GIVEAWAY || Lifetime Access To The TRANSFORM App For Two + Summertime Workout And Recipe Roundup

Ahhh summertime! The joyous (translation: stinking HOT) season here in Arizona full of pool time, popsicles, and playing with my kids. However, it’s also a time of pressure to cram in as many quality experiences as possible in just a few short months. It seems nearly impossible to prepare for all of the things on our summer bucket list, and before we know it, August is here, and we’re already in back-to-school mode. To save you time (and some sanity) in preparing your summer calendar, I’ve gathered some of my favorite and most popular blogs—from smoothie recipes to staying fit to kid-friendly activities—all in one place!

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BONUS: To get you started on your summer transformation journey and beyond, we’re running the FIRST—and maybe the last—LIFETIME subscription special to The TRANSFORM App! For ONLY $299, you can get a lifetime (that’s decades!!!) of over 430 (and counting!) yummy recipes, a customized nutrition and workout program that adjusts as you progress towards your goals, and amazing and inspiring Life Lessons (the TRUE key to transformation!), all backed up with content and videos galore.

And lucky for you…I’m giving away TWO of these LIFETIME ACCESS MEMBERSHIPS right here on the blog…for FREE! Scroll to the bottom of the blog for details on how YOU and a friend can win free coaching with us on the app for the rest of your life!!

Ummmm…but back to the sale. If you do the math, it’s like buy 20 months, get the rest of your life for FREE! So what are you waiting for? This (maybe) once in a lifetime deal ends May 31st, so go sign up now at, or click -> here! Then head back here and continue reading⬇.

**NOTE: If you sign up today and end up winning, you have my word we will refund you the money!

Now on to the important stuff …😉

My Favorite Ways to Stay Fit This Summer: Preparing your summer bod starts way before the temperatures hit the 100s and continues throughout the summer!

In order to save you some time researching and planning out your workouts for the summer, I’ve put together my top four favorite workouts to keep you fit (while still leaving you time for the kids!):

*And if you’re just beginning your transformation journey or want some amazing transformation tools, here is THE all-in-one post (filled with lots of links!) to get you started: How to Begin Your Transformation Journey—Step-by-Step

My Go-To Smoothie and Shake Recipes: On a hot summer day (and really, any day, right?), a smoothie or shake is a perfect meal! Smoothies help pack in those healthy micronutrients without even realizing you’re drinking your veggies.

They’re also a great way to stay cool and save yourself some time with meal prep—exactly what this mama needs with four littles running around all season long. Just add the ingredients to your blender and voila! Total plus: All of the recipes below are Powell Pack approved, kid-friendly treats that our family loves to drink! YUM.

Top Family Activities + Family Workouts: For me, summer is all about savoring that extra time with the kids and trying new things. While swimming and splash pads are a great way to cool down, we can’t ignore the fact that workouts are still a necessity too!

Adding a kid-friendly element to things like a Tabata workout is a great way to stay fit AND enjoy quality time as a family. Fit some “screen free” time into your daily summer schedule and get your whole family moving this summer with some of my favorite kid-friendly activities below. 

Here’s to a happy, healthy, fulfilling summer full of wonderful moments with your family! What’s on your summer bucket list?! I want to know your summer plans—I might need to steal an idea or ten! Leave your comments below and share your ideas!

Now…for the giveaway! To enter to win LIFETIME access to The TRANSFORM App for you and a friend, follow these simple steps:

  1. Comment below and tell me why you should win this life-changing prize!
  2. Find my Facebook or Instagram post about this giveaway and tag your friend who you would love to give the other membership to!

The giveaway ends this Sunday (May 27, 2018) at midnight, and the lucky winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday! And please feel free to enter as many times as you want. 🙂



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  1. Bobi - August 16, 2018

    Love all your content but man that lifetime app would have been aaamazing! Maybe the dietbet instead 👊🏻💪🏻

  2. Soila valdez - June 14, 2018

    Winning this lifetime app would truly change my entire life. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I am only 22 years old and I want to be healthy and fit before I have children. I want to be able to provide my children with a healthy life, but I am the one who needs help at this point. I have already lost some weight on my own, therefore I know I am capable of achieving my goals but with the help of you, Chris, and the transformation app my life would change for good! Thank you for this opportunity!

  3. Samantha - June 14, 2018

    I would love this as I am trying to change my life not just physically but emotionally and ever other wag.

  4. Marcie Larsen - May 27, 2018

    My husband and I would live to win! Three months ago we were expecting our third baby. One night I felt like I was going into early labor so we rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately she died. I was 34 weeks pregnant. Our lives have changed drastically we have been sad and our hearts are healing, every once in a while I just drop to the floor and cry. I feel in the middle because my two kids here need a strong mom but I also want my baby girl that I lost. We need help on trying to get our bodies back together.. I feel sad because after I had my other kids I knew it took time and I would say it’s my baby weight… It’s sad to say that now because I am not holding a baby while saying I am working off my baby weight… I have seen you guys do amazing things even a little boost in the right direction would be helpful! Thank you!

  5. Emily Taylor - May 27, 2018

    I don’t deserve to win any more or less than anyone else, but I’d love to! I just know that I need all the support I can get to achieve my goals and help the people around me. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a child. I do not remember a time when I felt truly uninhibited by it. Not as an 8 year old in swimming lessons, or running through sprinklers at 10. Not auditioning for groups in high school or walking across the stage at college graduation. Not in relationships or developing my talents. I have let it dictate far too much in my life and I need to change that, but at 44 it is hard to even imagine what it might be like to be at a healthy weight. I love the Transform App because you and the community are so motivational, and it maps out a realistic, whole lifestyle change. It makes weight loss seem simple and do-able , but doesn’t say that it is easy. I want to use the Transform App to help me help myself, and to lead my whole family into a healthier lifestyle, especially @mypaljeremy. Jeremy is my brother, who was born with Down syndrome. Just last month, at 33 years old, he had a stroke that has (very luckily) left him nearly blind in one eye. We know that lifestyle changes must happen to reduce his chances for further problems. I know that the Transform App can help us to help ourselves, and with lifetime subscriptions, we could do it together. I’d love the opportunity to do that with the amazing @mypaljeremy for a long, long time!

  6. Ashley - May 27, 2018

    Thank you so much for a chance to win a life changing opportunity! I have never been severely overweight, but was a chunky kid and weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight has consistently been a struggle for 30 years. It has been quite the roller coaster ride. I would love to learn from you, so that I could help others along in their journey. I would love to share this with my brother the most!

  7. Melissa - May 27, 2018

    I am just restarting my fitness journey. I have started and restarted a couple more than a few times. I am motivated with no buts now. A lifetime membership to your fitness’s app would help give me extra motivation on the days that my 12 hour shifts as a nurse, followed by caring for my children leave me so tired I don’t want to work out. The recipe ideas would help me meal prep and plan on the go, during the short lunch breaks I get, helping me be prepared to grocery shop in my spare time. All combined with my heard work will help me live a better lifestyle and be motivation for my children and those around me.

  8. Selena Pichardo - May 27, 2018

    Hello Heidi and Chris. After going thru so much lose in my life, both good and bad, I’ve learned from your inspiration and motivation that things can only get better. During hurricane sandy I lost almost everything in my home. It took years to rebuild our lives to get back to a stable lifestyle. But having lost almost everything I realized that the stuff we had, wasn’t worth the value of having life, family and friends. This lose, though heart wrenching brought so much good too my life. It centered me with God. It brought me closer to my then boyfriend who later became my husband. It made me focus on bettering me. I had lost over 150lbs prior to this. And after having my baby using your motivation and advice I once again lost 75lbs. After losing my job you inspired me that following my dreams relentlessly in developing my own business I could make anything possible. I would love to invest in the program but every penny counts right now. I’m at a plateau in my weight loss journey but with your coaching and motivation I know that I can reach my goals and inspire others the way that you’ve inspired me. You see I’ve learned that thru great loss sometimes it might be outward loss, but the gains within, are so much greater! Hoping that you will become my lifetime coach along with my favorite workout partner my husband, Sherwin. @fit2inspireyou @mago139

  9. Jennifer Whitley - May 27, 2018

    I d love to win this for myself and my teenage daughter!! I’ve watched you guys on tv and now on Instagram for years and you are both so encouraging and empowering to others! I am currently in the middle of a divorce after almost 24 years of marriage, and I need a positive reset in life!! I need to lose half my body weight and I want to teach my teenage daughter how to get healthy for life. I can only do that if I model that behavior myself and I need help and a like-minded community behind me in order to be successful! Plus finances are tight and winning this would be so amazing!! Thank you!!

  10. Jessica - May 27, 2018

    I would love to win the lifetime giveaway! I was subscribed but had to cancel due to funds. Y’all are so motivational and I always look forward to that time in the day when I get to catch up and learn more. Crossing fingers I get picked because I tell everyone about you and know they’d be more than thrilled to join in with me!

  11. Tydresser - May 27, 2018

    I’ve watched your show, I’ve bought your books, and currently I am on “Pause” with the Transform app.
    I am 54 years old and in menopause and am in desperate need for personal coaching. I have put weight on over the last 4/5 Year’s and really would L💖VE to design my body similar to Heidi’s and show that a 54yr. Old can start from a menopause frumpy body and get to a fit sexy well toned, well defined physic.

    Thank you for considering me. 😊

    • TyDresser - May 27, 2018

      I would like to tag my best friend of 20 yrs. Carie Gress. She has always struggled with her weight due to stress, an accidental death of her husband leaving her with a five-year-old boy to raise, years later to have married again and have that man cheat on her. Etc…. I would love to see her feel beautiful again.

  12. Lori Hamilton - May 27, 2018

    I have lost 65 pounds since Christmas but I still weigh 311 pounds. I need your help.

  13. Rheana Foster - May 27, 2018

    Oh, goodness!
    I have used the app now for a little over a year. I have had a few people come up to me and ask me questions about getting into shape and nutrition. I always point them to the “Transform App”.

    Recently my daughter, who just turned 13, has started to workout. Just last month I signed her up with the “Transform App”. Her and I now both go to the gym and workout. I would really enjoy this lifetime subscription for her and I.

    Thank you for all you guys do and the information that you have made available for a very reasonable price!

  14. Monika - May 27, 2018

    Hi there, my name is Monika and I would love to win this giveaway. Last year was a ruff year for my family. I was diagnosed with colon cancer and went through chemo and 3 surgeries. Prior to my diagnosis I had just competed in my first NPC competition. 2 months later I was in the hospital fighting for my life. Like you can imagine, I wasn’t able to keep my fitness level. All my hard work was gone. So the chemo and treatments actually made me gain 20 lbs that I can’t seem to shed now. I feel like I’m starting at square 1. I would be forever grateful for the opportunity to have the transformation app. I don’t have the financial means to buy the membership or higher a trainer. I feel that the app would give me the resources I need to get me back to the place I was. Thank you for your consideration!

  15. Staci - May 27, 2018

    Hey Heidi!

    I have followed you and Chris since the beginning of Extreme Makeover Weightloss & followed so closely in 2014, that I got down to my pre-baby weight & then some just with your encouragement through the live tweeting sessions. Since then however, I have gotten divorced, remarried, & had another baby. And now find myself struggling with losing the weight again. My husband has also put on about 80 lbs since we got together just 3 years ago.

    I am a spiritual mindset coach who helps women discover their identity beyond “Mom” & create their ultimate self care ritual to balance Mom life with building their own business. I tell the women I work with daily that exercise and nutrition are keys to unlocking their full potential, but I still struggle with keeping to my own workouts & meal plans.

    We know what needs to happen to get to where we want to be, it’s just a matter of sticking to it for us. We find ourselves using all the good excuses: I’m tired, it’s late, I don’t have time, one bite won’t hurt, etc. it’s exhausting, physically and mentally.

    Having access to you and Chris for the rest of our future would be life changing to say the least. I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day & can’t wait to hear from you soon ❤️

  16. Becky m. - May 27, 2018

    I just turned 50 this past week and have big goals this year!!
    1. Body Fat goal 18%
    2.10 pull ups.
    3.Start a blog on my progress
    I have been using the App and love it!!
    Winning will help me with my goals above:)

  17. Carrie Edward - May 27, 2018

    Hello Heidi;
    I would love to win because over the past 10 years I had been going to the gym and doing classes and training on my own. I still have not lost any weight. I can’t afford a personal trainer. Finally I gave up and quit going to the gym as I was just getting heavier and heavier.
    A year and a half later I started doing the keto diet and have lost 30 pounds. Now I feel like I’ve got control of my weight and my diet but I need help getting to the gym and doing the right thing with my body. I am turning 54 next month and I already can tell my body is changing and I don’t want it to get old and weak. Thank you for the chance to win this!

  18. Arin Tantani - May 27, 2018

    I have been working out around 4 days a week for about 3 years and I am down about 50lbs. However I have been plateaued on my weight for the last year. I still loose inches but very slow. I think with the transformation app I could start to loose again and get to my goal weight.

  19. Casey - May 27, 2018

    Hi Heidi! My name is Casey and I am a mother to 3 littles. I had my last baby in November and am ready to transform my life. I was an athlete in high school but after getting married at 18 I just started to pack on the pounds. I want to have more energy to play with my kids. I want to feel better about myself and I also feel like this would be something my husband and I could do together which would in turn make us better parents but also better spouses for each other!

  20. Robin Westwood - May 27, 2018

    I am a 45 mother of 4. I work 1 full time job and 1 part time job. I am that person who does everything for everybody else and rarely takes the time for myself. Trying to find balance is very hard for me. I would love to win this membership so I can start taking care of me. So I can have more energy to do things with my children and not only be the best mom for them but to definitely lead by example. Whomever wins the membership will have received a wonderful opportunity !

  21. Molly Armstrong - May 27, 2018

    I had worked my way down 70lbs from my brightest weight but unfortunately didn’t do it in a healthy enough way, and gained 40 back. Then I got pregnant. Unfortunately after my beautiful son was born in February I’m now back up to my highest weight and am struggling to find a balance to be a full time working mom and finding time for a workout. More so I’m nervous to go back to the gym knowing my fitness level is nowhere near what it was. I’ve been considering your app anyway, and the lifetime membership would be such a help!! I’d want to do it with my husband so we could improve our lifestyle together and both be a healthy example for our son.

  22. Rachel Woodling - May 27, 2018

    I’m on Day 6 of the app and I love it! I can barely move from being so sore from the exercise but it hurts so good! 😀

  23. Julie Childers - May 27, 2018

    I am a mother of 3 and grandmother to 2 . I have always worked and right now working 50 to 60 hrs a week becuz we are so busy. I know what i should be doing but taking care of me has never been a priority. I want to be around for my family and i need to start now as i just turned 60. My husband is retired so to win this would be great. I love you and Chris and have always watched the shows
    Thank you for all you do!!!

  24. Katie - May 27, 2018

    My name is Katie and I would love to win the app because I am a 35 year old mom of three great girls and I want to be able to show my girls a healthy lifestyle.

  25. Shannon Smith - May 27, 2018

    Heidi! This is so exciting! My husband and I would be so overjoyed to be given the transform app! We have been searching and searching for something that will help us get out of our funk. We lost our baby to miscarriage on Christmas last year and have gained a significant amount of weight from the depression and emotional eating that has followed us like the plague. We feel very trapped in our bodies and have just been praying that something will click. We are desperate. I am the biggest I’ve ever been and he’s not too far behind. We want to lose the weight for our health, so we can enjoy our lives without being held back and so that we can have a family and set a good example for them. Thanks for reading! We just love you guys, you are both such an inspiration!

  26. Tatiana Mathis - May 27, 2018

    Hi there my name isTatiana and I am completely obsessed with the transformation App. It’s my Bible! I’ve been using it everyday since Jan. 2018 and I can not imagine my life without it. I follow allow that accelerators, weight, and nutrition daily. I love the variety of food. My progress has been extremely slow but with persistence, dedication and consistency I have dropped 8 pounds since January and 4% body fat. I’m at 24% body fat today and my goal is to be at 20%bf. It could take months or years but I’m not giving up. I loved the food option so much that I put my 2 teenage boys on the transformation nutrition plan. They are both football players and in 2 months of eating this way they have gotten leaner, stronger and faster. It’s incredible how much nutrition plays a huge role on how you feel. I need this app forever! I cannot marine my life without it! I’m also a PE teacher and I use some of your moves with my students. Please pick me! My girlfriend Rose Russo also uses your App daily and I would like to tag her as well. Have a happy Sunday!!! Stay positive and always smile☺️!

  27. Stephanie chavez - May 27, 2018

    My name is Stephanie in age 44. I’ve tried many programs and lost motivation and crushed my spirits but really need that life changing help more then ever. Currently my husband is fighting stage 3 esophageal cancer and has lost over 150 lbs in less then 6 months dropping from 370 to 220 since November last year.i have struggled in the past almost tipping 300 and dropped to 250 but cannot get past that. I’ve had my own medical problems but now being his caregiver I need my health and strength more then ever . I need to be healthy to be there for him but also to be strong for my four kids and their fAmilies.

  28. Sarah jones - May 27, 2018

    Hello! My name is Sarah. I have been following you for quite a while now. You are such and inspiration. My husband and I are committed to fitness for life. We have both always exercised and as we have aged we are finding our bodies changing in ways we never hoped for. Lol. I would Love the transformation app because I am at a plateau. I am out of new workout ideas and recipes. My husband and I both need someone to give us direction but financially can’t afford a trainer. Then there’s the 4 kids we want to be the best role models for. Healthy lifestyle is so important for us to teach them. Thank you for being an inspiration. And thank you for the opportunity to possible have the app for life!!!!!

  29. Kelsey - May 27, 2018

    I would love to have the opportunity to Learn and train from you and Chris. I have been big fans of yours for a long time now. I think I should win this because I deserve it. I deserve to treat and care for my body. I deserve to get in shape and learn healthy ways to maintain a lifestyle that helps me reach my full potential. Thank you for all that you do 🙂

  30. Gaëlle - May 27, 2018

    Where to begin ?
    Well I folllow you and Chris for a long time now on tv from France (Paris). I am a huge fan. Following the both of you on instagram, FB…
    I had weight problems since I was 6. When I met my husband, I was overweight. He supported me all the way trough and more when I decided to have surgery… Now that I lost almost 40kg, I learn how to live with this new body. I do workout, but the last 8 months, life was hard. We lost my husband’mum, her sister was diagnosed cancer and I had to quit my job. We took weight and I stopped workout. I would like to get us back on track to have kids, be there for our family… It would be some kind of payback for all these years of support.
    Would be such an honor 🙂

  31. Miranda Mueters - May 27, 2018

    As a mama of 5 kids under the age of 11, full time wife and mama, as well as homeschooling mom, my life is full and busy! My youngest is only 4 months old, and I started using the Transform App about 7 or 8 weeks after he was born. My husband also has the app, and has been seeing great results! It’s been so easy with a newborn to just workout at home, and it’s been amazing for our children to see us both exercising at home! They love chanting the coaching lines from both Chris and Heidi- “This is your destiny!” And “You’re a fat burning machine!” 🤣My little ones especially like doing the exercises with us! We believe we are leaving a legacy of good health for our children! I would love to win the lifetime app, as we plan on using it anyway for life…that’s how much of an impact it’s been making on our whole family! 😀

  32. Janet Frye - May 27, 2018

    I think the question is why WOULDN’T I want to win the membership? I’m not in a place financially to be able to afford luxeries like fitness apps but am definitely commited to a healthy lifestyle. I am currently just using YouTube videos and free workouts I can find online, would love to have access to an app where everything is in one place! Thanks for being so generous!

  33. Rob Hibbard - May 27, 2018

    I would absolutely love to win this package. My weight has been an lifetime challenge for me. I have had a yo yo weight pattern all my life. I am now 42 and want to be around for my wife and kids for as long as I can. I have been able to lose weight and then quickly put back on. I enjoy working out but when i stop, the weight comes back on. I would like to be able to have a healthy weight without killing myself. I enjoy your program and would love to continue it.

  34. Gena - May 27, 2018

    Hi! I’m fairly new to the app .. but would absolutely LOVE 💕 to win a lifetime membership! I’ve been on the plan 2 short weeks but I know this is doable & sustainable.. which is what I’ve been looking for! I’m eating healthy & actually enjoying the foods (and not feeling deprived) .. I’m feeling stronger & more confident in my workout & I’m seeing results in my energy level, the way my clothes fit & on the scales! Finally .. something that ANYONE can do & stick with!! My family is enjoying the meals & they don’t feel like we are “dieting” .. this truly is life changing!! Thank you TRANSFORM, Chris & Heidi ❤️

  35. Debby Fougere - May 27, 2018

    Hi Chris ,Haidi I would love to be given the opportunity have your app iam turn 50 this year need loss the last 25lbs to live health life I would love to learn New things to share the love like you . to be able use the app any where any time no more excuse .

    Thank you

  36. Nayomi Monge - May 27, 2018

    I joined your latest oxygen challenge and my husband and i have been hooked! I have tried to get my husband on a new healthy life plan for a few years and this is the first one he stuck to. Since then we tried to go it alone but failed and are now on the transform app. We have been using it since the beginning of May of this year and have been pretty consistent. Our goals are to become healthy so that we may have the ability to get pregnant. Bring a healthy child into the world and be healthy examples for them as they grow up! I have been told it will be hard to conceive but not impossible so I am hoping that by changing my lifestyle into a healthy one with food and exercise we can have our family of two grow. It would be great to have the lifetime membership so that we can use the transform app as a tool for a lifetime of healthy living.

    • Wendy Brennan - May 27, 2018

      I need this app I am stuck at 195 forn2 years after a 70 lb. Weight loss. I had your app but due to money constraints I had to cancel it. I have worked so hard to get where I am but somedays especially today I just feel like my fight isn’t good enough and then I stumbled across this Can you say divine intervention

  37. Rae Aldridge - May 27, 2018

    I would love to win the transform app for life because I think it would really help me hit my goals by simplifying the process and supplying daily motivation.
    I have recently lost 25 lbs but am now stuck. I need to mix up my routine and work on my diet to break this plateau. I could use a some help with that.
    Love you guys. Thanks for all the motivation!

  38. Tyla - May 27, 2018

    I would love to win this giveaway. I am new to the app but have followed your programs for a long time. I recently had a baby and definatly need the app to follow. I would also love my sisters to have yhe chance to try the app as hey are new to the program but they are learning how great it really is. Our guys rock.

  39. Amanda - May 27, 2018

    I’m always amazed on how much you and Chris give back to people. You help change people’s lives everyday! I would love to have the opportunity to win the lifetime membership. To have the access at my fingertips and something to keep me accountable. This would be a great birthday gift to myself to continue on the fitness lifestyle. As everyone has a story I’m a mother of three teens. A full time nurse. And a wife of a busy welding and fabrication shop business owner.

  40. Michelle Burton - May 27, 2018

    I became a grandma this week and my goal to get healthy so I can play with him and be here for a while to enjoy him. I am turning 50 in October and going on a cruise. I would love to enjoy it not in pain just from walking to much. I gained a lot of weight when my daughter passed away in 2009. I would be forever grateful and blessed!!

  41. Casey Perez - May 27, 2018

    I work at a job where i’m mostly seated and my boyfriend is going to school. We are both struggling with finding the time to exercise and prepare meals that are healthy. Having the app will remind us and hopefully keep us engaged/accountable for reaching our goals. I have been a fan of you guys for a while and trust your system to help us create a healthy lifestyle.

  42. Mikah Willis - May 27, 2018

    Hi Heidi,

    I’m a wife, mom and nurse. I try to stay healthy and in shape but with busy schedule sometimes it’s hard. Also I feel sometimes I’m a loss on what my work out should be or what should I eat and cook for my family.

    A little under a year ago I competed in a NPC bikini competition. I loved the way I looked. Hated my diet. Kinda struggling with some body dismorphia that arena to come with the territory. I don’t know if I will compete again but would like to get back in better shape. I know the transformation app would help me get there. I love watching your work outs and applying them to my workout. I hope I win so I can spend many decades with you guys.

  43. Keri Johnson - May 27, 2018

    I have been following you and Chris forever. I love working out and staying fit. I’m not over weight but I do struggle with some body dismorphology and constantly comparing myself to other and the scale. I eat fairly well but my healthy creative side lacks so I find myself eating the same thing over and over again. #borring. I am a nurse work nights and get very little sleep on days I work I need to learn balance with diet and lifestyle. I need to learn a healthier way to eat I’m not looking to compete or anything I was want to look good and feel good about me and who I am. I don’t have a lot of extra money so I can afford a trainer a nutritionist to help me figure out my diet. Which I know is my biggest issue. I have even suspended my gym membership do to money and now just workout from home. I make it work. But having the transformation app would broaden my horizons and give me more insight. I need giuidence. Ever since I turned 40 my body keep change and food affects me differently so frustrating One more took in my tool chest. Never can have too many tools. Heidi. I think your amazing. Not just because of what you do with working out and staying fit and being a platform for people to use and learn from but I love your openness. Positivity and how you interact with your kids. You make me smile on days I might need a little extra. Thank you. Keep it real like you always do.

    Ps. I have never tried a marshmallow dreambar

  44. Megan - May 27, 2018

    First off I just want to say how amazing I think you and Chris are and how I LOVE watching all that you guys do for others, well actually I love watching anything to do with you guys and your family, I’m pretty sure I never miss an insta story, you guys are motivational and inspirational and I just imagine how many amazing lives transform has helped change! I’m not sure what really sets me apart from “deserving” to win this, but as many I’m on my own health journey committed to reversing and curing myself from pcos and insulin resistance through exercise diet and a healthy lifestyle, my family is everything to
    Me and I’m hoping to teach them through example that health is an important choice we can make everyday, the choices we make through food and activity can derttimine and help shape the life we live. Although not always easy having access to so many inspirational people through social media helps keep
    Me going and shows me I’m not alone in my effort and mindset even if the
    People around me are not there yet! So thank you for being who you guys are and doing what you do and giving yet another chance to help
    Change and shape someone else’s life❤️

  45. Bethany Cooper - May 27, 2018

    2 years ago I had a phrolactic mastectomy and ovary removal which through me into medical menopause. Three months later I lost my 39 year old brother to pancreatic cancer and since then my weight has spiraled out of control. When I was 24 (39 now) I weighed 262 pounds and over years of dieting and exercising I lost over 110 pounds. I stayed the same weight for some time and then decided to lose the rest, 26 more pounds down…. and then when all this happened I gained it right back. I’m desperate to get it back off. I lift weights on a consistent basis and eat fairly healthy, but I really need more guidance on the amount of food and what macros I should be following. I’ve tried carb cycling before (read all of you guys book) but end up getting confused and frustrated. I would love to win the app for a year to help me get back to a place of being comfortable in my own skin. I however cannot tag anyone on facebook/Instagram since I really don’t have any friends or family thay exercise/follow fitness. It’s just me in the battle against me.

  46. Heather Bennett - May 27, 2018

    I have been loving what the Transform App has been doing for me. As a full-time working mom in her 40s it is hard to get time for me. I let everything come before my own health. With this app I can do killer workouts in my own basement and I can see results happening already in the 8 weeks I have used it. I want to finallyyyy lose the extra weight I have been carrying the last 6 years, build muscle and firm up and overall become more confident in my own skin.

  47. Kristin - May 27, 2018

    First off, thank you for this opportunity to throw this out there for a chance to win. I follow you on Instagram and love all of your posts/ stories of your life. You have a beautiful family and you seem like such a REAL person that shares so much of yourself to the world. Like yourself, I have a big family with 2 children, 3 future step children, and a fur child( puppy Baylee). Having a big family and all the responsibilities that come along with this has left me with little to no energy with consistency struggles. If I won this entry I would be so blessed to start my new lifestyle journey. I believe in being a positive role model like yourself to my children. We must set these behaviors of self love with food and lifestyle habits to our children. In order to take care of them all we need to take care of ourselves as well. So pick me to help me jumpstart my new journey.

  48. Stef B - May 27, 2018

    I would love to win this membership to share with my mom.
    My entire family has struggled with weight for a long time. Recently my mom had a health scare and it has made all of us take a hard look in the mirror and realize some the changes we need to make starting with exercise and healthy eating. I have followed the transform app from the beginning, and have told my mom about carb cycling. Its something we both feel would work for us. It would be amazing to share this with her

  49. Elizabeth O. - May 27, 2018

    How generous! Would love to win this for my hubby and I. We always have to wait for sales as the app isn’t in our budget, yet we feel like we can’t live without it!

  50. Rachel Blackburn - May 27, 2018

    This took a while to scroll down because you have so many followers and continue to inspire thousands of people everyday. My self included. I love your transform app not only because I’ve found results but when I need a pick-me-up your life coaching is key. Thanks for being a great role model! And yes— I’d LOVE to win a lifetime membership!!

  51. Danielle Swift - May 27, 2018

    I have watched my gran diet, my mom diet, my aunties my cousins- all diet. Gain weight lose weight gain lose. Neverending cycle of unhappiness, judgement and low self esteems. I myself now have kids ( 2 yrs and one is months). I dont want them to grow up thinking and seeing me go through the same things and watching me beat myself up with negative self talk creating no self worth. I know what to do i just cant seem to do it. If i was rich i would hire someone to pretty much follow me around and make my meals, pump me up all day and slap my hand when i try to eat bad. I would love the opportunity to have access to a family friendly program like this and change my families life and create a new mindset around eating and healthy living before the bad habits get ingrained in my babies. Love what you guys do and how you support everyone. You’re truly special people.

  52. Melissa - May 27, 2018

    You guys inspire so many people!!! I am a trainer and totally agree with what you said once about having someone else to tweak you!! That is why I would love this opportunity!! I need a tweak!! 😀

  53. Tina - May 27, 2018

    I’ve tried various programs and it’s time to truly Transform my health and wellness!💛

  54. Ashlee Croskey - May 27, 2018

    I have been struggling with consistency for awhile and love to try new things. Having access to an app that has multiple different programs as well as recipes and nutrition guides takes out all and any planning I need to do. Just follow the program and I have no excuses. I’d love to win the lifetime access to the Tranform App!

  55. Tegan - May 27, 2018

    Hey Heidi! I would love to win this access to your app! After my last pregnancy, twins- with one of my boys not making it, I just ballooned out and have been struggling to get back on track. I would love to win this, so I can become fitter for my kids, and show them how to live healthy!

  56. Sarah - May 27, 2018

    Would love to have this lifetime membership with my mom! She’s such an amazing healthy role model and whenever I visit my parents we workout together. I’d love the opportunity to bond even from far away by planning our transform workouts together even if we have to do them on our own. I’m always in need of an accountability partner and I know she’s my best cheerleader!

  57. Pam - May 27, 2018

    Hello!!!! I would love to be given this opportunity. I am a long time exerciser and have been Keto for two years (on and off). I have just survived the hardest year if my life. Grief kicked my behind and I gained weight. Now I am in the throws of menopause and am very frustrated. Not giving in, but frustrated.
    I have loved following the transformations shows and love the connection you make with your clients. Your compassion and empathy along with the ability to get the most out is someone who is hurting touches my soul. To have the ability to have that in my life through the app would mean the world to me. I would be in this field if I had found it earlier in my life.

    As for my partner in crime I would love for my friend Amy to also receive this opportunity. Amy and I have been friends for 12 years. Amy is just now stepping into the healthy lifestyle. She has a long way to go, but has two beautiful daughters and she is doing to be around for them. All of those ladies are the most loving and kind individuals and this would be the extra hand up that she needs. Honestly, she needs this more than I do. The gift of health and improved quality of life for this beautiful lady would mean the world to me.

    Thank you for reading this and considering me and my girl Amy.


  58. Martie Wynn - May 27, 2018

    Family who stays healthy together stays together. I would gift my sister Macy Dippert the transformation app because she is my go to number one supporter and side kick! Together we rock! We talk to each other on the phone during our cardio sessions! True love!

  59. Tricia Orr - May 27, 2018

    Simple- I want to learn from the best to
    Be my best. Bonus – to learn from the best to help others. 😊😊😊

  60. Deb - May 27, 2018

    At 65 and 69, while we work out and eat well, we could use professional assistance. We are looking at renewing our vows next year on our 15th anniversary and I’d like to find a dress that is not one of the biggest sizes available! We want this last quarter of our lives to be healthy ones and would love to win your giveaway. Thanks for doing this!

  61. Sandrine COSSON - May 27, 2018

    I’d love to win this with my love and father of my beautiful son as we talked about tying the knot when we’ll both be fit and confident but life being what it Is, we’re struggling to get it done and we need help !
    Anyway, thanks for all that you do. I’ve been following for a while and i can’t tell You how much you and Chris inspires me to be better and try to take Care of myself and my family.

  62. Kristin Deedrick - May 27, 2018

    Firstly, I have to say… I’m addicted to your stories! Your so real!! Your authenticy makes me admire you, mostly your role as a mom!
    So for the transformation app, I don’t have a ton of weight to lose, but due to injury, I’m just getting back on my feet and looking for something different. I’m limited in my movement. I have a whole garage gym and now I just need the trainer. I can’t afdord the program at this time, but if I did win, I would be over the moon. 😊 thank you for your inspiration, not just with fitness and nutrition, but for being a kind, giving person.

