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Tag: nutrition

Six Tips for Diet Success

Keeping to a meal plan or diet long-term can seem daunting. How am I supposed to eat healthy forever?! But the truth is, long-term success

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Extreme Weight Loss: Mitzi!

Two painful addictions, one incredible woman?Mitzi’s story is truly remarkable. From the moment we met, I fell in love with everything about Mitzi: Her zest

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Vemma Bod?? Giveaway!

I’ve gotta? know…have you ever watched an episode of Extreme Weight Loss and wished you could hear one of us say, ?I choose YOU for

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Gluten Free: Hype or Healthy?

Diet trends come and go, but one health-focused fad that continues to grow increasingly more popular amongst celebrities and average Americans alike, is going “gluten

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All About Calories

Calories. You’ll find them in 99.99% of everything you eat and drink. They can be your greatest friends or your worst enemies. Eat fewer than

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Bod?? Shake

Bod?? Shake, which was designed by Chris and me, is a one-of-a-kind full meal replacement shake, as well as the perfect companion to our carb

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