How to Choose a Swimsuit for Your Shape and Size + My New One-Piece Obsession!

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In honor of National Bikini Day (there’s a day for everything, right), and with summer officially here (evidenced by the scorching hot temps and the house full of excited kiddos + rambunctious pups!), it’s about time we talk about a couple of summer staples: swimsuits and shorts. But not just the fashion side—although that’s in here too! 😉 YOU, yes you, can rock a swimsuit.

We put so much value on perfection, but true perfection is embracing our imperfect selves just the way we are. And while swimsuit shopping can be something that we absolutely dread—trust me, I know—instead of thinking about what you dislike, think about all of the pieces that make you YOU.

Our kids will remember the fun times in the pool, and not what we looked like in a swimsuit. I want my daughters to grow up loving themselves and creating incredible memories, and the best way to share that with them isn’t by telling them, but by showing them how to have fun and embrace their imperfections because that’s what I try to do myself! Now let’s savor those moments and focus on what’s really important this summer—having some FUN!

Outfit Details:

Swimsuit (similar here and budget-friendly version here), Rag & Bone Jean Shorts (budget-friendly here under $40), Soludos Slides (similar here under $40 in multiple colors and also love these under $30), Hat (similar here), and Ray Ban Erika Sunglasses (additional color on sale here and budget-friendly version here)

While it might be tempting to endlessly peruse—both on social media and in the store—the hot new trends like cut outs or a super deep V, simplicity and comfort are key to feeling great and having fun…and being realistic. If you’re anything like me, I don’t plan on chasing my kids around the pool in a swimsuit that’s not covering much…of…anything!

My favorite trend this season: one piece swimsuits.

Let’s be honest, I haven’t worn a one piece since 5th grade but I am definitely a one piece lifer now! They are legit so cute that it’s hard NOT to love them! If a one piece isn’t your thing, this suit also comes in an adorable scoop neck bikini top paired perfectly with high waisted shorts! Super cute and full coverage (always a bonus).

Speaking of full coverage, wearing one pieces give me a break from sucking in and/or flexing. 🙂 Plus, with my self-proclaimed love of bodysuits, adding shorts to this suit gives it a bodysuit look! Love that!

TIP: Regardless of your height, weight, or shape, I promise you there is a swimsuit out there that will make you feel like a million bucks. It’s all about what you want to highlight and show off!

  • A high cut swimsuit will make your legs look longer!
  • Adding a contrasting stripe or deeper cut neckline will slim–I will never say no to that!
  • A one piece with ruching or a high waisted accent, like this cute one from Target (Bonus: it’s under $30) or this super cute palm print suit, are some other great figure-flattering swimsuits sure to get you poolside ready.

In terms of shorts, I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the hunt for good cut off shorts! Sometimes cut offs can be TOO short, though, and I like to find something that is in the middle is best for grab-and-go running around. Some of my go-to brands for shorts are Madewell, Rag & Bone, and Joe’s Jeans.

For that longer look, I go with a rolled hem. You get both the look in terms of length AND total comfort. Alternatively, a distressed denim keeps it super cute (like the ones I’m wearing here) but not too youthful (we can’t all be in our 20s anymore :)). If you’re going for a bodysuit look, rocking a high waisted short (LOVE these blush shorts by Madewell) is a must-have in your summer jean short rotation.

Beat the heat this summer and show off your best asset—YOU!!—by treating yourself to a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable, and most importantly, confident this summer. Jump in that pool (make sure that lady toupee is secured if you’re like me!) and have a blast this summer, I know I will!


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25 Responses

  1. Heidi
    Seeing some of the comments you are a true inspiration to a lot of people! Now mater how hard things get, remember that. It will give you the strength you need in uncertain times! Keep getting after it!

