Back to School = Back to You: Busy Mom Power Promises for Transformation Success + a Giveaway

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Lunches are prepped, bags are packed, and as the final buses pick up the kiddos, the real MVPs of summer break?us busy moms (and dads)?can celebrate. Take a deep breath and take in that little bit of peace and quiet…until the 3 o’clock bell.?During those busy summer months, it?s easy to get off track and into vacation mode. Now is the perfect time to hit that big red reset button.

How do you hit reset? By making promises, and I know, making promising isn’t uncommon. But it can be the thing that?s hindering you from taking action and making progress. How often have you said, ?Diet starts Monday,? and by the time Tuesday rolls around, you haven?t moved towards your transformation goals? The promises you make to yourself should be the ones you keep, and yet we tend to move ourselves to the bottom of the to-do list.

Back to School = Back to You | Top 5 Power Promises?

I know what you’re thinking: ?Heidi, this sounds easy, and yet I keep putting myself at the bottom of the list.? Here’s the trick: Stop making large promises. Instead of ?I will do thirty minutes of cardio every morning,? opt for a promise so small that it?s doable no matter how busy life gets. Each promise is a building block, and soon enough, you’ll have built a pathway to accomplish so many unthinkable things.

Bonus: To help you get back into the groove, I’m celebrating the real MVP of summer break?the moms (or dads)?by doing a giveaway valued at $1,725.97 that is sure to get you back in shape and back to YOU. Scroll for details.?

Power Promise 1: Get Outside with Your Kids

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Back to school means adjusting to new routines and schedules. It can be hectic! To keep you sane, schedule some outside time. It’s an absolute must for our kiddos who are shifting from playing outside time to classroom time…heck, maybe you’re also inside during the week too, busy mamas!

Plus, kids are spending an average of almost 3 hours every day on video games, phones, and watching TV. It’s up to us to show them there is more than what they see on their devices, so scale back those screen times and get in some outside time. To make this promise, don’t set a time limit of thirty minutes, set yourself up for something smaller. Even with our best intentions, thirty minutes can be hard. If you pick your kids up from school, take a quick lap around the block before you drive home, or if you’re driving your kids to basketball practice, get there a couple of minutes early and stretch or shoot a couple of hoops each day with them. Every small step is a successful power promise as long as you keep it.

A deep breath outside and some laughter with the family is all it takes to turn any crazy routine into an afternoon worth savoring. This easy power promise is something that makes me feel like a better mom and wife and even a better business owner.

Power Promise 2: Drink More Water

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Clearly, the Powell Pack is serious about water, and Matix has truly taken it to heart. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But really, there’s no way I’d make a list of power promises without mentioning water. But you guys knew that already, right? If you are an app user, you’re used to our daily water checks. Use it as a reminder to stay hydrated.

Here are just a few reasons why water is oh, so important:

  • Regulates your body?s temperature.
  • Keeps your joints nice and lubricated.
  • Transports nutrients and oxygen throughout your body.
  • Helps keep your skin looking good. (Yes, please!).

To keep this promise, start slow. Don’t go from barely drinking water to drinking a gallon. Little by little, increase your consumption, and maybe it’s just by a single cup. Be mindful and commit to the small victories. Water is also a major player in transformation success. You guys, Chris and I hear you! Sometimes you just don’t like the taste or you’re tired of drinking it. Add a wedge of lemon, some cinnamon, or go for a Chris + Heidi Boost Shot to jazz up your water game. Trust me on this one: You’ll feel like a million bucks with this power promise.

Power Promise 3: Keep a Transformation Journal

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The secret to transformation success sometimes doesn?t involve weights or meal plans, it?s about working from the inside out. To keep this promise, write one line each day (or more if you?re feeling inspired).?

Write about anything from inspiration to small victories you?ve had. Working out, drinking water, or enjoying time with your kids can be a small victory or a highlight.

Having a record of your highs and wins is a great way to remind yourself to keep going when your transformation journey starts to hit more hurdles.

Power Promise 4: Recite Positive Affirmations

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Another great promise to make: Focus on having an #attitudeofgratitude, especially when it comes to self-talk. It’s even one of our life lessons in The TRANSFORM App. If this sounds similar to the promise above, that’s because these positive affirmations are something you can write in your transformation journal?in addition to your small victories. Loving our perfectly imperfectly self is crucial to a happy and healthy life. We do so well loving others for all of their imperfections and yet, all too often, we fall victim to forgetting this kind of love when it comes to ourselves.

Self-talk is something that defines how we see ourselves. How often does that self-talk turn negative? We are who we say we are. Every day, turn your self-doubt and negative self-talk into the opposite. Repeat: I am…beautiful, lovable, healthy, kind, and compassionate.

This can be difficult at times, trust me…I get it. It’s important to your well-being, health, and happiness. Make it a daily promise to remind yourself how wonderful you truly are.

Power Promise 5: Work Out 5 Minutes a Day

Outfit features: (Heidi) Reebok Flashfilm Sneakers, (Ruby) Reebok Classics

Why is it that a busy mom’s time flies? If you follow me on Instagram, you know I don’t let that stop me, and I try to squeeze a workout in even if it means that it’s happening at midnight. Let me tell you, even squeezing in 5 minutes is enough to work up a sweat. Try the workout below for starters:

3 Move AMRAP, 5 minutes:

  • 10 Banded air squats
  • 10 Dive bombers
  • 10 Bench crunches

Bonus Booty Afterburner: 100 Banded glute kickbacks (each side).

Reebok x Kohl’s 5 Day Giveaway

Ok, on to the good stuff! Now that we’ve got all our power promises squared away, let’s keep up the celebration. Let’s celebrate YOU with a 5 day giveaway! I’m giving away over $1,700 in gifts (one gift to each winner, for 5 total winners). Over the next 5 days, I’ll post an update to this blog with a new giveaway bundle. 5 days, 5 giveaways, 5 chances to win!

Enter to win by doing both of the following:

  • Like my most recent Instagram or Facebook post and tag a friend!
  • Comment on this blog with how you’ll be using and keeping these power promises.

Note: To be a daily winner, you must enter before the next bundle goes up. Winners will be announced each day on my Instagram story and below.?

Giveaway 1 | Get outside with Your Kids:

Reebok black tank ($23), Reebok Blush Sneakers ($80), Chris + Heidi Chocolate and Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake ($120), and a Kohl’s Gift card ($25) Total Value: $248 Winner: Tori Caresia (@tcaresia)

Giveaway 2 | Drink More Water:

Reebok blue/green set (leggings ($45), Reebok tank ($25), Reebok sports bra ($25)), Reebok Black Champagne Sneakers ($80), Mantra blender bottle ($20), 2 Boost Shots of your choice ($80), and a $50 Kohl?s Gift card Total value: $325 Winner: Kayla Peters (@kmpeters08)

Giveaway 3 | Keep a Transformation Journal:

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me-Classics ($50)), cute journal pack and pen ($30), and a $75 Kohl?s Gift card Total value:
Winner: Taylor Morfey

Giveaway 4 | Work Out 5 for Minutes a Day:

3 months on The TRANSFORM App ($38.99), a resistance band ($20), pink Reebok Flashfilms ($80), and a $200 Kohl?s Gift card Total:$338.99 Winner: Stephanie VanCott

Day 5 | Positive Affirmations:

Reebok Windbreaker ($62), Reebok Classic Sneakers ($64.99), Reebok Sports Bra ($60), 1 month of coaching ($333), and a $25 Kohl?s Gift card Total: $544.99 Winner: Chynna Johns



**Thank you, Reebok & Kohls for sponsoring this post! The opinions shared and discussed in this post are my own.**

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1,908 Responses

  1. I love how much I enjoy waking up early to a quiet house and getting my workout in so I have more energy for the people around me the rest of the day!

  2. I can do this! I will do this for me! I will be healthy both inside and out!! Because I am worthy and blessed!

    1. I will have a healthy body from the inside out. I’ll be consistent in giving it what it needs to do my best every day

  3. My life and my self worth have improved over the years because I now know what healthy living means to obtain goals is to grow conquer and be your best you and not just for yourself but the ones who love you the most I strive for myself, my family and my career to sustain strength and confidence to be the best me My next goal is to run a half marathon in a couple weeks and finish and I will and after that I would like to take the stage …. if heidi can so can I!!!!??

  4. .?? I am strong, just a little lost. I am a mom who loves nothing more than being a mom. I definitely do not have my ducks in a row but they are at least in the same pond. ? Struggling everyday but still trying.

