We understand how difficult it is to watch friends or family members struggle with their obesity or health challenges. Remember that ultimately the transformation has to come from within. You cannot do this for them—they truly have to want it for themselves.

One thing you might try, and this is the first step we take with every single client we work with, is to have them make and keep a small daily promise to themselves. This promise doesn’t even have to be weight loss-related—the important thing is to build their confidence and personal integrity.

When they are ready to start their own transformations, have them check out Heidi and Chris’ app—The TRANSFORM App and their carb cycling program in their book, Extreme Transformation This book contains Chris and Heidi’s complete mind, body, and food program, and these are the same tools they use on the show and with every client they work with. They work! Learn about the program basics here.

We are so excited you have chosen to help your friends or family members embark upon this transformation journey! All of you will be challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally along the way, and while it won’t be easy, in the end they will have the skills, the knowledge, and most importantly, the integrity and dignity to accomplish anything!