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Fun Easter Activ-ities

POSTED ON April 17, 2014

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Spring is definitely in the air and all four of the kids are so excited for the upcoming Easter Weekend!  It’s Ruby’s first Easter and we can’t wait to gather with extended family to share in the fun of egg hunts, egg coloring and  lots and lots of candy activities!   Help curb the sugar and keep the kids moving with some of the Powell Pack’s favorite outdoor games and bonus  -  adults of all ages will enjoy these too! :-)

1. Easter Egg Hunt: Get a few extra steps in there for each child by having them hunt for a specific color of egg, and the child who finds all the eggs of that color wins. Since the kids will be looking for a particular color, they’ll run around a lot more! Bonus: the little ones like Cash can practice learning their colors. Hide one “golden” egg for each child to keep them hunting a little longer too!

2. Easter Egg Roll:  After or instead of an egg hunt, get everyone involved in an egg roll! The first one, or team, across the finish line using a spoon, their hands, their feet, or even their noses wins. This is a favorite of Matix and Marley!

3. The Easter Bunny Says:  Put an Easter twist on the traditional Simon Says, and watch everyone break out in fun and laughter as they all compete to be the last one standing.

4. Musical Chairs: Gather everyone around and pull out some fun music and let the competition begin to see who will get a chair first. Younger children like Cash can even be the music man.  If you have lots of children of varying ages, play in groups to ensure everyone has fun and little ones don’t get squished :).  Ruby is already strategizing with Chris on how to get the most people out the fastest!

5. Egg Relay Obstable Race: To add variety to the traditional egg relay race, have the kids transport multiple eggs (one at a time) during their turn, relay an armful of eggs back and forth between teammates, and go through, over, under, and around obstacles. If they drop any eggs, they have to start over.

6. Active Eggs: Write down different activities on slips of paper and put them in plastic eggs. Set a timer, have the kids choose eggs and complete the activities in the eggs. The child who completes the most activities before the timer rings wins. Here are some ideas: do 10 jumping jacks, do 5 burpees, hop on one foot 10 times, do 5 push-ups, do 5 sit-ups, do 5 crab walks, do 5 bear crawls, run around the yard once, etc.

We have loved these games in the past and can’t wait for this weekend to play again as we celebrate. Check out this video of some of our past Easter fun!

If you have any ideas for fun and creative Easter activities, share them in the comments below.

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Snowflakes in Arizona?

POSTED ON February 3, 2014

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That’s right. Something crazy happened at the Powell Home… we found snowflakes!!! A very rare occurrence in Arizona.

Okay, so it wasn’t “real” snow but since we are firm believers in taking action and making things happen, Matix and Marley decided that if they couldn’t get Mother Nature’s version of snowflakes, that they would just make their own. (LOVE my proactive kids!) I might be a little biased, but these snowflakes are definitely some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen! :)

-Pony Beads
-Pipe Cleaners

#PowellPack #KidsCrafts #Snowflakes #WinterCrafts

Step 1: Form your snowflakes. We made them in all shapes and sizes.

#PowellPack #KidsCrafts #Snowflakes #WinterCrafts

Step 2: Decorate your snowflakes! Matix and Marley loved this part because they got to make their snowflakes as colorful and unique as they are. :)

#PowellPack #KidsCrafts #Snowflakes #WinterCrafts

Step 3: Use the string to hang the snowflakes. “Oooo” and “ahhhh” at the magic. :)

#PowellPack #KidsCrafts #Snowflakes #WinterCrafts

And there you have it. Mess-free, warm snow created by my awesome kids. :)

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A Picture Perfect Winter Break

POSTED ON January 3, 2014

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With Winter Break coming to an end, I can’t help but sit back and appreciate the days these kids have had off from school. With our family’s abnormally busy life, it often proves tough to find “together time”, and this holiday break was the perfect opportunity for some much needed family bonding and even new, updated family pictures!

I love the days I get to spend with my kids without worrying about spelling words, projects, math sheets, and all the other homework-related things we get to do every day. Just lots of play time :)

I’m especially grateful for the holidays this year.  We’ve been able to finally slow down (thank you, kidney stones, for the forced slow down!) and enjoy spending time together.

Just days until our crazy adventures begin again ;). I’ll miss this break…

So grateful.

