Back-To-School: Routines to Transform Your Day

How does January-May go by so slow, and then summer vacation is gone in the blink of an eye?!

I can’t believe that I have not one, but TWO of my BABIES in high school, one going into 6th grade, and Miss Ruby is entering 3rd grade in some serious style. Can someone please explain to me why they’re growing up so fast?! I never gave them permission to do so… Kidding!

While I’m sad that the years are seemingly flying by, I’m also one proud mama. These kids of mine never cease to amaze me or make me proud, and I can’t wait to see what this next school year has in store for each of them. I just may need some extra tissues to dry my eyes while I stand on the sidelines cheering them on.

Top Tips to Get Back into a Back-To-School Routine

But whether you’re dreading the start of school or anxiously counting down the days until your littles are out of the house, away from electronics, and there’s a break in sibling bickering, there’s one foolproof tip that I have for every family: Set a back-to-school routine.

Here are some of the ways this pack of mine and I are embracing the start of a new school year and welcoming the predictability of a new school routine.

Start by setting a daily routine

Truth be told, I wouldn’t be able to function if I didn’t follow some sort of daily routine…and one that involves my daily hug, aka Starbucks, is a must! But all too often, pieces of that routine are often forgotten in lost and found once summer break hits. It’s easy to shift into a little more lax mindset. Bedtimes (for mom AND kids) often get extended as do alarm clocks and snooze buttons once morning rolls around. Workouts get skipped and traded in for quality time and memory-making activities, and eating habits can become unrecognizable.

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To start the new school year off on a positive note, make routine a priority again. Get into the habit of going to bed at a decent time each and every night (shoot for 7-8 hours of consistent sleep) as well as getting up at your “normal” time in the morning.

But don’t just focus on the sleep portion of routine, focus on all of it. Set out your clothes the night before, schedule your workouts, prep your meals, and make your bed in the mornings. Doing these things consistently, while they may seem insignificant, can be super helpful for getting you back into a routine that will serve you, motivate you, and energize you as the school year hits and you get back to the daily grind.

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Make sure to organize your space

Make sure your family has adequate space that’s dedicated to getting the important stuff done. Maybe it’s a home office you’ve avoided this summer while you’ve been working on the go, or the kids’ desks have became a hot-spot for laundry that needs to be put away. Yes, this includes workout spaces too!

Having a designated room or space in your home that’s dedicated to work, homework, or exercise can help motivate you to want to spend time there. Whatever it is, organize your spaces so that they’re functional and ready to serve the purposes they were designed for.

Put a limit on screen time

While I’ve always been a big believer in setting boundaries when it comes to screen time, I’m also the first to admit that it’s easy to get into the habit of relying on electronics for entertainment. Especially when all the kids are home at the same time. Get into the habit of limiting screen time as you prepare to enter into a new school year. This can mean designated screen time hours, a set time frame for using electronics each day, or figuring out a points system for earning screen time. This can help your kids get into the habit of prioritizing something other than learning a new TikTok dance (which we’re all guilty of doing around here) and also free up time for soaking up the last few days of summer before homework becomes the norm again.

Always prep your meals

Meal prep isn’t just for school lunches, and yet somehow, the school lunches are frequently prepped, but the rest of the meals get left for the last minute. Sound right? You’re not alone.  Meal prep is a recipe for success #seewhatIdidthere. To get back into the flow ask yourself do your kids like school lunch, or do they prefer packing their own? In our house, it’s a mix. Knowing and understanding the menu offered at your kiddos’ school will help you prepare for when they’re back in action.

To start off getting back into that meal prep routine,plan the monthly menu ahead of time, and know which days you’re going to be cooking any given meal or packing a lunch. This will help you focus on ensuring your kids are getting nutritious meals, and you’ll also be encouraging independence when you involve them in the meal planning process.

Need a little extra help on the meal prep side?

Prepping meals also helps everyone in the house get used to eating on a schedule and not just getting into the habit of grabbing random snacks throughout the day because we have ALL done that this summer, right?!

Back-to-school can be a stressful time of year, but only if you let it be. Embrace the excitement that comes with a new school year, and build your kids up while you’re secretly blotting away loose tears while remembering how little they once were, and help them feel empowered about the start of something great. You got this, mama!


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  1. Very inspiring (and energizing!). Thank you very much for sharing these tips and especially for the positive spirit of the blog.
    We should remember, as parents, that a new schoolyear is also a new year for us. One where we can start afresh and improve different aspects of our lives. Good luck to us all!

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