  63. Karin - May 27, 2018

    Hi Haidi.
    I would like to win , because when i was in my teens i have lost 1/3 of my weight. it was pretty cool but now i am studing at the university to become a doctor and you know, lot of studies and no motivation to workout properly , just home workouts and running but i think i dont have the right excersices to toned my body. it would be super cool to be a winner ✊🏻 xoxo, Karin🙋🏻‍♀️

  64. Laura - May 27, 2018

    Hi Heidi, Chris and family
    I feel my husband and I should win this give away. We have been married for 19 years and I can not remember a time in those 19 years that we have been happy with our bodies. I enjoy working out and he does not. So I think we need something to bring us together in that area. But I have to admit as the primary cook in our house I am completely lost. I make the food I’ve grown up with. ( high everything). We have a child ( adopted) and he eats 5 things only and eats like a bird…. So I pray for an intervention on food, exercising, and personal help …

  65. Al. - May 27, 2018

    I’m getting married in October this year and want to start the rest of my life in the best shape mentally and physically that is possible. I’ve always been an athlete growing up but after my dad died when I was 20 I’ve been on and off the healthy lifestyle wagon. I’ve been doing your plan for 6weeks now and it’s helping me to finally get back on my feet and back to where I want to be.

  66. Melody - May 27, 2018

    My husband have been through some really difficult things since 2015. We are finally putting some time into taking care of ourselves, we have been feeling so tired and horrible. A few weeks ago, we were talking about transforming our lives and I happened to find the transformation app and I just knew this was for us! God is always speaking and directing and I believe that day He led mr to you! xx Mel

  67. Anne-Marie Pitcock - May 27, 2018

    I would love to do this with my very best friend I have know from birth. We both started out in Texas & are both now in Colorado. We both have different weight goals but both need help. Gyms intimidate me, I’m at a loss with food, I’m overwhelmed when it comes to all of this. And when I say the word diet, I want all things full of sugar & bad for me. I seriously need help. I try other programs & everyone around me talks about how much success they are having while I sit here and say I gained 2 pounds. HELP ME!

  68. Nicola Jackson - May 27, 2018

    Hey Heidi!

    I’d love to win because I’ve been following you guys for ages but had a few life changes and winning lifetime access would be a great help!
    I’ve recently split up with my long term partner (10 years) and found myself in an emotional eating rollacoaster, I believe your guidance and structure in the app could really benefit me and allow me to take control! I can lose this weight gain and then move to muscle building! I was doing all of this prior to the breakup and feel like the app would be the perfect solution.. Unfortunate due to having to sell my home I can no longer afford the coach I had so this would be perfect!!

  69. Des H - May 27, 2018

    I am ready to TRANSFORM my life and be a promise keeper to myself. You can either make excuses or make results and I am so ready to make results!

  70. Sabrina - May 27, 2018

    Since I am young I try to lose weight. I am mother of two. I tried lot of things so that nobody still believe me in my family when I told them that I begin a new program. Yesterday my sister told me, you should accept that at your age (34) you will never make it. She laughed. I smiled, but my heart was broken. I thank Heidi and Chris for their joy and not judging people. Changing is a lifetime process, so why not a lifetime access to your app.

  71. Marcella - May 27, 2018

    Hi Heidi. Since puberty my weight started to gain. Mostley because I started to eat away my problems. Being ignored by my parenst lowered my self esteem and made me feel like I was nobody. Now I’m 42 and start to learn to accept myself. But there’s still a long way to go to lose all the weight. So a lifetime acces to your app would really help!

  72. Katie - May 27, 2018

    I would love to win this I wish I could buy the lifetime
    Package but it’s just not in our price range right now so winning would be incredible I’ve recently gone through some scary health changes that have rocked my world. I was super fit before my kiddo came into this world but afterwards was diagnosed with a condition that has made following my old fitness routine and nutrition routine out of the question so having such a positive coach and app to check in with and get videos I mean I love th ehow to’s to stay motivated but give me the tools I need would be amazing plus I just love the app!!

  73. Danette Cochran - May 26, 2018

    Hi, I am a mother of two and a military wife.
    I have put myself last my whole life so that others around me friends or family was always taken care of. At 48 now I am in bad physical shape. Botched double mastectomy and broken abdominal muscle I am not making any headway. So much scar tissue created other problems with working out. I just had surgery two months ago to help relive some of the pain and fix other problems. 112 stickers later I am still trying to walk more than 15 minutes at a time.I want to live so much longer and healthier so someday I will see and play with my grandkids. I have tried so may life changing workouts and nutritional foods but to no avail. I need yalls help so much so I can live longer.

  74. Melissa - May 26, 2018

    I would love to win this! I have a very personal story, I have private messaged Heidi before. This would mean everything to me.💕

  75. Kim Rowell - May 26, 2018

    I am a mother of four kids. I work 2 jobs, one as a medical assistant and at night as an Emt. My husband works in law inforcment. We both spend our time helping others in their time of need. My husband has always stayed fit but I have let myself go to well crap. I put everything into being a mom and my job helping others. I have just started to realize that to help others you have to take some time for yourself as well. This would be a great help to get me back on track and back into shape. I have started to work out again and am studying up on macros and eating healthy. I have lost 13 pounds and would love to have the tools to keep going on this journey back to better health. I am borderline diabetic and have to do this for my own health this time. You would think working in healthcare I would be better but again I have given my time to my family and the job. I would love to win this again to help in my journey back to my better self.

  76. Olga - May 26, 2018

    HEllo Chris and Heidi.

    The reason I feel like I should win lifetime access to the TRANSFORM app is because (a little back story) my husband and I have been together for 11 years and married for 7 and I gained so much wait with having some ovarian problems and just eating junk being a 20 something yearl old. Since then I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and just can’t seem to lose any weight. I have been at the same weight for 3 years and I do pretty regular workouts. I just went to a mountain bike race in Fruita CO and did 4 laps of 7.5 miles in the 18 hr race period. I am so willing to put in the work just can’t seem to pin point what my issue is and how my body isn’t resulting my work I am putting into it. Please consider me and let me show how much booty kicking I can do.

    My partner that I would love to choose to do this with is my husband. He is so perfect and I just love him to pieces. He gained some weight at the beginning of our relationship and having his job on the go makes him take quick lunches which resulted in bad choices. So all in all this would be such a great program for both of us to jump all in and dominate. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  77. Laurinda - May 26, 2018

    I would love to win the lifetime membership. I have recently been diagnosed with heart disease and I need a life saving life style change.

  78. Shelby - May 26, 2018

    Hello to the Powell’s!
    I’m submitting to win the lifetime membership. For the last couple years I have been working 60+ work weeks to pay for medical bills and school payments for my husband to further his career. I’m a nurse and I take care of so many people daily but it’s been on my heart that I don’t take care of myself as I should. As I hold the hands of those bringing people into this world and those who are leaving it opens my eyes to how valuable health truly is. I would also like to nominate my husband for this. He is a firefighter/paramedic who risks his life daily going into hostile situations to pull people out to give them another chance of life in fires. He is my hero, if I couldn’t win this I would like him to because he’s been trying to get into better shape to be able to save everyone and himself in a fire while wearing his 75lb gear and oxygen tank.
    Thank you for your time and consideration!
    God Bless!

  79. Zoe dawber - May 26, 2018

    I downloaded your app about 3 months ago but even though it’s not too expensive I still can’t afford it so I always check your instergram out to check out what to do and other platforms. I’m turning the BIG40 soon and never been into gyms my husband his so I started going with him as he wanted me to go to give him motivation and supporting him he say we train together we stay together must be correct been 23years. I want to be more comfortable in the free weights area too Heidi seams very educational in this for the pass 5 years iv had to look after my daughter that take us to lot of hospital appointment which will continue all her life so I need to be able to have something I can have at hand time use

  80. Katie marquart - May 26, 2018

    I would choose my friend and fellow teacher. We both love to workout and stay fit but are on tight budgets because we are both teachers and receive low pay. We are also full time graduate students working towards our Master’s degrees but do not receive the benefits of university gyms. Working out helps us to be our best selves so then we can be the best for our students. I would love to have a lifetime membership so I can continue hitting my fitness goals while also bettering myself for my students.

  81. JoLyn Glascock - May 26, 2018

    I would choose my Husband! He and I are ready to take our lives back and get healthy for our selves and our 5 kids!! We have. Followed you guys for ever and know that this is just what we need to make sure we have all the right tools to get this right and make the right choices for LIFE!!!!

  82. Sara Clarkson - May 26, 2018

    I’ve been lifting weights and following you for a while and you are such an inspiration! My sister just had my sweet niece a year ago and she has been getting back into shape so I would love to win the lifetime membership and give one to her so we can both continue to live a fit life. Also I know that lifetime has amazing kids care for her baby. This is such an amazing gift you are giving. God bless you and your family❤️

  83. Jenn Garbick - May 26, 2018

    I would love to win because I truly believe in your system and love what you stand for. I have shared this app to those in my gym as well as others. I have used the app for the last 4 weeks and have seen great results. I would love to promote this app in hopes to help others get healthy and change their lives.

  84. Kristen - May 26, 2018

    “The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing about.”

    My name is Kristen and I am well on my way to 35. On May 20th, 2017 I graduated from Nursing School with my ADN and am a Registered Nurse currently completing my BSN while working full-time. This is my story. This is why I would love the opportunity to use the transform app to assist me in my health and fitness journey.

    At the age of six, I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable hip disease. This particular disease is more often than not seen in adolescent boys and yet, for whatever reason, I became one of the few young girls to be diagnosed with it. After countless trips to different specialists and different hospitals, I was presented with two options: wear a newly developed orthopedic brace for almost 6 years or live my life bound to a wheelchair. The decision was easy but the journey was anything but.

    Tormented, teased, and bullied. Pointed at, stared at, and laughed at. Walking was nothing short of a task. I cried more than any child ever should. I was an outcast amongst my peers. And yet, I was a resilient little girl and I perservered. The love and compassion from my family and friends kept me going.

    I was given a gift. The gift to use my legs, to walk, to run, to dance. As I have grown up, my weight has always been a struggle because of those braces. At my heaviest I weighed 265lbs. So I decided to run. Running has become my passion, my outlet, my time for inner peace and reflection. However, working full-time as well as going to school full-time has significantly decreased my time focusing on my own health and wellness. My story is not more significant nor important than anyone else’s. Everyone has overcome their own struggles. The chance to gain access to the transform app for free for a year is just something I could not pass up. Whether I am chosen or not, I want to thank you for the opportunity as well as all you do. You are an inspiration, an amazing motivator, and a woman to look up to.

  85. Tina Barton - May 26, 2018

    You guys are the best of the best! My sister and I have been trying to lose weight since we’ve finished having our babies! We both have 4 kids! My youngest is 12 and her youngest is 7. Neither one of us has had success in losing the weight and keeping it off! We try and it seems we just keep gaining! We need your help and the help of the app for life! I am a single mom and a special education teacher! Funds are limited so having this gift would mean the world! Pick us please!

  86. Racie - May 26, 2018

    😊😊😊 👁 would ❤️ 2 🥇!!!! I have the hardest time keeping track of food and staying motivated. I would love to be lucky enough to win!!! I have two young boys and am going through a divorce. I have figured out I am an emotional eater and need help getting and staying on track. And finding the time to workout with working and taking care of my boys is a difficult thing because the time I get with them, I want to spend with them and the time way from them I feel like I have so much to do that comes before exercising or eating healthy. Thanks 🙏🏻 for considering me. 😊😊😊😊 👏🏻🤞🏻🙋🏼‍♀️👩‍👦‍👦🏃🏼‍♀️🐶🍀🌸🌟🍓🍎🍐🥦🥑🍅🌽🥕🥔🥐🍞🧀🥓🥞🍕🥪🥗🍝🍚🍨🍦🍰🍫🍩🍪🥛⚽️🏀⚾️⛷🏂🏋🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🚵‍♀️🧗🏼‍♀️🎼🏖🏝🏜🏔🏕🇺🇸

  87. Angeline Kitk - May 26, 2018

    I would love to have a life time subscription to the app! I have been trying for a long time to get back into shape. I am a mom of 4 girls ages 30,24,19 and 17 and have a grand baby and another on the way. My 2 youngest are my step daughters that I have raised full time from the time they were 3 and 5 and man that wasn’t easy. There were a lot of ups and downs but I made it through. I just never have had much time for my self. It’ has not always been easy making time for my self. Now that they are all pretty much grown I am trying to learn a new me a new chapter in life and a healthy one. I became a mom when I barely turned 15 so my whole life has been a mom and working so I am wanting to learn a new me and find my passion. I have always told my husband I wish I could go stay with Heidi and Chris for at least a month to learn healthy way of living and to just help me get on the right track and a jump start in a good rutin.
    Sincerely , Angeline Kirk

  88. Stephanie Toone - May 26, 2018

    It would help me so much by removing the financial aspect of trying to get the last 50 pounds lost!

  89. Leslee Barnicle - May 26, 2018

    I would love to win the lifetime access to the app so my BFF Daun and I could finally get our nutrition under control! I love to work out but I have fallen away from it and I just don’t want to be an old fat lady!

  90. Jordy Lewis - May 26, 2018

    I think I should win the free lifetime access to the transform app because I’m a huge lover of it and both YOU and Chris! I truly love the way you designed the app and I used it for 3 months and was just in love with it! I still use it and resuse the workouts! I would actively use it regularly as my spouse and I live a very active life and strive to maintain good health and strong mind, bodies and souls.. your program keeps me on track and allows for just that! I also truly love the movement behind it and brag to people about your APP all the time while in the gym and have got a handful of people to sign up!! I will continue to do so as I highly respect the two of you!

  91. Cheryl - May 26, 2018

    My husband and I would LOVE to win the giveaway!! We are trying to get back into being fit and living a healthy lifestyle. We have 3 kids (2 teens and an 8 year old). We want to be able to keep up with them!! Lol! Parenting is a full time job but we are committed to showing them how important it is to take care of your body. This would be a tremendous help!! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge on Instagram! It’s so refreshing to see a husband and wife team! We love how you show your family life (and that it can be done even after having kids). Love and hugs!!

  92. Natalie Welch - May 26, 2018

    Omg!! What an amazing giveaway!! I would LOVE to win!!

    I spend a lot of time in the hospital with my husband and this would make working out anywhere a lot easier. I’ve tried working out with trainers and getting gym memberships but when you spend a lot of time the hospital, it’s not really realistic. My husband was diagnosed in October 2016 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and we are still fighting battles to this day. He was able to have a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated (angel) bone marrow donor, but there are so many complications that come from that and I have let myself take a backseat to his health and well-being.

  93. Katie - May 26, 2018

    I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 and finding the time to workout is not always easy. But when I do, I love that I don’t have to leave the house and still get in a good workout. I’ve been using the app for a few months now and I love it. The workouts are great and the nutrition plan has meals that are similar to what I already eat. I like that I don’t have to wonder which workout I should do, I just open the app and do the one set for the day. But I’ve been struggling to stay consistent with both the workout and nutrition, which, of course, hasn’t helped me reach my goals, which is frustrating and makes me want to quit. So if I could win this, it would be nice to know that I will always have something to help me get back on track.

  94. Victoria - May 26, 2018

    Hi Heidi! I would love to win the lifetime membership for my husband and I! We both tried your app when it first came out and loved it! In September I got pregnant with my third and am due in the next couple weeks. I am so eager to change my life for the better and set an example to our 2 little girls and sweet baby boy. My husband has always been a really great example so I know we would be a power couple!

  95. John - May 26, 2018

    My wife is about to have our third child. She was struggled to love the pregnancy weight and me with my “sympathy” weight. We’ve used the app and both saw great results.

  96. Megan - May 26, 2018

    I love following you both on Instagram! You guys are so inspirational and I would love to win this to help my husband and I learn to eat healthier! Mainly so we can be good examples for our kids, but also feel better about ourselves. I would LOVE to win this and start living a healthier lifestyle ❤️

  97. Stephanie - May 26, 2018

    I would love to win your app because it’s the best. I’ve used it several times but due to financial restraints I couldn’t keep it long. I know that sounds pathetic but I’ve been unable to work for years due to chronic migraines. I’ve managed to lose over 100lbs but I still have 50 more to go. I know this would get me there. Funny thing I always wanted to try out for your show but I was way too embarrassed to show myself. I’m learning to get over that. I feel better about myself inside and out when I workout. Thank you and Chris for all you do.

  98. Stephanie - May 26, 2018

    Hi Heidi,

    I would love to win this giveaway. I have been into fitness and health for years but since becoming a mom 8 months ago finding time to get to the gym and prep food has somewhat been on the back burner. Don’t get me wrong I still workout everyday which consists of 30 minute HIIT workouts and running with my son. I always make very healthy food choices but time for experimentation has gone out the window and it’s constantly just the same plain things over and over again. I have a background of training but it has been years and would just love to have someone else to tell me what to do rather then what I used to do of making a plan before heading to the gym. No time anymore! It’s quick fast, kick my butt workouts and then I’m done! I am a yoga instructor and constantly have students asking me what I do and to be honest telling them or guiding them as to what I use now just isn’t working. There are a million people deserving of this but hey, It’s worth the shot! My lil sis is just behind me in the baby train and her little is two months younger then mine, plus she has 3 more!! Crazy girl. I know this would help her tremendously as she doesn’t have a back ground at all in fitness and I used to be able to guide her but now just don’t have the needy or time at all. I would love her to win as well.. our fingers and toes are crossed.

  99. Jenny Rasmussen - May 26, 2018

    I bought a year membership of the Transform App, and I love It! I was able to complete 8 weeks of physique level 2 before I was in a car accident. After taking almost a month off, I was able to finish level 2 with LOTS of modifications! ( I lost 18 pounds and several inches!!) April 5 of this year I had back surgery for yet another car accident I was in, in 2016. (I feel the need to say neither of these accidents were my fault!!) The surgery was a HUGE success, and I’ll be cleared to lift again in October, and I can’t wait to start the app again. Since I bought the year membership, my husband has been using the app. He’s maintained his weight, but he’s put on several inches of muscle. It would be amazing to win a lifetime membership for myself and my husband and continue what we’ve been working so hard on!

  100. Hilary - May 26, 2018

    I would love to win this for many reasons! I have been trying to lose weight for years. I love the accountability from your app and the easiness of working out at home. I’m a Special Education teacher and some times, honestly, I don’t feel like leaving the house when I get home from work. So being able to have a great workout in home is amazing. I also love that it has tons of healthy recipes!

  101. Karen S - May 26, 2018

    Would love to win the membership!! Have done the app before for 3 months and loved it! I️ had really good results and felt strong. I’m currently pregnant and have been too sick and tired to work out. I’m looking forward to using it again in the future to get back in shape. Being a mom of 2 and 1 on the way the app is perfect for at home workouts!

  102. Mandy May - May 26, 2018

    As a stay at home mom I would love to win this so I can get my booty in the super shape I thought I would after kids. I go to the gym and do classes but I’d love to know more about what to do with the equipment and have a workout plan to follow. I’m consistently going 5+ days a week and haven’t seen much of anything so far and I know it’s because I’m not training effectively and I don’t know how to properly fuel my body.

  103. Racheal - May 26, 2018

    Hi Heidi!! I would love to win this lifetime access just to know that I have no excuses but also because of the continual encouragement you and Chris always provide!! Having this app is a way to give me the drive and motivation to reach goals physically and mentally. I also live for the different workouts so I never get bored of the same thing 💕

  104. Tabatha - May 26, 2018

    I would absolutely love to win this. I have tried several different workouts, and meal planning. They are affective, and then I loose complete interest. It wasn’t until I found you and Chris that I actually got that spark back into creating a life style change and workout like crazy. I follow and save your instagram stories, screenshot motivational things, and workouts. I love how honest and real you both are with working out, eating clean, and your home life. You two are so relatable, and fantastic! Thank you for giving hope to me, and many others for a better healither lifestyle.

  105. Griselda - May 26, 2018

    Wow how generous of you to do this!!! I would love to win this because for so many years I have put other people before myself. Giving and giving of myself and not being appreciated has taken a toll on me. I finally have decided to put me first. My health has become my number one priority. Suffering from panic attacks and high blood pressure is no joke and I prayed for guidance and help and your Insta story came up on my feed with this opportunity. Thank you Lord and you as well for this. Thank you so much again for all that you do. Your husband and you have been a great inspiration and source of motivation to “transform” myself once and for all!!!

  106. Sarah - May 26, 2018

    I have followed you guys for many years now, including when Chris was on his own and released his first book (which I still have! -so glad Heidi joined in!!) now that I am a mom of three and about 65 pounds over what my ideal weight should be, I’m ready to have a lifestyle change! Also I am in my last year of my twenties so I’d like to go out of my twenties in the best shape of my life! I know this app would help me!

  107. Audra Jackson Muth - May 26, 2018

    I’d LOVE to win the lifetime transformation access! As a wife and mother I find it hard sometimes to find the time, the motivation and the will to get up and move! I’ve gone through a lot of changes within the past couple of years and have really struggled with trying to get back on track. A difficult miscarriage, a botched surgery and just depression have really given me many setbacks! This would not only change my life but give me BACK my life . I have followed you guys for years and trust your process whole heartedly. Thank you for this opportunity !!!! I hope I’m considered randomly 🤣🤣

  108. Mica Smith - May 26, 2018

    I am ready to get my best body! I have had three babies and am so thankful my body carried and nourished them so well. I however am ready to feel like myself again so I can now be the best I can for myself and my family!

  109. Kim Freeman - May 26, 2018

    Why do I deserve to win? I have 2 kids that are my world and would love to grow old with them. My family has history of heart diseases and diabetes. I am a volunteer firefighter and would love to get into shape and be able to do it again.

  110. Heather - May 26, 2018

    I’d like to win cause this app is so inspiring and because I chose myself and need help!!! I’d like it if my bestie caroline Marcil could win too !!! I could talk about on why you should chose me but I also think that everyone should be chosen ! So to tell the thruth i’d Be extremely happy if it would be me but I also think that everyone who participate should have the chance xxx good luck to you all


  111. Samantha Jones - May 26, 2018

    I’ve never been thin or in shape, but last August I started working out again, and I have been able to lose 35 lbs on my own. I’ve hit a plateau, and even with a pretty good diet, I feel like I need help. I need more ideas and accountability. I love you guys, and I need friends like you in my life! My sister is pregnant with baby number 3 right now, and she needs you! She doesn’t have much time for anything these days, outside of work and babies, so she needs to meet you. Since it probably won’t happen in person, she needs the app!!

  112. Mary AJ - May 26, 2018

    I am a busy teacher and mama and for the last 5 years I have stayed heathy primarily through at home workouts. I would love to have this resource to help me continue my health journey. I love following you guys!

  113. Judy Salinas - May 26, 2018

    I would be so blesssd to win this giveaway because I’ve already seeing transformation in myself with the “transform at home” from Heide that I purchased.
    My mom recently became very mentally ill and taking care of her has caused me stress and anxiety. Being the oldest sibling I felt it wasn’t my responsibility to help her in some way and I began to lose weight by stress. When I realized what this was doing to my body I was challenged from Heide’s 5 mins a day for 5 days Challenge and after I completed all 5 days I was led to purchased the transform at home to continue to give myself the self care I need to I can continue to care for my mom. Since then I’ve built endurance, mental strength, and friends and family notice tone and definition in my muscles. I feel the transform app is now the next step to continue on this journey.. because if it’s one of many things I’ve learned from the Powell’s it’s to care for myself because as a wife mother of two and caring for my own mother… I can’t do that if I myself am not healthy first.

  114. Melissa - May 26, 2018

    I would love to win because working grave shifts as a nurse makes it hard to have a consistent routine of eating healthy and exercising. This would help so much in my goals to live healthier and focus on me and my success and happiness!

  115. Sammy Wimmer - May 26, 2018

    Why do I deserve to win? There’s no simple answer. Since I was 15 I’ve struggled with depression and as a mom I have anxiety to top it off, before having my second child I slumped into another depression and I would tell let all these bad thoughts convince me how my family would be so much better off with a better mom, who wasn’t sad some days for no reason, who didn’t yell, who had energy to care about herself a mom who smiled and didn’t hide from the world because she let all her demons in her head take over. My family is my life I love them more than anything and I have found after a few therapy session that instead of turning to medication exercise has been my go to to relieve my anxiety a keep my depression at bay. I deserve to take care of my health mentally and emotionally so that I can take care of my family. I deserve to be happy and play with my kids and not hide from the world and to let exercise be my medicine I deserve to be the best mom and wife to my family and take care of myself and set the best example I can. That’s why I deserve it.

  116. Allie - May 26, 2018

    I deserve to win because I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. I had bariatric surgery 2 years ago, and I have gained a little back. I have come so far, and I don’t ever want to back to where I was! I want to have a family and be healthy for my kids. I want to set an example. I love the way you show your balance of life with exercise, eating right, and a family!

  117. April Chisholm - May 26, 2018

    I know this may sound horrible but I’m doing this for me!!! I know I deserve the training and inspiration you guys give! It has taken me 30 yes to do something for me. I was always the one I’m going to do this so others will follow. Not anymore I have lost 50lbs already but I want the extra drive and accountability and inspiration I see you guys give millions everyday! I am ready for ME!!!!

  118. Susie O’Daniel - May 26, 2018

    My whole life I have been overweight & I thought I was doomed to be that way forever. 2 years ago I decided to change my life so I could actually enjoy living instead of just existing. The app has given me all the tools I need to see success. I love that it adapts based on my actual results and isn’t a one size fits all program. I want to continue the journey even after I meet my weight goal.

  119. Ruby - May 26, 2018

    Before expecting twins, I was religiously following the transform app. I would write a lot down and i got quite a few friends to join.

    Due to a very restrictive diet, i haven’t been able to use the application and would love to have something to help me jumpstart and get back
    On track!

  120. Vanessa Mamer - May 26, 2018

    I finally found a way to lose weight and get myself motivated and start moving August 28th, all by myself I’ve lost 39 lbs and then the worst thing that could happen, did happen…I completely tore my ACL playing tag at the park with my son March 12th. I was devastated and lost a lot of my self confidence that I had gained. I finally had my ACL surgery yesterday and I can’t wait to get back to my true self and winning this would be such a kick in my a$$ in the right direction.

  121. Brittney - May 26, 2018

    I am 27 and suffering from back problems. I live paycheck to paycheck and not many options for help. I’m about 100 pounds over weight and have been struggling to lose weight. My entire life I’ve been told I’m fat and not enough. That I’m not going anywhere in life. I’ve struggled with depression because of it. I want an opprotunity to lose weight and prove to all those people that i can do it and i am worthy. I want to be healthy and happy. I want to take the pain leave down and be able to start a family. I would love to win this giveaway!

  122. Charlene - May 26, 2018

    I would love to have a lifetime membership because I’m already use the app and have made a lot of progress. I would love to see where it will take me!!

  123. Annie - May 26, 2018

    So why do I deserve to win the lifetime membership to the transform app? I have been a single parent for the last 9 years. My boys came first the during this time since their father was a sometime person in their life I needed to be there for them. I have let myself go during this time and now that my boys are older and more self sufficient I need to take back my life. With this membership I can work on me no matter how long it takes without having to worry about money (the dad isn’t good about making his child support payments). Excited for the chance to find me again.

  124. Lupe - May 26, 2018

    Gained 80lbs when I losted my father from cancer. It’s been hard to lose the weight on my own. ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

  125. Nicole Nunez - May 26, 2018

    I would absolutely love to win this! I have been on a journey losing weight on my own. I have lost 50lbs with diet and exercise . It has been a struggle staying on track. I think getting your app would give me some more motivation! I would love help in continuing my weight lose journey!

  126. Katrina - May 26, 2018

    I have finally made fitness a commitment and love the transform app. It allows me to choose a program and follow through keeping me focused to push through and reach each goal. Because let’s be honest the transformation never ends.

  127. Nate - May 26, 2018

    I would love to have y’all in my back pocket. I would love to never have to worry about not having a trainer. I’ve always looked up to you and Chris and this would be an absolutely lovely gift. 💕💕💕

  128. Gina Braathen - May 26, 2018

    Wow!!! I think I have a pretty slim chance since it took me about a minute to scroll down (but I think I burned a calorie or 2 doing it! 🤪) I would LOVE the chance to win this membership. I used to love working out (I even taught fitness classes for a couple years) and in the last couple years that feeling has changed. I don’t know how to get it back. I’ve put on 45lbs and am so sad about how my clothes fit and how I look. I’m a teacher and I tutor as well, and welp…I’m no spring chicken anymore. If I win this I really feel, it will give me the boost I need. I really hope you give me a chance.

    Thank you!

  129. Joann - May 26, 2018

    I would love to win cause I’m still struggling with those last -10 lbs. I would love the food portion if the apps and of course also the gym workouts!! I would workout more with my best friend/sister Judy.

  130. Laura - May 26, 2018

    It is clear how much love you and Chris put into your work. And so appreciated!! The transformation app is second to none and this would be a life changing gift! I’m a bit of a nerd and love the science behind my workouts and meals, so it means so much to me all the effort y’all put into everything.

  131. Amy Bell - May 26, 2018

    I need this to continue my fitness and journey! Reducing my body fat percentage is my goal!!

  132. Tracey Swanson - May 26, 2018

    OMG this would be amazing for me and my friend we have both made up our minds it’s time to get healthy. I’m a mother of two boys and she has three children of her own. Our kids are all the same age so they participate in sports together. We want to get healthy not only for ourselves but for our families as well. To be able to get out and play with the kids without tiring out to fast. We both have a big journey ahead of us and this app would be great so we can work together and support one another. We are so blessed to have the support of our families and we would be equally blessed to have your support as well.

  133. Kami Leatherwood - May 26, 2018

    Man, that was a ton of comments to scroll through! My family is already users of the transform app and would love to be able to use in all three phases as we accomplish our goals. Our why’s are not only our own personal integrity growth but also changing our family culture. We’re new parents and have been working so that we can really embrace the life events and lifestyle we want to foster for our babe and honestly our pup too! I’m down all the baby weight and am working to make maintainable changes to get the rest off, the program has already helped us so much. it’s such a great tool lifetime access would be incredible!

  134. Brittany Austin - May 26, 2018

    I would LOVE to take you and Chris with me through my journey through life! I am currently on summer break after finishing 1 of 5 semesters of nursing school! My first semester I went to the gym TWICE (I know!). So this summer I took the plunge and joined the transform app so I could get myself in a system and new state of mind that the gym is a required part of my daily/weekly routine especially once school starts back up again in August. It has been a mildly rough start so far, I will admit, but after following you, Chris and the transform app on Instagram (handle britaus) I was able to find motivation to go to the gym on even the hardest of days! If we have this power only two weeks in, I truely can’t imagine the power we can behold throughout a lifetime! Here’s to sweating it out all summer in Tucson, AZ kickstarting my fitness journey that I hope will last a lifetime!!!

  135. Mariah - May 26, 2018

    I’ve fallen in love with the transform app!! It’s completely changes the way I look at health, nutrition and exercise.
    I have a history of disordered eating and obsessive exercising, but since I’ve started this app (and completed my first 12 weeks!) the change in mindset has been drastic. I’ll keep on using the app if I win (but of course would love it for free for life) or not just because it’s given me freedom from my past anxieties surrounding food an my body image. You and Chris are inspirational and your message is truly wonderful! Sending many blessings to you and your family…keep doing what your doing ♥️

  136. Holly - May 26, 2018

    I would LOVE to be connected to you and Chris at the hip until I’m old and grey and wrinkled. Because it’ll take several years to get that way when you’re taking care of your health. I have followed you both from way back. I have watched you both blossom into this amazing couple who is open and honest and share your lives with others. I have participated in 2 DietBets and loved the interaction. Most of all what I have learned is you have to eat for your particular goal (of course working out too!) but I mean if you want muscles you have to eat, you can’t diet all the time. So I’ve been watching and learning. Thank you!

  137. T - May 26, 2018

    I am entering for my husband who has been working so hard on his journey and I am so proud of him.

  138. Shania Poluk - May 26, 2018

    Hi Chris and Heidi!

    I love watching you guys work together on extreme weight loss. I’ve been someone who has always struggled with my weight and just felt uncomfortable with myself. My weight is always changing and I never feel healthy. I have always been a pretty active person but I want to start feeling healthy. I’m currently in Nursing School and it’s hard to be able to spend hours at the gym when I have so much going on with school. I want to start this healthy journey but I’m unsure where exactly to start this is why I think your app would change my life. I would be forever grateful for this opportunity and I just want to say thank you for always being so inspiring. I hope I get the chance to win this giveaway. Thank you.


  139. Krista - May 26, 2018

    Chris and Heidi, Thank you so much for this opportunity! I have watched every episode of extreme weight loss and cried at every episode because somehow all of your clients have a similar struggle as I. I wished that I could be a part of your show, but being in Canada made it a little difficult. This, however, is the perfect opportunity for me to step it up a notch. I had lost 140lbs on my own but then had some major unexpected life changes that sent me I to a downward spiral. I have regained 38lvs and now am struggling so badly to drop that weight and more. I currently weigh 235lbs and am so tired of being uncomfortable in my own skin. I want to rock a bathing suit with confidence. I turned 40 in March so I am now struggling with how much our bodies change as we age, as well. Your app and guidance will most definitely help me to see the light.

    As for a workout partner to share that win with, hands down my good friend Sara T would definitely be my choice. We have both struggled our entire lives with our weight and are working hard together to rock this weight loss FOR GOOD!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Good luck to all 🍀

  140. Claudia Oehlinger - May 26, 2018

    I would Love to Win the lifetime program 😍
    I‘ve Been doing Sports My Wohle life, but also gained some weight. Last year i Started my Transformation again, i Love the program and doing physique now, after the weight loss at Home program.
    I think the App is Great because you can adjust so much. I‘m from Austria, so just sometimes its hard with the recipes, some more European stuff would Be great to have.
    🤞🏽 Hope to win 💪🏼

  141. Emily - May 25, 2018

    I think my sister and I would have so much fun together transforming! My sister and I just had baby girls. We are first time moms together and would really like to transform our bodies together! It’s so nice to have each other to lean on and experience all the “first times” with our babies! We also want to be fit mom’s so we can be the best examples to our girls! We want to
    enjoy life! We want to learn how to stay on a fitness routine with babies. We are also full time working moms and we both work in the medical field. We could really use the help! We would love to be chosen to be lifetime members!