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Arizona Parenting Magazine: Raising Fit Families

POSTED ON January 1, 2014

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Originally published in Arizona Parenting Magazine January 2014

Chris and Heidi Powell: Raising Fit Families

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Everyday: I Am So Very Thankful for the Four Amazing Kids Who Make Our Powell Pack Complete

POSTED ON December 4, 2013

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IMG_7308The Month of Thanks if officially over, by my expressions of gratitude aren’t quite finished yet. I apologize in advance if these are getting old, but I can’t not show appreciation for these amazing blessings I have in my life…especially in the midst of so much sadness, tragedy, and heartache this world is experiencing.

On my mind today…

The four awesome kids I have :). They are each unique in their own way—even Baby Ruby—and they each bless our lives in ways too numerous to count. They have disagreements just like other kids, but I know they always have each other’s backs, no matter what. They love and serve each other, have amazing senses of humor, are so very talented, love to have fun together, make us laugh, try to make good choices, keep us grounded, put up with the crazy life we lead, and remind us daily of what is really important in life.

Matix, Marley, Cash, and Ruby—today (and every day) I am so very thankful for you!

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Lunchpails & Lipstick’s Kids Holiday Gift Guide + $100 Giveaway

POSTED ON December 3, 2013

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Congratulations to our winner …. Susan Kulick

Once again, my friends over at Lunchpails and Lipstick  save the day! I’m loving everything about this Kids Holiday Gift Guide they put together and hope it helps you out with your holiday shopping as much as it is helping me! The best part about this post? L&L Ladies are giving away $100 gift card to Nordstrom for one of my lucky readers! See the bottom for details!


1. Disco Karaoke Machine - There is only one thing cooler than karaoke – disco karaoke. This is such a cool surprise to get Christmas morning. This is the best disco karaoke machine! Your kids will be entertained for hours, and so will you.
2. Electric Guitar Kit - Your little rock-star will be in heaven with this electric guitar and kit. It was made just for her size and her music dreams will definitely be coming true.
3. “Believe” Tee - Peek Kids is one of our favorite clothing lines. They make signature tees with quotes and inspiring words. This year our favorite is the “believe” tee for girls and the “hero” tee for boys.
4. Dress Up Crown - We love the line Ever Bloom! They have such cute things for kids and we especially think this little crown is the perfect gift for any little girl in their world of dress up. Make sure you check out all their fun necklaces and purses! You will love this company.
5. Velvet Blazer - The perfect holiday blazer for little girls. We love the cute clothing from Busy Bees! You’ve got to check out their new collaboration line with Gwenyth Paltrow. It’s to die for!
6. Kid’s Vitamins - Forget sugar filled gummy vitamins. Vemma NEXT liquid vitamins for kids from 2-12 are perfect stocking stuffers! You can help the kids enjoy a  mini, single-serving bottle each day! I know they are the best vitamins out there.
7. Moccasins - Every child needs a pair of moccasins! They are so easy for mom to slip on and off. The gold metallic is amazing!

Powell's Holiday Gift Guide

8. “Hero” Tee – By the same makers as the “Believe” tee, we love these inspiring words. They make signature tees with quotes and inspiring words.
9. Science Center – Science experiments are always going on in our homes. This is a really cool science lab for kids. This is a best seller!
10. Kids Sewing Machine – This is “sew fun”! Your little sewers will be so excited with this gift. It will keep them busy for hours. And think of all the cool projects you can do together.
11. Inspiring Prints – We love hanging artwork in our kids rooms! Especially as they get older and learn to read. It’s nice for them to have cute positive sayings to look at. This 11×14 matte print is one of our very favorites!
12. Ballet Flats – These are the best ballet flats for your girls. They come in all sizes and Yosi Samra offers so many different color options.
13. Seeing StarsNuNuNu makes the softest and most amazing clothes for babies! We are dying over this star dress and think that your little one will too. It’s perfect and so stylish!
14. Oversized Key Rings – These key rings come in 6 color options. Hook them on backpacks. Fun stocking stuffer!

Powell's Holiday Gift Guide

15. Mix-and-Match: greys, blacks, and oatmeal – The baby and toddler clothes from Peek kids make amazing gifts! The “to the moon and back” is one of our favorite tees. It’s just precious!
Zoo Book | Little Peanut Blanket | Grey Sweater | Flower Top | ABC Book | Stripe leggings | 2014 Tee | To the Moon and Back Tee | Stripe Tee | Black Bloomers | Teddy Bear | Love Tee | Bloomers

16. The Little Man Collection – Such cool gifts for your boys. Peek has thought of everything cool and fun for your little men.
Up the Creek Book | Plaid Shirt | The Moose Belongs to Me Book | Camo Sweat Shirt | Black Beanie | The Moose Shirt | Tool Set | Moose Popper | Slouch Jeans | Thermal Shirts

WIN A $100 Gift Card courtesy of Lunchpails & Lipstick!

