A Lotta Tabata || 4-Minute Total Body Toning Workouts

If you’re short on time (aren’t we all?), you CAN?still get in a workout. Between carpools, family, and work, sometimes getting to the gym is hard, SO?here?s a little secret of mine: TABATA.?Tabata is high intensity interval training that takes only 4 minutes, it’s easy to follow, and kids can join in too. ?This is how I get fit in 4 minutes.

Now set the clock for 4 minutes or download a Tabata timer app. Before you hit start, choose a movement. Once you hit start, your workout will look like this:

Step #1: 2o seconds ON (performing reps of the movement).
Step #2: 10 second OFF (rest)???You?ve successfully completed 1 round!
Step #3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for 8 complete rounds?totaling FOUR minutes.

Easy peasy! But don’t be fooled…I can promise you, your muscles will be feeling it. 😉

For even MORE of a workout, simply stack multiple 4-minute Tabata “blocks” on top of each other. In other words, once you complete movement #1 (say, Push Ups), simply Tabata another movement (like Burpees). Each “block” is 4 minutes, so essentially, you can do a total body workout with 3 moves in just 12 minutes…like I did in the video above. Below are the moves I did in my workout…

My?Leggings ||?My?Sports Bra?||?My Tank Top

Plank Risers:

8 rounds in 4 minutes of 20 seconds of plank risers (do as many as you can!), 10 seconds of rest.


8 rounds in 4 minutes of 20 seconds of Thrusters?(do as many as you can!), 10 seconds of rest.


Bent Over Dumbbell Rows:

8 rounds in 4 minutes of 20 seconds of Rows?(do as many as you can!), 10 seconds of rest.

PS: The app is chock-full-o Tabata, and simple, easy-to-do, time-efficient workouts like this!

What movements do you like to Tabata? Share your faves in the comments below.



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