  142. Tricia - May 25, 2018

    I would love to win this! I just started the app this week and I love the food, I’m learning a lot and trying to enjoy the exercise.

  143. Lyndsay - May 25, 2018

    I don’t feel like I should win this giveaway however if I did win this giveaway I would be more then appreciative and feel like this was a “second” chance to restart my life and body. Being only 34 years old, over weight, stay at home mom, two kids and having medical condition it has always been a struggle.. but I never gave up. Despite working hard to lose weight it still didn’t happen. I was put on optifast to help me lose weight and now that I have lost the weight and can learn how to eat healthy foods and choose healthy foods this app would be perfect for my to learn how to do so. Not only that learning how to incorporate proper exercises would also be so beneficial for me as well to keep myself healthy so I can continue to do fun things with my family and be the MOM they want me and need me to be. Please Heidi and Chris, consider me all the way from Thunder Bay Ontario Canada to be the winner. I promise I won’t let you down. I will submit progress pictures along the way, keep you updated and will follow your app exactly as it is designed to be followed. I just need this chance.

  144. Sherry coontz - May 25, 2018

    I would love to win this for me and my daughter. She is now working as an LVN and working her way through school to be an RN. She is on her feet 12 hours and now working nights talk about long hours. Also she has been going through a divorce and that means me stepping in to help with the kids. Working 3pm to 3 am is hard and we need lots of help with eating . And for us to work toghther i feel this would be amazing and help us both thank you for this love your post . Happy Memorial day week end

  145. Rajathi Noel - May 25, 2018

    I am going through a divorce and it’s almost done. We were married for 17 years and we would have been married 18 on May 9 but we had already gone to mediation. My now ex wouldn’t even talk to me about this divorce, it was all his doing. Midlife crisis I guess. So it’s been draining to say the least. I want to show my kids fitness and health are important no matter what stage of life you are in. With such an emotional trauma, fitness and staying healthy are more important than ever. I need to be there for my kids who are 4 and 10 yrs old. I don’t want to feel tired and run down or depressed all the time because of this divorce. I want to show them that we can do hard things and together we can get through this. So winning this would help keep me healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  146. Mandy Adkison - May 25, 2018

    Hey Heidi!
    I am a busy mom of 3, wife to a pastor, and have tried everything out there. Your program is the first thing in 3 years that I have stuck to and that has helped me lose weight! I would love the lifetime membership because I plan to use this for a lifetime. I just cancelled the app and was going to use the cookbook because i can’t afford the app right now.

  147. Brooke Janssen - May 25, 2018

    I have struggled with my weight since I was little. Like 8 yrs old. Obesity runs in my family. I have tried so hard to lose weight and the only thing that works for me is carb cycling. I have an older child and 2 babies and right now their needs come first. Having the transform app would literally be life changing for me. I used it for a while and loved it but right now the cost isn’t in our budget. This would be amazing to me.

  148. Lenchen Joubert - May 25, 2018

    Im all the way from South Africa but follow u guys on social media. Im the same age as you Heidi..but boy oh boy would I kill to hav thr body you have…i am nowwhere close even. I am really trying the whole healthy lifestyle as I want to get into my best shape..but with all the info out there one never knows what works and what doesnt. Having an app like this to help me out daily will make the world of a difference. And if people can see that I can make it work it will motivate a lot of people by knowing if I can do it they will also be able to do it. And this way I can pay it forward to someobe else. This is a great giveaway..hoping im one of the lucky ones. Xxx

  149. Brenna Schilt - May 25, 2018

    Hi Chris and Heidi,

    There are certainly a million other people that need a lifetime subscription more than I do-but I would be thrilled to win this. While I am not overweight, I have struggled with nutrition my entire life. I have a distorted body image, and have spent the last 2 decades going from diet to diet, not eating properly, not eating at all, and a poor sense of self and what it means to be “healthy.” I am only on week three of this program, but from the bottom of my heart-I want to thank you. I can do this-this makes me feel good, this app has saved me from insanely counting calories, starving myself, binge eating, and has also helped me manage my time, be more prepared for my day, and taught me to embrace my journey. The inspirational videos and life lessons mean so much, and I love the FB community with support from others around the globe. In just three short weeks, I SEE the difference in me-in my skin, my clothes, and my mood. I am more confident, and I feel strong-and nourished. I’m no longer focused on the scale-and that in itself is the biggest gift. Thank you for this program!

  150. Jessie - May 25, 2018

    I love to win this lifetime app amazing

  151. Liz castle - May 25, 2018

    I would would love to win the lifetime access to your programme as I have followed you for some years now as I’ve been battling to lose weight and to deal with the demons of a previous binging eating disorder. I have often thought about messaging you personally for advice before feel you are both so busy and it wouldn’t achieve much. I realise my opportunity is tiny and this never happens to me so am not expecting to win. However if I did, for once it would be perfect.

  152. Sarah - May 25, 2018

    The is is such a wonderful giveaway! For me I would love to win this lifetime subscription for my fiance and I! We are looking to buy our first home together ans getting married this October and are both on fitness journey’s trying to better ourselves everyday so that we can be fit and active parents to our children one day and also keep up with our dogs! We’re a physical therapist and pharmacist so we understand the importance of movement and a healthy lifestyle but sometimes get caught up with work and life and fall off track. This would be an opportunity for us to continue to grow together as a couple as we enter I to these next phase of our lives together. I also really need to fit into my wedding dress and even though I’m small I’ve somehow become my heaviest weight since I had a ovarian cystectomy in the fall and couldn’t workout for a couple months so I’m struggling to get back to where I was. Have a wonderful memorial day weekend you guys are wonderful and inspiring!

  153. Trisha Olson - May 25, 2018

    Hi Heidi and Chris!! I just want to say how much I love you guys and what you do!!! You guys are truly amazing!!! I would love to win a lifetime of working out with your app becaus I think it would try keep me focused and help build the self confidence I have never had. I recently just moved from my home of AZ to Northern California with my beautiful two kids and husband but realized how lonely it is with not one friend or family member around. Going to the ymca has been my only lifesaver but I have never been very good at building muscle or figuring out what and how much weightsto do! I have never had much self confidence and after losing my mom, my best friend almost 2 years ago, I realize I need that self confidence and to keep working out to deal with the anger and sadness I have after I lost my mom. It is hard to start you life over in a new state but even worst when the heart of your family isn’t around anymore to make you laugh and tell you it is going to be all right 🙂 so more than anything I need this kick in the butt to get my workouts to a new level and focus on healing myself this year 🙂 ❤️❤️

  154. Rachel - May 25, 2018

    Hi..this is such an amazing deal. I think the app would help me so much. I struggle with weight mostly because of hysterectomy. I do try to eat well and I have read all your books. I’ve been a huge fan for years. I started watching Chris on TLC and was hooked instantly. The reason I think I should win is I am a devoted mother, wife and furbaby mom. I sacrifice for the good of my family and rarely do anything for myself. I had a rough childhood because I was sexually abused by a close family member. This taught me at young age to learn forgiveness and never let the bad things in life define you. Please pick me so I can get over this weight hurdle and have the best trainers in the world help me! 💜

  155. Claer Carroll - May 25, 2018

    The Transformation App is something I need for a lifetime. I’m a working mom in my 40’s and I’ve noticed that without lifting and a workout plan, my body just isn’t the same without it. But I avoid the gym because I don’t know what to do and at this time, I can’t afford a great trainer. So this is where you App comes in. I was not blessed with “skinny genes/jeans”! I have to workout (besides it keeps my mind clearer and I’m a better human)! Your App gives me a routine, a plan, and more confidence to succeed IN and OUT of the gym. I have 3 sister and we all are the same way. It would be great to share this and my experience with them. So yeah, pick me please!!!

  156. Liz Busten - May 25, 2018

    I’m a 15 Month Bone Marrow Transplant Survivor, I’m now working to rebuild my strength, endurance, health, and fitness!
    I’m 48 and was diagnosed with leukemia 2 years ago-prior to that I worked out 4-5 times a week and felt good about my physical and mental health!
    I could certainly use this Lifetime Fitness membership.
    Thank you Heidi for all of Your perfectly imperfect posts!

  157. Melissa Woodward - May 25, 2018

    Oh my gosh all these amazing entries, I have no idea how you’ll pick!?! I’m not sure I can hold a candle to these others. I’m a mom of 5 beautiful kiddos and I also work as an emergency room nurse. I workout at home in my garage or basement. I’ve been following you guys for many years. My husband and I did the original America’s Fittest Couple Challenge several years ago and currently I’m doing the workouts again, I’m on week 2. It would be so awesome to have the Transformation App at my fingertips to help stay motivated and save time so I’m not trying to come up with workouts. Having five kids makes it tough to fit workouts in as you all know, we have to get creative. I would purchase it but money is so tight and I feel guilty spending money on things for myself when the kiddos need so much. Thank you for all you do, keep spreading the love,
    Xoxo Melissa Woodward

  158. Nikki Martin - May 25, 2018

    I would love to win the Transform App lifetime access! I have always loved working out and eating healthy. But lately I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and could really use more guidance and support in my journey! I have struggled the past couple years on and off with depression and weight gain, it has been hard for me to face because I’ve always maintained my weight with ease. Now I need some extra help! You guys are so inspiring and I’m sure you could help me reach my goals and maintain them too! Also… how awesome would it be to have a friend to do it with! Thanks for this opportunity!

  159. Olga Martinez - May 25, 2018

    Hi, my name is Olga Martinez. So your question is why do I think I deserve to win this lifetime access to the transformation, well I can’t say i deserve it more than anyone else here but I can say that if I won I would be more than grateful. The last three years have been extremely hard emotionally. I’m twenty three years old and recently has a little girl named Madeleine, I also recently moved in with the love of my life and have a three year old little boy named Amir. When my little Amir was just over a month old I received the most devastating news, my older brother has passed away in his sleep. To say that he was just my older brother doesn’t sum it up. He has served in the U.S Marine Corps and was also a Sheriff. He was my best friend and father figure. He was my role model, the person who expected the most from me. Before he’s passing I had already felt like I had let him down, my pregnancy was sowmthing unplanned, I had plans to leave for the Navy and was enrolled in a community college. However being the amazing person he was he stood up for me and told me I has nothing to be ashamed of and that having my baby boy was nothing but a blessing. My brother passed and hadn’t even had a close talk. He not only passed but had done so while he was in vacation in Mexico. We had to wait two weeks before he finally arrived home. Saying goodbye was by far the hardest thing I’ve had to do so far. After losing him I thought that maybe things wouldn’t do get better but they only got worse. My sons biological father decided to step out of the picture without saying a word, my mother fell into a deep depression and not only was I having to watch her I also had 4 siblings, the youngest being 3 months older than my little boy. My mother owns a small cafe and I also had to be in charge. I felt completely overwhelmed. I was 20 years old, with a new baby, had dropped out of college, had lost my brother, and felt completely lost and alone. I tried so hard to keep myself happy for my little boy, but I failed. I also feel into depression. During this time I gained a lot of weight. I tried several times to lose the weight but I ultimately failed because I was stressed and depressed. Withing the last year and a half I meet my love life again,, I had actually met him when I was 17 while in vacation In Mexico. He was beyond patient with me and began taking me out on dates and helping me with OUR son. I was so self conscious of my body but he not only loved me the way I was but also taught me to love myself. I became pregnant with my princess and now almost two months after having her I have decided to lose the weight. I’ve lost 25 lbs so far by just eating healthy. I’ve began exercising ever since i had my 6 weeks clearance. I can finally say my depression is gone. My difficulties now are being a stay at home mom and part time college student. I could really use the extra help. My goal is to lose 50 lbs over all. Thank you for this opportunity and God bless. ❤️ You guys are a great family and amazing source of inspiration.

  160. Shane L Mitchell - May 25, 2018

    I am a big fan of you and Chris! I’m a physical education teacher and my wife is special education teacher, and we have 3 children, so we definitely cannot afford to buy a membership. We do ok with our fitness and eating but we never seem to be on the same page at the same time, so there is a lot of fluctuation, loss and gain. Meal planning and prepping can be a big sticking point, she’s doing the keto diet and I’m trying to track macros with carb cycling and finding recipes we both like gets challenging. I really want us to be able to take our fitness to the next level together, and I believe with your help we could accomplish that.

  161. Émilie - May 25, 2018

    Hi Heidi and Chris,
    I have loved chris’s Tv show and you are both SO motivating. I would absolutely love this opportunity for a lifetime membership because I have tried many different apps and plans, so far I am in love with yours. It works well with my day, I am seeing great progress and it has been keeping me committed. As a type 1 diabetic, fitness has a huge impact in control, and I love that your nutrition in the app has literally everything I need to know for calculating my insulin doses. I would like to add that my glucose levels have been better than usual (not that they are usually terrible) but I also feel amazing! This opportunity is exciting because I would love to live a long healthy life staying fit with you and Chris ❤️ Thank you for all that you guys do. You are both so inspiring.
    -Emilie @emiliemaisonneuve

  162. Priscilla - May 25, 2018

    The Transform App is exactly what I have been looking for. I am a workout fanatic and love the group setting (previously a group fitness instructor) but there’s also nothing like hitting the gym for some me time, especially on the days that are down in the dumps. With the transform app, I am able to do that with a guide that is straight forward and gives me results and makes me feel in a better mood overall.

  163. Rose - May 25, 2018

    I would love to win a lifetime membership because I’m a group ex instructor (cycle fit and strength & conditioning) at my local YMCA. I could always use extra work ideas to keep me in better shape as well as be an inspiration to those that come to my classes! Please choose me!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ (I’m also a momma to four boys and staying fit is a must to keep up with all their energy 😳)!!!

  164. Robin Myer - May 25, 2018

    I am a Mother of 7. The county next to me just opened for Police Applications. I am finally going to go for my life long dream of becoming an Officer. I still have some weight to lose and muscle to gain. I been working out here and there but more resources would be great before fall comes. I have struggled with an auto immune disorder for a couple years now. I don’t let it get me down. I push through.

  165. Cherokee - May 25, 2018

    Wonderful opportunity. I’ve struggled with weight loss and being healthy my entire life. No one showed me, it was eat whatever, whenever. I’d love the opportunity to show my family what living a healthy life style could look like. Especially my sister who has health issues. To set that example would be amazing.

    I struggle to stay motivated on my own. I lost a little over 50lbs a year ago and gained a little less than half back. I’m working on getting back into healthy habits for life.

  166. Molly - May 25, 2018

    My sister would definitely be my life time gym partner!! We have always been close an trying to loose weight an get healthy is one thing we try An struggle with on a daily!! We would be forever greatful!!!!

  167. Tina Armstrong - May 25, 2018

    I would love the opportunity to show moms out there that no matter your lifestyle and fitness level, you can achieve anything. I’m an avid fitness mom: I don’t need to loose weight but love a challenge and am always trying to get to a better fitness level. I’ve done almost every type of workout and showcase healthy meals on my Instagram as well as have done articles as a writer on fitness and health in the past. Instead of being the one who needs to lose weight I’d like to show those who are already working out regularly how to achieve a better fitness level and more toned physique by following the meal and fitness plan. There’s a huge demographic for this that has been forgotten about yet you two definitely represent.

  168. Janel Brooks - May 25, 2018

    I would LOVE this opportunity for many reasons. The biggest one being these last 20lbs! I have lost 130 lbs and kept it off for over 14 years. I have lost the same 20lbs two times and it keeps coming back. I need help to take it off for the LAST time and keep it off!

  169. Sarah Berto - May 24, 2018

    I would be so honored and lucky to win this prize. This giveaway is the most exciting one I’ve seen in awhile as it would be a chance to have a tool that would allow me to take care of myself while balancing a busy schedule. I’ve been a nurse for almost ten years specializing in cardiac care. My patients inspire me to be healthier and live the best life I can. I also want to be an inspiration for those around me which is so hard with such a busy schedule and long hours. I’d be forever grateful to be given this gift of health 🙂 having you both as trainers (in a sense) would be the ULTIMATE dream

  170. Sarah Tackett - May 24, 2018

    First, I want to acknowledge everyone that has commented and poured their heart out for a chance at this opportunity. There are some amazing people here and I do not envy the person that has to choose who wins! 😉
    Second, thank you Heidi & Chris!! You are helping change lives and that is why all of us are here commenting. You two (and your team) are motivating and inspiring and I LOVE your instastories!! You provide knowledge and entertainment and it’s greatly appreciated!
    I am trying to win this opportunity mainly for my husband. He is having some serious health issues lately and has finally agreed (due to my encouragement aka concerned nagging lol) that he needs to focus on his health. He has seen many specialists and made multiple ER trips for what seem to be “unexplained” health issues. We found out that he has a brain tumor, but have been told that is not causing his current issues. Most recently he has been battling an episode of Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis) for the last 9 months. He has a very stressful job, doesn’t sleep well and would like to lose 20-30 pounds.
    For the last year, he has been denying that his lifestyle needs to change. Last weekend we went back home for a wedding and some close friends expressed their concern and it clicked that it wasn’t just his wife being overly worried or a nag! 😆 He can be a bit stubborn and thinks he’s unbreakable haha. He has also been blessed with amazing genes and never had to workout or watch what he ate growing up because he played sports and stayed active. He has never had to go to the gym to workout! I know, it drives me nuts too lol. He admitted to me that he wants to start working out, but doesn’t know where to start. I really believe that this opportunity can help him take that first step that he badly needs while providing guidance to stay on course.
    As for me, I’ve had my own serious health issues (Crohn’s, adrenal fatigue, malnourishment) and I do my best to live a healthy lifestyle, but it’s hard when your spouse isn’t on the same page. Plus, I would really love to feel comfortable lifting weights and have strength. I feel like my husband and I are finally ready to get on the same track; however we need guidance and accountability. The lifetime app would be life changing for both of us!!
    If you read through all of that, thank you! I feel some relief getting it out. It was lengthy, yet the cliff notes version lol.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  171. Amanda Dunn - May 24, 2018

    I don’t really have a long-drawn out story about why I deserve this more than anybody else – I don’t know that I do. What I do know is that I am a nursing student who is 5 months postpartum with my second baby. I took block one finals, had my sweet man a week later, and returned 4 weeks after that to kick nursing school’s ass for the next 4 months while also juggling a 2 year old and a husband who is also in school and working. I work really hard for my little family, and I’m ready for a little something for me right now. 💪🏼

  172. Scott Rush - May 24, 2018

    So my wife and I are quite abut over weight. The typical story of letting ourselves go by getting into the routine of take kid to school, work, come home, eat, watch TV, sleep then rinse and repeat. All of a sudden, you look at each other when clothes don’t fit anymore and say “we have to do something about our weight…and…nothing happens. We’re tired because we’re fat and eat like crap. We eat like crap because we’re tired. The cycle is seemingly never ending!

    We both have a solid 80 lbs to be lost for each of us and it seems like such a daunting and expensive journey.

    5-6 years ago we were both in much better shape. I have been through a weight loss journey before when I trained to be an Air Force Officer. I was 260 lbs and had to get to 180. I did so in 4 months! I think I ate every single chicken and head of broccoli on the planet and sweat a swimming pools worth of sweat by using a sweat suit when I ran (yes, I understood the dangers of it but I had a passionate goal to serve our great country). Long story short, I met the goal, did so good on the AFOQT entrance exam I was told I could be a fighter pilot…BUT…the Surgeon General emailed me and said he’s sorry but I’m disqualified to serve beause I have genetically misaligned knee caps (which are prone to dislocation).

    I…was…devistated!!! I MAY have worked out a total of 5 times since then and this was 2013. I quickly fell into what I now recognize as a depressive state and became addicted to pizza and fast food. Here it is 5 years later and I’ve allowed myself to balloon back to 260 lbs and I’m miserable. Everyone around me can see it. Even the waitress at Waffle House saw it and said something!!

    My wife and I NEED change and need it now!

  173. Lisa - May 24, 2018

    I’m on a lifetime journey of making myself the best I can be, so what better than a lifetime membership to transform?!?! I need it in my life for sure! I have loved every minute I’ve had with the app so far! So please pick me! I’d write more, but I’m the probably the most unlucky person alive and will never win. Unless you decide to sprinkle some transform magic dust my way!

  174. Jerri Torres - May 24, 2018

    There are so many deserving of this opportunity, but I need this to save my Dad’s life. He has been diabetic for over 30 years and was recently placed on the kidney transplant list. I am a match, but cannot even consider donating a kidney until I lose weight. I need to get healthy to save him. Plus, it’s time I start taking care of my body. My children deserve a mother that will be around for a very long time.

  175. Brenna - May 24, 2018

    Okay isn’t it always about the struggle?!?! What worked and didn’t work? I’ve got one like everyone else… boo!! I have a bodybuilder dad, slender sisters, and then there’s me. My mom died when I was 10 and I juggled my weight the rest of my life. Food made me feel better!!! About age 12 I started realizing I was different than my friends. Not by much, but boys started noticing too. I remember when I was 12, during summer, longing to be thin and in a bikini like my friends. So…. all summer… no breakfast, eating a small salad with fat free Italian dressing at lunch and then just pushing dinner around on my plate to make it look like I ate. Years of unhealthy habits and thought processes have left me broken! Competition diets from my dad, binging and purging, juicing, weight watchers, low carb Atkins; they all worked for a short time but never was able to be the change that I needed! I have three littles and fabulous, super sexy hubby. I want this so I can be the mom and wife outside, that I know I am on the inside!! I just need a little more help!! With my husband being on the police force and me doing some work from home, we have a super tight budget. We all know moms usually come last. I’ve always been that way. I need something (you and Chris!!!) to help me stay on track and know exactly what I need to do. I don’t have the time to figure everything out, find recipes, figure out shopping lists, figure out exactly what workouts I need to be doing, etc!!! Ain’t no mama got time for that!!! (Except maybe Heidi bahaha)
    Help a mama out!!!! Xoxo

  176. Melynda stock - May 24, 2018

    Because the transform app is AMAZING and it’s the only workout tool I want to use for forever! It’s practical and doable. The workouts are pretty much perfection and I love the easy meals and variety! I’m a happier mom when I’m more fit. I love the confidence and feeling of strength that has been slowly coming back to me since having my second baby and starting the transform app. I’m hoping to have more babies and I know this is something i can and will stick with throughout. Thank you Heidi and Chris for this awesomeness! My husband and I follow a phrase WWTPD! (What would the Powell’s do?) 😉

  177. Giuliana - May 24, 2018

    what a great giveaway, you & chris have been my all time favourite for so long & are such an inspiration to so many people out there. this would be an opportunity of a lifetime (litterly haha). I’ve been threw personal training, & she ended up pushing me to limits I didn’t know I could reach unfortunately resulting in a curvation of my spine, due to this I gained majority of the weight i lost back. I’m ready to make my lifestyle change a priority and for life this time. I have trouble finding variation for recipes to eat instead of the same things everyday. the gym is such a confusing place when you don’t know what workouts to do to tend to the places you want to lose it most. my sister was recently diagnosed with PCOS and she actually has lost 70 pounds on her journey already! this would be such a great way to share this with her and do it together to better our lives and live the best lives we can, & what better way to say that I owe it all to Chris and Heidi.

    To whoever wins, congratulations! there are so many deserving people and such great stories out there, I wish everyone the best of luck.

  178. Ashley West - May 24, 2018

    Hey Heidi,

    Firstly, you and Chris do so much to help change other people’s lives for the better and now this – you both continue to provide as much love and support to all of us who need it and that is absolutly admirable.

    As to why I would love to win this (as would everyone else here of course), I need the help. I am 25 and have been overweight my whole life. When I was 13 I lost the extra weight by starvation – of course that was all gained back and caused a huge spiral in life.

    I’m tired of not trying new things, of being to ‘big’ for amusement parks and just feeling like I don’t fit in this world. A friend of mine lent me a pair of pants to wear one day while we washed our clothes. He insisted they would fit because “they are absolutly massive and stretchy. I could fit 3 more of me in these”. They didn’t fit and I literally fell to the floor crying and purely ashamed. I need help – and financially I am struggling after falling for gimmick after gimmick. Even my old personal trainor fees are not even in a range I could afford. (I would literally need a second full time job). I want to learn how to move, how to nourish my body, and not just how to eat food. The support and tools your app shows is exactly what I need to transform my life. This year my best friend of the last decade walked out of my life and I lost all my support.

    I have never told a soul that my goal was to enter competitions. Because I never thought a girl like me could change her life enough for it. I know with you and Chris on my side I would have a chance and get the education I need to follow that dream. I have lost 30lbs of a 202lb loss goal so far – after losing my gall bladder due to what this weight has done to me. I need to keep running in the right direction. Thank you for all you have done for everyone and this amazing chance to hopefully be able to change my life.

  179. Sherry May - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi! I feel I should get this app because I need something to help me get my body back. My body was taken by breast cancer. I went through chemo and meds and the caused me to gain a ton of weight. I need a good app that will take me to a better place kind and body. I just started the app and fell in love with it. It is so easy to use and the recipe selection is amazing. So I would love to have a lifetime membership so I can get my body back. Thanks

  180. Silvia Rosales - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win! As a single mom of two it’s hard for me to find time and energy to workout. I have wanted to do your workouts but unfortunately it’s out of my budget 💔. I’m trying to lose weight and stay healthy for my kiddos

  181. Paige Quadro - May 24, 2018

    I am a big fan of both you and Chris. I would love to get lifetime access to the transform app. I can’t say that I deserve it above everyone else, but I am a mom of three looking to get my body back after three c-sections. I do love to exercise, but I can never seem to get past a certain point in my training with my body. I want to be as healthy as I can for my kids, to show them how to meet goals, but also so I can go out and live life with them without feeling like I am self conscious about my body. Also, on a selfish level, I want it for me. Like I said, I am a huge fan, and I want something that helps kick my butt and help me kick butt.

  182. Jessica - May 24, 2018

    Wow!! What a great give away prize to win!! I would LOVE💜 this (as would so many) watched your inspiring show, now I’m on week 9 of my own transformation via #transformapp and loving it, I’m in it for the long haul.. sugar addiction is real and I had it lol.. you’ve helped me kick it and really stick to the eating plan ..the workouts are fit for any level.. ready to transform with you guys for life 😉

  183. Kourtney A. - May 24, 2018

    Heidi! The would like be to win because I have become entirely too bored of working out! I would love a fresh new perspective on how to properly train as I am not entering my late twenties and see my body slowly starting to change. I have always loved being active outdoors but have struggled to find a workout plan I enjoy! I would love to share this with my partner and be able to do it together. Cheers!

  184. John Hooper - May 24, 2018

    Jessica and I are fans of you both for ever now. She’s had 3 kids 7,5,and 2 and we are now focused to get back in good shape. She and I are about to celebrate our 14th Anniversary.
    My Instagram: @gohooper tag her too. She deserves this and we’d do it together. Thanks

  185. Deann English - May 24, 2018

    What a life extending enhancing gift this will be for whoever you chose! So many deserving stories – I don’t envy you the choice!! You & Chris have been such an inspiration to me! A few years ago with your previous apps help – I changed my life dropped 30 lbs and was healthier and happier then I can ever remember. And then life through a few punches and instead of using all the lessons you taught me I turned back to all the terrible choices I used to make and packed back on 25 lbs. My friend Jackie saw your newest app first and came running to me asking if this was the app and couple that I’ve been telling her about for years and I instantly downloaded it and have gotten back on track! Week two down 8 and most importantly feeling and living better!!
    These choices and decisions are a lifetime commitment not a quick fix or just when life is easy – a lifetime membership will be such a blessing to the winners!

  186. Ambet - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win the membership. Mainly because I could use all the help I can get. Frankly, I don’t spend the extra money on me it goes to the kids needs so it would be great to have something I can enjoy. My 12 year old son has started working out with me on occasion and it would be nice to have something new to do with him.

  187. Theresa - May 24, 2018

    Awesome giveaway! The most important reason I would love to win this giveaway is for my twin sister. I want us both to lead happy healthy lives and this is just what we need to start our journey! You two are such an inspiration, your hardwork and dedication is something I find truly amazing.

  188. LuAnn Townsend - May 24, 2018

    As a mother of 7 children and 10 grandchildren, and an RN to boot, i was so busy taking care of everybody but myself that i completely neglected ME. In the struggle to balance my home and work life and the ensuing unhappiness, i almost lost one of the most important people in my life about 5 years ago. With a blessed second chance after much introspection and behavioral changes, i really learned to practice what i had preached to my staff…take time for yourself, fill your cup, find joy in the journey. I began to take care of myself with exercise and meditation and dug my way out of that dark place! I have been weightlifting for about 3 years, but struggling with motivation/boredom from repeated exercise sets. I got bored easily and waned to learn new movements in exercise…and the ONLY people that have provided that variety are Chris and Heidi!! Ive been with the app about 20 weeks now and every day is still just as fun…i have never been bored with either the food or exercises. I am a fan for life! Your exercises challenge me both mentally and physically and have helped me become a more healthy person…in many ways. I have to thank you for helping me find joy in challenging and changing my body and my life!

  189. Andrea - May 24, 2018

    Thanks for the giveaway Chris and Heidi! I have already invested in the 1 yr. subscription and am currently doing the personal coaching. While I am seeing movement on the scale, the most important movement has been in my mind and the way I feel about myself! I’m learning that good choices don’t have to be hard and that I’m capable of doing so much. I’m actually enjoying getting up and doing my workouts. Access to the app for the rest of my healthy life would be like icing on protein waffles! And the occasional cake as well!

  190. Bethanie Bouchard - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this bc I am working on transforming myself and hope in turn to inspire my mom and aunt to transform also. I lost my aunt their sister she was 38 yrs young type 1 diabetes complications. My mom and her sister are both type 2 and very unhealthy. I want my girls to see a healthy happy mom and have my mom around for awhile and a grandma that can do thinks w them. We are very active and my mom cantdio a lot bc ot jer health. I lost my grandparents when they were only in their 50’s and early 60’s. Inwant yo help my family all around. But I have to be in control and love myself in order to help them

  191. Claudia T - May 24, 2018

    My story, weight loss wise, is like most people’s, the special part of my story will come when I finally reach my goal. I would like to learn how to balance parenthood, eating healthy and working out without driving myself nuts, I can’t seem to figure it out. I sincerely could use your help, and winning that free subscription would help me so much. I sincerely hope you consider me. Thank you.

  192. Kayla L - May 24, 2018

    I’d love to win a lifetime membership. I’ve decided recently I need to live healthier in order to enjoy everything AZ here had to offer confidently. I’m active but get nervous hiking, camping, etc with my friends out here because they are SO in shape. I need to whip my butt in gear to get healthy, be more active (and confident that I won’t hold people down if I go with them) and lose weight to really just be confident in my own skin. My friend showed me this app the other day and I absolutely love it!!

  193. Britania - May 24, 2018

    I’m a huge fan! I have strived to be fit for years but have not quite figured it out or stuck with it long enough! Being a busy single mom of 3 boys I know it will do us all good! I need help and support to do that! 😘

  194. Traci - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this incredible opportunity. I’m sure I’m with a lot of people when I say I’ve done different diets & exercise routines, they’ve worked for a bit than I’ve fallen off the wagon. And this time I’ve fallen off and feel like I’m being drug along now. I can’t shake the slump I’m in and weigh more than I have EVER weighed. Even when 9 months pregnant.
    I would give the other one to my husband. We need to get ourselves back in gear and we need each other to be successful.

  195. Dawn Ruminski - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi and Chris,

    My story is much like others. I am 46 years old and have both asthma and COPD. I gained over 70 lbs from being on steroids and falling into a severe depression from my diagnosis. To find out you have a disease that has no cure and will get worse over the years is heart wrenching. I have tried every diet, fad, shake there is and nothing helped. I now have a granddaughter that i want to see grow up. Using the app and losing this weight will give me that opportunity. This weight puts so much stress on my lungs that when I moved back to Colorado from California, I had a minor heart attack. Not even 24 hours after I arrived. I have lost 5 lbs so far. I know I need to lose at least 70 more. This will give me more time to live. I am not old enough to feel this old. I really need your help to better my quality of life . Thank you so much

  196. Alyssa Meter - May 24, 2018

    I absolutely adore the transform team.
    I have spent the last 3 years in a weight loss funk, part of the reason is due to a hormonal issue. I have followed you for years and decided to really give your app a try…it is the first program that has actually helped me to lose weight! I have gotten so depressed and uncomfortable with my weight that I even have a hard time playing with my son. He is 11 and I know I have a few years left with his as a kid to play but I am so uncomfortable with my weight that I can’t. I spent most of my sons life active with him. I have also found with my weight gain that I am even uncomfortable with having a true relationship with my husband. It breaks my heart! I want to be comfortable and active again. My dear is if I don’t do something about this I will end up morbidly obese like the rest of the women in my family. I think having a lifetime membership would help me to reach all these goals! I feel like having a lifetime membership to such an amazing program with such an amazing team would make it impossible for me to give up on me! It would allow me to live the healthy lifestyle I once had prior to this hormonal weight gain and would show my son that anything is possible!! Please help make this dream come true!! 💛

  197. Christy Allen - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi!! This is such an amazing opportunity you’re giving away. I’d love to win this because I struggle with weight and nutrition every day. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m never comfortable and it’s starting to effect my health. I need the guidance that you and Chris will give through the app. I hope you consider me. Have a blessed day!!

