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Snowflakes in Arizona?

POSTED ON February 3, 2014

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That’s right. Something crazy happened at the Powell Home… we found snowflakes!!! A very rare occurrence in Arizona.

Okay, so it wasn’t “real” snow but since we are firm believers in taking action and making things happen, Matix and Marley decided that if they couldn’t get Mother Nature’s version of snowflakes, that they would just make their own. (LOVE my proactive kids!) I might be a little biased, but these snowflakes are definitely some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen! :)

-Pony Beads
-Pipe Cleaners

#PowellPack #KidsCrafts #Snowflakes #WinterCrafts

Step 1: Form your snowflakes. We made them in all shapes and sizes.

#PowellPack #KidsCrafts #Snowflakes #WinterCrafts

Step 2: Decorate your snowflakes! Matix and Marley loved this part because they got to make their snowflakes as colorful and unique as they are. :)

#PowellPack #KidsCrafts #Snowflakes #WinterCrafts

Step 3: Use the string to hang the snowflakes. “Oooo” and “ahhhh” at the magic. :)

#PowellPack #KidsCrafts #Snowflakes #WinterCrafts

And there you have it. Mess-free, warm snow created by my awesome kids. :)

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Decorative Christmas Tree Craft

POSTED ON December 24, 2013

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It’s a known fact that I have a really had time relaxing, and giving myself the much-needed ME time that I need. Yesterday, I did something about it … I spent a little time on something that was long overdue – Christmas crafting :) Thanks to many ideas on Pinterest, here’s what I came up with:

#HeidiPowell #ChristmasCrafts #DecorativeTrees

I basically took three different sized cones and decorated each differently and then threw some tinsel and extra ornaments around them and created this! MUCH easier than you might thinks, and super cute :)

Here’s how to make your own:

Tinsel Christmas Tree


  • Styrofoam cones in varying sizes
  • Tinsel
  • Hot glue gun

#HeidiPowell #ChristmasCrafts #DecorativeTrees

This tree is really as simple as covering the Styrofoam cone with hot glue and wrapping the tinsel around it. Ta-da!

#HeidiPowell #ChristmasCrafts #DecorativeTrees

Glitter Christmas Tree
This idea stemmed from my Glitter Pumpkin craft.


  • Poster board
  • Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Hot glue gun

#HeidiPowell #ChristmasCrafts #DecorativeTrees

1. Cut the poster board to the size you want the tree to be. Then roll it into a cone shape and hot glued it together to get the cone.
2. Paint the cone gold. Let the paint dry.
3. Cover the cone in Mod Podge and sprinkle the glitter all over.

So pretty, huh?! :)

#HeidiPowell #ChristmasCrafts #DecorativeTrees

Ornament Christmas Tree


  • Small Christmas ornaments
  • Styrofoam cone
  • Hot glue gun
  • Matching paint

#HeidiPowell #ChristmasCrafts #DecorativeTrees

1. Cover the cone in green paint. Let it dry.
2. Starting at the bottom, hot glue the ornaments to the tree. I did it in horizontal rows and worked my way up.#HeidiPowell #ChristmasCrafts #DecorativeTrees

And there you have it! This one might just be my favorite!

Happy Christmas Crafting! :)

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National Tongue Twister Day!!

POSTED ON November 7, 2013

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The Powell Pack is all for laughing and having fun so we were excited about National Tongue Twister Day. Enjoy Matix and Marley engaging in some tongue-twisting fun after school.

*There were more twisted tongues and laughs before the camera was turned on. They wanted to practice first. ;)

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Glitter Pumpkin Craft for Moms!

POSTED ON October 15, 2013

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Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell's Glitter Pumpkins See all of the steps to make these at http://heidipowell.net/4142

Sparkly Halloween Pumpkins? Yes, please! Don’t let this adorable craft scare the amateurs and first-timers away though. Heck, I am as much of an amateur crafter as it comes. If I can make three pumpkins look so good in glitter, you can too. What family doesn’t want to add a little sparkle to their Halloween décor?

Here how I did it.

-Garbage bag: I cut it open to protect the table and it makes for a quick and easy clean up
-Foam brushes
-Mod Podge Matte (there are other types of it, ie: glossy)
-Your favorite Pandora station, T.V. show or complete silence (whichever is more relaxing) [not picture] :)

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell's Glitter Pumpkins - What you need http://heidipowell.net/4142

Step 1: Cover table with garbage bag. Glitter travels quickly so this makes for easier cleanup and you won’t have to worry about Mod Podging your table.

Step 2: Clean the pumpkin so all dirt, dust, etc. is off the pumpkin.

Step 3: Apply Mod Podge in sections to pumpkin using a foam brush. Don’t skimp on the Mod Podge but don’t drown the pumpkin in it either. You want enough so the glitter will stick but you don’t want it dripping down your pumpkin.

