Big Sister & Is So Helpful With Taking Care Of He LilSister & A Big Help To Her Mommy

    2. I would give the long board to my son that is 14. He frequents the skate park with his friends and sits on the side lines. He would love this

  304. I would gift it to my only sister on the earth Pari, and the reason is that we live in two different countries so far from each other (the USA and a middle eastern country) and we couldn’t see each other for 4 years and simply because I love her 🙂

  305. My daughter would love the nail polish and hair ties. Both my kids would be into the skateboard. I would gift the others to some of my nieces

  306. My beautiful wife Becky! She works so hard and puts everyone before herself. I would love to see her succeed at putting herself first and this would be a big part of that!

  307. My comment submitted before I could say why ?. My dad is the best man I know and with job stress this year losing weight and staying fit has been hard. I would love to give him these tools and resources. Also my sister is into fitness and goal making and is working her butt off to reach them. Some direction and awesome products always helps with that!!

    1. Thank you for blessing so many with the gift of transformation tools. Love ya Heidi. I would love # 2 so that I can bless my best friend and husband with this amazing gift.

  308. The day 2 giveaway is the one to get. I?ve recently discovered these amazing products and am working to incorporate them into my daily life to help me reach my goals. My husband also is loving them!!

  309. I would love these for myself and my 3 siblings, we are all overweight. It?s a lot easier to have workout partners. If we could win this it would be a great starter. My sister and I used to purchase but this year has made it too difficult.

  310. I would LOVe the day 2 giveaway!! I love all the transform products so much!!!! Please please pick me!!! I would share with my husband. ??????

  311. I?d love for my daughter to be gifted. She?s 22 yo full time student headed toward a BA. In addition, started her career a few months ago working with homeless with mental issues. Thinking that isn?t enough, she started a pet sitting business that?s become successful. Working with those with mental issues and homeless has put stress on her on the regular basis. She?d love to get back into fitness and struggles with motivation. I believe this could help her feel lifted up.

  312. I’d like to gift this to my friend Kim because I know she would appreciate it so much through her end of the year transformation goals. She works full time, home schools 3 kids and travels for her kids sports months at a time so it’s hard for her to stay on track and this might just be what she is looking for!

  313. I always give to everyone else sacrificing myself and I don’t want to do that anymore, its time to take charge of my dreams!

  314. I would love to gift this to my friend and workout accountability buddy, Emily! she and I made promises to ourselves on Jan 1 and have kept them since! We work hard everyday to stay physically active and make better health choices. On days when I am struggling, I text Emily and she has always helped give me perspective. We are both down over 25 pounds each and still going strong!

  315. I would love to gift ? this to myself and my dear friend Lisset. We have both have been wanting to get fit and we always start and somehow let the outside circumstance affect us, over two months ago we have committed to ourselves to keep it up and this gift will be a beautiful reminder to know that we are worth it and we should just keep on moving!

  316. I would like to gift these items to myself! As well as my best girl Danielle Crews. Danielle deserves it because she is a mommy of 3, just became a certified teacher, and we have been friends since kindergarten, with some major bumps in the road.
    I deserve this because I am a mommy of 2 (my second is 5 months old), a middle school teacher (I teach in a mask every single day), I have big fitness goals and need a kick in the pants, and I want to show my daughter that mommy really can do it all.

  317. I?d love to win for myself if I am honest. Having a rough time dealing with life and making some hard changes in my life. I love your protein shakes but right now just don?t have the means to buy them and I just find you all so inspirational. I know I can find me again, I just need to remember I am
    Important too.

  318. I would like to gift this to my hubby, who works so hard for our family and never asks for anything in return. He does service for other people and this would be so awesome for him to kickstart his health journey. Thank you for this opportunity to enter a great giveaway Heidi ??

  319. I would gift this to my best friend she is a true surfer girl at heart and loves to long board. She?s a teacher and 2020 has been a crazy year so this would bring her joy.

  320. Happy holidays and wishing everyone light and love. I would love to gift these to myself. Let me tell you that even writing that creates anxiety in my belly because I know I don?t put myself first, like ever. I?ve been working on that in therapy which has opened up old wounds, some that I didn?t know existed. Being divorced and going through everything that comes with it seemed like the lowest point of my life, and for years I had blinders on and just tried to keep from drowning being a single Mom. No time to worry about me?! But I?ve since found love again, and married. I?m feeling better that I now have a partner and can start focusing a bit more on myself. I have a beautiful blended family, but I still tend to put myself as #6 on the list , umm that?s after the cat. ? For this new year I?m ready to embark on my new transition. Leaving the pain and mistakes of the past for new love and learning with where I am now. I owe it to myself to be the best version I can of me. I want to be a role model to my daughter and stepchildren. I thank you for offering this opportunity.

  321. For my son! I would like to win the longboard. He loves his bike and pogo stick, I think he?s ready for the next thing!

  322. I would LOVE to nominate my mother, Ann Marie DePinto!! It would be wonderful to share these gifts with her as she just turned 60 a couple of days ago and recently begun her weight loss journey (37 lbs down in 3 months so far!) I am proud of her and would love to help her celebrate her new lifestyle this holiday season. Thank you for always being an authentic inspiration Heidi!

  323. I would like to nominate myself to win because I am starting tomorrow with my family to get our health together. These items would assist in doing that.

  324. I think you are awesome. You are such an open book and an inspiration to others. I would love for my workout partner, Meridith to experience your products.

  325. I would love to gift this to my sister, Jennifer Kobelski. After 3 kids, now working from home with 1 schooling from home and just normal day life, she doesn’t get much time to do for herself. That includes buying her protein powder.

  326. Thank you Heidi for your example of service and love!! I would gift these to my daughter who is having a hard time in her life right now with school and friends. COVID has made this world a lonely place. Thanks again for everything you do to make our world a better and brighter place!!

  327. I would give this to my buddy and workout partner, Joanna. We are good at keeping each other motivated and accountable!

  328. My mom , she helps everyone else in life AND she works at a school. She dresses up in funny costumes and is silly to entertain and bring joy to everyone

  329. This sounds so selfish but, the older I get the more I realize the best gift I can give others is the best of me so, I would gift this bundle to myself. I used to do so well with my weight and workouts but the kids pile up, the jobs pile up, the age piles up and here we are. . . In desperate need of a boost and a lot of help!

  330. To my best friend, Cotina Murray. The sweetest and strongest woman I know. We know each other close to thirty years. We want to start a journey to health.

  331. I would love to gift these to my sister! She is so close to getting her bachelors in psychology and definitely could use the extra help with energy and on the go meals ?