  198. Trisha Gledhill - May 24, 2018

    Heidi! I am a huge fan of yours and always follow your Instagram for workout advice and inspo! You have my dream bod after having a litter of kids!!!! 😱 You are seriously my fitness icon!! I would love this transform app because pretty much anything u and Chris do, seriously rocks!! Hope u pick me 🙋🏻‍♀️

  199. Mandy Flannery - May 24, 2018

    I would love to have access whenever wherever and forever to great workouts,recipes and advice. As a stay at home mom of three girls (ages 5 and 2 1/2 twins) sometimes it hard and tiring to even think of working out. With this help I believe I can totally stay motivated with some new and exciting ideas to get back into shape not only for me but for my family too.

    Thank you Heidi and Chris.

    • Team Powell - May 29, 2018

      HI Mandy! I work for Heidi Powell, and congratulations on winning the lifetime memberships to the app! I’ll also be contacting you both through IG DM and through the email address associated with this comment on Heidi’s blog. Please send me the email address you’ll use for the app AND the email address and name of your friend who will receive the second lifetime membership, and we’ll get you both set up and ready to Transform! [email protected] And congratulations!!!

  200. Amy Koch - May 24, 2018

    Heidi! I love, love, love how real you and Chris are! It’s one of the reasons so many people follow and love you…individually and together! I’ve used the Transformapp and recently cancelled my subscription because I had an upcoming foot surgery that will sideline me for several months. I’d love to receive a lifetime subscription, especially when I’m able to put weight on my foot again, because it will help me get back into a regular routine. I’m one week post-op now and am already thinking I’ll need help because I’m fairly active and being non weights-bearing for 6+ weeks is already getting old 🙁 Please consider me for one of the winning entries! I will definitely use the app & will need your recommendations in the future. Thank you for considering.

  201. Maria - May 24, 2018

    I would love to have an app that could guide not only workouts but eats for my honey and I. We love to do things together and challenge each other. The app would only help us continue that along with learning different workouts . I love all of the information you share with everyone and I look forward to hopefully using the app. 🙂

  202. Jessica Blanco - May 24, 2018

    Im tired of being the “fat” friend! I have had this title my whole life. I struggled my whole life but now it has gotten worse. I had a stroke 5 years ago, so now its super hard for me to lose weight. I need your expertise to figure this out. Only true experts will be able to help someone like me. My balance and coordination were affected, so I can not run, jump, or do anything fast. Please consider me. I may not be ideal but I will give you 110%!

  203. Krystal - May 24, 2018

    Hey there Heidi and Chris. Omg this is an amazing giveaway. Let me start here I have been bullied, called fat, your not good enough by peers that seriously stayed with me for a long time. I made myself sick when I was younger because I am a stress eater and when my parents divorced it was hard. I didn’t feel safe.
    But me as a mom to two beautiful girls. I want them to know you don’t have to be a size 2 but you can be active and healthy and still be amazing. That’s why I feel this would benefit me so much because it wouldn’t just be for me but to help my whole family. I’m working out with weights and bands and seeing results. What I’m struggling with is the eating. The fueling of the protein and all that. I know your app would be so helpful.
    I have watched your show for a long time and all I could say is I wish that was me and why don’t you just do it. I set my mind in January. I’m down 38. Again thank you so so much for this opportunity. Bless you both as you both r angels.

  204. Courtney Smith - May 24, 2018

    I have fluctuated all my life with weak and later only if I was diagnosed with PCOS in addition to the diabetes I really struggled with and weight gain. After my first son I gained even more weight reaching 300 pounds. After multiple doctors multiple pills multiple everything trying to lose weight and it gave me 20 more pounds and becoming depressed. At that point and lots of research I decide to have the gastric bypass unfortunately only hearing half into my journey I got pregnant and had my second child which send my progress in the wrong direction it’s taken me three years to try to get it back off. I’ve struggled with trying to keep my weight off and still need to lose a good 20 pounds and to tone up. This is definitely a lifestyle change for the rest of your life and I would love to have two people such as you and Chris to assist me on my journey. I’ve watched Kristin you are a multipl this is definitely a lifestyle change for the rest of your life and I would love to have two people such as you and Chris to assist me on my journey. I’ve watched Chris and you on onTV for years and now through your instagrams and blog! I have no clue how to make a healthy lifestyle change on my own and make a lasting effect and you too are amazing and know you would be that push, encouragement and tell it as it is that I need and cNt wait! 🤗

  205. Cayley - May 24, 2018

    I have followed you and Chris for years! I used to watch your show religiously. Although I may not be 400+ pounds, I am really struggling with my weight after having my first child – who will be 1 year old in a few weeks! I seriously can not believe how fast time flies. Before I had my son, I was diagnosed with Hasimoto’s and gained a lot of weight. I have never been able to get the weight back off and then being pregnant didn’t help. This would help me out tremendously. I work full time, part time, am going back to school all while trying to lose my weight and manage a family! So to say money is tight, is an understatement. The fact that my membership would be paid for would give me no excuse to not be my healthiest and most beautiful me. My husband and I got married very young and he got out of the military unexpectedly. Our little one was also a surprise – but a good one. To know that I will always have the support of you and Chris would mean a lot to me. I still follow both of Chris’ first books! I truly enjoy reading your blog. It motivates me daIly to keep pushing no matter how hard it may seem. I know that this will help me to live a healthier lifestyle and be a better role model for my child, just like you are for your kids!

  206. Melissa Highley - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi!! Wow! This is so amazing of you guys! What a blessing this will Be for someone (hopefully me!!) 😉 I want to invite you to take a look at my progress pics @highleyfam5 on Instagram. I have been in the middle of my transformation since January 1st of this year. My amazing husband budgeted for me to work with a trainer for 4 months! He knew I was at my wits end trying to figure out how to be the best me. I have made some frat progress but unfortunately our finances would not allow me to continue with the trainer. My goal is compete in my first IFBB contest in the fall in the bikini class! 😳 I have seen you compete and help me see I can do it!! I couldn’t take my husband on social media bc he is battling his own fitness journey. He is 6’1” and has never weighed over 180Lbs! I have him on a “bulking” diet now and we are in the gym EVERYDAY!! So while I can’t tag him he is my gym partner for LIFE!! 😊 Tjank you again for the opportunity!! Good luck to everyone!!

  207. Nicole Olmstead - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this for my husband and I! I have had success with the Transform app in the past, but ended my subscription due to budget. In ending it, I have realized that it really did keep me motivated to stay on track, especially since I’ve slid backward in my health transformation since unsubscribing. My husband and I won 1st and 2nd place in a weight loss competition at our church, but since that has ended, our motivation seems to have ended as well!

  208. HEATHER GARDY - May 24, 2018

    As I am approaching the BIG 50 in a few years I need much help. I have muffins and I don’t mean for breakfast or a snack. As I have aged fat has stuck where it never has before. I need motivation to help me stick with things, as I tend to quit. I would love to win the app, it would be life changing. Love the Powell Pack.

  209. Beth T. - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi! Is it weird I was showing people at work your arms today? Just showing them what I aspire to become. This of course led into who is she, what does she do etc. today gave the most awesome opportunity to talk about the transform app. I can’t thank you enough for what this app and this community has done for me and my daughter. I have struggled with my weight since my first son was born. How can I say I still have baby weight when he is 21. I have been a subscriber since day one and although I have not been perfect this whole time it has taught me so much about eating not starving to lose, making better choices, taking me out of my comfort zone, that working out doesn’t have to suck all the time and most importantly is teaching me accountability. Not perfection but owning it all when things are not so perfect. I love that my daughter is doing the app now too and she is learning this and so much more. We would love to be your choice for a lifetime membership. Having this would give us the confidence knowing that we will always have you and Chris in our corner through all the ups and downs a lifetime can bring.

  210. Nyasia Handy - May 24, 2018

    I should win because I have been dealing with fluctuating weight for the pass 2 years. I am an 18 year old college student who is having a hard time sticking to a “diet”. I have truly been inspired by you and Chris since the tv show Extreme Weight Loss. I have been following you guys and you are my defitintion of a couple who wants to help TRANSFORM people and their lives. I have a few friends who would love to be apart of it with me but they never say anything because they don’t know where to start and they don’t want to get judged because of their weight. If I can win the lifetime access to the Transform App (which I have downloaded…just low on funds to pay for it 🙁 ) I would use it to benefit and change myself along with those who want to change for the betterment of themselves also. So please Heidi and Chris I hope you guys consider my entry for a winner. Im trying to transform and help others transform as well.

  211. Ali Draughn - May 24, 2018

    I should win because I have watched Chris since he was SO YOUNG on an MTV show, training a young man. Every since I saw his passion, I have truly admired him and watched all of his shows, even bought one of the books. And OF COURSE I admire you too Heidi, you are amazing, one hot momma. I have a B.S. in Health promotion and I am currently studying for my ACE personal trainer cetification. I want to change lives the way that you guys have changed lives! I have a big heart for people and so just want to help them live their best, healthiest lives. Having lifetime access to this app would ensure that I keep myself healthy so I can continue to encourage others and to tell other people how Chris & Heidi have inspired me and continue to inspire me through their app! You guys are amazing and I hope to meet y’all one day! 💙💙💙

  212. Angie Walker - May 24, 2018

    My daughter and I would love to win this! I have struggled all my life with my weight and have yo yoed long enough! I have forever been a huge fan of yours and Chris. I have watched every episode of extreme weight loss and always wished I could be one of the people on the show and work with the two of you amazing trainers with hearts of gold! If you take a chance in us we won’t let you down!
    Angie Walker

  213. Gina Barreras - May 24, 2018

    Me and my husband could totally use your help Heidi to get Healthy and lose weight. You and Chris are an amazing couple and inspiration to many.
    My main goal for our health and wellness is because not only do we need to accomplish it for ourselves but more importantly we have a daughter with Special needs that we need to be around a LONG Time to support and Love her. She is such a Blessing and Joy in our lives and she deserves healthy parents.

  214. Brittany B - May 24, 2018

    Love the program and as a busy mom of two kiddos I love going to the gym and not wasting any time trying to figure out what to do! Also big fan right here 🙋🏻‍♀️

  215. Dixie - May 24, 2018

    Plain and simple, I need help. It’s confusing trying to figure out where to start and how to start. Its hard to find good motivation and even harder to try and plan out what’s next. Winning would help immensely. I don’t want to be like this forever and this could help change everything. Thank you.

  216. Annie - May 24, 2018

    Holy mackerel. There are so many wonderful peeps who deserve this.
    Here’s why I’m here.
    I’m 34, mom of 4. I, like most people, have tried everything. Everything from not eating, eating sooooo little, to even weight loss surgery. Nothing has ever worked. I found the transform app but complete fluke and I love it. I love the food plans which a simple and so delicious. To the workouts that absolutely kick my butt every time. This time I’m determined because I’ve actually been accepted to university in the fall and I need to keep up to all the kids that are half my age and really I’m terrified. So i love this app and i thought I’d try to get the lifetime.

  217. Katie Zera - May 24, 2018

    I’m a busy full-time working mom of two little girls. I’m up at 4:30 every morning to workout with your app before I go to work. It has made meal planning and strength training a breeze and I’m super thankful for that. I’m an aspiring triathlete with 20 races on my calendar this year and the cross-training from the Transform App has really upped my game. I would love to win so I can continue on my journey and show my girls what a strong mama looks like.

  218. Katie - May 24, 2018

    I should win the life time transform app because I want to stay healthy for the rest of my life! I am a nursing student and finding time to stay motivated is tough. I stumbled upon this app a little over a month ago and it has restored my motivation! Knowing what I need to do at the gym everyday and knowing how to do it keeps me motivated. Even if I don’t win the prize I must say I’m very thankful for you guys and taking the time to make such a great program for everyone. Also thank you for getting me back on tract to being a healthier version of me. 😊🤞🏻

  219. Anna Lee - May 24, 2018

    I don’t think I deserve to win this any more than the next person. But I will say, I will be forever grateful if I did win. Winning this would make me hope again. Being picked will finally be the reason I take control of my life. Getting this prize will help me finally be the mom and wife I always tell myself I’ll be but never am because I am always feeling hopeless. I’d use this to be an inspiration to all around me, in particular my dad who is struggling to get healthy after 72 years of unhealthy living.

  220. Tanya - May 24, 2018

    I’m over 40 and have two kids under 5 years old. I have been working out consistently for the pass to years but still have some running up to doing and baby weight to concur. The transform app has been a life saver on busy nights as I plan my meals and food prep on the weekends. Budget is tight these days but I really do love using the app so to win a lifetime membership would be absolutely amazing!

  221. Allison - May 24, 2018

    I really struggle with losing weight and keeping it off. Having this app for LIFE would be amazing for my focus and drive! I love all the workout variations and the food options.

  222. Zoe - May 24, 2018

    Heidi and Chris! I have been a huge fan of yours for years and I love you guys! I am a part of your private group on Facebook and love all the success stories I’ve heard and seen and how everyone lifts each other up I got the transform app the minute it was available! Unfortunately I was unable to keep it due to the fixed income I’m on, I have a young son with Down syndrome whose illnesses and therapy sessions can be costly! I really want the lifetime give away I would love nothing more than being with you guys for the rest of my life to not only see myself grow but the app and you guys and your family! I’m a single mother of two little boys and I’ve hit rock bottom after the birth of my son with Down syndrome I became depressed sad and gained 200lbs I am now at my heaviest 325lbs and I would love nothing more than to shed the weight be who god intended me to be and live my best life for myself and my sons. I know with the extra weight I am slowly killing myself and my boys need me for as long as possible and I know the time is right. In my heart I know God wants this for me and having this lifetime membership would be the extra push I need! So please pick me! Love you guys!

  223. Jean Humes - May 24, 2018

    Being self employed it is very hard to find time to put a meal plan together with a shopping list. Also have all my workouts at my finger tip. This app is amazing finally has everything at my fingertips. I am so excited to find what I did with you. Wishing I was I was 20 years younger. My work out buddy Allison is ready to getter done.

  224. Maria Renovato - May 24, 2018

    First I love that the prompt here says “say something nice” lol!
    Secondly, I would love this app because both my husband and I need to lose over 100+lbs each and need all the help we can get! I recently bought a customized meal plan from one of the people Chris (your hubby) gave a shout out to on his page and it’s not a very good plan :(. I spent $200 for nothing. I need this! I love that you are local and love that your brand is expanding-I’m in it to win it-just need a good leader to direct me! Love you guys!

  225. Brittany piwowar - May 24, 2018

    Heidi and Chris I would love to win the lifetime access to the transform app because it has helped me a lot! I started a 3 month trial to see if I would like it and boy do I love it. It’s simple and I never feel like I am deprived of anything! The workouts are great and I constantly feel encouraged by your videos! I feel like you guys are in my living room with me. You both are an inspiration and I would love to have a lifetime commitment w you! Also I would love for my mom to be my plus one! 😀

  226. Natalie Whiting - May 24, 2018

    You two are amazing! I should win this givea way because I want to be the best first time grandma and be on the health track! Yes! I’m 41 years old with 5 Beautiful children and an angel baby who I know is watching me. I carried him 9 months and he was a stillborn. Depression kicked in off and on, I had to stay strong because I was a mom to the time. Then came the other 4! Last baby was a year and a half when we lost our home to an arson fire. So distraught, but I had to stay strong because my babes needed their mom! Daddy is amazing and was laid off 2yrs after our fire and fell into depression. I had to stay strong, because I am mom. I picked up 3 jobs and did the mom thing too. I’ve even done a couple fitness boot camps for my sanity. And joined a local heart walk. 2 yrs later daddy finally got a new Career/job and things have been busy and looking up. I decided to go to real estate school and on the way to my exam I was in a car crash that I’m not sure how I survived. (Never finished) I know these trials make us stronger some how. My biggest challenge now is the pain when I excersize, the gym just doesn’t suit me any more. I need to do what I can from home. I’m no one extraordinary, I am a mom, a wife (22 yrs.), and a soon to be grandma!
    I love being a mom so, I can only imagine what being a grandma will be like!
    I want to win this giveaway! (It would be the first, lol.😅 )
    You two just put a smile on my face when I see you. 😘 -One AZ gal right here!

  227. Aimee - May 24, 2018

    I just turned 40 and I feel old LOL. I am also a type 1 diabetic and would love to be as healthy as possible for as long as my body will let me! I have 4 kids who are my complete world and I want to be healthy for them and myself! I also want to be a great example of someone who takes care of the one and only my body we have be given in this lifetime.

  228. Elena - May 24, 2018

    Heidi! I’m currently pregnant with my 3rd baby! Such a blessing, but pregnancy has left a high toll on my body! I’m starting this pregnancy up 10 pounds from where I’d like to be, but in SUCH a better place fitness wise than I was with my two first pregnancies. I started my fitness journey after my son was born 2 years ago, and have LOVED following you & Chris. It’s encouraging to me that you have little kids and can still incorporate health & fitness in daily! I can’t even tell you what this lifetime membership would mean to me for my goal of staying healthy for my family! I really want to set a good example to them from the start. And as for the second membership, I’d love to give it to my neighbor who just had her 3rd baby as well. She’s been such awesome support to me as far as fitness and exercise go, I’d love to pay it forward and say thank you with a membership!

  229. Katie Zachary - May 24, 2018

    Howdy, Chris and Heidi! My name is Katie. With so many entries, I know this is a long shot, but I’ve never shied away from seemingly impossible things. I am currently a graduate student in Charleston, WV, studying to be a physician assistant. I turned 25 in March. I have always struggled with weight. Health was never a huge priority for my family growing up so all of my family except for my sister is overweight. My dad has high blood pressure and diabetes, and my mom has high blood pressure. I picked up a lot of bad habits as a kid and didn’t realize until I was older how these bad habits were affecting me into adulthood. I knew, as an aspiring health professional, I couldn’t go on telling my patients to eat and live healthily if I wasn’t doing the same. I want my health journey to be an inspiration for my patients and for other members of my family, but ultimately, I want to be healthy for me. I want to be able to look in the mirror and have confidence in, not only who I am on the inside, but on the outside too. I have tried multiple weight loss methods… Weight Watchers, carb counting, Dukan diet… I would lose some and then gain right back and then some. With the help of your app, I have lost 30 pounds over the last few months and have never felt better. I still have a long way to go to my weight loss goal and your app has allowed me to be successful. As a graduate student, and some-day-PA, my schedule is and will be busy. Your app makes it easy to prepare for the challenging, long weeks of school and work. I would love to be considered for a life long membership. Thank you!

  230. Tracy - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi and Chris- 16 years ago I was diagnosed with AML (Leukemia) after 36 bags of chemo and a stem cell transplant I am still here!!! I’ve always been chunky and 6 years ago worked with a trainer lost 50 pounds. I ate asparagus and protein for 12 weeks, and I somehow managed to keep the weight off for 5 years. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis and well, fell off the wagon and gained the weight back. I can’t seem to get back on and my life depends on it!!!! I have high BP, cholesterol, and sugar:(
    What an amazing opportunity to train with you both, learn how to make this a healthy lifestyle that will last more than 5 years. I promise to work hard and make you both proud. Tracy N.

  231. Mandy Allen - May 24, 2018

    My husband and I are already fans of the Transform App. It has been a game changer for us and would ADORE a lifetime membership ourselves. It has been a lifestyle that is easy to stick with. I never feel wanting.

  232. Camille - May 24, 2018


    I came across your Instagram page in my feed and thought it was fate! I have tried every diet out there and have always got to where I needed to be but then gained it all back. I want to maintain a healthy life style and feel good each day. I am 45 now and it’s hard to keep this weight off. Help! I also tagged my daughter who just had my beautiful grandson and thought we could do this together! ❤️

    Prayers in 🙌🏻

  233. Jamie - May 24, 2018

    I am getting married in less then 3 weeks and would love to kick start my marriage with a healthier life style!

  234. Kristy - May 24, 2018

    My husband and I have been married almost 7 years. You and Chris have been a part of our entire journey. We have been so encouraged by your life that you share with the world! From parenting to marriage to mind, body and soul. My husbands loves the accountability of your Transform App and really would use it forever!!! It helps me to stay on track and be supportive of his goals and it also helps me have to confidence in doing my own workouts and feeling comfortable in the gym. Thanks for all you do!

  235. Melissa Stoltz - May 24, 2018

    Because I want to move in with you guys pretty much every single time either of you post on social media (and you know that’s a lot), but since that is not an option (or is it?) this is the next best thing!!!!

  236. Alexia Talamante - May 24, 2018

    Heidi , you & Chris are LITERALLY my inspiration. I have watched you guys since it started on “Extreme Weight loss edition” & have all of Chris books’ . You guys ARE the reason I want to help others love themselves , make a better lifestyle for themselves & pick life over obesity & death!!!! I will be a certified personal trainer one day with my BFF rolando. & YOU guys are the ultimate #GOALS. I want this transformation app opportunity , bc I WILL change the lives of others , not for the money , not for the fame , bc I TRULY know this is my calling !!!! I feel so satisfied and truly happiness within my heart knowing I can help someone and “coach” persay to live a better life !!!! Lots of persona trainers only do it for the money and don’t actually care !!!! I am 100% IN IT!!!!! And one of my dream goals is to workout with you guys , talk to you guys & maybe even one day work side by side! Thank you two for being the change I needed for me to become that much better as a person, mentally & physically !!!! Much love xx!!!

  237. Amie Conner - May 24, 2018

    Where to begin … I don’t really think I deserve the lifetime access to your amazing Transformation app more than anyone else but I am certain I want it from Lor the same or similar reasons so many others have listed.

    You and Chris are already inspirational & always keep me motivated but we’ve concentrated on stripping down our budget to pay down debt so I don’t see/hear/read you guys as much these days with less WiFi and no cable. We also canceled our gym membership so new exercises are something I strive for as I continue my “battle of the bulge”.

    I know so many who are working towards the same goals with similar limited budgets. I wish everyone the best and am thankful to the Powell’s for their consistent matter-of-fact motivation

  238. Sherise Allen - May 24, 2018

    Sherise Allen
    I love following you and Chris! I admire your authenticity and love the transform app that you guys have created for us!! Thank you thank you thank you for all that you give back! It’s both inspiring and motivating!

  239. Jelena - May 24, 2018

    Because I need this, I really do. I am just Like any other woman, wife, mom, I have nothing to say why I am special and why out of all of this people I should win this.
    I need this to Stay sane in this crazy world. I need this to be healthiest and the best version of myself so my daughter can have propel role model in me. I need this for delicious Recipes that will assure my husband that healthy meals can also be yummy. I need this because I have no money to pay subscription.

  240. Alicia A Kurtzman - May 24, 2018

    Winning this would give me the proper education I need regarding nutrition and what recipes will work best for me. I also love that you can change up the workouts which is not always easy to do on your own. I have 2 children (4 and 1) and my 4 year old was diagnosed with Autism last year, so there are a lot of appointments to get him to after work during the week which makes it hard to find the time to make a proper dinner and do a workout since by the time we get home, it’s bath time and then bed time for the kids. I usually fall asleep laying with my 4 year old getting him to bed by 9:30! I have watched you and Chris for years and absolutely LOVE the motivation you provide to help everyone get to their goal! And I would love to be one of those people you help.

  241. Shauna - May 24, 2018

    I’m a 45 year old mom of 5. Food has always been my love language. Baking cookies for my kids means I love them right? This is very ingrained in me. Lately my weight has caused many health issues and I’m feeling like the way I’ve eaten my whole life is now becoming the thing that is making me unhealthy. I want to feel energy, I want to be here to dance in the kitchen with my grandkids. I’ve never actually tried when it comes to my own health and well being. It’s time!

  242. Shannon ray - May 24, 2018

    Hello, I am 40 years old and the heaviest I have been in my whole life. I would love to win this cause we are a single income family. I have sacrificed for my husband my daughter and also my mom and dad. I would love to put me first one time lol. But just can’t afford too. With this win I could actually put me first. Take the time for me. Thank you Heidi and Chris for everything y’all do. God bless y’all

  243. Tammy Stricklin - May 24, 2018

    I would love to be chosen for the giveaway of a lifetime. I have struggled with weight issues my entire life. I am quickly approaching my 50th birthday (I will be 50 in November of 2019). I have been working on reaching my goal weight before that time. I have been going to the gym, and trying to eat healthy, but I often feel the need for a little help/guidance. I have followed you and Chris for quite a while, and love all that you bring to the table.

  244. Kristen - May 24, 2018

    This would be awesome!!

    Would lov a coach and to learn more

  245. Ashlee Martin - May 24, 2018

    Dear Heidi,
    I feel that I could benefit from winning this for a lot of reasons. I am 25 years old an currently weigh 240 lbs, with my starting and highest weight being 250 lbs. I do my best to work out and eat clean and barely see results. I feel I am doing something wrong. Having access to the transform app would allow me to make better meals and have better work outs. I fear that if I don’t lose weight that I will die within the next 5 years. I have many goals an aspirations that I want to achieve before I die, and now is the time to make the change. I have a passion for working with children and adults who have learning disabilities. My favorite is to work with children who have autism. Special Education has always held a special place in my heart. However, the bigger I get, the harder it is to move around with these kiddos. I can’t crawl around on the floor as fast I would like and it’s extremely hard to get up once I am down. I get winded just trying to stand up. I want to be able to work with these people and kids and give them all that I have without limitations. I HAVE to lose weight. I have been lucky to believe that I am a beautiful person regardless of my weight. I have the love for myself needed to lose the weight because I want to be a better person for me. I just need your help!

  246. Kate - May 24, 2018

    Please choose me for the Giveaway of a Lifetime! Recently, someone questioned how long I had been working out, thinking I had just recently started working out. After thinking about it and correcting that person, I have been on this fit journey for 10+ years, and I don’t intend to stop my workout regimen. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had set backs (a sprained ankle will get you every time), but I’ve consistently worked out at least 3 days a week for the past ten years. Some weeks I even get in 4-5 workouts a week. Every day is not a walk in the park. There are days I just don’t want to workout, and then there are other days that I can’t wait to workout. And, there are some days that I workout to blow off steam. It’s such a great stress relief for me… exercise. I am committed to being healthy and exercising. As I approached 30, about ten years ago, I knew I had to get my weight in check to be fit. Now, as I approach 40, I know I must continue to workout in order to live my best life. As someone committed to exercising, being fit and living as healthy as possible, I appreciate your consideration for this lifetime membership.

  247. Kristen Carrero - May 24, 2018

    I can’t believe that I am writing this , but I think I deserve it because I matter. I need “ME” back. I am a single mom who never does anything for myself. My two teenage boys, three rescue dogs and two jobs basically run my life. I am generally too tired or too sick to take time for me, even if I have a few minutes. I need some type of structure to help me get back on track and change my lifestyle. I need to get rid of this second person that I have been carrying on my back for the past 5 or 6 years and I need that discipline back in my life. I need to eat healthier, work out and just have that positive mind set to be a happier person. This would be life changing for me. It would also set a good path and good example for my sons. I’m sure there are lots of people out there who could benefit from this, but for once in my life I would like to put “me” first. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Heidi and Chris, you are truly amazing people. You probably have no idea of the impact that you have on many of us each day just by sharing your life, your workouts and your family with us. You both are just so positive and are the real deal. You are honest with us and really have made nutrition and exercise inclusive for the entire family. Thank you- love you all! 😃❤️🐶

  248. Stephanie White - May 24, 2018

    To be awarded the prize of lifetime access to what appears to be the best overall health app in existence would be priceless! I am one of those people who does not have integrity with herself. I’ve never considered myself worthy of self-love. I’ve been working very hard in the last few years and have realized that I am, in fact, worthy of the life I have longed for for DECADES! Time and time again, I do whatever it takes to make other people happy only to make myself miserable. At our core, we all want to be loved. You can’t pour from an empty cup! Loving yourself has to be the foundation of solid mental well-being and healthy relationships with yourself and others.

  249. Shanna - May 24, 2018

    Hey guys! I would love this lifetime membership so much! I am going to live my life this way for the rest of forever💪🏼. I have been a walking billboard for this program and community since the app launched and even more so since I joined Dox⭐️! For the first time in my life I am not starving myself, over exercising, OR beating myself up for the way my body is. For the first time in my life I deeply love myself and value every inch of me. I love me!!💕 This community, the app and the curriculum has just clicked for me. I know it’s gonna take me longer then a year for my body to let go of the weight, and that’s okay. I know what I need to do. If I have a lifetime membership, I promise to do all I can to help anyone who is like I was. There were so many times I wished to just know someone who understands and it’s been here, with you guys that I’ve found that. I’m excited for forever with you guys! I’m forever grateful for this program! 💋 💕🏋🏼‍♀️

  250. Tanya Giaquinto - May 24, 2018

    It’s really simple for me. Growing up work was emphasized more than exercise or taking care of myself. I am now 48 and struggle daily with that voice in my head that tells me not to put myself first. I made a conscious decision to teach my children differently. My daughter at 16 is an elite hockey player along with my son. They are active, smart and competitive and kind. I have done my job! Having access to the app for lifetime will help me to continue my journey and i tagged my daughter because health is a lifetime commitment and I would love to have this for my family. Thank you for the opportunity and wish you a lovely day. 🤗🤗🤗

  251. Jackie - May 24, 2018

    Please consider me for a lifetime membership. , I’ve been on a journey to a healthy lifestyle since I was just a teen. Tried every diet and fad for 20 years and still struggle on making this transition,. my “normal” weight fluctuates 20 to 30 lbs which my Dr has armed me is very unhealthy. Your program would provide me a platform to “transform” my life and help me create a healthier more fit life. I have the gumption to make it work just need the tools to make it happen.

  252. Nolwyn - May 24, 2018

    Hi from sunny South Africa 🇿🇦 This win would be a game changer in maintaining a fit, healthy life. I live in a very rural area and access to healthy information and fitness is available only through having access to resources like your app. I have a “home gym” with improv weights, etc (which I’m very proud of). Having access to your amazing app would mean consistent motivation, personal training and healthful eating all at my fingertips – a dream come true!

  253. Sheena - May 24, 2018

    Hi! This is just awesome what you guys do!! Gosh, why I would benefit from the app… well like so many others you guys have it down to a science. I have been battling back from a knee injury; I lost 100 lbs in 2016 and have struggled the last few months in trying to figure out how to balance it all without running (or decreasing my running). So to have you guys coach me via the app & all the nutritional information would be life changing. Because what I have learned thus far is that nutrition is 80% of weight loss & a healthy lifestyle. Finding balance is a daily battle. I want to be healthy and happy first and foremost for me. I also want to be a mentor, coach, and role model for my kids, my family & friends. To be able to continue to learn and grow, which I feel the app will help me do, is a game changer. XOXO Sheena

  254. Danielle Lemieux - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this to be the best example for my daughter that I can be. When my husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of melanoma we started to take his health very seriously and I kind of just put myself on the back burner and stress ate and stopped working out. We have been more than fortunate so far that he is doing great. Now I need to get me on track!!

  255. Florence Langowski - May 24, 2018

    Hi guys! I would love to workout with my soul mate and husband Daniel. I need a special diet with my pcos and many food hypersensitivities and some liver issues and the app is perfect for it. We need to eliminate fat and to work our muscles. We live in France. We loved your shows! You’re such an inspiration for us! We want to live healthy for our little 2yo boy Timothy and a “maybe” future baby (if life want to give us the chance) in few years.

  256. Celine Comeau - May 24, 2018

    Hallelujah! I’d love the opportunity and the support to transform my life into one of health, fitness and a wealth of knowledge about the life sustaining and transformative power of food. Having a healthy lifestyle is important to me because I’m recovering from PTSD. I truly believe in healing and I would dedicate myself to this journey (already am). I’d love the added help!

    I am @hatleyangeline on Instagram and I tagged my partner who has the same aspirations to grow together, to be healthy together and to stay active. We already support each other and this program would allow us to reach that next level side by side, amd build trust and love, while enjoying the sexy smell of sweat 😉

    Hugs and love!


    • Jen - May 24, 2018

      I am looking for a new challenge and I think this app would be the change I need in my routine!!

  257. April Faith - May 24, 2018

    My husband and I have recently celebrated our first anniversary. In the chaos of combining two households and two families among other life changes we placed our health on the back burner. Both of us gained Love pounds:) I think the transformation app and all its resources would be a perfect way to get back on track so that we can continue our lives together happy and healthy

  258. Autumn - May 24, 2018

    Hi I’m Autumn! I lost about 80 lbs in high school… I’ve been through a lot and I’m currently going through a divorce which impacted not only my emotional and mental health, but also my physical health. I gained everything I lost and then some. I am currently 30 lbs down from where I started… and I would love to be able to have this lifetime access to conintue to rebuild the love and strength I know I have. I have always looked up to both of you and y’all actually helped me to lose the weight the first time by watching Extreme Makeover. Thank you for this opportunity! ❤️❤️

  259. Autumn - May 24, 2018

    I love reading everyone’s comments! So many of us have similar stories! I’m a mom of one crazy little two year old boy who I love!! We lost twins last summer and have been trying for more kids ever since. So far, no dice! I would love the chance to get this app so I could focus on getting in shape and staying healthy. So far this season has lead to lots of emotional eating and half-hearted workouts. I used to play soccer in college, so I’m used to having a coach tell me what to do! Hah! Anyway, whoever wins will absolutely deserve it and I’m sure they’ll experience transformation! Xo

  260. Bailey Downs - May 24, 2018

    Oh my gosh, reading all of these comments is so amazing. Everyone is so deserving of this opportunity, I wish everyone could win (including me! Lol) I’ve NEVER EVER taken the chance to enter into a giveaway before. I just always knew in the back of my mind that I will never win and that I don’t deserve it anyways. I’ve never felt I’ve deserved anything before in my life. Everything in my life revolves around my soon to be husband, Justin and our 2 year old son, Cohen. I would absolutely DIE for the chance to have access for life. I am currently a user of the transform app, but unfortunately my pocketbook is running a little short these days due to wedding planning, trying to save for our first home and still trying to keep up with this subscription! My fiancé and I have always been the “big couple” and I don’t want that for us OR for our son!!! I want us to be the most active, healthy, happy parents to our little boy and this gives us that opportunity. Winning this giveaway would mean the 100% certainty that we have the tools to succeed for life! To be able to conquer this as a couple would be so amazing. I can only hope and PRAYYYY that we win this!!!!! Good luck to everyone, I’ll be so glad for the winners no matter what!!