Congratulations to our winner …. Susan Kulick

Our fashionistas over at Lunchpails & Lipstick sent one of our lucky visitors on a $100 shopping spree to Nordstrom! To enter:

  1. Follow Lunchpails & Lipstick on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The more you follow, the more chances to win!
  2. Follow Heidi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest if you aren’t already.
  3. Visit Norstrom.com and pick one item you’re interested in and share a link in the comments below and why you’d love to win the gift card to buy it. Random winner was announced on Saturday, December 7, 2013.

Thanks for participating!

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Powell Pack Top Reads

POSTED ON November 9, 2013

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In case you didn’t know, today is National Young Reader’s Day! I so appreciate a day that celebrates something that really does give our kids such incredible building blocks for long-term success. I am fortunate enough to be one of those lucky mommas whose kids love to read. I love it!

Wanting to get your kids reading more? Check out some of the Powell Pack’s top book picks. These keep them reading longer than they are allowed sometimes!

Matix is into the typical 8 year-old boy books like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series (we have lost count of how many times he has read each of those books), the Creature from My Closet series, and all of the Lego Star Wars books out there.

#Matix loves #DiaryofaWimpyKid #youngreaders #PowellPack

Marley also has a few favorite book series, like Ivy & Bean, Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe, and An American Girl (McKenna is her favorite).

#Marley loves #Ivy&Bean #youngreaders #PowellPackCash is crazy for any book based on animals, shapes and letters. He has memorized “Roar! Trumpet! Hiss! Squawk!” and is well on his way to mastering “A Is for Adventure (The Backyardigans)“. The book we credit for teaching him many of his shapes is “Shapes with Albert and Amy“.

Here is a list of a few more good reads for each age group:

Birth – 3 Years:

3 – 5 Years:

5 – 8 Years:

Since we have all heard time and time again that one of the best things you can do for your child and for your parent-child relationship is to read together, it’s time to grab a book, snuggle up and get reading!

Happy National Young Readers Day!! :)

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Halloween Hangover

POSTED ON November 6, 2013

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Halloween Hangover Cash Digging for Candy - Enjoy more adventures with Cash at http://heidipowell.net/5090

Each year, Matix, Marley, and Cash come home from trick-or-treating with loads of candy…enough to feed an army! Or to make an army sick, I should say. I must admit, I totally overindulged (compared to my normal sugar intake) this Halloween, and woke up the next morning with a severe blood-sugar crash. Even after breakfast, I was seeing spots, had a stomach ache, and was wishing I hadn’t consumed so much sugar the night before. Don’t worry – I remedied the situation by bypassing the oats I had eaten with a quick shot of OJ to bring my blood-sugar levels up to where my body thought they needed to be. Ugh…

The worst part of all of it is that I still have candy galore laying around our house now, and Cash is constantly walking up to me with his puppy eyes, saying, “Mama, trick-or-treat?” This means he wants to trick or treat in our pantry ☺.

Time to break out the Powell Pack  Family Tradition. What is it, you ask?

While we do believe that the kiddos should indulge a little, and not be restricted from sweets of their choice every now and then, we also feel it’s a good idea to guide them to choose health. This tactic has been a miracle worker in our home: we buy their Halloween candy! Chris and I offer them the option to save 10 pieces of candy (of their choice) to enjoy, and the remaining pieces are purchased by us at a nickel a piece. For 60 pieces of candy, the kids receive $3.00 to use at the local dollar store.

They love this, and I think they have more fun choosing toys at the dollar store than they could ever have eating candy!

I have never been more ready to buy (and throw away) so much candy…

Daddy, get ready to open up your wallet…for a good cause!


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Halloween Candy…Which Chews to Choose this Year

POSTED ON October 28, 2013

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Tips for a healthy Halloween at http://heidipowell.net/4605

While NO candy is certainly a “healthy” option, we do need to be okay with rewarding ourselves with a treat every now and then, guilt-free. Halloween is a great time to do this. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing what pieces of candy might satisfy your sweet tooth, without pushing you over the edge.