    1. Love these tips! Thanks so much, Heidi!

      My mantra: I will be kind to myself (said every morning after my first sip of coffee, which is my trigger to remind me)

  5. I can and I will win Heidi?

    Since my kids are on their own and I don?t work outside my home I often get in a rut of just wanting to stay home in my comfort place. Like way to often.
    So I promise to myself to get OUT of my house at least one time per week. This would be for me to visit friends, have lunch with my mom, movies, walk my dogs at the beach. NOT going to Costco or the grocery. That is not ?for? me. That is just cause it needs to happen. Know what I mean?

  6. I have nice legs. I never used to think I did. It took me finally wearing shorts to my fitness class one day and my trainer telling me how nice and toned they are. She said I should wear shorts all the time. I finally notice how all my hard work is paying off when I look at my legs. I?m down 55 pounds and have 15 more to go!

  7. Mom of 3. 2 angel babies and a feisty strong willed 2 year old who keeps me busy and so thankful for family. That?s why I enjoy looking at your stories and posts. You family is everything to you and Iovs that! Thank your kiddos for us! They are making a difference just being them.

  8. I am calm, I can breathe, I am safe is the mantra I say when I feel stressed and overwhelmed. I tell myself I am capable and beautiful too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I am more powerful than my eating disorder. I have control over myself, and what my choices are daily.

  9. I am determined to be the best version of myself! Mom of two toddler boys and I am finally getting in a routine to take better care of me to be the best mom to them and wife to my husband. I would love to try the Transform coaching!

  10. This is great! My kids have a weird school schedule this year, and creating a promise and routine to spend time with them outside as a family after school and the gym will help them connect with us and burn some of that energy! Fantastic advice thanks, Heidi!

  11. positive affirmation-I?m trying hard to see myself the way my daughter does. I think every morning about how I want her to grow up and tell myself those those: you?re strong, you?re blessed, you?re beautiful, you can do anything!

  12. I will remain positive in everything i do. I am a very strong person, i persevere and push through any obstacle. I am currently finishing nurse practitioner school while working nights as a pediatric RN and have three kids 3 and under. My husband is also in school to now become a nurse. I always say its important to lead by example… i have fallen short on my health and have put myself last. I am now taking care of myself as well. These are all great small goals that are obtainable. I got this ?

  13. I am stronger than most people give me credit for! I am determined to achieve any obstacle that I face. I am the best person I can be no matter what others say

  14. Well I have been keeping my power promise everyday to eat breakfast everyday and I hate breakfast. I do believe your shakes are the best I?ve ever had which is why I?ve been able to keep this promise I drink a shake every morning except on weekends then I actually cook lol. But this has allowed me to be better at home with my kids and start working out more and eating right

  15. I am an awesome baker and I know I have the knowledge & determination to open up my own bakery one day ?!!!

  16. Being trained by Heidi would be amaze balls. One nice thing about me ? I finally after 39 years folded a fitted sheet correctly today. And I?m seeing my arm muscles popping through finally.

    1. I am tempted to put Heidi’s words on the mirror in my bathroom, “Repeat: I am?beautiful, lovable, healthy, kind, and compassionate.” Deep down I know that I am all of those things! But negative self talk can come quite easily to me. I have been through so much in the last 5 years, the man i was dating before i met my husband was killed while jet-skiing at saguaro lake in Arizona. Just before he passed i was so happy, positive and excited about life. It was a hard recovery for me and i let so many of my dreams and goals go. But i am happy to say that I am learning to love my self again , all of my curves and edged. I just got married last December to the love of my life. I have an amazing husband who showers me with complements each day and keeps me accountable on our couples workouts. I would love to be trained by Heidi and her amazing family and maybe someday compete!

      I am promising and committing now to:
      1. Spend time with my husband each night on a nightly walk/ run outside.
      2. Drink a glass of water as soon as i get up in the morning to start my day off right.
      3. Start a journal not only for my physical progress, but to help my track and acknowledge the mental side of health.
      4. Say 5 things i love about my self each day, and when i get a negative thought to combat it with a positive one!
      5.Aside from my run with the hubby, i am setting a goal to workout 20 min a day and hike once a week.

      Thank you for the opportunity to self reflect! Love you guys!
      -Julia Rothenberger

  17. I like to sneak in some cardio helping my 9 year old practice flag football… oh and walking lunges while vacuuming two for one deal ?

  18. I have and will continue to keep my promises to myself and maintain my integrity above all else. I can fall without failing and will reach my goals!

  19. It is so hard to think of nice things to say about myself.
    I have my kids say affirmations to themselves daily in front of a mirror. But is hard to implement what I am trying to teach them. I love seeing their confidence building up. But here we go.
    I am kind. I can do hard things. I am a fighter, I am worthy of love. I will be kinder to myself, I will love myself

  20. ?My body IS BEAUTIFUL? this is something that I never believed about myself. I always struggled with body image problems. It was so bad that I was very insecure of letting my husband see my body. Three years ago I gave into these insecurities and I gained 60lbs. Two months ago I decided I don?t want to let that rule my life any more so I got a gym membership and started eating right. My problem is I?m just not sure how to lose those 60lbs of insecurity that I gained. I know that if given the right direction I could do it! I would love the opportunity to win the personal training.

  21. I am powerful and fearless, I am wise and humble , and I am truly a beautiful soul, I am a great mom to 5 kids and step mom to 3 kids

    1. Drinking water with lemon, strawberries, and blueberries makes it much easier to consume lots of water!

  22. Something I?ve come to know about my self in the last few weeks: I?m worth it, capable and strong, and I?m really proud of it

  23. Something I?ve come to learn about myself in the last few weeks: I?m worth it and I?m capable and strong, and I?m really proud of it

  24. Love applying these to my own habits to enhance or call out importance of caring for myself as well as my family. When I feel good/healthy, I am happy and have positivity to share. ??

  25. Trying my best to be an amazing mom, wife, friend, and by changing the lives one kid at a time through our educational company we own. Our kids are our future!

  26. I will be keeping positive affirmations because I think these are so important. Exercise daily is so easy for me because it?s my self care and daily habit. I lift weights 4-6 times per week. If I?m not lifting I take at least a walk during my lunch break. I think the positive affirmations are important to me because as hard as I workout, I can still be so critical of my body. Each day I will say something like, ?I love how my body just supported me through that hard workout.?

  27. I am strong and can do anything I put my mind to do! I have either 2 babies and that makes my body a power house! It can do amazing things! It can also go back to where it came from. I am strong mentally, emotionally and physically!

    1. Sometimes you need to remember where you started. I?m 50Lb down with 28 lb left. Remember to be proud of the journey so far and strong enough to continue. I love the new me and I will love my goal self even more ??????

    1. I believe I am here to help others and give them the knowledge to make them a better version of themselves!

  28. I am a good mom, who makes choices based on the good of our 4 children. I need to love myself more because I love them more than I can even explain ?

    1. I promise to Love and take care of myself, because if I don’t do it noone else’s will. It’s my one and Only responsability.

  29. I am a warrior and resilient. I?ve been through so much and I continue to stand and fight for my best life!

    1. I got this! I will have to remind myself I am worthy and beautiful. If I?m tired I will move myself to push hard and drive. Then I will start to keep a journal to remind me of my process, so I will achieve the goal I have set for myself; to feel loved, worthy, and happy! I got this, will be my drive!!! ???????

    1. At 57 I finally found my physical power and fortitude. I have worked so hard that in 3 months I have crushed my high A1C (cut the number in half) . I will continue this growth for the rest of my life but I will also celebrate the daily victories. God took my diagnosis and turned it into a life transforming gift.

  30. Progress not perfection! I?m doing little things everyday that will add up to big things over time!

  31. It doesn?t matter What I say I fall I get up and just keep going no matter what comes my way I keep getting up every day move forward do my best and prey for guidance some days are hard but I push through ???????

  32. You?ve Got This, because you are a Badass! I keep pushing through every morning at 5am during the week to get my workout in.

  33. I have overcome my perfectionist tendencies and come to really appreciate my talents, shortcomings and all. I?m able to learn from challenges and better able to see the positives.

    1. U R so inspiring. I will n I am determined. Thx for being my inspiration n i will come out strong, because I believe in myself. One step at a time,, One phase at a time, Looking forward to this nw change in my life… Change is good.