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell's awesome glitter pumpkins. See more at http://heidipowell.net/?p=4142

Step 4: Pour glitter on top of the section you just Mod Podged (not sure that’s a word but right now it is. :) For the parts of the pumpkin closer to the bottom, I found it helped to pour some glitter on the table and roll the pumpkin it it. As for the very bottom of the pumpkin, you don’t really need to worry about it because no one is going to see it. :)

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell's awesome glitter pumpkins. See more at http://heidipowell.net/?p=4142Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell's awesome glitter pumpkins. See more at http://heidipowell.net/?p=4142

Step 5: After you have applied Mod Podge and glitter to the entire pumpkin, you may notice that there are spots that are missing some sparkle. One of the beauties of this project is that you can keep fixing it until you get it just right. (My kind of project for an amateur crafter like myself. All is not lost if it’s not done the perfectly the first time.) So, just apply more Mod Podge in the areas you see fit and pour more glitter on top.

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell's awesome glitter pumpkins. See more at http://heidipowell.net/?p=4142

Note: I did the orange pumpkin first as a tester to see how the process would work. Because I used orange glitter and the pumpkin is orange, the small spots the glitter didn’t stick to aren’t very noticeable. However, when it came time to do the black glitter I found that it was more difficult to cover the entire pumpkin because of the contrast of colors (orange underneath black). If I were to make another black glitter pumpkin, I might try painting the pumpkin black first and then applying the glitter. Then if there are a few spots that the glitter didn’t stick to, it isn’t noticeable.

Step 6: Let the pumpkin sit for a while and then shake the pumpkin to get any lose glitter off.

Step 7: Display your sparkling masterpiece for all to see.

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell's awesome glitter pumpkins. See more at http://heidipowell.net/4142

Step 8: Step back and admire your work. Then pat yourself on the back for being crafty, festive, and giving yourself some much deserved “me” time.


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Sunshine for the Sole

POSTED ON September 25, 2013

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The comments about my Reebok shoes poured in after sharing this photo. - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/3581

The comments about my shoes poured in after sharing this photo.

A woman can never have too many shoes! Especially some super cute and super bright ones  like these!

So many asked where I got these fun loving, yellow shoes (actually “solar green” is the color), I thought I should just let you all know where to get a pair yourselves! Just putting them on my feet makes me smile with all of that brightness looking back at me! What better way to get moving? :).

You can find this amazing Dance UR Lead Mid in Solar Green/Party Purple by Reebok here. This dance shoe will keep you Zumba lovers jamming for hours on end. Or…if you’re like me, you can wear ‘em just because they’re super adorbs too. :)

Not sure if they’re the right shoe for you? Check out my tips for buying the perfect pair of shoes. Fit does matter!

Happy shoe shopping!

Reebok's "Dance UR Lead Mid" in Solar Green - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/3581

Reebok’s “Dance UR Lead Mid” in Solar Green

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Fun Easter ACTIV-ities

POSTED ON March 29, 2013

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Tis the weekend for Easter gatherings and family fun! Here are some great activities that will keep the kids—even the adult-aged kids—active and happy:

1. Easter Egg Hunt: For a variation on the traditional hunt, have each child hunt for a particular color of egg, and the child who finds all the eggs of that color wins. Since the kids will be looking for a particular color, they’ll run around a lot more! Bonus: the little ones can practice learning their colors.

2. Easter Egg Roll: The 135th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll will be held this year, so if you haven’t already done so, why not add this tradition to your Easter celebration? The kids can roll their eggs towards the finish line using a spoon, their hands, their feet, or even their noses.

3. Bunny Hop: In addition to the Bunny Hop we all know and love, try a Duck Waddle, or a Chicken Strut (make sure your ducks and chickens wiggle their tail feathers!), or a Jelly Bean Jiggle, or let the kids come up with some ideas.

4. Duck, Duck, Goose: Incorporate this well-known game into your Easter celebration. The kids will run around a lot, and the name is already Easter-friendly.

5. Easter Bunny: Put an Easter twist on the much loved Red Rover game by changing the traditional call to “Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, send [child’s name] a running.”

6. Egg Relay Race: To add variety to the traditional egg relay race, have the kids transport multiple eggs (one at a time) during their turn, relay an armful of eggs back and forth between teammates, or go through, over, under, or around obstacles. If they drop any eggs, they have to start over.

7. Active Eggs: Write down different activities on slips of paper and put them in plastic eggs. Set a timer, have the kids choose eggs and complete the activities in the eggs. The child who completes the most activities before the timer rings wins. Here are some ideas: do 10 jumping jacks, do 5 burpees, hop on one foot 10 times, do 5 push-ups, do 5 sit-ups, do 5 crab walks, do 5 bear crawls, run around the yard once, etc.

Hopefully these ideas will add more fun to your Easter celebration and keep everyone moving and active. If you have any ideas for fun and active Easter activities, please let us know!

Easter Baskets Loaded with Fun, NOT Candy!

POSTED ON March 22, 2013

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Chris and Heidi Powell's Candy Free Easter Baskets - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/971

Candy-free Easter Baskets filled with lots of activities and fun!