  261. Jennifer - May 24, 2018

    I want to be healthy and ripped with my hubs forever and ever! He hurt his back in a small car accident but it just won’t seem to heal. I keep telling him to come lift with me because I want to spend more time with him, but I also know getting stronger will make his back feel so much better. Love your site and the amazing things you guys are doing. So inspiring!

  262. Tiffany Olson - May 24, 2018

    Hey guys! This giveaway is so amazing!!! I am a 36 year old mom of 3 and I am miserable. Everyday I’m unhappy in my body and skin and I don’t know where to start to heal myself. I took an honorable discharge from the Army after the birth of my 13 year old because he had severe medical problems (Chiari malformation, syringomyelia, epilepsy, central auditory processing disorder, and migraines) and he has had two brain surgeries and takes daily seizure and migraine medicine. My 12 year old daughter has chronic uti/bladder infections and stomach pain. My 18 month old had an intussusception at 6 months and will now only breastfeed as he refuses all food. So I’m exhausted and run down and completely stressed out. I was always healthy and active but in the last several years my health has declined and I’m just lost. With all the dr appointments for my children and taking care of them I quit taking care of myself. I need this to transform my life and my health because I finally feel like I deserve to take care of me because I’ve realized if I don’t take care of me I can’t take care of them.

  263. Christine - May 24, 2018

    I would absolutely love this lifetime app for me and my husband!!!! We have 5 small children that keep us busy and I absolutely love your workouts and blogs, I have been on the health train for a couple years and have been trying to get my husband involved this may be push he needs to help him get started! I need to stay healthy and active to keep up with my 4 boys and girl🤗🤗my kids ages are 8,7,6,4,3 and I need a lifetime membership to stay fit and active and healthy for my family!!! Thank you for this opportunity I love you guys so much 🤗

  264. Rebekah - May 24, 2018

    I believe i should win because I’ve reciently just ended my 4th year of college soccer. I have been looking for a way to stay motivated and inshape for the rest of my life. I’ve been changing my life style and watching what i eat and put in my body. I have noticed changes but still looking to improve!

  265. Kelly Martin - May 24, 2018

    Thank you for even reading this!! I am honestly not sure what to say in why I deserve this… but I can tell you how much I have truly changed in the last year of using your app… weight loss has always been my goal, I have always felt uncomfortable in my body and never fully confident in what God gave me… my relationship with food was a love/hate one, bingeing with stress, over celebrating with food… Always thinking about how I could feed my current emotions…
    Through this app I have not only healed that relationship with food, but I feel like I am no longer in fear of social situation with food “off my plan” cause I know how to plan for it & enjoy it… I have found a new way to deal with stress in running and finding a new love of weights… I feel confident and comfortable in my skin, that i can reach out and help others around me.
    I know that this truly is the beginning of my transformation and not sure I will ever be done… Thank you for considering me❤️

  266. Heather Sabatino - May 24, 2018

    This app would be soooo great for me because I would no longer have excuses! I can cook healthy meals and exercise wherever and whenever I want. I had a baby 2 years ago and I want nothing more then to fit into my old clothes (which my husband is going to make me het rid of if I don’t start wearing them soon😀), wear a bikini again at the pool amd feel better! I want to feel better physically and mentally. I want to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. I don’t want to feel guilty on a cheat day because I’ve worked so hard the rest of the week! I want a booty like Haiti’s and the transform app can make that happen!! Chris and Heidi, I know you can get me there!

  267. Cara M - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi and Chris

    I would love to win this.

    In 2013 I weighed almost 600lbs, was very sick housebound. I couldn’t even bathe myself.

    I then asked GOD to either kill me or give me the strength to lose the weight ( I was 42 years old) luckily I found the strength. I lost 250 lbs. Fast forward to 2014, I am back up t 400 lbs and have Roux n Y surgery. I lost 160 lbs, down to weighing 240 lbs.

    In 2016 I got hit by an 18 wheeler and walked away but damaged my legs. Also got into a bad relationship so the weight came back.

    Today I weigh 336 lbs, am almost 48 years old and have realized I am a food addict. I can’t stop eating. I need help. I’ve regained 90 lbs of what I lost due to surgery.

  268. Branden - May 24, 2018

    Wow! I’d say I can’t beleive you guys are doing this, but I’d be lying since I’m not surprised at all! You two are constantly seeking out ways to give to and help others and you two have been my idols for as long as I can possibly remember! I think it is so amazing how incredibly powerful and giving you two are. I used to watch Extreme Weight Loss religiously from start to finish growing up. Watching you two (especially Chris) no offense Heidi haha I got so incredibly inspired and at the time I weighed 300lbs and was very out of shape. Because of you guys I got off the couch and got my weight down to 180 lbs. I still have a long way until my goal weight and it has always been my dream to meet you guys and thank you for all you’ve done for me, and to get a workout in with you!!! I told my girlfriend Brianna about you two a while back and she has become very inspired as well so her and I both have entered into this giveaway and are trying to become a successful, powerful, and giving fitness couple like you and Chris! Do I beleive we deserve to win this? Probably not more than others no, because I beleive with what I have already gained from you two that I will not stop until I reach my goal and help Brianna reach hers! I’m sure there is someone really struggling out there that needs this more than we and deserves it, but I want to say thank you for your consideration and someday we will all get a workout sess in together I’m counting on it! Thanks Heidi, you and Chris keep up the amazing work!

  269. Chloe simmons - May 24, 2018

    A lifetime of guided training sounds pretty awesome. I’ve trained since I was 18, not for anything in particular just life. I’ve experienced a few different programmes by a few different trainers and I’ve followed them exactly but they never really get results. I’ve been active all my life It’s just part of who I am. Honestly, I would just love the opportunity to be coached by the both of you. You’re both hardworking but humble, honest and positive people. If you don’t pick me that’s cool because I’ll always train and try to improve. I’m not aiming to reach a goal as such it’s just improving everyday. I’ve played sports since I could walk and still do. I’m dedicated and self disciplined. Always motivated and love to learn. I’m just about to graduate as a paramedic and I’d love the extra support with improving my fitness. Thanks for taking the time to read.

  270. Christine - May 24, 2018

    Oh my to win this would mean the world to me and my health. I’ve tried doing it on my own, had a friend try to help, husband tries to encourage, doctor preaches it needs to happen….but it needs to come from my own self…my own strength …my own heart. But it’s harder to do than to say it. After having a child at 36…its been even harder to will myself to do it than when I had my twins at 26! I feel it’s time for me to get my head right and seeing this gives me hope that even if I do not win, I have the will to do it on my own. I love myself and now need to take action and winning would help tremendously. ♡

  271. Tamara Ko - May 24, 2018

    Because I’m chubby! Need to get my diet under control!

  272. Emily Kramer - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi,
    I know many people have commented why they deserve the lifetime access, so hopefully you will read this and choose someone so deserving! I wanted to share the story of my husband and I. He donated his kidney to me in March of this year. Despite a healthy lifestyle, my lupus destroyed my kidneys after 15 years. He was my perfect match, and he will forever be my perfect match. We are both doing phenomenally, and we are so grateful. We are back to working out, and training to get our muscles and our endurance back. We would love access to your transform app to help push us even more. Thanks for inspiring everyone. I just love following you and Chris! Much love from Maryland

  273. Ryan Kentrolis - May 24, 2018

    My husband and I have followed your journey for along time! 4 years ago, we had a beautiful little boy at only 26 weeks. Due to complications, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and is completely dependent. As he gets older and bigger, it has only gotten harder to lift and carry him. We started our journey of getting healthy and stronger about a year ago, but it will be a forever goal to stay motivated and strong— for us and him. This would be life changing for me and my husband, but more importantly my son.

  274. Jodee Brinkerhoff - May 24, 2018

    Wow! There are like a million comments on here. I am probably not as deserving of the lifetime membership as most or all of these other people, but I would sure love it! I really, really, really need help with my diet. I do pretty good with workouts, most of the time. I am a member at the Cell. If I could get my nutrition figured out for both me and my husband so we can both feel better and have the energy we need to get through the day. Neither of us are overweight, it’s just that we could be in better shape and prevent ourselves from getting worse.

  275. Michelle W - May 24, 2018

    I have been watching u & Chris for awhile now! Y’all are such an inspiration! I admire y’all. I would LOVE to be the one to WIN the lifetime app! I think I should be the winner because I honestly can’t afford it, and also because I have a hard time to get myself motivated for the last couple years. I was doing really well in 2015, and then I just let myself go unfortunately! I will find someone that would love the app as well! Thank you for your inspiration Chris & Heidi.

  276. Bryanna L - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win the life time membership!! Im young and look for the best way to have a healthy lifestyle. I really believe in proper eating and it would becnice to have support and to follow an app to keep me on track to a healthier and fit lifestyle.

  277. Brianna Burford - May 24, 2018

    I’d love to have the chance to enter your contest! My boyfriend has lost over 130 pounds and I have lost 70. We just recently started getting back into both weightloss and weightlifting to completely change our lifestyles forever! We workout twice a day and meal prep every meal, but It’d be so helpful to learn new workouts and recipe ideas from the best of the best! Hopefully you will pick both Branden and I we’d be every excited! Thank you!!💛

  278. Grace roy - May 24, 2018

    Hi!!! I probably don’t deserve anything free from anyone but I would adore/be so thankful to have your app because I have been following Heidi on her fb for some time now and I have noticed your program is successful but it also embraces family time. Your program appears to allow involved moms to have time with their kids and continue their health quest. So ideal for me because I don’t have the time for a gym membership and I don’t have people to watch my kids as I work out but I have always been health conscientious and would adore the ability to get fit again. Before kids I was in fantastic shape but now I have had two beautiful kids and I’m not the same!🤗😁

  279. kathy donley - May 24, 2018

    I deserve to win this for my and my daughter because we both started a journey to get healthy and strong. It has been a hard struggle but so far we are both doing good on our journey my only problem is I do ok for a while and then go right back to my old ways so I need to stay focused and on the path to making this a life long reality.

  280. Jean Humes - May 24, 2018

    I am 56 years old and have tried so many things to loose weight and get healthy. I struggle with very high triglycerides and Cholesterol. Now I am borderline diabetic. I get discouraged due to trying to tackle this on my own. I have found a sweet young lady who is so excited about your app I signed up for a couple days ago. We were up until 3am this morning choosing food, and scoping out all the cool things and we have decided to be a team. This would be so amazing if we had this lifetime app from you and Chris. Having you two along with us would be icing on the cake. Allison happens to be my sons girlfriend and she is the most amazing young lady ever. If this comes up as Jack Rabbit Metal Works i’m sorry I don’t know how to switch my Instagram back to my personal one Jean Humes.

  281. Joyce - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi! You probably notice my Instagram handle @Whitechinadoll. I’ve been an avid fan of you and Chris since the beginning of EWL show! Your infectious smile, personality and foremost your passion in fitness inspire me so so much that i decided to follow my heart and get my PT certification. I am a new mom to now-2yr old fiesty twin girls and i need this app to finally achieve my full potential! Love you and your family!!!


  282. Mayra Prat - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi, i dont think i deserve it more than anybody else, we all deserve such an amazing program with a healthy life. But this will be a great help for me, i have been using it for the past 2 months and i am down 8 pounds, i still need to loose 20 more, i would love to have it for a lifetime i wont stop using it after i reach my weighloss goal, i will stick with it for ever because its a change i want in my life, to have this healthy and active life that you and Chris have and pass it on to my 2 daughters. June is my last month, and due to some debts and wanting to save to buy a house i wasnt going to be able to keep paying it, i know its not an expensive program, but just like weighloss when you compromise to do something you do it, and right now i had to compromise in not spending if i want to be debt free and buy a house. Winning this would make me the most happy. Thank you!

  283. Kristen - May 24, 2018

    Wow!! This old lady would love to win your APP for a lifetime!! I try to stay motivated by doing classes with friends and randomly trying the crazy things you demonstrate for us all.
    I think having the APP would be great for those lazy days when I sit & stare at my phone and instead of scrolling through nothing I can turn to the APP instead. No excuses for me if I had the APP with me all the time.

  284. Sherri Bishop - May 24, 2018

    Who doesn’t deserve to win this amazing opportunity. I tried, but finances always seem to hinder my ability to get support to get my weight loss goals. I can do it on my own- it’s harder and I often fail. I’m a yo-yo. I lose it- but it always comes back. I’m a CG veteran, Mom to 4 amazing kids and 4 fur babies. I have an amazing husband who has supported me through every crazy diet fad I have tried. I don’t feel like I’m more deserving than any of these amazing other stories, but I’d like a shot to have lifetime support and accountability.

  285. Kellie Doonanco - May 24, 2018

    My friend Carly and I have started our journey together back in 2014 and we are still going strong together. I have lost 75lbs and she lost abput 65lbs but has gained it back but has started again and is doing amazing. We have been best friends for over 20 years and it makes me so happy we have decided to change our lifestyle together. I think this would give us the extra push that we need.

  286. Jacqueline L. Weber - May 24, 2018

    Dear Heidi and Chris, I have been an excellent caregiver for over 21 years! However, when it came to myself, I was not so excellent! What I would do for others, I did not always do for myself! Some times I’d do better than others, but overall I was unable to put myself first! Hence why when I joined your amazing Transform App my personal quote is, “It’s time to put myself first!” Now I’ve struggled with food and sugar my whole life! I always went from zero to 100 and somehow, for the first time in my life, I am able to follow your awesome app and eat balanced! I love that I get a reward day! Something I’ve never par taken before, hence the all or nothing attitude of my past. I was so happy on reward day to go out and have an ice cream cone with my kids in the day time without hiding and feeling horrible for eating sugar. Amazingly enough I didn’t feel like a crazed sugar addict after, I felt like a balanced person. Oh, and the kids are exercising with us! They even make kid friendly shakes! I’m a bit teary eyed now, but you are transforming our whole family! Thanks for working so hard for all of us! Funny thing about your Lifetime Access, is that I was just saying to my husband the other day that I feel like this is a plan I could follow for the rest of my life! Well Peace and Love to you and your family!

  287. Chris - May 24, 2018

    Why I feel I should win this is a tricky question and one I feel it difficult to answer. There are a thousand people on here who have a story on why they should win or want to win mine ismuch like many. I have followed you guys going back to the beginning of your TV show and feel in love with not only your training style but you both as people and your honesty to show not only the good but the not so good moments. My wife and I would love to have this as a way to take our fitness and nutrition to the next stage and though we are not able to afford the service now it is something we are working towards. Winning this would help us gain something we have not been able to. It would be used and utilized to its full extent.thanks for taking the time to read this. Wishing you and your family nothing but the best!

  288. Stephanie Fitzgerald - May 24, 2018

    Well I absolutely adore you! I would love a lifetime membership. I could come up with a bunch of reasons but after reading all the posts I know others could use it more than me. What I can do, is at least support all the other members as much as I can. That’s why I love the app its given me the confidence to not only change myself but also the confidence to know I can help others succeed. I was going to buy it for myself but you offered it right after I had helped someone begin their own transformation, I just did a random act of kindness and paid for someone’s fitness classes when i found out they couldn’t afford them anymore. 🙂 I’m happy to be an active member of the transformation community at least. We can do it! We all have taken the first step and now we can do it together!

  289. Becky ziegler - May 24, 2018

    Pick me! I will use the app and make the most of it.

  290. Aleecia Allred - May 24, 2018

    I would love 💕 to win this giveaway. My daughter just had her first child so my first grandson 💙 we have bee working out together and following nutrition plans but would love love the extra help and guidance 😘 We are trying to be the best version of ourselves because that little man has brought so much joy and awareness on what really matters in life.! Being a healthy and fit Grandma is my goal … I’m only 44 so my daughter actually calls me GLAMA 😆 I have been watching you and Chris since your first TV show came out ! Your both amazing and inspiring and real people 😘 Thanks for sharing your lives with the world.

  291. Kasia Wzorek - May 24, 2018

    Heidi and Chris, thank you so much for being you! I honestly don’t know where and how I would be without you, and all the work and effort you give out to help others. With the lifetime membership I could continue to become the best person I can be for the rest of my life; healthy, fit, and happy! I’m always helping people and everyone I know seems to want to join in the health/fit fun. So I am extremely glad that not only am a learning to be healthy and fit but also can spread the love to others. Not to mention my hubby and my 3 kidos. I am just so excited about what the future holds. Love you guys and the transform app! 😀

  292. Troy - May 24, 2018

    I only have 30 seconds! My wife Holly and I have 4 children! 3 of them are 4 month old infant triplet boys! Gotta go!

  293. Ashley - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi!
    I would LOVE to earn the lifetime TRANSFORM app access because my current plan of eating junk and NOT moving very much isn’t working!! The app will keep me motivated and inspired to be the best version of myself. I am a busy mom of two, work as a Professional School Counselor, and am married to a night-shift working Law Enforecement Officer! Our busy schedule, like so many others, doesn’t always allow for the healthiest food choices. Also, spending all day working with students leaves me exhausted and I often end of falling asleep on the couch after my kiddos go to bed and NOT working out!

  294. Marie-Pier - May 24, 2018

    I really want to win this lifetime membership
    1- i love you guys a lot and you keep me motivate in my transformation
    2 i am already a user and i know how wonderful is this app
    3 i really want to get this because that will help me reach my fitness goal on the best possible way

  295. Dana - May 24, 2018

    This reward would be a perfect birthday gift for me!My birthday is around the corner and as working mom of two boys (older special needs) in my 40s, I feel like I am not doing enough for myself!This would be like having lifetime “partner in crime” but in a best possible way, someone who would cheer me up,boost my confidence and pat me on the shoulder when no one else is doing it!I am on the other side of the globe and despite the fact that there are some life-struggling priorities here, I have been amazed and thrilled with all the good things that two of you do in changing lives of people who need that change.I need that change two.Love you guys❤️

  296. Wanda Whitfield - May 24, 2018

    I am not sure I am anymore deserving than everyone else wanting to get healthier, but I can assure you if I was chosen I would give it 100 percent. I wouldn’t waste the once in a lifetime opportunity to change my life for the better. I have been known to put myself on the back burner to care for others but I am ready to put me first for the first time in my life. So I would love this opportunity to go on my journey to a better and healthier me.

  297. Cherie Moore - May 24, 2018

    I believe everyone deserves the lifetime membership BUT I feel I would be one of the best representatives always giving 200% and following instructions to the T! I have been a member of The Smartgym since December doing their XGT classes 4-5 times a week and while I have made some progress I feel like I could be making more. I have tried several different options when it comes to my weight loss journey and to date nothing has been completely successful for me. I am not getting any younger and have 2 daughters and 4 grandkids that I want to be around to see them grow and learn. I welcome the opportunity and hope you welcome the challenge of transforming me into a lean grandma 🙂 Plus, bonus, we are close in location proximity

  298. Carrie - May 24, 2018

    I’m pregnant with my second girl and due any day now. I love to exercise but I really struggle with knowing what foods to eat and how much of it to eat. I’ve tried other programs and felt like I was so hungry all the time. I really just want to live a healthy lifestyle and have a good relationship with food so I can pass that down to my girls so they don’t have the same struggles I have had growing up.

  299. Jennell - May 24, 2018

    Wow! It’s going to be a long day to sift through all the comments! Hope y’all have your bangs!
    I guess this is where i tell you why i would love to be considered. Well, I’ve been struggling with my weight my whole life, and for the next 5 weeks it’s only going to be worse since i can’t work out at all, and since i can’t shop or meal prep due to surgery and no one willing to help, it’s going to take me a hot minute to be able to lose the weight… I guess I’m distracted. I have 3 kids of my own, 2 are special needs on the high functioning end, plus my niece living with us, so 4 kids total, along with my MIL who is recovering from breast cancer (YEY!!!) and my FIL. So there are 8 of us, and money is cramped. I just finished school for medical assistant so i will be getting a job as soon as I’m able to work again, but it’s still going to be tight.

    Aside from massive amounts of stress I’m pretty blessed. I want to lose this weight in a healthy manner. Everyone on my dad’s side of the family have gotten surgery to lose weight. I don’t want to have surgery, i want to show them, and my niece who is obsessed with the latest fad diets, that it can be done in a healthy way. Winning this would relieve a lot of stress, and with less stress i could focus more on the things that matter most: family, health, church, and family. Yes, family is on there twice… They matter the most, and with as much energy as my kids have, they require healthy living most of all.

  300. Samantha - May 24, 2018

    Lifetime access would be AMAZING!!! I love watching you and Chris change the lives of sooo many people! I just starting going to the gym again and I would love to use your app to guide me in my journey! I bought your book about 3 years ago and lost 20 pounds. I can’t imagine what I could do with the app!! Thank you for all you guys do!!

  301. Kelly Ling - May 24, 2018

    I adore you and Chris! I love that y’all not only focus on your health, but share your knowledge with the world.

    I would love to win this for several reasons, but mostly because I look up to your approach to health and fitness. I love that you teach women to fuel their bodies and work hard too.

    I will be 35 soon and staying in shape and eating healthy seems to require more and more work with each passing year. I would love to have a set plan in place for the next few years. I truly admire your commitment to your health while still managing your home life and kiddos. 🍀

  302. Dina Poulin - May 24, 2018

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway! I would love to win this for my husband and myself. I have recently lost 124lbs and really need to get toned up and put on some muscle! My husband owns his own business and works hours that prevent him from getting to the gym. This app would be perfect because he can do it at home on his own time and I can prepare meals for us to help him get healthier.

  303. Kelly Bryant - May 24, 2018

    I am a full-time mother of three, wife, and a full-time nurse practitioner. I take care of others all day every day. My “me time” is spent in the gym taking care of myself instead of everyone else. I have been using the Transform app since March, and love it. I strive for my life to be a picture of health so that i can encourage others, encourage my patients, and teach them all about healthy lifestyles, exercise, and good nutrition. I have been faithfully lifting weights and working out in a gym for about three years. Your app has truly transformed my life, my workouts, and my body. I have never been more proud to see what my mind/body can do! I lift heavy, push myself, and see real results. I already recommend your app to friends, colleagues, and patients on a regular basis. Pick me! Pick me! Because you’re stuck with me either way, I’m hooked.

  304. Shalala Morell - May 24, 2018

    I think I should win because it would be the most amazing thing ever for me! If I had the money to buy it I would cause I think it’s the most amazing thing ever! Something for everyone for sure! But mostly because I need this! I need to stop worrying about what to cut where to make sure I can properly do my fitness journey. I need to be able to have access when I need it cause sometimes I can work out early and sometimes I getting it in at 11 pm cause that’s when I can make it happen. I just know I need this and I would be totally blessed to win. I really hope you pick me

  305. Lindsey - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi!!

    I am a military wife and Mom to 3 boys. I am constantly trying to teach my boys the importance of healthy eating, but have been the opposite of a good role model. I let stress and worry control my eating habits, and slip into binge eating way too easily.

    I have tried multiple diets and work outs, start to see results, then get lazy and quit. I need your motivation to keep me going!!

    Winning a prize like this would be amazing! I could regain my health and be a better example for my boys. I’m ready to transform!!

  306. Yvonne Fairbanks - May 24, 2018

    Hello! I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I was an athlete growing up, but was always “the big girl”. When I graduated with school in 1999, I was around 170 pounds and I am 5’9″. Fast forward to 2011, I was sitting at 282 pounds and completely inactive. I was getting married and wanted to be able to take trips with my future husband, Adam, but I was just too big to do the active things he enjoyed. After being mortified that I could not fit women’s OR men’s snow pants, I knew something had to change. I started going to the gym and found a group of women to help support me and keep me accountable. They had all been where I was. By 2013, I had lost 85 pounds and was at 197! Unfortunately, I got a bit too comfortable not realizing that maintenance requires work as well, and started gaining back. I got certified through AFAA to teach Group X (RIPPED and U-Jam) and that helped me maintain a weight of about 250 for about 2 years until I was forced to quit due to family issues. We moved across town in 2016 and other than my husband, I am no longer near any of the people that helped me stay focused and successful. I am now back to struggling at 280 pounds to lose weight again and hopefully this time, keep it off. My husband is a firefighter and he needs to stay in shape for his job but he has gone through several surgeries due to on-the-job injuries and has gained weight himself. I believe that we could benefit greatly from having the access and support from yourself and Chris and can guarantee that we WILL NOT take it for granted.

    My IG name is @fightingformesac and I tagged my husband, @babygoat_gaming.

  307. Rachel - May 24, 2018

    I have had the app for about 6 months but life has thrown me some major curveballs in that time that has thrown me off my path too many times. It’s discouraging to say the least but I know this plan works! Life is always going to throw curveballs and I’d love the chance to work with this app to get through it all. I want the chance to find myself again. Thank you for putting good out there in the world…we need more good! ❤

  308. Ashlee Stratton - May 24, 2018

    I had my fourth baby 3 weeks ago and I am 28 years old! I have had 4 kids in 6 years. Every time I have tried to get back into shape, it seemed I was pregnant again! But I am ready to take some time for me and focus on my health and nutrition. I really need a guide to do that. Your app would be extremely helpful on my journey to get my body back after bringing four amazing kids into this world. Thanks so much!

  309. Kathrine - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win! Through out my life I have lost/gained/lost/gained. I really want to learn how to lose and keep it off. I can run and do light exercise but I would love to be consistent with toning my body. I will be turning 40 this year and would love to change mentally and physically so I can be here for another 40 years lol! I know it’s a process that I will continue to work on whether I win or lose but hoping to win to get that additional quidance. 🙂 My goal is to be mentally and physically strong throughout my 40 (crossing fingers). FYI You both are great!!!

  310. Gurmeena - May 24, 2018

    I love the app. As you know working full time, home, kids ect. Life can get really crazy and the cost of it all too. Workout times and location varies as well. Squeezing in a workout at 10pm or 4:30 am is how it gets done at our house. It becomes a family workout session at times too. I would love and really appreciate a lifetime subscription and would definitely use it for the rest of my life. It makes it easier when you don’t have to think about coming up with a workout at 4am. Just open the app and hit the weights.Thank you for wanting to help so many people, including me.

  311. Shawnalee Wilborn - May 24, 2018

    I love and admire you and Chris. I have been following Chris since the beginning of EWL. I have struggled with weight my whole life and have been healthy before. I’m a single mom of 3 little girls who went through an ugly/abusive marriage/divorce and gained a lot of depression weight. I’m at a point in my life where I’m happy and stable and working on myself. This would be LIFE CHANGING for me and to have 2 of the best coaches/partners on this journey…..I couldn’t ask for anything better.

  312. Jenny - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this so I can have motivation and guidance in my weight loss journey. I have struggled with fertility issues and would love to get healthy to help that issue resolve. I am a 32 year old woman who wants to put my health first. To learn through guidance how to put myself first.

    My sister and I both have PCOS and have troubles getting pregnant. This app would help us to create a work out routine and motivate us to eat healthy in order to conquer PCOS.

  313. Jamie Gibson Gallegos - May 24, 2018

    I typically don’t enter giveaways, but when I saw this one I had to. I used the app for 6 months and then didnt have money to renew my subscription and I miss it. You and Chris are so motivating and inspiring always saying the right things at the right time. It would be a blessing if I were chosen as one of your winners. I tagged my son @psudobrit to be my partner in crime because he loves being active and living a healthy lifestyle too.

  314. Melissa - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi,
    My name is Melissa and I have 4 kids all girls, that should be reason enough lol. In all seriousness tho I’m stuck it’s been along time since I’ve been in a healthy place. I honestly have no idea where to begin I’ve tried Paleo and intermediate fasting and I wasn’t able to stick with either one. I follow all of your stories and see how you balance the good with the bad without limiting yourself. I would really like to be in a place like that, where I don’t have to give up certain foods but I can control how much I eat. I have 4 daughters ranging from 1-12 and I would really like to be a good healthy role model for them.

  315. Tasha Malonza - May 24, 2018

    I’m only 20 and I would love to have some accountability through out my 20s especially as I’m more prone to sacrifice my health for school or my career.

  316. Ashley - May 24, 2018

    I have been overweight since having my youngest child, which is also when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that makes weight loss especially challenging. It’s been a rough time, but I want to get healthy for myself so my body feels better, but also so I can be around for a long time for my kids. I’d love to win this app! I do workout, but I’m not losing the weight. I think this tool in my pocket would be really helpful.

  317. Jessica Cardinal - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi!

    It would be absolutely AMAZING to win the lifetime access. I’ve watched all your episodes on tv (and cried quite a bit)! You two are the most inspiring power-house couple out there! The amount of love and empathy you have two gave for people in their struggle is unlike anything most people are willing to give.

    I know for myself I’ve battled with weight issues all my life. Up and down, feeling like I was never good enough, could never find the motivation to stick with anything longer than a couple months. You guys motivate me and now motivate my husband! We hope to some day be a power-house couple just like you!

  318. Krista penland - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win the transform app because you and Chris make me feel like anyone can do it. You guys don’t just talk about unrealistic and unapproachable fitness for those with no kids who can cook whatever they want (without having to worry about feeding everyone else) who have all the time in the world. You guys know life gets messy sometimes. You realized the majority of us are working, taking kids to sports, fixing meals, cleaning house, and trying to stay healthy at the same time. I think it’s this approach that makes you guys so relatable. So I would love to win the transform app, because we all need some help as we learn this lifestyle !

  319. Kristen - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this! Throughout high school and college, I was active and playing sports. Then my then-boyfriend-now-husband joined the Marine Corps and I started graduate school. I put work and school first instead of my health and gained more and more weight. Then I finally hit my heaviest while my husband was deployed. We now have two beautiful daughters, and the oldest will be 3 in August. I want my girls to grow up with a strong mom, a love for activity and a healthy relationship with food. I would love to be able to take family photos and not try to hide behind someone. I also want to be healthy for my husband, since diabetes and heart conditions run in my family. I want to be able to be one of those married couples who grow old together. Thank y’all for the opportunity!

  320. Misty Curtis - May 24, 2018

    I am a 38 year old, full time mom of fourbeaitiful girls, until this past year, I homeschooled all four, now just my two youngest, business owner, and someone who has struggled with my weight since I was a teen. I know there are many stories you will be sifting through. The decision will not be easy. For me, more than anything, I just want to communicate my desire to work, glean, and learn to grow within my abilities. I am capable, but need accountability. I have asked people I love and trust, and could never get the consistency. I do work out, I do consistently use a program, but I need people who can hold the accountability, encourage me, when I am discouraged, correct me, and celebrate with me, when I reach any of the goals. I have consistently weighed the same 40 pounds over goal weight, for almost two years. I need help finding the change and correcting the behaviors I have that are not allowing me to be the best I can be. I am the biggest demonstration my girls have, and I have failed, this far. I don’t know how to change without losing what I have learned and done. Thank you, for your time. Blessings, and take care.

  321. Mae - May 24, 2018

    I would like to win this for my daughter. She’s been working really hard to lose weight and be healthy. She’s been using the Transform app so why not try to win a lifetime subscription for her. It would be a dream come true for both of us.

  322. Kelly - May 24, 2018

    My husband and I would absolutely love to win this!! We both have had health issues over the past few years that caused us to gain weight. Due to this reason, and having 4 amazing children, we have had to catch up on all of our Bill’s and it’s just been a lousy 4-5 years. We’re both very unhappy with how we feel and just how our of shape we are and would love the opportunity for you and Chris to get us back on track again!!

  323. Becca - May 24, 2018

    Hello Heidi,

    I’m a mum of 2 and married
    But I haven’t been able to lose weight, your programme would be fabulous as I admire the work you do with people I order to help people in need of weightloss and muscle training
    Me and my hubby would love a lifetime membership in order to get to our goals

    Much love from the UK


  324. Nicole - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi,

    I was in your and Chris DietBet and used the motivation you both handed us daily. I’m always felt really motivat d by both of you and it would be such a blessing to win this for both myself and another person. I have done Spartan Races before but have lost my endurance and need to find it again.

  325. Christina Perrin - May 24, 2018

    Why do hope to win? Fitness and proper nutrition have saved my life multiple times. In 2012 I went into multi organ failure due to a virus. I was in a coma for 2 weeks. Machines ran all of my vital functions. My heart and lungs functioned by a machine called ECMO for 21 days. I slowly woke up and then a trachestomy and ventilator ran my lungs. My kidneys functioned compliments of dialysis. I had a 1% survival rate. The team of doctors told my husband that my age (42) and my fitness level were my two good factors. 3 months later I beat the odds. My dehabilated body was weaned off of all machinery and I went to acute rehab and relearned to walk. Several weeks after being home I hired a personal trainer and ever so slowly built back up. In 2017 I was diagnosed with leukemia. Fitness will not make this go away. However, every time I go to the oncologist he asks are you still exercising…its important to keep muscle on your body. Fitness has been my saviour. I cannot say I deserve this more than anyone else. However, it would certainly help me with my current battle. ❤Christina

  326. Liz Cabezas - May 24, 2018

    To be honest, who doesn’t deserve this opportunity to transform with you and Chris for the rest of their life? I have been using your program since the start of this year, and I feel like I have my life back. I started The Transform App after having my 3rd son to get my body back. I didn’t realize how much this app would change me for the better. I wouldn’t say my story is “special” or more worthy to win over someone else; I’m a stay at home mom of 3 young boys. I’ve battled postpartum depression and anxiety and this App has helped me through the darkness. my mind is less foggy, I have a healthier relationship with food, enjoy time with my children more, and am genuinely happier. I want that transformation for everyone! Everyone deserves to feel this way.. ❤️. You have already helped transform my life, I am grateful for this opportunity to enter the giveaway and I would be so blessed to win!

