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People Magazine: Passages

POSTED ON December 2, 2013

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CP & HP - People Magazine - 12.2.13

Day 18: I’m Thankful for Love in My Arms Again

POSTED ON November 22, 2013

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Day 18-Baby Back

So happy to have this little baby back in my arms again. Day 18 – I am grateful.

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Guessing Game Winner!

POSTED ON November 21, 2013

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Ruby Lane Powell has arrived, and we are over the moon for this little ray of sunshine ☺.

Many of you are asking if we have a winner for the guessing game of Ruby’s arrival date and time, and I am here to tell you…YES! We do☺.

The winner of the $500 Reebok gift card (who I may add, guessed the exact time AND date within the first 10 minutes of the Guessing Game beginning) is…

Molly Brauer




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Day 11-15: Thankful for Magic Hands…and for Little Miss Ruby :)

POSTED ON November 20, 2013

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This post was created about 30 minutes before my water broke at home last Saturday morning :). Because a trip to the hospital was in order, it was clearly never posted. But I really do think this may have done the trick! It’s funny to read this post, knowing so much was just on the cusp of happening…and at the time I had no idea.

Blog post, typed just hours before Ruby was born, below. 

PS – I am counting this as Days 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 that I missed during labor and recovery. Little Miss Ruby has given me so much to be thankful for in this Month of Thanks, I believe this is warranted :).

pregnancy-massage-istkI don’t get them often, but when I do get a massage, I sure do appreciate it :).

Yesterday’s was amazing.

Once I realized that no amount of physical activity, hiking, jumping, or sex (sorry if TMI, but many of you suggested it!) could put me into labor, I decided to take a shot in the other direction with some much-needed “rest and relaxtion”. “Maybe THIS will do it for me,” I thought.

I called our amazing massage therapist and she made it to our home within 3 hours to do the job :). It. Was. The. Most. Amazing. Massage. Ever. Maybe because my body has been in need for so long, or maybe because I was so tired…or maybe because Jenn has magic hands! I don’t know, but I will tell you this…I am SO thankful for yesterday’s massage.

Let’s hope the R&R did the trick! The clock is ticking…no baby yet…

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Announcing…Ruby Lane Powell

POSTED ON November 19, 2013

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#BabyPowell #RubyPowell #PowellPack

We are so pleased to announce the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Ruby Lane Powell.

She decided to join us on Saturday, the 16th of November at 8:20am – weighing in at 6 lbs, 15 oz and 20″ long.

Her sweetness is the perfect addition to our family, completing our 6 Pack :).

See her national announcement on People.com.

#BabyPowell #RubyPowell #PowellPack

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Cash’s Crash Course in Big Brother

POSTED ON November 15, 2013

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With baby girl making her grand appearance any day now, we are trying our best to help Cash understand how his little world is about to change. We are also curious as to how he will treat his new little sister. We decided it would be a good idea to borrow one of Marley’s baby dolls and teach him the basics of being an awesome big brother, which we know he will be. :)

First, we addressed one of Cash’s most favorite possessions: the pacifier. This one took no training as he snatched it up and stuck it in her mouth.

#CashPowell #BigBrother #PowellPack #HeidiPowell

Another one of Cash’s comforts is his “blanky”. We rarely go anywhere without a blanky. I said, “Cash, the baby is going to go night-night.” He then grabs her blanky and covers her up so she is “cozy cozy”.

#CashPowell #BigBrother #PowellPack #HeidiPowell

Next item of business was the bottle. He wouldn’t even consider feeding her with it until we filled it up for him first. He then set out to feed her her bottle but not before trying it out himself first. Had to make sure it was- as Cash would say- ‘delicious’ enough for her. ;)

#CashPowell #BigBrother #PowellPack #HeidiPowell

 ”Baby hungry? Bottle?” And then he put the bottle in her mouth. :)

#CashPowell #BigBrother #PowellPack #HeidiPowell

One day, he surprised us all by giving her his bottle.

