Back to School = Back to You: Busy Mom Power Promises for Transformation Success + a Giveaway

Lunches are prepped, bags are packed, and as the final buses pick up the kiddos, the real MVPs of summer break?us busy moms (and dads)?can celebrate. Take a deep breath and take in that little bit of peace and quiet…until the 3 o’clock bell.?During those busy summer months, it?s easy to get off track and into vacation mode. Now is the perfect time to hit that big red reset button.

How do you hit reset? By making promises, and I know, making promising isn’t uncommon. But it can be the thing that?s hindering you from taking action and making progress. How often have you said, ?Diet starts Monday,? and by the time Tuesday rolls around, you haven?t moved towards your transformation goals? The promises you make to yourself should be the ones you keep, and yet we tend to move ourselves to the bottom of the to-do list.

Back to School = Back to You | Top 5 Power Promises?

I know what you’re thinking: ?Heidi, this sounds easy, and yet I keep putting myself at the bottom of the list.? Here’s the trick: Stop making large promises. Instead of ?I will do thirty minutes of cardio every morning,? opt for a promise so small that it?s doable no matter how busy life gets. Each promise is a building block, and soon enough, you’ll have built a pathway to accomplish so many unthinkable things.

Bonus: To help you get back into the groove, I’m celebrating the real MVP of summer break?the moms (or dads)?by doing a giveaway valued at $1,725.97 that is sure to get you back in shape and back to YOU. Scroll for details.?

Power Promise 1: Get Outside with Your Kids

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Back to school means adjusting to new routines and schedules. It can be hectic! To keep you sane, schedule some outside time. It’s an absolute must for our kiddos who are shifting from playing outside time to classroom time…heck, maybe you’re also inside during the week too, busy mamas!

Plus, kids are spending an average of almost 3 hours every day on video games, phones, and watching TV. It’s up to us to show them there is more than what they see on their devices, so scale back those screen times and get in some outside time. To make this promise, don’t set a time limit of thirty minutes, set yourself up for something smaller. Even with our best intentions, thirty minutes can be hard. If you pick your kids up from school, take a quick lap around the block before you drive home, or if you’re driving your kids to basketball practice, get there a couple of minutes early and stretch or shoot a couple of hoops each day with them. Every small step is a successful power promise as long as you keep it.

A deep breath outside and some laughter with the family is all it takes to turn any crazy routine into an afternoon worth savoring. This easy power promise is something that makes me feel like a better mom and wife and even a better business owner.

Power Promise 2: Drink More Water

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Clearly, the Powell Pack is serious about water, and Matix has truly taken it to heart. 😉 But really, there’s no way I’d make a list of power promises without mentioning water. But you guys knew that already, right? If you are an app user, you’re used to our daily water checks. Use it as a reminder to stay hydrated.

Here are just a few reasons why water is oh, so important:

  • Regulates your body?s temperature.
  • Keeps your joints nice and lubricated.
  • Transports nutrients and oxygen throughout your body.
  • Helps keep your skin looking good. (Yes, please!).

To keep this promise, start slow. Don’t go from barely drinking water to drinking a gallon. Little by little, increase your consumption, and maybe it’s just by a single cup. Be mindful and commit to the small victories. Water is also a major player in transformation success. You guys, Chris and I hear you! Sometimes you just don’t like the taste or you’re tired of drinking it. Add a wedge of lemon, some cinnamon, or go for a Chris + Heidi Boost Shot to jazz up your water game. Trust me on this one: You’ll feel like a million bucks with this power promise.

Power Promise 3: Keep a Transformation Journal

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The secret to transformation success sometimes doesn?t involve weights or meal plans, it?s about working from the inside out. To keep this promise, write one line each day (or more if you?re feeling inspired).?

Write about anything from inspiration to small victories you?ve had. Working out, drinking water, or enjoying time with your kids can be a small victory or a highlight.

Having a record of your highs and wins is a great way to remind yourself to keep going when your transformation journey starts to hit more hurdles.