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  5. Hi Chris and Heidi!
    I would really love to win this transformation because I’m doing it with my mom. I’m 18yrs old and I don’t need to lose any weight I’m personally just looking to get stronger. About 6 years ago I suffered from a major head injury, I missed three years of school because of it (grades 6, 7 and 8) then I was a part time student in grades nine and ten. I’m currently in grade 12 and on a journey that’s only going up. But unfortunately I was constantly in and out of hospitals, going to different doctors, specialists, and even cities to try any treatments that would have a chance of helping me get better. I was a very active kid and played many sports so when I was in bed for 22 hours a day for over a year because I could barely walk was difficult on me and I lost a lot of weight so it was hard in that sense so I’m finally getting back into health and looking to become strong again. But this isn’t just about me and what I went through but my mom as well. Through those years she was there every step of the way. Staying up all night while I cried because of pain, driving me to all my appointments, doing endless amount of research to try and help me. She focused so much of her time on me that she forgot to take care of herself. I know I couldn’t have gone through what I did without her because she was my rock but now I want to help her with her journey. I want to try to be even half of what she was for me because I know she deserves it and needs to take care of herself. So if we won this lifetime membership it would really kickstart my moms and my journey. I just want this for her so she can prove to herself that she can do it and she can help others too but she needs herself first. Love you mom for all you do??

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  9. I love watching you guys, your an inspiration. I have goals that I need to reach and I know your program will work for me ? I would love to train and eat with you for a lifetime ???

  10. I would absolutely LOVE winning a Lifetime membership to the Transform App! I first learned about you and Chris before the app was born from Bruce Pitcher and Bob Brenner? I have used your book and the app faithfully! The app keeps me on track and I rely on and LOVE all the recipes and workouts!! Thanks for this opportunity and for all you do and share… you guys are amazing??

  11. I would love to win this! My husband and I have struggled with getting on track for a few years now. The older I get the harder it seems to be. Being a mom and coach/teacher doesn?t leave much ?me? time. I?ve decided to take my life back and do it right. Eating and working out and just feeling good again. Lost my dad at 48 to heart disease and I won?t do that to my kids!

  12. I?m nowhere near ready to wear any kind of swimsuit without a huge long t shirt over it but I love you and your family , love the transform app and Facebook group 🙂 thanks for all you guys do 🙂

  13. I would love a lifetime membership! I?m currently on Chris Doxseys coaching team and I?m learning a tremendous amount of knowledge. I have broken through barriers or emotions and mental blocks while using the Transform app. I know I will continue using it for years and years to come!!

  14. I have lost 70lbs on my own but seem to always hit the same plateau; I?m currently working full time and going to school for radiology. I would love to win to show my family what they can do if they really put their minds to it. You guys trained my brother in law Michael G on your show a while back and he has always been my biggest inspiration. He actually started me on my journey.

  15. I would love to win the lifetime giveaway! I deserve to win because this app has helped me get back in track in the gym and with taking better care of myself before I turn 30. Plus I?d love to win and have my boyfriend join me with the workouts!!

  16. I have struggled with my weight my entire life, as have my mom and grandmother. For my entire childhood, the family was always on a diet. We collectively tried South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimfast, etc, but nothing worked long term. We were classic examples of yo-yo dieters. For as long as I can remember, I have also felt the pressure to lose weight from my father. As a child, he always compared me to my thinner friends who excelled at sports, where I did not, always wanting me to be more like them. These failed attempts at weight loss and sadly my fathers criticism have stuck with me. And I continue to struggle to this day with my weight. Over the past 6 years, I have gained 70 pounds. I have never been unhappier with my body or felt more defeated. I want to make a change, a permanent one. I want to get healthier and I want to leave all the self doubt and my awful history with weight loss behind. I truly believe that with your support and your program, I can start the path to a healthier me and to appreciate my body for the gift it actually is. Thank you for this opportunity!