#CashPowell #BigBrother #PowellPack #HeidiPowell

While we know this will be a big transition for Cash, we have no doubt that he will be just as sweet as ever with his new baby sister. He’s already demonstrated to us that he’s a natural with babies. We can’t wait to see him take care of her and protect her, just like a good big brother would :).

Have more suggestions to help get siblings ready for a baby? Post away in the comments below…please. We could use them :)

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Day 6: I’m Thankful for Another Day

POSTED ON November 10, 2013

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Day 6-I'm Thankful for Another Day

Six days in on this Month of Thanks thing. I’m a little late today…but no less grateful.

Today, I am grateful for another day…another day with just 3 kids. I am over the moon excited about Little Missy’s arrival, but considering we are at the tail end of our 3rd move in 4 months (yes…I’m serious), I couldn’t be more grateful that our bun decided to stay cooking in her oven for just one more day.

So much to do to get the family (and me) ready for her to come and play. All of this getting ready would have been much harder with 4 in tow…especially with one of them as a newborn.

I must say, these 3 have been quite the helpers! Cash included :).

THANK YOU, Baby Girl…tomorrow will work perfectly for me :).



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Diaper Bag Debacle

POSTED ON November 8, 2013

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Baby Girl is almost here, and I have yet to choose a diaper bag! I would totally use the same one I am using for Cash, but…I want a little more of a feminine touch for my little angel ☺. And the one I am using for Cash is technically not even a diaper bag. It’s a gym bag that I loved.

Time for a true diaper bag purchase, for sure, but I need help! So many cute ones to choose from, it’s making my head spin! Below are my fave 5 so far. Tell me your favorite of the bunch! Or give me your own suggestion ☺.

Pick the perfect diaper bag for #BabyPowell at http://heidipowell.net/5289

1. Storksak “Olivia” Nylon Baby Bag – At first glance, I feel like this is the one!!! Not sure though, because with online shopping you can never tell. I love this purple color and think it will add “pop” to my wardrobe. And the nylon seems like it will be great for regular kid wear and tear. I will be using it for both little ones…is it too girlie for Cash? Or better yet, for Chris to carry? Gosh…I would totally carry this with or without a baby! Sporty and fun.

2. Petunia Pickle Bottom “City Carryall” Diaper Bag – In all my days of mothering, I’ve never had a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag that I didn’t love. And this is, as Cash would say, “adobable”. Love it. Classic, chic, a little glam, and black…which hides lots of dirt ☺. Spacious enough? This is my only question.

3. Storkak Diaper Bag Tote in Grey – This is super cute and stylish, but a bit pricey. After having used quite a few diaper bags in my day, I do know that you get what you pay for. Has anyone used this one before? Is it worth the money spent?

4. Babymel ‘Camden’ Carryall Diaper Bag – Okay…could this get any cuter or squishier??? Reminds me of how babies should be…chubby ☺. And there’s that purple color again. Looks SO cozy!

5. Babymel ‘Amanda Quilted’ Diaper Bag – Loving this line that I have never heard of before! Well-priced compared to some others. And this (yes, purple again) pattern is amazing. Fun and cute, but subtle enough to wear everyday. Once again…adobable.

Post your comments below! Let me know which bag I should choose for Baby Powell. If none, don’t hesitate to give me advice on what you like!

Thanks, friends,
Heidi ☺

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Guessing Game: When Will Baby Powell Arrive???

POSTED ON November 7, 2013

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When Will Baby Powell Arrive?

You see my posts all too often these days…I’m nearing D-Day and WAY too curious about when our little princess will actually come.

Of all parts that come along with pregnancy, I must admit that the hardest part for me is this game at the end…the waiting game.

If only I had a crystal ball…I could plan my days, my kids’ days, my weeks, my work, my blogs, my workouts with the peeps…I am quite the planner, if you haven’t figured that out yet ☺. Not knowing what to plan for it the hardest thing in the world for me!

