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Powell Power Flowers

POSTED ON April 18, 2014

It’s crafting time again at the Powell Pack household and what more wonderful way to welcome in Spring, that with a handful of flowers! You’ll love this...
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Stressed Out?

POSTED ON April 10, 2014

Stress. It’s a feeling experienced by everyone. Sometimes you might feel like you’re barely hanging on by a thread, and at other times you might be tempted to l...
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Housework: Your Secret Workout Weapon

POSTED ON April 7, 2014

Happy National No Housework Day—the one day of the year you don’t have to do housework! Does that ever really happen—for a whole day? Just Curious. AnywayR...
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An Angel for My Little Angel

POSTED ON April 3, 2014

For the last 4 months, I have hardly gotten a wink of sleep at night. I don’t like being in the dark, stuck with my thoughts about what might happen to Ruby if I ...
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Ask Heidi Anything: Can I Carb Cycle If I Have Crohn’s Disease?

POSTED ON April 2, 2014

To be honest, I didn’t know a lot about Crohn’s disease before researching for and writing this post, but after receiving several questions asking if it’s...
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Failure: A Pathway to Success

POSTED ON March 26, 2014

While many seem to think that the journey of weight loss is only about mastering food and fitness – the whole calories in, calories out mentality – true...
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