  327. Brittney - May 24, 2018

    Heidi! I would love to win a lifetime access to the transform app. After years of you and Chris changing my life while watching your incredible hearts and skills transform others on TV I was so thrilled to get the opportunity to finally get to “work” with you. As a crazy roller coaster of two years I’m finally able to work on me and starting to feel like myself again after baby, surgeries and life. I’m. I longer letting those define me. As I’m changing my mindset too. With your app I know I can be the BEST version of myself yet for both me and my family. I would love to bring my best friend, biggest supporter and someone who deserves it, my sister a long for the ride! God Bless!

  328. Michelle Zehner - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this subscription! I have yo-yo’d in weight my entire life. After having my husband off work for 3 years, 3 miscarriages, and a fibromyalgia diagnosis I am at my largest weight to date. I cannot afford any type of fitness or nutrition training but would loce the oppertunity to use this app to help me reach my goals.

  329. Melissa Peloquin - May 24, 2018

    Im a mother of 4 kids and I already loose 60 pounds, now I need To toned all the skins !!

  330. Krystal Campanaro - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi!
    As a new graduate, full-time, night shift nurse, I have spent the last few grueling years living inside my books and study tools to receive my dual degree in nursing. Now that I am a working nurse, I am learning to balance the gym, nutrition & working night shift (talk about throwing your body off!) all while planning my wedding in 2019! (We just got engaged this past January!) I have been following macros and a workout plan, trying to get to a point of optimal health internally and externally. Receiving access to your app would be a game changer for me! I could learn, achieve and conquer while being able to put funds aside for our wedding and future life together. I spend my time & energy investing into the well-being of others, I would love to be able to do the same for myself long-term. Thank you for your time & for sharing this awesome opportunity with the community!! Much love! Krys

  331. Sherri - May 24, 2018

    As a mom of 3 toddlers it is tough getting back into my healthy routein. I am getting there, slowly but surely but ohmygoodness this would be such a life saver! Not only cost wise as budgets are tight with a family of 5 but I seriously need someone to tell me, teach me, show me what I need to do to get where I need to be.

  332. Jean Bilbrey - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi!!! My name is Jean and I would love to win love to win lifetime access to the transform app. My partner in life and my fitness journey has always and will forever be my husband. We are committed to becoming the healthiest version of ourselves for each other and our children. We workout at home daily as it is easiest to fit into our busy schedules with 3 growing munchkins and allows us to show our kids our health is a priority too.
    We have both struggled to find consistency in our fitness AND nutrition. Having lifetime access to your practical plans would literally be a lifesaver. I lost my mother at a young age to obesity related health issues. I will NOT do that to my children. I am honored to have this opportunity and as always thank you for being two of the most relatable and inspirational fitness professionals (and parents, spouses, business executives, and the list goes on 😜) our there!

  333. Katie Ruvalcaba - May 24, 2018

    I hate to say I “deserve” anything because really it would be an honor but I’m not sure I deserve much. I’m a mom of four and I’ve been working for the last year and a half to make myself as strong as God needs me to be to accomplish whatever he asks of me. Your Instagram page has been hugely helpful in keeping me in form and preventing injuries, as well as vacuuming my 4 baby abs!! I’d be honored to see your other workouts as I’m afraid the app is cost prohibitive for us at this stage in our parenting life.

  334. Lyndee - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win because you have the best workouts and I would love to tone up with your help!!!

  335. Larissa Nelson - May 24, 2018

    As a mother of 4, I finally put myself first & Transform has helped me jumpstart this life change after the birth of my fourth and biggest baby to date. Never have I felt the urge to get fit again shortly after.

    Although there are many deserving of a free lifetime access.. I know I am also deserving as well. Reaching my late 30s and nearing 40s.. I know it is so important to be more healthier than ever so I can be energetic and physically capable of living life alongside my young energetic children as they grow and also make my life more adventurous as I age. I don’t want to be on the sidelines watching people enjoy their lives from a couch.. I want to be among them.

    Good luck to everyone!

  336. Charlie Powell - May 24, 2018

    My friend Jenn Pilkington and I would be honored to be gifted the Lifetime Access to your App! We are two women listed among the many that have left comments, who struggle between the balance of family, career and then trying to find the time to take care of ourselves. We only dream of setting aside time and money for our own benefit!

    We are nurses who work with moms at the maternal child health center. We love on and support women everyday! We give our ALL at work, then come home to our real jobs- to our families! I have 5 children and Jenn is a single mother to 3 children. We both have a set of twins! We run on fumes (and chocolate) most of the time, but we do it!

    We struggle with weight loss-
    We have the desire and the need!
    We could each lose 30-40 pounds!

    What we lack is the support, skill, and continued effort!
    We are ready to treat ourselves with some kindness!
    Help us! We have found ourselves in fad diets and plans in the past. We need a lifestyle change. This would be that for us- steps, recipes, exercises that would be part of our lives!
    Thank you and we look forward to changing our ways!

  337. Ami Higbee - May 24, 2018

    Weeellll, it will be amazing 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have watch the tv program, followed your insta, bought the books….but can’t get anything to “stick”. It’s a life journey I suoppose. I look for the “easy” way especially in weight management. I want a real, visceral shift in my approach. I’d love to see how having you coaching on a daily basis would work. I dream of a mini “boot camp” where I could get sort of reprogrammed in a few weeks, build tools then live it. Maybe it’s out there, maybe this is the catalyst. Changing the brain pathway has been the battle. My parents battled weight, I do and I don’t want to pattern this for my kids, but a balanced way of living. 💕

  338. Pam Budnark - May 24, 2018

    I have been on The Transform app since it’s launch. I truly believe in the process. I’ve had a few speed bumps and setbacks but I will persevere. I love this app so much I am constantly “preaching” lol it to my friends! And I tell them how delicious the meals are. A lifetime membership would be awesome as sometimes I feel that even though this app is part of my life I’m not sure that I can keep up with the monthly payment(Canadian rate) due to some financial constraints. Yet I feel that I would be giving up what I so strongly believe in and in turn bite the bullet as I don’t want to abandon everything that I have put into improving my life! The entire team of Transform is inspiring and true to their values when it comes to helping people. THE best customer service ever and personal communication when needed. Love Chris and Heidi and everyone involved!!!❤️

  339. Katie - May 24, 2018

    Hey!! So, I can’t say I deserve this anymore tha. Anyone else commenting here. We all have the same struggle, and it’s a real one. I was always teasedfor being chubby. I was never big growing up, but I always had a chubby face and seemed to always have love handles. Most of my teasing came from my mom and brothers… that has carried with me into adulthood. I’m very self-conscious and always struggle to get those 10-30lbs off. I’ve had 4 babies, 2 of which are 7 month old twins. I work out and watch what I eat, but not always perfect. I fail a lot. I nurse my babies, which has made it harder to lose the weight, this time around. I just need some help!

  340. Stephanie Walker - May 24, 2018

    This would be so amazing to win. I am a stay at home mom who works part time from home and I’m always struggling to fit my workout in with spending time with my daughter. She’s 3 and a bundle of energy and I just feel like I’m letting her down because I just don’t have the same energy to keep up with her. No, I’m not the heaviest person, but I feel like I have no structure and this program would help me have a plan and keep me on track and help me feel better about myself. I have the hardest time just winging it, I need to follow something. I’ve been so discouraged lately feeling like my goals just keep getting further and further away. You and Chris are awesome people and look like you have it all figured out. I’ve seen the transformations others have had and I know with your help I could start to be happy with myself. Right now I feel like I just focus on the bad parts of me and not what I have accomplished. I need a pick me up and a reason to continue trying to meet goals. Please pick me!

  341. Will McKeever - May 24, 2018

    First and foremost I am dedicated to my wife and we constantly try to make each other better in every aspect of life. We love y’all and keep up with all you’ll helpful tips and tricks to continue to better ourselves. Winning this we add to the great relationship we have for each other and would help us hit our goals then set some new ones to hit!!! Y’all are awesome! Keep doing everything you do!

  342. Christina - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win because I know I need to take special care of my body for the rest of my life. I have osteoarthritis, nine spurs and a bulging disc in my back. If I don’t keep up my strength, and fuel my body right I will lose my ability to move without pain. Exercise and diet are soooo important for my quality of life.

  343. Angela Clites - May 24, 2018

    I really would love to win this!! You and Chris are so motivating and encouraging. My husband and I are on a journey to better our health in hopes to become parents. I want to get healthy, feel better, and lose some weight. I am wanting this for myself, my family, and my “future family”. I want the support, tips, tricks, and community.

  344. Hanna - May 24, 2018

    Why do I deserve a free lifetime membership is hard to explain given so many people deserve it! However, I would love a free membership and during the past few months it has been made clear to me why I need and love structured exercise routines. My husband has been deployed for months now and I have always found the gym to be my special place to focus on me mentally, physically and emotionally. When I go to the gym with a planned routine it takes one of the many stresses out of my day. I have been so exhausted that getting a great workout in and trying to eat healthy has been a challenge, but I don’t give up! Your lifetime membership would not be taken for granted and would be one of the best tools for me to help live a happier and healthier life, especially during the times I’m flying solo. Whoever receives this lifetime membership will be truly blessed!

  345. Jill - May 24, 2018

    So many incredible stories and deserving people already!! I am not any more or less deserving than anyone else- I had weight loss surgery when I was 15. My parents thought it would be a good idea for me- and it definitely helped me lose weight but mentally I was definitely not mature enough to go through that at that age. I didn’t know anything about nutrition or working out and it almost taught me that things could just be a quick fix in many aspects in life which is definitely not the case. The weight started to come back on. So I started running and doing weights here and there- still not educated on how to do them or what was right for me! I ended up getting a trainer and that definitely saved me! I lost the weight I had gained but more importantly I learned that keeping your body healthy is hard work! I recently went through IVF treatments for our first baby girl and she is now 6 months old! Those fertility drugs definitely took a toll on my body but I was able to stay active and healthy during my pregnancy! I just have some excess baby weight to lose and would love to use the app for quick at home workouts as well as workouts in the gym when I get a chance to go!! I would love to be able to use healthy recipes in the home since my husband and I both work it can get a little hectic! I am a nurse and am gone 12-14 hours :3 days a week so having those meals ready to go would help us stay on track. I have used your app as a trial run and have loved the convienece and how simple it is!! Pick me Chris and Heidi!

  346. Andy Thacker - May 24, 2018

    My wife and I love watching you two. We follow you and often talk about “the Powells.” You have been an inspiration to us. It is hard being a family with low income and young children to make time (and energy) to work out, but we understand the importance of it, largely because of your example. My wife and I love working out together and strive to motivate and push each other to be our better selves. We would love an opportunity like this to share with each other.

  347. Laura - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win because I have purchased the app before and followed the program and I know it works! I need help because I know I need to loose weight and get healthy but need your suppport and guidance! Thank you.

  348. Joy - May 24, 2018

    I would my husband and I to win!
    He was a full time personal trainer but now God has called him to full time ministry to be a Discipleship Pastor in NC.
    Living a healthy lifestyle is very important to us and our family! I think the transformation app will help us continue that lifestyle.
    Thank you and Chris for everything you do in helping us and so many to live healthy 😊

  349. Kristin - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this prize. As a single mother of an amazing little boy I both need to pinch my pennies and get healthy. I recently lost 50 lbs but still have about 50 to go. The most important thing in life is being healthy for my son setting examples and teaching him the right way to live. I could really use all the help I can get in not only changing my life but changing his life too.

  350. Cori Tallent - May 24, 2018

    My hubby and I love you guys. In January I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes and he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. We are working hard to be there for our 10 year old son. We both have weight to lose and obviously health issues to overcome, but if we win I’m hoping this app could be a catalyst into a better future for us.

  351. Lisa - May 24, 2018

    I think you and Chris are awesome! I see how you really care about your clients who also become your friends. You both are great at motivating people! I would be over the moon if I won. But I would really want it for my daughter, it’s hard to get her motivated. I know that starting an exercise program would be good for her health. She suffers from depression and other health problems. This is the push she needs! I hope we win and if not we tried!!

  352. Alexa Thacker - May 24, 2018

    I would LOVE to win this!! I am motivated after baby #2 to get healthy! I have just started doing research on different workouts and nutrition, but feel like I still have SO much to learn. There is a lot of info and different opinions out there, so I need the guidance so badly. I tagged my husband as my workout partner because I want us to both be healthier and teach our children to be healthy as they grow. I would love you forever if I was chosen for this!! ❤️❤️

  353. Rachel - May 24, 2018

    I live in the middle of nowhere. The closest gym is 30 minutes away. To win this would mean I could have access to you, my personal trainer, in my own home whenever I wanted. It would make my workouts so much more successful. My husband could really benefit from it as well. With working long days, driving to a gym does not happen. This would allow him the guidance that he would need ro get in shape and lose the weight that he has put on after having his shoulder reconstructed last winter. We are both active but as we get older it is getting harder to stay in shape. This would give us more tools to do that. And we would get to see you everyday, what’s better than That? I hope I win!!

  354. Kathy Born - May 24, 2018

    I would absolutely be in heaven if I could win the lifetime membership!! I have been paying every three months for a while now but it hasn’t been easy. I’m currently a registered nurse who is out of a job and I have been looking for work for quite some time. Money has been super tight but I want my health to be my number one priority right now. I have been very overweight all my life and I’m 30 now … I want to have kids so bad but I want to improve my health first. The transform app is amazing and it’d be such a great tool to be able to utilize and not have to worry about paying for. That would take a great load off my shoulders. My hubby follows my app too because we don’t have the money for two and he wants to get fit/healthy too. He loves being our chef and cooking up the delicious meals on transform. We’d be so grateful to do this for years to come !

  355. Bonnie Stradling - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win the lifetime app! I’m not sure I have a better reason then anyone else, I just want to be healthy! And this works. And it matches all the other research I’ve done in my lifetime about health. Great thing you’re doing Powell’s!

  356. Rebecca - May 24, 2018

    Tina Ganem and I deserve to transform forever. Despite crazy schedules with kids, tiny babies, and crazy dogs all around us, we are dedicated to doing this program every week. Even when going on vacations we coordinate to make sure we stay together on workouts so that we have a check in system. You guys make it easy to succeed. Thanks! #pickme postworkoutselfiesarenotpretty

  357. Jody Lovely - May 24, 2018

    Hi Everyone (Heidi, Chris and team)

    I have been using the app for almost a year now. Enjoying every minute of it. I have learned so much about myself this last week. With joining Chris Doxey. To have this app for a lifetime would enhance my mental heath, exercise and diet. I could continue doing everything I enjoy daily with this app for a lifetime. I can’t thank you guys enough for all your help, encouragement, and support.

    This app has been a game changer for me and my friends and family. I would never have an excuse not to do the things I need to do in a day. For the rest of my life.

    Thanks again for all you guys do.

    Jody ❤️Ly (I did it Heidi) 😁

  358. Katie - May 24, 2018

    I’ve followed you guys for awhile now and love what you do to help people feel better about themselves and reach their weight loss goals. I have always wanted to buy your app but haven’t had the funds to afford it. I would love to have workouts and nutrition all in one place as I try to get rid of some baby weight. You guys are awesome and I love following you.. PS Heidi your vacuum twists are👌🏽.

  359. Kara - May 24, 2018

    I just love you guys! You are so cute together, but REAL. I really appreciate that on social media nowadays. I’d LOVE to win the free membership because I know I’d never get tired of “working out” with you two. 😄 I have 6 kids now and I really want to slim down and tone up. I have a lot of baby weight to lose! I would be so grateful.

  360. Tara Payne - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this lifetime giveaway, have been using the app for a year now and the encouragement and motivation has been so very valuable to my transformation. I love the workouts, Meal Plan and accountability that this app gives me. As someone with chronic health issues this is the first time I have felt energy and confidence all thanks to this app and the community that supports it. Thank you so much.

  361. Heidi Hill - May 24, 2018

    Hi there! My name is Heidi and I met you two a couple years back at the fit on in Utah. I have watched every episode of EWL and follow you guys very closely. I always get so emotional seeing how you touch the lives of those around you. I have battled my weight since I can remember. Starting off at 185, being 5’2″ in high school. 2 years later I was down to 137. Within 2 years I was back up to 200 lbs. I had run 2 marathons, been certified as a personal trainer through NASM and had a passion for helping others live a happy and healthy life. However, I was living through my own hell in a toxic relationship that helped me gain all my weight back up and more. It wasnt until I found any shred of strength in me to end the relationship that I started to find passion again in my fitness journey. About 3 months after finding my now partner, I become unexpectedly pregnant. I was 196 lbs at the time. I gained 50 lbs with my pregnancy leaving me extremely overweight, uncomfortable and extremely unhappy. I tried to do what I had known worked for me kn the past to lose weight, but my body wouldn’t budge. I researched Keto and gave it a tried and dropped all the way down to about 178 lbs. I think it was a shock for my body since I am such a sugar addict. However, my body adapted and I stopped losing. I am now about 170 and just being active, meal prepping and making healthier choices, but including all food groups, which is definitely more realistic in the long run. The reason I feel strongly about winning this giveaway, is that I have MULTIPLE people around me that can benefit from the knowledge I gain from you. I already have the passion to see others achieve their goals and turn their lives around. I am ready to be used as a tool to reach even more people than myself. I want to build an empire, just like your and Chris have. I want to make a difference. I love you guys and am so grateful for the knowledge and example you give out to the world!

  362. Carey - May 24, 2018

    This year has been so hard. My greatest blessing, my baby boy, and my toughest hardship, losing my dad…have all happened this year. I want to be the best mom that I can, I want to be healthy for my family, but it’s hard to find strength and motivation in a time of such deep grief. I remember watching you and Chris on Extreme Weightloss, you’re both so positive, so determined, so disciplined. I feel like you train the whole person, not just the body. Id love some help ❤

  363. Helen - May 24, 2018

    Wow there are so many great comments on here it really goes to show how many people you have seriously inspired to live a healthy fit life, with so many fitness options to choose from you and Chris stand out amongst them all, your commitment to each other and your family your genuine love and care for the people who’s lives you have helped to transform. I’m a mom to 10 children and 5 grandchildren taking care of my health is a priority, yes I’m guilty as most moms are of taking care of everyone else and everything else before myself, if you do that you will pay for it, it’s very important to take care of yourself so you can be a healthy version of yourself, there are so many excuses I could make but I’m tired of excuses. My only option is to workout at home, my meals are all from scratch and the workouts are a very important part of my physical and mental health, so yup I would love to win the app for life. Thank you for your inspiration and the most amazing love story…

  364. Rebekah Issertell - May 24, 2018

    Well first I have to say that this is an amazing opportunity! Now why I feel like I should win? Well I come from a family of people who have never put a priority on taking care of themselves and struggled most of my teenage life with feeling insecure and not knowing how to achieve the level of confidence or fitness that I really desired. I didn’t know what eating healthy looked like so I just tried to eat less and never had any energy. I though that if I exercised I could eat whatever I wanted and gained weight because of that mentality. I struggled with eating disorders and self worth for way too long. I finally decided to reasearch how to better take care of myself and how to be healthy and exercise effectively. This would mean the world to me because it would mean I would know what I needed to do to stay healthy. I could get to the point where I feel confident in my own skin and I could finally understand what it is to love a healthy lifestyle. If I won I would finally have the tools I needed to be who I’ve always wanted to be and finally find balance in my everyday life. So it would mean the world to mean to win this. I don’t want to feel insecure anymore and I want to take control of my life and this would give me the opportunity to do just that.

  365. Angela Daniels - May 24, 2018

    I’ve been using your book Extreme Transformation before your app came out! When the app came out I was all like thank god! Super excited to move towards building muscle. I’ve lost and gained 100lbs twice! Over the last 3 years on this program I’ve finally committed to life long change. I would be thrilled to have a lifetime membership to ensure this commitment never has an excuse to give up. And I really want to see every exciting future update you guys do to the app! 😜🤗

  366. Michelle Oliver - May 24, 2018

    I have been over weight all my life, I know this transformation is for a life time. The encouragement and support I get has been amazing…I will continue to grow/lose learn more about myself and to put the “bad” stuff from my past aside, knowing it’s there but not letting it control me…this is a portion of what I have learned so far…I can only imagine what’s to come! Thank you Chris and Heidi!
    Life time membership hopeful! 😁

  367. Raluca - May 24, 2018

    Hi, I would love to win. I have always loved fitness & started working out pretty early. When I choose this lifestyle and really got serious with it, something would always happen. I would break my arm (yes 3 different times & 2 surgeries). I have had a total of 17 surgeries (for different things). I would sprain an ankle or have my back flare up & put me out for awhile.
    In the last 3 years I have been pregnant off & on. In July of 2016 I was 7 months pregnant when God called Jasmin home. After that I was pregnant 2 more times & lost those babies as well.
    I fell in a dark place & couldn’t seem to get myself out at all.
    I think the extra push from a couple I follow & adore would help! I would love to be the winner of this if you would choose me 🙂
    Thank you for reading my story!
    Raluca ♥️

  368. Ciera - May 24, 2018

    Hey Chris and Heidi!
    I’m Ciera I’m 25 and I’m a stay at home mommy. Our daughter is almost two.. I’ve been having a really hard time getting off the last of the pregnancy weight.. I would love to have the app for the recipes and workouts all in one place! Also not having to pay would be huge for us!

    P.s the vacuum twist is awesome and has helped a lot with my tummy thank you Heidi!

  369. Mandy Mortensen - May 24, 2018

    I should totally win because I would LOVE the support, motivation, encouragement, and journey of a lifetime to exercise, eat healthy, and live my life to the very fullest!!! I just have birth last night to my last baby and I am eager to get going on my fitness journey! I want to be able to live a wonderful life as long as I can with the beautiful family I have. ❤️❤️❤️ And the support of you and Chris would be even greater by my side!

  370. Jennifer Hall - May 24, 2018

    pick me! My husband and I are on a health journey and just started! He has high blood pressure and is trying to lower it with diet and exercise. We have three kiddos that keep me busy and I will admit I have a hard time finding time for caring for me and this would just bless us so much!!!!! Would be so thankful!!!

  371. Jayna - May 24, 2018

    I’m a mother of 4. Have gained 80 lbs each and every pregnancy. My baby is now 2, and I’ve almost reached back up to my delivering weight. It’s been hard with a husband in grad school, moving to three different states since, and battling anxiety and depression that has seemed to grasp a hold of me so tight. I WANT the change. I NEED the change. I hope to be the mother they need. The example they need. And love myself so freely, they’ll never EVER question my love for each of them.

  372. Stephanie - May 24, 2018

    This App has “transformed” me. It is the first time I am choosing myself. My husband was sick for 6 years and all my attention went to him. Now we have two children of our own and we are guardians of his brothers children. Most of my attention goes to them now. I love my family but over the years had lost myself. This is the first time in a long time that I am investing in myself and it is changing who I am and how I treat everyone in My life. I am learning how to be okay with putting myself first. A lifetime membership would be amazing. Thank you for the opportunity and all you do!

  373. Mandi - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win!! My husband and i work out together at home and have for years. It would be great to have access to the transform app to have variety and smart training at home. I woukd feel so blessed to be the winner🙏🏻

  374. Lori - May 24, 2018

    I love following you and enjoy all the tips. I am at a point where I really need to challenge myself in a differnt way then I have before. Love you guys and this would be awesome!

    • Lori - May 24, 2018

      Con’t…. No matter what I do I don’t see results. I’ve done everything, different workouts, running a marathon and eating clean and healthy. Nothing works to make changes in my body. I feel firmer, but can’t get the “down comforter of fat” off that covers my muscles. Then it is hard to stay motivated when I don’t see results. I need something different and something that works.

  375. Loran Feldbauer - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi!
    My name is Loran, I am a single mom and a special education teacher. I have always worked out and tried to stay healthy and in shape the best that I can. The last few years have been so filled with activities and hard work and joy and time for my kids and students that I haven’t taken that time for me. Working out at home is my goal, watching you and all you do definitely inspires me constantly. However home work outs are hard to do without the motivation and techniques that your app provides! Unfortunately that isn’t something I can afford, you saw me say teacher and single mom right? 😉 I would be so grateful and honored to be able to have access to your app and stay healthy and happy for all of children who’s lives I work so hard to enrich every day! Thank you for giving all of us a chance to win such an invaluable subscription!

  376. Abril Torres - May 24, 2018

    Hi! My name is Abril. I tagged a friend on the inatagam post.
    When I was 12, I lost my dad to a violent crime. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the same time, I lost my mom too, because she had to support 3 children on her own while dealing with her pain and grief, so for a while she became someone else. I turned to food for comfort, and started gaining weight.
    I have had weight issues all my life, once even losing 84 lbs and regaining them when I broke up with my then boyfriend (still have a hard time dealing with emotions and food). Recently I got married and I have a little baby boy (he’s almost 1), I’m 32. I started going to a nutritionist for assistance because I’m 110lbs overweight, and she just diagnosed me with insulin resistance, and told me that if I don’t take control, I will become diabetic in the near future. She also basically told me she recommends me to have bariatric surgery, which scares me to death, but also for which I have no money or insurance so, it’s not even an option for me.
    I want to be around and healthy for my little boy, I don’t want him to go through losing a parent at a young age. I want to be able to play and keep up with his energy.
    I have been a fan of you and Chris since 2011.. ive watched all the episodes of Extreme Weightloss and they inspire me so much.
    That’s why I believe I deserve a lifetime membership to your coaching… because I know with you guys, it’s possible.
    Even if I don’t get picked; I want to thank you for helping all those people in the past. You’re truly amazing and beautiful human beings inside and out, and I wish that God and life return all those blessings back to your life!! Love, Abril.

  377. Katrina Davey - May 24, 2018

    My name is Katrina and I would love to win this as I would like to get fit and be the active mom my kids (and I) would love to be. My six year old son loves to play soccer and mommy is having a hard time keeping up. My nine year old daughter is a dancer who is starting to struggle with her weight (thanks to family genetics) and I really want to be able to give her the tools now so she can avoid the struggles my sister and I have faced. Thank you for this opportunity!

  378. Nikki - May 24, 2018

    Well this is a great opportunity, I work full time and currently do foster care in my home so I never have time for me. I was born with bilateral clubbed feet and and physical things are difficult for me. I am over 200 lbs and cannot seem to get below that number no matter what. I have watched you guys for years and your amazing. Please pick me I need this!

  379. Nichole Bradshaw - May 24, 2018

    My name is Nichole Bradshaw. I am 46 years old and weigh 312 pounds. I have gone to the gym and then stopped. I get motivated to do and then hurt so much I stop. I am not sure what I am doing when I go and try my best. I have a 9 year old son who has ADHD and would love to keep up with him. My mother was over weight before she got diabetes. She lost a lot of weight and was healthy. Until she stopped laying attention. She had a brain stem stroke and when her sugar was checked it was over 500. Her kidneys failed and she was on dialysis until she passed away. I know my weight can lead me down the path of diabetes. In fact I may have it, but dont fo ti the doctor. Cause I don’t want to know. I need help. Please consider me.

  380. Nicole Milliman - May 24, 2018

    Hey Heidi,

    My name is Nicole and I am jazzed at the opportunity to potentially win this lifetime membership. I auditioned once for Extreme Weight Loss and didn’t make it, but was an even bigger fan of the show when they recognized you as being a part of the “transformation team.” I started my weight loss journey at 323 pounds and have been there for most of my life. Recently, through a lot of effort, i have lost 65 pounds and am just a couple pounds from my lowest weight ever as an adult (255). I am actually smaller than i was in high school!!

    I purchased three months of the Transform app recently because I’m getting married in august and truly want to look and feel my best. While I know that i am not going to hit my goal weight of 180 before then, I do know that I will hit it with the help of this app. Using the Transform app is the first time I’ve felt empowered to do something at the gym other than a class or using the elliptical– i have experts who are explaining to me how to do all of these moves I have always been too embarrassed to ask about!

    Winning the lifetime membership would mean so much to me. It would not only help me push through the rest of these 80 pounds, but also help me maintain my weight loss and even transition over to physique. And, even though I will never have a “competition body,” i know that the moves will make me stronger and help me to reach the goals I always thought were far out of my reach.

    Thank you so much again for this opportunity and all the good that you and Chris put out into the world. I only hope that I am able to give back in even a fraction of the way that you both are!

  381. Jen Jarchow - May 24, 2018

    As a single mom, special education teacher and avid runner, working out is more to me than just being fit. It’s therapy. It keeps me sane, makes me a better mom and all around person. It’s always been a part of my life. Lately though, I notice myself wanting to achieve higher goals. Look better, accomplish more physically- run faster. I’ve been struggling to find a system that works for me. That I can fit into a hectic schedule and notice real results. I’ve been following you and Chris for quite some time – I adore your dynamic and the relationship you have as a family, but also your commitment to fitness as a lifestyle. I’d love the chance to experience success with your guidance.

    Jen Jarchow

  382. Faith - May 24, 2018

    My daughter Britney Kass is an amazing mama of 4 babies. (One went to be with the Lord at 6 months). She is also a great wife and friend to many. She has been through a lot. We have both struggled with our weight due to life circumstances. The best thing is we get to do this life together never quitting!!! We would love to win this give away

  383. Amber Trevizo - May 24, 2018

    Well, I honestly can’t say that I’m more deserving than anyone else, because I may not be; however, if I were to win this, it would be such an amazing gift for me. You see, I have 3 children (technically 4; a set of 4 month old twins, an 8 year old and my husband’s 12 year old whom I love very much!) and my body has never bounced back from the first one. I was diagnosed with PCOS which makes it extremely difficult to lose weight. I also have depression, anxiety and a mood disorder. My self-esteem is deflated from years of being bullied. I’ve tried numerous programs to help boost my confidence and lose weight in hopes to reduce some of the pain my body has felt from the extra weight I was never able to lose and none of those worked. Then I heard about this app and I had seen your show and thought, “I HAVE to give it a try, it’s my last hope.” Turns out that this has been the only program that I have been able to lose weight with and I’m slowly gaining self love and self esteem back! Winning this would mean I never have to worry about how I’m able to pay for the app (because twin babies on formula and two different size diapers are expensive!) and I will always be able to take care of myself. Plus my husband is on board with me taking care of myself so he watches the babies while I do that! This would be everything to me and I really hope you consider me for one of these amazing gifts!

  384. Tina - May 24, 2018

    My friend Becca and I started your transform app a few weeks ago and we LOVE it!! We had been doing another workout program since last year and needed a change. Best change ever. Your workouts are killer, in a good way, and the ease of use of the app is amaze! We would love a lifetime membership!!!

  385. Jill Roberts - May 24, 2018

    Pick me! Pick me!! Love the app and it has transformed my mindset when it comes to food! Love the recipes and how the app tweaks along with your progress. I would love to be a lifetime member to enjoy my grandkids along with my husband for as long as my time here on earth is. Thank you and the transform team for this wonderful opportunity.

  386. Liz - May 24, 2018

    I’m a really busy mom of 3 always on the road for kids sports events with hardly any time to myself or my health. I’m a yo-yo dieter and very unhappy with my weight. My husband always reminds me that he loves me how I am but I need to love myself too. I would love to win this and would like to gift the other access to my sister who is also struggling in the weight department. I’ve been following you two for so long and see you as an inspiration but I just can’t seem to get there. Thank you for the opportunity you give so many

  387. Danielle - May 24, 2018

    I would absolutely love winning a lifetime subscription to the Transform App! Health is will always be a lifelong battle and with Transform I could always have a tool to turn to for nutrition and exercise advice. I love the approach you and Chris use and you two are just so real and personal. It makes goals realistic and attainable. Thanks for all of the sacrifices you guys make to help improve everyone around you! ❤️

  388. Jamie - May 24, 2018

    My Name is Jamie Nicole. I shared the giveaway on Facebook and tagged 4 friends. I’m a mom of 3 and I deserve to this giveaway because my kids deserve to have their mom around as long as possible. I’ve spent so long caring for these little humans I’ve forgotten about myself along the way. I need to be the example of health and wellness they desperately need but I need your help Heidi. Thank you for this opportunity. -Jamie

  389. Dawn Spiers - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this lifetime membership, I’m a working mother of Four children and managing my weight has been a problem over the years. I’m hoping that this time I will be able to succeed with your help and then I can enjoy my life with my family for the rest of my life. Which with your help should be longer and more fullfiled.
    I would team up with my sister Diane so we can help and encourage each other on this wonderful journey to happiness. Fingers crossed for Sunday and I hope to hear from you xxxx

  390. Britney - May 24, 2018

    I absolutely love following your life and story. I live in AZ, have an amazing husband and 4 beautiful kids (8,6,4 & one in heaven) when my son passed away that is when the battle of weight began. Food became an idol and a crutch. My heart wants the change and your app would make it even more amazing. Thank you for pouring your heart into all that you do!

  391. Kimberly Hughes - May 24, 2018

    Thank you for the chance to win a great prize. I would love the chance to have your help getting my life back into shape. This would be a great opportunity for me.