I know induction is a possibility, but since I am doing another epidural-free childbirth, I’m not interested in a potentially more-painful process that comes with induction. The way it happens naturally is enough for me!

Bottom line, I just want to hold this little baby girl. I want to dress her, bathe her, play with her, and let the kids and Chris do the same. I can’t wait to meet her. Each day feels like 10, lately.

To make some fun of this crazy waiting, I decided to make a game of it for all of us! We’re going to play a guessing game!

Whoever can accurately predict Baby Girl Powell’s arrival date and time wins a HUGE grand prize…a $500 Reebok gift card!!!!

Here are a couple tips for you, which may (or may not) help out your guesses:

1. My due date is November 16.
2. This is my 4th pregnancy/childbirth. Some say the more you have the quicker they come…although I am not sure I believe this ;)
3. Matix and Marley (my two oldest) were BOTH 10 days early.
4. Cash, my youngest, was (are you ready for this?) 10 days LATE!
5. I have been incredibly active this pregnancy. They say the more active you are, the longer you carry babies.
6. I don’t feel close AT ALL right now. I feel like she might want to stay in this belly of mine forever, if she could. Cash was the same way.
7. Getting Cash to come out was a chore. Ten days overdue, I tried castor oil twice, and finally went into labor after lunging (with backpacks on my back), jumping rope, sprinting halls…all in the hospital. Finally, they broke my water for me to start labor. He was out within 28 minutes.

Hope this helps ☺

Here’s how to play:

1. Leave a comment on this blog, giving your guesses. Don’t forget date AND time. The first to pick it correctly (or the closest guess without going over) is our winner. You can comment/guess up to 5 times.
2. Like, share, retweet, repost, and/or rePin the Baby Due Date Guessing Game posts on my social media channels. Share your guess(es) with each post! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BabyPowell and #HeidiPowell so I can find you.
3. Get guessing!

PS – This guessing game will go on until she is born…you may have 1 day, you may have 30 days. I’d place your guesses quickly!!! Winner will be announced shortly after Baby Powell arrives!

Good luck…to both of us! ☺


To help everyone in making their guesses,
List the date first, then time, followed by any comments.

Example: November 7th – 2:34pm   Can’t wait for her arrival!



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aden + anais + GIVEAWAY

POSTED ON October 27, 2013

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Congratulations to our Winner, Jackie LeBeau
Make sure you check out our next Labor Day to Labor Day BabyPowell Giveaway this Sunday!

Enter to win my #BabyPowell Aden+Anais Giveaway at http://heidipowell.net/4592

We are so lucky today to have some of my babies’ favorite swaddles on the blog to giveaway! Anyone who has tried the aden + anais swaddles knows there is nothing quite like them. Super thin (and easy to carry with), yet incredibly warm and soft for baby. Cash’s swaddles seem to get softer over the years…he still keeps his close by ☺.

That’s not all! aden + anais is also giving away an entire set of their new mum + bub skincare line! I haven’t tried this yet, but am DYING to. The entire line is gentle enough for baby to use, but amazing enough for mom!

Enter to win the #BabyPowell aden+anais giveaway at http://heidipowell.net/4592

This week’s aden + anais Giveaway is worth over $106!! Here’s what you’ll get:
1. one pack of aden + anais swaddles, print of your choice – I LOVE the tranquility bamboo muslin collection shown in the pic above, but you get to choose!
2. mum + bub skincare set of 3: soothing ointment (3 oz), hair + body wash (12 oz), and ultra-gentle lotion (12 oz).

Here’s how you can win:
1. Comment on this blog post, letting me know if this gift is for you, baby, or a friend (anyone is great, I’m just curious because these products are supposed to be fantastic for all!).
2. Like, retweet, rePin, and/or share my posts on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest. Please use #BabyPowell so we can find you!
3. Make sure you are following me and aden+anais on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or Instagram (the more the better!).

A random winner was chosen on Wednesday, October 30, 2013. Thanks for participating!

Heidi :-)

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