  1. Fun Size pieces are ‘portion perfect’, and a clear winner in our family, over king-sized or regular-sized candy bars. Portion control is key to rewarding yourself, and these mini treats make it easy. Oftentimes, we find it hard to eat only half of a Snickers bar. Thanks to Fun Size, we can eat the entire portion and cut our calories in half, compared to the regular or king-sized versions.
  2. Chocolate Lover? Choose a handful (or Fun Size pack) of peanut or almond M&M’s over Tootsie Rolls. Tootsie Rolls may be lower in fat, but are loaded with sugar, which will spike and crash our blood sugar levels, leaving us craving even more! The fiber and protein in the peanut or almond M&M’s will keep you fuller longer (protein is the most satiating macro-nutrient), and the fat/fiber combo will actually slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream, helping us to avoid the spike-crash-craving cycle.
  3. If you are looking for a fruity candy to satisfy your sweet tooth, choose a hard over chewy candy. Chewy candies not only get stuck in your teeth and lead to tooth decay, but they also disappear much quicker in our mouths, leaving us vying for more. While hard candies are pure sugar and have a higher calorie count, one piece can last quite a while (as long as you don’t crunch it to pieces), satisfying the craving, and leaving us less-likely to reach for more.

Now go enjoy your Halloween with a little less guilt. Regardless, don’t forget to brush your teeth, and leave the candy where it belongs…on Halloween ☺.


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Cash’s Monster Craft

POSTED ON October 24, 2013

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As soon as I saw this craft on Pinterest, I knew it would be PERFECT for our little Cashy. Not only does he love to get messy, but he also loves his colors! Any sort of finger painting is AWESOME for a toddler’s development so I was totally on board with this one.

The instructions for this craft are very simple as it is for toddlers who can do most of this on their own, with parental supervision of course. :)

Googly Eyes – We used construction paper because it can handle heavier paint better but we also found that regular computer paper held up pretty well
Washable Fingerpaints – When painting with a toddler, washable is a must!
Googly Eyes - We made very basic monsters and ghosts but you can definitely be more creative with other supplies
Foam Brush(not pictured) – We didn’t originally plan on using one but ended up grabbing one later on

Halloween monster craft with Cash Powell. Full details at http://heidipowell.net/4453

In the beginning, I was set on getting nice, neat hand and footprints (hashtag OCD. lol) so I enlisted some help in hopes of trying to maintain cleanliness while getting clear prints but after a few minutes, that was out the window and we let Cash have some real fun and explore his artistic abilities. :)

Cash Monster Orange Foot - Halloween monster craft with Cash Powell. Full details at http://heidipowell.net/4453

For this craft, the process is most accurately explained in pictures than in words… :). He did pretty well doing his hand prints all by himself.

Cash Monster Purple Hand - Halloween monster craft with Cash Powell. Full details at http://heidipowell.net/4453  Cash Monster Handprint - Halloween monster craft with Cash Powell. Full details at http://heidipowell.net/4453

Starting with the “Paint cheek” picture is when he pretty much just stuck to painting himself. lol.

Cash Monster Cheek Paint - Halloween monster craft with Cash Powell. Full details at http://heidipowell.net/?p=4453

#CashPowell #Painting - Halloween #MonsterCraft #ToddlerCraft #PowellPack - Learn more at http://heidipowell.net/4453

Proudly displaying his work…and his adorable smile :)

Cash Monster Messy Boy - Halloween monster craft with Cash Powell. Full details at http://heidipowell.net/?p=4453

Time to let the little masterpieces dry…

Cash Monster Before Eyes - Halloween monster craft with Cash Powell. Full details at http://heidipowell.net/?p=4453

Once paint is completely dry, glue on googly eyes (this is where adult help is really needed).

Cash Monster Apply Eyes - Halloween monster craft with Cash Powell. Full details at http://heidipowell.net/?p=4453
Another “Taa-daa!” moment from Cash.

Cash Monster All Done - Halloween monster craft with Cash Powell. Full details at http://heidipowell.net/?p=4453
The finished product – both papers could be considered monsters but the bottom white paper was meant to be two ghosts… We’ll leave that up to your creative imagination. :)

#HalloweenCraft with #CashPowell #MonsterCraft #ToddlerCraft - Learn more at http://heidipowell.net/4453

Cash LOVED painting and he was hilarious to watch during the whole process.The rest of the day he walked around saying “do my craft?”. :)


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