  17. Hi Heidi! I would love to win your transformation giveaway! I am the mother of 5 and will be 40 in 2020 … my husband and I work so hard to give our kids everything they need. We try to set a good example for them. Especially my daughter. I have suffered from low self esteem since my teens. It has been accompanied with depression, eating disorders, binging and a very unhealthy relationship with food and myself! I would love to spend the money and get the help with all these intimidating and confusing ideas . I need the help and need to make my body, health and mind more positive and healthy so I can share these with my daughter. I don?t want her to suffer as I have. My knowledge and energy only gets me so far and I?m always left disappointed, depressed and so I just throw myself to the back of the line. Try not to think if it and just live. I want to reach my full potential but have finally admitted that I just can?t do it alone! I would love to work with my husband ! He is my calm, my support, best friend, and biggest cheerleader! I want ya to really live and have a good quality of life. E don?t want to be in pain, unhealthy or chronically sick.. we need to do that work now so we can enjoy our lives and family together! Thank you! You are such an jnspiration

  18. Hi Heidi (and Chris ?),
    I would love to win your transformation app giveaway. I?ve tried just about every diet and workout plan out there and while I?ve seen results, I?m still not where I want to be. I wish I had the money to put into myself and pay a trainer and a nutritional coach but I just can?t at this time with 3 little kids. I want to pass on healthy habits and be happy with me and my ?mom bod.? I?m trying really hard to do it alone but I would love to be given the opportunity to get some professional help and push myself. I?d love to share this with my husband. He?s my favorite person in the world and I?d love to see him and support him in getting healthier too. In fact, if I had to choose who got the free membership of only one was being offered, I?d give it to him but I know he?s intimidated and needs a partner so this would be ideal for us and life changing especially for him. We?d really love this and would truly be so grateful for the opportunity and not take it for granted!!

  19. Dearest Heidi,

    I would love to win the “Lifetime” membership because the support & exercise me helps me with my depression, bipolar disorder, & chronic pain. Some days the pain is so bad I can hardly get out of bed. I also have an adult child who is autistic and now also has bipolar disorder. You never think that this would happen to you & wished you could make it better for them & take their place. They say that God never gives you more than you can handle right. My son tells me all the time that he is proud if me for exercising. I hope someday he and his dad will join me but I do this for me. Its my time to de-stress. I love that feeling that I have accomplished my workout. I would to join for life on my own but just can’t afford it right now.So I would be so ever grateful to win.

  20. I love Chris & Heidi! I’ve lost 67 pounds over the last 2 years, all because of Chris & Heidi and the Fittest Couple!

    I?d love for me and my husband to continue our fitness goal with transform!

  21. I would feel extremely lucky, if I would randomly selected. I dont know yet, when I can afford it.

  22. I think we all are deserving of winning this incredible app giveaway of a lifetime but I would like to have it as a tool for life. I?ve been on my weight loss journey for like 16 years now(wow crazy) and have battled up and down along the way…I have lost approximately 100ish pounds from my heaviest to now:) I still want to do so much more(like a fitness competition) in the future and I think having this app and you guys with me I could totally stay on track and hit my goals in the near and far future!! Thank you both for this opportunity and for doing what do and being who you are!!xoxo

  23. I believe I deserve to win because I am a 6 Year Breast cancer survivor and now fighting hypothyroidism & adrenal fatigue, along with menopause (full hysterectomy) & all the lovely issues that come with that, at the ripe “old” age of 45!! ??? I want to live a long healthy life and hopefully see grandkids one day ftom my amazing boy!! I am struggling but I am a fighter and won’t ever give up!! Thank you for this opportunity!!

  24. I think my sister and I would have so much fun together transforming! My sister and I just had baby girls. We are first time moms together and would really like to transform our bodies together! It?s so nice to have each other to lean on and experience all the ?first times? with our babies! We also want to be fit mom?s so we can be the best examples to our girls! We want to
    enjoy life! We want to learn how to stay on a fitness routine with babies. We are also full time working moms and we both work in the medical field. We could really use the help! We would love to be chosen to be lifetime members!

  25. I think I deserve to win the transformation giveaway because I am a almost 40 yr old mom and wife who have been trying for years to be in my best shape and very determined to get to a specific goal weight. I am a social worker who takes care of everyone and is not wanting to take care of myself and do something for me. My dad died from colon cancer and 2013 and has awaken me mentally and physically.

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