  392. Kathleen Wynd - May 24, 2018

    Hello! I should win because I should win! LOL I was part of the 1st AFCC and I loved how the workouts made me feel and it totally transformed the way I eat and it started me on meal prepping. I have been eating some of AFCC’s food since then and I never stopped meal prepping. I also joined the app for a few months but it did not really work for me food calories/quantity-wise but the workouts are amazing. I loved the addition of recipes regularly, I still make some of them. Now I know what it takes for me to lose weight it would be easier while using the app.
    Plus I am a great “advertiser” ! When I try something I like to talk about it, post about it, take pictures on Facebook and Instagram. 🙂

  393. Bridgette Corcoran - May 24, 2018

    Why do I deserve to win lifetime access? I’m a cancer survivor, Marine wife and mother to three amazing young girls, who is about to turn 38. I lost my own mother (who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only a year older than I am) when I was just 24 years old. I don’t want my daughters to face the trauma of living out their young lives without me, the way I had to. I want to LIVE for them, but at 230 lb, down from 239 just a couple weeks ago, I’m only just beginning to do so. I want them to learn from my new healthy liftestyle, so that they don’t face their own weight problems, when they are older. I would also love to stand proudly next to my husband, who is a Marine that is ten years younger than I am, and not feel like people are disgusted that this handsome, fit and young man is with a frumpy, fat and old woman. In six years of marriage, I’ve yet to attend a single Marine Corpse Ball. That’s not fair to him. He should be able to have his wife on his arm. So, that’s my first big goal. I want to attend the ball, this November. I can do that with the confidence I will gain with your help, through the app. If chosen as a winner, I would utilize every bit of wisdom and skill you teach me.

  394. Lin - May 24, 2018

    I’m a 55 yo mom to 6 and LiLi to 7 kids. I faithfully go to the gym but my nutrition is blocking my progress. I need an app that will give me the tools to train more efficiently and guide me in my nutrition. I have a very limited diet bc I don’t like a lot of foods. But there are few sweets I don’t like. Therefore, my diet stinks and I need help with ideas: what to eat, how to make it, when and how much to eat. Also would love some great new ideas on my workouts. Your app is the only one I’ve found that does all of these things. Help me get healthy and strong for all these kiddos I love, but more importantly for myself.

  395. Sheena Cruz - May 24, 2018

    We love you guys!!!! I look forward to posts from you and Chris daily. My husband as well. We work out together and love to stay fit bit always need something that’s new a fresh. He struggles with his weight and this app would be amazing for the both of us.
    Keep on being amazing.
    P.s names our son after yours,,,,, Cash. 😘❤️

  396. Zeltia - May 24, 2018

    This amazing! I’m follow your program from Spain and even I tryed to star to fit a long time, sometimes is difficult. So I love your TV Show and now I’m follow you in the social media. You guys are awesome and the mis beautiful thing is that you promote the real healthiness. Me and my partner in life Jose are trying to follow the way to get fit and healthy.

    So I think we should get this amazing present to continue your legacy here in Spain.

    I wish you the best!

  397. Laura Menefee - May 24, 2018

    I would love for me and my husband @eric_menefee to win this lifetime opportunity! We love traveling and we love helping other people get healthy! We desire to be a blessing to others. Yet, we also desire to take care of ourselves… To be an example, to show others that if we can do it, then others can, too! I’m also deaf. I desire to help other deaf people get healthy, too!
    Blessed to be a blessing!

  398. Awah Erickson - May 24, 2018

    Hi Transformapp Team!
    I am going to keep this short and sweet. This is the first program i have stuck to for this long. I finished 12 weeks already and i am at it again. I love how it makes me feel. Its helped me break up with my unhealthy obsession with the scale. I know its impacting my 3 year old in the best way possible she is watching her Mama grow strong.
    I am a super busy wife, mother and work a very high demand job. Putting me first has always been hard but i am glad that I am keeping my commitment to myself and making sure my glas is full!!!

  399. Sue Gatherum - May 24, 2018

    Heidi and Chris- I would love t have this amazing giveaway. I started my weight loss journey back in October 2017. It’s been a beautiful ride. It hasn’t been easy. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine but I have that fire in me to get to my goals. To be healthy. To be a great example to my 4 beautiful kids and to help them not ever get to where I once was. It’s like that saying that goes be the person that wakes up and says I get to workout today instead of I have to workout. The body is an amazing machine and it’s our responsibility to maintain it. This would put my goals on a whole different level. It’s a commitment for life!

  400. Sydney - May 24, 2018

    I’m so excited about these lifetime memberships and who better to share it with than the love of my life! I’ve been loving the transform app, particularly because of the teaching that happens there. I have loved the knowledge regarding nutrition and would love for my husband to have the app as well so that I can help him reach his goals using the correct carb cycle, portion sizes, and workouts! We do it better when we do it together!! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway and for sharing your knowledge on transforming!! 🤞

  401. Taylor Wilson - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win because, I have always been very confident until recently. I grew up always playing sports and running and genuinely enjoyed the athletic lifestyle. Now that I’m older and womans sports teams are harder to come by I need something to stay active! I recently was diagnosed with pityriasis rosea which is an unsightly autoimmune disorder. With these red patches all over my body and being out of shape I have come to feel uncomfortable in my summer clothes. Please pick me so I can get back in shape and rock this autoimmune disorder!!

  402. Jolene - May 24, 2018

    I would love this so much. I am at a time in y life where I’m really trying to work on me. My kids are pretty much grown and they have always been my focus and I’m learning that, it’s time to put ME first. I love being a mom, but now I’m at this place in life that I feel sad, lost, stuck,
    So I can either stay there or get up and work on me.
    I would also love to be an a smile for my Daughter, she is over weight and can’t afford a gym so this would be amazing for the both of us!
    Thanks for being such an incredible couple!
    Love Jolene

  403. Denise Eaton - May 24, 2018

    My husband needs.this app. He works no kidding 75hours A week. He needs an app to help him know what to do when he squeezes in a workout. He has high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. He is my love. We are getting ready to celebrate 27 years married Md I want him around 50 more years. Please pick him and myself. He.never does.anything for himself, this would be amazing for him. Thank you!!

  404. Patti Kuechler - May 24, 2018

    I’m not the most deserving individual of a lifetime of free as my wonderful husband is an amazing personal trainer himself! I respect him, and love working out with him, or having him train me. However, my sister and I LOVE to continually better ourselves with working out and food/diet. Constantly learning! I understand SO MUCH the gift you’re giving away – your time and talent – to share with two lucky winners. My sister has tried the transform app and loves you guys. I’d be SO EXCITED to be one of your clients. I love you two and follow you Heidi! Here’s to vaccuum twists for life even if I don’t win.

  405. Lucy - May 24, 2018

    Heidi & Chris !!!! I’m 27 and a paramedic! I try to stay fit and healthy to be able to lift my patients safely , carry my equipment and stay energized during my shift work (including nights😐) . I have completed 2 cycles of the 21 day carb cycle from your book extreme transformation ! My schedule is hectic with work and the long hours and I would love to be able to carry you and Chris in my pocket to help with meal prep, for some workouts in at work and have alternative quick meals on shifts to make instead of fast food ! I would be so happy to have this for the rest of my life ! 🤸🏼‍♀️🥦

  406. Jessica miller - May 24, 2018

    Military mom to five kids, enough said LOL. (9&4&3&2 and 3 months)I’ve been married to the military for almost 5 1/2 years now and my husband for the same. Typical military family he’s gone most of the time for work for training, and with his new unit deployments. With every baby I’ve had I’ve struggled with postpartum anxiety, this one is the worst. I’ve also found out through the course of my pregnancies that I have mitral valve prolapse and pre-ventricular contractions. I’ve been dealing with anxiety induced blood pressure as well. I’m hypoglycemic But not a diabetic so I manage my sugar but eating 1 billion times a day. My husband’s family lives 15 hours away and my family was only 3 1/2 hours away but my mom work seven days a week to support my sister and my nephew as well as my grandmother who just passed away a few weeks ago. I think she’s only been to see me once in the last three years and I have five kids one of but not diabetic so I manage my sugar but eating 1 billion times a day. My husband’s family lives 15 hours away and my family was only 3 1/2 hours away but my mom work seven days a week to support my sister and my nephew as well as my grandmother who just passed away a few weeks ago. I think she’s only been to see me once in the last three years and I have five kids so going home is not really an option, I may see them twice a year now. I have a couple of friends that I’ve had since my 20s and they all live about an hour and a half away and they have their own families and their own lives. Last summer seven of my friends PCSd. All of that to tell you that it is just my children and I. The one thing that I find in addition to my faith that gives me the ability to face every day and every challenge of being basically a single mom and human as being able to work out. It’s one of the top priorities that my doctor told me I needed to make an order to overcome my anxiety without the use of medication. My children rely on me alone, medication is not an option at this point. I find that the days that I don’t work out my anxiety is out of control. I have a Y membership but I may make it once a month. I’ve kept it only as a standing promise to myself. One day my anxiety will be in control enough so that I can return. I see the gym as 2 hours of a break that the kids are in childcare, a potential to make new friends and to belong somewhere. I have a home gym that I get to use a couple times a week when no one is sick and we don’t have a bunch of appointments to go to. To be honest I spend 75% of my workouts crying. I listen to Christian station I put my headphones in it for 1:50 hours, depending on whether or not my husband is home I dedicate that moment in my life to just me. I maybe get my haircut twice year I never do anything for myself. This is it. If it’s the loneliness thing Zaidi feelings of inadequacy as a mother the isolation. When I work out I feel free . My husband is deploying in a few weeks again. I’m looking to start school this fall, online because after all I do have five kids and I’m not crazy. The last time he deployed the car broke the TV broke the phone broke and I thought that my son had cancer, it turns out he did not praise the Lord. So I know the gates of hell are about to open and I want to be ready to face it with a clear head and the bravery that a couple of weeks seem to give me . Providing me with workouts and let’s face it inspiration and motivation will help me not only take care of myself but help me take care of my babies. And of course my husband who is going to miss them so much. Thank you for your consideration, y’all are doing great things (I apologize for any typos I’m using talk to text)

  407. Bonnie - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win lifetime access to your app because then finally maybe I could get results. I had promised myself that this was going to be the year of balance in terms of fitness but here we are almost half way through the year and I keep researching online and getting confused as to what so should do…become a vegetarian, do keto, or carb cycle. Then I end up trying to do extreme exercise plans and just injur myself. The funny thing is I was telling my husband that the best Ive felt and looked was last summer when I was using your app. I had a workout everyday and I never felt restricted on food. I felt ‘balanced’. Please help me get there again. I want to prove to myself that a 42 year old mom of 2 can still get in shape. Thanks! Love you guys!

  408. Kelsey Dagen - May 24, 2018

    I have been working towards my fitness goals for about 4 years now and it was the best change I ever made. In the process, I have lost 50+ pounds, almost 20% body fat, quit smoking, and ran a half marathon. I owe much of these achievements to Lifetime because of their classes, access to weights, cardio, and steam room for recovery. I think I deserve to win because Lifetime is already a part of my routine and it would be fantastic if I could share that with a friend.

  409. Lori Roberts - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win! You are so inspiring in everything you do, I would love your guidance. I want to be healthier as I turn 40 later this year and be a good role model for my kids. I want to become stronger so I don’t become a frail old lady!

  410. Prinadon - May 24, 2018

    I would love to and soon be husband gain so much weight…need get heathly together..both has high blood pressure..I’m on 3 anti depression meds..thyroid meds..had back surgery..with being over weight killing my back..we need help…

  411. Steph McCord - May 24, 2018

    I would love the chance to win! My best friend, Kelse, and I are changing our lifestyle and committing to raising our families in a healthy way! I’m down 40 pounds but I still have a long way to go! I’d love the challenge and motivation of being coached by you! Thanks for the chance to win!

  412. Mckinlee Madsen - May 24, 2018

    This is such an amazing giveaway, thank you for the opportunity!! I would love to win this for my mom and I more than anything. Two years ago my mom started her weight loss journey, and has lost almost 100 lbs! She is my hero and I am so proud of all the progress she has made. She hit a plateau around January, and has had a hard time seeing any progress since then. Fitness and nutrition have always been huge passions of mine, and I would love to be able to use this to spend more quality time with my mom, improving our health together. It would make me so happy to see my mom feeling confident and beautiful, and I think this app will greatly help!

  413. Marg - May 24, 2018

    I want to be the healthiest I am able at my age. And, my sister wants this as well. We want to live instead of just exist.

  414. Sarah - May 24, 2018

    Heidi! Man, what an AWESOME gift!!! I’d be so grateful to work with you! I’m a mother to four miracle babies and a thyroid cancer survivor. I’m an Organic Living Specialist, Certified Life Coach, and I’ve recently launched a podcast. Raw As A Mother is a series of interviews of mothers worldwide sharing their very real moments of trauma and triumph along their motherhood journey. I’m working daily on getting my pelvis floor and body where I want it to be! Having a coach for my physical well-being to push me would be a huge blessing!

  415. Ambrosia Robert - May 24, 2018

    I’ve been with you guys from day 1!!! Extreme Weight Loss on ABC, to losing 60 pounds after baby 2 with the Vemma Bode program. So far I have lost 7-1/2 pounds In the last few weeks with the Transform app! This is after baby 4, so I feel like there is more work to be done!! I would LOVE to stick with you guys for a lifetime!! You definitely wouldn’t regret choosing me and I would be thrilled to continue enjoying your recipes for life!!

  416. Tanya Belom - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win so that both my mom and I can use the app. I’m expecting baby #2 by the end of June and so could definitely use some help with losing baby weight again and getting back on track. With being a busy working mama who commutes a long distance it would be so helpful.

    I also would give the other membership to my mom who does so much to help me and my family out by watching my daughter and who has been trying to get healthy again and back on track and lose weight. I think this would be the perfect motivation to help her out.

    Also I’m a huge fan of you and Chris and have watched all your shows and would love to get coached by you both!

  417. Keeley Spradling - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this lifetime access to The Tranformation App for myself and my boyfriend! I’ve been following you and Chris for years now and absolutely love everything you all promote and how dedicated to health & fitness you all are… let’s not forget your adorable family! My boyfriend and I workout as much as possible and I follow so many tips you each provide on social media, your app would be amazing to continuously use.

  418. Stacy Larson - May 24, 2018

    I have struggled with my weight for years. I keep it under control because I do like to be active and eat healthy and live a healthy life.
    However, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 46 in January and was not able to work out much through surgery and radiation.
    As soon as I was released to exercise, I started with the Transform app and even though I have not been 100% yet I do the workouts at least 4x week and love them!
    My 20yo daughter is overweight and I would love for her to start on the app and get motivated!

  419. Chantelle - May 24, 2018

    Hello, you beautiful lady!
    I would love to win because I have struggled with being fat for a very long time. I weigh 300 lbs and I have hit the end of the road. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have tried everything. A year and a half ago I gave birth to an adorable baby boy! I want to be able to run around with him without feeling tired. I need someone like you in my life!!
    Thank you for the consideration!
    Chantelle Robertson

  420. Vicki jeffers - May 24, 2018

    You guys are amazing and inspiring to watch
    Becoming a new mom and not knowing what to expect my after baby body to look like. I would love to be able to be pushed and get my pre baby weight body back and to be able to do it with you guys would be a life changer. It would be amazing to win and share with my mom shes a huge fan as well. Being a new mom and after college I havwnr been happy with my body I would like to feel better about myself and with this I believe I could with the help of your app.

  421. Michelle - May 24, 2018

    Heidi and Chris,

    I would love to win the Lifetime subscribition to the Transformation App. I got sick about 9 years ago. Shorting after I ended up doubling my weight. I have been on massive doses of steroids and unable to walk or stand for more then a few minutes at a time. Lately, I have started to feel a little bit better and have lost over 100 pounds on my own but I have a long way (or should I say weigh LOL) to go. I’m starting to feel stuck and don’t want to lose my progress. I need to learn ways to excersice while sitting or only standing for a couple of minutes at a time. I also can’t do a lot of cardio due to heart rate issues. I know there are ways to continue progressing towards my goals dispite my challenges but l really need help figuring out what to do and how to get the most bang for my time. I would also love to find more creative, tasty meals. Right now being a single parent living on disability with a son in college and a ton of medical expenses I just can’t afford the app. That is why I am hoping to win the Lifetime app. For my friend I would choose my son. Now that he no longer plays competitive baseball, he needs to get into a workout routein so that he does not end up in my shoes someday. Thank you for all you do for so many. I hope you have a blessed day.

  422. Anna - May 24, 2018

    I’m not the typical candidate for this type of contest, I’ll admit. I’m not a busy working mom or someone with a huge weight loss journey ahead of her. But I am a former athlete that’s fallen off the wagon more times than I can count. I’m a college student balancing classes, work, and taking care of my mom, who became ill right as I started school. Working out went from a passion to another chore for me, as other stuff got in the way.Back in the fall, when I wanted to start lifting weights and getting in shape again, but didn’t know where to start, I used your app and fell in love. I actually looked forward to going to the gym after work as stress relief! Then big life stuff got in the way and now months later I still haven’t restarted. Lifting gave me peace of mind before, and that’s why today I am headed to the gym, phone in hand, app ready to go. Whether I win or not, I’ll still use your program because I love it. But having a lifetime access to it would allow me to set my goals long term and sights higher! Thanks for the incredible opportunity! You guys are angels.

  423. Rachel Dain - May 24, 2018

    Ever since I was a little girl I have been on one diet after another. Sometimes with success, but most of the time with failure. “Weight” has always been a word I have dreaded hearing. I would love to win this contest so that maybe I can find a program that works for me and will be able to stick with it long term. I am a mother of two girls, so it’s important to me to model a healthy body image to them. Currently, I am facing some serious health issues that would either greatly improve or even disappear if I can get this extra weight off. Heidi, you have always been a huge inspiration! Thank you for doing what you do!

  424. Bekah Lynn - May 24, 2018

    What an awesome giveaway👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    As a military wife and mama of two,
    some days there just isn’t any leftover time for myself. I have definitely lost my groove after adding the second baby (New schedule, who dis🤷🏼‍♀️) and having access to the app for liiiiiiiife would be an amazing item to have in that fit mama toolkit.

  425. Kathy Volkening - May 24, 2018

    Seven years ago my mom’s last words to me were “I love you, please take good care of yourself!” I took those words to heart and began a journey to good health. Unfortunately, about three years ago my husband and I began caring for his dad, who was diagnosed with dementia. The last three years have been some of the hardest. In the middle of all of this, my health took a back seat. And not just a back seat, it was shoved all the way to the back of the bus! So now I find myself 25 lbs heavier, developing health issues and struggling with an emotional eating habit that probably verges on a food addiction. Life has recently begun to get back to a new normal. My father-in-law passed away a year ago but it has taken this long to try to process everything and try to move on. So I could definitely use this membership to begin regaining my good health. I promised my mom I would take good care of myself and I will keep that promise even if I don’t win. But this app would sure make it more attainable. Thanks!

  426. Jaymi - May 24, 2018

    The reason I’d be perfect for this drawing is because of two reasons. 1. I live in a very small town and don’t have access to trainers or a stacked gym so a lot of my workout have to happen at home.
    2. I have two beautiful boys but have struggles with my health after my second was born. I’ve never really had to work out before and now I am trying my best but due to the small town, I don’t exactly know where to start.

  427. Kelli Wert - May 24, 2018

    I want to win this because I’m determined to leave a new legacy for my family. You see, I grew up in a family of morbid obesity, food addiction, yo-yo dieting, depression and alcohol abuse. The focus was always on what diet fad could lose the weight and allowing us children to eat whatever we wanted so the addiction to food could be lived out through our young metabolisms. Exercise and an active lifestyle was not pursued with passion or longevity. As an adult I am determined to rewrite the story and not follow in those footsteps. My husband and I live a very active lifestyle and have done our best to weave the importance of nutrition into the DNA of our family. I am constantly trying to learn and grow more in my knowledge of health and fitness and I believe winning this lifetime membership could aid in that. You two have helped so many already in rewriting their stories and my hope is that you’ll do the same for us. #leavinganewlegacy

  428. Krissa - May 24, 2018

    I have wanted to try this app for a long time but with financial struggles it’s not possible right now. I have seen so many success stories & would love to be able to use this as a tool to better myself. Please please help!!

  429. Jennifer Burley - May 24, 2018

    I really truly feel that everyone deserves to win this. We owe it to ourselves to be healthy and not live a life of pain & pills if we can help it. Thank you for all that you and your wife do for so many. Always know your impact. And yes, I’d love to win too! All the best to you!

  430. Michelle - May 24, 2018

    I’ve been a fan since EWL (miss that show too, btw!) and have your all’s books! How you explain, educate and encourage on all your platforms is what’s helped me feel in control of my own health and wellness.
    I have PCOS and I know I’ll have it for life…I’ve wanted to get the app, but funds haven’t allowed me to. I’d love to win so I could have this tool for life!

  431. Sydnee Cottreau - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this prize. I love to workout and my mom has been looking to get back in shape but she never really has the motivation to come to the gym with me. She loves you guys and has watched your show and bought books. I really think that if I won, that would make her finally workout with me and we would both be much happier being in shape and working together. It would really help grow our relationship as mother and daughter 🙂

  432. Lori Kramich - May 24, 2018

    I’d love to win the lifetime membership because this program works and resonates with my hectic lifestyle (mom of 3 guys, REALTOR, social butterfly, wife to high school sweetheart, and avid daily workout person-to-clear-head-and-be-best-mom,wife,Friend,sister,daughter-in-law-I-can-be!!! I do this program (different) levels with my long time friend Beth Tashjian @bethtashtransform and we hold eachother accountable. We’ve worked out together off and on for years but have always been there for eachother to lean on through injuries, kid issues, etc. I also like the carb cycling this program offers and it works for me. I also love how there are choices for grab to go and fast food. I need things to follow or I lose momentum and go off course 🙄 I hope I can win this so I can really keep up with this program, commitment and always be my best! Thanks to Heidi and Chris for being motivational and inspirational. You do make the balance of it all look so easy but we all know it’ takes dedication and follow though and setting GOALS! Thanks and even if I don’t win, I will do my best to keep up with this program because I love it!

  433. Dana - May 24, 2018

    I would LOVE to win! Recently, I’ve been trying to make positive changes in all aspects of my life! The thing is, I don’t know where to start. My exercise ends up being mostly cardio, since it’s so easy! I would love to feel stronger and more confident in my body! I tagged my mom in the comments as my lifetime workout buddy. We are both in similar life situations and trying to improve!! Thanks!!

  434. Bethany - May 24, 2018

    I have struggled with my weight for what seems like my entire life. About 7 years ago I got in shape – largely from watching Extreme Makeover! I had two children back to back when I got married and fell back into my old routines. I gained nearly 100 pounds. Yesterday I turned 30 and my body has changed so much. I weight almost 300 pounds and weight loss has seemed impossible. I want to lose weight and reclaim my life. I want my kids to see a healthy mom and know that it’s possible to live a healthy life and feel good about yourself. I haven’t been that example for them up to this point. Winning this would be a much needed push in the right direction and I would be honored to be coached by two people I admire so much!

  435. Kelly D’Ambrosio - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi,

    You and Chris are so inspirational and makes me motived every day. Watching your instagram videos are what I enjoy seeing every day. Weight has been a struggle for most of my life. I was able to lose the weight when I was younger and that I am older I am having a little tougher of a time. It was not until the last 6 months that I took it very serious as I have an enlarged thyroid and Hashimoto disease. I have loss some weight but I just can not seem to get rid of the belly fat. I try to eat right and workout 5 days a week.
    I tagged my daughter as she watches what she eats too. She works out 5 days a week too. She knows all the struggles have endured with my weight . I know that she does not want that to happen to her. I want to feel great and have a better and healthier lifestyle for my self and my daughter.
    Thank you for the chance.
    Love you guys ❤️❤️

    PS Those vacuum twists are brutal but I do them every day for the last two weeks

  436. Julie - May 24, 2018

    I am a single mom, working full time and going to school. Finding time for myself is really hard now a days. My goal is to become a better version of myself and with this membership I know I am working with the best team out there to help me achieve my goal. I mean i would love, love, love to win and be able to help others as well. This is an awesome opportunity for all of us on this blog also looking to become a better version of themselves. Good luck to everyone!!!! keeping my fingers crossed I win! 🤞😀

  437. Beth Tashjian - May 24, 2018

    At 47 years old this is the only system that has worked for me. I am in this for life regardless, but I would love for my friend Lori K to win the lifetime membership! Please pick her!!:)

  438. Kendra Newhart - May 24, 2018

    I love what you do and am in the world of building my own fitness empire in my community. I’m an active duty solder in the US Army, a mother the world’s cutest little girls and a brand new female business owner. Winning this would be a huge help to me and my fitness business. Every one needs a go-to for motivation and knowledge and a reminder that we can do it and be successful too. 🏋🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️💃🏼

  439. Dawn Buckley - May 24, 2018

    Hi guys I think I should win because first and foremost I love you guys I have been following you for years I miss extreme weight loss ooops I got sidetracked lol I think I should win because I am 52 so there is less time you would have to deal with me lol and I have been struggling with my weight since I turned 45 it is so hard for me now I need you guys I retired from the post office in 2012 and that was the start of my down fall. I have had your app for about 2 years I just started following it completely. I would love to be able to do it for life.

  440. Sarah - May 24, 2018

    Wow! Reading all of these entries makes me wonder how you will only pick one. The reason that I think I deserve a shot at winning this is. I have PCOS and have struggled to lose weight for my whole life. I am now 31 and have been trying to have a kid for the past 9 years. To achieve this it has been made very clear to me that I need to lose the weight. I have been trying to get fit and health for the past 15 plus years. I have always loved hiking in the mountains and doing sporty things. Some of what I can’t do because of this access weight is hanging on to me. I have to lose more than 100 pounds. Let’s be honest probably about 150 and want to do it the right way. I would love to have you and Chris coach me. Even if it is only over phone. Now I have a friend that is trying to lose as well. Not as much as me but I would love to be able to gift her with this tool as well. As I think it is the motivation that she needs to get it done as well.

  441. Jordan - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win because my friend Seanna and I have begun our weight loss journeys around the same time and are both exploring ways to a healthier lifestyle, all while tackling the struggles of surviving your twenties – a time of busyness, stress, and overeating at times. I have lost 15 pounds in 8 months but would like to learn more about staying fit, staying healthy, and doing my part to see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle later in life, especially since heart disease and diabetes run rampant in my family. I hope to educate myself and others to spread awareness on how to stay active and fit for life, and help spread the message.

  442. Sara Thompson - May 24, 2018

    Simply put, this is a lifelong battle for me & I desperately need lifetime support. I feel like I’ve spent so much time making sure others are happy & I never worry about myself. Whether it’s my son, or family or friends, or the group members in my divorce support group, but I need this to ensure my success and happiness. I love everything Heidi & Chris stand for, and I know in my mind & heart that with their help I would attain success & be able to motivate and help others. Please choose me – I’ve tagged multiple friends on IG too.

  443. Haley - May 24, 2018

    I would absolutely love to win lifetime access to the transform app because I am wanting to take my training to the bext step. I have been working out for 4 or 5 months now but I need help with some of the weight training. I feel like your app would be perfect. Also it would help my boyfriend who is a marine vet and got hurt while being enlisted. He needs lots of motivation to get back on his workouts and I feel like following this app would be perfect for him. One last thing, I absolutely love following you! You are so humble.

  444. Andrea - May 24, 2018

    A lifetime of no more roller coaster ‘diets’, a lifetime of guided, appropriate workouts, a lifetime of support and guidance….what is not to love about this opportunity? I am done with diets, sporadic workouts that are unrealistic for my schedule and life. I am ready for consistency. I am ready for guidance. I am ready for a healthy lifestyle!! Thank you guys for this opportunity!!

  445. Angela Rieger - May 24, 2018

    I’ve been searching and looking for answers…….And here it is! My daughter is getting married June 23rd this year we’ve both gained some weight and are looking to get healthy and back to “us” again!!! This would be an awesome adventure!!!!

  446. Lorena T - May 24, 2018

    When we were partnered no one realized what a great workout team we’d be. Tina and I have always worked well together and now that we are in 2 states it’s been harder for me to get motivated. We. Org bring to each other what the other need. I know we could both work harder together again like before! I guess we need a little motivation from afar 💪🏼💝.

  447. Chelsi - May 24, 2018

    I love you guys and this app! For the first time in seven years I have been able to get the weight off and keep it off. I had tried so many diets and trends to only be disappointed. I even broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years over my body and weight. He could never get past the fat and love me for me. I don’t know how many times I was told you shouldn’t be eating that and so on. When I found your app and finally started caring about me and who I wanted to be it was a life changer. I can’t wait to explore other areas of the app once I get all the weight off I want. It would be so awesome to win this prize and be able to continue my fitness journey for life. You inspire me in so many ways.

  448. CERI JEFFERS - May 24, 2018

    This would be an awesome birthday gift. My birthday is May 26 and I will be 44 I have struggled with eating healthy and my weight all my adult life. I never know what to eat and love to cook just in a rut. My husband works swing shifts so it is hard to prepare and cook as he is not home all the time so i go for the quick and easy. I sit all day at work, know i need to get up and moving but I never know where to even start. This app would be great to have all the access at my fingertips I have been wanting to do something like this but I just can’t fit it into my budget. Here hoping to a great start to any other year. CERI

  449. Brandi Kilpatrick - May 24, 2018

    Heidi and Chris,

    First, I want to say that I first fell in love watching Chris on Revenge Body and found your Instagram from there—LIFE CHANGING. Y’all are seriously so amazing. Your vacuum twist move is my life. Anyways though, I would really like to receive this awesome lifetime deal because, while I am young (22), my family has family history of diabetes, heart problems, and high blood pressure. I exercise to try and prevent any of these problems from ever occurring in my life and I think this opportunity will be a great way for me to continue avoiding family health problems. With a lifetime membership, I will be able to carry this with me forever and show me the steps to a healthier lifestyle! Thanks for this opportunity to enter! 🙂

  450. Nichole Hall - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win the lifetime membership and coaching! I’m constantly afraid I’m doing the wrong workout plan or not eating right. I trained as a holistic health coach to help people wade through all the health trends and I can’t even seem to find my own way. I’m always doubting myself and give in to other people telling me I look fine and shouldn’t worry about it. I have three kids and we all need to eat better and lose some weight. I love that you and Chris understand the challenges of life getting in the way of your workouts. You are real! You share your imperfections and that is so inspiring to many! Keep up the good work and please pick me!

  451. Kelly - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win your giveaway! As a mama of 4, I love showing my kids that exercising & eating well is so important! I adore your family, and love following you and your journey! Thanks for giving people the opportunity to win this!

  452. Julia - May 24, 2018

    I tagged my sister to also win. We used to workout together all of the time. When she moved across the country I lost my workout buddy. If we were both using the ap it would feel like we are working out together again. Since high school we both worked hard to get healthy. Together we ran a couple half marathons but our real love is weight training. This ap has helped me maintain a 40 pound weight loss. I hope that I am able to keep using.

  453. Katie - May 24, 2018

    I find nutrition and healthy eating so interesting and important! I want to be a healthy example for my kids and be around a long time! This app
    Is easy to use and you guys are so much fun to follow! Thanks for being so real!

  454. Lucy - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win the lifetime app just because one I can’t afford it and also because I was told by my doctor that I have to lose weight or he would end up putting me on all these pills for the rest of my life, just last week I went in and turns out i gained more, I’ve tried everything but nothing has worked for me n i think it’s my lifestyle/schedule that I need to figure out how to work in the eating healthy n exercise

  455. Lee martin - May 24, 2018

    My wife and I live in London and by luck just happened to come across an old episode of ‘extreme weight loss’ on one of the channels. Wow what a program and we have watched all on YouTube. You actually care and are genuine and that comes across and the way you help people goes way and beyond..
    my wife and I are just recovering from niggling injuries so are ready to transform. Cannot think of a better way to be helped, guided, inspired by you guys. Your program has inspired us to get moving and prove that anybody can achieve anything they want. This prize would certainly be the right tool. Fingers crossed!

  456. Marsha - May 24, 2018

    It’s my bday Saturday. Getting in shape as i near 40 isn’t as easy as it once was! This would be the best bday gift ever! Keeping my fingers crossed that it brings me luck to win this amazing giveaway ❤️

  457. Kristy Vandermeulen - May 24, 2018

    You guys are amazing! I’ve seen what you can do and want it too. I’ve had two kids and I’m just stuck in a rut and can’t seem to get out of it. My dad has heart disease and so did his mom and dad and my grandpa on my moms side. Getting healthy and Staying healthy so I can be here for my kids is my only option. Having it on both sides of the family I was told by a doctor there’s not much I can do but to be in great shape WHEN it happens to me (not IF) so I can survive it.

  458. Amanda - May 24, 2018

    I love you guys and all the positivity you put in the world. I have used the transfgorm app for a little bit and am loving it! As a mom of two little ones, I very much need to get my booty back in shape! Also, I call Heidi my “fitness Jesus.”

  459. Jeanne - May 24, 2018

    I think I deserve to win the lifetime membership because I need it. I can’t do this on my own, and it’s not in the budget, no matter how we try, to purchase it. I need accountability and this would be the perfect way. I’m a teacher and need to be at my best/have the energy to be at 100% every day. I’ve tried to do it on my own. I need this to motivate, educate, and guide me. It would be such a blessing.

  460. Ericka - May 24, 2018

    You two are so inspirational. Your faith, your love for each other, your dedication as parents to your babies, your hard work in your business, the way you love on people who are struggling in life and lift them up and make them realize they are loved. Thank you for all you are and all you do for other people! If I had lifetime access I would continue to workout with my sexy hubby, make yummy food for my family (We love food!), and teach those around me about being healthy and living your best life (both my patients as a nurse and my friends/family).

  461. Lisa Iskiw - May 24, 2018

    I think what you guys do for others is amazing. Helping them not only with there fitness journey but also helping find the inner self they may have lost. I have been following both Chris and Heidi for years on TV, Facebook and Instagram. I don’t think I deserve this more than anyone else out there, but I do know I would LOVE to win the lifetime app and would put it to good use. I have been on my own journey having lost 30 lbs over the past 4 years. My goal is to be the healthiest and happiest me. But I have hit a plateau this past year that I cant just break through. I have had the app in the past, but due to financial issues at the moment it is an expense I had to give up. I truly enjoyed the workouts and the meal option available. So with this gift of a lifetime membership would just be amazing!!!! and thank you for all you do!!!!!