  34. Gosh I love these ?promises?!! Not just as an attainable way to better my life, but also the lives of my kids! Positive self talk and the daily ?attitude of gratitude? journaling is so key to jumping the boundary of making progress, not just physically but mentally as well! Being active at least 5 minutes a day is not only doable, but so important to me to just get my body moving. Being active in any way (even if it?s just walking) is so much better for my mental state. Drinking more water has been a struggle for me, as I?ve upped my goal to 1 gallon/day. But progress not perfection! I?ve been at least getting over 100 oz per day since I made that my goal… and even if I don?t hit it everyday, it?s a heck of a lot better than how little water I used to drink! And lasty- I love the commitment to get outside with my babies! Again, so much better for me and THEM! All of these promises will benefit myself and my family. So excited to put them all into practice.

  35. Who doesn?t want something for free ???? ? lol ??? I have paid for transformation app for 2 years and I am still where I started. The most weight I have lost was 16lbs and back up again ? I don?t do Facebook ?????????? but I have Instagram. I am not a typical candidate as I only have about 30lbs to lose BUT the rate I keep going is YIKES I gotta stop…. seems like I have motivation and try then fail ? try again ? REPEAT. I just turned 32 and my self talk (motivation/why) is to have my own accomplishment from something. I am married and raising 2 step sons (none of my own) people don?t understand that I have two sons (they are here 90%of the year with me 100% raising/part of their lives. Plus my husband works half the month so I am a single step mommy all by myself for half the month). I wouldn?t trade it for nothing. My struggles, their mom, she tries to be a part of their lives when it?s convenient. We call her super mom. Since I can?t have kids (yet raising 2 amazing sons that the world doesn?t view as mine- sometimes even them when ?super mom? decides to actually show up) I want to accomplish something of my own that the world can?t take away or even ?super mom? who tries and I?ll give her that, being healthy and fit so I can be proud of that.

  36. I?m killing it at my new job and they said it would be the hardest of my entire career. And I?m loving the hard! I got this!!!

  37. I built my business from the ground up and I?m happy to say it is very successful. I truly love what I do. It is truly a blessing to love what you do for a living .

  38. I love dancing!!! Any dance fitness class where for an hour I am not mom, wife, or employee… I am me!!! Let it go and sweat it out … I also have been enjoying the weight room. The transform app has made me feel like a weight room boss!

  39. I now love me! I am amazed that my body can do things I never would have thought possible before Transform!

  40. If you can see yourself through my eyes, you would know how incredible you are! ??

    You?re so beautiful when you?re being true to who you are.

    1. If you can see yourself through my eyes, you would know how incredible you are! ??

      You?re so beautiful when you?re being true to who you are.

  41. I love myself unconditionally. I love my face. I love my body. I love my scars! I am exactly who God created me to be.

    1. I love to encourage others to be the best they can be. I’m going to try to remember to encourage myself to be the best me I can be too. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

  42. I?m so glad I found you on instagram. I?m about 3 months into my own transformation. As a busy working mom finding time can be hard, but every movement adds up. i pick the farthest parking spot on purpose, and do squats while waiting for my coffee to brew.

  43. I?m in the process of learning how to take care of me. So one step at a time. I think all of these small changes with a focus on my needs first will make a difference.

    I am a brilliant, giving woman who deserves to give to me as much as I give to everyone else!

    1. I am strong and compassionate. If I get knocked down I get up brush myself off and get back to life.

    1. A step today gives birth to millions of steps tomorrow. Am starting by adding one cup of water with this I will get to the gallon. Instead of standing one place why cooking I will be moving around so more step will be recorded. We are each other’s miracle a smile why saying hello to another can lift a burden. Make sure you smile today.

    2. I like my motherhood superpowers, sometimes i can be super effective and feel so proud of myself by finishing the cleaning, ecological meals for the kids and workouts, sometimes we go to mcdonalds if it has been a tuff day and lack of time. But i dont punish myself, life is a balance and it is relief to understand it ?

  44. I love the blogs with great tips and learning so much! I am feeling more inspired each day to push forward , on this lifelong health journey!! Thanks so much! I have 5 children and the newest is now 8 months, so I?m getting back into the gym a little at a time and ready to see progress!!! It?s been a long time coming!

  45. It?s ok to put yourself first sometimes! And it?s amazing to have supportive friends like Mary Balthaser!!

  46. I am strong, I am worthy and I am loved. These are three affirmations I tell myself on my worst days and on my best days. It keeps me grounded to what truly matters in life and where I belong! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Life has taught me so much, through adversity, I have discovered that nothing can bring me down except myself, and I am too positive for this!

    I have and can and will achieve anything and everything I put my mind to.

    I am honest, and perhaps I need to prove to myself that I really am worthy of taking care of my own self, of the temple that is my body; it gave me my kids, but I have neglected it.

    I commit to those affirmations Heidi! I will try these steps, I will find Andr? make the time, and I sure hope to be the lucky winner that has the immense priviledge to be inspired by you in a one on one. I need the push, I?ll do the transformation. It needs to happen!

    1. Life is a transformation and it?s full of ups and downs, keeping a positive mind set can help me overcome challenges that often side rail my physical, mental and emotional well-being. This is my goal!

  48. For the entry:

    I am compassionate, loving and resilient. Christy, you are a wonderful mom and loving, supportive sister. ??

    1. I am brave and I have courage to take any obstacles that is before me. I will bring positivity in all that I do. I can contribute positivity, kindness and care into the community I live in. Ecery ounce counts. Every effort is a stride.

  49. I refuse to give up. Even though I?ve failed (or haven?t started) over and over again. I?m determined that I will find the motivation and I will nail down my ?why?.

  50. I am worth working on! I am a wife, mom, and nurse. I work very hard taking care of everyone else and I need to take time to take care of me!

  51. I started the transform app in Jan to June and lost 22lbs. I was on fire, then summer came and we were traveling so much I fell off the wagon. If there is one thing I am not and that is a quitter. I started back up again this week and I’m loving the pain and the good feels from working out again. I would LOVE to work with you guys one one one, what an incredible opportunity.

    1. I realized lately I AM FIERCE … my strength thru cancer, opening my own business, taking care of 3 kids and choosing my husband to love each day… I own my story and it shows I AM FIERCE! Tagging RISE SISTERS

  52. I am worthy of love. I have almost given up as I have fallen down so many times I question myself every time I start again. I seem to focus on one thing and when I start another I fall again. Why? But reading this blog made me cry. I love getting outside with my kids. I focus on them instead of myself. I want to make them happy which makes me happy. But it doesn?t make me healthy in the way I want to be. They are my life so i know I need to do this and stick with it as I know it works. Thank you for always being there for all of us. You are amazing.

  53. I am kind, caring, strong + determined! ? I am a capable mother who puts forth great effort toward raising her kids right.

  54. Positive affirmation – No matter my emotional state, I am strong and will put on a smile as I steer me thru the storms!

    1. I know that I can do it if I set my mind to it. I am strong and dedicated! I will be the person that is so eager to come out and show the world what courage looks like.

  55. I have two daughters age 2 and 4, and every night before I tuck them in, they repeat with me ?I am smart, I am strong, I am brave, I am kind, I can do anything, and I love myself.? I want them to grow up knowing their immeasurable worth in this world, and to know how loved and supported they are. Positive affirmations are so powerful ?

  56. From one Heidi/Chris to another ?
    I?m a giver and I need to remember to take the time to give to myself.

  57. Positive affirmation: I am beautiful and strong! I am a warrior, when I fall I always get back up and try again!

    1. If there is one thing ive learned through the years of trying to lose weight and be fit, is that my failures do not bring me down but push me to learn more and to try harder, im halfway there and i will not stop till i succeed ????

  58. I am Thankful!
    Everyday is a new one to start again. Didn?t make it through the whole day with out food cheats, not exercising, eating to much of the ?good for you foods?. Tomorrow is a new day to try again.
    I am always thankful I woke up to try again.

    1. I?m a work in progress. Struggling daily to see my worth. I?m a mom who wants to be here to enjoy my kids so that?s what holds me accountable ??
      Thank you for keeping me inspired !

    1. I am ready to have integrity when it comes to myself & do all the things! As a 1st time mommy in my 40’s of a 2 year old, I need to be fit & strong & be an example for my baby girl!

    1. I am the best version of myself, and I am working hard to become even better. I will lose the rest of this weight and be stronger because I want to. I have the power to do this. ????

  59. I have a new found confidence and love for health and fitness! I haven?t been happier! Loving this life long journey and the amazing community it has surrounded me with!

  60. I?m an amazing woman and I deserve to live my best possible life

    My power promises: drink 100 ounces of water and get outside every day with my kids.

