Heidi’s Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway 2020

You guys, the magical, but also exhausting holiday season is here, and Mrs. Claus has a lot of stuff on her to-do list…like, more than normal. The pitter-patter you hear isn’t that of reindeer. Oh no, that sound is the ever-present tiny feet now that our homes have transformed to school and everything in between. Ahhh, the “new” norm. With so much on the brain and so many changes, this holiday is certainly looking a bit different, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of what we’ve got!

After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year, you guys! While it is the tradition at my house to give into that tryptophan-induced coma, slip on my comfiest clothes, grab a MDB, and hit the couch for holiday shopping, I imagine this is pretty much your go-to this year. To kick off the holiday season, I’m sharing my annual holiday gift guide AND GIVEAWAY! Scroll to the bottom for details!

Heidi’s Holiday Decor:

Pottery Barn Embroidered Stockings, Red and Gold Ribbon (love this candy stripe ribbon set), Green and Black Plaid Ribbon, Wrapping Paper (also love this winter scene and this rustic holiday set), faux snowy pine greenery for wrapping, and gift tags (love this unicorn one for Ruby).

But hey, not waiting in long lines is a bonus, right? To help you narrow down what your kiddos, fashion lovers, fitness enthusiasts, and hey, even yourself might like this year (we know that Santa gets all the credit, but Mrs. Claus is the true hero, am I right?), I’m sharing some of my favorites. Now through Monday, I’ll add more and more goodies to this blog, so keep checking back for new items and giveaways!

**Giveaway closed** We may be working on new traditions this year, but some must remain, like Heidi’s Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway (say that three times fast!). Check back over the next five days because I’ll be adding a selection of new favorites AND a major giveaway bundle. Scroll to the bottom for details!

Top Gifts for the beauty lovers

Shop Heidi’s must-have beauty gifts:

Vanity Planet Facial Steamer (55% off) and Exfora Device (60% off), Athia Kisser Kit (50% off sitewide), Kristin Ess Temporary Hair Tint (under $15), Facewash/Makeup Headband (also love this leopard print one), and Jade Roller

Beauty products are quite literally my new baby, but they’re also a family affair. From my mama to Mars, the love of beauty products is definitely generational. The best thing about the gifts on my beauty list? They are the perfect escape from hearing “mom” around every corner. If the “new norm” has taught us anything it’s how to turn our bathrooms into spas, and so with that in mind, I’m giving you the perfect items to relax, escape, and enjoy some beauty time, especially when beauty rest isn’t always available.

From my favorite Vanity Planet Facial Steamer to the Athia Kisser Kit, you’ll have glowing, hydrated skin without leaving the house. Plus, I’m also loving these Facewash/Makeup Headbands…gotta’ keep that newly tinted hair out of the way. 😉

Click here to shop Athia’s line for him: VLR (50% off sitewide)

Bonus: For the man—or man child, in my case—in your life, Athia’s new line of male products is the perfect gift. Hey, real men need moisturizer too. How do you think Santa stays so dang jolly? I’ll let you in on a secret: It’s not the cookies. It’s the moisturizer! Ok, maybe it’s the cookies too.

Top Gifts for the kiddos

Shop Heidi’s must-have list:

Tangle Pets Brush (on-sale under $15), COMFY, Coil Pack Hair Ties (also this variety pack under $10), Nail Polish Gift Set, Longboard by Original Skateboards (use code LOVEHEIDI for 20% off), and Baby Weight Set (Fischer Price Baby Biceps)

Even as the kiddos are getting older, the best part about Christmas is the look on their faces as they open each gift. For the whole family, COMFY is the name of the game. If you haven’t heard of a COMFY, it’s a blanket you can wear, which is pretty much the mood of 2020.

My real life unicorn, Miss Ruby Lane, gets a magical unicorn brush to match her personality (plus some Kristin Ess Hair Tint for Mars, Ruby, and mama because, why not?!). Marley is all about nail polish and beauty products this year. You’ll find post-Christmas happiness as Cash and Matix hit the streets with the rest of the neighborhood on their longboards! Gosh, the joys and simplicity of being a kid. It makes it all worth it. Maybe you’ll even catch Mrs. Clause out for a joy ride or two. 😉

Top Gifts for the fitness fanatic

Shop Heidi’s must-have list:

Lululemon Align Pant II (so nice, I had to put them twice), Total Transform Bundle (normally $479.80 NOW $189.99), Everday by Transform Low Carb Meal Replacement Flavor Sampler (normally now 40% OFF), Resistance Band (also love this set on Etsy)

Gift guides and fitness gear go together like Santa and cookies, right? Ok, ok, maybe just in Powell land, but you know I can’t leave the fitness lovers off my list. This year, we’re doing a great sale on Transform products from the app to meal replacement shakes with up to 60% OFF.