  462. Sarah Harris - May 24, 2018


    New mommy here! During my pregnancy I gained over 60 pounds!! It took a major toll on my body and mind, and I think was a huge contributor to my post pardom depression. So I decided to make a change and joined a crossfit gym and lost over 50 pounds!! My husband and I just relocated for a new job, and with all the stresses that come with moving, I am trying to make my heath a priority. I just started weight training and more body building style workouts to try and ditch these last ten+ pounds. Now it’s time to get the hubby involved and this would be a great way to do so. Marriage is definitely harder post baby and the transform app would be a great tool to bring us closer together again.

  463. Kayla Hudson - May 24, 2018

    I would want to win this because I’m in the market for something that I can take with me as we move every 2-3 years with the Army. I don’t want to have to fall in love with a gym and then have to leave it. I want something that will make me fit and healthy for my children and myself. Good luck everyone ❤️

  464. Annie - May 24, 2018

    Hi Powell Pack 🙂

    How generous of you to offeER a Lifetime membership. I would love to win this membership as a busy mom of three little ones under the age of seven, I don’t have a lot of time to put thought into what I should do. Especially living in Mexico, having the great tool of the transform app would greatly help step up my workout game. I love that you guys are famous people loving on others with true hearts that really care. God bless you all!

  465. Bru - May 24, 2018

    Just had asked God for a sign and this pop out on my Instagram. I need help I am turning 40and I never had a good relationship with food like never I need desperately to find who I am. And one can ask what food ha to do with?!? Everything because I hate being stuck in this overweight body, so pls pls pls. Help!!!

  466. Rebecca - May 24, 2018

    I’m a military spouse mom of 4 and have been with the app since day 1. I’ve loved my results so far and plan to be a member for life! Thank you guys for all you do!

  467. Elaine Smith - May 24, 2018

    My daughter is retiring from gymnastics this summer after 12 years(she’s only 14!). I could think of no better way to have her stay conditioned and transition into a workout mindset away from the gym than the transform app. And what a great moment for her and I to use our apps together!!

  468. Leah Holben - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win a lifetime of your app! I’m a completely single mom (full custody) of two very active athletic boys. I have no money left over for myself and I’m working on finding time for myself. Unfortunately all my closest relatives have passed away, so it is literally just me and the boys.

  469. Amber H - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi,
    I love following you and Chris and seeing the lives you all change. Plus, I love seeing your adorable and silly kiddos! I am a mom myself, I have a sweet 15 month old boy. He is my world and I want to show him what a healthy and happy momma is for his whole life. I didn’t gain a bunch of extra weight while pregnant but I have not been able to get rid of my last 10lbs from pregnancy and it really weighs on me. I would love the opportunity to have the resources you all provide in the transform app to help me kick off these pounds and keep that healthy lifestyle through any other pregnancies and to show my child/children that healthy lifestyle as well.

    For the second lifetime membership I would give that to my momma. She has always struggled with her weight and now more than ever she needs her good health to take care of my pappy (dad). He was in a traumatic accident April 5th which resulted in his right leg being amputated. He spent 43 days in a hospital setting and is finally out and under the care of my mom. Having the easy recipes right at her fingertips I know would help her eat better. They both would benefit from the healthy foods and strengthening the app would provide them.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity and for the kindness you all share all over!

  470. Leah - May 24, 2018

    I would love the opportunity to give this to my best friend Ashley! She and I are busy raising kids and helping our families and having the time to workout is so important! I want to be a great role model for my kids, after having 8 surgeries since birth, surviving premature birth at 26 weeks, and God bringing me out of a 2 week coma as an adult; LIFE is a GIFT!
    Having the joy of working out for my self, my family and our friends is the joy of LIFE!

  471. Rebecca - May 24, 2018

    I don’t have a fancy story, I just have my own simple story! I lost my Dad in August 2017 after he had a sudden heart attack. My Mom found him in the morning and it was really the worst day of my life. He wasn’t in good health (Diabetes) and mainly this was from inactivity. I tried and tried to encourage him to move just a little everyday, so he could get thos extra lbs off.
    So I grieve… and in December I decided I wanted to be the healthiest I could be for my family. So I found your app and signed up for a month. Then quickly realized that this is how I can live the rest if my life.
    I signed up for three months after that month ended.. and I honestly have not felt this good in the longest time!!! I love the meals and I have learned to love the exercise!
    To win the lifetime membership would be amazing!!!

  472. Ashley Bango - May 24, 2018

    I have been using for a month and love this program! I am busy mom of three girls, have my own company working with kids with autism 5 days a week teaching them. Being fit and healthy is a must for my job and family. I would love the lifetime access but doesn’t fit budget at moment. I have been on an eight year journey and this has been a blessing and really working for me to reach my goals. Thank you for your consideration God Bless.

  473. Jessie - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win your lifetime app because I had an accident 4 years ago and I got a traumatic brain injury from it and the one thing my neurologist told me to do was stay active for healing. I love the variety that you guys share plus the healthy recipe are an added bonus. I tagged my sister because after my accident I was in a coma for 6 weeks and the hospital for 2 months and between her and my husband I was never alone so she definitely deserves it!

  474. Amanda Svaleson - May 24, 2018

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I started my journey before this app came out but had hit a plateau—hard. I was struggling to figure out if I needed to increase or decrease my macros. I would change them and wait a couple of weeks, change them again wait a couple of weeks, but I was never able to break my plateau. I started with the book but with how much activity I was doing I was feeling hungry and tired all the time. The app came out 3 weeks later. As soon as I heard about the app I was all in. I joined and started with weight loss turbo cycle and I haven’t looked back. I have now completed 2 phases of weight loss, 1 phase of physique and I am in my last week of my second phase of the at home body sculpting. I have several friends and family members that have also started using the app. My mom just jumped back on for the second time. This app changed my game completely and for that reason I purchased the buy one get one year membership back in November. I would love to purchase the lifetime but with a year and a half remaining I will wait until it is hopefully offered again. You guys have me for life either way but I wanted to thank you so much for helping me break my plateaus, helping me fall in love with lifting weights, and giving me a reason to try different kinds of cardio. I love this program. I love the recipes, the workouts, and the team behind this program. You guys rock!

  475. Savannah Denton - May 24, 2018

    On instagram I tagged my mom as my person, because that’s exactly what she is, my person for everything! We have both struggled with our weight all of our lives, countless “diets” and attempts to lose weight, that we always seem to fail. My mom has diabetes, and I fear that if we don’t lose weight, that her diabetes will eventually have its way with her life , and for me my fear is I will also develop diabetesI recently signed up on the app, and have already lost 5 pounds, I would love to win this for both my mom and myself, to continue our journey, and also to transform our live!

  476. Emily b - May 24, 2018

    I would LOVE to win the giveaway! Both my sisters have memberships there and I just can’t afford to pay $300 a month for a GYM membership right now. So winning this and being able to workout with them would so so amazing!! All three of us have kids and we are all constantly trying to motivate each other to live strong and healthy and this would be the next best thing to keep us on the SAME track! ( literally😜)

  477. Diana Whitehead - May 24, 2018

    Thank you Heidi and Chris for the opportunity to win a lifetime subscription to the app. This would truly be a dream for me. I don’t have weight to lose. For me it is about making transformation a lifestyle. I have followed the app since it first came out. The app has truly changed my life. It has taken away the stress of figuring out a workout or what to eat. I look forward to getting up every morning and working out with Chris and Heidi. My transformation is not about weight loss, it’s about staying healthy and energetic for my family. I have an energetic 4 year old. A husband who drives a truck for a living so he is gone a lot. Also both my parents, just this past year underwent 4 surgeries.. All of which can be stressful. The app has helped me stay on track and continue working toward my goal of a healthy lifestyle so that I can help my family. For me having a lifetime access to the app would be a dream come true. I love the workouts and the food. Most of all I love the feel of Chris and Heidi working out with me everyday in my home gym. Thank you both for this opportunity. You are both such an inspiration to so many.

  478. Erika - May 24, 2018

    I’d love to win this for my mom! She has always done so much for everyone and never takes time for herself! Winning this for her would be the perfect way to jump start her physical activity. I want her around 100 more years 👌👏🙏❤️

  479. Gina Stempkowski - May 24, 2018

    This would be the perfect way to begin our life together as a fit *married* couple. We just got marrried a few weeks ago, when we started dating working out was one of the things we always did together, but as time passed we each workout out on our own schedule with our own plans (or we didn’t). It would be so wonderful to have an app at our fingertips to guide us and United us. We can both follow workouts together or apart. Plus we love you guys!

  480. Nmi Madl - May 24, 2018

    You both have always been an inspiration. I love what you’re about, and how you always give selflessly. My son needs you both desperately, he’s had many challenges in his 26 years of life. He needs to turn it all around with your help and encouragement and do this the right way and fall in love with the process and results.

  481. Christina H - May 24, 2018

    Would love this to help get my husband on board ! And to really challenge myself in a deiffernt way then i have before ! Love you guys and this would be a great opportunity for me💛!

  482. Kate Skinner - May 24, 2018

    I love the Transform App!! It has given me so much freedom to love food in a whole new way and appreciate my body more!! I have been using the app for 5/6 months now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Just eating along with me, my boyfriend has had great results as well. We’d LOVE to win the 2 lifetime memberships so we can keep pushing forward and crushing our goals together. Thank you Tranform App for teaching me important lessons, values and most importantly- integrity!!!! I look forward to continuing to transform and fingers crossed winning a LIFETIME membership!!! Love & Gratitude.

  483. Kaelin Harder - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win your giveaway to get myself back in gear! I’m four months postpartum. I was an avid gym goer before baby, but had a very rough pregnancy and delivery that made it unable for me to workout anymore (hyperemesis, low blood pressure). I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which limited my eating to strictly low carb veggies, meat and cheese (I couldn’t even have fruit 😩) after my baby came it made it all worth it of course, but I fell off the healthy eating wagon to make up for all pregnancy cravings I couldn’t have. Now I’m more ready than ever to jump back in with both feet and get back to a more balanced diet! It’s been a lot harder getting back to a healthy lifestyle than I thought it would be. The only ab move I can do without hurting my c-section incision is your vacuum twists, which I’ve been doing for a month now! I would love to see what else you have in store for someone like me!

  484. Hillary - May 24, 2018

    I need to try something new and different! I have tried every “diet” known, some success, but still a long way to go The struggle is real! I have been working out and what I think is “eating well” 90% time for over 2 years and the scale is NOT moving! I love your work outs and tips and would love a new journey!!

  485. Stacey Campbell - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi (Hi Chris) I have loved following you both and love all your tips and ideas to help with a healthy simple lifestyle!! I would so love to have a life long chance at making this a lifestyle a thing!! The app has been a great tool to have at my fingertips at the gym of at hone!!
    I am someone who needs food motivation and the transform app has def helped with that!!
    I don’t have a lot to loose but love that I am getting stronger everyday. It would be super amazing knowing that I could continue this journey with your help for a lifetime!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Thank you guys for all you do to help us all be the best we can be!!!

  486. Becky - May 24, 2018

    Thank you for a chance to win! This is an awesome prize. I need motivation. I would love a lifetime membership because it would kick my butt in gear. I am a healthy person, but every time winter comes I loose my motivation. I want to be healthy all year a round, and I think having your app would help me do that. Being able to have access right at the tips of my fingers would be amazing.

  487. Kortney Zigmunt - May 24, 2018

    My name is Kortney, I’m 25 years old, 5ft 4in height. I have two children 5 year old and 3 year old. I started my weight loss journey on February 21, 2018. I have been slightly over weight my entire life. Once I got married and had my beautiful babies, of course I just kept getting bigger.
    When I started this journey I was at 234lbs. Today May 24, 2018 I’m at 214.6lbs. I have a long way to go! This has been hard for me, I’ve had bad days right along with the good and I’m constantly finding ways to keep myself motivated.
    My sister, Laura who I tagged. She’s getting married in October 2019. Where she hasn’t been over weight her entire life, as an adult she has gained unwanted weight. We come from a “fat family” I would say, 90% of the people we are related to are unhealthy and over weight. We both want to look and feel great on her big day.
    I’ve read through some of the other comments. There are plenty of people who are deserving of this gift. I do hope I win, of course! No matter what, I will continue on my journey to become the healthy, happy woman I know I am. But hey, you can’t win something if you don’t enter!
    Best of luck to everyone trying.

  488. Lisa Rapone - May 24, 2018

    I need my Mojo back! I am miserable and having a tough time climbing out of it this time. I am a lifetime Yo-Yo that needs the string broke! You can help with that! I know I can do it with the right tools and motivation. I would love to have you and Chris part of my daily life for life!💍

  489. Jenae - May 24, 2018

    I’ve been trying to do this on my own and it isn’t working the way I’d like. I think if I had access to this, anytime and anywhere it could help push me into my goals. As a working Mom, I don’t have a gym or time to go the way I’d like, but I always have my phone. It’s been a tough couple of years so, this would help.

  490. Sarah - May 24, 2018

    *I love this says “say something nice” 😍

    Anyway, I would love to enter this giveaway. I am slowly getting out of my burn out and depression and staying on track health and fitness wise would help tremendously. I would like to share it with my mom, who recently started a fitness journey, first time ever, just before her 60th birthday!! On another note, you and Chris should come to Europe some time!!! Please!!! 😊

  491. Garyn - May 24, 2018

    Watching you and Chris ( and your family 😊) make living a healthy lifestyle as a family look so obtainable. You have all these tips and mottos and suggestions not to mention workouts and recipes which help to make health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition a part of anyone’s life.

  492. Eileen - May 24, 2018

    Me name is Eileen. When I discovered your guys’ show it truly inspired me, but left me wondering what was the best way to lose weight for my body. I tried Herbalife, shakeology, not a fan of shake substitutions. I also didn’t know what it took to work out. I was able to lose 20 pounds on my own which was simple yet amazing. I struggled with my mental health during my weight loss journey which caused me to stop pursuing weight loss, and now I want to get back on track. I have always been the chubby girl, but loved to find active things to do even though I was never good at it. Boys didn’t date me, and I had people tell me I had to be skinny to be great. I didn’t listen. I did awesome things with my life, developed a higher self esteem, but now I want to do this for me. I come from a family where health and fitness are not properly taught. It’s more like a fun hobby, and to be fair a new discovery for my family. But to be honest without the proper knowledge there hasn’t been much improvement in the last year. In my family members constantly have some sort of health problem, and there’s definitely diabetes and being overweight on both sides of the family. As a new wife and future mother I want to pass on a better legacy to my future children with my husband. I don’t just want this app, I need it, my family needs it. The knowledge gained through this app will not just be kept to myself, but be known to family and anyone else that I could possibly help. I want to be a good influence, and just healthy.

  493. Sue Bodnar - May 24, 2018

    So many people have great reasons to win this prize. I won’t be able to share on FB as I don’t FB and my friend doesn’t have Instagram.

    But I’d love to win for us as we are going to be 50 soon and would like to finally shed the weight that had creeped up on us over the years. Plus the aches and pains are setting in and need to move a little more that just walking from the TV to the refrigerator 🤷🏼‍♀️😂

    We live in different states and encouraging each other through the app would be so great!!

  494. Christie Sancrant - May 24, 2018

    It’s really hard for me to toot my own horn. I am absolutely sure that there is hundreds of people who deserve or need this lifetime app more than I do. But entering the contest and winning the app issomething I am doing for myself. I’ve got 5 kids (12,7,6, and 2 year old twins) so me time doesn’t always exist in a day. I spent the first three months of 2018 macro counting (thank you heidi) to get back down to my goal weight and now (macro counting for life lol) I want to tone up. This app would be a game changing tool for me to have at my finger tips. Thank you for the opportunity

  495. Cassie Arick - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi,
    I would love to have this membership for life for my new husband and I. I just got remarried in February to my soulmate. In my previous marriage is really where I started to really struggle with my weight. I was in an abusive marriage and every day that passed I felt more hopeless and depression set in. After some time of working on myself I decided I was strong enough to walk away. Having 3 small children didn’t make that easy but God gave me peace about my choice so I trusted that! It’s been years now of spiritual and emotional healing that I am beyond grateful for.

    Fast forward to a couple of years ago at a concert in my home state AZ. I met my Now husband who was playing on the stage that night…a keytar! Lol. We fought our feelings for almost a year, just in the friend zone. He was amazing, caring and he has a tremendous respect for women, like I’ve never seen before. I also couldn’t get out of my own way…he’s a touring musician in Nashville and plays for one of the top country artists on radio and I’m a single mom who does hair in GIlbert, AZ.

    We decided we couldn’t deny that we felt we were led to one another and after 2 LONG years of a long distance relationship he asked me to marry him in January 2018! We decided to run away to Vegas and get married by Elvis!

    This summer we final get to be together and join our families. Two soulmates and our 5 KIDS 😬 I have come so far in my life and God has blessed my beyond measure with healing and a new love from someone who only see me as good. I want so badly for my outside to reflect the joy I have inside. My husbands dad died this past December at 62 due to weight(heart). My husband Joe and I both struggle with weight and we both feel lost and overwhelmed on where to start. We met in our thirties so I know any amount of time from here will feel too short but we want to live a long, healthy life together! I mean REAL LONG! Lol. It would be life changing for us! Thanks 💕

  496. Jackie - May 24, 2018

    I have such a passion for healthy living and I’m a huge fan. I’d love to win!

  497. Tamara - May 24, 2018

    I’ve struggled my entire life with body image and self esteem issues. 10+ years of anorexia and bulimia and so many ups and downs in between. I was in the darkest places at times, in an abusive relationship. In my mid 20s I finally tried to get help but it took years. I can happily say that I have mostly “recovered” over the past 4 years. I am now happily married with one child and another on the way. I never thought I would be able to have kids after what I put my body through. But two pregnancies have brought on a whole new set of insecurities and changes in my body that I cannot control. With little ones in the house I struggle to find the time to fit in my workouts or meal prep. I can only imagine what it will be like with two. I find myself feeling triggered lately and negative thoughts seeping back in with this second pregnancy. I want to continue to be healthy and a role model for my children and I think I’m going to need all the help I can get

  498. Kim - May 24, 2018

    Getting the app for a lilfetime would be life altering. i have followed your plan and lost 40 pounds and kept it off for four years. I still follow your maintenance plans and daily hugs now. You both have made a difference in so many lives that you should be so proud. I still watch your show sometimes on youtube for motivational purposes. I always need motivation to exercise and eating healthy, so this app would be perfect. Thanks for all that you do for people who you don’t even know, you are both so caring.

  499. Kimberley Derowin - May 24, 2018

    Hello to both of you! Thank you for the opportunity of winning an awesome prize! I love reading about you… family and professional lives. I truly admire you!

    I deserve to win because I will turn 50 in July. I’ve worked hard losing 25lbs in the last 10 months. I quit smoking almost three years ago and packed on the pounds. I’ve become a runner. I spent months doing 5 to 6 workouts weekly. I have become fitter than the average 20 year old!

    In my year of 50, I have a list of 50 things I want to do and many of them require me to be strong and healthy! Lifetime access to your app would help me achieve that goal and stay fit for the rest of my life!

    I want to keep challenging myself… Reach further and attain new goals! Lose that 10lbs that is still stuck there! Those late night cookie attacks are so hard to avoid! But hey. . No one is perfect! 80/20 all the way.

    Heidi and Chris, you rock!!! Keep inspiring! Keep motivating! Keep teaching! You are transforming the lives of many! Thank you!

    Good luck to everyone entering!

  500. Julie Martinez - May 24, 2018

    I follow you and Chris on Insta and FB and have for a while now. I would love to be chosen for the lifetime membership so I can continue on my fitness journey for years to come. You know what you’re doing and what works. I started to do your vacuum twist and am already starting to notice a difference! Pick me please!! ♥️♥️

  501. Lisa Fuller - May 24, 2018


    I started using the transform app on 12/31/17 and it has been life changing for me, and for others around me. At the beginning, I was skeptical because I had been brainwashed by years of the “calories in, calories out” mentality and constantly attempted to under eat to lose weight. The first few weeks I struggled to eat all of the food, yet I was losing. I held off on adding in the exercise portion of the app until I was sure the diet alone would work – and it did! During the first month I lost 12 lbs on the nutrition portion alone. At that point I was all in and decided that the app, the Powell’s, and carb cycling are what my body and mind needed to change. I decided to add on Coaching by Transform with the amazing Doxsey to make sure I stayed accountable to others and not just myself. I got caught up on all of the exercise and now, nearly 5 months in, I have lost at least 36 lbs. Last week my loss was a little slower than usual so I took an adjustment in the app – it is so amazing that the app is so smart that it can adjust your nutrition when you need it!! I plan on being a Transform App / Doxstar for life. It not only is helping me to change both inside and out but people are me are seeing it and also wanting to change and give it a try. It’s a very powerful thing to also help others throughout this process!

  502. Ashley girolamo - May 24, 2018

    I would like to win because I’ve been on this weight loss journey for the better part of two years. I need to lose some more weight and currently going through my infertility journey and I believe this app would be life changing for me.

    It would be amazing to have it now, pre partum and I KNOW I will need it post partum. To keep me in check and reach all my goals and than some. I want to be in the best shape now, during and after a pregnancy. I’ve been overweight my entire life and to be able to have this opportunity would be absolutely amazing.

  503. Becky - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win the lifetime subscription to your app! I am a middle school teacher which is an incredibly empowering position to work with adolescents everyday. However, it is also a very exhausting job. I work out everyday after school but if I could use your app to add some ease to my nutrition and workout plan, it would be incredible. I am always striving to be my best self and would love to have this app be a part of that.

  504. Heather - May 24, 2018

    I love you guys! You are literally couple goals. I would love to win the transformation giveaway. I just had our last baby at the end of February. I gained about 50 lbs and I’m having a hard time getting it off. I’m a binge eater so I’ll do good for a little bit and than if I seem to have anything that’s not healthy it throws me all off. I want to know how to eat a balanced lifestyle and stay slim and healthy for my boys. Thank you guys, I love following you on Instagram and loved your tv show.

  505. Sydney - May 24, 2018

    I would like to win because since becoming a mom having an umbilical hernia and diastasis recti, being a mom and a full time teacher…it’s hard to put myself first.

    I found this mom group that helped me but now that I work and am on my own at home it’s hard to stay positive and motivated.

    I would love to win the lifetime access because ever since I started following you and Chris. I read the blog constantly and remind myself to stay positive and knowing that you had diastasis recti too that makes me feel like it can get better too!

    Thank you for this chance!

  506. Arlena Walker - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi!

    My name is Arlena and I am 26 years old. I have been following you and Chris since your Extreme Weightloss Days, which btw I miss. In 2012 I moved to Kentucky to be with my bf at the time and started gaining weight. Then in 2014 I was diagnosed with PCOS and finally had somewhat of an answer as to why I kept gaining and wasn’t losing. (This is not an excuse for my weight gain). Now almost 4 years later I am at my heaviest, unhappy in my marriage and am looking into moving on with my life. My health however is my main concern and I could really use some help. Having the lifetime access to the app would give me tre tools I need to get to the healthy weight I want to be at. Due to the separation there isn’t much I can afford other than food and bills. Being gifted and blessed with the lifetime access would mean so much to me. Thanks Heidi for all the tips you give us!

  507. Nina Ylisaari - May 24, 2018

    I love the transform app!! Healthy lifestyle is my passion and I just love the positive energy I get from both of you through the app and through social media. Love you guys!

  508. Randi - May 24, 2018

    Because I always end up stopping and putting others first, myself last. The last year and a half have been the worst, and I can see and feel it. Makes me depressed in a way. I would love to win this and share with my 2 teenage daughters. This would be life changing and almost like someone there for me, cheering me on, supporting a dream of mine.

  509. Jenna Washington - May 24, 2018

    First of all I love y’all so much and feel so connected to what y’all are about. It’s not just about getting fit- it’s living your best life and being the BEST VERSION of you!! I am on my third pregnancy currently and y’all have changed my life forever with these workouts and meal plans! It honestly couldn’t have come at a better time and I truly have so much admiration and respect for you both. I want to do this plan forever!!! It’s so tailored and when you do it the right way the results happen and I’ve never experienced it to be so true than with your approach! After this pregnancy I want to even dive in deeper to get the best body of my life and go for it and with this giveaway it would change everything for me especially with having three little mouths to feed!!

  510. Mar Gallant - May 24, 2018

    Bonjour heidi et chris!

    Why me?!… Why not me?! (No? Not enough?)
    Ok then..
    i love love love you and chris! Im watching reruns of chris’ show on youtube, and my favourites are the ones you’re both in. You can tell that you’re really sincere and caring people.
    Im 30 years old and my life have been on pause for years! What i mean by that is that i stop myself from doing anything i would want to, travel, sports, dating, and i tell myself that i will start doing those things once im “skinny” and in shape but it never happens. I feel like its now or never!! Im wasting my life away. I would love to have you and chris help me with that. I always tell myself that the first thing id do if i win a lot of money would be to contact you and chris lol (still waiting for that winning lottery ticket)



  511. Amy - May 24, 2018

    Gday from Australia ! I have watched every single episode of transformation . I have always found inspiration and managed to loss 30kgs . But I have found it hard to stay on track without support . And I’m getting marriages next year tot he love of my life and having the support would really help .

    Even if I’m not chosen thank you for the inspiration to keep trying

  512. Nanzer Michele - May 24, 2018

    I am from Switzerland, a mom of 2 girls, nd working parttime.
    I try hard to transform, but its not always easy. With the app it would be a huge help.

  513. Krysta Bell - May 24, 2018

    Chris and Heidi, I’ll first start by saying that you have changed the fitness game for life! I have been following you two since extreme makeover: weight loss! The way you and Chris train really gets you going makes you really believe in yourself. You two have been amazing and honestly so inspiring. I see all that you do Heidi (I follow your IG religiously) and it really shows you how much one woman can accomplish. So let’s be honest, we all need this right? Well, I can tell you I have done the whole eat right and lose weight, I lost 50lbs last year in less than 6 months! Well after I started school and worked full time (I’m a single mom of two boys) I didn’t hold myself accountable. I need something that keeps me in check, that has a plan for me so that it becomes apart of my routine. I already have so much going on that I find it hard to get a meal plan and workout routine set. I sometimes barely eat, therefore starvation mode kicks in. I just know something like this will keep me going and change this lifestyle I fell back into. This honestly would mean the world to me. And I would be able to get myself back together. I struggle with anxiety when I’m not working out and then all these things pop up. I am at a high risk of type 2 diabetes because I had gestational diabetes with my last son and that scares me more than anything. I see my weight go up and I get scared. Amongst that along with hereditary high cholesterol, vericose veins and the diabetes problem I need something like this more than I can explain but i know you guys understand! Please pick me for this! Thank you for taking the time to read this! You guys are amazing!!!

  514. Norma - May 24, 2018

    I’d love to win this for me and my husband. We’re both using the Transform app and seeing results. Using the Transform app has changed our lives. Transforming has become our new norm. We’d love to continue this transformation journey and grow with the app. I don’t want to ever go back to being a couch potato!

  515. Cristina B - May 24, 2018

    I found the man of my dreams and we are getting married next months. He is not as passionate as I am about fitness, but with this program we can have access anywhere and make it easier on our busy daily schedule

  516. Debbie Diaz - May 24, 2018

    I watched Chris when he first started many years ago here in Phoenix. He did a giveaway way back when and I entered but didn’t win. Fast forward so many years and although I have tried almost every diet & program, I am still obese. Winning for me would mean a fighting chance to living healthy and hopefully adding a few more years to my life. . I need to be around for my family; I need to start living because although I’m walking, talking & breathing, I feel lost and dead on the inside.

  517. Aurélia Pradel - May 24, 2018

    What an incredible opportunity !
    I am a teacher in France and as you know, in our line of work, the days are long and crazy ! Next year, I will be moving to another part of France for work and my fiance will stay where we leave now for his work, so we won’t be living together for a few months and I would love for us to take this opportunity and focus on ourselves and get healthy before our wedding in 2020 !! When I finally move back, we will do the workouts together and plan our meals in advance, the key to success and keeping the weight off !
    Thank you for this fantastic giveaway !
    Love from France !

  518. Leah Turvey - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this for me and my sister! I have always loved watching you and Chris and I love watching you and your family on Instagram! I used to go to the gym 3 times a week but life happened and it all stopped. I have lost my motivation to get back especially after moving towns and now I don’t know anybody, I think the app would be like my new gym buddy. My sister is also trying to lose weight after having my gorgeous nephew and I think this app would help motivate and inspire her and she definitely deserves it!

  519. Sarah Hughes - May 24, 2018

    I’ve struggled with my weight for most of my life and unfortunately, so has my beautiful daughter, Serena. I know I’m supposed to but I honestly can’t even put into words what an amazing opportunity winning this contest would be. Of course I want to look amazing but what I desire most of all is to finally be comfortable in my own skin. I want to be healthy, full of energy, and free from all of the physical pain that goes along with being overweight. I truly love who I am on the inside and I really wouldn’t mind being a little more enamored with the outside, too!

  520. Avery - May 24, 2018

    Hello Heidi and Chris!

    My name is Avery and I’m a 23 year old that lives in a super small town in Michigan. I’ve been overweight my entire life, probably since I was 5 years old. Food has always been a coping mechanism for me. As I’ve gotten older, the weight has been harder to come off, even with me regulating my diet. Gym membership in my town is really expensive so I’ve always held off and hoped one day I’d be able to afford monthly expenses for it and it hasn’t happened as of right now as I’m using any extra expenses towards mental health care that my insurance doesn’t cover. Having access to this app would be life changing. It would give me proper tools to learn how to better my life not just for my physical health, but mental health as well. I’m hoping that with this lifetime access it’ll show me how to let the best parts of me shine through and to stop holding back as I’ve done most of my life due to fear and other excuses. I’m ready to change my life and this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway and I hope to hear from you!

    And good luck to all the entrants 🙂

    – Avery

  521. Stephani Howell - May 24, 2018

    Wow! Thanks for this giveaway! I gained 60 pounds with my first baby (and I started out in the worst shape in ever been in), lost about 40, and then got pregnant again and gained another 60! I am back to about 30 away from pre-baby weight as if slowly been figuring out macros since January. I used the transform app for 3 months, and it was quite affordable, but we’ve been trying our hardest to get out of debt and just cut everything that wasn’t essential. I would LOVE to win, but even if I don’t, I love what you two are doing for the world and your positivity! Thank you for the inspiring Instagram accounts to follow!

  522. Jen Franzke - May 24, 2018

    It would be amazing to win a lifetime membership to The TRANSFORM app! I am a busy mom of three & Navy wife, and between the moves, the deployments, and the genera day-to-day craziness, I LOVE this app to keep me on track with workouts and food! Plus I would love to be an ambassador for the app (I tell everyone about it!), so a lifetime membership would be a perfect fit! You and me together forever!

  523. Ashley Chamblin - May 24, 2018

    At first I wasn’t sure what to say regarding why I want to win this subscription but then I realized exactly why it’s so important to me to get my health and fitness journey started. I owe it to not only myself but also to my 4month old son. I want to be an active mother. I want to be the mom that is able to keep up with my little boy. I want to run, jump, and climb with him. I want to go on adventures and explore the world. Since becoming a mom I’ve done what I think a lot of us do and that’s putting myself last. I put my son and husband first in life. Having this subscription would allow me to focus on myself and my health while also ensuring I’m setting myself up to be the mother that I want to be.

  524. Lisa - May 24, 2018

    Instead of telling you why I would love it, I will tell you why my husband Ben deserves it. He is the most caring and loving person I know (why I married him). We have been together since HS and over the years have gained weight. He loves to work out, but has a hard time keeping the weight off. With health risks in his genes, I worry for him. He gets so down when he falls off the gym wagon. Gets depressed when clothes don’t fit. He loves beung active, but working nights as a first responder, he dosnt always have the engery after a 13 hour shift. But when he comes gome after the gym he is in high spirits and finds the engery to play with our 2 year old before he sleeps. With some navigation and your support, I know he will complete what he needs to succeed!

  525. Catherine - May 24, 2018

    I am a single mom of seven currently working in my doctorate- life is busy and I want to focus on making myself the best version of me so my kids will see my example – when life gets hard we don’t quit. I don’t have time for the gym so the app will be essential in helping be focus my efforts and work smarter-I have always struggled a little in this area and when I watched Heidi so freely play in her bathing suit on the last Instagram story I said , out loud, I wonder what that feels like to be free and not feel insecure about your body -? I have never been there. The app would motivate me to be that best version –

    • Catherine - May 24, 2018

      Typos with bigs digits and being over zealous-! Sorry

  526. Karen Leavitt - May 24, 2018

    Hi Heidi,
    I love following you and your sweet family. Not only do you motivate me to become a better me, but you are truly inspiring. I know that what you and Chris do, you do with passion and love for those trying to overcome their unhealthy lifestyles. Your app is more than just recipes and workouts… it is a way of life! I love my husband so much and this is the reason I’m writing you. I KNOW that this app would get us both on track to becoming healthier and it would transform our bodies in a way we didn’t know possible.
    Thank you for sharing the vacuum workout !! That’s the only abdominal workout I do now and it truly works. I’ve lost a few inches around my midsection(this is the toughest part of my body to tone-up). I know that our bodies could reach their potential if we were given the opportunity!!
    Thank you so much for what you and your husband do. You are truly inspiring!!!

  527. Erin Locke - May 24, 2018

    I would love to win this prize because, as a P.E. teacher, this is great for ideas and things as a human being that gets tired of creating workout for myself after doing do for my students. This is AMAZING.