  61. I am an overcomer and nothing will hold me back from my goals. I am 28 right now; I have dreamed of competing in Bikini and have a goal of competing before the age of 30. I will not sabotage my goals and will have confidence in myself at all times! I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM SMART, I AM STRONG, I AM WORTH IT, I AM POWERFUL, I AM SEXY, I AM WHO GOD MADE ME TO BE, I AM LOVED!!! I want this so incredibly bad. I want to be a healthy and strong example to my 6 month old daughter as she grows up. I have been on a long journey of self discovery and have huge confidence in myself. I pray daily for the strength and wisdom to be the best me I can be. Baby girl and I go outside all the time to go hiking and sit under the shade of a big tree. I have been working on my goal of drinking 1 gallon of water a day and have been hitting my goal every day!

  62. Libby McFarland

    I do not give up! I have had many ups and downs in the last 4 months but I just give myself some grace and move right on after any missed opportunity. I am woman, hear me roar!

    1. I never give up when I am challenged. 2 months ago I did my first 5k race with a friend. A few days later she asked me to join her at another race, which was last Saturday. She was running a 1/2 marathon and she told me I could do the 1/4 marathon. I was skeptic about it but I signed up for it. I took it as a challenge and I ran further and further over the 2 months. I was nervous before the race but I finished the race in under an hour. I never gave up and took the challenge upon me. I am grateful for her pushing my boundaries and challenging me because I never give up

  63. I can do this!! No more excuses!
    What?s 65lbs anyway? This is my time to shine and show my kids anything is possible when you focus and put hard work into it!!!

  64. ?Progress not perfection? This is a hard one for me realize, so I try to celebrate the small victories!

    1. I am worthy of love and affection and I am willing to pursue my dreams and inspire others. I will always strive to pay it forward

  65. I find identifying traits that I truely like about myself hard. For so long I have lived with such a deep sense of shame and self hatred, that being able to see anything that contradicts this feeling of not being good enough is really hard. One thing I do like about myself is how deeply I care about the pain of others and how much I want to try to do something to help. It can feel overwhelming sometimes as there is so much suffering in this world and it can seem so impossibly sad. Still I wouldn?t want to be someone who was oblivious to this and didn?t have a heart to offer support / encouragement to others facing hard things, so this is something that I do like about myself.

  66. I?m going to add a yoga class once a week to help stretch my legs between training runs. The added bonus is the quiet hour it will give me too. ????

    1. I’ve already been doing some of these but I love the idea of a transformation journal and the positive affirmations on the regular. I’m going to use both of those to keep me on track with water, nutrition and exercise. Also remembering that 5 minutes is better than no minutes.

  67. My Favorite way to work out is… First thing in the morning to start my day out with intention, and keep me focused on my goals throughout the day?

    1. I am strong, compassionate, thoughtful and determined. I have the power to create change, and I deserve the best. And so is/does my beautiful sister, Angie Sanderfoot-McNabb . ?

  68. My past doesn?t have to be my future. I make my own decisions and I strive to live a life of health & happiness from now on.

    1. Whatever I chose today, good or bad, will be what tomorrow becomes. I will not quit, I will Transform!

      I started Aug 5 on the 28 day challenge and last night was the first I felt powerful. I’ve lost a small amount of weight and inches but I want to become the best possible version of myself! You and your family are an inspiration to me. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice. And even if I don’t win the daily give away, I have won in life already! #transform

  69. I almost scrolled by your list because most of the time I figure ?it will never be me?. I stopped, scrolled back up and am so glad I did. This year back to school looks different for our family since we are homeschooling! All of the power promises mean so much more since I ha e so much less time!! We traded in desks for hiking, reading about nature by going into nature, and here in so cal water is our best friend! I can?t wait to show my kids an active life and fulfilling your dreams at the same time! I wasn?t able to fit on a roller coaster to ride with my son and now I?m more motivated then ever. I know 1 on 1 coaches are priceless I would love to be able to see it for myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Omgosh!! Love these!! Today I am feeling amazing! I am also going back to school to get my high school diploma. And also working out! This makes me feel amazing and beautiful!!

    2. I love attending boot camp classes since I’m competitive and I work harder when other people do. It’s hard to fit in the time for this with little kids so need more video workouts to use!

  70. What I love about myself is that I?m a great mom and I strive daily to show my daughter that she?s more than just a ?pretty little thing? and that she?s also a strong, smart and capable girl that we are so very proud of daily!!

  71. NEVER GIVE UP, because you never know if the NEXT TRY is going to be THE ONE THAT WORKS! ~Mary Kay Ash

    All that I need comes to me at the right time and place in this life.

    I?m with my soulmate & my life is filled with amazing memories, experiences, & love. ??

  72. I am loving the Transform app. I?m working hard and trusting the process. My arms are showing progress!!!

    1. Heidi, I love the idea of positive affermations. I’ve been working on a painting/sketch diary and I am going to be adding positive affermations into it.
      Thabk you for the inspiration!

  73. I have the gift of music and can help others feel loved when I share it. I promise to share music twice a month.

    1. I am worth every single thing I believe I am not worthy of…love, health, happiness, dreams, life…all of it!!!

  74. I recently started a new role that is work at home BUT we are living in a condo with no room so I?m working out of my parents house. They live roughly 2 miles from me so now every morning I run to work and squeeze it in! Love the endorphins and the set up for a great day! We started positive affirmations with not only ourselves but our young kids.. too much negativity in the world and they need to know how strong and special they are. Love the positive role models you guys are to families and adults alike!

  75. I want to keep the promises because I know I?m a happier, better mom when I take care of myself. I also want to be the first example for my boys in regards to diet and exercise. Thank you for the chance to win.

  76. Sarah Boor-Mctighe how amazing would this be to make ourselves even more beautiful and strong!! #wecandoit

  77. I have already come so far but at times the remaining journey feels so far. Today I choose to say, I’m stronger than I was yesterday and I’m worthy of happiness and success in my health journey.

  78. I?m a registered nurse in a level one trauma Emergency Department. I love that I am SO good at giving my all to save and take care of others. Sometimes my life lacks the same care and compassion given to others that I also deserve to give to myself.

  79. I am consistent. And that?s the one thing I?ve learned that you need to be successful in all aspects of life…being consistent and showing up everyday and doing the damn thing! I?m proud that I am a strong, consistent woman ?

  80. I am worthy, I am beautiful and I can do this. I can do what ever I set my mind to.

    Jesus Becerril you are the most amazing mentor and amazing in every way. Thank you for everything.

    1. I have been through so much throughout my life, but I never give up. I never lose hope. I constantly get up and keep going. I may have down days, but I will push through and get back on track.

  81. I have been building my confidence every day. Plus im sharing the feeling with my whole town of Rockaway Beach by hosting a weekly walk and workout. Im trying to make our town much more fit. The group is Get Fit with Rhonda. I love to run albeit slow, 13 min. mile. I have the best endurance and can run for at least an hour. I need help with running form. My daughter Nichole is losing so much weight. Its time to build some muscle. I have admired your transformation and tell people about your growing butt. Way to go!

  82. My Favorite way to workout is with my Husband and two Kids, down at my In-laws home gym they have! We all
    Load up everyday at 4:00 (when dad gets home from work) and go workout for and hour and then come home and have family dinner!
    My 3 year old already tries to do what he sees Mommy and Daddy doing and that makes me so happy!

  83. I?m a strong, badass, Autism Mommy and I?m recovering from and BEATING my Eating Disorders! I?m WORTHY of being my beautiful Authentic self! ???

  84. Positive affirmation: I am created, loved and chosen by God almighty. He gave me unique gifts. I go out in confidence knowing the creator has my back.

    1. My past doesn?t have to be my future. I make my own decisions and I strive to live a life of health & happiness from now on.

  85. I am at the bottom and I am working towards the top. When I get there? I’ll keep pushing because I am more than a woman. I am more than depression, I am more than PTSD. Why because I bring intelligence, faith, strength, kindness, compassion to the table and make me and everyone around me believe that their self worth is so much more than what we are. I will build myself back up and my body is just the beginning.

  86. I am strong and determined. I can and will overcome every obstacle with a positive attitude. I will achieve any challenge thrown at me and be successful to my very best ability.

    Having a new wardrobe to sport when working out always gives me a little extra ?umph? in my workout. It makes me feel amazing and strong. Also, getting outside with my kiddos more often would be an amazing opportunity to do. Ride bikes more or walk more as a family.

  87. I love a good booty band work out. A little five minute sweat to get the blood pumping in the morning. I try to start each day with push ups, Abmat sit ups and stretching. And do 20 air squats at work whenever I go to the bathroom.

