Tabata: 20 Minute Resistance Band At-Home Workout

If you think 20 seconds goes by fast, then you, my friends, have never done a Tabata! (Tabata? I thought you said ciabatta!) Not only is a good Tabata one of my favorite ways to work out when I’m in a hurry, but it’s also a super charged way to blast fat.

What is Tabata?

A Tabata workout is only 4 minutes long. Yep, that short! The goal is to work as hard as you can for 20 second intervals, followed immediately by 10 seconds of rest, for a total of 8 rounds. You can do the same moves each 20 seconds of rest, switch up the moves, or add on more rounds (like I did in the video down below).

Tabata workouts are designed to be short, sweet, and to the point, making them the perfect workout for when you’re traveling, on the go, or need to get in a quick sweat session in the middle of a super crazy day. A Tabata workout will help raise not only your heart rate, but your metabolism, too, and since you’re performing these moves at 100% max effort, your body will be working hard to maintain that intensity and ultimately blasting fat while you do so.

Join me for this fun resistance band Tabata workout and keep scrolling for some of my other favorite Tabata workouts you can bookmark for later!

Don’t have a resistance band? No problem, here are two of my favorites: budget friendly set and the one I’m wearing in the video below

What you’ll do:

Set your clock or timer for 4 minutes, or you can download a Tabata timer app. You’ll start with round 1 and complete 20 seconds of the specified move, followed by 10 seconds of rest, x 8 sets total. Then you’ll move onto round 2 and do the same thing. Since each round is 4 minutes of work, this entire workout will take you 20 minutes from start to finish.

Round 1: Squat Jacks

  • Start by placing your resistance band around both legs, right above your knees. If you don’t have a resistance band, don’t stress! You can still do this entire workout without one! I love adding the band for the added resistance because it makes each move just a little more difficult when I’m doing it.
  • Sink down into a squat position, keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground, heels down, and sinking your booty back and down like you’re getting ready to sit on a chair.
  • As you start to stand, explode from the ground into a jump, and bring your legs in closer together, similar to a jumping jack motion.

Round 2: Crab Toe Touch

  • Sitting on the ground, place your hands on the ground firmly behind you, and bend your knees at a 90 degree angle with your feet out in front of you.
  • Raise your booty off the ground, and bring your left foot into your right hand, alternating sides as you go. You should feel like a crab while you’re doing this one! It’s silly, it’s fun, and it’s a heck of a burner!

Round 3: Squat Shuffle

  • Perform a squat, but when you go to stand, explode into a side jump. almost like you’re shuffling, but doing so in a squat motion.
  • Still confused? Watch the video!

Round 4: Squat Side Kick

  • Perform a squat, sinking down into the squat position, keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground, heels down, and sinking your booty back and down like you’re getting ready to sit on a chair.
  • As you stand, raise your left leg out to the side, squeezing the glute on the raise.
  • Lower back down and sink into another squat, raising the right leg as you stand this time.
  • Continue to alternate legs for the full 20 seconds.

Round 5: Plank Toe Raises

  • Get in the plank position where your forearms are on the ground and legs are extended out straight behind you, toes on the ground.
  • Activate your core by bringing your belly button to the spine and keeping your booty down, spine neutral.
  • As you obtain this position, bring your right leg out to the side, back down, then straight up in the air behind you, then back down.
  • Repeat on the opposite side and keep alternating for the full 20 seconds.

Whew! I promise you’ll feel the burn during this workout! And I bet you anything it’ll feel like you put in more work than what you would anticipate a 20 minute workout could do.

Officially in love with Tabatas? Check out some of my other favorites!


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