Power Promise 4: Recite Positive Affirmations

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Another great promise to make: Focus on having an #attitudeofgratitude, especially when it comes to self-talk. It’s even one of our life lessons in The TRANSFORM App. If this sounds similar to the promise above, that’s because these positive affirmations are something you can write in your transformation journal?in addition to your small victories. Loving our perfectly imperfectly self is crucial to a happy and healthy life. We do so well loving others for all of their imperfections and yet, all too often, we fall victim to forgetting this kind of love when it comes to ourselves.

Self-talk is something that defines how we see ourselves. How often does that self-talk turn negative? We are who we say we are. Every day, turn your self-doubt and negative self-talk into the opposite. Repeat: I am…beautiful, lovable, healthy, kind, and compassionate.

This can be difficult at times, trust me…I get it. It’s important to your well-being, health, and happiness. Make it a daily promise to remind yourself how wonderful you truly are.

Power Promise 5: Work Out 5 Minutes a Day

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Why is it that a busy mom’s time flies? If you follow me on Instagram, you know I don’t let that stop me, and I try to squeeze a workout in even if it means that it’s happening at midnight. Let me tell you, even squeezing in 5 minutes is enough to work up a sweat. Try the workout below for starters:

3 Move AMRAP, 5 minutes:

  • 10 Banded air squats
  • 10 Dive bombers
  • 10 Bench crunches

Bonus Booty Afterburner: 100 Banded glute kickbacks (each side).

Reebok x Kohl’s 5 Day Giveaway

Ok, on to the good stuff! Now that we’ve got all our power promises squared away, let’s keep up the celebration. Let’s celebrate YOU with a 5 day giveaway! I’m giving away over $1,700 in gifts (one gift to each winner, for 5 total winners). Over the next 5 days, I’ll post an update to this blog with a new giveaway bundle. 5 days, 5 giveaways, 5 chances to win!

Enter to win by doing both of the following:

  • Like my most recent Instagram or Facebook post and tag a friend!
  • Comment on this blog with how you’ll be using and keeping these power promises.

Note: To be a daily winner, you must enter before the next bundle goes up. Winners will be announced each day on my Instagram story and below.?

Giveaway 1 | Get outside with Your Kids:

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Giveaway 2 | Drink More Water:

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Giveaway 3 | Keep a Transformation Journal:

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Giveaway 4 | Work Out 5 for Minutes a Day:

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Day 5 | Positive Affirmations:

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**Thank you, Reebok & Kohls for sponsoring this post! The opinions shared and discussed in this post are my own.**

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1,908 Responses

  1. My power promise is to do the dishes every night. To keep it, I just remind myself how much easier my morning goes when the dishes are already clean.

  2. I?m going to get outside with my kids and go on more dates with my husband. Also praying Extreme Weight Loss will come back some day…. LOVE you guys and miss EWL – so inspiring!

  3. The hardest power promise for me is keeping that darn journal. So I?m gonna promise to keep at least 1/2 of the 5 power promises to start. Baby steps!

    1. Water intake is a huge struggle for me. Most days my first glass of water is at noon. I know I should be starting my day with a glass of water before I get my coffee so that is my promise to myself. Get my glass ofbwater down before my morning coffee.

  4. Water is my biggest struggle. So I promise to get more water intake. As well to keep my gym schedule even when all 5 of my kiddos sports activities start and give myself the time to take care of myself.

  5. I?ve always wanted to try the rebooks cause I?ve heard such great things. Even though I work out quite often I?ve kinda fallen off the wagon a bit, I wanna use these amazing shoes and obviously the protein and lovely shirt to get back in to my routine and feel myself again, it?s amazing how working out can make you feel. And also helps when you have new gear to also motivate you and look super cute.
    Also from barbados in the Caribbean so it?s hard to get rebook down here so would LOVEEE THEM ?? ps your family is so sweet and so real I love it

  6. My power promise us to at least drink half of my body weight in ounces per day and I do this by carrying my 40 oz water bottle everywhere I go!

  7. I promise myself to drink more water. It’s harder than it sounds for those of us who can’t stand water. 🙂 But, I have my 64 ounce refillable and I promise to fill it up every day!

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