  88. My favorite workout is weights at the gym. And barre class. That?s what got me loving the gym first!

    1. I like that I am trying new things. Working on becoming a Group Fitness instructor and it is so scary!

  89. Our positive affirmation is, “This is only TEMPORARY!” We have been through many trials lately. I was very upset. My husband, Ron responded, “This is only TEMPORARY. It helps keep things in perspective and helps me remember we will get through whatever it is.

  90. This tends to be a difficult thing, positive self talk .. but I need to set a good example for my kids.

    I am enough & capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind on.. ?

    *you look amazing & rock all these outfits

  91. First, thanks for all your post. You are so inspiring.

    I am French and I really licence following you. It s long for me to read all but I try to do it .

    One nice thing about myself : I am a good mom and I do all the can for my family , i pay really attention to them and I think it s a good thing.

    I hope to win coaching with you .

    Thanks a lot

  92. Trying to increase my water intake this last year by measuring and logging amounts into transform app. Looking for a push in water nutrition and exercise routine. I can do this!

  93. I am a strong, beautiful woman, living each day as it comes and I strive to keep personal integrity in all aspects of my life to make me a better person for myself and the loved ones around me ??

    1. God knew I needed this today! I have neglected myself for too long and have developed such a dislike for my self image that I finally decided that it is time to take control. 5 minutes a day, doable! journaling goals, successes, aspirations, doable! Positive affirmations, doable! Drink tons of water, doable! And moving w/ the minions, doable! Thanks for reminding me and being an inspiration ?

    1. The workout I love most is weight training. I love feeling strong (and miss it haha! Gotta get to workin’!)

  94. Lori Lowe Grigg, I am generous to a fault, often putting others needs before my own. I am strong, compassionate, thoughtful and determined. Happy one-on-one Transformation coaching!!

    1. I am strong, resilient and kind. I am an athlete. forgive myself for my past. I have purpose. I love myself unconditionally.

  95. I am the mother of 5 … my body does amazing things. Thankful for this body of mine… with all it?s many flaws , I am still blessed .. instagram one on one giveaway

  96. I am a fighter! No matter what life has thrown at me I always fight through it. I am beautiful on the inside and that shines out and that?s what everyone sees!
    Melvin Maldonado has been a big support through my cancer and trying to lose weight after my breast and kidney cancer. I am so happy to see him trying to get himself in shape now too.

    1. I am worth it. Positive thinking will prevail when I feed my body with positive thoughts.

  97. I feel STRONG, BEAUTIFUL + EMPOWERED after hearing the barbell hit the ground. It?s simply amazing. And makes me FEEL amazing! ???

  98. ?I am capable and I can do anything I set my mind to.? – this is something I have been trying to say to myself daily. Speaking kindly to myself is very hard. I have been struggling a lot with it lately due to some personal struggles I have been having. I currently feel that my mind body and spirit are broken and I don?t know how to get that back on track. Which makes doing everything a challenge! I really want to make some real, permanent changes but I feel so stuck right now. Thank you for always being inspiring and reminding me about the truly important things.

  99. one nice thing about me is that I have a supportive, unwavering friend like @sarahempeters who never gives up on anything, including me. I know I am strong and capable. I know she is too. When there?s someone who believe in you, you start to believe in yourself too. ?

    1. I am doing my best, and that is enough. My needs and wants are important. For many years I struggled with both of these when it came to my mother in law. I constantly felt like nothing I did was enough to her. It caused a lot of tension between my husband and I. He stood up for me, and reminded me everyday to focus on me and not stress to impress or please others. My mind is so much more clear. Amazing what little affirmations daily can do to your body, mind, and soul ?

  100. I am kind and a great listener!
    I?m tagging my sister Mo Koerber Bringard because she is one of the most giving people I know and an awesome sister!??

    1. I am a hardworking wife and Mom of 3. I have alot of love/care for my family and friends ?

  101. Hi! I just started working out again (at 51) and I?m lifting 3x a week and cardio 3x a week. I would use these to keep me motivated. Pretty clothes make me feel like I look nicer at the gym and not like a big slob. Im about 80 lbs overweight so I am changing my life. #bestlifeevergoals

  102. My favorite thing to do is hit on the spin bike! It gets my heart rate up and I sweat like a pig! ?

    1. Happiness is a choice. I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I’ve been given

  103. Commenting for the instagram giveaway! I love following Heidi & Chris. They are great motivators and inspire me to be ME, be confident, and never give up!!

    1. I am worth the hard work! ?– That has to be something I constantly remind myself, I am worth the journey. ???

  104. My tip for drinking more water (which I learned from you a while back) ?
    Is to take 10 sips in a row every time you go to drink ! It helps soo much when trying to get your water in for the day. Thank you!!

  105. Dmitry Parshenkov, thank for believing in me and making me believe that I am a great mom, wife and that I am beautiful?

  106. I will continue to rise from the ashes from my lost marriage and failed body transformation Andy keep pushing forward in creating the life I deserve!

  107. Thanks to my sister, I know that I am a strong and powerful women who can do anything I set my mind to!

  108. I am repeating positive affirmations and writing down my power promises daily. I started this three days ago and I have kept my power promises!
    I am repeating “I am strong, smart and kind”, plus saying your quote “My worth is immeasurable and I am worth of love.”
    Yesterday, I saw this quote on someone’s Facebook page and it really hit me “Believe it or not, there isn’t a single person you need in this life more than yourself.” This is so true! Here’s to a mentally healthier and physically healthier version of me.

  109. Thank you for your advice and tips! It?s hard starting the healthy journey because there is just a lot of information and different tips! Sometimes I can feel overwhelmed with it all! Thank you for keeping it more simple! I recently got a Bowflex and love it! I can look out my window crank up the music and workout! I really want to try the bands! ?

  110. I am a caring funny individual that is worth the effort to love my self!

    I cannot express how amazing this opportunity would be if awarded a month of the one on one coaching, I had an interview when it first opened but couldn?t swing the fee this would be so impactful! Good luck to everyone on this amazing gift!

  111. I am resilient and I fight for my health so I can care for those that are unable to do it themselves.(special needs son)
    Jill Bremer-Rogers you are my rock, supporter in health and life and your passion to get better is inspiring

  112. I am a person of integrity that finishes what I start

    Sarah Nave is the most encouraging and my biggest fan! She always is there to lift me up and give me that extra love I need to push me to higher places!

    1. I love a good CrossFit workout! Nothing like finishing a workout and feeling like you?re on top of the world and can conquer anything! Working out is my natural medicine. ??

    2. I have lost my way on my fitness journey but power promises have stuck with me. I’ve kept my promise of drinking one bottle of water every morning when I wake up. Small but mighty I cling to that victory! When I was on track with transform back during winter time I felt so empowered and encouraged by those around my and myself that I went ahead and finally finished my teaching certificate! It was a long lost dream I thought I could never do! Well I did it and now I’m starting my first year teaching! God’s timing is relentlessly beautiful! My mom and I have a saying, For I KNOW that I know….and I know that I know have found the perfect school and the perfect job for my first year teaching! Now I need to get my body right for dealing with the demands and stress of teaching! I’m an all or nothing kind of person when it comes to fitness and that just hasn’t been working for me obviously. I’ve been afraid to start, afraid to let diet and fitness take over my life but I have one small but mighty power promise down and have been searching for the next one. It’s working out five minutes a day i can do this! Working out five minutes a day is my next goal! I can start small and build on a small but mighty promise I’ve kept since I lost my way.
      Sincerely searching for a healthy balance for success and consistency!

    3. I will do my best to keep these daily promises to myself by writing them down in a journal and reading them everyday. When you write them down you are held so much more accountable!

  113. I am committed and have integrity! I will accomplish what I set my mind to!

    Sarah AnnaBelle Nave is an amazing daughter who is the biggest support and cheerleader in my transformation! She encourages me to be all that I can be and when I get to that place she encourages me to be even more!

  114. Life is tough. I am tougher. While I still stumble I am making progress every day in the transformation of my life. Cleaning out old documents and found many ?lists? of things to do. The amount of things that have been accomplished is absolutely phenomenal since my cancer surgery. Forward progress. Continued concentration. Life is good. Enjoying happiness. Enjoying the adventures of this life. Sara Allen – we got this!!

    1. I am committed and have integrity! I will accomplish what I set my mind to!

      Sarah AnnaBelle Nave is an amazing daughter who is the biggest support and cheerleader in my transformation! She encourages me to be all that I can be and when I get to that place she encourages me to be even more!

    1. I love to make other people smile! Even if it is a simple good morning or that their hair looks good! I love to send others positive vibes!

