Month of Love: 10 ways to show your kids you LOVE them!

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February is FLYING by! Why is it that January always seems like 84 days long, but then February feels like it is over before it even starts?! This month of LOVE has been the best! Valentine’s Day is always the perfect way to show your loved ones how you feel about them with gifts, cards, and (of course) cute pictures on social media! However, now that Valentine’s Day is over, I like to get even MORE creative with how I show love to those in my life, particularly my kids.

Let’s face it: Our children are our hearts walking around outside our bodies. They are part of our DNA. They embody our best (and worst!) traits. They look like us. They act like us. They are mini versions of us! They are daily reminders of how much love our hearts can hold. While I always feel love for my kids, I don’t always EXPRESS that love well enough to them every single day. Daily life often demands discipline and teaching moments that can be frustrating, so I need to remember to balance those moments with LOVING words, hugs, and building up my kids!

I have come up with 10 creative ways to show my kids I love them, and I hope you will try these on your kids too! They are fun and silly and sure to bring a smile to your kids’ faces, all while reassuring them of how much they are truly loved by their parents. Is there anything better?!

Number One: Write notes to include in their lunches saying how you hope they have an amazing day and know how much they are loved! Words of affirmation will show SO much love to your kids.

Number Two: Read a special book with them at bedtime while snuggling! Hugging and holding your children shows SO much love to them, especially if physical touch is their love language.

Number Three: Practice their favorite sport with them. Nothing says I LOVE YOU like quality time spent with your kids kicking the soccer ball around your yard or throwing a baseball. 

Number Four: Go on a walk with your kids…and leave your phone at home. Listen to your kids, and they will open up and share about their life and day with you, I’m sure of it!

Number Five: Have your kids plan the dinner menu and then make the meal together

Number Six: Plan a family movie date with your kids! They will absolutely LOVE having that family experience and your attention.

Number Seven: Take a staycation with your kids. While vacations aren’t always reasonable, going to a local hotel, swimming in the pool, and feeling like you are far from home can create the most special memories! Your kids will not only feel loved, but they will look back on times like these and remember how amazing it felt to be together as a family.

Number Eight: Game night! NOTHING says “I love you” like enduring a four hour game of Monopoly. Amiright?! Enough said.Number Nine: Compliment your kids! Our words carry SO much power with our kids. They are tender and can be sensitive (some more than others!), and they take our words to heart. Kind words are like honey…and your kids will absolutely remember all of the wonderful, thoughtful things you tell them, and they will KNOW you love them.

Number Ten: Hug your kids! Take a moment to look them in the eye, give them a huge bear hug, and tell them how much you love them. Feeling your love through your hugs and hearing the three words “I LOVE YOU” will resonate with your kids long after the moment is over.



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11 Responses

  1. This is my favorite post you?ve made so far! I recently became a stepparent and (hopefully) after I get married in 2 weeks (yay) we will start the process of having a another child. We utilize family movie night weekly! Ether to pick one from the Apple TV or in theaters. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

    My IG handle is @aliciaabaniak

    The bands would be a great wedding gift 😉

  2. Heidi this is my favorite post ! Although it was a close call between this one and The 40th Birthday post for Chris….as I too have a hot, awesome hubby that is 40+ ! Anyway back to this post. Our children dont really need much more than our love and that doesnt cost a thing. I feel strongly that if more parents follow this advice the world would be a better place ! Insta handle @mderganc

  3. Love the list. It doesn’t have to be much, doesn’t have to cost $$. Let the love flow! Definitely trying the staycation, hadn’t considered that before. New scenery can make you feel like a million miles away from the same grind.

  4. This is such an awesome reminder that it?s in the little things where our children see and feel our love!! I am challenged today to make a list of specific ways my kids each feel loved and carve out some one on one time with both of them to listen and chat!! Thanks Heidi!

  5. I love number 5. We get so busy with life , work , fitness and whatever else I feel these are easy and meaningful tips . Thanks for sharing .

  6. This may be my favorite blog post of yours! Love all your content though. You?re inspiring, all around. Much love. ElizGarcia27

  7. Hello! I tried to purchase the body back program, the website says 37.00, then when you click to purchase it goes up to 47.00. Will you help in honoring the advertised price? I tried sending you the screenshots, but your email address [email protected] wouldn?t accept my email. Thanks for your help!

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