And when it’s time to hit the gym (or do that killer at-home workout), you know what they say: A great outfit is sure to get you motivated. With these booty hugging Lululemon leggings and 4Kor Resistance Bands, the fitness lover in your life (ok, it’s me, you guys!) is sure to look great, work hard, and feel like a million bucks.

Top Gifts for the stylish

Shop Heidi’s must-have Fashion Finds:

Cents of Style Thermal (use code fabfriday on sale $8), Cents of Style Socks (under $15), Lululemon Align Pant II , Aviator Sunglasses, Carolina Trimmed Hat (now 30% off), H&M Joggers, Ring Variety Pack

Up next: gifts for her, the stylish lady in your life (and hey, maybe it’s yourself). If you’re anything like me, my daily wardrobe looks a bit different in 2020. If 2020’s wardrobe has an adjective, it would be: COZY!  Here’s a handful of gifts for the fashionista in your life (and if you’re shopping for yourself, this Mrs. Claus won’t spill the beans) that are sure to get the party started even if it means you’re getting fashionable just for a night in.

With cozy at the heart of it all, some of my favorite gifts this year are a classic thermal and some warm holiday socks. It’s perfect for “get up and go,” but also the best to snuggle up on the couch. For the fitness and stylish ones, I love Lululemon Align Leggings. They’re basically your second skin…if your skin perfectly lifted you in all the right places. To add some flair, I love gifting accessories, so you’ll always find those under my tree. Click the items above to shop some of my stylish faves.

Heidi’s Holiday Giveaway

Photos by Erica and Jon

**giveaway closed** To help you busy mamas get into the holiday spirit, I’m giving away four bundles of gifts. Each day, I’ll add a new item to this giveaway list for a total of 4 days of giveaways! Total value for all items for all giveaways: $1,133.71!  You will have 24 hours after the daily giveaway is posted to enter to win. Once the next giveaway is open, the previous giveaway will be closed (i.e. giveaway 1 is closed once giveaway 2 is posted), so remember to check back daily!

Enter to win by doing both of the following:

  • Like my most recent Instagram or Facebook giveaway post and tag a friend!
  • Comment below with who you want to gift these special items to and why (heck, maybe it’s yourself because you deserve it!). I will pick a winner daily, and all the winners will be announced once all the giveaways are finished.

Now slip on your comfiest pants and get in the holiday spirit because this giveaway might just be better than the Hallmark Christmas movie that’s probably on repeat right about now! Happy and healthy holidays!


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1,126 Responses

  1. This year I made the decision of signing up to the Transform app. That made me ask for coaching, and now I have in my life the most amazing people! With the guidance of my coach Val and my team mates I have worked so so hard to over come many bad habits I had. I deserve this gift. Because I have battled emotional and physical changes that kept me from goals in the past! Thank you Heidi! ???

    1. I would definitely gift this to long board to my 11 year old daughter. She has a Ruby kind of soul!! She has an unconditional kind of love and always helps everyone out. Been a rough year for our family with some health issues, and she keep us all smiling.
      P.s…if you don’t win the year app, you should definitely get it. I’m a lifetime member, and it us definitely worth it and the best app out there. Shakes are amassing too!

    1. I would gift myself! Being a stay at home mom to 4 in 2020 during a Pandemic while trying to e-learn and having a baby. I could use an extra ?feel good? gift this year!

  2. Want to give to my daughter. It?s been a hard year with at home schooling and not getting to see her friends has been rough on her.

    1. I want to give to my 17yr old I am so proud of her she graduates in May 2021 and got in every college she applied to with scholarships over 20thousand a year and honors college.

  3. I would like to gift these to my daughter, Brittany. She is an OR nurse who works hard on her feet all day. She also suffers seriously from migraine issues. I would love to give her this special assortment of goodies!

    1. I would like to give this gift to one of my besties she is a police officer and Covid has made her world crazier then it already was.

    2. I would gift to my daughter, the last part of her senior year was taken from her due to COVID but she never let that stop her, she graduated in the top 10 of her class, had over 300 volunteer hours for National Honor Society and also 45 credit hours completed for her to enter into college as a second semester sophomore. She currently works 3 jobs and is a full time college student.

    3. I?d love to gift any of these the following incredible women in my life!!! A few in particular:

      * Momma. She found herself in a life threatening situation over the summer and had to have part of her colon removed and received a colostomy. She?s such a fighter! She has since had her ostomy reversed and is recovering like a boss! She?s got 9 (Soon to be 10) beautiful grand babies that she lives for every day!! She is so deserving of something special this season!!

      *Bestie and co-parenting queen! Amanda. We have been friends for 19 years. But for the last 5 she has been my kiddos step/bonus mom and I couldn?t ask for a better person for it. Together our households have 9 Children. It?s organized chaos and we wouldn?t trade it for anything!

      *Bestie -Erin!!! We became fast best friends almost 2 years ago when we began working together. Together we?ve seen each other through multiple surgeries, massive life events and more laughs than I can count. She?s facing yet another upcoming surgery and deserves some joy in her life this season!!!!

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