  115. You are enough! That one simple statement has taken so long for me to believe, and some days are still hard, but it?s so true for all of us.

    1. My favorite way to workout is alone! It?s the only ?me? time I get and I enjoy not talking or focusing on anyone else during that time!

  116. I can do hard things! Growth starts outside of my comfort zone!

    Today is my birthday! This would be the greatest gift to start a new chapter… my 30s!

  117. I?m trying to increase my water intake. To be honest, the first time I tried the ?10 gulp? thing, I thought I was going to drown, lol! But I am getting better at it the more I practice!

  118. @transform.w.integrity Sharon my beautiful and strong wife of 40 years is who I am putting this answer in for…her transformation through your product has been incredible… I rise each day and with a positive affirmation I look in a mirror and say: I like myself, I like myself, I like myself, I like myself, I like myself. Just try to do this and not smile each morning! Say this every day. Of course positive affirmations with out actions are just affirmations, but this gets the mind looking in the right direction for change.

  119. I love your advices. Recently my daughter an I work out together. She is 5 ( and a half… that is very important). And I we do it at home, so the your application is excellent way for me to stay on track with my workouts. I use your 10 gulp rule, and by doing that I think I give a great example to my daughter. ?

  120. I get up no matter how many times I stumble or fall!

    And I love how my beautiful niece Kristin Frischolz approaches life with humor and wit! ?

  121. I love following the transform app for my workouts and I?m not just saying that to schmooze! It has taught me so much about weightlifting and macros. It has been an awesome way to set and achieve goals.

  122. I am to-the-core strong and can continue to be strong (mentally and physically) during and after this twin pregnancy while keeping up with an almost two year old. Ali Quinn – YOU are a HUGE motivator and such an incredibly brave and strong person ?

    1. I am boldly and courageously changing the habits and patterns that no longer control my life!

  123. I have power promises 1, 2 and 5 down pat. I have made myself a promise to add 3 and 4 to my routine and just ordered a journal! I am proud that everyday I try to be the best mother, wife and self that I can be- I am perfectly imperfect. @acraftythomas we got this

  124. I am smart, successful and strong. I am worth putting time into myself ?? I would love to win this giveaway. I am 30 and the heaviest I?ve ever been ? I tell myself everyday ?I?m going to eat healthy today? but it never sticks. I try to get myself there mentally but for some reason I can?t. I would be so grateful to have your help.

    1. I will be using my power promises to rebuild ME as ME. exercise and cardio help my asthma, and without having health insurance, I struggle to afford the medications. Diet and exercise will help me make a difference for me. It will allow me to continue to help be a great mom, it will allow me the health to continue to coach Special Olympics (going on 21 years strong for those with intellectual disabilities), and it will allow me to be a better partner because my health will vastly improve! Thank you Heidi (and Chris) for offering ideas and advice in such a positive manner!

    1. I am a good mom, no matter how hard we struggle. I am enough. I am strong. I can do this. These are the positive things I Will try to tell myself daily to keep that power promise!

    2. (INSTA: Rocketpopsicles)

      — and I am worth the hard work! ?– That has to be something I constantly remind myself, I am worth the journey. ???

  125. I have been sitting here trying to think of just the right thing to say…and cannot believe how hard this seems to me! I?ll think of one then instantly think negative reason of why it doesn?t apply. Oh my goodness! ? ok, so keeping it simple since it?s a thing for me. I am capable of learning all the things!! I got this and it?s all good ?

    1. I AM WORTH IT! I can do this. I need to do this to save my life. I am a loving and compassionate person.

  126. I am beautiful and strong! I dont need to be a size 0! Love yourself! @kileystanley @valdelarge
    Thanks Heidi for all the positive info!

  127. @pricklyblonde

    ?I can do ALL things through Christ who strengths ME?-Philippians 4:13 ??

    I can do anything I set my mind on?

  128. Currently OBSESSED with CycleBar- sign me up for a party on a bike!!! I can work at my level, have all the support and encouragement, and get an amazing workout in! Also running a mile a day!

  129. I always get back up and try again no matter what life throws at me. Even though I don?t see it in myself 100% of the time, I know I have the strength to continue improving on my health journey.

    1. I NEED to be more intentional about my water intake. I’ve been majorly slacking and I can feel it!

  130. I?m a big believer in the positive journaling and drinking more water! I?m a rut and could use the personal training!!

    1. I am capable of helping people get back to doing what they love #physicaltherapist. That workout outfit is the best!

  131. I really need to make a power promise to drink more water!!!! I will be more conscious about this! Also I will take on the 5 min workout….

    1. I am stronger than my past and I am worthy of all of the best things my future has to offer.

  132. I am strong and determined to love and lead a healthy life for myself and my family! Praying my daughters (@22_chastity & @cherishdaisyw ) seek the same for the best quality of life they can have too! ???

  133. Recently (since June) all
    My body hurts … like really hurts to the point that climbing down the stairs scares me. The last two weeks has been horrible for me and it?s gotten worst I style don?t know what I have yet I don?t know if a full training will be harmful sonI?ll keep working out 5 min a day !

  134. I am worthy of taking time for myself, and it comes in the form of staying fit enough to chase my babies. Also strong enough to carry them when they need it

    1. Christy McQueen we both have busy lives but find time through the week to meet up and workout. I try and motivate with words or remind others about drinking enough water, nutrition and worKing out at least 30 min a day. I think the nice thing about myself is I love to compete. Where that came from I?m not sure. So that helps me to keep motivated and not give up.

  135. I have the power to overcome my negative self-talk and the ability to stick with the Transform program.

    1. As a mom of four i get up everyday and take each situation with the best outlook each day

    1. in Canada but doesn’t hurt to spread positivity.

      “Everything you want in life is coming, even if you feel alone. Relax and let the universe pick the timing and the way. You just need to trust that what you want is coming and never lose faith.??? Things happen for a reason, people come Into your life for a reason, even if they’re not clear. ???
      #everythinghappensforareason #faith? #believe #yougotthis

  136. Take your cape off ! That is the affirmation I most need in this season of busy and demand. It?s silly the pressure we put on ourselves to perform all the time! Some times a walk outside, easy yoga stretch or a foot spa at home is enough to relieve the stress of the day! It?s important to take time for that to refill your cup! :))

  137. I promise to be the best version of me. 1. Be nice to everyone every single day. You don?t know their story or the day they had! 2. Read more and educate myself on anything and everything. 3. Push myself harder in the gym and kitchen. 4. Just be happy with myself. Love myself and stop comparing my journey to others.

    1. I am a strong, determined, loving woman that is worthy of anything. In my past I was in an extremely dark place and didn?t believe in myself at all, but now I believe I can do anything when I put my mind to it. ????

  138. I will need all the water, exercise, and positive affirmations I can get now that school is back in. I?m a school Secretary and have to sit all day so it?s easy for me to get in a slump. I will have integrity and promise myself to workout at least 5 minutes a day. I?m almost out of my chocolate Chris & Heidi protein so this would be amaaaaazingg!! Along with any and everything else. Thank you for being real and being an inspiration ??

  139. My affirmations are: I am perfectly imperfect. I am stronger than yesterday. I am enough. I am stronger than the voice in my head.

  140. I promise to not give up when it starts to get fought! I am. A teacher, a doctorate student .a mom, and wife! I will take time to map out the key power promises every day !!!!! I will get back to my goal weight with dedication hard work and time!

  141. My positive affirmation is: You are strong and you have come through so much. You?re a fighter and you?ll get through this too.

    One nice thing I can say about myself is I am a genuine and honest person. I am strong and persevere even through the worst situations.

  142. The glass is always 1/2 full. Always looking to encourage positiveness in others and do so by example. ?Yes you can? are words I repeat when in doubt.

    After going back to school full time four years ago to earn my degree and still working full time, I?ve gained over 25 pounds. At almost 50, the weight is not coming off like it did years ago, but I will not give up. The big 50 day will happen on Thanksgiving Day this year and my goal is to be down at least 10 pounds on this very special day. My encouragement to myself every day is ?yes, I can do this!?

    1. I can do it no matter how many people doubt me, I believe in myself. I am stronger than my haters. ?

  143. My favorite workouts are the ones I can do outdoors because I can have my girls with me and they can be running around with me.