Easter is right around the corner! You know what that means…tummy aches for the entire family from WAY TOO MUCH candy. While we sure do love that furry little creature that hops around late at night to hide those protein-packed, decorated ovals, he’s always gotta totally counteract the goodness of the egg by leaving sugar-loaded baskets for all of us to gobble up.

What do we do about this? I say we help the Easter Bunny out  (as well as our teeth and blood sugar levels) by shopping for some sugar-free, but totally fun, alternatives to fill the baskets!

Here are a few fun things Mr. Rabbit will be dropping in our kids’ baskets on Easter morning…

1. Several sizes of Knobby Bouncy Balls ! Purple and Green knobby ones that are easy to grip and a smaller red one perfect for a toddler! There are so many games you can play with a ball that get the kids moving and burning off that energy.

2. Books filled with challenging Mazes Mats and Mad Libs – Keep them thinking and encouraging those creative minds!

3. Mechanical Pencils in fun patterns and designs – Always sharp and perfect for completing your activity books. These are a must have!

4. Mini packs of Playdough – Who doesn’t love playdough? These smaller containers allow you to take it on the go and not have such a big mess to clean up! Mr Rabbit found a Fun Dough Stack Pack 5

5. Rubberband Glider – Fun for all ages! You can assemble these glider planes and spend some time outside in the fresh air flying them around.

6. Mega Bloks – Skylanders Giants – Get your kids off of the video games and playing with their hands with complimentary toys to their favorite games. Megablox (similar to Legos) has fun activity sets for one of Madix’s favorite games, Skylanders.

7. Mini LEGO Packs – For just a couple of dollars, you’ll find all kinds of fun Lego packs perfect for stuffing inside an egg or just tucking in the basket. Lots of varieties for both boys and girls!

8. Coloring Books – Ideal for spending time at home or taking along on the go. Just add crayons, Sparkly Markers or Colored Pencils. For Cash, we also found Washable Triangular Crayons perfect for young toddlers just learning to write.

9. Crayola Color Wonder Disney Cars Coloring Book and Markers – If you panic at the thought of turning your child loose with markers, you’ll love Color Wonder products! They only work when you draw on the special paper, avoiding the extra markings on your countertops and tables. And, you can’t go wrong with anything from Disney’s Cars Movie for little boys!

10. Mickey Mouse ClubHouse Board Books – Help your little ones learn their numbers, colors, shapes and more with fun sized board books. This 12 pack has them perfectly sized  for tucking in a diaper bag too!

11. Red Foam Ball – Smaller and bright. Ideal for an almost 2 year old to play along with the family!

12. Easter eggs filled with Goldfish crackers – We found some larger eggs and put a treat of Goldfish crackers in there. Look for more healthy alternatives of your sugary or fatty snack favorites. We picked BAKED Goldfish crackers.

13. Bubbles – You can never have too many of these! They’ll ensure hours of fun!

14. Barrel of Monkeys – Look for compact games that can do double duty! We love that you can play this game with 1 person or with several.

15. Magnetic Alphabet – Great for helping little ones learn their letters and new readers learn to spell. They’re also great for leaving a surprise message for someone special on the kitchen fridge! :-)

16. Sidewalk Chalks – Another easy and inexpensive way to get the kids outdoors and playing. Not only can you color pictures, but you can draw a hopscotch, 4 square and more to play games with the neighborhood.

17. Quick draw/erase board – We love this small portable size. It’s great for traveling in the car and you never run out of paper!

18. Discovery Journal – Loved this darling journal (From Michaels Craft Store) that comes complete with a compass (great for learning how to tell directions on our family hikes) along with a tracker for animals and other wildlife you see on a walk. You could even make your own trackers for things in your neighborhood.

19. Critter Case, Butterfly Net and Magnifying Glass – 3 must haves for exploring nature!

20. Angry Birds Uno Card Game – Fun twist on an old favorite. Card games are great too for taking along on a car ride without taking up a lot of space.

21. Glow Sticks – Loved these fun glow sticks that included a little Easter topper. They’re perfect for turning an evening hike into a fun adventure as the kids carry their glow sticks. Mr Rabbit also discovered the fun packs of Glowsticks Bracelets that also are perfect for playing night games in the backyard.

22. Dressing up with your favorite Disney Princess or character – Gloves, a Purse, some jewelry and such will keep Marley entertained for hours and feeling like a princess!

23. Nail Stickers – Fun little accessories for girls! Stick-on fingernails that give instant color and patterns without worrying about nail polish spills.

24. American Girl Self Inking Stamps, Sticker Pad and Glitter Pens – So many great things for little girls to learn from the American Girls characters. These will be a definite hit.

25. American Girl Craft Kits – The Kit Kittredge Fabric Flower Style Set one lets you create headbands and hair accessories while learning a few basics of sewing and assembling. Craft kits come in so many varieties and are a fantastic way to get kids off the computer and using their hands and minds and then they have a finished project to be so proud of when they are done.

26. Veggie Tales “Jonah” Video – We love Veggie Tales and the lessons on character and values they teach. For $5 you can’t beat this!

27. Little Einsteins Videos – Help your toddler learn as they watch one of our favorite series, Little Einstein.

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