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Is it just me, or did Black Friday start about 3 weeks earlier than usual this year?? Christmas shopping typically isn’t even CONSIDERED in my house until after the pumpkin pie has been eaten. The recipe books haven’t even been pulled?out yet, and I swear I’m being swarmed by sales! I’m not complaining though -?very rarely am I ahead of schedule in life…so gratefully, I will accept these incredible sales. Then generously, I will share them all with you! #TisTheSeason

This holiday shopping season, I’ll be finding comfort in my home with my sweats and iced coffee in hand with the best deals I can find online. From the fashionista in your life to small gifts?with inspirational meaning, here’s a list of my favorite smokin’ deals to save you time and money so you can spend time on the most important parts of the holiday season: the desserts. Oh wait, I mean…the family. 😉

For the Fashionista:

Staying?stylish while juggling kids, work, health, and everyday life means focusing on staple pieces like a comfortable flannel you can wear or wrap around your waist, a light jacket (perfect for AZ girls like me), and a slouch knit beanie. Each of these items can be paired in multiple ways with multiple outfits, so the combinations are endless. I’ve also handpicked some of my favorite items at Cents Of Style. Afterall, there’s nothing like gifting comfortable style AND functionality to the fashion lover in your life?these are just a few of my favorite pieces.


Stocking Stuffers That Have Meaning:

Some of my favorite gifts are small, but very?powerful in meaning, which is why I’m?absolutely obsessed?with?Cents of Style‘s line of Tribe Inspiration Bangles. These are daily reminders of the importance of self-love and positive thinking. There are so many different inspiring messages that make these gifts so thoughtful for all the different people in your life and great for any age too! Just read through the words and see what family member or friend comes to mind, then write?a little note of encouragement to?give them the gift. It will bring so much extra meaning to them, and YOU will feel more excited to give it! I’m also loving the state necklaces for an additional special touch.

For the Little Ones:

While Ruby’s Halloween costume from last year (that she wears no less than 5 times a week) is not on my must-have for the little ones this season, I’m loving these adorable finds from Freshly Picked, Cents of Style and the apron below from Anthropologie. Ruby LOVES to help in the kitchen, so having her own apron makes her feel like she is running the show. Which isn’t far from?our?reality every day.

For the Fitness Lover:

I don’t know about you, but?sometimes it feels like?getting ready for the gym is like gearing up for New York Fashion Week. <input tantrum emoji> I’m the girl who would rather roll in with no makeup, pajama pants, and my Beats because this is my UNIFORM in life. However, all you cute gym bunnies out there have now made me re-think my slouchy style as I make my gym entrance. On the flip side to that, I DO believe that if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you work good/hard.?Believe it or not, your gear?CAN actually make a difference in your performance, both in fashion AND conformability. If you’re looking for even more inspiration (beyond looking great at the gym), our book is available on pre-order in paperback until 12/20. <Shameless plug> ?But I gotta say this DOES make one heckuva gift. Any who… These are some of my favorites fitness finds.


Enjoy your easy, comfy, no-long-lines holiday shopping!



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34 Responses

  1. Heidi I love it all!! Favs are the flannel shirts….the bracelets… Of course all are gorgeous on you girlfriend!! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Ah thank you, Kathy! Not gonna lie…it’s a little warm in AZ for flannels most days, but they’re so dang cute that I make them work!!! Seriously obsessed and hope they never go out of style!

  2. First off THANK YOU for sharing your list. I’d have to say my favorite things would be the jacket because I adore the color and the texture, not a jacket person, but that’s a style even I could pull off, I’ll have to order that for myself for Christmas. Second I LIVE for the bangles, I’m just recently able to try and explore my own style (4 kids and stay at home mom for 15 years) so I’m enjoying trying new things and I think that could compliment some new outfits I’ve Just acquired , very cute!

    1. Ha!! So funny, because I totally bought a few of my own Christmas gifts too if you couldn’t tell ;). I’m so happy you love…and excited for you new style exploration! Keep me updated! Xoxo

  3. This year, I’m definitely looking forward to the gifts with lots of meaning and love. Yes, I love the must-haves, but it’s also nice receiving ones that come from the heart ? I love those bracelets you mentioned, they’re so inspiring and it just gives you that daily reminder of motivation! So so enjoy your blog and your family. You’re so inspiring to not only me, but I’m sure every other women! ? Happy Holidays!

    1. This means to much, Isabella. Thank you. I couldn’t agree more…the gifts with meaning are everything to me. Hope you have the Happiest Holiday! Talk soon! Xoxo

  4. Omg Heidi! I absolutely love your style! I would love to purchase one of everything on your gift guide for myself ? but I am a mom, and feel guilty for spending on myself. (I did get the believe thermal hoodie though…. can’t wait to get it) I just wanted to let u know I look forward to your IG posts everyday and you are such an inspiration with beauty that shines inside and out! Thanks for making my day brighter every day! Much love! ?? Anna Starr

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