    1. I am a kind compassionate woman. I am a proud Wife and a fierce Momma and I have overcome battles some people may have let break then I used them to make me a better stronger woman #Overcome Leah Silvia DeLisle this would be bad ass

  144. Any positive change is better than no change. Even if that is baby steps to achieve the results of change.

    1. Madison Dietz, I love that I’ve been able to show you resilience and perseverance! ?

  145. Power Promise 1: Get Outside with Your Kids
    Power Promise 2: Drink More Water
    Power Promise 3: Keep a Transformation Journal
    Power Promise 4: Recite Positive Affirmations
    Power Promise 5: Work Out 5 Minutes a Day

    I love the 5 promises, especially getting outside with your kids! It allows bonding moments yet getting active together! My favourite way to workout is to bring my kid to the fitness park while i get my workout and he gets his fun! =D

  146. Running is the most convenient for me right now. I have a 4 y/o and I will run a big loop with her alongside on her bike. She now loves to go outside to get exercise. Making her want it holds me accountable. We also to do YouTube workouts together.

  147. I don?t have kids of my own but I?m a social worker for kids here in Phoenix so I will be getting outside with the kiddos on my caseload. With the temps in the 110s here hydration is hard to forget about. I am recovering from surgery and am cleared to work out again but I?ve been scared. Doing 5 minutes is the perfect start for me. My biggest challenge will be positive affirmations and taking the time for myself to journal but I power promise to believe in myself as much as I believe in the kiddos I?m honored to serve and love myself as much as I want them to love themselves! I promise to practice what I teach them every day.

  148. I always take my girls outside to play on the trampoline or we run around the yard together. They also join me when I am working out in our small home gym. One of their favorite things to do this summer is play and swim in our above ground pool.

  149. My favorite way to workout is going to the gym. I have discovered that I do much better if I leave my house.

    1. I am strong and beautiful. So are you Mary Gamble! You are strong and kind hearted. I am proud to be your daughter!

  150. Every other day after school me and my son go to the gym and do cardio together . On the weekends we go do a small hike if it?s not too hot .

    1. I love group workouts! Seeing everyone gets me pumped! And I love to use the really fit people are major inspiration!

  151. During the week I workout at the gym on my own or I go do a class at the studio where I am an instructor. On weekends I love workouts with my hubby – we put the little one in daycare at the gym and we go have an hour of exercise together. Nothing better!

  152. My workout buddies and I fell off the wagon a little bit this summer, but we have started back up with our 5am workouts before work. We lift with active rests between each set.

    1. Since school has started our TV has not been on and that has been the best thing yet! I have filled afternoons with activities for the kids and I am able to get exercise in as well when they are swimming or playing soccer!

  153. For a 5 minute workout I loving boxing and battle ropes! But my favorite is running if I have a little more time!

  154. My neighbors and I take nightly walks, & we?ve started doing 1/2 hour workouts after our walk. And then I love Jazzersize and am committed to go more than I have been!

    1. I could use some improvement in my water intake. I do one glass with each meal, so I’m going to make it a goal to drink a glass before ecah meal now as well

  155. What a great giveaway! I love to meet my girlfriends for a run a few days a week and hit the gym the other days. I count on my hydroflask 40 oz to keep me hydrated! I commit to drinking two of them per day!

  156. I love Crossfit ๐Ÿ™‚ it?s something different each day and the people there are so encouraging !

  157. Love working out with the Transform App with you and Chris!! You guys are seriously the best workout buddies!! ???? And my favorite are Tabatas!!!! LOVE THEM and I love when you get excited for them in the app ??

    1. My favorite workout now is going to the gym and working out and afterwards going to the pool with my grandkids to swim… cmy grandson is 9 and we do laps . Grandaughter is 5 and she tries her best to swim laps . We try and keep them moving and not indoors on computers..

  158. My favorite way to workout is at the gym in a class where a leader is instructing what to do. But since I don?t have a gym membership at the time….workout videos are the way to go!

  159. I love CrossFit! The workouts and the community at my local box are the best! My power promise to myself is to have my quiet/devotion time every morning.

    1. Normally I enjoy running and hist workouts. But lately it?s been bike rides with my son.

  160. So what I am I going to do with the move power promise?! I am going to keep kicking butt by getting up before my kids every day to work out. I may struggle to put the dessert down or not bake the cookies (I mean…who doesn?t love cookies?!)…but I figured out my mental health, my mom power and my mental clarity are better if I MOVE my body! Thanks for these great reminders, Heidi. And giving me a chance to say to myself, ?Hey! This part you are nailing!?

  161. My favorite way to work out is at the gym. When it?s not too crowded and I can put my headphones on and just clear my head.

  162. After losing my daughter in January at 18 days old, I have finally started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Every week I?ve given myself one change. First only water and one glass of coffee. This week is 10k steps a day. I tell myself to keep moving forward.

  163. I love cardio and weight lifting, but hula hooping with a weighted hula hoop might be my favorite. You can easily lose track of time and hula hoop for an hour or 2. : )

  164. I love love love powerlifting!! Lately though, I have been doing the women?s physique on the app and LOVE all the different exercises. Accelerators are my least favorite but I am learning to like them as the time goes on!!

    1. I love working out with my kids around they make me laugh and motivate me to keep going. Also any workout that involves being outside is the best. I truly do need my daily dose of sunshine. ??

  165. I love all your fit mom posts! You always keep me motivated and excited to stay the course for myself and my family.

  166. My favorite way to workout is to go hiking/exploring with my daughter. Since she is in school now my next favorite is putting on some good music, lifting heavy weights, and going for a run!

  167. I have a 13 year old and 4 month. I use to love working out at the gym with my family but after baby, we have been going outside to play football or walk the waterfront or just run around in the sunshine. the extra sun helps with the baby blues and everyone is staying active :).

    1. I’ll be using the water bottle to stay hydrated, waking up early before my teaching job and lifting weights to start the day strong!!! I’m loving the Reebok gear too!! ?

  168. I am a busy momma to a sweet boy who has special needs and a baby girl. One or both of my kiddos are usually with me when I work out, as I do so in our garage. It’s wonderful that I can take care of them and still be able to get my workout in, but My favorite way to work out?? … Alone. I love getting outside with my kids and I like it when they join me in the garage, but if I’m being honest, that time is more productive, beneficial and enjoyable when it’s just mine. When I can really focus and reset. Which I am sure you understand. Even when my workout is interrupted 37 times though, I’m just grateful that I am able to do it.

    1. I am hardworking and dedicated to helping other. I deserve better than what I have done to myself.

  169. My favorite workout is one I can get in ?????
    But I love doing leg lifts while doing the dishes, or squats while folding laundry.

  170. I love to work out. It is my mental health drug and my me time. I run, ride, take classes, or anything I can to be active.

  171. I love to run! Biking is a great alternative to running for me!! I also really enjoy Zumba!! I like to dance!!

  172. My fav workout is at home. I?m a dog sitter so I have fur babies always surrounding me. It?s just makes me workouts so fun

  173. I love working out at my local gym (Eos in Chandler!) – I used to love workouts at home, but with 2 kids it makes it a little hard. Luckily I LOVE their childcare center (and they love it, too!), so it makes it easier for me to get my workouts in. I’m also really trying hard to increase my water intake, because it is definitely one of my weaknesses and I know it. On days I can’t make it to the gym, my power promise to myself is that I’ll do at least a workout video at home or focus on core/abs! Thanks Heidi & the Powell Clan – love this & love following you guys!

  174. I have a home gym and love lifting weights at home, I do it by myself or with my fianc?. I love working out st home because I can do my open routines and never have to wait for equipment. I do love kickboxing also and do a high energy cardio kickboxing class that is so much fun!!

  175. My hubby and I (no kids yet) have recently started going to our local planet fitness gym, and have made a promise to go at least 3x a week with a goal in mind of increasing this over a few months time. While motivating each other, he?s my #1 fan and encourager. I wouldn?t be able to do this without his support, love, and faith guiding me. I?ve always made the excuse to not drink water in order to ?slow me down? in between patients at work, but have made this into a fun challenge for myself now to drink at least 65 ounces a day. And since we?ve started going to the gym, and choosing to make a lifestyle change in our diets, I have taken progress photos and written down in my daily diary of what I?ve accomplished in the gym, and how I just FEEL BETTER. I?m already seeing the positive impact of living a healthy lifestyle in a few short months, and can?t imagine straying away from this. Thank you for your guidance and happiness on each of your posts and blogs.

  176. I love going on a run outside, preferably a trail. Doesn’t happen as often with kiddos but it’s so relaxing and hard work at the same time. I usually end up doing cardio indoors when they are napping or asleep #momlife ?

    1. Love to workout with the TRANSFORM app, kickboxing, weights, biking, hiking, and walking dogs!

  177. Love the 5 minutes a day, sometimes that?s all I have. But making the commitment is where it?s at! Always feel better when I workout Thank you for your inspiration and honesty!

  178. I will keep it positive with myself even when I?m feeling tired because I know I?ll feel better after exercising. Meditation, yoga is what I am just starting. I work at a physically demanding job, lifting and climbing, unloading freight so I need to be able to do something else to calm myself the rest of the day.

    1. I live to workout to Zumba! It makes me feel like I could be a real dancer…as long as no one looks at me. Lol

  179. My favorite workout is HIIT. And I love using bands to do some movements, increases the resistance and makes me work harder ?? My power promise it to stay consistent. I have been struggling with this recently and never had this problem before so I?m trying to stay focused!

    1. I workout in my home because I am one busy lady. I watch my grandbaby, have 2 kids at home, do nails out of my home and work for a roadshow in Costco. I love to work out but if I don’t get up and make it a priority in the morning, it doesn’t happen. I have let it slide for way too long and have gained some weight this past year and I’m looking forward to starting a routine again now that the kids are back in school. I love strength training!! It is my favorite!

  180. My favorite way to workout is strength training. Especially ?! It wasn?t always this way. I used to be a cardio fanatic. But after seeing the results strength training makes on your body shape, there?s no going back!

  181. I?m 37 weeks pregnant, I workout 3x a week. Barre and body pump. I?m excited to get back into working out hard core after postpartum ?

  182. I like to mix cardio and weightlifting. I feel that HIIT sessions work best for me and make me feel more accomplished!

  183. I?m starting out on an old exercise bike. 10 min is a good start and doable. I need to learn to love walking too, but it?s hard to when you don?t have good fitting shoes and get so winded

  184. Not sure my comment had my email
    I pushed the wrong button but I walk at least 5 miles a day it?s my favorite thing to do . I had thyroid cancer and it sure changed my body and the way I can use it . But I?m not giving up ! And you inspire me ??

  185. Walking is my favorite way to exercise ! After having thyroid cancer my body has never been the same. I?ve gained way more than I wanted but I walk at least 5 miles a day ๐Ÿ™‚

  186. My favorite way to work out is at home, using workout videos etc. That way I can fit it in without having to leave the house which is hard as a SAHM.

  187. My absolute favorite way to workout is with a group of people, who encourage and push each other to work hard and stronger. I go to a bootcamp gym and have met some amazing people. My favorite exercises are pushing and pulling movements like heavy box push.

    1. Never abandon, still doing sports after health issues, sports saved me, i am a survivor in many ways very proud of what I achieved

  188. My favorite way to workout is competing with my friends. They don?t know it?s a competition, but they push me to do more than I thought possible. It builds a bond no one else understands. They hold me accountable and never let me quit.

    1. My favorite is lifting weights. Makes me feel so strong, and love the results I see!

  189. Honestly — I really love doing cardio accelerators! I’m doing the cross fit workout and I don’t *have* to do them…but I do. They have helped me increase my running pace so much by doing them the past (almost) 2 years. It makes me feel so powerful to see how fast I am now running vs how (slow) I was running not that long ago. Our bodies are so amazing!!!!

  190. I had my son last August, first time mom here and to say the transition has been challenging is an understatement. My pregnancy was a rough one, had hyperemisis the whole 9 months. Giving birth was also rough, 6 hours of pushing followed by a vacuum birth and tearing horribly. Bringing home baby was exciting but also so scary. About 4 months postpartum I began to experience horrible anxiety. I was diagnosed with PPA. I?m here to shed some light that it can be crippling, scary, isolating, and challenging. But I began to fight back with therapy, medication, and I found a love for Orangetheory fitness. I started to take more time for myself again and really focus on my health and well being. As moms we do it all and tend to forget about ourselves. We are just as important as our little and husbands. I started going to bed earlier, eating better, and working out more. I?m feeling much better and so thankful for life and my village who support me. Moms you are not alone and you are all doing a great job!

  191. My favorite workout would be some type of longer combo with swimming, running, and some body weight movements mixed together. It keeps things interesting and gets me outside.

    1. My favorite way to workout is to lift weights in the gym, and finish it off with 15-20 minutes of cardio.

  192. What a great article. I love all of the information. I put my workouts on the calendar as an appointment so I keep it important in my daily life. I know that working out helps with my stress relief and makes me a better wife and mom. It also sets a good example for my kids. I try to always have water with me and drink a few liters a day. I don?t currently journal but am going to start adding that and write down things I am thankful for each day. You are a great example of putting all of the pieces in place to live your best life. Thank you for all of you realness and advice.

  193. I sit at a desk all day so I love walking outside and doing some yoga to stretch out from a long day in a chair. ?????????

  194. I love to mix it up! But most therapeutic is a tough workout where I really sweat. Lately, I?ve been doing more HIIT circuits with resistance training. I?m back into a routine now that I?m 4 months PP with baby #2. Exercising is my way of taking care of me, mentally, physically & spiritually, so I?m not going nuts taking care of everyone/everything else.

  195. My goal is to move more. Taking walks after work with my kids, using the tread climber, or workout dvds. Something is better than nothing!

    1. My favorite way to workout is early in the morning before anyone else in the house is awake. It’s my ME time. With no one saying “mommy” a billion times or asking me to do something for them every other second. It’s my solitude and I love it. I prefer the burn of weights and bands over a full cardio sweat session. And I like a pre set workout program that I dont have to come up with myself. So thank you to all those out there that have already figured out what works, what order to do it in, and what moves to do…so I can just follow suit and know I’ll get good results!

    1. I love to work our in the comfort of my home but need to motivation that comes with going to classes at the gym

    2. My favorite workout is the rowing machine. We have a love/hate relationship. I love that it’s full body workout BUT dang even 5 minutes seems like 20. :). I also have to have music, it makes workouts faster when I can’t hear myself breathing heavily.

  196. Heidi, I work out every morning at the gym. HIIT has been my favorite lately but I love lifting, especially with my 2 daughters. Your mini workouts are awesome for traveling. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  197. Any workout that makes me feel alive, while having fun, but knowing I?m getting stronger and stronger by the day! At home workouts are my fav, especially when it?s something I can include my almost 2 year old daughter in. I?m not the healthiest I could be, and I?ll Im striving for is to become healthier, and confident. So that I can set a good example for my daughter and so she can know a happy healthy mommy and not a depressed very unhealthy mommy. I want her to see and know the best mommy she could have.

  198. My favorite way to work our us with a partner. I love when my husband goes with me to the gym and guides me on what to do.

  199. I work out from home because it?s so convenient and easy but most of all I work out right beside my one and three-year-old boys to set an example for them of what it?s like to live a healthy life. I stay healthy and working out for them because they deserve the best version of me

  200. I use Fitbit Coach for their daily dose workouts …usually 7 to 10 min a day. If i can get down to 5 with you, Heidi Powell, then that would be amazing. I am a homeschooling mom of 5 and i made a ommitment to myself to get healthy this year. Down 29 lbs since January!

    1. I am kind with a loving heart! I’m thoughtful and I love doing for others! I am stronger than I think and I am capable of anything I set my mind to!

  201. I love doing HIIT classes! The weights and the hi/low intensity! The workout flies by but it burns! Burns in a good way! ??

  202. I find it easiest to workout in the morning. Definitely need to drink more water. Love your journaling idea and plan to start today! Thank you Heidi!

    1. As a stay at home mom of a 1 year old and 2 year old, I make sure I work out 4-5 times a week to keep up with their energy! I love to lift at the gym in the morning. I lifted my entire 2nd pregnancy which made for a super quick delivery (my husband delivered the baby in the hospital lobby, didn?t make it to labor and delivery ?) but also made it easy to get my body back. In the afternoons I try to either do a hike or walk/run with my kiddos and our sweet golden retriever. #momstrong P.S. I desperately want one of your booty bands!!! ??

  203. I love Aerial Silks! It?s been a great workout that incorporates the flexibility and body awareness from years of gymnastics. It?s also super hard and a great strength builder!

  204. My favorite workout is doing things I enjoy, that make it not seem like a workout, like going for hike or playing basketball!

  205. My favorite workouts are niceness long walk with a friend, spin class and Zumba! If I?m time crunched, quick workout in home gym!

  206. Turning 50 this year has made me even more motivated to keep healthy habits! Staying hydrated has made a huge difference and mixing up cardio and weight training. Always trying new workouts – from Beachbody to Orangetheory to Rowing to CrossFit to Zumba – love a good sweat!!! My workout is my own little retreat !

  207. For about 2 years my dad and I would workout together! It was three days a week we got to spend quality time. He passed away July 1st of this year. So I just started working out again! I r